Fringe Preview: Seth Gabel Reveals the Lincolns' Feelings for Both Olivias

They say love knows no boundaries, and on Fox’s multi-universe-traversing Fringe (Fridays at 9/8c), it truly doesn’t.

For one, Peter and Olivia pined for each other across time and space as he shacked up with Alt Olivia while the real FBI agent he loves was shackled up Over There. But that’s not the only romance that’s populated the universes. Alt Lincoln last season confessed some pretty heavy emotions for red-headed, badass Olivia, and his Over Here alter-ego may be developing some feelings for our Olivia as well, Seth Gabel hinted during a Vancouver set visit arranged by Warner Bros. TV.

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“Lincoln seems somehow bound to [our] Olivia in some way,” he says, adding that Alt Lincoln is also “very intrigued by her because he doesn’t know much about her. She’s obviously another version of the woman he likes or loves, so he’s titillated.”

Whether that connection between our Olivia and Lincoln develops into “a brotherly relationship or a love relationship remains to be seen,” notes Gabel. “But there’s definitely love there.”

Over in the other universe, the dynamic between Alt Lincoln and Alt Olivia is more clearly – and frustratingly – defined as unrequited. Although the two have “really great chemistry,” Gabel notes, Alt Olivia doesn’t respond to her partner in the way he so desperately desires. “She sees it very much as a brother/sister relationship, so she’s very open and welcoming to [him],” explains Gabel. “She’s happy to have someone to play with, and I just want her to love me.”

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Given that Alt Lincoln is crushing hard on his pal, but can’t have her, could he start dating the blonde doppelganger he’s so “titillated” by instead? “I think, logistically, it’s really difficult,” Gabel admits, noting with a laugh that the crossover “bridge” security would make it quite a process. “It’s a real long distance relationship. But I think it’s possible.”

Another potential obstacle to such a long-distance romance: Peter, whose imminent return Gabel describes as “dramatic.” But don’t expect any fights to break out between the two guys. On our side, “Lincoln and Peter seem to get along,” he says. In fact, Gabel labels their relationship as “whatever the definition of bromance is without using that word.”

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“I don’t think there’s a competitive nature there,” he continues. “I’m hoping because there are alts of each person and only one Peter that Lincoln and Peter can be ultimately happy in some way.”

There’s one other relationship Gabel would like to see, though he failed to specify his meaning — the Olivias? the Lincs? — when he offered it up unsolicited. “I want the T-shirt for this season to be, ‘It’s not incest if it’s in a different universe,’” he shared with a laugh.

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  1. raeleee514 says:

    I totally ship Alt Lincoln/Alt Olivia and I totally see Here Lincoln/Here Olivia as siblings, it’s an interesting dichotomy in my brain. Of course part of it is because I ship Olivia/Peter. Though I totally loved Peter/Lincoln’s bromance (yes I’m going to use that word, in the episode last year where it bloomed, can’t wait to see it bloom again!)

    • Guess says:

      I think the reason why it’s so fascinating to me is because we can see every angle: the unrequited crush AltLincoln has for AltOlivia, the potential within AltLincoln and our Olivia, the platonic comraderie between our Lincoln and our Olivia, the suddent interest in our Lincoln from AltOlivia and the bromance-that-dare-not-speak-its-name between our Lincoln and our Peter.

      Fringe, literally, presents every single permutation there can be within a couple and, the fact it’s between different versions of same characters, it completely blows my mind.

      • Ana Muller says:

        Technically it is not our Peter, it’s their Peter, and right now it’s neither of those cause he seems to have seized from existence. God, this is a good show!

        • M3rc Nate says:

          All i know is dont mess with Peter and Olivia. We technically only saw 2-3 episodes (barely) of them together as a couple. First they got together, then Bell took over her body, then a episode of them together, then the flash forward in the machine episode.
          Especially considering this could be the last season (i pray its not), il be upset if they start anything other than Peter coming back and him and Olivia being back together in love. Adding a third party “love triangle” so soon would be borderline stupid.

          All i know is i have enjoyed these past 3 Peter-less episodes, but not that much. I love every character but i realized when watching these Peter-less episodes, that what i love most about the show is the chemistry between Peter and Olivia. Whether its him liking her, them dating, them in love, them married. I think a lot of other people agree considering the numbers drop the past 3 episodes too.

