Criminal Minds Duo Shoot Down Hotch/Prentiss Romance Buzz: 'It's a Hard Line to Ride'

Write about CBS’ Criminal Minds (airing Wednesdays at 9/8c) — any story about it, really — and a small sect of fans is sure to surface throwing their weight behind a someday romance between BAU agents Hotch (played by Thomas Gibson) and Prentiss (Paget Brewster).

“They have good chemistry and look great together, and she could bring out a less serious side to him,” one TVLine reader recently commented. “I want to see my Hotch have some fun.”

Another reader chimed in, “The writers could get a lot of creative, intriguing material from a Hotch/Prentiss coupling,” while a third was a bit more extreme with her investment in the would-be coupling, declaring, “If the writers don’t put Hotch and Prentiss together in Season 7 it will be a travesty. They deserve to be together.”

Perhaps more than ever, given how Hotch was one of only two people entrusted with the secret of Emily’s faked death.

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Yet at least two factors might keep the Criminal Minds coworkers from ever broaching a workplace romance. For one, Hotch’s ex-wife was killed by a serial killer not two calendar years ago. There’s also the matter of while it’s one thing to have a lunch date with Lenny, the guy who drives the delivery van at your flower shop, it’s another to mix pleasure with a business that is so not conducive to canoodling.

“I’ve read [about some fans’ want for a romance] and I don’t know how to respond to it,” Paget Brewster recently shared with TVLine. “I understand it on the one hand, because in the real FBI, people work so closely and are only around each other, so chances are that sooner or later they date each other. In some ways, it’s human nature.”

But on the other hand — and this is a valid point — “The idea that Hotch and I might be fooling around in a roundtable room when children are dying somewhere is really not appealing,” Brewster notes. “It’s a really hard line to ride, so I don’t know if they’ll ever write that. I really don’t.”

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Thomas Gibson was similarly bearish on the idea when we ran it by him moments later, responding, “No, no, no…. Not unless it was one of those drunken evenings between Hotch and Prentiss.” (Yeah, one of those evenings. As if!)

Besides, Hotch is not the sort “to get involved with anybody he works with,” he contends. “Come on, he can’t do that!”

“That being said…,” Gibson added, “we’ll see.”

Where do you fall on the topic of BAU interoffice romance – yay or nay? (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jimmy says:

    I’d totally shag Paget Brewster every single night. She has great funbags.

  2. Megan R says:

    I have been an advocate of the Prentiss/Hotch romance since she first appeared (and they have similar personalities). I would LOVE for them to write it in, but…. and this is a BIG BUTT! It would have to be in a manner where you find out that they have been together since [x] and they like never talk about it. Better yet… it would be a fantastic series finale reveal (not that I ever want the show to end…)

  3. Trish says:

    Don’t see the Hotch/Prentiss thing at all… they have a good professional relationship and that’s it… Prentiss has much more chemistry with Morgan and Rossi I think. Certainly with Morgan as they can do the whole range.. teasing, deep, caring, funny and flirty… etc etc.. it’s great.
    That being said, I hope they don’t bring in any team relationships… It would mess up the fandom… There may be those that want HP, but there are many many that do not… You can’t please everyone so keep the relationships out of it and stick with little hints etc

    • Diego says:

      Totally agree! With every word of it! Just don’t see it happening.

    • bklyngirl says:

      Emily shines more with Morgan and Reid. They both bring out her mellow side, because she’s mostly a hardcase.

      Her and serious Hotch wouldn’t mesh together well. Hotch needs a woman who can break his wall down a bit and bring a smile on his face, because he is so serious.

  4. Michael says:

    Too late Trish

    they are bring Rossi EX wife on the show the first one

  5. Mayra says:

    I can’t picture them together. I never have. I think they would look reaaaally weird as a couple.

  6. CriminalMusings says:

    I ship Hotch and Prentiss 100%. Seasons 4 and 5 especially showed what a close bond they have, but then that was kind of forgotten in season 6, and seems to continue to fade into the background in season 7, which is really disappointing.

    I understand the writers and the actors have pretty much said in some way shape or form that it doesn’t make sense for the main characters to get together. I’m actually okay with Hotch and Emily not getting together on the show, because it’s happened to me plenty of times before – I want two characters on a show to get together, they finally do, and then the writers don’t do it the way I want them to and/or the couple breaks up, stuff like that. I’d rather just leave it to my imagination.

    That being said, it would be nice to see some of the subtext between Hotch and Prentiss that we used to get but no longer do. It’s like they don’t even know each other lately and it’s extremely frustrating to watch the show now. Emily gets these personal moments with Morgan and Reid, but not with Hotch. He lied to their friends for 7 months, and now Morgan is angry with him because of it. Yet HE hasn’t griped to Emily about how bad those 7 months were for him, or how frustrating the aftermath is. It would be nice to see Emily open up to Hotch about how those 7 months were for HER. It’s obvious she can’t really open up to Morgan or Reid about those things because they can only think about themselves. They seem to have forgotten that she did nearly die, then spent several months alone, never knowing when she would be able to come home and see her friends and family again. Hotch has also been the target of a serial killer before – he and Emily have experienced far more personal trauma related to the job than anyone else on the team. Don’t the writers think this might give them something to talk about? I really hope to see them have an actual heart to heart soon.

    Again, I don’t expect a Hotch/Prentiss relationship on the show, or even the hinting toward one. But some moments where we’re reminded that they’re close and they care about each other as more than coworkers, as has been made pretty clear in the past, would be GREAT.

    • Cerene says:

      I totally disagree about Morgan and Reid only thinking about themselves and not caring about what Prentiss went through.

      Yes Reid was angry, but not with Emily, with JJ. JJ is his best friend and the last person he would have expected to lie to him. The closer you’re to the person who lied to you, the more hurt you’ll be by the lie, that’s a given for anyone. And let’s not forget that the writer of ‘Proof’ told us that he was already over it, so it really didn’t last long at all. Reid isn’t self centered, he’s simply human (and a good listener).

      Morgan might have issues, but he has already said to Prentiss that he’s simply glad that she’s alive. He would be more than glad to listen to her (when she’s ready to open up, that is, and I don’t think she is).

      And let’s not forget Rossi, I would totally love to see a scene between him and Prentiss where she opens up to him.

      We’ll probably see how Prentiss dealt during those seven months later in the season. Apparently that’s what has been hinted at by the writers.
      They probably wanted to address the elephant in the room first, which was the team reacting to Prentiss return and the unavoidable feeling of betrayal. Not showing/dealing with that first would have been unrealistic.

      The first episode showed us how glad the whole team is to have Prentiss back, even if the lie hurt (and it was a big thing to hide).
      We know Hotch and JJ did nothing wrong, but you really can’t blame Morgan or Reid for their initial difficulties. Like I said, they’re simply humans, not self centered.

    • NeverHP says:

      ALL the coworkers care about each other as more than coworkers as is clear in any scene between any two coworkers. God, why do hp fans focus only on hp scenes. Plus if they actually watch the scenes clearly like every other fan did they would see only awkwardness between hotch and prentiss, not some made-up romantic ‘love.’

    • bklyngirl says:

      Get your facts straight. Who was at the heart of Emily’s near death, and was literally choked up with pain. IT WAS MORGAN.
      Who suffered emotional grief over Emily’s near death and confronted JJ about keeping it a secret. IT WAS REID.

