Criminal Minds Duo Shoot Down Hotch/Prentiss Romance Buzz: 'It's a Hard Line to Ride'

Write about CBS’ Criminal Minds (airing Wednesdays at 9/8c) — any story about it, really — and a small sect of fans is sure to surface throwing their weight behind a someday romance between BAU agents Hotch (played by Thomas Gibson) and Prentiss (Paget Brewster).

“They have good chemistry and look great together, and she could bring out a less serious side to him,” one TVLine reader recently commented. “I want to see my Hotch have some fun.”

Another reader chimed in, “The writers could get a lot of creative, intriguing material from a Hotch/Prentiss coupling,” while a third was a bit more extreme with her investment in the would-be coupling, declaring, “If the writers don’t put Hotch and Prentiss together in Season 7 it will be a travesty. They deserve to be together.”

Perhaps more than ever, given how Hotch was one of only two people entrusted with the secret of Emily’s faked death.

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Yet at least two factors might keep the Criminal Minds coworkers from ever broaching a workplace romance. For one, Hotch’s ex-wife was killed by a serial killer not two calendar years ago. There’s also the matter of while it’s one thing to have a lunch date with Lenny, the guy who drives the delivery van at your flower shop, it’s another to mix pleasure with a business that is so not conducive to canoodling.

“I’ve read [about some fans’ want for a romance] and I don’t know how to respond to it,” Paget Brewster recently shared with TVLine. “I understand it on the one hand, because in the real FBI, people work so closely and are only around each other, so chances are that sooner or later they date each other. In some ways, it’s human nature.”

But on the other hand — and this is a valid point — “The idea that Hotch and I might be fooling around in a roundtable room when children are dying somewhere is really not appealing,” Brewster notes. “It’s a really hard line to ride, so I don’t know if they’ll ever write that. I really don’t.”

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Thomas Gibson was similarly bearish on the idea when we ran it by him moments later, responding, “No, no, no…. Not unless it was one of those drunken evenings between Hotch and Prentiss.” (Yeah, one of those evenings. As if!)

Besides, Hotch is not the sort “to get involved with anybody he works with,” he contends. “Come on, he can’t do that!”

“That being said…,” Gibson added, “we’ll see.”

Where do you fall on the topic of BAU interoffice romance – yay or nay? (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. nameless says:

    I have to say that I am new to cm, however I started watching on ION and was hooked instantly. I did see the subtext or hints of a relationship between Hotch and Emily. I was interested how this relationship would workout. Now watching season seven it seems the writers intentionally keep the two of them apart frequently. I also started reading some of the fanfiction and was disturbed by some of the stories written there. I realize that it is fanfiction but come on some of the stories are way out there. With that being said I can see why so many fans are against the realtionship of any of the team members. I really do love the show and watch faithfully every Wed to see what happens next and hope for a relationship between these two. However, I also hate how so many people continuously rant about their relationship on tweeter, facebook, etc. So to the writers and show runners I believe the story could be a good one without it interupting the real interest for the show and that is the criminal minds of it all.

  2. sabi says:

    I agree with some of you although I admit that I like the idea of Hotch and Prentiss being together though just not inappropriately. I can see some chemistry between them considering that Hotch was totally over Prentiss in the episode “Demonology”. While she was talking with her friend, he watched those two like a hawk, he never even looked up when Rossi entered the room. Anyways, they both have a lot in common and it seems that Hotch tends to loosen up when he’s with her and also seems to enjoy her company. I would like to see more interaction between them, talking and being completely there for each other in hardtimes also I would like to see more of Prentiss’ family life.

  3. smiley says:

    i think they make a good couple and it my favorite show so it will be better if they put them together.

  4. kassi says:

    okay so i tried ti imagin emily with every character and this is what i think EmilyxRossi=daughter/father. EmilyxReid=aunt/nephew. EilyxJJ=sisters. Emilyxgarcia=sisters. EmilyxMorgan=sister/brother. EmilyxHotch=maybe gf/bf. im not sure, imean i get what your talking about, but i think they would look cute.together. i agree with the no romance drama, but they are people too. they have feelings also. if you read the fanfics, maybe it would change ur mind on the Emilyxhotch thing. but if not, you can still read about ur fave couple

  5. Dodie McClary says:

    I really think the best idea to satisfy most would be for Hotch to go to London, meet Prentiss for a drink. Have a couple drinks to many and get real and have half drunk sex . To both their satisisfaction. Yea

  6. Mama232 says:

    I think Emily prentiss and Derek Morgan would be the cutest couple ever so I say prentiss and Morgan all the way

  7. Skye says:

    Really, if they’re going to change any intra-team relationships, they seriously need to change the ones with Reid and Hotch. This wouldn’t have to be in a romantic way but the two share similar storylines – drugged by unsubs, witnessing the death of a loved one (one directly, one over the phone) – and it would be nice if they could show a developed sense of understanding between the two or return a bit to their old relationship when each trusted the other to understand in order to save their lives (with Dowd and Hankel) or just to listen (when Hotch tells Reid about Haley after the altercation with Hardwick). Just something to balance them out and make them a bit more dependant – although definitely not entirely – on the other to support them and UNDERSTAND.

  8. melissa says:

    Although there is no point in me writing this now, i wanted to say that Hotch and Prentiss would have worked well. But i agree that an office romance may not be the the best…nevertheless i voted for yes!