Glee Recap: Viva La Diva-Off!

You can have your Yankees Vs. Tigers. Tonight’s installment of Glee featured diva against diva going head-to-head in the World Series of High-School Musical Auditions. And yeah, it was exciting enough to make me mix sports- and musical theater-metaphors with reckless abandon. If you somehow got distracted perusing Breadstix’s new delivery menu and missed the episode, please allow me to catch you up — in the classic “here’s what you missed on Glee” format:

Will found Emma’s stash of wedding mags and came clean by sharing his own embarrassing periodicals (ewwwww), but when she refused to introduce him to her mom and dad, he boldly invited them to dinner and found out they were “ginger supremacists” (or as Mr. Pilsbury described it, “ginger preservationists”) who only approved of mixing (and mating) with other redheads. Oh, they’re also awful parents, and their meanness reactivated Emma’s OCD in such a hardcore way, the episode ended with Will and Emma praying to God to help her get better. Speaking of high-maintenance parental units, Mike Chang got dragged to the principal’s office by his father (Mr. Mike Chang) to discuss his A- (aka “Asian F”) in chemistry. Prognosis? Time to cut back on glee club, drama club, and possible vampire girlfriend Tina Cohen-Chang. But Mike skipped his tutoring sesh to try out (rather awesomely) for West Side Story, and then his mom revealed she’d given up her own dancing dreams back in the day, and that the two of ’em would break the news to dear ole’ daddy. Cue: Mike Chang’s infectious smile. Cue: Mike giving his mom a dancing lesson. Cue: Me reaching for the Kleenex. Mama’s boys FTW!

In other news from McKinley, Kurt dismissed Brittany’s chances in the campaign for senior-class president till the bubbleheaded blonde’s absolutely smashing flashmob whipped the school’s female population into a frenzy. (No, Michelle Bachmann, this is not the answer for you.) And in a plot development that made as much sense as Season 3’s lack of Karofsky, Rachel considered throwing her hat in the class-president ring despite her thunderous unpopularity — and despite it causing friction with her bestie Kurt.

That wasn’t the only frenemy showdown causing friction, however: Mercedes’ new boyfriend Marcus convinced her it was time to stop playing supporting roles to Rachel’s lead, and while it resulted in a burst of confidence before her West Side Story tryout for the role of Maria, it also brought about a new and cantankerous streak that found her at odds with Mr. Schue, throwing a tantrum during New Directions booty camp that was a throwback to a classic scene from Dreamgirls. After a drama-club callback audition in which Mercedes and Rachel both did what seemed like equally lovely renditions of “Out Here on My Own” (not from West Side Story, naturally), Beiste, Artie, and Emma double-cast the role — one week for Rachel, one week for Mercedes. (The eventual casting of Rachel, Blaine, Santana, and Mike Chang was all very reminiscent of The Glee Project elimination montages, no?) When Ms. Berry couldn’t honestly say she’d outsung Ms. Jones at their callback, though, Mercedes forgot everything she’d learned in kindergarten, decided against sharing, dropped out of the play, dropped out of New Directions, and dropped into Shelby Corcoran’s office offering to join her new, rival show choir. Oh, and also, Mercedes might possibly maybe be preggers. And that’s what you missed on Glee.

Now, before we get to the week’s musical numbers, let’s run through a couple of the episode’s memorable bits of dialogue.

* “I kicked a fire hydrant when I found out Ace of Cakes was canceled.” –Beiste, explaining her crutches

* “Oh, so you’re cool with flushing McKinley High’s future down the magical, poop-stealing water chair?” –Brittany, questioning Rachel’s vote for Kurt

* “Yeah, Kurt looks like Jimmy Fallon’s butch daughter, but a vote for him would only empower yet another frank and beans.” –Santana, arguing why McKinley needs a girl as senior-class president

* “Did you know Breadstix delivers? It’s awesome.” –Bieste, pumped at her lunchtime reverie

* “If anyone else got Tony — including me — the wrath of Sondheim would fall upon McKinley like a plague of Shubert Alley locusts.” –Kurt, discussing casting possibilities for McKinley’s West Side Story production (Did anyone else want to do a cartwheel to celebrate Kurt’s maturity in backing away from a role for which he was clearly not intended?)

Jerks of the Week
Emma’s mom observing her daughter’s OCD outbreak and joking, “Looks like Freaky Deaky is coming down with a mean case of the cleanies.”

Shelby exiting a lunchtime chat with Beiste with this parting shot: “Enjoy your enormous bowl of disgusting, creamy pasta.” Shut your pie-hole, carb-denier!

And now, let’s talk about the music…

“Spotlight,” Mercedes
I liked having a modern J.Hud ditty in the mix, and Amber Riley sounded strong and connected to the material, but I had two problems here: The arrangement was so close to the original, it was a little bit of a shoulder-shrug, and even worse, the lyrics are about a woman dealing with unwelcome and untrusting scrutiny from a lover — not about sharing the spotlight. Oh what I’d have given for a better song choice, or a mashup that made more sense. Musical grade: B+ Relevance to the plot: C+

“Run the World (Girls),” Brittany Rated D for Dayyyyyummmmm! Who run this motha…? The Lady Pearce (or Heather Morris), obvs.
Musical grade: A Relevance to the plot: A-

“Cool,” Mike Chang
Okay, so Mike’s not the strongest singer in New Directions, and Harry Shum Jr.’s not the strongest singer in the Glee cast. But this West Side Story audition was performed with such verve and swagger and charisma (and such artfully exposed biceps) that I’m kinda wondering why dude didn’t get cast as Tony. Anyone else?
Musical grade: A Relevance to the plot: A

“It’s All Over,” Mercedes and Booty Camp Attendees
Oh how I wish this scene gelled better than it did. Amber Riley sung what she brung, and brought the world-weariness and rage of Ms. Effie White. But why did Mercedes = Effie, but the other 100 people in the scene = New Directions members? Also: When has Mercedes ever been anything other than a team player and New Directions MVP? Seriously, nobody’s going to cut her slack for a bad week?
Musical grade: C+ Relevance to the plot: C

“Out Here on My Own,” Rachel vs Mercedes
I support all Rachel-Mercedes diva-offs, whether friendly (“Take Me or Leave Me”) or tense (like this one). What’s not to love about two massive-voiced ladies throwing down in the subject that Glee does best? (Belting 101, I mean.) That said, why didn’t the casting directors choose a number from the musical in question? This just don’t make no kinda sense, if you know what I’m saying. Also: I have to admit I want these two to be friends again!
Musical grade: A- Relevance to the plot: B+

“Fix You,” Schue
My jury is still out on this one. I know Schue is the adult cornerstone of Glee, but most of the time I find myself wanting him to go the way of the teachers on Peanuts. That said, I was really feeling for Emma, crumbled and humbled, praying on the bedroom floor, so I can’t be too mad at the performance. I’ll come back with a grade next week, after I’ve had more time to ponder, if that’s okay with you.
Musical grade: N/A Relevance to the plot: N/A

What did you think of this week’s Glee? Which plot points made you happy, and which had you looking for a rewrite? What was your favorite musical number? Sound off below, and for all my Glee recaps and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sarah says:

    One of the worst Glee episodes, to be honest. Not sure what in the world everyone was thinking when they say it was the best one yet.

