CBS' 2 Broke Girls Cash In With Full-Season Order

Not to be outdone by Fox’s New Girl and NBC’s two favored freshman comedies, CBS has granted a full-season pick-up to its brand-new Monday-night hit, 2 Broke Girls.

Hot Video: Broke Girls Beth Behrs and Kat Dennings Sound Off on Sex and Killer Chemistry

Starring indie darling Kat Dennings and bubbly newcomer Beth Behrs, Broke Girls debuted three weeks ago in the most boffo of showcases — the 9:30 slot following Two and a Half Men‘s well-watched season opener, where it drew 19.2 million samplers and a 7.0 demo rating.

Most understandably, as it settled into its regular 8:30 home the numbers have leveled, yet at last tally they were a still robust 11.4 mil/4.4 — even building on the reenergized How I Met Your Mother‘s audience.

Are you happy to see the Broke Girls cash in with a full-season pick-up?

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  1. scooterbeanbag says:

    Best news of the day! I’m glad this show was given a chance. Will they make it to 250K? Doubt it, but at least we’ll get to see them try.

  2. George says:

    I’m gonna give this show a couple more weeks. I really enjoyed the pilot, but the two episodes since have both been not-so-good. I also wish they would drop the horse plot-device (just sell it for cupcake money!)

  3. TC says:

    Absolutely.. best new show of the year. It’ll be better when Dennings gets her timing down a little better.

    • Tarc says:

      You’ve got to be kidding. To me, it’s the worst, most offensive show of the last decade. The lead ladies are clearly very talented, but the rest (from concept to writing to production) is *junk*. The pilot was so actively offensive ans sexist, it’s difficult to believe that anyone would watch this.

      • Matt says:

        Not all humor has to be inoffensive dreck. If you want that, watch Leno.

        While I’m surprised with what they get away with in an 8:30 timeslot, I find the humor to be top-notch.

      • Matt says:

        It’s okay to not like things…

      • Lea Routledge says:

        …well, the show was created by Michael Patrick King (Sex & The City, Will and Grace ),Whitney Cummings (Whitney) and directed by legend James ‘Jimmy’ Burrows who is the Midas of sitcom directors. Toss in Hollywood legend, Garrett Morris and the fresh talent of Kat, Beth, Jonathan & Matt and….voila! CBS’ #1 (yes, #1) comedy…it made TV Guides 2011 Hot List…can’t wait to attend THAT party tomorrow night…wink! But to each, his own…

        “…not all who wander are lost…”

    • jgr6b says:

      Wow, do you have a low standard for entertainment. It is only alive because of its place in the line up.

  4. Craw says:

    I’m not surprised. I feel like CBS picks up all of their shows. I swear they never cancel anything before it’s 8th season.

  5. Santiago says:

    I hate ‘2 Broke Girls’…

  6. Carmen says:

    Wonderful news. I love Kat Dennings.
    I wish Whitney Cumming’s acting was as decent as her writing. Also, I hope she cuts the rape jokes completely out from both her shows. Smh.

  7. Kim says:

    Really excited to hear this. Definitely one of my favorite new shows of the season.

  8. chase says:

    Not a fan of this show. Too raunchy and crass with the jokes which overshadows any possibility of a story line or enjoyment. Love Kat Dennings but can’t see myself watching this anymore. New Girl on the other hand has potential.

    • John says:

      New Girl is the worst comedy in years. Not one funny moment in the whole show.

    • XK says:

      Agree with chase. 2 Broke Girls is just so… obvious. I like Kat Dennings in general, but her character us grating in the show, and the jokes and writing are just very flat.

      I also like New Girl, which is silly but at least different.

      Who knows… maybe the two shows are just diametrically opposed, and it’s impossible to be fans of both. :)

    • ty says:

      I didn’t mind the rauchiness and crassness. In fact that is usually my kind of show. However, for some reason this show just does not work for me. There are a few funny moments, but overall I find the leads very annoying. I watched the first 3 episodes and have not found it funny. I think I am giving up on the show.

  9. Liz says:

    Loving the show, but the horse has to go.

  10. Gerald says:

    Yess! I love this show, it’s like a modern day Laverne and Shirley. Now I’m waiting for the full season order of Revenge and Ringer.

  11. Snapy says:

    I watched the pilot and hated it. A rape joke? Reeeeeally?? I hate this news.

  12. Emma says:

    Not surprised at all. It has been getting fairly good ratings. I don’t mind the show.

  13. Kat says:

    Glad to hear it’s been picked up for a full season! I went to high school with Jonathan Kite, who plays Oleg, so it’s nice to see him succeed! :)

    • Lea Routledge says:

      He is also a class act…educated, articulate, kind, caring, amazingly talent and respectful…he deserves everything good the Universe has provided him…

  14. Ryan says:

    I cringe every time the diner owner or cook are on screen.

    Kat Denning’s line readings are tough to get by too. I think that has more to do with the fact that it’s just a series of one liners, theough.

  15. Brandy says:

    Im glad to hear it,good im waiting for hart of dixie and secret circle to get a full season.

