Supernatural: Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki on Being Hunted, Dean's Guilt and Moving On

When they’ve lost their heavenly ally, home base, sanity and possibly their only remaining parental figure, how can the boys of Supernatural possibly go on in their Impala? That’s what the Winchester brothers will be dealing with in this Friday’s episode (The CW, 9/8c) and beyond, following the intense and shocking turn of events in last week’s installment.

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“We’re moving forward as we can, I guess,” Jared Padalecki shared on the Vancouver set of Supernatural, during a visit arranged by Warner Bros. TV. “It’s certainly not the first curve ball that’s been thrown the boys’ way.” Still, this is a considerably “large one,” he noted, “because we’re gradually starting to realize and understand that we are losing all vestiges of hope that we’ve relied on – at least since Season 4.”

“And obviously Sam feels vulnerable because once again he’s got something going on in his head,” Padalecki continued. “We’re committed to moving forward. We’re just not sure how we’re going to do it yet.”

Complicating matters are the new baddies in town – the Leviathan – who are out to make life Hell on Earth for the boys (who, yes, hve already been to the real Hell, so no need for that). As if it wasn’t bad enough that Sam and Dean seem incapable of destroying the monsters, the creatures are now out to destroy the boys’ anonymity.

“The Leviathan are trying to weed us out,” explains Jensen Ackles, “and they’ve come up with different scenarios, different schemes to do so. One of them is getting the cops basically put on our trail and really making us like America’s Most Wanted, which doesn’t help us because as soon as [the Leviathan] know that we are being locked up or being detained in some facility, we’re….” “Sitting ducks,” Padalecki finishes.

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To evade being outed and in turn captured, Dean and Sam will have to cut out the things – and people – they’ve come to depend on for hunting. “We can’t always be on the phone,” says Padalecki. “We can’t always be on the Internet. We can’t always be keeping ourselves logged into the world and even to other friends. … Sam and Dean are really going to have to go with each other [and] cut out a lot of other things, from the car to this or that.”

That Butch and Sundance quality lends itself to a “stripped down” feel to the season. “It’s the acoustic season,” Ackles jokes. But in all seriousness, it’s back to basics with the boys just “relying on each other, our wits and our street smarts just to make it through,” he continues. “It’s reminiscent of the first season, which was the season that I know we fell in love with the show.”

Alas it’s not so great for Dean, who on top of being without his usual reserve of resources has “a laundry list of things he feels guilty about,” and that will play into Episode 4 when an Egyptian God puts him on trial.

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“There’s the responsibility of his brother and having to watch over him, feeling like he let him down all the time,” Ackles notes. “Now there’s the whole Cas issue. He didn’t get to him in time. He wasn’t able to help him out and save him.” And the issues continue to go way, way back – “all the way to his father,” says Ackles – so “there’s just a mound of guilt that has built itself up on Dean’s shoulders and that he constantly wears around.”

As for Sam, who isn’t put on trial despite having done his share of guilty things – e.g. drinking demon blood, opening Lucifer’s portal – “he understands he’s served his time” as a result of his crumbling Hell wall troubles. “He tried to do the right thing over and over again, and he’s like, ‘You know what? I made a few mistakes, but…I think I’ve done more good than bad,” says Padalecki. “The scales of Justice are still tipped in my favor.’”

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  1. miss scarlet says:

    It’ll be really interesting to see how they cope without the internet as a resource. Dean might kill himself in a library for hours and hours. ;)

  2. Jena says:

    ‘You know what? I made a few mistakes, but…I think I’ve done more good than bad,” says Padalecki. “The scales of Justice are still tipped in my favor.’

    It must be nice to be able to let go of all the hurt and pain you’ve caused others(especially the hurt you’ve put the one who loves you like his own kid, through)so easily. Sorry, but if the showrunner is not going to allow Sam to see how much he’s hurt his brother(and intentionally or not, should not matter when such damage has been done)-then he’s not the character that these wrtiers want us to believe that he is-not to me, anyway.

    • trina says:

      Have we time-warped back to season 4? Moving beyond quilt and blame is actually a good thing. It’s called character growth.

      • Jena says:

        Sam has never acknowledged the hurt he’s caused Dean life-long through his utter ignorance and obliviousness of who Dean really is and how Dean truly feels about many things because Sam does not know his brother that well at all. I was so hoping for some resolution to this or something more along these lines in ep. 4. But I no longer see that happening and so the bond does not seem like that great of a thing to me any longer. It does sound like Dean is finally going to let go of his apparently OTT caring for Sam now, though. At leas I hope he will as I find them too different as individuals to continue on as they have in any way that’s healthy for them both, and it being especially unhealthy for Dean. I just pray that they really will allow Dean to truly let go of Sam this time around because the yo-yo type relationship we’ve been shown time and time again is simply becoming too painful for this Dean fan to watch any longer.

      • Honda says:

        No it’s not, not when that character never acknowledged his fault in the first place. What they are talking about with Sam is irresponsibility and massive insensitivity, if not outright sociopathy.

        Sam’s almost never even managed to issue a half decent apology to Dean during the run of this show, most of them are half hearted, some of them are outright blame shifting(“I”m sorry but…it’s really your fault you made me do it”), some of them are saying he’s sorry for Dean being wrong(I loved that one in Long Distance Caller, Sam leaves Dean alone knowing he’s been targeted by the creature they are after and then apologizes to Dean for Dean being wrong. What a guy you are Sam), most of the time everything is lumped into a sort of general apology that he expects to wipe the slate clean and be issued with forgiveness immediately(and if he isn’t, he believes he’s being disrespected and threatens to leave – see Fallen Idols).

        I don’t remember Sam ever admitting to being blinded by his pride and arrogance even though I have very clearly seen that happen.

        So exactly how has Sam moved beyond guilt and blame? It seems more to me like Sam never really blamed himself for anything to begin with, least of all for the often incredibly insensitive and selfish way he’s often treated his brother. Heck he couldn’t even be bothered to apologize to Dean for strangling him, while Dean was down and couldn’t move.

        Say what you want about Dean but the man knows how to look at himself, how he can try to change it in the future and give a good complete apology for it with no blame shifting to the person he’s supposedly wronged. Heck he even managed to apologize to Sam for making Sam betray and lie to him for a year. Meanwhile Sam never actually managed to issue a good apology for doing the lying and betraying, mainly because he was too busy blaming Dean for “making” him do it.

        But Sam’s the healthy one, sure.

        • trina says:

          SPN fans sure like to hold a grudge. When you start bringing up stuff that happened 4 years ago (an eternity in TV time) it seems that maybe your love for Dean blinds you to what the writers are actually doing.

          • Honda says:

            It didn’t all happen 4 years ago. Some of it happened just last season.

            The point is it was never cleared up in the first place. Just because some of it was a long time ago doesn’t mean it didn’t happen and shouldn’t be dealt with, god knows they certainly keep bringing up everyone Dean’s ever done wrong over and over again.

            I can never ever feel Sam has earned his “growth” or redemption when I never saw any of it, when Sam never once humbled himself, never talked about just how HE had to change in terms of how he treated other people – even after his pride and ego was at the root of some of his worst most damaging decsions.