    • lydia says:

      really Sarah, worst? I thought it was really a great episode, since “Born This Way” or “Theatricality.” whatever, it’s your opinion. I liked the character development, and how they related to season 1 moments. So, I would give an A- to this episode.

      • Russ says:

        I agree, I think this episode was pretty good. No it wasn’t the best but lets be honest nothing is every going to beat “Wheels”. However this episode had so a-mazing moments.
        The scene when Mike Chang was dancing and visualizing his Dad and Tina was the best moment of the whole episode.
        Also meeting Emma’s parents was a great moment too, it actually made me like Will a little bit more which does not happen ever often.
        Run the World was entertaining, I won’t be buying the song but it was fun to see Quinn and Sue dancing.
        While I wasn’t to fond of Mercedes diva-ing out I do think she was right on that Glee club highlights Rachel too much, though she could have found a better way to express this.
        So overall I think people should be pleased with his episode, if it wasn’t hyped up so much I think people would have been pleasantly surprised.

        • liza says:

          Totally agree with you Russ. Mike Chang visualizing his dad and Tina was very moving and I can’t get over his great dance moves. Enjoyed his singing as well.

          Emma’s parents were insane. Now I can see why she has OCD, hope she can overcome it.

      • on the right track says:

        since ‘theatricality’ glee writers didn’t delivered a great episode, that one was good but not the best, but after season 2 mess anything is better than kurt drama show.
        after last night i don’t know who is the worst actress in the glee cast dianna agron or amber riley, seriosly imagine if that amount of storyline was given to a good actress.

        • Sam says:

          I know you were saying “worst actress” but if you are open to suggestions both male and female, I’d say the hands-down worst actor/actress on the cast is LaMarcus Tinker (is that his name?) – Mercedes’s boyfriend. I could not believe what I was watching when he was on screen. I kept thinking it was a joke. I’ve seen better acting at a middle school drama production.

          • libbie says:

            i totally agree! bad casting choice (sorry baby!!) why cant we give mercedes a real plot point — all those symptoms sound like MS to me — something should be either really wrong with her or a family member — IS LORETTA DEVINE COMING ON TO PLAY HER MOM??

            Anyhoos, I still miss Sam & Britney tore it up and so did Mr Shue — LOOOVED his song and the whole lovely adorable storyline for he and emma. Yea Writers!! Good work.

    • Dianna says:

      There are times when I am embarrassed by some of the things people say. I can NOT understand how you would not be entertained by this episode. Perhaps YOU should stay away from all media and perhaps you can have an open mind and not be so cynical. I found a tremendous amount to love about this episode -Mike’s dancing with his mom, Emma praying, the scene with Mike’s dad and Tina in the practice room, Brittany’s song and dance routine during “Run the World”. Sometimes I think people just want to beat up Glee now -it’s the “in” thing but to do it over this episode?! There is no excuse to do so.

      • MichelleR says:

        I didn’t enjoy it either, and I’m definitely not looking to beat up Glee. I was surprised that it didn’t work for me. And there have maybe been 4 or 5 episodes of Glee, tops, that I haven’t liked. Sometimes people just don’t connect with the material and I think this is a show that, being about music, asks for an emotional connection in order to succeed. This week, it didn’t succeed for me — other than the Emma stuff.

        • Monkeyrat says:

          @MichelleR: x2 to everything you said.

          I didn’t hate this episode, but I didn’t like it either. I just don’t care about Mercedes and Mike (the scene with his mom was adorable though!), I’m tired to see Rachel being the one to blame (yeah because Mercedes didn’t work enough it’s obviously Rachel’s fault everytime she gets something, right?) and they begin to ruin the awesomeness in Beiste (I mean, food, food, “she-hulk”, food… really??). Shane is a terrible addition, the guy has no chemistry whatsoever with Amber, he can’t act and the material he’s given is no better (he’s done nothing but isolate the girl from the group). Total waste of time. I’d like to see Tina a little bit more instead, the girl is underrated and underused.

          Besides I can’t like anything Will-related to save my life so even if Emma broke my heart and Jayma is freakin’ awesome, Will just makes me facepalm everytime he’s on my screen. He’s an uber douche, a terrible teacher, and nothing he can do would ever change that at this point.

          Anyway, as biased as I can be, an episode that doesn’t have at least good Santana and/or Quinn material couldn’t never ever be in my top. The cast and the media “loooooooved it”? Well… good for them.

          • MamaLarson3 says:

            OH! Just when I read the line in your post (@Monkeyrat) that says:

            Shane is a terrible addition, the guy has no chemistry whatsoever with Amber,
            he can’t act and the material he’s given is no better (he’s done nothing but
            isolate the girl from the group).

            It hit me!!

            All the random physical complaining by Mercedes?

            How Shane is starting to take over and decide/control which way Mercedes is going to go with her career?

            And, as Monkeyrat said, how his only purpose on the show seems to isolate her from the group?

            Think! (and, no, they are not going to make Mercedes pregnant because that’s so been done).

            Got it?

            He’s hitting her. I bet you he is beating Mercedes and that’s why she’s acting desperate and complaining about how she’s feeling in really random ways. And she’s suddenly over-emotional.

            Anyone with me?

          • d says:

            I know! It really annoys me that everyone “hates” Rachel because she’s ambitious and she actually works hard for what she wants–though I will say the running for class president is not cool and also not really in character–Mercedes never tries, she just claims to be a diva and a superstar, but she never rehearses and she has an excuse for everything. I’ve done my fair share of school theater and theater outside of school, and there is no way that anyone would cast someone with as much of a lack of dedication as Mercedes for a lead role. Sure she has the potential, but she can’t just expect everything to be thrown in her face! I know this is all fiction, but it really bothers me. Honestly,I think she is more self-centered than Rachel. Rachel may be annoying at times (okay a lot of times) but the fact of the matter is that she is crazy talented and she works at it,she doesn’t just stand there and claim to be awesome and expect everyone to agree with her, she tries to prove her worth, and the fact is that that is gold to teachers. GAAAHHH Mercedes is seriously the most annoying character, next to Britney. I mean seriously, no one is that stupid and naive by the time they are a junior and senior in high school. Now that my rant is over, I have to say I loved everything Mike Chang tonight. “Cool” might not have the largest range, but good lord he sung and danced the hell of that song and that was the best moment of the whole episode for me.