          So basically…writers better not have Lincoln interested in Olivia or screw anything up with her and Peter. Have him fall for Astrid.

    • AngelMoonGirl says:

      I’m the same way! I’m a Olivia/Peter shipper all the way, so Our!Lincoln and Our!Olivia is definitely defined in my mind as brother/sister, whereas in the alternate universe I could definitely see alt!Lincoln and alt!Olivia getting together romantically. Only on Fringe, huh? XD

  2. Jennifer says:

    Wait a minute…someone is going to have to translate this for me. Is he saying that he wants a romance with…himself? Lol I can’t really interpret it any other way.

    I just love his character(s). Wish Linc and Olivia could get some action in before Peter gets back!

    • Liz says:

      That would be cool but just add to to much of romance in the show. But I do love Seth Gable he is sweet and nerdy just makes you want to give him a hug and never let go. But nothing beats my Joshua Jackson now I could get lost in his eyes for days. So him the other day in Holloywood though I was going to pass out. But yeah for the peter and Lincoln bromance

  3. guest says:

    I love the chemistry between Anna Torv and Seth Gabel.
    Who knows the both alt versions and our versions could be together or a cross over, alt lincoln with Olivia, and viceversa?

  4. br says:

    Please, no more romances! I don’t think this show does romance that well. Peter and Olivia are awful enough. I hope they don’t make me dislike Lincoln by hooking him up with either Olivia. Not only does she look like his older sister, but I’ve had enough with this everyone falls in love with Olivia from either universe thing.

    I am more interested in knowing more about Astrid. Do you remember her, writers? A character that has been there since S1? If there has to be yet another love story, why not make it about her, instead of about the new guy?

    • Viv says:

      I agree with everything you are saying. This show is at its worst when playing up the Olivia and Peter are ~~soulmates nonsense. It was much more interesting when they acted like siblings. And it would’ve been great to use this Peter intermission to focus on Astrid.

      • Guess says:

        I just don’s see how could they “play with the soulmate nonesense” when Peter is clearly NOT with Olivia in the other Universe, nor AltLincoln with the Olivia he loves in this one. Heck! Erase Peter from existance and Alt Lincoln is not even with the Olivia he loves in his OWN Universe. I’m sorry but “Secret Circle” stupidity, Fringe most definitely ain’t.

      • Elaine says:

        I love a great romance BUT WHY DOES DAMN NEAR EVERY FREAKING SHOW JUST have to make the leads romantically involved? It’s so boring to expect that all the time.I definitely liked the brother sister relationship between peter and Olivia. The idea of them as a family was charming and refreshing. This romance feels forced. I just never was comfortable with it.

        I’d much have preferred other characters to romance these two. The longing looks just don’t do it for me. It has nothing to do with their acting ability or chemistry… it’s just so…. expected. Definitely not a plus for me.

        BFFs forever would have been great.

        And definitely an Astrid storyline or two.

        And did I miss this? Is there an ALT Nina Shar? Someone lease explain this me cause somehow I missed ever seeing her or knowing why she doesn’t have a dopleganger (to so speak)

        Thanks. (pardon the crappy typing)

        • Snake says:

          Technically, Lincoln isn’t the lead: he’s the sidekick. Same as Peter was went he started to show interest in Olivia, this is not a “damsel in distress” kind of show.

      • peggy says:

        I disagree, peter and olivia must get back together. In fact audiance dropped in the last 3 episodes because they are not together and peter’s disappearance just gives way to too many holes in the story, the writers have quite blown it.

    • Zach says:

      I was pretty happy in how they handled the relationship actually starting – it didn’t tease out sexual tension forever(BONES), and it was very adult. It was just surprising that a show handled it in such a mature manner.

      Them moving into some sort of soulmate thing has gotten tired though, such as the heavyhanded hinting in the premiere episode for Season 4. They’re people that have been good for each other because they had to work together. The reason the soulmate thing doesn’t work is because it devolves into pseudoscience so weak Fringe doesn’t even bother to provide even an inkling of realism (like that one episode with emotions tearing a hole in the universe, even if the ending was sweet).

