Vampire Diaries Boss Talks 'Delena' Chemistry, 'Struggles' for Tyler/Caroline, and Pesky Ghosts

The Vampire Diaries is, per usual, turning up the heat this Thursday (The CW, 8/7c), serving up romantic revelations for both Damon/Elena and Tyler/Caroline, afterlife woes for Jeremy, Bonnie and Matt, and the bitter realization that Mystic Falls’ Council may have reached its expiration date.

Here, executive producer Julie Plec details the latest jaw-dropping episode, titled “Disturbing Behavior,” and discloses more Season 3 scoop.

The Elephant in the Room | After two seasons and change of tip-toeing around the fact that there is something between herself and Damon (played by Ian Somerhalder), Elena (Nina Dobrev) is finally going to acknowledge what’s right in front of her. “There has yet to be an admission of that chemistry from her part,” Plec previews. “A lot’s gone unsaid; there’s a big elephant in the room as far as all these fun little stolen moments and romantic banter, and their dynamic with each other, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed with other people. And this week’s episode illuminates that a little bit.” Surprisingly, Plec says that it’s by the prodding of her pals that Elena comes to realize there are options beyond her runaway love, Stefan (Paul Wesley). “Elena is back in Mystic Falls trying to pick up the pieces and get on with her life, and her friends and her loved ones are going to [point that out]. We’re going to have some fun with that.”

New Love (Eventually) Gone ‘Terribly Wrong’ | ‘Shippers of the Tyler/Caroline variety can take heart — for a short while at least. “Tyler (Michael Trevino) and Caroline (Candice Accola) have really blossomed. And for me at least, watching it as a fan, I really like them,” Plec offers. “I like the connection they have with each other. I like this idea that he’s just dealt with his mother discovering that he is a ‘monster,’ and she’s fighting with the fact that her father thinks she’s ‘a monster,’ and these two ‘monsters,’ as labeled by the people that are supposed to love them the most, have kind of found each other. We’ll get to live in that for a little while.” That said, good things can’t last forever. “Of course, as often happens in our relationships, something will go terribly wrong. They’ll struggle this season.”

Vampire Diaries Exclusive: Behind-the-Scenes Photos from the Stunningly ‘Disturbing Behavior’

Ghastly Ghost Encounters | This week’s hour finally sees the return of Bonnie (Kat Graham) and delves into what exactly is happening with Jeremy’s (Steven R. McQueen) Sixth Sense-esque development. “There is an agenda happening with our ghosts that isn’t just, ‘Hey, I want to make amends with my loved ones,'” Plec says of the returns of Vicki (Kayla Ewell) and Anna (Malese Jow) — who are seemingly at odds. The exec producer adds that with this ghost story, “We’re going to see the emotional consequences of Bonnie bringing Jeremy back to life, which is that it’s put a rift in her romantic relationship with him. [We’ll] see what the ghostly and supernatural consequences are.” And what better time to flesh out said storyline than during Halloween! “We go all out for Halloween,” Plec teases. “It’s not actually Halloween in the show, but we still do an episode where we get to have a little fun with ghosts and really pay off that chapter.” And don’t forget: It won’t be too much longer until Matt (Zach Roerig) is seeing his long lost sis, too.

Council Combustion | Mystic Falls’ all-knowing supernatural council has certainly seen better days, particularly given the fact that two of their most influential members are now raising a werewolf and a vampire, respectively. Plec says that fact is not lost on the town. “There are a couple juicy Council moments coming up,” she reveals. “For those of you that follow the moves of the council and their glorious incompetencies, this week’s episode showcases that beautifully. It’s like, ‘Wait a second, who actually on this council is not somehow carrying a secret for their child that are supposed to be the very people we are fighting against?'”

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  1. nicole says:

    I love Tyler/Caroline, they are the most interesting couple on the show right now much more so than damon/elena/stefan. I hope that they can work out whatever trouble is coming their way cause it would break my heart to watch them not be together.

    • Sarah says:

      I agree, Matt is boring and Caroline has great Chemistry with Tyler.

    • Guess says:

      Sure, Tyler and Caroline are fun but they should’ve been an item last season IMO, their whole plot feels like a whole year too late.

      • M says:

        That’s cause they had to shove Tyler off-screen for multiple episodes last year, so they could force Matt/Caroline again.

    • Charlotte says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more about Tyler and Caroline. They are the reason I watch the show. Not that the rest of isn’t interesting, but if anything happened to screw up these two I probably won’t watch it anymore.