          • Monkeyrat says:

            @d: IKR? It’s like Rachel has to work, BUT also must let Mercedes bathe in the spotlights when she does nothing to earn it and bitch about pretty much everything and everyone. I’m not a huge Rachel fan, but I do like the girl and it bugs me when I see how the girl is always asked to apologize for what she gets. When Rachel gets something (a solo, a part, whatever), she freakin’ worked for it.

            Regarding Brittany: what gets on my nerves the most, besides her being deeply annoying with her one-liners (it would entertain me if it weren’t JUST that but it gets old), is how one episode she talks about unicorns pooping cotton candy, and next thing you know she’s dancing in a leather skirt and/or has a really sexual behaviour. She’s like a sexualized toddler and I just can’t. I used to ship Brittana hardcore, but when S2 finale happened and nothing moved forward for them and Brittany went from “I actually have a brain” (2×20 for instance, her peptalk to Santana, or owning her independence during the prom) to “Just kiddin’, let’s talk about unicorns” (3×02), I don’t even know how I could legit ship them without feeling uncomfortable now. It’s like the same thing all over again. Maybe the coming storyline and seeing them officially dating will change my mind, but for now I’m just tired of the way they write them individually and together.

          • Sookie says:

            @MamaLarson3- I was thinking the exact same thing about Mercedes and Shane. He is isolating her and turning her against her friends, telling her what to do in the name of “loving” her. I don’t know if he is hitting her at this point but maybe that is behind the pain and the nausea. I think it would be an interesting story line.

          • Sarah says:

            @MamaLarson and Sookie
            I think that would be an interesting explanation for the weird behavior going on between those two in this episode, and I’d really like to see it. But I think you’re giving the writers a little too much credit. They can’t pay attention long enough to remember any of that ever happened.

        • Dee says:

          I thought the episode was brilliant on many levels, but I think it had one major problem: if you weren’t a musical theater geek … and possibly if you weren’t an OLDER musical theater geek, you had a fair chance of not connecting to a lot of the depth in the episode. For example, I thought the diva-off choice very interesting, but if you weren’t part of the generation that has a extreme connection to Fame, it’s going to fall pretty flat. (Although, according to IMDB, Fame was remade in 2009? I didn’t know that!)

          Also all the references to Dreamgirls … while the movie is more recent, the original Broadway production was a lot more relevant to the 1980s.

        • Mandy says:

          I didn’t get it…the whole episode felt forced to me. All the emotional storylines were too contrived and just ended up feeling overwrought. I didn’t connect with any of them. As for the sing-off, Lea Michele is the better singer, so it felt forced that we were supposed to believe Mercedes outsang Rachel. And Will…ugh. Every emotion he tries to convey just comes across so cheesy. Fix You was painful. I think Glee should stick to fun, light-hearted comedy and cut out most of the drama.

        • Rachael says:

          I agree with the not connecting with the music thing. I was annoyed by the constant bursting into song, when there could have been more developement. I know it’s Glee and that’s what they do. but the random numbers could be toned down a little.

      • lariet50 says:

        Just throwing in a quick voice of reason here: Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Why must you denigrate others who disagree with yours? I’m sorry, but it’s a TV show. Dial it down.

    • Issa says:

      Thanks. Thought it was just me who couldn’t understand the fuss! We are back to charcters doing things just for plotlines or for the numbers. And I am all for promoting under-served members of the group but it feels like we are doing it all at once here at the expense of more prominent cast members like Finn who has been AWOL this season replaced by Blaine.

      So yeah, have Mercedes and Mike but all in the same rushed episode? It justn’t feel like Glee anymore. And I didn’t think the Mr.Shu character could get any worse, but to set up the dinner and then sing the awful version of Fix You was terrible.

      • Nina says:

        Seriously, where has FINN gone for the last three episodes? He’s my favorite character and Cory is my favorite actor and why can’t we get him some storylines! I know his characterization went through a tough phase last season and I was so looking forward to Finn trying to find himself and plan for his future, but it seems he’s now MIA! Bring him back!!!

    • Katie says:

      I agree. One of the worst by far. At this point I am only watching for Brittany. Too many Broadway songs for my taste. So sue me, I only like whenthey cover pop music! :)

      • Stacey says:

        I feel the same way…can’t STAND when they do the Broadway numbers. I miss when Glee first started…it was an amazing show & interesting way to create a musical TV show but it’s just not as good as it was in season 1. I only watch for the storylines anymore…could care less about the singing. In fact, I prefer to watch this after it already started recording on my DVR so I can fast forward through most of the songs.

    • grace says:

      agree!!!! that episode sucked!

  2. Marty says:

    This episode was hyped way too much for me. Did not deliver.. good episode though.

  3. aayAlex says:

    I An Unicorn >>>>> Asian F.

    • Gerry says:


      “Asian F” >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> “I am Unicorn” easily.

    • Brenda says:

      I agree. I liked the first two episodes better. They certainly had more humor. Asian F was good though. I like Mike’s story the best and his performance of cool. Did not like the others songs at all but the performances of them were good.

  4. Ginger Snap says:

    Glee’s best episode EVER? No. Better than anything I’ve seen in a longtime? Yes. There was a few things that bugged me about this episode. Did the writers really expect us to believe that Mercedes was a better fit for Maria, than Rachel? Do the writers really expect us to believe that Mercedes is a better singer than Rachel? I just wasn’t buying it. I tried to feel bad for Mercedes but I couldn’t. I don’t understand why she has to be so agressive towards Rachel. What was UP, with that temper tantrum in bad camp? She dosen’t work harder than Rachel, she complains ALL the time! Good ridance. I hope she stays in Shelby’s wittle club.

    • Linda says:

      Totally agree with you. How many times are they going to rewrite the supposed diva-off between Rachel and Mercedes? It got old after the second time around. And if Mercedes ends up preggo (all the I don’t feel good lameness), I’ll be done with this show

    • Tess says:

      Worse yet, did the writers expect us to think that all of the sudden Mercedes would turn into an ungracious diva biyotch? Granted, on some rare occasions Mercedes has given us some positive diva (“Hell To The No” comes to mind)but I didn’t buy her suddenly reserved lack of confidence (she’s always believed in her voice, if nothing else) and her need to have her new boyfriend instill confidence in her was a bit of an insult (especially in an episode proclaiming female power with the use of “Run The World”) and then to have her sudden confidence turn into this mega attitude just didn’t work, at least not for me. I did like Mike finally getting some storyline since it was a good change of pace and even a bit of Emma’s background (though it seemed both of their sets of parents were a bit wasted) but I could do without Shue attempting to belt out Coldplay. He cannot hit those notes without sounding like someone is grabbing him in an inappropriate manner.
      I’m still sticking with it (heck, I stuck out the full four years of Heroes so I think I can muster the strength to give Glee my time still) but at this point it is largely because I am looking forward to Damian McGinty in the next ep and Sam Larsen down the road. I’m hoping they can help inject some fun back into this show. Tonight was a downer for me.

