Fall TV: NBC Grants Full-Season Orders to Up All Night and Whitney

Following in the footsteps of Fox, which last week demonstrated its love for the New Girl, NBC on Tuesday morning became the second network to pull the trigger on a full-season order. In fact, the Peacock unleashed a pair of ’em, granting pick-ups to the freshman comediesUp All Night, starring Christina Applegate and Will Arnett, and Whitney, which is fronted by stand-up comedienne-turned-sitcom queen Whitney Cummings.

“We made comedy an important goal for us this season and I’m very pleased to be making full-season commitments to both Whitney and Up All Night,” NBC entertainment chair Robert Greenblatt said in a statement. “We’re thrilled with the creative direction of both shows as well as the potential for them to continue to build loyal audiences over the coming months. We’re proud of all of the producers, writers, actors, and directors who have worked so hard to bring these shows to life.”

At last tally, Up All Night had settled in at 5.34 million viewers and a 2.1 demo rating in its Wednesday lead-off spot, while Whitney (with 5.37 mil/2.5) dropped 21 and 24 percent, respectively, in its plum aprés-Office berth.

Shortly after the pick-up news was announced, TVLine learned that on the flip side of things, NBC has cancelled The Playboy Club.

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  1. Emma O says:

    But why Whitney? No one likes it? This is Outsourced all over again, except waaaay worse.

    • DL says:

      The pilot episode was not good at all, but I thought the second episode improved vastly. We’ll see if it keeps up.

      • Amy says:

        I agree! I was excited for the show because of the previews, and then, the first week I was a little disappointed because I felt like if you saw the commercials you saw the show. However, the second episode was much better, and I love a little more screen time for the friends of the couple, especially Lily and Neal.

    • rachelleet says:

      HAHA exactly…Outsourced ALL over again.

    • Anne says:

      Emma, I would truly like to meet a person such as yourself who seems to have the amazing ability to know the minds of everyone in America and their likes and dislikes. It must be a heavy burden.

      • Lacey says:

        Emma may be wrong in saying “no one likes it”, but considering how unpopular it is I can understand why she would say that. There are people watching the show, enough to grant a full season pickup, but it has also received a lot of bad reviews.

        • Cathy says:

          I get what Emma is saying and agree with her point of view: the show is critically panned. I love comedy and my friends too, but I still have to meet someone who didn’t cringe while watching Whitney and changed the channel. Even people who have tried to watch the first episodes have given up.

          Well, I know there is an audience for, let say, an “simpler” humor (almost solely based on fart jokes, fat jokes, homophobic jokes, etc) as evidenced by the fact that shows like Two and a Half Men and Mike and MOlly are successes, According to Jim was years on and Rules of Engagement seems to be still around, but that doesn’t mean that they are well made comedies. Let’s not forget that while some less than inovative and brilliant “comedies” are still on, Arrested Development was cancelled (but is now coming back, yay), Seinfeld struggled with ratings early on and Curb your Enthusiasm only survives because it’s on cable.

      • KevyB says:

        Yes, unnecessarily snotty. A better sentence would have been “Few people like it.” But why ignore a small sentence when you can act like a capital B?

        That said, Whitney, as an actress, SUCKS. She can’t deliver a line to save her life. And if the show is actually improving, why are all the commercials still featuring HILARIOUS lines like, “Spongeboobs Sweatpants?” and “Your breath is wicked bad!” Your show is wicked bad.

    • Erin says:

      I don’t think you can compare Whitney to Outsourced. That’s just not fair to Whitney. No, it’s not the greatest show, and I doubt it will be nominated for any Emmys next year, but I don’t think it’s THAT bad. Sure, it’s gotten a lot of bad reviews, but personally, I actually like it.

    • Eli says:

      It just seems to me that everyone is jumping on the let’s-harp-on-Whitney bandwagon just because you hear the “critics” say it’s bad. The show has some decent jokes and is funny and sincere. I won’t be surprised if it gets cancelled just bec of all the bad mouthing by the end of the season. You’ll shame people into not watching it! That’s what happened to $#*! My Dad Says last season, it was a decent laugher and got to be really funny later in the season. It also had good numbers (relatively) but was canceled. Similar story for Outsourced. Whitney has a heart and is rather sweet. Not all shows have to be uber-pretentious smart (Modern Family/Community/30 Rock) or plain silly funny (Animation Domination/Any funny ad during Super Bowl), not that I don’t enjoy these shows. As for the laugh-track/studio audience laughter, excuse me but who started this hipster trend of ugh-I-hate-laugh-tracks? Get off your high horses. We’ve been enjoying laugh tracks since the conception of the TV sitcom.
      OK this ends my rant.Peww. Got that off my chest! I’ll be sad if I lose Whitney.