    • M says:

      WORD. TC are the only reason I watch. The show really lost something during the second half of Season 2 and it really hasn’t been able to get it back.

  2. Annonymous says:

    Oh my God, just cancel this CRAP already!

    • patricorn says:

      Oh shut up, why do you waste time commenting on a show you obviouslyhate? Get a damn life.

      • Guess says:

        Seriously, the “ship wars” are over: Damon has “won”. Why keep this whole thing on?

      • Annonymous says:

        See, if the only thing you get to “fight for” lately is how many people come here to say this or that then the show is even less interesting that I thought.

  3. Katie says:

    I’m actually loving this Jeremy/ghosts story line! –I’m definitely interested in seeing where it goes, ’cause right now I really don’t have a clue!

    I may be in the minority here, but I’m not really a fan of Tyler/Caroline. Idk, I really wanted to like them, but I just haven’t been able to get into them. Tyler’s always been a little bland for me, so I’d rather see Caroline with someone else. I actually loved her interactions with Stefan; I hope they share scenes when he comes back to Mystic Falls.

    So far it’s shaping up to be a great season!

  4. Jamie says:

    I wasn’t much of a Tyler fan in previous seasons, but since Michael Trevino has clearly been hitting the gym, he’s anything but bland to me now. ;)

  5. Ashley says:

    I love Tyler/Caroline. They are hot together and get each other. They understand each other and were friends first, which means they have a solid foundation.

  6. Lily says:

    Annonymous – Your life must not be very interesting if you take the time to comment about a show you don’t like. Some people do. Get your off your high horse and let them enjoy it. How does it effect your life?

    • TVfan says:

      @Lily: your life must be very sad if you only come here to piss off other posters. Everybody: last time I checked, this was a public site and I’ve seen many of you post in other show articles before so there’s no need to be rude

  7. M says:

    Tyler/Caroline FTW. :) Only reason I’m watching now.

  8. swedishfish117 says:

    I’m with most people on the Caroline Tyler relationship. It makes the show more interesting and it shows how far Caroline has come as a character. She is able to engage in a relationship based friendship, not appearances. She has been motivated by her insecurities to pursue relationships with attractive guys who may not be the best fit for her, Damon, Stephen and Matt. Since becoming a vampire she has gained confidence and self knowledge. Her relationship with Tyler shows her evolution, as it is based on friendship, mutual respect, and similarities. And that’s my two bits on the relationship. It doesn’t hurt that Tyler is a far more interesting character than Matt. It also helps that I have really related to Caroline, from day one, we have similar personalities, and really close names. I also have feelings for my closest guy friend, named Tyler, who is also very much like Tyler in the show. Their relationship vicariously offers me the relationship I wish I had with my Tyler :)

  9. Leila says:

    I grow fonder of Caroline every season. The actress and character have really developed. The conflict she faces being seen as a monster by her father and dating a “moster” of a different species is really compelling.

    I am beyond tired of the brothers-in-love-with-the-same-girl triangle. I cannot fathom what is so appealing about Elena that 2 century-old vampires both obsess over. We knew Delena was coming. Make it happen already and move on.

    I am so confused as to whats happening with Bonnie’s role. The actress has been voted “choice scene stealer” and yet she is in hardly any scenes. Her storylines have been marginalized and she gets very little screentime. Why not use this scene stealer to the show’s advantahe and increase rather than decrease her role? Very puzzled and sisappointed.

    • Fox says:

      The actress has been voted “choice scene stealer” and yet she is in hardly any scenes. Her storylines have been marginalized and she gets very little screentime. Why not use this scene stealer to the show’s advantahe and increase rather than decrease her role? Very puzzled and sisappointed.

      My thoughts *exactly*.

      Sometimes I wonder if the writers/executives secretly dislike Kat/Bonnie and think it’s the funniest thing in the world to jerk her character (and fans) around the way they do.

  10. Jennifer Wingard says:

    I lkie the relationship between Tyler and Caroline. I find that they are a great support to one another. I like how Tyler treats Caroline. He seems to be more thoughtful towards Caroline than Matt has been in the past.

  11. Carissa says:

    This season, I only watch for Tyler/Caroline and Jeremy and the ghost storyline so I’m glad there’s something to watch there. Kind of hate Stefan, Damon, and Elena right now, which is too bad since they’re the main characters.