        • ami says:

          You do know that Dean probably doesn’t want an apology right, he’s done it time and time again and said ‘its wiped’. Their family, brothers its always a blanket apology for trying to help him and save his life?? I mean their brothers that love each other for goodness sake, you should try it.

          • Honda says:

            You know that Dean’s self-worth is in the toilet and always has been(Thanks John) and thus doesn’t feel himself deserving of being treated like a decent human and issued apologies.

            The simple fact is DEAN has always offered more than blanket apologies, he’s been specific(guess the show’s writers are afraid we won’t understand exactly what he did wrong and is apologizing for if they don’t have him spell it out). If it’s good enough for Dean to do, it ought to be good enough for Sam. Otherwise Sam looks like he’s maybe 10% the man his brother Dean is and selfish and smug to boot.

          • Krissy says:

            well said!

          • ingrid says:

            This really is no reason for Sam to not apologize or try to make amends. To read that Sam feels no guilt makes Sam not only arrogant, but extremely selfish, since he thinks his time in hell makes up for all the hurt that he’s caused others who still have to live with his choices and pride. Sam should still be feeling guilt. The fact that he doesn’t makes him sound like a sociopath who can’t be bothered with the feelings of others and it makes him extremely self-absorbed, since the only pain he feels is his own.

            He doesn’t even acknowledge that Dean was in hell, that Dean had to learn to deal with his own memories, hallucinations and nightmares on his own and that Dean is decent enough to reach out to Sam, and once again Sam spits in his brother’s face and tells him in no uncertain words that he doesn’t need Dean. Sam truly is the brother from hell. Not much difference between Sam and Lucifer, which is probably why Lucifer can’t let go. He did find the perfect vessel. Someone who is as narcisstic, arrogant, uncompassionate and self-centered as he is.

        • G-Force says:

          I’ll give you a little hint. SOME of the balderdash you mentioned is true. Ask yourself why that is. The writers were in some aspects mirroring Lucifer in Sam’s psychology. As the vessel of Lucifer this poor 6 month old baby was fed demon blood to be the vessel of the Archangel Lucifer.

          Yeah and with all the bad stuff that has went down between both brothers don’t you think your opinions need to be relaxed and understand more the importance of the writers rather than what is seen on screen.

          • ingrid says:

            In other words, Sam gets whitewashed and excused, again. Nothing is ever Sam’s fault. Poor Sam, the saintly victim.

        • Scott A. says:

          He’s just like Jimmy McNulty. Flawed.

      • Trudy says:

        trina’s right. This issue has already been dealt with. Go rewatch seasons 4-6 if you’ve forgotten. Particularly the first couple of episodes of season 5. In the premiere Sam tried to say how sorry he was several times and Dean shut him down, then at the end of the episode he manages to get Dean to open up to him. When Dean says “you chose a demon over your own brother” Sam says: “I would give anything–anything–to take it all back” and when Dean says he’s having a hard time forgiving and forgetting Sam asks: “What can I do?” And at the end of the second episode, Sam openly recognizes his mistakes and flaws and completely blames himself. And the issue comes up again several times. The writers could have written a better apology speech for Sam, and not have Dean cut him off, but it is nonetheless very clear that Sam is extremely sorry for hurting Dean and recognizes that what he did was very wrong and all his own fault. Plus Sam willingly threw himself into the pit for an eternity of torture from Satan himself to save the world–there can be no greater redemption than that.
        Dean forgave Sam a long time ago. It’s just some Deangirls who are holding a grudge–and nothing Sam does will ever please them anyway. If it were Sam who was put on trial for his wrongdoings in that episode, they would be all mad that the episode was centred on Sam instead of centred on Dean.

        • Jena says:

          I can’t believe that those generic apologies were it, but if it WAS the writers’ intent that those few words should have made up for Sam doubting Dean’s strength to endure and his courage and hunting skills for all of S4, then they should really make another attempt because I haven’t felt the same about the brothers since then and I want to like Sam again, but come on…see my post below…

          • miss scarlet says:

            what is Sam supposed to do, exactly? grovel? the best he can do is ACT like his apology is sincere – which he does all through season 05 and then the second half of season 06 after he had his soul back.

          • Joe says:

            Jena, the thing is, the Winchesters are men, and they communicate like men. Women would’ve been all over that apology–and that’s great, I love how well women express their emotions. But men–and the Winchesters in particular and Dean especially–are not into caring and sharing. So though you might not get an explicit apology that satisfies you, you have to understand the language they are speaking and that a lot of it is expressed through subtext and actions rather than words. Sam did try to say how sorry he was several times, and Dean didn’t want to hear it. However, in the dialog at the end of 5×01 described above, when Sam says (in ref to choosing Ruby over Dean): “I would give anything, ANYTHING, to take it all back” Dean answers: “I know you would. And I know how sorry you are, I do.” So although Dean never let Sam say how sorry he was, Dean got the message anyway. He knows what Sam was going to say, he didn’t have to hear it, and he didn’t want to hear it–which is perfectly in character for Dean and typical of men. After that conversation, there have been a couple of years of Sam always being by his side and having his back and making the ultimate sacrifice to right his wrongs–and these are all actions that speak much more strongly to a man than words. Notice how Sam says “What can I do?” at the end of 5×01. That is perfect guyspeak–it says “I don’t want to apologize in words, I want to make amends in action.” And that’s the way Dean would have understood it. As others have mentioned, Dean explicitly forgave Sam when they are standing over Rufus’ grave–saying something like “I forgive you for any crap you have pulled” to which Sam looks surprised and answers: “Some of us have pulled a lot of crap.” He’s well aware of what he’s done. Anyway, I hope that helps you understand the subtext of Guyspeak, and I hope it helps you like Sam again. I have to add, that although it might not satisfy you in this instance, it is one of the many things I love about Supernatural that the way we men talk is represented so realistically.

          • Trudy says:

            That actually makes a great deal of sense, Joe. I felt the writers didn’t do a good job of writing an apology from Sam, but now I think they did their jobs and wrote what is in character for the boys to say, instead of writing what I wanted to hear. I’m thinking back over bits of dialogue, and they do speak in actions rather than words—even when they’re speaking—and they have since the beginning. In Bloody Mary, Sam says “You’re my brother, and I would die for you.” He doesn’t say: “You’re my brother, and I love you.” He speaks about the action that would prove his emotion, rather than speaking about his emotion. It’s the same thing with the apology. He doesn’t say “I feel horrible for how much I hurt you.” He says “I would give anything—anything—to take it all back” and “What can I do?” (Btw, these lines look at little flat on paper, but when Jared delivers them on screen, they carry a lot of feeling.) Again, he doesn’t speak about the emotion, he speaks about the actions that would prove his emotions. Giving anything to undo the hurt he has caused and doing anything to make amends are actions that say how sorry he is, how much he regrets what he did, and how badly he wants to make up for it.

          • tina says:

            You Dean girls will not stop will you. Sam has paid his dues that is it and now he is paying for something again that was done to him. Dean is not exactly innocent in the hurting brother department. Dragging up stuff all the time is becoming distasteful. Let to go time to move on.

