Exclusive Castle First Look: Nathan Fillion Reunites With Drive Co-Star Kristin Lehman

Awkward threesome alert!

Castle‘s Oct. 17 episode finds Nathan Fillion reconnecting with his Drive leading lady Kristin Lehman, and judging the first look pics below, Beckett (Stana Katic) is having none of their little reunion.

Castle‘s Stana Katic Opens Up About Kate Being Crazy in Love with Rick

“There is fun to be had in that episode with the Castle and Beckett relationship, for sure,” showrunner Andrew W. Marlowe recently told TVLine’s Matt Mitovich, referring to The Killing actress’ guest stint as a sexy art insurance investigator. “Anytime a very attractive woman has her eye on Castle, and with Castle being the kind of guy he is, it makes for some interesting sparks.”

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  1. Maria says:

    i love Nathan and he is perfect as Castle but he really needs to lose some weight. he looks terrible this season .

    • Corey says:

      I think he looks that way because of the guilt he feels from Beckett’s shooting. Working with her is healing him but slowly. I do love how in just the first 3 episodes how Beckett is dropping very subtle hints about love and such to Castle, in a way, letting him know she remembers.

      • Stefanie says:

        Hi, I just read what you have said about Nathan Fillion’s weight gain. I agree. He did gain a lot of weight. It’s obvious in his face, neck and how he either has on a blazer or a jacket all the time – you don’t see him with just a plain tee shirt or a tight fitting shirt this season (season 4)

        I don’t think many people know that this passed summer of 2011 he went with his girlfriend to Italy for a 6 weeks on vacation. Yes, Going to Italy for that long would make an annorexic gain weight. if I had to guestimate – I would say he put on about 25 lbs and is having a hard time loosing it. Nathan is 40. (don’t quote me on the date, but I think his birthday is in March – which he will be 41) the older you get, the harder it is to loose the weight. Just wanted to let you know where he was this summer…..thats where he gained all his weight. I’m sure the producers of Castle aren’t too happy but I do know that he’s working out with a personal trainor. Thanks for the comment!

        • steve says:

          if he doesn’t lose the weight the show will start a slow decline…he no longer looks like the character he was hired to play and what made the show popular.

    • Tom says:

      I think Nathan looks tired more than fat. I don´t know if he still enjoys been in this show.I mean he is making a lot of money but ….Let´s face it his character is not as fun as it used to be in season 1 and 2.I miss the taser gun battles and all that crazy stuff that Castle used to do with his daughter or to annoy Beckett. season 4 castle (character) is boring and I think Nathan must be feeling the same.

    • fireflyfan says:

      nathan put on weight because he no longer wants to be in castle . he wants to get fired so he can be on firefly season 2 ( bring firefly back)

      • Cynthia says:

        Umm, I’m not a psychologist, but is it healthy to hang on so tightly to a t.v. show that ran roughly 10 eps. a decade ago? I never watched Firefly, nor any t.v. circa 2002 – life was quite busy. I’m sorry if I sound insensitive, but I chuckle everytime I hear a request for “Firefly Revival.” Most of the cast has moved on to grow in different avenues of their craft. I agree that it is meaningful to sometimes remember, respect and cherish the past, but acknowledge what it is – the past.

        • Jen says:

          You haven’t watched any TV from 2002 because you weren’t even around in 2002, Cynth?

        • Tay says:

          Is it healthy? No. But you can’t blame people for hanging on to the best TV show of all time.

          • Christine says:

            I agree. Firefly was the best show of all time. I only wish they had properly promoted it at the time, so that it would have had a chance. I only heard about it a few months ago.

        • KC says:

          It ran 10 episodes because Fox was stupid and didn’t show the series in the right order. I didn’t watch it when it was on but bought the DVD. Firefly was awesome but Joss wrapped it up with the movie. And oh you were too busy to watch TV in 2002 but now you’re not? And you have so much time to comment on articles now?

        • liz says:

          So agree on Firefly. I watch a lot on TV, but Firefly I never a. heard of the program b. no one I know ever talked about so I think He’s perfect as Castle, but he needs to shed the lasagna or he’ll look like Beckett’s father!!!

        • Dave says:

          Firefly IS a phenomenal piece of TV history. It is one of the finest examples of episodic television ever. Period. It must be watched not once, but numerous times to aporeciate just what makes it so special. Joss Whedon set the stage for some wonderful story telling, with great actors playing amazing characters. And then, FOX stabbed it’s viewers in the heart. For those who made Firefly and those who loved watching It, there is still an open wound.
          There are still millions of fans who want to know how all the stories about the crew of Serenity should have turned out. This is why a show that was only ten hours of TV is still one of Amazon.com’s all time top selling series DVD’s. Even after ten years.
          I have no doubt that those responsible for Firefly’s untimely demise are just like you. Ignorant.