  5. Michael Sacal says:

    I like Fringe, but I DON’T want this whole alternate timeline thing to last all season long. It’s turning me off to the show.

    It’s one thing when retcons to a character’s background are done for the improvement of the story, but I don’t see that here, all I see is the potential for an expanding SNAFU in which now in addition to having two versions of each character from alternate realities we’ll have two additional versions from the alternate timeline. Soon Fringe will become as unnecessarily confusing as DC Comics’ multiverse. Fringe is making me Cringe!! lol.

    Of course, this could all be leading to a “Crisis of The Infinite Earths”-type event in which all these realities will collapse into a single one.

    You know, I’m starting to wonder if we should pay closer attention to the comic book covers from Alt-Peter’s collection for hidden meaning. There was the Death of Batman (as opposed to Superman) and the issue of Crisis of Infinite Earths in which Superman (as opposed to Supergirl) dies.

    Could Batman be Peter Prime and Superman be Alt Peter, with Olivia as Supergirl?

    In the prime reality (i.e. ours), Supergirl was deleted from continuity after Superman was rebooted ans his past changed. NO one remembered her existence, until, a few years later, she returned as a guardian angel and spirit guide to characters like Deadman in a DC Comics Holiday Special and Linda Danvers, the post Crisis Supergirl.

    Notice how that role fits Peter well this season, in which NO one remembers him and he has been appearing to Walter as a disembodied voice, almost like he was an angel no one can see.

    That would fit with the idea that the dead Superman on the alternate cover of Crisis on Infinite Earths from Over There reflects Alt Peter’s current status. We can infer that, just like in the comics published Over Here Supergirl returned as a spirit guide to Deadman, Over There Superman did the same for the post Crisis Superman, which is what Peter is doing now for Walter.

    What other covers were there? I remember Green Lantern/Green Arrow. What were the others?

  6. Cam says:


  7. diane says:

    I like Peter/Olivia and Alt Lincoln/Alt Olivia. That’s all. Not interested in seeing anything else.

  8. virginia Spruill says:

    I am just curious why Sharon Osborn doesn’t wear more colorful clothes. Seems she is in Black and White all the time. I would love to see her in pink or light turquoise. Just a new color. She is a beautiful lady. I love the TALK

  9. Scott says:

    Peter and Olivia over here always made me wanting to doze off, the whole meant to be shpeel. So tired of it. Why hasn’t our Olivia meet a version of Frank? At least give her a worthy love interest. Sorry Peter lovers.

  10. cher says:

    I really enjoy alt Lincoln/alt Olivia. I just like Lincoln period. hehehe

  11. Lizzy says:

    Gods, I miss days where we actually talked ABOUT THE SHOW and not “”
    who should be with who”, geez, you have Grey anatomy for that. This show is becoming soap opera to me lately, especially with Lincoln Lee and this future and potential love affair with Olivia. I know, I should trust writers, but something telling me that even they in this point don’t know what to do with Lincoln character (he is little imposed to old fans, who loved dynamic of just main trio). I will have a faith, but I hope this is final season.

    • br says:

      This is my problem with Altlincoln. His only role is to be in love with Fauxlivia and it’s tiring to watch him drool over her all the time. Now they are threatening to give Lincoln the same role over here. He’s painfully redundant.

      I think Peter and Olivia are more than enough romantic love. This is looking more and more like a soap opera.

      • Guess says:

        AltLincoln was the HEAD of Fringe Division – and surrogate father for baby Dunham – before the Doomsday machine erased Peter from existance, the Red Universe Licoln may be a love interest for AltOlivia too, but he has is own funtion within his unit.

        • br says:

          An awful and unbelievable head of Fringe Division and in no way surrogate father. Fauxlivia only asked him to take her son to her mother if anything went wrong.

  12. Janice says:

    I seem to be in the minority, but I love Peter and Olivia together. Oh well, to each his own.

    • Guess says:

      I agree, in the Blue Universe Peter and Olivia should be together, but in the Red one: Lincoln and Olivia should’ve been an item by now, not Olivia and Frank.

  13. Mary says:

    I too feel I am a minority here because I love Peter and Olivia. When the show first started going down that road, I HATED it, but I’ve come to really enjoy them and in fact have found myself really missing them (and Peter) this season. Do I want the show to all be about romance. NOOOOO. I like it here and there. But I do like it. Forgive me.