            Both these boys have hurt each other .Attacking Sam again over things that are gone is not something that will go down well this season considering what Sam is dealing with..

        • miss scarlet says:

          best response ever.

        • kate says:

          didn’t Dean, at the end of the episode where Rufus died, tell Sam and Bobby that once they said they were sorry, they meant it, and it was over? forgive family no matter what? or something like that> because Dean saw what Rufus’s anger and resentment did to Rufus and how he lost his best friend over it? I wish Dean!fans would follow Dean’s own example and

        • Erica says:

          Exactly! Every time Sam has ever tried to be heartfelt, ever tried to have a real moment when he wanted to apologize for something, Dean shuts him down with an immediate ‘no chick flick moments’ sort of comment. It’s just understood that they’re doing their best to make things work, and that mistakes will happen, and it’ll all be forgiven in the grand scheme of things. That’s just how the two of them work. Dean would do anything for Sam. Sam would do anything for Dean.

    • Marthmydear says:

      IKR? Is Sam a sociopath? He feels no guilt the pain he’s caused his own brother and it sure as heck wasn’t because he was trying to do the right thing. It was because he was selfish and tunnel visioned and wasn’t thinking about Dean at all. No I’m not talking about Sam wanting to go to College, I’m talking about betraying his brother for a demon who was lying to him the whole time.

      I’m talking about belittling his brother’s own trauma and pain, repeatedly, going back as far as to Season 1 where he belittle Dean’s grief at their mother’s death – right up Dean’s return from Hell and the total lack of true genuine concern Sam showed. He played lip service for an episode but after that he was right back to lying to him, then he blamed Dean for Sam’s own actions and was actually insulted at the idea that he might have had to EARN back Dean’s trust after over a year of lying to him and then trying to strangle him. He expected that trust should just be given, because well, hey, he said he was sorry, geez! And in the end Dean apologized to HIM. Sam did all the betrayal and Dean’s the one who apologized. It’s unbelievable.

      Mind you Sam didn’t say he was sorry for betraying Dean, he didn’t say he was sorry for strangling Dean, he didn’t say he was sorry for lying to Dean, he didn’t say he was sorry for trusting a demon over his brother(no apparently that was Dean’s fault, because Dean didn’t kiss Sam’s butt and tell him how wonderful he was all the time like Ruby the lying Demon did). But he did say he was sorry for starting the Apocalypse and stuff so that should be more than enough to earn him Dean’s trust.

      And the sad thing is, Dean did it, as usual, Dean got treated like dirt, apologized for existing and thus causing the other person to treat him like dirt and, it was forgotten. Sam got the whitewash, meanwhile Dean gets blamed for breathing.

      It is high time the show stops knockeding Dean down and starts getting built up and it’s high time the people in Dean’s life acknowledged their often incredibly insensitive, selfish treatment of him.

      I personally have no interest in the secret either, because it’s most likely just going to be used to drag Dean down again and try to blame him for something, again. Dean’s never been the big secret keeper in the family and the one time he did, he felt incredibly guilty about it and he definitely hasn’t kept them when they could affect the job, even at times when he knew Sam was lying to him – so the idea that he’s keeping some big secret is ridiculous and just a way to try and make sure Sam isn’t the only brother who can be blamed for keeping bad secrets, repeatedly.

      There are many more positive and proactive storylines they could use for Dean, god knows they’ve dropped enough of them that they should be spoiled for choice.

    • Destiny says:

      Yeah, because being trapped in a cage with the devil himself and tortured isn’t punishment enough. I don’t know if you got it, but Sam saved the world, and died doing it, so yeah, I think he’s paid his due.

  3. erin says:

    Don’t forget when he made fun of the EMF meter Dean made with his own two hand.

  4. Season 7 says:

    The secret of Dean is “I don’t exist” because Sam doesn’t have a brother, Dean is a friend/brother imaginary sick head Sam. And who will tell the secret will be Bobby that will also prove to be the biological father of Sam.And we will have many tears and pain.

    • lola says:

      LOL, sadly, this is probably true. Considering that Gamble doesn’t even mention Dean most of the times, and all she can talk about is Sam and Bobby, I agree. Dean doesn’t exist and the secret will come out. Then season 8 is the true season. Sam and his father Bobby go ahunting.

  5. Kalie says:

    Oh, boy. I knew the Sam bashing was coming just because of that comment Jared made. The way I see it, both brothers have made mistakes and both have done a lot of good, but Dean is very different from Sam. He has more issues and carries more guilt around because he was a child who saw his house burned down and his mother killed and had to save his baby brother. He also felt the need to be the perfect son to his father and to always protect Sam. Then, of course there’s the time he went to hell, tortured other souls and made the apocalypse possible. Sam is different because he’s the younger brother, he never knew their mother and he always wanted to be independent. He didn’t want to follow in his father’s footsteps and he didn’t have a younger brother he felt responsible for. They think very differently and have very different personalities. Sam knows what he did with Ruby was wrong, but he thought he was doing it for the right reasons. He thought there was no other way and I’m sure the demon blood was clouding his judgment. Dean is my favorite character, but I’ll defend Sam because though I don’t always agree with his actions, I can understand them and I realize that both brothers have their flaws. They want to do good and they’ve helped a lot of people, but they’ve been put in these unimaginable situations and it’s no wonder that they’ve made mistakes.

    • miss scarlet says:

      Dean does carry around a lot more responsibility than Sam because of that stuff you said. Naturally, to Dean fans, this means that Sam is a sociopath who loves to inflict emotional pain on Dean. I’m not a Sam fan or a Dean fan, I just like the show, but I love making fun of the fandom when it’s being stupid.

  6. Anon says:

    I would think at the very least Sam might feel a small amount of guilt at how he treated Dean when Dean got out of hell. Sam lied within five minutes of Dean’s return and he snuck out the very first night Dean was back. Now that Sam knows that hell isn’t something you can just boo hoo and suck it up and get over it, I would like to see Sam apologize for that.

    Is “I’ve been to hell” a total get out of jail free card for Sam? He can know say and do whatever he wants and never have to feel accountable.

    For me every time coddles Sam and says “go easy on him” just highlights how horrible Dean was treated when he got out.

    No wonder I find Sam such a Mary Sue.

    • Jasker says:

      Fandom trope…no woman is going to Mary Sue herself into a 6’4 guy. I don’t think you actually get the Mary Sue concept.

      • Boohoo says:

        Sam’s a Mary Sue whether he is 6ft 4 and male or not. He’s got all the traits. You can call him Gary Stu if you want, but it’s the same thing.

        • Jasker says:

          This is so stupid. The character of Sam is written by multiple people. Wait I get it… it’s that Sara Gamble is an evil temptress who worships at the altar of Sam. She makes multiple writers under the threat of torture make Sam into her Mary/Marty Sue. She is pure evil and once she is done with SPN who knows where she will strike next. Bwahhaa the truth is known.