        • Dave says:

          Firefly IS a phenomenal piece of TV history. It is one of the finest examples of episodic television ever. Period. It must be watched not once, but numerous times to appreciate just what makes it so special. Joss Whedon set the stage for some wonderful story telling, with great actors playing amazing characters. And then, FOX stabbed it’s viewers in the heart. For those who made Firefly and those who loved watching It, there is still an open wound.
          There are still millions of fans who want to know how all the stories about the crew of Serenity should have turned out. This is why a show that was only ten hours of TV is still one of Amazon.com’s all time top selling series DVD’s. Even after ten years.
          I have no doubt that those responsible for Firefly’s untimely demise are just like you. Ignorant.

      • Sara says:

        Yes, whatever, please, take him with you, Firefly fans. He was never interested in Castle anyway.

        • Jen says:

          What do you base that assumption on? He LOVES being on Castle and he loves playing Castle. Watch his interviews and behind the scenes DVD extras. There’s no way “he was never interested in Castle” Sara.

          • Stefanie says:

            If Nathan wasn’t interested in Castle, he wouldn’t have tried out for the part. and certainly wouldn’t be on the show for 4 1/2 seasons. Come on.

        • JimBob says:

          hahaha.. And what would become of Castle with no Castle?
          Jesus, calm down, ladies, I feel like I stumbled in the middle of the sandbox fight. What’s this thing with Firefly vs. Castle? You can’t love both? It’s only TV anyway. Same with this weight issue. Yep, dude could stand to lose several pounds but it’s not some tragedy or anything, why the drama? Bet nobody on the show is losing sleep over it, just a work issue. Why all this fighting and screaming? I don’t know, may be I’m a guy and cant see these finer points but y’all could do with a coupla Valium and some relaxing breathing exercises

          • bayou babe says:

            SEVERAL POUNDS?! Who are you kidding! Castle’s weight gain has never been addressed and it is soo obvious that it does interfere with the character and believability of his on screen flirtations and romances. None of the sexy professional women he comes across would fall so hard for a pale, puffy, dough boy like Castle – regardless his quirky wit and charm! The flirtations seem forced by All the characters!
            LOOSE IT NATHAN!

      • Pam says:

        Haha ,i don´t think he put on weight on purpose but I agree with you on firefly and that he doesn´t care too much about Castle.As a castle fan I got a little tired and angry that on interviews and twitter he only talks about firefly and not about Castle.

      • Dave says:

        Bring back those big damn heroes!

    • Irishgirl says:

      I think they just have him looking tired and upset, which is understandable considering what his character is going through. I don’t think he’s put on weight. He’s quite trim in real life, compared to how he looks on TV (camera…10lbs…blah blah.) Not as svelte as he was in Firefly, but as many have said, that was 9 years ago. He’s 40 now….metabolism…blah blah….

    • Ash says:

      Yes, it appears Nathan Fillion has put on some weight. I doubt it’s as much as everyone is making out though. For starters, look at the picture above and what he’s wearing. Winter coats have a habit of adding extra bulk to a person’s frame. All this talk about him looking tired? He’s an actor, working 14 hours days, and the directors and writers could be asking him to appear like this for his character.

      While Nathan Fillion may need to cut back on the junk food a little, there are plenty of women in TV, movies and on the catwalks who need a few burgers and thickshakes, before they kill themselves from starvation and take a generation of young girls around the world with them. If everyone is having a whinge because a 40 year old guy has gained a few kilos, what is a 14 year old girl going to think about her own body? I’m 17, 5″10′ and 55 kg (121 lbs). I wear Australian size 8 (US size 4) clothing for my height, but find that these are a little too baggy around my legs and stomach. I find myself too skinny and am attempting to put on weight. I have never dieted, and my only issue with my body is my low weight. I would be considered too “fat” for many acting and modelling jobs. It’s time the world (particularly Hollywood) realised that this obsession with the sub-zero size figure is going to destroy the self esteem of millions of girls, and kill thousands of them. I’d rather be slightly over weight than thinner than stick-thin.

      • bayou babe says:

        Our discussion is not about young per-pubescent girls with image problems. This discussion is about a highly paid, experienced actor failing to maintain! He was hired to fit a character’s “look” not to decide he will back on the pounds and ruin the entire show! Get over yourself…this is showbiz!

        • Tonia says:

          I have to agree here. He was hired to play a specific character and he seems to have gotten to comfortable in his role. It’s not his wardrobe like someone stated, it’s truly because he has gained at least 25 pounds or more. Wardrobe does NOT make you have a double chin or fat face. He needs to maintain his weight in order to play the character as it was written. This was a character who supposedly had lots of lady friends and was a hot guy. He is now pasty, overweight and stodgy looking. Fillion needs to cut back on the catering cart..