      Where were Hotch’s displayed emotions over it! That’s right. There were none. He was sad and that’s it. Don’t say Morgan and Reid don’t give Emily a second thought just to make your ship look good, because it’s simply not true.

    • NeverHP says:

      Hey @criminalMusings, just a few questions on your comments as I see you have made several here.
      1. Why do you think it is ‘clear’ that hotch and prentiss care about each other as more than coworkers, i have never seen that and i have seen every scene with them i think they care about each other as coworkers and that is it.
      2. Why do you ship tv shows so much as you said in your above comment, is it a girl thing? And why CM – CM is not one of those shows where main characters have blatant desires for each other like castle for example. It just doesnt, so ship desires like you wanting hp relation on the show make no sense, it’s not part of the shows formula or canon to the characters on the show.
      3. And why, if you know, do these blogs always have only women making comments, are CM fans mostly women or is it just the women fans talk about the ships?
      4. BTW I am staunchly and fervently anti-hp in every way but i would like to be able to have a civil conversation about CM with an hp fan without it eventually going haywire which it always eventually does. Maybe I should just give that up as water and oil never mix, haha. :)

      • CM says:

        Regarding your number 1. Did you attend or have you read Breen Frazier’s chat transcript from last week? Well, he is one of the CM writers and he explains why Hotch and Prentiss share a connection that no other 2 members of the team share. Go read it, then comment upon it, if you don’t know, just STFU!

        • NeverHP says:

          I will not respond to someone who needs their mouth washed out with soap, who responds with such inappropriate anger that they feel the need to swear at someone who’s opinion differs than theirs.

        • NeverHP says:

          Plus some people are so stupid that they respond to a comment that was addressed to someone else.

        • Chemists have all the solutions says:

          I attended that chat and I still don’t see anything between Hotch and Prentiss besides concern for a friend and coworker.
          Don’t you think Hotch would do the same thing and would feel the same way about any of his team mate who would need that kind of help ?

          The H/P fans also seem to forget one thing : Breen Frazier is just one writer out of eight. He said himself that it was HIS take (not everyone’s). It’s obvious that not all writers share his specific view on the subject.
          For Erica Messer it’s JJ and Hotch who has a bond unlike the others, a special connection that is rare. That’s what she said in an interview and she also said that on a chat.
          The writer of Proof said she loved Hotch/Rossi and she seems to like Morgan/Prentiss scenes.

          So, not only did Breen Frazier didn’t talk about romantic feelings about Hotch and Prentiss, but the connection he hinted at is only the view of ONE writer. Dealer’s choice like he said and as long as it doesn’t turn into an overt effusion of feelings, any personal scene between any character is probably acceptable.
          Yes, Hotch will help Prentiss through her problems, but it’ll simply be a one episode thing.

          About the ‘massive trauma’ B. Frazier alluded to, I think Reid has gone through massive trauma too : being tortured for more than two days, forced to play Russian roulette, repeatedly drugged against his will, killed, killed for Pete’s sake, resuscitated, forced to choose people to die and forced to choose one of his team mates, and let’s not forget forced to dig his own grave.
          And of course, having to deal with a drug addiction that will haunt him forever. And that just the Tobias Hankle incident.

          So, once again, all of this is just B. Frazier’s take.
          We saw Hotch and Reid understanding each other like no other could in a lot of episodes (even if they don’t portray it as much lately).

          The scenes Hotch shares with Prentiss are not unlike the scenes Hotch has shared with Garcia, Reid, JJ or Rossi. He cares, we know that.

          Also, if the writers thought Hotch and Prentiss should get together they wouldn’t introduce a new woman in Hotch’s life to put smile on his face. They have also stated repeatedly that the characters would never hook up with each other.
          I, for one, am delighted about Hotch and Beth. It’ll be good for Hotch to have a new woman in his life. It’ll also be much less obtrusive and less damaging to the show than any intra team pairing could be.

  7. laura says:

    no no no no! prentiss and morgan are made for each other! they have the most on screen chemistry and look good together! Morgan blatantly likes prentiss, and she classes him as a best friend, they both are rubbish in relationships and like there own space so they would be absolutely perfect for each other! hotch is too serious and wouldnt be with prentiss because he concentration his spare tim on jack! PLEASE WRITERS OF THE GODLY NESS CRIMINAL MINDS MAKE PRENTISS AND MORGAN GET TOGETHER AND I WILL LOVE YOU ALL FOREVER AND EVER!

  8. Dora says:

    Based on Paget suggestion that it would be natural for people who work so closely and are only around each other to develop feelings for each other, I would like to see the show to go there with Hotch and Prentiss. I really would love to see the CM writers take on the the question what it would be like for the two to have feelings for someone who is by FBI and their own rules off limits? It’s really about how Criminal Minds would deal with this, instead of Private Practice or the like. Like Paget suggested, it is something that might happen in real life. So far the show has done a good job of dealing with the affects their job can have on a relationship (Hotch divorce, JJ and Will,) and the romance never gotten in the way of story. I expect it wouldn’t be any different, if they would decide to go deeper with Hotch and Prentiss.

    But even if we forget about romance and everything, it’s time for some more Hotch/Prentiss scenes. I agree with everyone who commented about, that they barely on speaking terms anymore. It’s getting ridiculous. Last season Emily had a good-bye scene with everyone, but Hotch before she took off. What was the point of that? One the one hand the tell us all about how the whole team is a family and then that? Paget and Thomas are way to good at what they do and have way to good chemistry to not use it in some way.

    • Lizzy says:

      Amen to that.
      I totally agree with you. I don’t understand why the writers are so afraid of people shipping Emily & Hotch. It’s not like we fans could do anything (Other than stop watching, but seriously, how many who always threaten to do that when their favorite couple doesn’t become said couple soon really stop watching?)
      Besides, I had to smile at last night’s episode’s ending. The scene on the plane. So much for “no scenes together anymore” ;)
      (This is no spoiler, in case anyone wants to complain!)

  9. socrates says:

    ??? I don’t agree Morgan / Emily don’t have a thing. By the way the topic is Hotch / Emily Romance and not your dream pairing which is a no go IMO.
    To the topic: Reading this many post, I think CM better keeps away from any romance in the show! In or outside the office to please the audience. And Hotch/Prentiss do see many right now 45% from all voters that’s a big part because in the No votes are all other shippers and the ones against romance

  10. Doodleartist says:

    No. No relationship between any characters except for JJ/Will and Garcia/Kevin. On “Damaged” Garcia says that dating within the unit is forbidden. And with Rossi being one of the original members of the BAU and making up that rule, I don’t think it would fly. And sure you can argue that Emily and Hotch have had some moments where it seems like something could happen, but there are examples from other characters too. On the same episode “Damaged” Emily tells Garcia that Rossi needs their help because his office was in disarray. On “Valhalla” Emily was concerned with Reid jumping when she had placed the bag down on her desk. There are many more examples, but the bottom line is no. No in office romances. Let’s keep the show to criminals and inside their minds!

  11. Viviana says:

    I support Hotch / Prentiss! I love this couple. Remember a dialogue in the chapter 7×02 tells JJ Prentiss that Hotch told how good it was for profiles despite being a rookie, at what time this happened, why it says Prentiss, it is obvious already showing a relationship that can exist beyond the work but that does not mean that the show becomes a romance novel, will have to read between the lines and watch for the coming talks.

  12. AnnaB says:

    I agree with Socrates. These numbers break down into three factions:

    45% Hotch/Prentiss Supporter

    55% Divided amongst those who ship other people
    & those who want no shipping at all.