  7. Drew says:

    There’s a difference between not feeling any guilt or remorse and moving on with your life. The article says that Sam feels as though he’s served his time. He spent a year and a half (Earth time) in the cage being Lucy’s bitch. That’s five times as long as Dean was in normal Hell, which to Dean was like forty years.
    Sam can acknowledge what he’s done and feel remorse for it while still feeling like he’s done his time for those crimes and that the good he’s done has outweighed the bad. He saved the world by throwing himself into the cage and ended up spending something like 200 years suffering for it. That has to count for something. Especially considering that he was manipulated since childhood to end up in that place.

    Dean holds on to guilt and lets it fester. He has a harder time moving on.

    Both have done bad things, but Dean has to find a way to move past it or else he will become a lonely, bitter old drunk man… like Rufus was.

    Why does every article about Supernatural have to be reduced to a fight between Sam fans and Dean fans? Last I checked, they’re on the same side. Seriously, where does this competition thing come from?

    • Anon says:

      Just because Dean didn’t go into the cage doesn’t mean his time was spent at the kiddie table. Besides Alastair was the grand inquisitor in hell. Just because he’s not Lucifer didn’t mean he wasn’t good at this job. Since Alastair spent the last 2000 years practicing torture while Lucifer sat twiddling his thumbs in the cage waiting to be released tells me he would be much more skilled at the craft. Many employees are actually much better at the physical labor than the big bosses because they are more hands on. Plus, they needed to break Dean and fast, so it was probably brutal, unrelenting an horrific. So horrific Dean couldn’t even describe what he saw with words and the ways Alaitair tore him apart was done in ways that we can’t even imagine. Sam’s hell can be described, and I didn’t see anything that would indicate his torture was “oh so much worse.” If your hung on meat hooks it still feels the same no matter who does it. I don’t believe that just because Dean was not in the cage with Lucifer he didn’t suffer as much as Sam. Neither suffered more or less, just different but equally terrible.

      So I don’t buy the “But Sam was in the cage with Lucifer… arugment.

      Plus Sam may have been manipulated when it came to Lucifer but how he treated his brother is all on him. No amount of hell should excuse that. I don’t consider “It’s my fault but only because you made me do it” take responsibility.

      It’s why I find nothing about Sam engaging or compelling or interesting. He’s too much a one note character.

      • Drew says:

        Who ever said that Dean’s time in Hell wasn’t bad? The fact remains, Dean handles things differently than Sam does. They are different people who went through different experiences. You’re just making up what you think Sam went through, so I’m not even going to bother with that point. The thing is, they were both tortured and manipulated for a very long time. But that doesn’t make them the same people. If they were strung up right next to each other and had the same exact things done to them, they would handle it differently.

        Dean carries guilt. He came back from Hell feeling guilty for the things that he did there. It’s who he is, and that’s not necessarily a good thing because he doesn’t process that guilt. He just holds it.

        Sam is messed up. He is reliving Hell on a daily basis. So maybe he should be allowed to accept that he has done the best that he could and never tried to do the wrong thing, even when he did. Maybe he should be allowed to move on.

        Sam can be annoying at times, but he’s not a one note character. I don’t see how you can watch the character’s arc over the past six seasons and still call him a one note character. Both of them are incredibly messed up, layered characters. I applaud the writers for allowing them to be messed up and to see that through its natural course. A lot of TV shows would have gone for an easy out by now.

    • miss scarlet says:


      I just covered about 75% of the responses you’ll get. I agree with you. That’s one of the ways the characters are different – Sam moves on easier than Dean. Not that Sam doesn’t feel bad, but he just moves on more easily. It doesn’t make him a sociopath. And he DID serve his time in Hell – and jumped in to save the world, no less. But no, Sam’s a selfish prick who loves to emotionally traumatize his brother. Some of this fandom is SO stupid.

      • Donna says:

        So what happened to the newly re-souled Sam who was determined to make amends for everything he did while soulless in “Unforgiven”?
        That’s the guy I want to see, not some callous jerk who suddenly believes he’s done his time for unrelated crimes and now has a clear conscience.

        • miss scarlet says:

          Wow. So people complain how Sam is given too much attention and now complain that he isn’t being given enough attention because we’re focusing on Dean’s problem/habit/whatever of carrying around a lot of guilt.
          First of all, Dean said absolutely no more knocking on the mental wall after Unforgiven because it would destroy Sam’s mind, so Sam didn’t go retracing his steps. But none of what was done was REALLY the Sam we know. The Sam we know isn’t a ruthless, cold, calculating killer. Sam without a soul let Dean wake up and didn’t hug him, but the Sam we know woke up from his re-souling and hugged Dean without hesitation.
          They’re free to explore Sam making amends now that the wall is down if they wanted, but why would they? Sam gets too much attention, but now you want to go through Sam-centric events that took place two years before (show universe time)? Sam has mostly been in lock-step with Dean since he got his soul back. What’s Sam supposed to DO, exactly to make everything better besides be on his brother’s side? It wasn’t his fault that his soul got left in the pit. I know all the Dean fans probably think Sam left his soul in Hell on purpose, but to anyone not determined to take everything that happens as a sign that “The Writers & Sam not-so-secretly hate Dean,” that’s not what happened. Cas made a (costly) mistake. There really wasn’t anything Sam could do about it.
          And JP doesn’t say that Sam isn’t sorry at all, just that he’s forgiven himself and is moving on because he (the real Sam, not the him without a soul) has always tried to do the right thing. Dean never forgives himself. Even though things aren’t his fault, he still holds himself responsible.

          • Scott A. says:

            Maybe the pinnacle of the development of the Sam Winchester character is that he NEVER gets redemption. His character never comes full circle. He is destined to suffer, greatly, forever. The epitome of a sympathetic character.

            It would be a little more likely if this were the last season but what the heck?

            Why not?

            Great discussion over a beer and cheese sticks!

    • Jena says:

      I’m not seeing this as a Deanfan vs Samfan thing. I want to like Sam again, but I can’t until he acknowledges that he has so often in the past hurt his brother in the same way that John did-by seeing through and past Dean because of the hard outer shell Dean has developed out of necessity from childhood, but never truly inside him. Sam disrespected Dean’s strength to endure and his courage and hunting skills in all of S4 after Dean had come back from hell and now they’re going to pretend like that never happened even as Dean has been so caring and understanding of Sam’s post hell trauma?! I’m sorry, but this makes Sam look so bad and it’s not about which brother one favors-it’s about poor writing of Sam’s characterization and poor storytelling for those of us who want to like Sam again but feel that he would simply have to give this some thought if they want us to believe in him as genuinely caring character as regards the brother relationship. This iS NOT a Dean vs Sam thing at all, IMO-at least it’s not for me.

      • Drew says:

        Do you know how brothers relate to each other at all? I find it more unrealistic when they hug or tell each other that they love each other. It’s way more realistic for them to say “bitch” and “jerk” and then pretend that nothing ever happened.

        They never pretended that Dean wasn’t traumatized by Hell. It was handled differently than it is being done with Sam, but they never ignored it. Dean handled it differently, and Sam reacted to how Dean dealt with it. I do see it as a Sam vs. Dean thing because people are comparing how much emotion Sam gets to show since getting his memories back to how much emotion Dean got to show. But the fact is, they’re two very different characters who went through two different experiences.