      • Lois says:

        I don’t care if a show has a laugh track or not, or if it’s filmed in front of an audience or not. I only care that a comedy show be funny. “Whitney” isn’t funny.

      • Erin says:

        I’m on the so-called “let’s-harp-on-Whitney bandwagon” because I watched the first two episodes of the show and thought that it was borderline painful. I’ll take those “uber-pretentious smart” funny shows any day… because they’re actually funny.

      • jj says:

        just like a lot of people jumped on the I love NEW GIRL band wagon just because a lot of critics hyped it up. I, for one ( and i know i’m not the only one), HATE New Girl and think all the actors deserve so much better. Well, at least Zooey does.

      • No one important says:

        You posted this exact comment at ‘tv by the numbers’. Are you seriously going around and copy/pasting this comment on different sites just to try to make a point. Hope its worth it. I hope Whitney is worth it.

    • Agreed says:

      Still not wasting another second on Whitney. I wish they would move her to Wednesdays and move Up All Night to Thursdays. Thurs could be Up All Night, Community, The Office, then PRex. It would be great for it to happen that way, but I won’t put money on it!

    • Mike says:

      You may not like it but more people like it than Community

    • james says:

      Pilot was a little weak, but the next episdoe was much better and I’m hearing people really like the show.

    • hru says:

      Neither show is well liked but its about all NBC has.. Someone is going to have to pull the plug on that network.

    • J says:

      how this show was even greenlighted for tv I have no idea. Greatly improved during week 2 but the writing is still awful

  2. Newo says:

    Perhaps NBC wants to see how low the ratings for Whitney can get by seasons end ?

  3. jcshell says:

    I think NBC is going to feel mighty stupid if Whitney ratings continue to drop in the coming weeks, which I suspect they will. Dreadful show with horrible writing and acting that will be this season’s Outsourced/The Event for NBC.

    • tej says:

      The Event and Outsourced did have some standout newbie actors who carried the shows, though. I mean, sure, Leila sucked, Todd sucked, but Parvesh Cheena and Ian Anthony Dale and others like them were great with what they were given. Also, as an Indian, I found a few episodes of Outsourced to be absolutely hilarious but mostly because of connotations I had. The lead actor was definitely dragging it down though

  4. JC says:

    So they announce the good news first to soften the blow of the bad news.

    I expect a similar dual cancellation press release from NBC in the near future announcing they have pulled the plug on Free Agents and the Playboy Club.

  5. Natalie says:

    Wow, didn’t realize people did not like Whitney. I actually quite enjoyed it…

  6. Davey says:

    Who in the world is watching Whitney. I agree, it is 10X worse than Outsourced, which at least had some likeable actors.

    • M says:

      Outsourced was offensive to Indians-Americans

      • hru says:

        Well Whitey is offensive to women and people with eyes and ears

      • Tenka says:

        Funny how it’s always the white people “championing” our cause. We can speak for ourselves. If we thought it was offensive, you would be hearing a LOT more about it. I know alot of desis and am one myself and we all adored Gupta and Madhuri. Todd not so much. If anything that show was offensive to whites because of how idiotic Todd was.

        • Susan says:

          I’m not trying to start a fight with you, but M never listed his/her ethniticy so how do you know he/she is white?

  7. Ivet says:

    So full season means 24(or 22) episodes for Up All Night?

  8. Esaul says:

    Whitney is awful. Haven’t seen the second episode yet. I don’t like how NBC focused on comedies. HOWEVER I want Free Agents to get a full season…the likelihood of that? Not too high.

    • jj says:

      yeah, i actually found Free Agents to be waaaay more likeable than critics made it out to be. I’m looking forward to watching the original BBC version when it comes on (hopefully it will be onDemand as I don’t actually get BBC America on Fios. I never really warmed to the idea of Kathryn Hahn as a lead player, but she works in this. And I always love Hank Azaria whatever he does- he’s such a versatile actor and approaches even the most silly premise/role seriously and it shows. They have good chemistry and while the show itself was a little uneven to start, i think it has good potential if they give it time to grow. But yet again… the likelihood of that? Not too high.

  9. Jennifer says:

    Whitney? Seriously? UGH Worst new show I’ve seen this fall! Terribly UNfunny

  10. Marc says:

    Whitney gets a full pickup. No wonder NBC is in last place. Her show just makes me want to puke.

  11. Brent says:

    I greet this news with mixed emotions. While I am actually repulsed by Whitney, I am drawn to Up All Night and I’m not sure why. Perhaps it is Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolph? But both of these talented women are being wasted on that unfunny show (though last week’s episode did get a chuckle or two out of me so maybe there is hope.) The real shame of this situation is that they will be taking the time slots that could be used to develop shows that actually are appealing.