  14. Annon says:

    The show is becoming my least favourite lately, and this news is not helping with bringing it back up the list.

    What is it with all the love triangles? The love triangle last season was absolutely awful, and didn’t need to happen. If they go down that route this season, then I’m done.

    Honestly, I’m all for abit of change each season, but there is just too much this season and it’s really turning me off. It’s not the show I fell in love with anymore and that makes me sad. There is too many characters now and it makes me sad that the writers haven’t even developed some of the original characters of the show. Yes, Nina I’m looking at you and also Broyles and also Astrid, you get the idea.

  15. forrest says:

    I have a feeling that Massive Dynamics and Nina Shore are history. Last season, closed chapter with the passing of William Bell. This season will be liken unto Star Trek III: The search for….Peter Bishop. Doc is going insane for some unknown reason, until the group can be reassembled to search for thier long lost…..person they forgot…..

  16. PB says:

    Olivia and Lincoln = DO NOT WANT. Sort of like the unrequited thing going on in the Alt universe, but it would feel very unoriginal to have Olivia get in a relationship w/ Lincoln here. Much more interested in the actual cases and arcs and to see the type of dramatic tension there is when Peter comes back.

  17. Sam says:

    I know there are a lot of people out there, particularly very young women, that want Altlincoln and Fauxlivia to hook up. I’m sorry, but a guy, a working partner at that, who is incapable of moving on, even when he knows she’s in love with another man and is waiting for her patiently, until she finally falls in love with him, that’s not romantic, that’s creepy.

    Unfortunately that seems to be the direction they are going, Fauxlivia will realize she has been in love with him all along and will dump Frank and live happily ever after with the guy she had always considered just a friend. Why? Because part of the fan base, mostly teenage girls, are begging the producers to give them that and I have no doubts they will.

    At least Peter and Olivia had showed some mutual attraction from the beginning.

    Lincoln Lee, double the man, double the soap opera. Just what this show needed.

    • Buffy says:

      I have to disagree with you wrt RedLincoln, I don’t think he was creepy at all. I don’t like RedLinc/Fauxlivia but he never did anything creepy IMO. He never told her to her face anything about liking her until he thought she was going to freaking die in childbirth. He said that if she was happy about marrying Frank that he was happy for her and he never hit on her at work.

      Personally I think Seth is just riling everyone up and making us wonder, I really don’t think they’ll have Olivia hook up with either of the Lincolns, especially after this episode when she says she’s been dreaming about Peter. They’ve gotta make it sound interesting and I think he’s just trying to drum up some kind of buzz about the show.

      • Sam says:

        You don’t think it’s creepy declaring one’s love to a dying woman who he knows doesn’t return his feelings, all of that while she’s giving birth? “It’s just the two of us! Nothing else matters! I love you!” He made it all about him! All of that while Henry, the taxi driver, was doing the hard work actually helping her.

        After the last episode, I don’t think Seth was just riling everyone up. Regular Lincoln wants regular Olivia too. I’m liking him less and less.

        • Buffy says:

          Geez, are you freaking perfect? Excuse him for telling the woman he loves, who he thinks is going to die in his arms any second now, how he feels in a moment of extraordinary circumstance.

          • Sam says:

            I would think that my own feelings aren’t the most important thing in the world, when someone is dying, that their feelings is what is important and that giving more angst and discomfort to that person would be the last thing I’d wish to do.

          • Buffy says:

            My point is that maybe it wasn’t the right thing to do, but nobody’s perfect so you don’t need to hold it against him for all eternity, lol.

            I don’t even know why I’m going on about this, I don’t even like Redverse Lincoln or ship him with Fauxlivia. I do like Blueverse Lincoln though, so let’s argue about him instead. :P

      • Sanke says:

        If anything, I believe AltLincoln managed to keep his dignity under incredibly dificult circumstances: he was a badass and badass aren’t needy. Seth Gabriel kept this charater vulnerable and edgy all at the same time.

        I for one can’t wait to see if the Blue Universe Lincoln can be as badass too.