        • Aske says:

          Actually Dean did try to talk about it, twice. The first time Sam sort of mumbled something encouraging(understandable enough, what would you say if you didn’t know from experience), the second time, a month later, Sam rolled his eyes and acted like he didn’t really want to hear it(mind you this was after earlier in the same episode Sam being on Dean’s case for “not talking about it”).

          And the episode after that, Sam used Dean’s “damage” from being in Hell as an excuse to start running around behind Dean’s back with a demon again and lying to his face. And then two episodes after that he was calling Dean weak as compared Sam’s own strong tough self.

          Remember the Siren did not tell them WHAT to say, he just said they should talk – so what they said represented their true feelings. Dean wanted to be a team again, he wanted them to be partners again, he wanted to feel close to Sam. Sam gloated that Dean was weak and that he, Sam, was so much stronger and better and that Dean was holding him back.

          Now how about you telling me WHY Dean would ever want to share his troubles the most horrific thing that could possibly happen to someone with someone who always seemed to be looking for excuses to leave him or look down on him?

          The words Sam said, it wasn’t the first time Sam said something like that – he was saying essentially the same thing way back in Season 1’s Asylum(yes it was Doc Ellicott making him a murderous chatterbox that time, but Sam essentially repeated the same thing, under no Supernatural influence, the very next week in Scarecrow and belittled Dean’s grief and pain at his mother’s death at the same time, when Dean tried to sympathize with him–it was still about Sam’s unique pain that no one especially not his pathetic idiot brother Dean could possibly understand).

          The way Dean is didn’t happen in a vaccuum – Dean isn’t particularly open for exactly the reason he said in the last episode – it doesn’t matter. Why does he feel it doesn’t matter? Because that is exactly the way pretty much everyone in his life(as written by the show’s writers who then ignore what they wrote by acting like Dean has no reason NOT to trust these people) has treated Dean repeatedly.

          That includes Sam and Bobby. Bobby’s little speech in the last episode doesn’t make up for the fact that Bobby himself has turned on Dean as soon as Dean’s started doing or saying anything Bobby didn’t agree with. Sam strangled Dean, Bobby ripped him a new one and accused him basically being a bad person for even considering that maybe he shouldn’t go after Sam this time. I don’t remember anyone calling Bobby a whiny princess for being wary around Sam after Sam tried to stab him last season. Dean would have been well within in his rights to say “Suck it up princess at least he was soulless, when Sam tried to kill me he had a soul, he was just high and believed a demon over his own brother. Family is supposed to try and kill you”. But he didn’t.

      • erin says:

        Hee. You say it’s not a Sam vs Dean thing, but all your posts are “Poor Dean” and “Mean Sam”. It was never meant to be that simple. And Dean has moved on, you would think his fans would too.

      • Aske says:

        The “they are mens andthis is how men deal with each other” stuff is ridiculous – then how come that only applies to Sam?

        Dean apologizes, specifically and in detail and not ten episodes after it happened but soon, Dean humbles himself and admits he’s wrong. Dean’s definitely a man and manly.

        If Dean can do it, then there is no reason at all Sam shouldn’t be able to do at least the same thing. Dean’s even managed to insist when Sam’s been ready to wave it off, if Dean can so can Sam.

        Dean does NOT shut Sam down when he tries to apologize. Sam never tries to apologize, at least not really. In Season 5 when Dean told Sam he didn’t have to apologize – he gave his reason why – no one knew killing Lilith would start the Apocalypse and he, Dean, played his own role in the breaking of the seals. Sam never tries to apologize to Dean for what he did TO Dean specifically.

        As for why Dean might not be keen on apologies, here’s a good reason – Why in the world would Dean want to hear another “I’m sorry but…[insert how it’s really Dean’s fault others hurt him here]”(ex: Fallen Idols) apology? Why would Dean want to hear another “I’m sorry, do we like, really need to talk about this?” apology?(Example: Asylum) Why would Dean want to hear another “I’m sorry YOU were wrong” apology?(Example: Long Distance Caller)

        Of course Dean isn’t big on them, because no one ever actually apologizes to him. There is no reason for Dean to listen when it’s the same thing all the time.

        And you know what – Dean issuing forgiveness is not the same thing as Sam being sorry or showing he understands WHY he should be. It isn’t the same thing as Sam showing that he truly respects Dean and not just when Dean’s nice and agreeable to whatever it is that Sam wants to do. It isn’t the same thing as Sam understand just what that sort of forgiveness costs or the strength it takes to issue it.

        Dean’s issuing of forgiveness to those who have wronged him repeatedly says a whole lot about who Dean is and the person he wants and tries to be – it says absolutely nothing about how Sam feels or should feel.

    • mithrel says:

      Actually, in 6×01 (which takes place a year after Sam’s fall into Hell), Dean asks Sam “How long you been back?” and he says “About a year.” So he didn’t spend as much time in Hell as Dean.

      That doesn’t mean he didn’t suffer, which he obviously did (his soul was shredded, after all), just that, comparatively, his time in Hell was short.

      • Debbie C says:

        Only Sam’s body was brought back from Hell by Castiel. It isn’t your body being tortured in Hell, it is your soul. Remember, Dean didn’t have a body in Hell and he was surely tortured. Sam’s soul was in Hell until it was shoved back in his body by Death. When his soul was first restored, Sam didn’t remember his soul-less time or his Hell!time. Once the wall came down, he now has the memories (and guilt) from a year of soul-less behavior plus the trauma of 1.5 earth years worth of Hell!time (which could feel like about 180 years if time in the cage runs similar to Dean’s Hell!time).

    • Debbie C says:

      It’s not really a fight between Sam fans and Dean fans… It is a very vocal set of Sam (and sometimes Jared) haters that seem to have a twisted view of the show.

  8. Snapy says:

    I love that this is going to be like the first season! A stripped-down, back-to-basics Supernatural is what I’ve been clamoring for since the end of Season 5. Getting rid of Castiel is a major step in the right direction.

  9. Mickey says:

    Great interview, I am really looking forward to the upcoming episodes, they sound awesome. I love the concept of stripping Sam and Dean of all their defenses, weapons, tools, allies, and safe havens and have them being hunted by a new ultapowerful supernatural foe who turns the table on them. Season 7 is on fire already!

  10. martystusucks says:

    Wow, so basically Jared confirms that Sam is a selfish ignorant bastard. Makes me wanna love him for sure. Just keep playing him that way, Padalecki. We all need at least one shining example of what not to do available for handy reference.

    • jet says:

      Don’t you understand that an actors job is to play the character basically as written. Sure they add a lot of interpretation, but the core character structure and development and the relationship between these brothers comes from the writing room. Don’t be critical of Jared, the REAL PERSON, because you don’t like how Sam, the CHARACTER, is written.

  11. Cheryl says:

    Yes! I could have guessed the same thing katie. The bashers are like vipers waiting to jump on Sam for simply breathing. I don’t know what show they’ve been watching but both boys have made mistakes and both have hurt each other. Such hostility and hate and a serious lack of empathy have blinded them to whats real happanening and witnessing the unconditional love these two brothers share. They have missed the whole point of this show being about love of family.

    • Sarah says:

      Nice post. I’m glad the ‘core’ fans are the ones that the boys speak of because they are the ones that really know the show as do the boys which is why they are probably please the show is back on track.