      • Jessica says:

        EXACTLY! I have identified with Mercedes from the beginning, mostly because she was the only black person in a sea of wonderbread like I was in high school, but this episode was just too much. It’s not enough that she has basically been a living, breathing stereotype from the get-go but now she has this awful attitude and only finds confidence in herself when she has a boyfriend. I am just really disappointed that this is how the writers have decided to portray her.

        • Trina says:

          Why would you identify with a character because of their race? You should identify with the character because of who they are not because of their skin tone.

          • tvlover44 says:

            @trina – jessica was very clear that she identified because, like mercedes, she was the only black person in her high school. in other words – *she shared her experience”. and don’t pretend like there aren’t racial aspects to character identification all the time – you can’t just skip over the fact that race plays a role in our lives and in our perceptions of narratives that we consume, including television shows. geez…

        • oakie says:

          uh, EVERYBODY is a stereotype on the show. that’s what most of the humor stems from.

    • Aaron says:

      IMHO, Mercedes was the better choice this time around purely through song choices alone. I agree that Lea Michele is much more suited for the role for future song choices, but in case of sheer character song strength for what they’ve shown, Mercedes’ songs have been better than Rachel’s thus far, and her voice was stronger in “Out Here on My Own”…but again, that’s just me.

      The one thing I *did* want to sound off on is: are you kidding me? Mercedes and Rachel have been in competition — serious competition — since day one. Remember “Pilot” when Mercedes busted “Sit Down, You’re Rocking the Boat” to remind people that she was already tired of playing second to Rachel? Or “Sectionals” and the competition for the ballad with “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going”? Or when she joined Cheerios because she was never given enough chances to shine? While the second season *was* a train wreck and they *have* gotten friendlier, even fans of Rachel (I am a fan, but very much disagree that she’s the best character on the show) have to concede that she gets at least one solo every. single. episode.

      Season one’s invitationals — Rachel solos. Season one’s sectionals — Rachel solos (twice). Season one’s regionals — Rachel solos (three times, though she shares). Season two’s “Rocky Horror” — Rachel nabs the lead by her own default. Season two’s sectionals — only reason Rachel doesn’t solo is that Emma points out Schue’s habit-forming picking of Rachel. Season two’s regionals — Rachel solos. Season two’s nationals — Rachel solos, again, twice. If *I* were Mercedes, I would have quit New Directions as well; just saying.

      • Whatever says:

        If you really think mercedes was better than rachel in out here on my own then you have a problem. There was no contest in who should be maria.

        • Joe says:

          I thought Rachel’s Out her on my Own was better. And Rachel audition piece was so much better, she sang a Maira song and dressed the part. Mercedes sang a r&b song and dressed like a night club singer. Maria is a naive teenager. Mercedes proved she was a great singer but we already knew that her auditions did not prove she could be Maria.

          • Sookie says:

            Good point about the auditions. Rachel was definitely more of a Maria in her audition and I was confused as to why Mercedes audition wowed the judges so much.

      • Amy says:

        Mercedes was the lead in Rocky Horror… Janet is in no way a lead compared to Frankenfurter.

      • Trina says:

        Aaron, are you one of those people who thinks every kid on the losing team deserves a trophy? In real life, there are hundreds of people who show up for casting calls and only one of them gets the part – the best one. Rachel gets the solos because she’s the best singer. The competitions that New Directins has won were won when Rachel sang solos. Not everyone in the group gets to do solos because not everyone is that good – just like real life.

      • Brad says:

        Why should Mercedes have betten Rachel? Because I’m just sick of the Glee world revolving around Rachel. It’s gone way too far. I’m glad that Finn has been in the background lately. The boy can’t sing.

        I love Dennis, playing Blaine, however, I’m concerned he’s going to be the next Rachel Berry. Not in his attitude but in the overruse of him. Looks like “The Rachel Show.” is going to become “The Blaine Show”

        Lastly, I thought for sure that Amber was one the Glee members who was staying for next year, but, she made a comment in the show that this is her last year. I’m confused about this one.

  5. Linda says:

    Did they mistakenly air the wrong episode tonight? Because that was NOT the “best episode ever”. I should have watched the Tiger/Yankees game instead. I wish Glee would go back to season 1 goodness.

  6. andrea says:

    I think it was a good episode overall, and it wasn’t hype at all

  7. Herbs says:

    In one of Ausiello’s spoilers he said, Mercedes diva attitude would be addressed. When was it? She was getting on my nerves as soon as she walked into boot-y camp LATE AND complaining. And her snapping at Mr. Schue was childish. Mercedes didn’t deserve that part. Her performance of Spotlight was subpar, it wasn’t better than Mercedes best or even Rachel’s worst. Please, if anyone can explain to me why on earth Mercedes deserved that part with logic and reason. Explain it to me.

  8. C says:

    Where did I miss Mercedes maybe being preganant?

    • MichelleR says:

      The song she sang from Showgirls was when Effie was late because she’d found out she was pregnant — the whole part about not feeling good and having pain. I don’t know that they’re actually going there.

      • Amanda says:

        Ditto. I caught the line in the song, too, but since it wasn’t clear if the cast was singing to Effie or Mercedes, I wasn’t sure. The other things Mercedes said about feeling sick and sleeping could support this, but really, another pregnant student in New Directions? Do they really want to go there?

  9. em says:

    totally missed the mercedes pregnant thing? was there a hint dropped somewhere?

  10. Darren says:

    Seriously people some of your expectations are too high. For the love of god, it is a tv show about high schoolers who sing. If you don’t like the show, don’t watch. that simple. with that being said… I enjoyed it. I am happy to see some character development. I thought some of the songs were a little out of place, but still a pretty solid episode.

  11. Catty says:

    Although, I was sadden that Rachel decided to run for president, I understand where she was coming from. I felt bad for her. But was pleasantly suprised she didn’t try to sabatoge Mercedes. Rachel’s seems desperate to get college credits and get out of the “insignificant town of Lima”. I wish she would have won the part fairly and wish the judges would have told the truth. Rachel won by a landslide.

  12. Jo says:

    Just so-so. Loved the scene with Mike dancing with his mom though. Brittany’s number was not great and Fix You was absolutely horrible!

  13. Marc says:

    I thought it was a good episode. I thought the music was well used in the plot. Well, Mercedes could have used a lot other songs from “Dreamgirls” or from any Whitney Houston albums. Anyways, the Emma-Will scenes really got to me. I felt really bad for Emma. “Fix You” number was awesome, and *appropriate* (haven’t used that word since season 1)
    I’m happy about the writers digging into Mike Chang and Mercedes storylines. This makes Glee, the show as a whole, look as an ensemble, rather than season 2, where guest stars (like Holly Holiday) or recurring stars (Darren Criss) dragged the core plot lines of Glee club away from the storyline. I’m looking forward for this season.