    A candidate can win a Presidential election with 45% of the vote in a three-way campaign. I think the numbers underscore the fact that Hotch and Prentiss has a significant following and could be a valuable/marketable commodity for CM and CBS.

    IMO, H/P is worth an investment of some serious screen time, at least much more than we’ve gotten in the last two seasons.

    • NeverHP says:

      No offense but anyone with a remote knowledge of statistical mathematics would realize that vast majority of people taking this poll are hp fans cuz they are constantly googling ‘hp’ and this poll popped up on their search. This poll is not a statistically sound representation of people that watch criminal minds, trust that.

      • Cerene says:

        WORD !

      • CM says:

        Are you serious? The only thing we do is search for H/P at every minute of every day? The only person I see who has given his opinion over and over and over is you. You are the one with nothing to do and who spends the time giving opinions no one gives a sh!t about. Keep it to yourself. You’re a very boring and annoying person.

        • NeverHP says:

          @CM: Keep my opinions to myself? Why, because you dont agree with them? That’s rich. Looks like on this post people agree with me, not you sooo don’t be so bitter CM – life will get better – even for a nasty bitch like you.

          If hp fans stop drooling over and blathering about the thought of hp non-hp fans wouldnt have to ‘bore and annoy’ you with our nonhp comments. hp started it, without loud annoying hp fans there would be no nonhp backlash, get it?

          • NeverHP says:

            Also @CM, to presume i am a guy is wrong, to presume no one ‘gives a sh!t about my opinions’ may or may not be wrong, because to be honest, no one really ‘gives a sh!t'(to use your filthy language again) about anyone’s opinion, but we all have a right to put them here so why don’t you go take a chill pill(maybe a horse tranquilizer) and make some comments on this article other than to attack me with way too much inappropriate anger. That is just peculiar and weird.

      • bklyngirl says:

        Thank You, Never HP. Preach it!

        • Mona says:

          Yes, to H/P no to your JJ/Hotch dream or M/P dream.
          Dream Girl, dream!

          • bklyngirl says:

            Mona, You’re dreaming in fantasyland. Still hoping when both actors shut it down. lol.

          • @bklyngirl says:

            You can hope whatever the h*ll you want, it doesn’t mean it will happen. But what you want to happen won’t happen either. Reid has more to think about than romance, besides, he sees Emily as a mother figure. Shemar already told that he would never want Morgan to have any romance on the show, he is too busy kicking down doors and chasing down unsubs. And JJ and Hotch are close but not in a romantic way, Erica Messer said herself.

  13. olivia says:

    a romance is not such a great idea, but I really at least wanna see more scenes with them this season! a romance is just going too far. let them love each other as friends :D


  14. Elle says:

    Reid/Prentiss…cute and wonderful couple!
    Morgan/Prentiss…beautiful and hot couple!
    Rossi/Prentiss…it just wrong to date your father figure!
    Hotch/Prentiss…it could be wonderful for both of them!

    It seems that every man on the show wants to hook up with Emily Prentiss…what a powerful girl!

    That’s why I’ll say againg: if writers give Emily a boyfriend the shipper pressure will slow down.

    Emily and Mick Rawson!!

  15. Paola says:

    I’m Italian and here in Italy there are plenty of forums and communities supporting Hotch/Prentiss. It works. It just does, otherwise it wouldn’t pop out so frequently whenever Criminal Minds romance is mentioned.

    I happened to watch the show with people who were totally new into it and mny of them made somewhat the same comments about Hotch and Prentiss, seeing their interactions: “There’s something going on between these two, right?”. To their utter astinishment, the answer so far it’s always been “Nope”.

    People THINK they have an affair or are somehow romantically involved because Paget and Thomas do share a lot of chemistry on screen. It may not be on purpose, but this is it: undeniable matter of fact.

    Now, wether HP is meant to happen or not, it will only be a *higher* decision between writers and producers, but one thing is for sure: in real life, Hotch and Prentiss would have at least a mutual interest. Maybe an interest full of denial, making them unconfortable and confused, but definitely they would feel for each other, because this is what the show lets us percive.

    Besides, it wouldn’t have to be a fluffy kind of romance: a few scenes would do: H&P sharing a coffee in the moning before work, or having a walk together in the street… simple things.

    A discreet, fluff-less and “in character” relationship would satisfy the most faithful shippers AND keep the crime puritans content.

  16. JeanJ says:

    Yes! Please Hotch & Prentiss

  17. Ann says:

    Definitely no to Morgan and Prentiss. They have this serious brother/sister relationship going on. I think the shows doing just fine without focusing on romance, but if i had to chose…I’d vote for hotch/prentiss over Morgan/prentiss

  18. Chemists have all the solutions says:

    Hotch and Prentiss ? I certainly hope it’ll never happen, please, leave romance to fanfiction.
    Everyone has a right to ship whatever/whoever they want, and all the shippers will defend their ships and argument to death about the validity of a certain pairing. But that’s really something that should be kept out of the actual show.
    I don’t see the so called chemistry between Hotch and Prentiss, or anything that would indicate romantic feelings, but even if I did I wouldn’t want to see it on the show.

  19. Jac says:

    Completely agreed: “I can see the arguments against it, but quite frankly I’m for Hotch and Emily being together. Simply because it seems like a good evolutionary step, IMO, for their characters and the actors work really well together. BUT, I think what could happen is that it’s teased for a few seasons. Flirting and a close friendship, but not crossing that line just yet. Thomas Gibson and Paget Brewster have fabulous chemistry and look good together, and no I’m not the reader quoted in the article, but “Criminal Minds” can take it a long way with just some flirting, deep conversations and a close friendship. Then maybe a few seasons down the line, something more.”

  20. JeanineG says:

    It’s funny when you read the article, Paget actually gives the justification for a relationship. She simply says she doesn’t know how the writers would write it. Luckily the writing of a Hotch/Prentiss relationship would be left to the writers and not the actors. Frankly, I could do a pretty good job myself.

    I don’t understand why TPTB would float an article like this unless they are exploring it. If they’re going to have romance of any kind on CM, it needs to be Hotch and Prentiss. There’s a built-in audience for it as is indicated by the numbers. No matter how you look at it, at 46% the Hotch/Prentiss supporters far outweigh those on the other side. And like someone said before that 53% breaks down into at least 3 or 4 camps: those against any romance on the show; those shipping other couples;and those who want them with outside characters. The percentage of the other camps will fall way short of 46%, no matter how you stack it.

    CM & CBS would be wise to put Hotch & Prentiss together if they do go the romance route. The 46% H/P camp is a large part of your audience to disappoint.

  21. Dannii says:

    No I don’t want to see a Hotch/Prentiss romance. A office romane between them especially would just be weird. If a office romance had to happen, I would want to see Morgan/Prentiss, that would be some really hot action. I think that they have way more chemistry that Hotch and Prentiss. Yes, Derek and Emily are partners but I could see them as more…..

  22. Yvonne says:

    The show is very dark and the one things most fans tend to agree on is the need for a romance in the show. We need something more to cheer things up a bit. Would it be nice for Prentiss and Hotch to be with someone after all they have been through? Of course it would! However, that does not mean they could ever be more than friends. As stated above, the potential for that unlikely relationship has been seriously diminished in the last two seasons. There is too much Prentiss/Morgan going on now anyway. It would create a lot of problems in the team. There would be too much drama with Prentiss coming back. This is a crime show not a soap opera.