  12. Cathy says:

    What a wonderful article. The brothers are on track. The boys want the same thing as the fans, the brothers back together on the same page, grown up and we actually get to see this evolution. I love that the are there for each other.

    I’m glad Sam has the sense to knock it into his brother that he was not responsible for Castiel at all. Maybe he feels guilty about trusting him therefore allowing him to get close to him and therefore hurting his brother. Now that I can see.

    I’m glad Sam has forgiven himself, its about time. Now he can help his brother through everything and Dean can help Sam through his hell visions. A great team.

    The best thing about all this is that the boys are moving forward, their story of brothers is being told which we can get past all those issues and deal with them.

    And the other thing is Jensen and Jared are happy about it all, being big family men its obvious that they put the brothers brotherhood above all else.

  13. Jane says:

    How adorable are these two. I’m really looking forward to this year now.

  14. raeleee514 says:

    I think this all sounds great and very in character!

    Sam has always been forgive himself because he was raised by two people who taught him how to to forgive himself — while they both carried the guilt inside themselves. Dean wasn’t, he mirrored John who I think carried a mountain of guilt inside himself just like Dean does… Dean was tasked, with “Protect Sam, No matter what it takes, no matter what.”

    It was a lot to handle and we know from as early as Season 1 Something Wicked if he failed at all he put that weight on his shoulders and carried it around for life.

    It’s who he is, he can’t forgive himself letting people down, even if those people forgive him.

    I like how all of this sounds. A lot

  15. Zoe says:

    I’m annoyed that Sam has the scales tipped in his favor from all the good he’s done – I have no problem with that statement – my problem is the implication that Dean does not. Feeling guilt is one thing, but this comment implies that Dean has not done enough to have those scales tip his way as well. Dean has always aimed towards the good.
    I really am getting sick of the way TPTB portay Dean lately. Ep 4 damn well better be pro Dean.

    • kate says:

      Wow. You’re reading way too much into that comment. All JP says is that Sam has forgiven himself because of what he’s been through and all he’s done. He doesn’t say that Dean doesn’t forgive himself because he hasn’t done enough good. JA even says that Dean is still carrying guilt. Nobody anywhere implies Dean hasn’t suffered or doesn’t try to do the right thing, just that he hasn’t forgiven himself for what has happened. Dean!fans, take a sedative and stop finding subtext where there is none.

    • trina says:

      I don’t think anyone is saying that Dean is actually guilty of anything, just that he feels guilty. I am assuming the episode will be more about letting go of a huge amount of unwarranted guilt (because an oversized sense of responsibility is not a good thing) vs being legally judged innocent or guilty.

  16. dave says:

    So Ackles confirms we’re going back to season one style.
    No thanks, I’ll watch the old DVDs and watch Fringe instead.
    I don’t need to see redundant retreads.

  17. martystusucks says:

    LOL @ Sam jumping into the pit as being the greatest redemption. He said, I let him out, I have to put him back in. That says he only jumped in to save face, which is not redemption, it’s vanity and bruised ego. Rather die than live with the consequence of everyone knowing what a selfish prideful jackass he is. Slink off into the Pit with his tail between his legs. There was nothing noble in it, just Sam in a pissing contest with Lucifer to prove to his bossy brother he is a big man. Stopping the apocalypse was secondary to Sam’s woe-is-me agenda. The whole story was a whitewashing fiasco that only highlighted what a selfish jackass Sam really is.

    • smellynellie says:

      I suppose if Sam had refused to go into the pit to save his own skin and pushed Dean in instead, you would be happier. Haters like you will always find a reason to diss Sam no matter what he does.

    • anon says:

      This is the craziest interpretation of that scene ever. Sam said I let him out I have to put him back, that’s about owning your mistakes and fixing them you utter ass.

      Though I do suspect you are just saying this BS to rile up the Sam fans because it is hard to believe anyone could be this completely stupid.

  18. sylvia37 says:

    How sad is it that I knew the moment Jared said something positive about Sam, the comments would decend into Sam bashing. Why is it that if Jensen had said that Dean was finally letting go of some of the guilt and feeling like maybe he’d done some good, that everyone would rejoice. But the second JP says it, Sam is selfish and evil and never really loved his brother.

    How can we all watch the same show and not see that they both have faults, they both say and do the wrong thing, they both hurt each other, and they BOTH deserve to be forgiven and let it go.

    • Julie says:

      I’ve been wondering that ever since I joined the fandom… Crazy how this fandom – about two brothers who actually love each other – is divided in two

    • kate says:

      agreed. There could be an episode where Sam is completely absent and him merely being mentioned would be too much attention for some Dean!only!fans. Seriously, both characters have flaws and are loveable characters anyway.

  19. Nat says:

    Should I dare to be optimistic? A season just like season 1, the one we all fell in love with?
    With no Castiel, no Bobby and just Sam and Dean?
    Seriously it would make me so happy. I hope it stays on. No Impala is sad though.

  20. chris says:

    As a Dean!fan I got a similar, quite frustrating impression of the interview as some of the commenters here, BUT after watching the actual interview with Jared and Jensen, I gotta say it’s the fault of this article. The quotation at the end of the article and that most seem to focus on, as well as the implication that this article provokes are just an excerpt. It’s NOT about Sam getting a clean slate and Dean being actually held responsible for everything. It’s about what Dean still feels guilty for, but not necessarily is.

    If you watch the interview here:

    You’ll find Jared starting around minute 2 talking about the trial and the guilt. Following the quotation found in this article, he actually says that since Sam accepted his guilt, knows what he did wrong but also sees the good that he did, it’s his turn to take of Dean, to help his brother see that Dean shouldn’t hold himself responsible for everything that went wrong either. That Dean did his best and that he has to let go of some of the guilt he carries, because it’s not healthy, not his fault, not something he could control, etc.

  21. Mi nombre says:

    I agree with Mickey, this should be a great season because of the brothers having to get back to basics. I’m not understanding all of the armchair opinions of the brothers’ personalities though. The writers are brilliant! “Not liking” a character means the writers have done their job well! Don’t slam the writing because Sam’s character doesn’t share your
    morals, or you can’t decide to what degree an
    apology is “successful”. Relationships are
    complex. Familial relationships, even more so.
    I think the writers are genius in every aspect,
    the actors do a phenomenal job relaying the
    message, and the directors have a knack for capturing the essence. It is ART. Not a patient you need to diagnose or a family member you need to “counsel”. ART!

  22. I shall say zis only once says:

    DISCLAIMER: The following comments are the personal and individual opinons of the writer and are not endorsed or supported in any way by any third parties.

    OK…let’s break this down into something nice and simple.