    • Carlos Miranda says:

      I also agree with your opinion … he should try to lose weight a little …

    • Edmunds says:

      The problem with Nathan Fillion’s weight gain is that it makes his face less expressive and throws the proprtions of his face off. Hotness, is not the issue. The structure of his face and the interaction with the muscles and skin are the tools of his trade. He can make a choice to hone those tools and his craft and he can go on to achieve new heights or he can let his tools and craft become dull and rusted and we will always remember Firefly. Actors like Peter O’Toole never lose their potency. If anything, with age a face with good structure, properly maintained, becomes more articulate like a fine wine. Poorly maintained, it looses dimension.

    • Ryan P says:

      Weight is weight – the guy is a fantastic actor – more importantly, he’s a good man. For all those who are concerned about his weight, perhaps it’s time to look within and examine what led one to chastise another for appearance. There are more important things in life.

  2. susan says:

    i agree – love nathan, but next to skinny-mini stana, he looks huge!

    • Rachel says:

      I think Stana has lost weight also.

      • TJCrinc says:

        movie/tv magic. they just put stana in bigger clothing to make her look like she lost weight during her stint in the hospital.

      • Stefanie says:

        I’m so glad you commented on Beckett’s weight. I thought it was only me. She lost a lot of weight since last season. She had hips and an ass last season…..this season 4 – she doesn’t.

  3. Claudia says:

    My problem with this castle´s season is not Fillion´s weight (but I´ll be ok if he lose some pounds) but the problem is that I need to see more sexual tension /attraction between them.

    • Stefanie says:

      I totally agree. There were tons of sexual tension between them last season and this season, I guess because of Beckett dealing with her trauma, there has been nothing. Although you can tell that Castle doesn’t believe that Beckett doesn’t remember anything froom the shooting –

  4. Jen says:

    I don’t know? He looks like normal build man to me. About the sparks? I saw plenty in the last episodes. Let’s the next eps come. I’m ready.

  5. Paula says:

    Sadly ,I have to agree on Nathan´s weight this season. It´s getting distracting and he doesn´t look like himself anymore.His face looks so round now. It´s sad because Nathan without the extra 20 or more pounds that he won since season 2 was so hot.Unfortunately our show won´t be gaining any new young viewers (ratings) while our leading man looks 50 instead of 40.

  6. lame says:

    He looks better in softer shirts and sweaters, but yeah, there is the danger he’ll begin to look like Frank Cannon. I’ll leave that decision to AWM, as to where to draw the line.
    As for captain Gates, I love her character. Think of all the times Beckett was outright insubordinate to Montgomery. I like that Gates challenges her at almost every turn. I hope AWM keeps Gates as hard as nails, never showing a soft side at the precinct.
    I love how Gates Zings Castle every chance she gets, funny funny stuff.

  7. Leo says:

    I agree that Fillion´s weight is getting distracting. Last night , my wife and I couldn´t concentrate on the case or anything instead we were discussing how a guy who lives with his image (and talent of course) can gain so much weight.I know they work long hours but Stana and the other cast members and tv actors in general also work long hours but they don´t put on weight like him.

  8. Justafan says:

    Nathan’s weight IS totally distracting. Unfortunately the bigger he gets, the more I question what Beckett is attracted to. When you are in front of the camera it is your job to keep yourself in the best shape possible. This is especially true when your role is romantic lead. Somebody get this guy on a diet.

  9. Mia says:

    Um what are people smoking, I think Nathan looks great and he’s supposed to be a writer. He doesn’t need to have a model’s body. He’s supposed to be a middle aged man, who is sitting behind his computer when he’s not on cases.

    • xapano says:

      I totally agree with you Mia… Nathan looks good, Stana looks amazing as ever. I’m glad I can watch the show where people looks normal for their age and not some thirty-something guys plaing teens. It’s fun show for normal people. Just keep going! :)))

    • Linda says:

      I agree, Mia. Yes, he’s a little heavier than he was at the beginning of the show or when he was on Firefly, but not distractingly so. He looks great to me. Of course, I like beefier guys who look like real men (Nathan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan come to mind). To echo Mia, he’s a middle-aged dad on the show and a writer–a sedentary job–not an underwear model.

      • sue says:

        There is nothing sexy about Nathan. Even if he were leaner he still cannot be defined as sexy. In his youth he maybe was boyish. Sexy NO!!!

    • Brittany says:

      Thank you! I don’t know what’s wrong with these people! Yes Stana looks amazing, she always looks amazing! But come on people! Nathan is HOT!!! Yes, he looks a little tired I will give you that, but he’s still sexy! also he looks a lot better without the suit jacket. And to the people who aren’t convinced… check out the movie Super. Nathan just did it… less than a year ago I believe and he is wearing this spandex super-suit and let me just say… “WOW!” He’s freakin’ built like a wrestler! He’s all muscle!