    • art says:

      Yeah, I’m glad they are finally rounding out the cast and putting more focus on the other members. Question though.. when are they finally going to delve more into Tina? She’s been there from the beginning and barely has any lines or gets to finish a single song. They can for sure do more with her spunk and Broadway chops. Girl can sing but no one would be the wiser since she’s used only as a backup singer to Mercedes most of the time.

  14. jess says:

    Mercedes is NOT pregnant. Amber Riley has been emphatically meeting since the episode ended.

  15. Rissa says:

    Pretty good episode but definitely not the best. Made me dislike both Mercedes & Rachel. Loved the Mike & Emma storylines. “Fix You” was horrible!

    • Carmichael says:

      welcome to the club, I’ve disliked Rachel for a long time and Mercedes whole “I don’t have to learn to dance because I can sing” thing has been getting on my nerves lately

    • Kelly says:

      I don’t get how people dislike Rachel. Everyone has their flaws and makes mistakes but for some reason no matter what Rachel does people don;t excuse her. I hate how she is wrong for going for what she wants. Double standard for sure.

  16. Darren says:

    Really, Slezak? “When has Mercedes ever been anything other than a team player and New Directions MVP?”. She is NEITHER. When has Mercedes EVER been a team player? She’s always complaining about getting more solo’s and clearly said she didn’t want to go/be in boot camp. Please. Are we watching the same show? Disapointed you didn’t like the Dreamgirls thing. I thought it was relevant and cool.

    • AmandaLynn says:

      So does Rachel!!! I normally don’t comment, but I’m am sooo sick of people saying all Mercedes do is complain for solos…SO DOES RACHEL! They are only suppose to be high school students, they throw fits when they don’t get their way, they aren’t acting like adults, because they aren’t suppose to be adults. The only difference is when Mercedes doesn’t get them, they usually throw her in the back and it becomes the “RACHEL and FINN” show! Don’t get me wrong, I like Lea Michele’s voice, but her facial expressions makes me wanna slap her! It looks like shes trying to poop with every high note she hits!! lol When Mercedes say she doesn’t rehearse, it doesn’t necessarily mean she doesn’t sing outside Glee club, if she sings in ANY church choir, she rehearses and most R&B singers only practice at their church choir rehearsals, but Glee doesn’t go that far into details. I guess you’re suppose to assume this

      This whole show wasn’t believable, West Side Story wasn’t the right play for them to fight over. While I agree that Rachel would have been a better Maria, she didn’t out sing Mercedes because it’s all in what preference you have. Like I prefer Amber Riley’s voice to Lea Michele, because Amber would most likely sing they type of songs I would buy, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she is better, it’s just who I would prefer. Like I would also prefer Santana’s voice to Rachel and I FFd through Kurt because to me he’s too boring.

  17. Theresa says:

    I want Damian mcginty already!
    In relevance to this episode though it was ok not what I was expecting. I’m sick of the flip flop with Rachel winning people over just for them to hate her again, I mean she’s smart she would have learned her lesson that some of the other episodes have taught her.
    I feel like glee needs to go back to it’s bare bones original spark of season one.

    • george says:

      For some reason the writers on hell bent on making Rachel the bad guy whenever possible to pump someone else up. It makes not sense.

  18. Sharon says:

    Can some of you get over the fact it wasn’t perfect?? It was better than 90% better than season 2, with Mike and his mom dancing, Mercedes and Rachel drama, Mike and the relationship with his dad and Tina, and “Run the World”. Stop complaining and be happy with what you got.

  19. yep says:

    I thought it was really really good. And I’m rather a harsh critic when it comes to Glee. Episode 1 good. Episode 2 better. I really like this one. Character development and continuity was great. I’m not a Wemma fan but they were great and moving. Not a Coldplay fan or the Fix You song so oh well. Loved Mercedes development and Shelby had no joiners until Mercedes. Agree Spotlight was done well but didn’t apply to the story. Rachel wasn’t so obnoxious this time. Finn backed her. You go Finn. I feel the story isn’t going to be about a musical but the riff and descention of the Glee club trying to get back on track before Sectionals. And how about Mike Chang, You brought it all out tonite. Great job. Brittany singing Run for the World was great. All in all a really really good episode good story all the characters. The music was as always great. I love all things Glee.

    • Juliana says:

      Finn was awesome!!! Hopefully he will get more screen time!

    • kate says:

      Finn was an awesome boyfriend, but where are the FINN storylines! Rachel and Kurt are getting more to do besides being with their significant others. We need to see more of Finn too.

  20. jill says:

    Why is Rachel always made to be the bad guy.Rachel was actually pretty nice to Mercedes yet Mercedes was a raging b this episode.Also are we seriously supposed to believe that she was better then Rachel? It seems that Rachel is always being ostrocized for her ambitions and she would actually make a prettty good class president with her work ethic and all.

    • Tim says:

      Well said.

    • jilly says:

      Needs repeating. Why is Rachel always being ostracized for her ambitions…

      Glee makes it seem wrong to be driven.

      • Katie says:

        Her ambition is NOT the problem. Her willingness to stab people in the back, betray them or straight run them over is. With friends like Rachel Berry, you would never need an enemy. Rachel’s a character that they refuse to let completely grow. Everytime she starts to be a little less self centered, they have her do something so completely heinous it reminds me why I hate her.

        • Jones says:

          She didn’t stab Mercedes in the back though. Mercedes knew the part was important to Rachel but went for Maria anyway. Brittany knew the Presidency was important Kurt but she went for it too. But only Rachel was the bad one for going after what someone else wanted.

  21. sladewilson says:

    Didn’t take long for the bashing of Mercedes to begin. First, I love how many folks state Mercedes can’t hang with Rachel, talent wise. Two different styles doesn’t equal better or worse. Two, I’ve read the comments about Glee on here since the site went up and not once have I seen someone recognize that Mercedes has image issues up the wazoo. She’s as “broken” as everyone else in New Directions. No, she’s just all “diva” like and she don’t deserve to be. It’s a shield, people. Recognize.

    As for who would be a better Maria, of course it would be Rachel. But really, who didn’t recognize that? It was all about the battle to come, folks. Or maybe the chance to grow up? Shelby teaching Mercedes instead of Rachel? Hmmmm… can you say drama? And I blame the new boyfriend for putting that battery on my girl’s back to begin with – troublemaker… :-)

    • Jessica says:


    • 8daysaweek says:

      Mercedes is so awful. She shows up late, doesn’t rehearse, doesn’t care about learning to dance and still demands that everyone bow down to her.
      Mercedes Jones is no diva. All the great divas work at what they do. Does she think Streisand doesn’t rehearse? Beyonce doesn’t work out and perfect her dances? Say what you want about Rachel Berry, she works for the solos and parts she gets.
      Shelby is not going to put up with her crap and I can’t wait to see it.
      And of course yet another episode of Glee with no variety in the music and out-of-nowhere plot lines. I would suggest the writers curb whatever they’re smoking but at this point some illegal substances might actually help the show.