  16. rita tateel says:

    It’s one of the few new good comedies on the air and happy to see Garrett Morris on TV again!

  17. bob says:

    eh, i like it. it’s harmless television. i don’t think its nearly as offensive to my level of taste as 2 1/2 men is, nor do i think it’s as clever or innovative as, say, 30 rock. i think it fits nicely after how i met your mother, especially when you consider the revolving door of bad sitcoms that have occupied the 8:30 slot over the past 7 years (accidentally on purpose, anyone?)

  18. Jason says:

    It’s 2011. Shows with laugh tracks suck. The worst part is 2 Broke Girls is on CBS, so it joins the ranks of Two and a Half Men and Big Bang Theory as shows that will never, ever DIE.

    • Lea Routledge says:

      …from your mouth to God’s ears!

      • Lea Routledge says:

        …PS…NO ‘laugh tracks’. Series is shot every Tues night @ Warner Bros Studios on Stage 18 in front of a live audience…and even the ‘pre-shoots- are shown to that same ‘live’ audience and the responses taped @ the same time the show is taped…no ‘canned’ or ‘tracked’ anything…

  19. ron smith says:

    Maybe they can get Charlie Sheen on the show that would help their ratings. Actually they should bring Charlie back on 2.5 men Ashton needs help.

  20. Philip says:

    This is a great week for Whitney Cummings. Both her shows got full-season orders!

  21. Justin says:

    Good pickup to me. I’m definitely starting to like this show.

  22. Kristina says:

    I like Rules of Engagement better

  23. waffles says:

    2 Broke Girls has potential. It’s at least watchable but the writing needs to improve a lot. The men on it are awful. Garrett Morris can’t act. The cook has just one joke over and over. The owner is the best of the guys.

    The New Girl is unbearably insipid. I tried watching it twice and as hot as Zooey D is, I can’t stomach the show.

    • Lea Routledge says:

      …I’m SURE Garrett is crying all the way to the bank..his career has spanned over 50 years…must be doin’ SOMETHING right!…I think that includes acting…

  24. Jamie says:

    Fantastic news! Favorite new comedy so far.

  25. SK says:

    I don’t really care for this show, and my sister likes to catch up on “The Lying Game” after “How I Met Your Mother” ends, so I haven’t watched past the Pilot. I guess some people like it, though, and there could be worse things on!

  26. jay says:

    Hell yeah!! Love me some Kat Dennings!!! Happy for the full season pick up. Great show!!

  27. keith says:

    I love Kat Dennings, but the episodes have been uneven. Please get rid of the horse. That’s the dumbest part of the show and Kat’s character talking to it in that stupid voice……….doesn’t fit her character.

  28. Dan says:

    This show is poorly written, poorly directed, and poorly acted. Kat Dennings would be more at home on a middle-school stage, playing a supporting role.

    The writing is juvenile and unrealistic, as are all of the situations in the show.

    The only thing used more on this show than the laugh-track are gratuitous shots of Kat Dennings’s cleavage… her only apparent talent.

    This show needs to die, and soon.

    • Sixty says:

      Spot on

    • Lea Routledge says:

      Really? Hmmm….created by Michael Patrick King (Sex & The City, Will & Grace), Whitney Cummings (Whitney, etc) & directed by LEGEND James ‘Jimmy’ Burrows…doesn’t get much better than than in the writing/directing department…

  29. Sixty says:

    Worst and most predictable show I have ever seen. Why do people enjoy this, it must be the time slot. Canned laughter, yuck, reminds me how bad it is when I never laugh. The only time i laughed was when the Asian spoke English poorly. I don’t give an “S” about offensive content, the show just isn’t funny.

    • Lea Routledge says:

      …these shows are taped in front of a LIVE audience (I know first hand)…laughter isn’t ‘canned’; it’s taped @ the same time the show is taped…real people enjoying a real live performance…and for the pre-shoots? Same thing…pre-shoots are shown to the audience and the laughter (or lack thereof) is real….

  30. K-ROK says:

    All the haters should just relax, smoke a bowl and watch the show stoned next time. You will see the difference… ;)

  31. Rowdyness says:

    This is, by far, my favourite sitcom. “2 Broke Girls” would definitely pass as British humour where jokes are offensive as they cum(see what I did there ;) ). I do not recommend this for societies with a more uptight attitude towards comedy.
    All the way through the first season, I LOL’d my ass off. I cannot wait for season 2.

    Chill out, relax a little and bake a cupcake.

  32. Stoli says:

    I love this show, the comedy is great, the characters are easy going, laid back, funny and the story line is different and unique, yet we could all somehow relate to their lives in some way or another and the characters are pretty cool too, just funny!

    I can’t wait for season two, though i still have yet to watch season 1 all together!

    I hope this makes it to 6 seasons, if 8 even better and a bonus. Lines are so well thought out and its just a feel good show! LOVE IT! Keep it going and support it everyone!

    Also the cast is awesome i have a good feel for this show that it will be successful in the long run and now!

    5 stars!