    Dean – honourable to a fault. Holds on to absolutely every little flicker of guilt over every mistake or bad choice as if it’s the most precious thing in the world. He CANNOT let go. He is his own worst enemy because he never stops thinking he isn’t good enough. He HAS to save his friends. He HAS to save people from monsters. He HAS to be the strong one, the brave one, the one to take all the hits. It’s been drilled into him since he was 4 years old (thanks John – way to go screw up your eldest boy!) It makes Dean a very lovable character BUT bear in mind that soldiers with this mind set have been known to commit suicide, have mental breakdowns or be the most badass dudes in the platoon (which either ends up getting them killed in combat or awarded medals…of course, after the award they go straight back into the combat zone and start all over again)

    Dean is a soldier. Trained that way since he was 4 years old by his ex-Marine father. His entire life has been dictated by three things:

    1)Track and kill monsters
    2)Protect his brother
    3)The outside manipulation of divine source leading to the eventual Apocalypse kick-off

    He may be the kindest, most selfless, compassionate, caring and sensitive bloke on the planet. But he’s Dean – saying it is not something he’d do. It’s right there in episode 1 – “No chick-flick moments.”

    Sam, on the other hand, didn’t have that baseline of burning house & lost mother to provide the foundation for his psychological make-up. He had a frequently absent father and an extremely protective older brother. So he got rebellious, went against the grain and left to find his own life. He didn’t have the same indoctrination Dean did, the same burden, so Sammy grew up more capable of acknowledging he screwed up, taking it on the chin and getting on with things. He understands better that sometimes when you do something wrong you have to accept that it wasn’t all down to you, others were at fault too. Ruby led him WAY astray with the help of some considerable influence – she died in Sam’s arms as he held her still for Dean to stab her. Done. Yes, he messed up by listening but she was a manipulative moo who played on his need to do the right thing. Crud…but there we go. He’s accepted he was an idiot, he’s taken it on as lesson learnt, and he’s gone forward to keep doing the right thing. That’s actually a pretty healthy mindset to be honest.

    So…what have we learnt children? Psychologically, Sam is healthier than Dean when it comes to life lessons and guilt carrying. Why? Because of the way they each grew up – together yet seperately.

    Now, if this upcoming episode is what I think it is, I suggest you all look up the Ancient Egyptian mythology of the “Weighing of the Heart” and the goddess Ma’at. Tis the heart that is weighed against the feather of truth and justice and tis guilt that weighs heavy upon the heart…remember what we just learnt? That’s right – Dean would have the heavier heart because he never lets go of his personal guilt.

    Hopefully, after this episode, the silly lunkhead will get the requisite kick up the backside he needs to realise that it’s not all his fault and he should let go some before he ends up having a massive coronary under the flipping lead lump he carries around all the time. One can but hope.

    • lola says:

      Maybe Dean could realize it, if the show actually allows him to realize it, instead of having him regress so that Sam can “grow up” again, and again and again. How many times has Sam left Dean behind to pursue his own intersts? How is this Dean holding Sam back? When has Sam allowed Dean the freedom to have his own family and friends? Never, why? Because. There. Is. Always. Something. Wrong. With. Sam.

      When is this show going to get away from thinking that everyone cares about Sam and only Sam? I sure don’t. Sam can go to Africa and get lost in the Amazon for all I care. I get tired of being told that Dean is wrong, that he should let Sam go, that Sam needs Dean to let him grow up and on and on. It’s all excuses because Dean has never stood in Sam’s way and for the show to keep pounding this same dead horse makes me think that the showrunner has no clue about what she is doing, so she drags the same old stories out over and over. She did it last season, sprinkled generously with a horrific batch of Samcentric fanfiction she got from God knows what awful site. This season sounds just as bad.

      Edlund at least tried to remedy the Love Letter To Sam that Gamble insists on writing, but even he can’t stop Gamble from runing most of the season with her stupid fantasies and bad fanfiction stories.

      I wish Robert Singer would take come control, but apparently, he’s been whipped into listening to Gamble.

      • kate says:

        FYI, the Amazon is in South America, not Africa. It helps to know geography.

      • smellynellie says:

        Sam has never stood in Dean’s way either. He wanted Dean to go to Lisa and have his own family. He never stopped Dean from having friends like Castiel and Jo. I don’t even know how you can say this about Sam.

        Sam haters can go to the Amazon as far as I’m concerned.

  23. Bk says:

    I agree with Mickey, this should be a great season because of the brothers having to get back to basics. I’m not understanding all of the armchair opinions of the brothers’ personalities though. The writers are brilliant! “Not liking” a character means the writers have done their job well! Don’t slam the writing
    because Sam’s character doesn’t share your
    morals, or you can’t decide to what degree an
    apology is “successful”. Relationships are
    complex. Familial relationships, even more so.
    I think the writers are genius in every aspect,
    the actors do a phenomenal job relaying the
    message, and the directors have a knack for capturing the essence. It is ART. Not a patient you need to diagnose or a family member you need to “counsel”. ART!

    • ingrid says:

      Maybe some of us are not thrilled with the show going back to Gambles version of the love story of Dean and his self-absorbed brother Sam.

      • smellynellie says:

        Are you talking about the same self-absorbed Sam who spent all of S3 trying to save Dean? The same Sam who risked everything to come out of his coma to go back to Dean in S6 finale?

  24. Arrow says:

    I really don’t know how to get excited to see something I have already seen before in season 1. There’s also nothing interesting in seeing the brothers being even more angsty and bickering at each other

  25. Jet says:

    From some of these comments, I am not sure if all of you actually realize that Sam and Dean are two FICTIONAL characters. This is a dramatic series, and CONFLICT and ANGST between the two makes for great drama. Who would watch if the relationship was always perfect and everyone always apologized and always told the truth (these characters lives have been filled with lies since they were small – both lie to each other all of the time) Is this the kind of dialogue you want – Sorry Dean, no I’m sorry Sam, oh no it was my fault Dean. I didn’t recognize how much I hurt you etc etc. I just want to thank you Dean for everything you’ve done for me, like that time you gave me the last of the cereal. You’ve always been a great big brother.” Who wants to watch that!

    • sylvia37 says:


    • ingrid says:

      On the other hand, who wants to watch another season of Gamble’s Lust for Sam season? I don’t. Last season was more than enough.

      Plus, this is another season of what is wrong with Sam and how can Dean live his life for Sam and only Sam, again, still, and on and on. It’s boring, but I feel that Gamble hasn’t a clue, and keep rehashing the same things over and over, just as long as they involve her darling Sam.

      Dean who?

      And Cas, gone but not forgotten.

  26. Tanya says:

    Wow. I love this show, and have watched it since the beginning. But really people, it’s just a show. Relax.

  27. kate says:

    A message to all the people who hate the current direction of the show: stop watching. Seriously. Stop watching. This on-going bitch fest that happens every single time Sam is even mentioned kills the fun for the rest of us who want to watch and have a discussion about a TV show, not have to take part in a soap opera of angst from the Dean!only!fans and Sam!only!fans about which character is treated more unfairly by his brother and the writers. It’s a show about the relationship between TWO people. If you don’t like how it’s written, find a different show, and stop crying about it on the internet.

    For those of us who want to discuss what’s upcoming: I’m really excited for this trial episode. I can’t wait to see what Dean feels guilty about and how it’s handled. Will it play out through the whole season?

    • Jasker says:

      We should be so lucky. But no we just can’t seem to shake them, no doubt they will continue to hate everything about SPN while devoting hours of their time to it. It’s weird. As for the direction, I would rather this be the last season and for the winchester boys to go out in style than watch the soap opera that many of the commentators would like to see. They should really take up Grey’s it’s emo all the time with quite a bit of “I’m sorry no your sorry” dialogue.