    In my personal opinion, I would like to see Reid be in a relationship with someone outside of the bureau. There are a few episodes (52 Pickup, Somebody’s Watching) that leave potential for this but the writers never follow through. There are some relationships such as Penelope and Kevin that I would like to see a bit more of. I feel that seven seasons into the show we deserve to know more about the characters that we have all come to love.

    • NeverHP says:

      @Yvonne – yes, the show is very dark, but they have their jokes to keep it light. Garcia, Prentiss, Morgan can make jokes – it helps keep the show lighter. Romance is not needed.

  23. Alisha says:

    Oh for the love of all that is good and holy, do NOT put ANY of these characters together. You want to ship Hotch/Prentiss, Prentiss/Morgan, Emily/JJ, Morgan/Reid, etc. go read fanfiction. I totally do. I have read and enjoyed Hotch/Prentiss fanfic and Emily/JJ fanfic, but never, not even once, did I want these couples to happen in canon. There are some terrific fanfic writers out there and if you want a certain couple to happen on this show, go search out those authors. No need to ruin a perfectly good show where all the characters have a familial/friendly appreciation for each other by adding all of this unnecessary romance.

    I don’t mind little moments between the characters that maybe allude to something more (whether that be an intense friendship or the beginnings of a romance if you squint), but you shippers have to realize that if they do it for one fandom, they should do it for all. There is no one “endgame” couple that most of the fandom wants together (like Tony/Ziva in NCIS). The fandom in Criminal Minds is split in every which way with most of the fans NOT wanting any romance (and that’s not even adding the ones that aren’t part of the online community and just watch Criminal Minds not bothering to post online) to actually happen on screen. There are plenty of moments in Criminal Minds in which every shipper can see their favorite pairing and think “That totally means they’re together”. This is NOT solely a Hotch/Prentiss thing. So, if the writers want to continue writing the subtext, then they should do it in a way that will appease EVERYONE. Meaning they should continue doing what they have been doing in Seasons 1-5 (and maybe some in Season 6).

    As a sidenote, ALL of you intense shippers need to chill and remember why, in fact, you started watching Criminal Minds in the first place. I’m assuming it wasn’t for any certain couple, but rather because of the cases and the profiling. Enjoy the show for what it is and stop trying to change it. That’s how we got the crappy sixth season that we did. Remember that? The networks wanted to change the show we all loved so much? Why go through that again when most people are back (or almost back once the writing improves completely) to loving and enjoying it again?

  24. Deanna says:

    Personally, I kind of want a relationship for them but if it couldn’t be pulled off right or seem weird and awkward at all, I’d rather they not then. If it were at all possible that they could make it seem, I don’t know, appropriate and not uncomfortable in some sense then sure, I wouldn’t be screaming in protest ;) But if it just seems wrong like the actors say it would be then I think it’s best that they not approach that road. Maybe further down the line, maybe a cute little series finale thing or something so that side doesn’t have much of a chance to show. But I’d also like to see more of a friendship with those two regardless! I think the actors work wonderfully together and it seems like a shame they don’t have them do more scenes together that don’t always involve the unsubs or their crimes. Especially since he was one of the two to know she was still alive. I’d like to see their relationship a little more, even if it’s not romantic. Last night’s episode made me pretty happy that it was HER to approach him about Jack and his bully problems. It showed that they still do have a nice and cute friendship like she has with Morgan and Reid and JJ and Garcia. It’d be great if those two characters got a little more screen time, but not take over the entire hour either.
    And as for Morgan and Prentiss being together, I just don’t see it. I think if anyone is for Morgan, it should be Garcia. They have a much more playful relationship that seems more genuine than Prentiss and Morgan’s. I’ve tried thinking of them as a couple, but I just can’t really see it for them. I like them best as friends and coworkers. Having them in a relationship would just seem awkward, I think.

  25. Shanda West says:

    I hope they never put Hotch and Emily together!! It would be fake! If they put any of those two together it should be Derek Morgan with Emily. They have the chemistry! There’s been something special and awesome about the connection between them since she joined the BAU! I noticed long before I ever saw the season 2 deleted scene for the episode 16 ‘Fear and Loathing’.

  26. Alicia L. says:

    HOTCH/PRENTISS!!!! I don’t disagree with not having a full on romance, but I do think there needs to be subtext regarding it! I think they should give Hotch a romantic partner, but he finds out that there is only one other person in the world who understands him! I think the scene between the two of them in Painless, points to the fact that they know and care each other so much, well and the fact that they have feelings for each other! I do also think that Hotch wouldn’t risk his job by being with his subordinate unless he was completely in love with her, which I think he could be, but it would take at least another season for him to get to that point!

    If you guys own the DVD’s there is a scene between Reid/Morgan, where Morgan clearly states he would never date a gun totting FBI agent and he has to much respect for Emily as his friend! Morgan’s anger and passion towards Doyle is just from the fact that he considers Emily one of his best friends! Imagine if you would, what he would be like if that happened to Garcia, eh would have been ten times more angry and hell bent on catching the guy! I do agree that Emily/Morgan could work, but I think Morgan is in love with Garcia or he can’t figure out what he wants!

    As for those who ship JJ/Emily, really! I see them as really close friends and JJ was all for Emily hooking up with Mick Rawson, back in season 5! The scene between them in 7×01 she clearly states that there is a long story about her and Will and her return to the BAU! Which, if the girls were having lingering feelings for each other which they aren’t, JJ would have told her she had broken up with Will! I think if JJ and Will are indeed broken up, I think that JJ would need time to heal and then she should get together with Reid!

    JJ/Hotch: remind me of really close co-workers who have a lot of respect for each other and they also remind me of like a brother and sister-in-law.

    Reid/Prentiss: Remind me of older sister/younger brother and mother/son! That would completely destroy the show for me!

    I also understand all the points regarding no romance between the main characters, but I would argue that no one works the close together without developing some feelings of some kind!

    I will always ship, Hotch/Prentiss, Reid/JJ, and Morgan/Garcia!

  27. Chelsea says:

    oh how i would love a relationship between the two of them, but realistically it’s never going to happen. i could see the writers start to explore something (similar to JJ and Reid Season 1 episode 4) and see how the fans react before writing anymore of it…but that wouldnt work because the epsiodes air months after the script is written and shot.
    the thing is…the whole team functions so well together and they all care about each other so much that if any of them got involved with each other, it would throw everyone else’s relationship off. so you could say “well of course Hotch would know about Prentiss’s death…they love each other” but then everyone questions why JJ would have to know. Garcia and Morgan are just as close to her. that’s just one example. plus, you know hotch would have a hard time sending emily in on a dangerous assignment (example: when she went into the house with the little boy and his dad and she didnt have a gun. its the episode she was gonna quit) and might make her take the back seat to a lot of the more hands on, dangerous cases. this goes for almost any of the possible shippings.
    so what i REALLY would love to see, which might be even more unlikely, is a drunk hook-up or even just a drunk KISS between them. or ANYONE REALLY! because they ARE so close that its just unrealistic for them to not exhibit SOME SORT of less-than-professional feelings for each other. i see a lot of it between emily and derek. but i could see emily/hotch, JJ/Hotch, JJ/reid, or even some JJ/Emily?!? haha i wish. but ya. unfortunately i dont think it’ll ever happen :/

  28. Ohisitabee says:

    I totally agree. At first, I never seen any character pairing making any sense. However, the past couple of seasons it seems there is a stronger bond between Hotch & Emily…so if the show were to build more on the bond then I can see it perhaps happening logically down the road. As long as it’s done right and not a focus of the show it definitely can work. I think people are too afraid of the show losing focus. It can work.

