The CW Doubles Up on Ringer, Says Later to H8R

The CW is pulling the low-rated reality series H8R off its fall schedule immediately, replacing it with encore broadcasts of the freshman thriller Ringer, sources tell TVLine.

Since launch, H8R has averaged in the neighborhood of 1.3 million total viewers, and at last tally scored a 0.4 demo rating. Filling the Wednesdays-at-8 vacancy allows The CW to generate further sampling of the buzzy, Sarah Michelle Gellar-fronted Ringer, which is a high-priority series for the network.

Several unproduced hours of H8R have yet to air, and could see daylight in the spring or summer 2012.

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  1. tt says:

    the title made it seem like they ordered a full season of ringer. got me excited over nothing. Lets hope this is a good sign for ringer though

    • Rolfe says:

      I agree, the title does seem like a full season pick up was in the bag. I’m just happy The CW is trying to give Ringer a shot at finding a larger audience.

  2. Brittany says:

    What do you think of “Ringer,” Matt?

  3. Ben says:

    Whats a neightbourhood? lol!

    Nice to see scripted drama succeed and mindless drivel fail for a change.

  4. izzy says:

    Never seen anything on the CW sooo what ever..

  5. Dwight J. says:

    Pedowitz looks like a smart man. I think that that Ostroff b*tch sacrificed a virgin to sink the CW.. Lol

    • eddie says:

      nah, hes not that smart… he put his 2 most buzzed about new shows-> (ringer, hart of dixie) after 2 of the cw’s most ratings challenged shows-> (gossip girl, 90210). not a smart move for the new president if you ask me. i mean did he think that “ringer” was gonna average 5Mil after 90210, which averages like 1.5mil? the second i saw the CW’s fall schedule i knew Gossip girl would bring down hart of dixie and that 90210 would bring down ringer…

      • Jesse says:

        I agree, but everyone thought that SMG would take a show by herself, no matter where it was placed (i.e after 90210). I’m just a little bit sad that Nikita was pulled to Friday, it’s far better than GG. And yes, it wasn’t clever to move GG at the 8pm spot, while HoD was thrown at 9pm. Pedowitz is not that smart after all.

      • Marc says:

        No offense but what show isn’t ratings-challenged on the CW? They’re all pretty much around the 0.8-0.9 mark this season except for The Vampire Diaries and pairing that one with The Secret Circle was kind of a no-brainer. There was really nowhere on the schedule they could’ve put Ringer and/or Heart Of Dixie to give them a strong lead-in. Anyway, Dawn O still had a hand in this season’s schedule, it was one of her last jobs before leaving the network for good.

        I still think having Nikita as a lead-in for Supernatural is the boneheaded move — they should’ve flip-flopped their places on Friday night. I’m thinking you’ll see some big changes with the schedule next season. For starters, I’d pair Nikita up with Ringer if they both survive and Supernatural with Deadman if the former comes back and the latter is picked up. Cancel ANTM already and same goes for 90210.

      • Jo says:

        I agree for Ringer , that’s not a good move to put 30210 as a lead-in!!!

    • lorna says:

      oh my goodness I HATED Dawn Ostroff. Would love to run into her face to face one day.

  6. Nic says:

    Why don’t they move Nikita and Supernatural to Wednesday instead? :\

    • Snapy says:

      Because unfortunately they would be utterly annihilated in the ratings by the competition. Expectations are lower on Fridays.

    • ZmaX says:

      Supernatural & Nikita have a better chance at surviving on Friday nights. They can get lower ratings from the other CW shows and still stay on.

      I actually think that Friday is the safest spot for shows with devoted fan bases like these.

  7. Samantha says:

    I’m really liking Ringer! It was decent the first two eps but now it’s really rolling! Hopefully it stays that way!

  8. Snapy says:

    I like Ringer and want it to succeed, so I support this move.

  9. ZmaX says:

    YES!!! first the news about Amber Benson guest starring, now this, Great Job CW!!! :D

  10. Erika says:

    I love Ringer, so I’m glad that this move will give others a chance to watch it and hopefully boost the ratings.

  11. Michael says:

    I LOVE Ringer!!! It’s not the smartest show — not by a long shot — and it’s full of plot holes but it’s just so much fun! Ringer: “Don’t think. Just enjoy.” I hope they’re not seeing if it’s a better time slot because then if they decide to move it, I’d have to decide between this and Up All Night. (But I’m guessing it’s kind of expensive and they’re trying to get more money from it…)

  12. Jamie says:

    Completely agree.

  13. Liz says:

    My fingers are crossed that that will be the only cancellation The CW makes this fall, unless they want to cancel 90210. I just don’t want to see Hart of Dixie canceled and I support the double airing of Ringer.

  14. Vicente says:

    I hope that when the Ringer gets canceled after 3 more episodes, the stars will promise a movie to wrap everything up. what ever happened to that Heroes tv movie? The Event? Ringer is just stupid and every one ” loves it” because it has Sarah Michelle Gellar, who was good in Buffy, but not that good

    • Andrew says:

      Are you mentally challenged?

      I’m not a Sarah Michelle Gellar or Buffy fan by any means, but I am smart enough to know that there’s no way they’re going to cancel it given the amount of money they’ve already put into it.

      And, given the amount of hype surrounding the show from the very beginning, they’d look silly for cancelling it.

      It will probably get another season, too.