    • Scott A. says:

      Who gets to get blamed when the Leviathan take over the boys in a couple of episodes from now?

      Will LeviaSam not say he’s sorry enough?

      Will LeviaDean be hurting as much on the inside as RealDean?

      Maybe LeviaBobby will just call them both idjits and kick their asses.

      Wait…there is no LeviaBobby!!

  28. J says:

    I found seasons 1-3 ok but not great. In fact, I was getting BORED with it all mid-season 3. Then Castiel came, Bobby got more screentime and FINALLY it got my interest. If it goes “back to basics” and the “tone of season”, and if Castiel stays gone and Bobby is just there once in a while, I probably will lose interest. The adventures of the Winchesters got stale for me, personally.

    I started out as a Dean!fan who found Sam a good “other half” to Dean but became a hardcore Castiel!fan with a side of Dean… Who found Dean to be such a d*ck (through ALL of season 6 and to the angel he claimed was his friend from the very beginning). So hopefully Dean will learn from his mistakes (he was so mean to Sam, Bobby and Castiel in season 6, I cheered when Bobby told him off).

    • Cindy says:

      That’s interesting, because RoboSam and Castiel were pretty much jerks in my book as well. I thought Castiel was pretty much a jerk to his so called friends all throughout season 6. You know, with his constant lies and manipulation of Dean, Sam, and Bobby. The fact that he tore down Sam’s wall pretty much makes Castiel the biggest jerk of season 6. And don’t get me started on how much of a jerk RoboSam was.

      Also,I’m sorry, but Dean should not feel guilty for anything that Castiel did last season. Cas is a big boy, he’s very capable of screwing up all on his own.

      • alice says:

        are you kidding me? are we watching the same show here? the only thing Cas did was work with Crowley to prevent the apocalypse (hmm hello? season 5 – Dean and Sam working with Crowley to prevent the apocalypse as well??) but still, whenever the brothers wanted something through all season 6, HE WAS THERE to help them! re watch the episodes if you missed it. Even when Dean was all butthurt (which is so damn hypocrite) when he found out Cas was working with crowley and was a complete dick to him, Cas still saved his ass (for the 6256325654 time) and he erased Lisa and Ben’s memories because Dean asked. So yeah. Cas did everything Dean asked. He made some bad choices along the way, sure, but it was for the greater good. (Just like Sam.. he also lied to his brother on season 4 and nearly killed him. But he thought he was doing the right thing to save the world) So don’t give me that crap.

        And the wall breaking, that wasn’t Cas fault, that was just bad and lazy writing.

        • Scott A. says:

          Didn’t the apocalypse start before Crowley made his first appearance? You can pretty much tell from the voice over by Misha that Cas saving the boys and Bobby was just to try to keep them off his trail. Until Superman showed up. And I remember Castiel tearing the wall the rest of the way down with the caveat of replacing it if they “stood down”. Seemed more like angel blackmail, again, instead of bad writing.

        • anon says:

          If the wall breaking wasn’t Cas’ fault then Sam choking Dean wasn’t Sam’s fautl, just bad writing and Sam having sex with Ruby was just bad writing too and all the things that I really didn’t like Sam doing, none of that was his fault it was all the fault of bad writing. Hey I like how you think.

  29. Dara says:

    Yeah, this season is becoming less appealing the more I hear about it.

  30. soniama says:

    soo fun . love sammy dean soo incrible storie. poor dean poor sammy

  31. Lily says:

    So among all this guilt we’ll see from Dean, will they show us the moment Dean chose Sam over Adam in a heartbeat? Adam is still down in the cage with Lucifer and Michael, getting tortured as we speak, and I think it’d be wrong if they didn’t show this.
    Anyway. Getting hunted by the cops and everything sounds great. Especially since Nightshifter is one of my favorite episodes. I’m sure this season will be great!

  32. joanne says:

    oh so they are going to be running from the law again… wow, they weren’t lying when they said the show was going back to its roots. It’s like the Skin episode all over again.

    Boring and repetitive…. Sigh

  33. alice says:

    nothing about season 7 appeals to me anymore… I guess it’s goodbye for me.

  34. leeena says:

    Uh, I guess some of the commenters here completely forgot S5/6.

    Sam did apologize in S5. More than once. He then tried to redeem himself, which led to his death at the end of S5. By the end of S5, the brothers were more honest with each other than they had been in years. It’s called apologizing and then moving on. Character growth. What more do people want?

    In S6, even though Robo!Sam did all those horrible things, Sam still felt remorse and still wanted to make amends. Yes, he still did things like sneak out when Dean told him not too. Seriously though, when will the Winchester boys ever stay put? They both hid things from each other. Dean didn’t tell Sam about the wall and Robo!Sam, until Sam found out from Castiel.

    I’d argue that in S5/6, Sam and Dean lied to each other not out of spite or thinking the other was weak or whatever. But because they wanted to protect each other. Dean didn’t want Sam’s wall to cave and potentially kill Sam, and Sam wasn’t going to let Dean get hurt by hunting on his own.

    I’d argue that towards the end of S6, we finally started to see them become equals. Dean will always be the big brother and will always be a little bossy. Sam will always be the little brother and will always be a brat. But at least this time, they started to work together as equals. It wasn’t just Dean putting his life on the line for Sam. This time, Sam did too. The trust was beginning to be re-built.

    Character growth and all that. You apologize, move on and work to build that trust again.

    What I like about our characters is that they are flawed. I don’t want them to be saints. That’s boring. These guys screw up but they make amends.

  35. brittany says:

    So excited to see the show going back to basics. The first three seasons were what made me fall in love with the show and I’ve been so sick of the overhyped and worn out angel storyline.

    • Effy says:


      I love Sam, I love Dean. There’s no competition or whatever. I just want them back to how they were in season 1-3.

  36. Ella says:

    I would really, really like to see Dean GRIEVE Castiel, the same way he did his father and the same way he did Sam. It’s important, not just to the fans of Dean/Cas and Castiel but also to the character – Cas was the best friend Dean ever had and we need to see that process of loss. Jensen would do an amazing job with that, I think.

  37. Rob says:

    It was great to have Alona Tal/Jo back on the show even tho as a ghost. It was a fun to see that Dean/Jo chemistry. Maybe we will see her again some future episode.

  38. Andrea says:

    I think it’s interesting that all the Sam fans are calling Dean fans crazy when we know that if it had been reversed and Jensen Ackles said something all the Sam fans would come out and defend him the same way. I like both Sam and Dean but tend to lean more towards Dean. However, I am also getting sick of Sara Gamble’s obsession with Sam. There are two brothers and each should get equal attention. Congrats to Jared Padalecki on his coming fatherhood.

  39. callie says:

    Im a dean fan but i have to agree tht they both have done mistakes and lied to each other……….and this dean vs sam fans is a bit retarted…….i love the fact tht they r going back to there roots like in seasons one to three……season seven is awsome just wish thed bring back the car……..pluse also wish thed bring back bobby….and have casteil get out of the instatutin