  29. DL says:

    Would I like to see well-done Hotch/Prentiss (think John & Delenn from Babylon 5, or Odo and Kira from Deep Space Nine) and find it entertaining? Yes.

    Do I even remotely consider it possible that the writers would handle Hotch/Prentiss that way? Looking at JJ & Will and Hotch & Haley, I’m goint to go with: No.

    Do I think Hotch/Prentiss on-show would end up like Grissom and Sara on CSI, that is to say, a show-ruining disaster of Unhealthy Relationship R Us, or the lame will-they-won’t-they-I’m-sorry-was-this-a-crime-show? of Boothe & Brennan on Bones? Yes.

    Therefore, do I want Hotch/Prentiss on the show as anything other than subtext open to interpretation? No.

  30. CM-HP Fan says:

    Ok i really think that there should be a little romance between Hotch and Prentiss… i understand that it will be a little wired at first… but us HP fans aren’t asking for a total romance like kissing or anything… or an inappropriate relationship noo just a little more screen scenes together :) and plus they are perfect for each other… i don’t think i wanna see Hotch with some one else other than Emily…

  31. Emm89 says:

    Ugh, please no HP!!! If the writers go that way I’m out, I won’t be able to stand them together. Yes, I’m a Morgan/Prentiss shipper but I’d rather never see them together than seeing Emily with Hotch, that is just gross and inappropriate. I love shows like Grey’s Anatomy with crappy plots and lots of drama about the lives of the characters so I wouldn’t mind seeing that on Criminal Minds but that’s not what the show’s about and I think CM is absolutely perfect the way it is. So please, I know my ship is never going to happen and I’m ok with that as long as the only thing that Hotch and Prentiss share is a very good frienship.

  32. NeverHP says:

    No HP on CM… why you ask? Here is why:

    NO chemistry exists.

    Do NOT look good together. (I mean they are both attractive people but they have no attraction to each other at all.)

    It would NOT be professional/ethical especially in a LE type job and especially cuz the existing boss/subordinate roles make it even more inappropriate.

    NOT that kind of show – it’s about solving intense serial crimes in a hurry, no time for romance between team members.

    Morgan/Garcia are the flirty ones on this show (but it is harmless flirting, there is NOTHING between them except friendship.)

    It woukd NOT help the show ratings – it would alienate more viewers than it would attract – not exactly good business sense.

    To be honest I am in utter disbelief that in order to follow this online fandom I have to be subjected to such strong, incessant non-canon fan shipping desires – it has made it uncomfortable and difficult and impossible to be part of online fandom. I am not part of any other online tv fandom to the extent that i have been with CM so I don’t know how other tv fandoms are. I know of clashing fandoms as much as anyone being a red sox fan and dealing with the red sox/yankees feud. and that can be ugly, very ugly. (at least we dont have stampedes inside the arenas like euopean soccer fans, talk about intense fandoms.) There are many CM ships why is the hp ship the most vocal??? WHY???!!! One reason it bothers me so much is cuz Emily is my fave and Hotch my least fave and the thought of that coupling is gross to me. AND it is so not canon, AND the so-called ‘chemistry’ that hp fans go on and on and on about is so non-existant so it gets SO tiresome hearing about it cuz they are INCESSANT about their ship even outside ship clubs(they can blather all they want in the clubs but why do they do it outside the clubs – no other ships do? I can’t go to the CM clubs without fear of being subjected to the intense and exaggerated hp bs.)
    They are so annoying and it has caused major backlash like the advent of NoHP clubs. If they wonder why we hate hp and their blather so much then they haven’t read my commenta here – I think I explain the NOHP stance from every possible angle. There is only so much bs one can handle wothout snapping and i am beyond my fill of hp fans exaggerating hp scenes and then begging writers for hp love on the actual show. Once and for all leave it and me alone guys. Thanks. (I really feel like telling them to fn get a life but that wouldn’t be nice but that’s how I feel. I have nohp fever and once you have it it won’t go away, it’s like an awful virus ha).

    • Barb R. says:

      obviously some posters here think:
      workplace relationships are unethical and inappropriate. This is not correct. Unethical and inappropriate are relationships, between therapist/patient and teacher/student. It belongs to the personal rights of every individual to meet with anyone he wishes. Workplace relationships are problematic in terms of:
      1. Power and functional (if that is the case, the one with the lower ranking is transferred to another team or department – equally team members are excluded)
      2. Effect on other employees, for example fear of favoritism, etc.
      3. What happens if the couple separates
      4. Fear of the employer being charged with sexual harassment
      (In practice therefore often an agreement is signed, in which both confirm they are voluntary in a relationship)

      CM is one of the few TV shows I watch! As a distraction to my everyday work. Wow, I’m a H / P’m shipper! I didn’t know this term. I personally find Hotch/Prentiss great together. Good chemistry, both in-depth characters and their scenes together totally rock on screen! This is of course subjetiv in the eye of the beholder! As like the previous poster doesn’t see anything. I’m the opposite. And for the show ratings who knows what would happen if they really would go with a romance btw. H/P. We all, who posted here are just one single voice and not the whole targetgroup.

      • NeverHP says:

        @Barb R, in my statement above where i say that it would be inappropriate and unethical for hotch and prentiss to get together IS correct. in every law enforcement job it is the rule (cuz their lives are in each others hands literally and an intimate relationship heavily changes dynamics there and can make resulting decisions based on this new dynamic dangerous in life/death situations for all involved in the situation)and in every other job a boss/subordinate relationship it is also inappropriate and unethical(cuz the boss has all the power(although a subordinate could claim sexual harassment which would put the bosses job in jeopardy)). So people saying this type relationship (h/p) would be unethical and inappropriate are dead on. if it happened and a higher-up found out there would be repercussions like them both losing their jobs cuz it is the rule and the rule is based on appropriateness and ethics.

        • Blink says:

          Actually it’s not. The FBI doesn’t have a rule against no-fraternization (not anywhere in the Code of Conduct, and I have read it).

          In fact they have several guideliness in place to provent disruption in the work place, even governing relationships between a superior/subordinate. If you spend enough time researching you won’t find anything against it, not even in the news tags from the office of professional responsibility (FBI version of internal affairs) and believe me they report absolutely ever blood thing they investigate on their website.

          The closest you are going to find on line is an article from the Dean of Criminology for Faulker University (and a former special agent), he states that he didn’t think the FBI would ever institue the policy because it would be detrimental to the overall relationship dynamics that the FBI works so hard to foster. Specifically, that they work incredibly hard to develope strong family dynamics with in their teams and if they introduced the no-frat policies that other agencies have it would stunt their ability to foster that dynamic. It would be like saying we want you to be close but not that close. His article was neither for or against the policy but was stating the effects it has on law enforcement.

          So No, it’s not unethical and they have a mass of rules and regulations that team members have to abide by but it is allowed.

          And yes, I have actually spent the time to research it.

      • NeverHP says:

        Also @Barb R, there are so many CM fans and very few hp fans to that.
        I’m not trying to start an argumanet but for example a certain website has 8 thousand fans in the CM club and 300 in the hp club.
        I know it is not safe to assume ALL CM fans outside the hp club would be against hp but other sites also have NoHP clubs that have as many members as the hp club so it may be a wash so why bother interrupting a show with a certain formula for success just because a a handful of peeps want hp relations on the show?

