Scoop: Lizzy Caplan Set for New Girl Romance

New Girl‘s adorkable meter is poised to go off the charts with the casting of offbeat beauty Lizzy Caplan in a multi-episode role.

TVLine has learned that Party Down‘s witty cater waiter/wannabe thespian will appear in three episodes of Fox’s breakout comedy hit as Julia, a super-cool and highly educated gal who has a master’s degree in art history. Nick (played by Jake Johnson), upon meeting Julia at an art gallery, is instantly smitten yet intimidated by her well-cultured manner.

As such, when Nick invites Julia to Schmidt’s birthday party, he frets that his new romantic interest will be put off by his pals — yet it may be someone else who’s in for the bigger awakening.

Fall TV: Fox’s New Girl Gets Full-Season Pick-Up

In addition to Party Down, Caplan’s TV credits include The Class, True Blood and Related.

New Girl fun fact, just in from Fox: With this week’s ratings performance, the Zooey Deschanel starrer is the first new sitcom on any network in 20 seasons to win its first three nights in the coveted 18-to-49 demo (since ABC’s Step By Step). Everyone, slo-mo chicken dance!

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  1. Michael Sacal says:

    I just saw the first episode and I don’t see the appeal. The Jess character gets very annoying really fast.

    • Volcfom says:

      Give it a few episodes to settle in. Last night’s episode was adorable.

    • Brian says:

      Thank you. Yes, I find the character very annoying as well (and I’ve watched all 3 episodes).

      • Anonymous says:

        Thats because this shows is not for guys

        • becca says:

          I’m a girl and I think Jess is annoying too. And I really wanted to like it. Why does she have to have an emotionally crippled space cadet? And why is such a gorgeous girl so clueless about dating?

          • Tee says:

            Yeah kind of feel the same way. It’s not a bad show, out of the new fall comedies I’ve seen it seems to be the best but still not crazy about it. Also I cringe every time I hear/read “adorkable” now.

          • ash says:

            If life and dating were easy for her then it wouldnt be a TV show. There has to be conflicts and drama, and in a sitcom that usually entails love problems, bad decisions, and misunderstandings. I think it is an adorable and smart show. Only complaint is they replaced Coach after the first episode and he was one of the funniest characters.

        • Jim Jenia says:

          Really? Well, I’m not only a “Guy” …

          I’m what you’d call a “Guys, Guy” … and I Love Jess and the entire crew of New Girl!

          It’s funny, a little Quarky, and as amazing as it may seem to some …

          It’s NOT REAL LIFE … it’s a SITCOM … and it’s funny, btw, that’s what sitcoms are suppose to be!

  2. Shane G says:

    First of all, HOORAY for Lizzie Caplan’s return to TV. Second, Jake Johnson is totally Matt Mitovich’s doppelganger.

    • Melanie says:

      I just thought the exact same thing..uncanny appearance!

    • satirex says:

      Maybe in that picture, but not all that much when you see him in action. Since Nick is the level-headed, straightforward, and kind roommate, I’m assuming they’ll develop him as the love interest for Jess. Others’ mileage may vary, but I think he’s the cutest of the 3 guys, too. Interestingly, IMDb says Jake Johnson is 14 years old.

  3. Sam says:

    I hope Mary Elizabeth Ellis comes back too! She’s the best!

  4. Emily says:

    I’m happy to hear that Lizzy Caplan is going to be on the show but I would love a moratorium on the word “adorkable.” Please, just stop it.

    • bob says:

      this, please. every time it’s used, i always get the impression that the author feels as though they are the first person to ever mash the words “adorable” and “dork” together, and it’s just so not as precious or clever as they think it is. i like new girl, but whenever adorkable is used to describe jess, i want to die a little bit.

    • Zach says:

      Thank you! I am in love with this show so very much, but everytime I hear/read “adorkable” I want to throw up a little…

    • satirex says:

      I think the network is using it in promotion, which absolves writers for using it. It doesn’t make it any less annoying, but it absolves the journalists.

  5. Jamie says:

    I’m very happy for Lizzy Caplan to be back on TV, but I won’t lie, I really wanted her return to television to be on Parks and Rec. I was really hoping she would become Ben’s new love interest now that he and Leslie are broken up.

  6. Katie says:

    I’ve watched all three eps of this show and I really enjoy it but I can’t be the only one out there that wants Jess & Nick together, right? I do love Lizzy Caplan though (thanks Mean Girls).