    • J. Norman says:

      I think Up All Night might do ok following the Office. It is not going to do very well in its current slot On Wed.
      As for Whitney. I guess NBC really does not think that they have anything else, so they are taking this opportunity to cheer about its “de facto” ratings success.
      Trouble is, this show is going to drop much more even though it follows the Office. NBC is trying desperately to make something. . .anything at all. . .positive about the season.

    • Esaul says:

      Yeah I’m not sure why I like Up All Night. I didn’t like the first two episodes. The third was the only time I seriously laughed. But I’ll keep watching.

    • jj says:

      Up All Night is alright, but I find Maya’s character the worst thing about it. And I like Maya, but the character is just too over the top for a show that is trying to be so realistic with it’s depiction of the lows of parenthood. I know they changed the character after the original pilot and i wonder if it wasn’t better before when the character was just in PR and not a talk show host….

      • Lacey says:

        I tried to watch the first episode because it starred 3 funny people, but MR’s character really irritated me. I just didn’t see the point to her character and having a character act like a child in a comedy about new parents just didn’t jive with me.

  12. nyla says:

    Ugh, “Whitney” is horrible. Of WC’s 2 shows, “2 Broke Girls” is much better.
    The question now is, is “30 Rock” still going to be part of the Thursday line-up? (I mean, it would be a crime if it wasn’t).

    YAY for “Up All Night”!

    • Josh says:

      That’s my concern as well. I want 30 Rock after The Office, where it belongs.

      Whitney really is an awful show, but would be much better if Whitney wasn’t part of it at all.

  13. MelindaB says:

    Wow. Based on the ads alone, I ran far away from “Whitney”. I would have placed bets on that one being the first show canceled, since “I Hate My Teenage Daughter” hasn’t premiered yet. I’m surprised that “The Playboy Club” was canceled so quickly, though. I had no interest in watching it, but it seems like after they sank all of the money into the period costumes that they’d want to give it more of a chance to increase viewers. I won’t miss the show, but I’m sure that there will be some who do.

  14. Cee says:

    I can NOT BELIEVE people watch Whitney.

  15. Nicole says:

    Rather have the Free Agents full season pick-up (or at least a guarantee of all 13 eps running before NBC pulls it) than Whitney. Happy that Up All Night got the full season though!

  16. Mia says:

    They’re so desperate for shows, they kept Whitney? Really? I have yet to meet anyone who enjoyed it. Woohoo for Up All Night, it’s the only new good comedy.

    • Eli says:

      Congratulations, you have now met someone who enjoys it.

      Coincidentally, I don’t like Up All Night. How you like them apples?

      • Cathy says:

        Are you Whitney Cummings using an alias? Hahahahaha.

        But seriously, why so angry and snarky? Relax, it’s the comments section of a TV-related website.

  17. Antoine says:

    Whitney: Worst comedy. Ever.
    Up All Night: Not so good. I don’t like it.

    The Playboy Club? I love it!

    So thank you NBC :@

  18. Mike says:

    Not to defend Whitney on a creative level, but the ratings are better than half the other comedies on that network, right? I love Parks and Rec and Community, but Whitney’s outperforming both of those. Not good news for Free Agents, which will have to be cancelled to make room for 30 Rock somewhere in the lineup.

  19. Joanna says:

    This proves that Nielson boxes are only given to those who are below average intelligence have no taste.

  20. Jenn says:

    I agree with an earlier post. If you’ve seen the commercial for the upcoming show, you’ve probably seen all the “funny” parts of Whitney. I haven’t watched it for that reason alone. If those promos are any indication, I’m not interested. I watched the first Up All Night, and it was cute, but it didn’t make me laugh that hard. I’m still searching for that show!

  21. KMS says:

    When I tried watching Whitney I felt like I was watching a tv show rather then peering into the lives of others. It was blatantly obvious they were on a set and not in someone’s home or whatever. I swear I could almost hear the director call action to start the scene. And the laugh track could not be more obnoxious (or the studio audience rehearsed laughs).

    • nene says:

      yeah, that’s what i felt. not that there weren’t potential laughs, but that it all just felt too staged. do you blame that on the acting, the direction, the writing, the set design? or perhaps just a combination of all these things. the show didn’t have to be as bad as it is. that being said, it could be worse.