  10. Max says:

    OMG I loved Drive, it was like the awesomest series on FOX ever (after Firefly)

  11. tammy says:

    Last night was funny ,but yes I agree . Nathan , my dear ,you really need to lose weight. He is losing his hotness.
    I hope he lose weight because it also will be better for his character and the show in general (most of castle audience are women). If he continues to gain weight he will be working on Mike an Molly next year

  12. Kelly says:

    I’m really troubled by the suggestion that an actor’s physical appearance makes it that hard to focus on the show–or even hard to buy that he’s an object of attraction. Fillion looks great, but that’s actually beside the point, I think. I’m saddened by such narrow ideas of what “tv hot” or just plain “hot” can look like. And in any case, while the premise of the show does partly hinge on Castle’s perceived hotness, I would like to think attraction has to do with a complex mix of things: charm, wit, focus, intelligence, etc, etc, etc. As a person who works in theatre, I’m not naive about the role appearance often plays, but it feels to me like being distracted by Fillion’s appearance reveals far more about the viewer (and about social trends) than about him. I’m equally troubled, by the way, when these kinds of comments are made about women. Anyway, still diggin’ on the show and the performances. Totally delightful, winky fun, with a lovely soul to it, too. It’s a great DVR whiskey time work break at our house.

    • Ace says:

      Well spoken, Kelly. I agree.

    • emmalinesadie says:

      Very well said. For me, the attraction is not in the appearance but the ability of the actors to get me emotionally involved in the characters and their stories. IMO, this entire cast is perfect just as they are.

    • Annie says:

      Amen. And dear LORD what is UP with all these weight comments to begin with anyway? The man looks fine to me. Fine as in healthy, unobjectionable, not-that-different-than-last-year … (well, OK, “fine” as in “FINE,” too…but that’s another post entirely.)

    • Renee says:

      BRAVO!!! He’s a man, not a pubescent boy.

    • Brittany says:

      Very well said. I bow to you. I wish there was a “thumbs up” button. If only other people would see it this way.

    • Stefanife says:

      Right on Girl. I agree. Nathan is hot thin or with extra weight. It’s not the amount on the scale that counts……it’s everything else. It just goes to show you that yes, even Nathan Fillion isn’t immune to weight gain. He’s almost 41. If anyone is this age or older, you know just how harder it is to loose weight. Give the guy a break – he spent 6 weeks in Italy this passed summer. an anorexic would gain weight in Italy. He’s gorgeous!

  13. Leigh says:

    What is this? We are talking about NF’s weight? He’s a georgeous person and I think the weight looks good on him. He looks different than he did on OLTL and that was years ago! Give the guy a break.

  14. Stacey says:

    Nathan may be gaining weight,but not everyone is perfect. This is life. His body is not the only thing that makes him HOT.

  15. fireflyfan says:

    Wow,I don´t watch Castle but after this photos I certainly won´t watch. What happened with my captain? Nathan looks terrible ,not like a romantic leading man.

  16. Lisa says:

    Have any of you looked in the mirror lately?

    How many of you look terrible?

    How many of you have extra weight?

    Shut it.


    • Sara says:

      I look myself in the mirror everyday, and I don’t look terrible but I’m not a model either. Of course I have extra weight, but fortunately I don’t need to be perfect because I DON’T LIVE WITH MY IMAGE!

      He may be awesome, but he’s also awesomely fat now.

      You don’t need to be a genius to realize he’s partying too much with that ugly girlfriend he has, and here are the results.

      • avery says:

        Uhm.. that girlfriend dig doesn’t add points to your comment. I generally agree with you about Nathan needing to lose some weight, but you sound like a mean person. like you actually kinda hate him (if Sara in comments above is also you). Why hate him? And how can you watch the show if you really do hate him? I’ll be thankful if you reply

        • Hiroshi says:

          He is not the only one who acts in castle..She may watch the show for molly or jon or stana!!

          • WTF says:

            But he’s playing a title character and is almost in every sceen. I wouldn’t have wasted my time on a show where I hate the main actor. Jesus, guys, I’ve just read this whole thread, are you mad or something? Is this Castle fandom representation? If you hate Nathan Fillion so much how can you watch this show really? I honestly would like to know

  17. L says:

    I will watch Nathan Fillion til the cows come home.

    • Kelly says:

      TVLine is a totally fun site for those of us who love a good spoiler. Love perusing it on my lunch break, but hadn’t commented until today. I have to say that so many of the posts on this thread are astonishingly mean, cruel, and beyond presumptuous. Just WOW. I know I shouldn’t care; it’s just a thread, but I’m floored by this conversation. Any chance TVLine will decide to declare some of these off topic and take them down?