  18. Lizzy says:

    Right? Obviously I am not alone in this thinking… but to correct you, I love relationship between Peter and Olivia. I think it’s unique, and it’s main reason why I stayed with show, when it’s was all a mess in 1 season.These two had good chemistry and it worked for this story. But now, is so soap opera, and nobody wants that in SF. I just hate love triangle, of any kind, it so teeny. Show, grow up…

    • Dessy says:

      I agree I love Peter and Olivia.
      But I disagree it’s not so soap opera-ish. Have you been watching this season? Just because this article focuses on that part of the story doesn’t mean that’s what the whole show has become about. They only make reference to it in passing.

      Anyway, this isn’t a love triangle, it’s more like a (1,2,3,4,5,6… yep) love hexagon lol. And Don’t worry, in the end, it’s all about Peter and Olivia!

  19. Lizzy says:

    Re:love hexagon haha :) well, I WILL trust the writers, so far we managed. Well, I know it’s about P/O, but it’s fringe, so I don’t expect happy end, and I’m fine with it.

  20. Sandro Cutajar says:

    Having just seen episode 3 of 4th season, I must say that I’m intrigued by the characterial development of Dr.Walter Bishop, and even that of Agents Olivia, Astrid and Lincoln. All are giving new impetus to the storyline. What is less clear is the way these alien neurotic being signifies within the greater picture. It is the second time this season that we have seen an attempt to dominate human mind… and that certainly means something!
    In any case, my compliments for the way this show is developing, and please, do not waste time on the Peter/Olivia relationship. It is just PART of what the scriptwriters intend to do. As Fringe is certainly much more than that relationship!

  21. aanasi says:

    well its technically not a hexagon its a pentagon, being only one peter! and I think our lincoln and olivia will have something start that will annoy alt lincoln and olivia but peter will also be back hopefully before then, for anything to start…also I like the possibility of alt lincoln and our olivia as it was those two that started flirting when our olivia was trapped over there as to the awkwardness of last weeks episode!

  22. Jester says:

    I love both Lincolns. I agree with others who say Olivia belongs with Peter, as opposed to Alt-Lincoln and Fauxlivia who have a great love story going.

    Now a short-term fling between Our Lincoln and Olivia would work, especially since Peter had a little on the side last season. But ultimately it’s Peter.

    • CC says:

      I agree except I want Our Olivia to have a little something with alt-Lincoln. I thought it would make an interesting side story especially when Peter returns. Also, her with their Lincoln would leave it open for Peter and our Lincoln to work together comfortably while Peter’s interactions with the other side would have some interesting tension. Not that I want any of the romance to take over the show or anything, but I like a little romance to help enhance the shows I watch.

    • br says:

      Peter didn’t have anything on the side, He thought he was with Olivia. I’m not against Lincoln and Olivia as long as she stays away from Peter for good.

  23. Dawn says:

    Is it just me, or does anyone else remember that the Broyles character over there is dead? Is it because the timeline changed history? It’s confusing. I do love the show, though. I love it when they just solve Fringe cases and it revolves around Walter, Peter, Olivia and Astrid. Oh, and Broyles. I hope the season goes well. I’m not ready for it to end!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      The fact that our and their Peter died as a child in this new reality has had several ripple effects — including Alt Broyles having never died.

  24. Phil says:

    With all this going on. No one is explaining what happened to the baby Alt Olivia and Peter had. This changes the dynamics of the whole situation.

    • Lia says:

      They’ve said in interviews he doesn’t exist. And he might just not come back. Which would be good because I think it’s the only thing that made people even like Altlivia in the first place. Ah, plot device baby for magic character redemption, I did not fall for you. It can stay in the ether of non-existence for all of time.

  25. Lia says:

    I remember the days before the altverse was so prominent and we just had Peter/Olivia to enjoy (those of that always did, anyway). Now a majority of people have revolving door feelings on who should be together (or they just want everyone and anyone to bang…which is obviously unrealistic but there you go). I’m forever only into Peter/Olivia. Which is obviously going to happen because of how it’s been written since the start. I’m not emotionally invested in any of the other characters enough to care who gets together. Although if they give Astrid someone, that’d be cool.
    And for anyone wanting Lincoln and Olivia in this universe to happen, I’m not sure how much more the writers could hint it’s not going to go down that road. She’s been dreaming about Peter this whole time and also her words in 4×02: “He’s not even my type”. At the most, it’d be another one-sided thing where Lincoln pines for her in secret where she’s with Peter. I see her more like his Charlie. And they did look related when they both wore glasses so there’s also that.