        • Blink says:

          Wow… Never thought I would agree with you ever… But in this you are probably right. It’s more than likely if they could actually poll all of the people that watch the show… all 13 million of us, it’s more than likely…

          5% are for H/P
          5% are against it
          and 90% just don’t care.

          If you just look at this poll it’s about a fifty/fifty split.

    • Blink says:

      Actually I’ve been involved online in a several fandoms and Criminal Minds is actually really tame. Hp shippers seem loud to you but in comparison to some of the other fandoms this is really nothing.

  33. Blink says:

    I can’t believe that I spent all this time reading this… and all I can say is this is really disheartening to see all of the fighting over something that’s likely never going to happen. Name calling, back biting, insulting and for what? Nothing.

    I’m and Hp shipper and one of the many Hp fanfic writers. Now don’t get excited yet, because I’m one of the few that isn’t sure it should ever be on the show. Not with Hotch and Emily or any other pairing for that matter that includes the OC’s they are trying to introduce.

    But I don’t write for the show so in the end the decision is not mine to make and my opinion is only one, in 13 million people who watch the show.

    I have seen many shows that have made it work and done so beautifully, but I have seen just as many that have tanked it badly. It’s incredibly risky and I’m not sure if it’s something they should play around with for fear of it going wrong and hurting the show on a whole.

    All of the discussion about subtext, hints and teases for any of the pairings or characters and what’s happened before means absolutely nothing and this is why I say that.

    CM has some of the best writers I have ever seen on TV and some of the most gifted and fabulous actors who could do anything with a script they wanted to.

    Forget everything before now about Hotch & Emily. If the writers decide to do it, I firmly believe that Thomas Gibson and Paget Brewster would nail it and make it the best that they could. Both are fantsic at what they do and I would have to believe that the writers would handle it with tact and creativity that it would need in order to work.

    All that being said, it’s their show, they are going to do what they think is best for it, and we should leave them to do just that. Let the show evolve on it’s own and trust that they know what they are doing.

    For the small number (and it is really small) that stand up and scream at the heavens either for or against, all I have is this to say… They are gonna do what they want so save your blood breath.

  34. Carmen says:

    I’ve researched the topic too and found it was neither illegal or unethical; and why would it be. As Paget said in her response, FBI agents work closely toghether; and typically spend more time together than with their own families. Quite naturally they wind up attracted to one another and start dating. I’m sure you’ll find many couples in the FBI who are either married and/or attached in someway.

    I’m sick of people saying: “It’s not that kind of show.” If they can portray all the types of violent, degrading ways you can kill a woman; they certainly can show that sometimes love develops between two characters even though it may be unintended.

    It would be great seeing Hotch discover that the only woman who can reawaken his heart is Emily. It should be a background story; but one that establishes something more regular on CM than just the gore. On Covert Affairs, the guy who heads the agency supervises his wife. It’s adds a different dimension to the story.

  35. chemistry lover says:

    I’m one who does see some chemistry between Hotch & Prentiss, but I don’t want to see an actual romance between them while the show is running. I agree with the actors that it would be inappropriate. I’m perfectly happy with a few smiles or looks now & then, like we’ve seen before. I hope we see more of Hotch’s personality come out as this season progresses, and Emily can help bring that out. Just my opinion.

  36. NeverHP says:

    Telling people to save their blood breath when you just prattled on for an hour, well, ok.. Writers and producers do listen to fans and may or may not incorporate those ideas into shows. And the only ones yelling to the heavens are hp fans. The FBI actually encourages team members to screw. Lol :D

  37. NeverHP says:

    Why would it be illegal or unethical? I just explained that – because the working dynamic changes between the two. In the field chasing an unsub with guns drawn is dangerous and one may be only concerned now with saving the lover and not performing duties as trained.

  38. NeverHP says:

    @Blink you just made those numbers up, just completely pulled them out of the air, after all your words on ‘research’ which by the way u didn’t cite any of your sources, unless you actually work for the FBI you can’t know for sure what info is actually true.

    • Blink says:

      I actually did cite my sources.

      1. The FBI Code of Conduct (this document states all of the rules and regulations that govern FBI Agents. They are the rules to which they can be held accountable for punitive action with regards to their employment with the FBI, if there was an anti-fraternization policy in place they would have to include it in this document for them to be enforceable. And since it’s published by the FBI and located on their website, I would assume that it is 100% accurate.)

      2. The Office of Professional Responsiblity News Blog (granted you can’t prove a negative, but I was stating that there are no invesitations listed for breach of anti-fraternization policies. The OPR is require by government oversite to list in their news blog all completed investigations).

      3. And paper published by Dr. Lou Harris of Faulkner University (After a year I can’t remember the name of the article itself but you are more than welcome to google his name and find it yourself. Dr. Harris is a former Special Agent with the FBI, and his paper was with regard to the effects of Anti-Frat policies on Law Enforcement Agencies, in it he states that (at the time) the FBI had no such policies in place and further explained some of the guidelines put in place to help govern such relationships)

      It is one thing for you to disagree with me about an opinion I have, it’s entirely another for you to question my ethics. When I said that I had done extensive research on a subject, it’s because I have, I don’t make information up in order to prove a point.

      And you are right, those numbers were totally fictional, and I didn’t claim they were anything else (you are talking about two completely different posts), they were a hypothetical to prove a point… to which I was actually agreeing with you!

      The worst part of all of this is that you saw that I’m an H/P fanfic writer and made an assumption without looking at anything that I said. You assumed that anything I said was biased by my opinions without seeing that my opinions are very similar to your own. I don’t agree with them including it on the show. I also said that it’s not my place to make that kind of decision. For me this is just entertainment, for them it’s their careers and they should do what is best for their show.

      The majority of that post that you were regecting out of hand was in defence of some of the most gifted actors and writers in television, in their ability to do what ever it is they decide to do, and to do it with excelence. How is it that you can claim to love the show and disregard that outright? Is it just because the opinion came from someone who writes H/P Fanfic?

      And I’m not one of the people who’s crying out about having H/P on the show, in fact the majority of the people I have met in the fandom don’t and get just as aggrivated as you do when they see it, because it makes the rest of us look bad, and we get painted with that same brush. Just like you have done to me.

      And not once did I say that the FBI encourages their Agents to “screw”, that in itself is offensive.

      • NeverHP says:

        @Blink Dont tell me what I assume or what i thought. That is wrong to presume to know what someone else thinks especially when you think i am basing my comments on your fanfic or whatever.
        I dont care if you write fanfic or not, I was basing my comments on what you said, do not be so kneejerk sensitive. You are writing comments based on what you think I feel, what you think I assume so take a dose of your own medicine and dont assume what I think, either – you just did what you lectured me on what you thought I was doing!.
        I, and any other fan, can post what they would like to see or not like to see on the show, so gifted writers or not they write shows based not only on their ideas but what they think viewers want to see.
        And if you think what the FBI puts on the internet is what is reality then think again.
        Before you lecture someone try to relax first and not be so emotional. Most of your comments you said to me were false but because you act like you are lecturing from the pulpit you think we should all cower to your great knowledge.
        And by saying my joke was ‘offensive’ is just you trying to paint me in a negative light some more.
        Just like all your assumptions of me were wrong and your comments were wrong your defensive attitude is wrong, it’s not attractive, it’s not intelligent, nor is it going to get you anywhere.
        If you think because you flaunt words like gifted writers or FBI website that people will change their opinions, my opinion is that it is wrong to have relations with coworkers like that and i may use words like ethical and inappropriate at my own will.
        What I would like is for you to go away and go bother some other NoHP fan. I have had my fill of your attitude.