      • Sally says:

        I agree with you and everyone else that says he looks just fine the way he is. I mean, seriously people?! I didn’t even notice any change in his weight! I get how people can love a show and pay extra attention to it, but there is such a thing as TOO MUCH attention. C’mon now! Just sit back and enjoy the show like normal people. Sheesh.. What’s wrong with you people??

      • Dawn Dean says:

        Castle is the best show to happen to TV in a very long time. Marlowe’s writing is amazing! Nathan Fillion is SO real. Everyone can relate to him. The relationship between Rick and Kate is so human and easy to relate to. I think if we all looked in the mirror at ourselves and felt with that reflection, there would be far less time to ridicule others.

    • Sue says:

      I’m with you.

  18. Laura says:

    Nathan needs a diet..immediately!!!

    • Katarzyna says:

      A diet and visiting a gym or go running from time to time. Stana took part in Nautica Malibu Triathlon last month and ran the distance of 4 miles. Nathan should follow her example.

  19. margaret hoffman says:

    After all of the progress Rick Castle has made in becoming a better man and a more steadfast one, I sure hope he doesn’t do anything we fans will regret, like get too cozy with the new lady. His reaction to the young girls in Head Case was healthy and adult, not like his first reaction in season two to the very young Rina who was Alexis’ baby sitter.

    He has grown up a lot. He has become honorable. Well, he always was honorable, but his character will be so lacking if he chases this woman, that I won’t care to see the further disintegration.

    If he makes moves on the new lady, his I love you is pointless, his integrity is lacking and all of his always remarks are just so much hot air. Kate will know it, too. Why even bother with this egocentric playboy, an issue she feared in the beginning. Her fears will be justified.

    Now a little teasing might get Kate to open up and even confess that she “heard him.” However, if he trots after this woman like a puppy dog, many fans will be through with him, Kate will be through with him and..three years of growth are for nothing. Adios.

    Finally, I have been concerned about Nathan’s weight for quite some time. I am only talking weight gain over the last two to three years; I am not comparing him to a much young self.

    In many scenes in “Knockout” he looked dreadful. In “To Love and Die in LA,” he was very large and could barely move in the beach scene and under the pier. The un-tucked shirt did not help the situation. He seemed breathless and walked very awkwardly, even so in “Rise,” when he was looking under the bed for the hiding place and the blood spatter. I am very worried for him. I was hoping he would lose weight in the summer.

    He has so many different and truly handsome looks in any given episode. In the book signing episode,however, as he sat there, I thought his face was so puffed up he looked nothing like himself or a leading man. As he walked away from Kate, his chest, face and back seemed massive. His backside is enormous. Standing next to Ryan and Esposito, he positively dwarfs them, and that was not so before.

    I am sincerely impressed with his acting chops; I am a shipper to the nth degree. I admire the guy and it is hard to say this. I guess I sound shallow, but he was so handsome and delightful to look at. He still is but it’s changing. Now he looks considerably older than his just 40 years. Okay, shallow again on my part, you might say.

    I do believe that if he sees our remarks in writing he might do something about it. Surely he has the money to hire a personal trainer. Mr. Marlowe, get after him. I do believe that the long work hours and the pace of carrying a lot of the material in each episode is causing him to eat out of stress.

    Someone mentioned his appearance on Letterman. I thought he sounded silly and actually boring, and I was embarrassed for him. Perhaps he was nervous so he chatted on endlessly about some stupid vacation with Trixie or some person. Letterman could not get a word in edgewise, and that is saying something. Is life imitating art.

    Nathan, you always sounded so intelligent and educated( yes, I sound like a snob), but this summer you did not impress. Crack down on yourself; don’t let this great success all go to your head.

    Personally, I know the dangers of overweight, so I feel that I am not being rude but plain honest. He must lose at least 30 pounds to regain his health and his leading man stature. Those people who say he is just fine gaining all that weight are simply wrong, and don’t know the sorrows of weight gain or are simply rationalizing their own situation.

    Nathan, please listen to the people who love you and worry about you. Yes, you are more than just your weight and handsome features, but your health is at stake here.

    Rick Castle, look in the mirror. Nathan Fillion, look in the mirror, also. Both of you have some growing up to do.

    • eru says:

      Sheesh, aren’t you a little bit over-dramatic here? I see your point and you sound like you actually care (too much perhaps:)), but I don’t see anything to get so worked up about. NF sure could stand to lose several pounds and freshen up, but what’s the drama? He’s not the first, nor the last one to run into this little problem among the leading men. Just off the top of my head, Alec Baldwin, David Boreanaz while on Angel, Hugh Laurie doesn’t look as good as George Clooney though they are almost the same age etc. All those guys had something else going for them (well, may be not Boreanaz).