  26. Mara says:

    A bit off topic but since when is Altlivia the only badass Olivia? Gee articles love to call her sexy and badass all the time but the lovely Olivia we’ve known from the start is sexy and badass, too.

  27. Kelly says:

    Thanks for the article. He is a great addition to the cast. I love both the Lincs but I still do not have any interest in Alt Olivia at all. I like the other side stuff except for her. She just doesn’t interest me at all.

  28. Iggy says:

    I agree with Lizzy,i really liked Fringe when it focused on the cases,when people talked about the SHOW. Now it’s all about romances,Peter’s so hot,who should stay with who,it’s really forgetting what the show was all about. I really liked the friend relationship Peter and Olivia had,there was no need for the show to send those two on the romance road. The show is slowly taking the soap opera road,and it sucks to see articles and people that used to love Fringe say the same things. There’s barely any focus on the other casts. Astrid,Nina…I love Fringe,but to me,the excitement is just not there anymore :(

  29. David says:

    When romance starts to take over a show, to the point of obscuring the original goal of that show, and by rubbing out the other characters in the show, then you know tha the show isn’t long for this world.
    Hopefully this won’t be the case with Fringe, as it is (to me) one of the best sci fi shows in years.
    Great story lines, creative writing, great characters, great actors, all add up to a great series, please don’ spoil it by to much romance.
    Maybe the odd flirtation between characters, but please desist with to much romance.
    People will lose focus and whereby loss interest in the show.
    All this ( I certainly hope not) will only add to a premature end of what has truly been one of the most impressive sci fi series in years)

  30. DS says:

    Woah, you all could chill a little. Romance happens in sci-fi. Just check: Star Trek, Stargate, Farscape, BSG, The X-files. Fringe is not the first, and it won’t be the last. If you don’t want the romantic part, well, too bad for you. Cause every other sci-fi show includes a little romance. Geez some people are bitter! Fringe is not only in for that, there’s so much more to it. It explores all kinds of love, can we talk about father-son love? Or is that too much for you as well? For crying out loud, they showed us that even Observers are capable of emotions, so why the hell can’t the characters considered human demonstrate them too? Some of you need a hug. JEJUS!

  31. shawzy says:

    I’m going a bit off topic here but I think I might have missed something. Can anybody explain why alt Broyles is alive ithought he was killed for helping our olivia and then sent over here in the back of a van?

  32. Snapy says:

    Seth Gabel is so unbelievably HOT. Beautiful, beautiful eyes!!

  33. Kit says:

    The Tshirt should be “Dopplecest, the Ultimate form of Self-Love.”

    To me Peter and Olivia developed as a romance out of a bond of trust and shared vulnerability. I don’t think that they are soulmates, more that they where fated(I definitely think that the observers are manipulating what happens quite a lot).

    It was out of shared love for Olivia that Peter and Walter hatched a plan to bring Peter’s consciousness forward and change the past. If Peter had stayed over there our side would have been the one destroyed and Walter wouldn’t have come up with the plan meaning both sides would have died.

    Peter and Olivia definitely have a bond but now that the bridge is open I don’t think they HAVE to be together – at least the universe doesn’t depend on it anymore.

    Lincoln(in both iterations) is quickly becoming my favorite character. He is sweet, capable, funny and a man of honor. Also, I never liked superman until I saw Seth Gabel with the sexy Clark Kent glasses. ;)
    Plus after the shy smiles between Lincoln and Olivia near the end of “Neither Here nor There” I totally fell in love with those two.

    Yup, couldn’t care less about Peter anymore, sorry Joshua.

  34. JayJay says:

    Dont know if anyone ever thought this or have touched on this yet, but when Lincoln and Linc were comparing their alternate lives and seeing they were basically the same for the most part but something happened, was i the only one thinking the thing that made alt-linc the man he is was meeting fauxlivia years ago and working with her in the fringe divison where our linc had a different partner until recently and didnt get to become the man he is in the alternate universe?