        • Blink says:

          My response was calm, rational and in one way a “knee jerk sensitive” reaction to what you said, although in this type of forum that is sometimes hard to tell.

          People can look at all of the posts, the information I have found and decide on their own whether it’s valid or not, that is their choice.

          I stated my opinion and actually agreed with you that the over dramatisation that comes from this topic is hard to deal with. You very much came across as though you were questioning my ethics with my research. That might be the case, it might not be, and again, it’s always hard to tell with this type of forum. If I was wrong, I apologise.

          You won’t have to worry about me posting again, I won’t bother. I stated my opinion on the discussion and told people about the research I found. Which in the end was all I was intending to do.

          • NeverHP says:

            No offense but I disagree with your research. And telling me about my thoughts and assumptions is not rational because you made them up. And you had to get the last word in even after i asked you to stop talking to me.

            OK so anyway, maybe I am a bit tired of this blog as i have been sworn at twice already on this blog by someone else merely for disagreeing with hp. I know i irritate some people cuz of my opinions and jokes of hp, hpfans, and hotch just like some people irritate me with their remarks of their obsessed love of hp.
            But i wasnt talking about hp to you i was talking about relationships at work, never a good idea and in many many jobs against the rules esp in le jobs and esp when one of the people is a subordinate. and i know hp fans they will use any excuse to justify getting their ship onto the show, i have seen them disregard logic and rules for it. The end.

  39. NeverHP says:

    Carmen, I think it’s safe to say ‘it’s not that kind of show’ because after 6 plus seasons there hasn’t been the slightest hint at romance between team members, that’s why people say that.

  40. NeverHP says:

    The only thing that would completely and finally shut up and satisfy the entire sex-starved hp fandom for good would be a XXX hp scene with full camera zoom (if you know what I mean) all the way through to the climax of both partners. Tell me it wouldn’t.

  41. CMFAN98 says:

    I am not really for the writers shipping Hotch and Prentiss on screen, but I do not mind that these two develop a close friendship or even if there are indirect hints of Prentiss having a crush on Hotch. Although I am not a dedicated Hotch/ Prentiss shipper, I still respect shippers views on this site & believe that shipping is ok in fanfiction. Yet, I must agree with shippers on one important point which I read on some of the other forums. I DO NOT like the idea that Hotch is getting a romance this season. I am very upset by this since I think that this divides the fans even more & I think that romantic storylines should mostly be kept out of this show since it is about profiling & team interaction. The love interests for Garcia & JJ are enough!! I think the writers should explore other aspects of Hotch’s character such as his past, why he is so serious & dedicated to his work . I want to see Hotch interact with his team more too. I think a romantic storyline for Hotch is way too simplistic this Season & I would not like to see a love interest for Hotch until the last few episodes of the show. Hotch can smile & be happy without finding a love interest this Season. A romance for Hotch is a boring & simplistic of a storyline. I could write this storyline in one day! I thought the writers of Criminal Minds were better than that. I am a bit disappointed!! In fact, I am so upset about episode 7.10’s introduction of a love interest that I may never watch the show again after episode 7.09. I am saddened by this since Hotch was my favorite character on the show & on TV in general.

    • NeverHP says:

      @CMFan98 Maybe nothing will come of the love interest – dont give up on the show yet. Afterall look at the tease of Rossi’s ex-wife last episode, but then it turns out she is dying. But I hear you – certain things that could happen could drive people away from shows if something happened with their fave characters.

  42. phyllymd says:

    Hotch should only be with one woman: Prentiss. Thomas Gibson said in an earlier interview that if Hotch hooked up with someone it should be something organic; which said to me, something natural and meaningful. He should not have a relationship with some random woman he bumps into; or a former student. It should be Prentiss.

    The problem with writers and showrunners today are they are so unoriginal and basically chicken, and they fear delving into what would be an obvious and organic coupling like Hotch and Prentiss because it cannot be sustained with mediocre writing. They too believe it will become more of a soap opera, and it would if it is written that way.

    Strong writers really don’t fear following a natural and true path because they are free to explore some real drama, diversity and clever dialogue. Criminal Minds has always claimed to not be like the typical procedural. If that is the case, then handle a much-in-demand romance in an atypical way. Don’t shy from it, embrace it.

    If you’re not going to go down what is natural and true, then I’d rather romance not be introduced at all, especially for Hotch who for many, should be with Prentiss. I agree it just upsets fans, and there really isn’t a logical reason to do that.

    And NeverHP, we get it; you are a one-person wrecking crew against H/P. It doesn’t change the fact that H/P remains very popular with many fans no matter how much the CM writers try to screw with it or you post endlessly against it.

    I hope the writers go for it. I hope CM doesn’t do the endless tease that many shows get trapped in. The tease becomes the focus of the show; and that really wouldn’t be good for CM. If the writers simply put H/P together because they belong together; they can move on from the discussions, the explanations and the contrived relationships and get on with solving cases. H/P would simply be a positive thread the runs through the remainder of the series.

    • NeverHP says:

      I’m not the only one that hates hp, there are hundreds, thousands, millions…lol.
      We wouldnt have to endlessly combat the idea of hp on the show if hpers like you phyllymd didnt endlessly blather about wanting it on the show, get it!!!???
      We can defend what we believe is canon on the show and fight against ridiculous notions happening on the show just like hpers like you endlessly beg for it on the show.

      You say hp belong together like that is a fact, it’s not, get over it, it will never happen on the show despite what you hope.
      I mean what is your problem? Just watch the show and appreciate it and stop trying to ask the writers to add weird junk into it.

  43. sofia says:

    @NeverHP The only explanation I find for you to be so much against the idea of Hotch and Prentiss being a couple is that your are Haley returned from the death.

  44. francisca says:

    I don’t ship anyone on Criminal Minds, but I would like to know why do you have so much hate towards Hotch/Prentiss and their shippers? If this was about Morgan/Prentiss, Reid/Prentiss, Rossi/Prentiss, JJ/Prentiss, Garcia/Prentiss, Seaver/Prentiss, Gideon/Prentiss, Elle/Prentiss, Hotch/Reid, Hotch/JJ, Hotch/Rossi, Hocth/Morgan, Hotch/Garcia, Hotch/Elle, Hotch/Seaver, Hotch/Gideon, Morgan/Garcia, JJ/Morgan, Morgan/Reid, Reid/JJ, Rossi/JJ, Morgan/Rossi, Rossi/Seaver, Morgan/Gideon, Reid/Gideon, Morgan/Elle, Reid/Elle, JJ/Elle, Garcia/Elle, Gideon/Elle, Gideon/JJ, Morgan/Seaver, Reid/Seaver, JJ/Garcia, JJ/Seaver, Elle/Seaver, Gideon/Seaver, Rossi/Elle, Reid/Gracia/ Rossi/Reid, Rossi/Garcia, Rossi/Gideon, Garcia/Seaver, Garcia/Gideon, or any other ship (not including the canon ones because they are already canon and it probably won’t change), would you also be acting like this? Atacking people just because they share their opinions? It’s not like any of the people who ship these “couples” are going to get what they want, to some of them it’s impossible because the characters have left already and they probably won’t ever return, to others because the writers have been saying from the beginning that no two main characters will ever get involved romantically with each other, Criminal Minds just isn’t that kind of show. If people want to live in the illusion that any of this will ever happen, they can, what is not right is for you to come here and attack every single person who defends that Hotch and Prentiss would be a good couple. There are Morgan/Prentiss, JJ/Prentiss, Reid/Prentiss and Rossi/Prentiss shippers here and I didn’t see you atacking any of them, but I also didn’t see any of them atacking any Hotch/Prentiss shippers like you have been doing since this was posted. Everyone got it already, you don’t want Hotch and Prentiss to be canon, EVER. You don’t need to be repeating yourself over and over again.
    And these new women that are going to enter Hotch’s life are upsetting not only Hotch/Prentiss shippers but also Hotch/JJ shippers, Hotch/Reid shippers, Hotch/Garcia shippers and all the other people who ship Hotch with someone else. CM writers this season are giving the actors what they want for their characters, but that will not have a pretty end. They are just screwing up with the fans and making them not wanting to watch CM ever again, but we have to live with that because it’s their show, so, they can do it.