      I might be at an (dis)advantage here, coz NF’s looks were never terribly important to me (guess he’s not my type) and I never found him THAT hot. I just love him as an actor and an entertaining guy, so I don’t really notice his looks. He’s never seemed like a guy who is terribly aware or cares about his appearance, so when I first started noticing him fattening up last season I wondered when TPTB is gonna go all business on him. But they didn’t so they think it’s OK, so it’s OK with me. He certainly is still the most believable and interesting character on this show.
      So to me (while I see that you’re honest in your concern) all this sounds a bit silly and a bit mean:) So the guy gained some weight and you didn’t like his Letterman appearance and suddenly it means that success gone to his head, he lost his wits and needs to grow up and is, in short, not as good a person and an actor as he used to be? :) Doesn’t it sound just a bit silly and over dramatic to you? And yeah, I get that it’s part of his job and blah-blah, but we’re all people here.

    • Erato says:

      You’re absolutely right. I miss his handsomeness of the first season: in fact, he was awsome and charming in the first episode, wildly attractive. Now he looks some tired and old, almost unhealthy. I cannot understand, specially when he’s living by his image. But it’s pretty easy: jogging is the best way to lost some pounds (and makes you feel so good at the same time.)

    • Lisa says:

      No one asked or wants to read an essay.

    • Annie says:

      Oh honey, put down the stalker glasses. There’s nothing wrong with Fillion. You, on the other hand … well, I’m concerned… I worry about you … this is your health at stake here… (sorry. Could not restrain myself.)

    • Laura says:


  20. Xian says:

    Seriously? People judging Nathan Fillion for his weight? That is RIDICULOUS. That man is gorgeous and oozes charisma and intelligence. Period.

  21. Carmen says:

    Yes, It was hard to not notice the weight gain. It was the first thing that struck me.

  22. Lisa says:

    Finally Stana’s hair looks good. Her hair sucked big time all previous seasons.

    • Audrey says:

      Yea, I love her long (lustrous) hair! I thought they got it right since season three with Stana’s hair grown out fully. The worst hair dos were in the beginning of season two. Boy, the hair department was pretty much useless then. Now, if only they can be more creative, besides having her hair in curls on every scene. They should borrow the team from “Chuck” because they go all out on Yvonne Strahovski’s hair on every single scene! Haha.

  23. mse says:

    Someone please explain why and when this all become about Nathan’s weight. Because a)his built hasn’t changed much since the start of the show, and he’s definitely not in the overweight category; b) I literally feel offended that some people in this fandom find it such a crucial question. He’s in a perfectly good shape, FYI you don’t have to be a skinny 150 pounds to look good. (In fact…)
    Can’t wait to see Kristin on the show!

  24. Lisa says:

    The only female “agent” on TV who wears real shoes is Anna Torv from Fringe. Seriously, who wears 6″ boot heels to chase bad guys? Anna Torv is awesome.

    • Mcat says:

      Agreed! I love Anna Torv and her sensible, realistic shoes. Though I must admit, Scully from The X-Files chased after a slew of bad guys while wearing heels, and she was a total BAMF.

    • Audrey says:

      Consider Anna Torv lucky for not having to wear heels by the costume dept.

  25. Lynda says:

    I see sizism is at full force again. Nathan looks “normal” now as a human being, not on film perhaps or what we’ve gotten used to. I’m noticing an ever more disturbing trend with fashion and weight, and quite frankly I’m fed up with stick figures that you can count every rib and that look more like an alien out of the movies than a person. Nathan buddy, you look fine. Good to see an actor/or actress that doesn’t look like they spent time in Auchwitz for summer camp. Remember folks, Camera adds 20 lbs so most Actors on TV are UNDERWEIGHT!!!

  26. Sara says:

    So, to talk about Nathan’s weight is ridiculous but to talk about Stana’s shoes is normal?

    Thank God Stana can lose her shoes once she gets home. Nathan, on the other hand….

    • Pam says:

      Haha ,I agree

    • marso says:

      Eh? Nobody was talking about “Stana’s” shoes, it’s about Beckett’s shoes. But judging by your comments above you’ll find a reason to dig up these silly Stana vs Nathan, Firefly vs Castle debates even when discussing the weather, so don’t let me stop you

  27. Maureen A. says:

    For those of you who are worried about Nathan Fillion’s appearance, please relax. He tweeted a photo of himself with his personal trainer some weeks ago. Remember that the camera adds 10 – 20 pounds of extra weight to an actor’s appearance. Nathan is a big guy, take a look at his biceps – pure muscle! The wardrobe department is trying to dress him proportionally to compensate. No doubt the make-up people intentionally tried to make him look exhausted in the season premiere. Castle went through four traumatic months because of Beckett’s shooting and her apparent rejection of his love. Fillion’s acting in the premiere was so compelling that it is sad people found themself distracted. He was just named by Entertainment Tonight as one of TV’s Top 5 Hunks. He is a very good looking man and will no doubt make the soon to be released People Magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive list yet again!