    • Sephie says:

      nope you are not I do as well. They were cute in last nights episode.

    • Natalie says:

      You are definitely not the only one. I love the chemistry between Jess and Nick and that neither of them even realize it’s there. I’m rooting for those two for sure!

  7. Jake says:

    I agree. Having watched all three episodes, Schmidt is the only character that hasn’t annoyed me

    How many times can the guys end up caving to her and end up doing something embarrassing in the closing minutes to make everything ok?!

  8. Kristen says:

    Adored Lizzy Caplan on Party Down, so yeah, I’m jazzed about this casting.

  9. Jamie says:

    Agreed! I think it will be Jess who has the bigger awakening.

    Jess and Nick were absolutely adorable in the photo booth this week. I’ve been rooting for them since their first scene together.

  10. Anthony Newhall says:

    I love Lizzy. I loved her in True Blood and as Janice in Mean Girls. I also REALLY want Jess and Nick together. I don’t think any of them are annoying yet.

  11. Cee says:

    LOVE HER! From Freak and Geeks, Mean Girls, Party Down. Thrilled she’ll be on new Girl, which so far is a sitcom that actually makes me laugh out loud, which is very rare for me when watching TV. Yay!

  12. Elin says:

    OHH love this :D

  13. KSM says:

    Now I miss Related. I was one of five people that watched that show, but I loved it!

  14. Tamara says:

    Jess is not annoying at all to me…I find her refreshing, quirky, and funny. Much better than the sexed up ladies that you find on alot of show.

    I enjoy watching the show very much, one of my faves for the Fall!

  15. chase says:

    Thanks Matt for the updates on New Girl. I can’t wait to see how this all plays out.

  16. Tarren says:

    If you hate this show so much why watch it and waste your time complaining/reading about it? A little weird, no? Anywho, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show! Bring on Lizzy Caplan for a few episodes, she is also fantastic. Looking forward to it.

  17. Jess C. says:

    I absolutely LOVE this show!! Jess is quirky and adorable! This show is much better than all the reality shows we have today and I love the fact that she gets to be herself and not some sexed up girl. I think that Jess and Nick will end up together, I really hope they do! :)

  18. Dianer says:

    I love her quirkiness-reminds me of some people I know (as well as perhaps the one in the mirror!) All you who think she’s annoying probably wouldn’t be a friend of mine. Ha.

  19. Bella says:

    I love the character, sure she can be a little annoying but so can everyone, even your closet friends in real life. I find her to be a more realistic character than others I see on TV, she reminds me of my friends and myself. And who doesn’t have a friend that has an annoying word they say all the time? Or a friend who yes, is gorgeous, but still doesn’t have a clue about her love life? I’d hate for her to be just another stereotypical beautiful girl like we see on so many other shows.

  20. Rachel says:

    omg, slo-mo chicken dance, I freaking love it…

  21. Katie says:

    This show is incredible. It’s actually funny and not the same storyline most shows follow. Two thumbs up!

  22. Jason says:

    Hope she becomes a regular. She’s hilarious!!!

  23. mandy says:

    Awesome! Love Lizzy Caplan!

  24. Sarabi says:

    Yay! :)

  25. Fen says:

    I’m really loving this show. I too can get a little tired of Zoey Deschanel’s “quirky girl” routine but, so far, the character Jess has been a nice blend of funny/outrageous and sweet. There are some things that have me worried about the show’s sustainability: First, I think they’ve developed the romantic tension between Nick and Jess too soon. If this turns into another will they/won’t they relationship I may shoot myself. Second, while I have loved the first three shows, they do seem a bit “formulaic”: someone is having trouble in a relationship and the roommates come to the rescue. Hopefully, the writers/creators have more tricks up their sleeves. I’m rooting for it!

  26. SD says:

    I will not watch this show On Demand again. Too many commercials and you can’t forward through them? EPIC FAIL!

  27. BunG says:

    omg…Zoey and Lizzy?!?!?!? dreams do come true!!!!!

  28. stoopid says:

    when i first saw this i thought lizzy was going to play zoeys sister, jeezo she could play her twin sister.
    strangely as i watched the first 3 episodes i kept thinking lizzy caplan would be much better playing jesse

  29. Lisa says:

    Zooey Deschanel is awesome!