  15. Anna says:

    Ringer’s not worth the effort SMG or not. I would have rather that either Nikita or America’s Next Top Model had moved into H8R’s slot because both shows are causing scheduling conflicts.

    • Jason says:

      It would be suicide for Nikita to move to H8R’s slot, it will go down just as fast as H8R did. No, keep Nikita on Friday and it will get a third season.

  16. Kyle Andrews says:

    They’re smart for holding onto Ringer. It’s a very important show for the network at this point. Aside from Supernatural (which targets a completely different audience) Ringer is the only grownup show on the CW. 90210 and Gossip Girl have never been ratings winners. Gossip Girl gets a pass because there are some high profile actresses on the show, but the network can’t live in teen land forever. They need to expand their audience, which means airing diverse shows and allowing time for the reputation of the network to change. Ringer appeals to a slightly older audience.

    Hart of Dixie is in a middle area. It would actually be a good lead-in for Ringer, since it’s midway between teen and adult. 90210 just needs to be put down. Right now, it’s the weakest link, in terms of scripted shows. It’s not doing anything for the network in terms of ratings or profile.

    • Carrie says:

      “Nikita” is also pretty grown up for The CW. I think they should have paired “Gossip Girl” with “Ringer”. I also think they should get rid of “90210”. It’s such a ridiculous show. I think it was a stupid move when they got rid of Jennie Garth and stopped having guest stars like Shannen Doherty and Tori Spelling on the show. I’m guessing people originally watched because of its connection to the original series and it’s just gone downhill from there.

      • taelor says:

        Yea, both Nikita and Ringer aren’t really traditional CW shows – supernatural/fantasy shows or teen dramas.

        As for 90210, its first season was definitely its best. Season two SUCKED, but I think that it redeemed itself with most of season 3! Even season 4 is making a pretty fluid transition into the deathly college years of a TV show. Still, it was its best in its first season. If it is cancelled (and I hope it isn’t), I hope that it at least is able to tie up all plot lines by the end of this season. I definitely prefer a series conclusion than a cancellation.

      • Kyle Andrews says:

        Nikita… hmm… I only watched for the first handful of episodes. To me, it seemed like the high school version of a story that I’ve been familiar with for a long time(three previous incarnations). It’s possible that it’s changed since I last saw it.

        For the record, I didn’t give it up because of the high school feel. I just thought it was really poorly written and the casting was, for the most part, horrible.

        I did watch 90210 in season 1, just for Jennie Garth. It was the reason I watched the original series back when it first started. :)
        After the distraction of Jennie was gone, I realized that not one cast member on that show can act, the writing is horrible, and I’ve been waiting hoping for a crossover with Supernatural, where Sam and Dean finally put those monsters down. (disclaimer: I’m talking about the characters on 90210 there, not the actors who portray them)

    • lorna says:

      Sad thing is, Blake Lively is a TERRIBLE actress. Dixie won’t make it, 90210 looks even more ridiculous each preview, and they said MP 2.0 sucked? Loved that remake.

  17. Scott says:

    When they cancelled Hellcats last year it made me angry. Now hearing that this show was cancelled so early on when Hellcats could’ve lasted a whole second season for CW infuriates me. I hate when good shows are cancelled and then the shows that replace it are worst then the one they cancelled.

    • Taelor says:

      exactly! while hellcats WAS at its prime in the first half of the series (with the law mystery), the cliffhangers at the end seemed like it could get back to its glory days! then they axed it. :/

      the same was with NBC’s Perfect Couples; while it was not always the best show on TV, it was really funny AND enjoyable to watch. They cancelled it, only to replace it with the crappy Paul Reiser Show, cancelled after 2 or 3 episodes. :/

  18. Summer says:

    Dear CW,

    H8RS was a dumb idea anyway.
    Please bring back Hellats!


  19. Dee says:

    Ringer is getting really interesting.

    I was surprised the affair plotline would be discovered this quickly. They could have let that go on forever.

    Siohban (sp?) is really a manipulative, cold-hearted person.
    At least she isn’t smoking anymore.

  20. luis says:

    @matt i have a question for you since you are the only one i have seen posting comments from the tvline crew so….how can i send a request for a scoop to auselio? because i did it like 9 days ago and }he posted a new ¨ask auselio¨ this week and my question wasnt there so if you can tell me (in a nice and non-sarcastic way), tell me. :) thanx

  21. mm says:

    i believe that airing re runs of Ringer is a desperate move by the cw 2 bring more viewers. Btw Nikita is nt a teenage show it has phenomenal cast and writers. I wish Nikita could b move 2 a better network. It could easily replace charlie’s angels

  22. Robin says:

    I like Ringer, and hope it gets picked up for next year.
    Nothing wrong with the CW running it twice to help pick up viewers.

  23. frank pergolizzi says:

    love ringer – will be very disappointed if it is cancelled

  24. Serenity says:

    Keep 90210{even though nothin beats the original}an they should bring tori spelling on her dad only made the orginal. I love Vampire diaries an would like 2 see more witch craft n damon an elana get 2gether also like secert circle. Antm is ok ive watched every season. Supernaturel is dumb get real wit that. GG never watched same wuth one tree hill they never interested me spoiled rich kids get real blake get real fake. I would love 2 see something like girlfriend come back n a show with a single mom then finds out she actually had twins at birth n her other baby missing a plot like that n a show about 2 bestfriends with dark secersts