    • Joann says:

      This is what the core of Glee is — the constant battle between the two best female singers. Mercedes is good — but Rachel has the better work ethic.

      And to comment on some previous posts — No, I don’t think Mercedes is pregnant, but I think her new boyfriend is less than gracious with her. As for hitting her, I don’t think so, maybe verbally abusing her when she isn’t around the the other glee members. We know she has an esteem issue, but I really don’t think she would put up with someone physically abusing her.

    • Kathy says:

      Problem is people are always saying Mercedes is great even Rachel. Mercedes did some major rewriting of history in this one. Please Rachel is NOT Mr Shue’s favorite and when has anyone ever tried to make Rachel happy, if anything it is a game to make her unhappy.

      • yep says:

        You said it. Say it again. Now I’m screaming it. He yelled at her s2 Special Edision. He tried to get her to come back to glee s1 and said “Sometimes I’m your only fan”. None would gove her the time of day on any ideas for Regionals s2( original songs) except Quinn and Finn brought it up. Quinn’s public Rachel backing was for selfish purpose(keep your enemies closer) where cowardly Finn back Rachel only when Quinn brought it up first. They all voted against Rachel. Mr Shue has always told Rachel he would make it fun for her but not about her. Rachel in s1 and s2 had her eyes opened big time being humbled to the core on many many occasions. More than anyone on the club. Even Santana never got yelled at when she bully Rachel and all others s1 and s2 especially when she outed Finn and Santana’s indecretion publically just to humiliate Rachel. Rachel never argues or reciprocates any backtalk to get even. She has always taken and tried to forgive even when terribly hurt by others comments. I just do not get the Rachel hate in this episode especially.

  22. Jb says:

    Mercedes’ boyfriend’s name is Shane.

  23. JoshS says:

    There’s no way Mercedes deserved that part. She’s turned into a bitch. Rachel for the win!

  24. Issa says:

    I appreciated all the original aspects this week: the characters confronting ‘Effie’ and the way the list for the roles were posted. What always jolts me though are the script/plot weaknesses which was what undid any of the good work of season 2. Santana is back…erm how and when? And I simply cannot believe that Finn has done no more than offer some morale boosting to Rachel. Could we not have at least seen the conversation with Kurt over who he would vote for. Could we not have had one less song just to allow a bit more dialogue? The Girls song just seemed to be added for the perves to see Brittany in leather…

    • Penny says:

      AMEN! Finn is a lead too. And while it’s nice that this episode took the focus off Kurt for a bit (he’s my favorite, but his storyline was taking up a lot of screentime) I would have loved to see that conversation between him and Finn. They’re brothers, for crying out loud, they have a great dynamic, and Cory needs something interesting to do. That’s not a scene with Lea. Finchel is adorable…but there are other aspects of Finn’s life. At least he sort of called Rachel out, there.

  25. Derek says:

    Um. The diva-off of the year? The clash of titans? Anything BUT. I’m a guy (granted a gay one) but I cried during Rachel’s and Shelby’s rendition of ‘Somewhere’, I bopped my head to Mercedes ‘Spotlight’ but felt no emotional connection and thats the problem I have with Mercedes and Amber Riley. I can never tell if Amber is in character or not. I don’t think people should bash Mercedes though. She’s not a favorite character of mine bit theres always room for improvement. Comparing Lea and Amber is like comparing Celine Dion to Whitney Houston. . .I’m a Celine fan.

    • Amy says:

      She’s never in character, because she doesn’t have one. She plays herself. IT’s season three and she just admitted to starting to “dig deep into her character.” I get that Amber Riley has been front and center, but as a professional actress she should have done some amount of prepping over two years.
      I completely agree that her songs have no emotional draw. I love hearing her hold a note, but that is only when she wows me.

      • jut says:

        Well it is season three should should have at least had some idea rolling and in her head by now. If that is the excuse being given it is a lousy one.

  26. Sal says:

    Amber Riley confirmed on Twitter that Mercedes is not pregnant.

  27. Shelly says:

    It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t great either. I’m a hardcore Gleek and will usually see even the most mediocre performance as “thrilling”. However, this episode left me struggling to find one strong enough to keep my attention. My mind started wandering half way through each performance. I wanted to love it with all my Gleek heart, I just couldn’t.

  28. Nicole says:

    Did no one else catch the dig at the kardashians?

  29. Eric says:

    I could have rooted for Mercedes if her motives for wanting to be Maria were because she truly wanted it. I was also annoyed how she just wanted to be in Shelby’s Glee club to get more solos. She’s not a team player. I see that Santana will be joining the other Glee club as well. Oh, well now they can do all the R&B songs they want. Let me guess both Glee clubs will be competing against each other at Regionals. ANOTHER Rachel vs. Mercedes. Give it a rest. Rachel ftw.

  30. Cathy says:

    I agree with a lot of the above posts. Mercedes has always been selfish, and while Rachel is usually pretty selfish, she has given up the spotlight to Mercedes before. First season sectionals, anyone? The only reason Rachel sang was b/c one of the other clubs sang Mercedes’ song. And her complaining that Rachel wasn’t in booty camp? All that girl does is practice! I feel like they put in that plot point about Rachel running for president just to try to make us not like her and root for Mercedes, but it didn’t work. And Mercedes was not better than Rachel, I thought for a minute Rachel was going to give the part up to Mercedes, at least THAT didn’t happen.

    Also, I’m sick of the not at all funny ‘coach bieste eats everything in sight’ story lines.

  31. Mikaylah says:

    The most moving part, for me, was the end with Emma. I felt so bad for her, and for Will who had no idea how to help her. <3 them.

    • Monkeyrat says:

      Maybe he could begin with not organizing a dinner with his girlfriend’s parents against her will? Or interrupting her prayer to state how much HE feels bad? You know, having a little respect for his significant other…

    • Beth says:

      Thank you! I loved this and when he stood up to her parents. They are so cute.

  32. Rich says:

    I know someone had to notice the fact that Mercedes knew none of the Broadway terms or anything about the casting type process. Haha. Oh yeah. “She wants it”.

  33. Rick says:

    I tend to get really aggravated when Glee is inconsistent with plot points, and I’m never shy to complain. However, I think the writers are continuing to do well this season. I’m not thrilled with Rachel’s sudden presidential run despite her lack of popularity, and I hope to God that Mercedes isn’t pregnant (I didn’t even pick up on this in the episode). That said, I’m quite pleased with Glee so far this season. Much more consistent plot/characters and great storyline directions.

