Bones: 7 Scoopy Bits From Season 7's Premiere

What better way to liven up a sleepy Friday afternoon than with a screening of the Bones Season 7 premiere, which won’t hit our TVs until, what, November 3?

For starters, let’s get two things out of the way: It’s good to (finally) see the gang again, and I’m genuinely sad that you all have to wait, what, another month for it.

Another point to be stressed: As promised by exec producer Stephen Nathan, there is most definitely affection on display between parents-to-be Booth and Brennan. And while it might not ever translate into 9 o’clock hour-friendly love scenes, it’s made pretty clear that they are having sex. And perhaps lots of it. (As Brennan at one point says, “I can always depend on you to assist when needed… sexually.”)

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And now, a flurry of bullets teasing things you can expect from the Season 7 premiere:

• Never one to simply accept a compliment, Brennan instead argues that what Booth sees in her pregnant beauty is merely “the manifestation of your own virility.” Which is probably partially true.

• You need wait no longer than B&B’s first scene together to get a playful kiss. In all, I counted four or five such smooches (if you count the one he places on her [spoiler!]), plus what was poised to blossom into a full-on make-out session… had it not been, well, interrupted.

• The embarrassing pics Booth has been snapping with his cell phone of emotional Bones, as seen in the assorted promos? For those who thought him cruel, know that the photos will never see the light of day. See, it turns out that Temp has a compromising photo of Seeley in her possession — it involves a breakfast food and no clothes, and one of their team mates is most curious to see it.

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• Brennan’s aforementioned overly emotional state, it is revealed, is not just due to her out-of-whack hormones. No, the second cause stems from something she’s holding back from Booth. Later in the episode, we in turn learn that Booth is also carrying around some heavy baggage as he faces fatherhood.

• Angela’s fancy-ass computers apparently are also great for cuing up home videos of Hodgins and baby!

• Brennan is determined to let the Iroquois Indians determine where she and Booth (and baby) will live. (Get Googling…)

• As with last season’s “The Doctor in the Photo,” the victim in the premiere draws some parallels with Bones, namely her struggle to “start fresh and begin a new life.” Awww.

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All told, save for a slightly (OK, very) obvious murder suspect, it’s a perfect season opener that is sure to please fans who fretted the show would skip right past any “relationshippy” moments between B&B. Now hold tight, Nov. 3 will be here soon enough.

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  1. Hanna says:


  2. SarAh says:

    OMG! so glad to read more about season 7!!! Thanks a lot for posting this it helps with the on going bones withdrawal….I am, however, going to watch the new episode probably the day after it airs on Friday because I live in a house with a very loud family lol, so the only way I know I can truely enjoy the new season of bones is on my bed with my Labtop, popcorn and a nice cup of soda(: I’m I right?:D

  3. Cass says:

    THANK YOU, my dear. I never fretted, but I was growing tired of the multitudes expecting the worst. I eagerly await the premiere!

  4. Laura says:

    Thank you Matt! Hope November comes round soon! Maybe if I close my eyes and make a wish………

  5. Cari says:

    Admit it. It’s Hodgins who wants to see those pictures.

  6. Angie the second says:

    I just read another review of the first two episodes and it was a positive one like the others. This reveiwer called them epic and this would be the best season yet. Also, he says it will make the Bones/Booth shippers squeal and sigh with delight. I am so ready for November 3rd. Come on November, hurry up. I am trying to be patient, but all these spoiler reviews is making me very impatient. I know I am not the only one here so that makes me feel better. We can all be impatient together, right?

  7. sarah says:

    Sorry I think the whole “I got pregnant from casual comfort sex and now we have a bonafide relationship” a pretty lame story line, and out of character for both Bones and Booth. I am not looking forward to the next season…Hollywood always messes up great romances and this one is no different. While I am sure the two will still have chemistry, the series days are numbered, and it is really sad…they did not have to go this route…they could of had the two still have the baby from the sperm bank without giving into the casual comfort sex and have the two get together later on this season after the baby was born.

    This story line has been done before…boring, and lame.

  8. Leigh Pudsey says:

    OMG Thankyou so much, my daughters and I are such Massive Bones fans, we are just hanging out fir season 7, so any and all snippets are awesome!

  9. Leigh Pudsey and 4 daughters, mum n law etc :D says:

    We are right there with you! We are just being tortured by all the goodie adverts etc :)

  10. roshawn says:


  11. Gail says:

    AAaaaHhhhh. Can’t wait, I’ve been having Bones withdrawl since May. I want to see B&B hugging and kissing over a baby belly.

  12. Gail says:

    One more thing. I read on DB’s Twitter that Booth’s apartment at the studio was struck (the Booth apt. set taken down). He must have moved, where to, Booth, where to? :)

  13. devilapple says:

    The story will start with the juicy love scene, but in the end it would probably end up say saying “Not ready to take next step (marriage) and then there would be season 8, for which we would be required to wait again

    • Angie the second says:

      I did hear something about a lovey-dovey scene on the first ep which takes place at the end of the show. Plus, the one where their having a makeout session that gets interrupted. However, these might not hold true so we will just have to see what happens on Nov. 3rd. About the seaon 8 theory, I do hope that they have a seaon 8. I don’t know what kind of stories they would write about it, but it would be interesting to see what Hart and Nathan come up with. Maybe they can finally put some steamy love scenes between Booth and Brennan(these two have amazing chemistry during the kissing/making out scenes-they ooze sexiness even when they’re looking at each other/They don’t even have to be touching)since she is not pregnant anymore. I was kind of hoping that Booth and Brennan get married in season 7. That would be a nice ending to the season, but I am not the writers of the show. All we can do is cross our fingers and hope it happens.

  14. Dana says:

    Amazng news! So excited for booth and brenen, ange & hodge, finally some storylines which will break the endless cycle of non-fulfilled romances in popular tv series!!

  15. linda says:

    I love the show so glad its coming soon I am so happy B&B are together. Great show all of my friends and family love it!!!

  16. Kitty says:

    I love The Closer as well as Bones, and when Brenda finally married Special Agent Fritz from the FBI, I didn’t feel it took anything away from the show. However, this pregnancy might. I think Season 7 is Bones’ last season anyway. Emily might want a break from acting to spend time with the baby. Maybe David will try directing full time. He seems to really enjoy it, and the cast has all raved that he’s a great director. The Closer is also ending. Two of my favorite shows may be done this year!

    • Jillian says:

      They are both contracted through season 8. I doubt either one of them will just leave the show. Emily isn’t the first woman to ever have a baby. She can have a nanny and still bring the baby to work. I don’t see any signs of Bones ending this year. Plus…Fox ordered 4 more episodes that aren’t apart of season 7 (possible season 8) Bones isn’t ending anytime soon.

  17. JADE says:

    i have been waiting for them to have a baby for a very longgggggg time
    i am sooooo happy that they are having a baby and that there will be a season 7 happyyyyyyyyy yahhhhhhhhhhhh

  18. Filipa says:

    Oh that´s great i’m a huge fan os BONES and I can’t wait for this new season…..


  19. james meeks says:

    My favorite show by far, love the cast, and the chemistry they have on the show. I hope to have many more years of the show to enjoy.