    • NeverHP says:

      Why dont you answer this francisca: why do some hp shippers repeat their hp talk over and over and over again? Why are they obsessed to the point they are tweeting writers and producers to put an hp relationship in the show over and over and over again? Why is it now other ship is so annoying? I dont care who people ship but why is hp a constantly repeated topic of conversation on criminal minds sites over and over and over again?
      I dont agree with most ships but i dont say boo about them cuz those shippers are not insanely annoying like SOME hp shippers are and there are just as many shippers for other ships.
      And yes to the writers and producers it is ‘their’ show but if they dont make most viewers happy people wont watch anymore like you just said and that is a loss of revenue which is what is all about for networks. Why dont you go ask people who swear at me cuz i make nohp comments why they swear at me – that is wrong and inappropriate to do that to someone. Is it cuz you only care about hp shippers and what happens to them and i am the ‘enemy’ cuz i blather about nohp and therefore i am not a human being who should not be treated like that? Most shippers are cool but some are beyond the point of annoying so it take some counterbalance and it wouldnt happen if they didnt start the annoying blather and repeat it over and over and over again. It’s all about balance I guess. I just feel the need to express nohp cuz of being overburdened by constant hp blather since becoming an online CM fan. I do not go to hp clubs and bother them there so why do they make it a constant topic of conversation outside hp clubs, it’s cuz they assume anyone cares, although most people dont, and it’s not even remotely a ship on the show in comparison to other shows that have blatant flirting between main characters. If hp fans bug writers and producers to put hp love into the show nonhp fans can express their feelings too. Like I said it’s all about balance.

  45. 805rainbow says:

    Hey everyone!. Well first i want to let you guys know that i am a big JEMILY fan! all the way baby! :)
    But lets cut down to the chaise. I am sorry if I offend or disappoint any one but this Hotch and Emily thing, yea not happening. We all heard it from Brewster and Gibson them selves. the writers i believe have also commented about it and it all leads to a NO. it would so be awkward and just wrong i mean look at what he has been through and we all know he has a lot of respect for the BAU so i highly doubt it.
    now Morgan and Emily,well were to start. yea they connect and Morgan my be more concern when things happen to Emily but lets face it he does the same thing with Garcia or even more!.They relate not only just in work but even outside. let me clarify, for example i talk to to my brother about guys and girls and stuff and i would so b concern if something should happen to him because he is my right hand man.See, Morgan could talk about girls and sex with Emily because he feels comfortable and he knows Emily understands him with those topics he cant run and tell Garcia or Reid so he connects to Emily. Hey no one said Emily was completely straight right?. Morgan and Emily are just partners in Crime!. now Morgan and Garcia is more believable we all know you don’t flirt with a “friend” if you are not ready for the consequences.If you don’t want to give false hopes to someone you don’t go along with the flow right?.That’s just obvious it doesnt take a profiler to profile that!!..its so different and more understandable than the connection with Emily. And well Reid just needs to go back and find that famous LA girl and make her happy!. it wouldnt be fair if i talk about my two favorites, Emily and JJ, simply because i dont want people to get more mad at me then they already are :). look lets not give the writers a hard time they know what they are doing obviously they have gotten this far with CM because they know what to do and how to do their job. all we can do is sit back and enjoy the shows they are giving us. we got to stop looking around or over what they already have stated about either the characters or who they end up with. one thing is for sure though if you arent happy with the ideas then do what i do and sink,lose, or whatever you want to do on Fanfics. they are there for a reason. i’m sorry if i offended anyone but this is my opinion on things. but hey CRIMINAL MINDS i love ya’ll and keep up the good work..

  46. Bree says:

    First of all,are you guy out there really watching the show. There is no Hotch and Emily for a couple. If you look closely Morgan and Emily would be the best choice, notice how close they work on cases and when it time to sit on the plane, or when He drives the SUV. I know they are partners but they have a good relationship besides both of them do not trust people.Morgan aggressive behavior tell’s a lot about his character and Emily displays a lot of secrets can’t you tell for example M would be joking about something in regards to P and she’ll say something sarcastic and she does this a lot haven’t you noticed. Everyone in the office does. I’m enjoying season 7 I hope the writer’s explore the storyline of how much M was effected by E being dead. They touch on it in parts but I would like it in more depth and hopefullly from there a relationship can be taken to the next level.

  47. AL says:

    oh – that’s good to know, and I appreciate the honesty from the CM show runners and actors. Finally I can stop watching the show, because my anticipation (H/P) made me tune in weekly – never is gonna happen. Those two characters and the crime cases were my interest. Now only the crime cases remains – that means I can watch any crime show. Farewell and all the best to the crew.

  48. collen says:

    I feel the same way. The anticipation of a Hotch/Prentiss hook-up kept me tuned in. The producers/writers have given us subtext, teases and hints since season 4,nearly driving it home with Nameless Faceless, Haunted and Outfoxed in Season 5. Now the promise of nothing makes CM an ordinary crime show rather than an extraordinary one. I’m still hoping Messer and the writers follow-through after setting H/P fans up for so many seasons. I will definitely not watch Hotch connect with some woman with whom the writers will force a connection, when he already has one with Prentiss.

  49. 805rainbow says:

    @AL and @Collen
    hey hey wait hold your horses. look on a serious note you cant stop watching Criminal Minds just because there is no Hotch and Emily. i mean i am a big Emily and JJ fan but just because the writers are not following through with my request means that i am going to stop watching it. This show is about the Criminal Mind i mean the title alone says it all. its not about who sleeps with who and who did who or what not. We cant punish the cast and crew along with the ratings just because we demand a relationship its really unfair. Please dont be mad or upset once again i dont mean do disrespect or offend anyone, i am just simply trying to get a point through. if you really want a Hotch and Emily just like i want a JJ and Emily than do what i do bury your self in the fanfictions they really work. but once again lets not demand or threat the writers i mean they are just doing their job.. But well its my opinion and please dont take it the wrong way.. other then that Criminal Minds you so rock my socks!!!

  50. bklyngirl says:

    First of all there are certain group of H/P who are like a deranged cult screaming at other people who tend to ship Hotch or Prentiss with a different person. So NeverHP, you keep doing your thing.