    • s says:

      I think her acting all sick was an excuse to get out of practicenot any real illness or pregnancy. Jesse St James said she was lazy. During the song where they addressed her as Effie going back to s1 name given her, all the club dissed her attitude, unwillingness to practise dancing,etc. So this was not just a story for this episode but a build up of Mercedes attitude and resentment brewing and intiated and encouraged by Shane. I not to cool with him right now. It seems as she’s taking his advise tp attack and demand an issue resolvement but all it did was backfire in her face. All divas need an attitude adjustment. Rachel’s has had many and Kurt too. The three divas. Now they’re all pit against each other. Instead of friends. I guess this will be a great storyline that friends can be and are more important than winning or a role or NYADA. I think a great lessen for all teenagers to learn. I think it was well written in every way. I’m not a fan of s2 at all and have voiced my concerns on many occasions now the writers have implemented sound story with continuity joining s1 and s2 back story into this one. They should be but what I’ve seen as comments are things taken out of context of the story just to diss a small detail that Glee has always stretched a detail to a mile to make it humorous or add drama. I’m hoping people can see the overall show and not nitpik it.

  34. Likeditalot says:

    I really enjoyed tonite’s episode. Great story to involve Mercedes and her divaness whish she does have. But she didn’t want to be all aggressive til her boyfriend Shane talked her into it. When she was kicked out of Glee, she really regretted her actions. Especially, when she turned down the shared role to make her point you could tell when she was looking at all of the club checking out who won each role. I don’t get where people hate on Rachel tonite at all, she admitted to Finn Mercedes was better on the 1st audition and she questiones her 2nd because she went to Bieste to sign up for candidate for Pres. She admitted to Kurt her reservations at winning the role and that she needed the office of Pres to help to ks for get in NYADA. Yeah, Kurt was her she signed up but I feel since she won the role by default(her words of admission to not all out winning the part)she will drop out of the running for Pres. Leaving Kurt and awesome Brittany to vie. I am totally happy with what I saw on the TV screen. Done well. All writers and cast should be given kudos. And why has Mike Chang not sung before. He’s good.

  35. Ed says:

    It was a great episode, but I would hardly call it the best episode ever.

  36. AndyLuvr says:

    As someone who was torn between studying the arts and medicine, I totally related to Mike Chang’s storyline. It’s great for Asian characters to be prominently featured on this show. And I fell in love more with Mike and Tina’s pairing. Mrs. Chang FTW!!!

    Rachel has always irritated me but now she’s a megalomaniacal sociopath. I think I do really hate her now.

    I still don’t see how Rachel and Mercedes can play Maria since neither chick is a classically trained soprano, but whatever.

    I cannot wait to see Naya Rivera do “America” and “A Boy Like That/I Have a Love!”

  37. Jenny says:

    It wasn’t going to ever live up to the hype for everyone. I wouldn’t call it the best episode ever but I also think you can’t really say that until the show is done. It is definitely in my top 5. There something back this season that was lost season 2. I haven’t been excited about songs this season, but I am enjoying most of the story lines. I actually think things are happened based on characters.

  38. Reality Check says:

    Note the character RACHEL BERRY and the WRITERS at GLEE: “In 10 years you won’t even remember the people from highschool, maybe one or two people and you sure as hell won’t stay in touch”. I understand Kurt was upset but I can put myself in Rachel’s shoes, she wants to do everything she can to get into college. And didn’t Kurt already admit he wasn’t good enough to get into NYADA? I hate how the writers treat Rachel sometimes, they use her as a punching bag to progess other characters storylines or to teach them a lesson. Mercedes is even more unlikeable than she was before. Just when I thought a character couldn’t erk my nerves more than Quinn.

  39. Ronnie says:

    I think the reason they are not singing the songs from West side story is that they are saving them for an episode with the school play. They don’t want to repeat any songs on any episode.

  40. Bethann says:

    It’s a fairly typical practice to audition with a song from a musical *other than* the one for which you’re trying out because it prevents any preconceived ideas of how you should sound and avoids invitation to inevitable comparison to any well-known/iconic versions of the song.

    • Heather says:

      THANK YOU. I do feel like this was a good, well-written episode over all, but coming from a theater background, I have such a problem with these auditions. 16 bars, not from the musical you’re auditioning for, and it’s not just about the singing! Mercedes shouldn’t be Maria for the simple fact that she can’t dance (as established by this season). And double casting in high schools is not unheard of.

    • veronica says:

      Not to mention…Maria doesn’t actually have a solo in West Side Story. Even in I Feel Pretty, there are other girls singing with her. So it would be difficult for them to have Rachel and Mercedes sing a solo song of Maria’s when there really isn’t one.

    • Frank says:

      But Mercedes song was nothing special and it didn’t show her ability or range to sing a song by Maria at all.

    • Amy says:

      Thank you! It was driving me crazy that they were all auditioning with (or at least talking about auditioning with) songs from West Side Story. As a Theater major, we were always taught that that was a major no-no.

  41. Melody says:

    Not crazy about the usage of “It’s All Over”. Mercedes in that moment, with the support of the new bf, is ready to walk out of New Directions (as her own choice) while the group wants her to stay (and fall in line). “It’s All Over” is the complete opposite. Effie wants to stay and everyone else is pushing her out. Made no sense. [Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Breakaway’ isn’t quite angry enough, but it seems more suited to Mercedes outgrowing New Directions. I bet somebody else out there will have an even more perfect song suggestion.]

    My only other complaint was Beiste’s poor table manners. Coach is ungraceful and sometimes has a temper, but she’s not uncouth to the point of offensive, that I recall.

    I liked the rest of the episode, but it won’t make my top 10 list.

  42. Go away Kurt says:

    I have never been so sick and tired of a character in my life. I used to be a huge kurt fan, and now I hate him. I am so tired of the writters trying to make me go poor kurt, and f u rachel. It is so annoying that I have to feel sorry for him ALL THE TIME. I am so sick of him. He has become my least favorite tv character EVER. I am sick of him always being the victim, and rachel always being the bad guy. I do not think rachel should be president though, and I think that she will drop out of the race. Ugh, I just really can’t stand kurt at all anymore. Now, he is officially my least favorite character of all time. Poor kurt? No, ugh. Sorry, rant over.

  43. Kevin says:

    I really liked this episode. And I love that I’ve been more focused on the actual storylines than the songs. I don’t think Mercedes was being a bitch, I think she just got tired of being singled out and finally pointed out that the glee club has turned into the Rachel Berry Show. She was never directly mean to Rachel though. I honestly felt like Mr. Schuester was being a bigger bitch than Mercedes was during the Booty Camp scene. I actually really liked the Dreamgirls scene, I thought it was extremely clever. Loved the Emma and Mike storylines. I hope that the Glee club is back together by Sectionals, I’d hate to see the two rival clubs compete against each other (but I doubt the second club would even have enough members). Hooray for consistent writing!

