Survivor: South Pacific: Would You Have Said 'Yes' to Coach's Hug?

Kudos to Survivor: South Pacific‘s editing team for attempting to infuse some suspense into what was essentially one of the more predictable episodes in recent memory.

Early in the proceedings we got Jim and his “suspiciously white teeth” approaching Cochran, then Cochran approaching Dawn, about trying to stir up a Savaii blindside against She Who’s Been Sharing a Hammock With Ozzy (aka Elyse). Meanwhile, on Upolu, Brandon continued his descent into becoming the most annoying human on TV this season by vowing to become a better person, sharing with Edna that she wasn’t really a part of the core alliance, and then believing Stacey when she planted the idea in his head that Sophie, Albert, and Mikayla were plotting against him. It got so bad that Coach started worrying Little Hantz was about to “kick over the kettle at the most inopportune time.”

Nevertheless, after Savaii triumphed over Upolu in an immunity challenge that had three members of each tribe hoisting poles onto their shoulders and trying not to collapse as 10 lb. bags were added to their burden, it was clear Stacey (pictured) was in jeopardy, despite a strong effort in the challenge. Stacey made the not unreasonable case that chatty, skinny Edna was the weaker player, and therefore deserved to get the boot, but Coach & Co. went with loyalty over physical prowess. I loved Stacey’s “is this clown for real?” facial expression when Coach approached her and tried to tell her how much he really liked her (while simultaneously implying that, yeah, she was on the chopping block).

Even better, though, was Stacey’s response after the Tribal Council votes were read and it was clear her torch was made for snuffin’. “Let’s give her a hug,” said Coach, rising to embrace the woman whose demise he’d plotted. Stacey performed a full-body rejection of the gesture, and I’ll admit: It made me howl with laughter. Seriously, Coach, you just pretty much ripped a $1 million prize out of the woman’s hands, and you think she’s going to throw her arms around you in a kumbaya moment? Stacey’s not goin’ out like that!

What would you have done in this situation, Survivor fans? Would you have made like Stacey and rejected Coach’s gesture, or would you have sucked it up and accepted it, knowing you might need to align with him if you survived Redemption Island? Sound off in our poll below, and for all my reality recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. E says:

    Another piece of evidence about how Coach just doesn’t get it. He’s improved this season (or perhaps he just landed on the right tribe and got rid of the one person he needed to) but his lack of self awareness is a huge disadvantage.

    Why on earth did he think she’d want a group hug?

  2. rjcarr says:

    Has anyone, ever, given out hugs after getting voted off? That was just silly.

    • Eileen F says:

      My recollection is that it’s typically between 2 players that had a specific bond (and likely the friend didn’t even vote for the evictee). The idea that Coach would think she’d be receptive was just silly, yes.

  3. Christine S. says:

    Coach is playing a better game than before, yes, but his fatal flaw is still his ego. He can’t deal with it if someone doesn’t love him.

  4. Rebecca says:

    I would have accepted the hug. If she comes back, she’ll need to deal with some of these people again.

    A bunch of other people voted for Stacey, not just Coach, so placing the onus on him for practically ripping the $1 million out of her hands is kinda OTT, you know? Plus it’s early days. Long way to the $1 million, and I don’t think Stacey was ever a strong contender to win it anyway.

    I’d like to see more of Albert, Sophie, and a few others in the edits. When I saw shots of some contestants last night, I realized I have no clue what their names are.

    • Roy says:

      I came to the same conclusion about the survivor’s names. And I blame the editing and the shortened opening credits. First I had to look up online what Papa Bear’s (I hate this nickname) real name is, as well as Coach’s (again, I don’t like this nickname) real name. And I still don’t know for a couple of people who’s who, even when I found the complete list of the contestants’ names.

      So far it’s not a good season for me, but hopefully when the tribes merge and the former individual tribes break down the season will finally get interesting with a lot of blindsides, which is my favorite part of Survivor.

  5. Melissa says:

    I was angry when they voted off Stacy. Why would they keep Edna? What has Enda done? Nothing. She is useless and annoying. Even if they didn’t like Stacy, you keep her for her size. She did a great job in the challenge. Edna or the other females on the tribe never would have lasted that long. Bunch of idiots! Who was the guy sitting all the way to the left. I never saw him before. My husband told me he was there since day one, but I never noticed him. Survivor isn’t what it used to be.

  6. topsyturvy says:

    I would have taken the hug just so I could get my arms around that delicious Albert. Damn he is HOT!

  7. Sean says:

    My Random Thoughts:

    -Brandon telling Edna that she was on the outs with the group of 6 made absolutely no sense at all, and if he’s trying to come clean on everything, why didn’t he THEN go to the rest of the group of five, and come clean on the fact that he told Edna…and then go back to Edna and tell her that he told them? And so on?

    -Did Stacy decide that this week’s clichés would only revolve around eggs? “Edna is on an Easter Egg hunt right now”, and “she is scrambling like scrambled eggs in a hot skillet right now” were the two that she used before breaking into some other things that made no sense whatsoever. “I gotta lie to kick it, and what that means is I gotta lie to try to get in to fit in. You lie to kick it, with the next man.” What does that mean?

    -At the end of Tribal Council, Jeff asked Albert, “Does that mean the #1 topic for Tribal Council should be trust?” Might be Yes, might be No, might be Maybe…but I’ll tell you one thing for certain: The #1 topic for Tribal Council SHOULD NOT BE RUSSELL.

    When you’re done here, I hope you’ll check out the rest of my recap at, or you can just click my name.

  8. Lee says:

    I don’t blame Stacey for being PO’d. I think it would be hard for any of us to get voted off and then deal with this disingenuous kumbaya hugging crap. Yes, it would be good strategy not to burn bridges, but how easy would it be to do that in the moment?

    But the problem with Stacey was, at least according to the edit I have seen, was that she made barely any attempt to play the game beyond being a good worker bee, and this early in the game, that’s not enough.

    As for Brandon, I feel like we are all involved in a massive exploitation of this kid. Seriously, what is he doing on reality TV? He needs to be in a reality mental hospital. And enough about Russell already, I’m sick of the guy.

  9. weeza says:

    Yes I would huged the team cause maybe I could come back.stacey was a very nasty person with little thing to do get her christine out.cause if they made the merge they would teamed with red.this is a game for a million dollars.yes edna is weak but for now she,s loyal and good for a vote,until she does any time jeff could Shannon drop your buffs were mergeing and u need loyality not trouble.stacey tried to get things stired before she she held a few heavy bags never seen her doing much else but being nasty attitude.her christine belong together.stacey new her ass was going so she probobly stepped and said Volek let me do this challenge.

  10. porky says:

    Heck yea id hugged coach that’s my man.this is a game for a million dollars, get the trouble makers out.hope brandon is next.and the nerd then the pot head. A game nothing personal but u get one shot. Hope my coach makes it all the way.: )

  11. cleo says:

    Ozzy is getting way to comfy, if they get him its gonna be his own fault,I do believe that ozzy is a good player but this season so far well he’s just laid back, while jim is coming for him,along with nerdy and dawn also could be whitney she knows about the idol..