  22. caro says:

    love love up all night!!! =))) long life yesss

  23. Nate says:

    Hmm…this looks like more minimal change in comedies from NBC, so I am left to wonder which of “Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea,” “Best Friends Forever” and “Bent” makes it to the schedule before summer. I am guessing that Chelsea gets paired with Whitney and that UAN gets moved to Thursdays where it belongs. But there is also the complicating factor of the return of 30 Rock, so Prime Suspect may get the boot so that there can be another 3 hour comedy block on Thursdays. But why does NBC keep picking up so many comedies (and so few good ones, at that) if there are so few places to place them where people might watch them?

  24. Summer says:

    So glad Up All Night got a full season order, if only because I adore Christina Applegate.

  25. Lisa says:

    yay for up all night. BOOOOO for whitney. These shows should trade time slots.

  26. kate says:

    Whitney might improve. It’s only been on for two episodes. Parks & Rec wasn’t GREAT the first half of the first season either.

  27. Pheebs says:

    I’ve NEVER felt the need to comment until now. CANCEL whitney…before you embarrass yourselves ANY further. It has been a verrrrry long tine since I’ve watched a show with absolutely NO reaction whatsoever let alone one that so in no way shape or form managed to receive even a smirk from me. While no one expect another runaway hit like Friends anytime soon…Come on! I think this is truly scrapping the bottom of the barrel and quite possibly the epitome of awful, bad, horrible and unacceptable. You’ve CLEARLY insulted the senses of humor of the American people and driven us further and further away from NBS. =(

  28. xj says:

    this is WAAYYYY premature. whitney needs to find its voice and its audience and they doesnt require a full season pick up. and up all night, while i love the actors and think they are hilarious, i just know if they deserve a whole season yet or not. up all night is a show i would like to see succeed, but if you look at the way CBS has developed its comedy line up over the past couple years, its doing a helluva lot better job than nbc who picks up shows for full season with crappy ratings and middling reviews. theyre wasting time and money developing OK shows when they SHOULD be developing shows to replace the office and 30rock, which have limited shelf life at this point.

  29. Paige says:

    Oh, I’m pleasantly surprisied to see Whitney get a full order, I was afraid it wasn’t going to make a full season. In short, yay!

  30. Lolie says:

    I actually enjoy Whitney, and have laughed a couple of times. It will only get better as they find their voice. I can’t stand The New Girl—Zooey’s character is ridiculous and annoying. Better than both of them is Happy Endings, which is consistently funny.

  31. KevyB says:

    These are the two least funny new sitcoms on the air! (And, yes, I’m taking into account that Tim Allen travesty.) I like Will Arnett and Christina Applegate, but they did a show where she wasn’t dressing sexy! WHAT??? Can we have them wake up from a dream and be in a different show?

  32. Amy says:

    Whitney is the worst comedy i’ve seen in recent years. But again NBC is not famous for making good decisions

  33. Guy says:

    So glad to see Up All Night get a full season but not so for Whitney. This show is the 2nd worst comedy this year. The worst is Free Agents. Stupid move NBC on that front. What NBC need to do though is switch both these shows around. Up All Night has way more potential than Whitney.

  34. MJ says:

    And yet Free Agents is better than both of them. Why is no one watching that one ?

  35. Liz Rubinov says:

    Did you people watch these shows?! They are so funny – both of them!! Whitney is amazing and her relationship with her boyfriend is beyond comical.

  36. Tracey Horwitz says:

    Will Arnett makes anything funny, Up All Night is definitely worth watching and DVRing! Whitney is hysterical too – love her.

  37. Lyndsey Watkins says:

    So glad to see Up All Night and Whitney get a full season. Keep watching and if you don’t already – you will end up loving them both!

  38. Rachel Gross says:

    So happy NBC decided to keep Up All Night and Whitney! Good choice!

  39. Jill Kaplan says:

    yayyy for Whitney & Up All Night!! So happpyyyy they are sticking around for the season.

  40. Amanda Grasso says:

    Whitney is one of my favorite shows on television right now! It’s soooo funny! I haven’t seen Up All Night yet, but heard it was very funny.

  41. Allyson Gould says:

    Whitney is AMAZINGGGG and it keeps getting better! so happyyyy

  42. Frank says:

    Up All Night is pretty funny, keeps me entertained.

  43. Nina D. says:

    Whitney is by far my new favorite show on television. Thank you NBC.

  44. Michelle S. says:

    I constantly make my sisters watch Whitney with me, they’re getting in to it! lol.

  45. Rachel Riggins says:

    TOTALLY agree about Whitney’s philosophy of “the silent treatment.” Got in a fight with my boyfriend last week and talked his ear off about how I want to paint my cat’s nails and what I hope to wear on our wedding day (we’re not engaged).

  46. Hilary F. says:

    This show just keeps getting better. Last night I laughed til I cried when she bought the basket of roses! Too funny!