    • Nora says:

      Yes, because she is the only one who has ever been singled out and always in such an unfair way. Not that Rachel EVER has. Or Kurt… Or Santana. Or Quinn. Or Sam. Mercedes has always been such a helpless victim of people picking on her. Oh wait…?

    • Davey says:

      She has called out Rachel since day one. She called her a skinny kiss ass. She wouldn’t except Rachel plea of friendly competition. Mercedes wouldn’t even except a fair compromise. If Mercedes wants the spotlight and her biggest competition in Rachel than she needs to step it up and work as hard or harder than Rachel.

      • likeditalot says:

        agree totally. What Mercedes said about Rachel was an extremely low blow when Rachel was congratulating her on being double casted for the lead. Rachel wasn’t there to stand up for herself. This backstabbing of Mercedes just showed her selfishness and she totally deserved being called on it by Mr Shue and all the other club members even Santana was in her face. This was the only time that anyone on the club ever stood up for Rachel in the slightest even if they were addressing Mercedes diva attitude aggression. IMO she deserved to get kicked out.

  44. Felicity says:

    I liked the episode, but the most unrealistic part is that Maria in West Side Story is a SOPRANO. ALL of her songs are soprano song. She does not belt ANY of her songs. Anita is the belter. So, it makes zero sense that they would have a belt-off. A true call-back would comprise of singing a song or songs from the show and reading lines with potential Tonys to see if there is any chemistry and if you can act. Rachel sang “Somewhere” last week in a key that was much lower than the one in the musical. Of all the musicals in the world, they could have picked something with a role that Rachel or Mercedes would actually be suited for.

    • riddlethis says:

      Um, it’s a high school musical directed by the football coach, a guidance counselor and a student. I think it’d be more unreasonable for them to conduct the auditions as a professional show would.

      • Carissa says:

        It’s the way every callback from elementary school forward is run, not just professional. Just because the directors aren’t Broadway performers doesn’t mean they aren’t familiar with the material for the show they are supposed to be staging.

  45. Cheyenne says:

    I enjoyed the episode, but it wasn’t my favorite… and actually, my favorite number was “It’s All Over”. I’m kind of sick at how Mercedes, when an episode is about her, always plays the victim. She’s admitted to never rehearsing songs, she doesn’t want to dance or practice, she’s got a diva attitude that’s 1000x’s worse than Rachel’s attitude ever thought of being. I just hope she realizes how much of a jerk she’s being. She says that she’s tired of being in the background, yet she’s never really done anything to work at being a lead.
    Best parts of the episode, in my opinion, were the Blaine/Kurt moments, Run the World, Mike and his mom dancing, when the kids found out which role they got and Kurt being told he could be Jimmy Fallon’s butch daughter… Can’t wait for the return in November though!

  46. Captain says:

    Definitely my favourite episode yet (this season) but I watched it at a Glee viewing party so my judgement may have been swayed by the fun we were having laughing and making fun of everyone (in a fun way, we’re definitely Gleeks). I loved the Brittany scene, why couldn’t we get more of her in the episode?

    • Love Glee says:

      I’m so jealous- I love to watch Glee with a viewing party. Right now I watch with it friend the next day and we laugh so hard, we sometimes cry. It’s hard to explain it but Glee is so much funnier when you watch it with someone else.

  47. Captain says:

    I have to agree about Fix You. When I heard it in the promo, I got so excited cause I love that song and thought “Matt is actually doing a great job of this” but when I heard it in the episode it was a bit off. I don’t think his voice was suited for it as well as I thought it would be and nothing really compares to the original.

  48. Kris says:

    I completely agree about the Dreamgirls song. Why was Mercedes Effie while everyone else is their characters? Made no sense. Also it didn’t flow with the episode at all. I give props to Glee for trying to be different but it didn’t work.

    • Michele says:

      As mentioned by me below – if you watch the scene at the beginning where Mercedes was about to hug Rachel and wish her luck he tells us why the song was that way. She wants to be Beyonce but Mercedes sees herself as Ephie deep down (no confidence and liable to be stepped on)

  49. Michele says:

    Mercedes saw herself as Ephie for the reasons her man friend said – You say your Beyonce but you think of yourself as Ephie. Thus the way they wrote it.

    Personally it was a great episode that suffers from the hype from critics calling it the best ever.

    The senior year pressure and panic fit nicely. The Emma/Will relationship solidified in the quiet moments and the song. I would agree Spotlight was oddly misplaced.

    My one complaint was the shows decision to have to rival showchoirs in one school as a reason to bring Shelby back and place her in the school. Most schools can’t afford any arts let alone two show choirs whether daddy is writing a check or not.

    And from the preview I also hope that the implied Quinn is a mustache twirling bad guy doesn’t remain all season or end up one note.

    • Sookie says:

      From the previews it looks like Puck and Shelby might be headed into an inappropriate relationship. And I kind of like evil Quinn, I wish she’s kept her hair pink.

  50. fiona says:

    the fact that every person prior to the episode screening had said this was the best episode ever probably built up my expectations but i just found that the editing just wasn’t the greatest.

    Don’t get me wrong because I loved a lot of the individual scenes, but the pacing was soo…. off. I felt that Mike’s story should have stretched across the entire episode instead of being clumped together in the beginning. His story would have been amazing, if only it wasn’t sped through so much. And having 2 songs back to back in the beginning also kept the pacing too fast.

    As for the characters, Mercedes was such a diva. Everytime someone “convinces” her to put herself out more she turns into a total beast (and not in a good way). And to be honest, why does she always have to have a tantrum. Will wasn’t targetting her, actually, he was harsher this year to all of them, notably quinn and santana as well. Mercedes just doesn’t try hard enough in other aspects of glee club except for belting out songs. she quits after a couple a steps, she’s “late because she overslept” in the afternoon. She could’ve learned to share the spotlight having a whole week to herself, but nope it was all or nothing. The same with bootie camp.

    As for “Its All Over” number, it had potential, but the effect would have been better if they sang the song in real time, and not just her imagination.

    I don’t like how they just pass over the blaine-kurt-tony issue as if it was nothing, they could have had some tension over it. But then again glee does this a lot. Passing over stories that could have some good action just so they can skip over for something else.

    • Brenda says:

      Don’t forget how they skipped over the tension of Santana being kicked off the Glee Club which lasted about 5 seconds.

    • Puckleberry says:

      I liked the episode, didn’t love it though. And part of it was because of what I thought was choppy editing. I thought it was just me, but then commenting with friends, we all agreed there was something off that didn’t let us truly enjoy the stories, what the characters were going through, the diva-off…the overall show. As for the Tony casting, yup the way they presented it ruined the let’s call it cliffhanger of the previous episode. Still, it was an enjoyable experience watching Asian F.