    • Pam says:

      well ,I think his personal trainer is stealing his money,because he looks heavier with each new episode.
      And I can´t say anything about his biceps because on Castle he is always wearing shirts and jackets.I agree that the camera adds 10 pounds but on season 1 and 2 he looked amazing and I think the camera was the same.

  28. nancyeddy says:

    Okay, leave the weight alone! He looks fine! Totally! If his supposed gain distracts you from watching, then there’s a problem on your end, not his… (and the ‘you and your’ aren’t about any specific poster, just the posters in general who have this problem


  29. Fae says:

    Well, I guess the cameras added those same 10 or 20 pounds in seasons 1 and 2, so there still is a considerable net gain.
    I agree with all of you who have correctly stated that overall NF is still a normally built real-life person, no matter if or how much weight he has gained over the last 3 years.
    I do, however, agree just as much with all of you who express concern about his gaining weight while trying to remain a romantic lead. He is *not* a “normal”, “average” person. His business is the entertainment industry which provides escapism for those of us who want a break from real life. If we want to see normal, average real-life people, we need not turn on the TV (or tune in to documentaries)
    I’ve been a shipper from day one – actually, day one minus a couple of weeks, ever since I saw the first promo – and the escapist in me yearned for some romantic action.
    Last year I realized that I wasn’t too interested in Castle and Beckett actually consummating their (romantic? sexual?) tension any more, and after some introspection as to why this change of heart I have to admit it has to do with the lessening appeal NF has as a romantic lead. Thinking of them making out now is boardering on cringe-worthy for me.
    I’m happy that very many of you don’t think the same way, because that means that the show will go on for quite some more time. The huge number of you that feel the same way I do concern me, though, as we are a sign of a shift in fan appreciation. The more of us stop caring because the sizzle gets smothered, the faster the show goes down the drains.

  30. nancyeddy says:

    I do agree that if Castle pursues this other woman, it will be a HUGE step back on his part. I’m hoping that she flirts with him, but while he appreciates the attention, he makes it clear to her that he’s not interested.

    • Audrey says:

      Being Castle, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him sleeping with this insurance investigator without actually being together with her. Remember that one actress who bedded him to get cast for Nikki Heat?…Just saying….

      Nonetheless, if there is actually something going on between then I would officially feel betrayed for Beckett.

  31. Kris says:

    That Mike & Molly comment just made me LOL.

  32. Margaret says:

    Okay, so it’s me, Margaret…again. Mea Culpa..I apologize. I was “over-dramatic.” I was afraid to return to this site because I was mean-spirited and could not bear to see my own mean words. I wanted to remove them but could not figure out how to do that. So here I try to apologize. Castle is my favorite show. I know it didn’t exactly sound that way, but it is true.
    During the interim between the end of the third season and now, I re-watched most of seasons 1, 2 and 3 and realized why I enjoy the show so much. It is the writing and the acting that intrigues me. No other show can be reviewed from the beginning as if it were a novel; the continuity and growth are so obvious to me. True, the actors are beautiful people.
    But I was genuinely shocked in seeing the contrast between seasons 1,2 and most of three. Nathan has gained a great deal of weight, and say what you like, it does distort his handsome features and is unhealthy.

    If I sound too involved when I say I am concerned, then so be it. Yet, I am sorry for my harsh words.

    In “Rise” I particularly saw the power and range in Nathan’s acting.
    In the hospital scene his eyes, alone, spoke volumes of his love and dejection. But it was the scene in the precinct, at Kate’s desk, which made me realize just how good he is.

    With his searching eyes, his hushed voice, sometimes breaking and with every expression, Nathan portrayed a man in love trying to save Kate’s life by telling her to give it time, they will figure it out, just not today.
    Their connection is never more obvious than when he lovingly tells her, “you are who you always were.”

    And he is so in tune with her when he tells her she “honors the victims” as she has always done. Their chemistry is the best, but where are the awards.

    Far more than words, Kate’s acceptance of Rick’s advice speaks volumes to her trust in him, her need for him and for healing. Stana is terrific; her eyes and expressions convey so much. And both are so much more than just pretty faces.

    This scene evoked memories of the last time Rick asked her to walk away in “Knockout,” and she blew him out of the water.
    This time she listens.
    There is such power in this show like no other.

    Small wonder to me that people care about Nathan’s health. I know there is more to him than his tremendous looks and weight. But I speak as someone who has recently lost a great deal of weight, and who knows of the pain overweight brings. I know, there is nothing like a convert. Now everyone must diet. ha ha
    So I sound too invested. That’s me.
    As for the Letterman comment, doesn’t anyone here care about the impression a favorite actor or person makes?
    Yes, I would feel betrayed for Kate if Rick makes a jerk of himself with a fair haired damsel, but yes, I know this is only a show. So you don’t need to send me off to the shrink.
    However, Rick has grown so much over the past three years, and is nothing like the “nine year old on a sugar rush.” His wonderful values are portrayed in his hopeful outlook on life, in his relationship with his mother and his daughter, too. I look forward to their interaction every week as many others do.
    I was hasty. I realize now that I have faith in the creators and writers. They have not steered their characters wrong. The cast, writers and staff genuinely love their characters, all around. Forgive me if I am invested and care. But I have good company here in this forum and with Kate who also loved a certain daytime soap she watched with her mother, Temptation Lane.
    All in all I have said too much I am sure…who wants to read an essay. As for me, my foray into criticism was a bit heavy handed, and I will quit. I apologize, although as Rick might have said in the pilot, “you’re still wrong,” … That’s too cheeky. It was not my place to say anything about weight, and that’s it. I look forward to season four.

    • avery says:

      I do not disagree with your post, just 1 question: what’s your problem with his Letterman appearance? I thought it was pretty OK for Letterman, he’s not the easiest person to get along with. Nathan was visibly nervous, just like his first time here some months ago, not as relaxed and in his element as on Kimmel but OK. and I certainly wasn’t embarrassed for him! And it didn’t seem to me like Letterman couldn’t get a word in, it seemed that he suddenly abandoned the conversation as he sometimes does and Nathan was a bit taken aback and tried to fill in. so I thought he did all right. and his stories were not sillier than usual, I thought it’s kind of his trademark,no? I mean how lightsabres or cats or gophers are less silly than ratings and girlfriends? I don’t know, i might be nitpicking, but I’ve seen so many mean comments on this thread, seems like almost everybody here like seriously hate Nathan Fillion for some or other thing, like Firefly or that he’s not like Stana or weight, that I just need to stop and ask about at least 1 issue.))

      • sue says:

        Letterman abandons the conversation when he gets bored. Although it is job of the host to keep the conversation going, Nathan’s jokes do fall flat. I noted this at comic con. The need for attension causes him to present himself as a clown, not a grown man with a sense of humor.

  33. mo says:

    LOL!!!! Oh em wow, thank you for being the voice of sanity! Really, people, he doesn’t want to do Castle? Forget the money he’s making, he oozes excitement every time he does an interview for the show! I know he’s an actor, but come on! And we’re basing this on – let me get this straight – his weight? Seriously?! Wow…maybe I see things differently because I have mom weight but I still think he looks hot! Ugh! JimBob is right; get out of the sandbox and calm down!!!!

  34. Lisa says:

    I’ve never been so disgusted with so many people! Nathan is a big muscular guy. He’s over 6 feet tall and he just turned 40! It is normal for weight to fluctuate with age. He’s not going to be as skinny as he was in his 20’s. Besides, I think he has been working on his weight. He is clearly thinner than he was in last season’s L.A. episode. But none of that takes away from my enjoyment of the show. It makes me sick how shallow the world has become. It seems to be getting worse every day. If you can’t get over the age related physical changes and if it bothers you so much that you considering not watching the show anymore, then it’s you that has the problem. I’ve never heard anything so ridiculous in my life! Anyone who feels the need to be this mean and bash a celebrity in order to make yourself feel better needs some serious therapy. Worry about your own life!

    • sue says:

      Josh is a hugh muscular guy and still oozes sex appeal. A person could daydream about he and Beckett comsumating a relationship, but not Kate and Castle.

  35. Helen says:

    seriously..nathan’s fans are blind..look patrick dempsey he is like 45 right?
    and he looks spectacular..so what is the problem with nathan..he doesn’t care about his image anymore..he is just 40 and looks like he had 50..I can’t imagine a sex scene between castle and beckett right now because what we are gonna see is nathan’s fat ass

    • Laura says:

      I totally agree with you. Patrick Dempsey or simon Baker look like his younger brothers and are older than Nathan.And yes a sex scene between the two now will be weird considering that Stana looks amazing and Nathan looks old and overweight.

  36. MS says:

    To me Castle series has a great proportion of female viewers, and as such we are ALL going to have very differing opinions of what is attractive in a man and what isn’t. I personally cannot for the life of me see Beckett/Castle together as a couple. Beckett does smouldering, and from the on screen relationships so far of Castle, Rick’s relationships are – well you all know what they are – deep fried twinkie shallow. I love his relationship with his mom and daughter though, totally love them. Beckett/Josh could have done smouldering if they had been allowed too by the writng team, and same with Demming/Beckett but – ALAS! I personally think Castle looked totally gorgeous in season one, but not so much in season 2/3. Other people will have different opinion though, and each to his own – I enjoy reading everyone elses thoughts though they may differ wildly to mine.

    Margaret – don’t feel you have to apologise for your honest opinions, they are your thoughts and in a democracy people should be allowed to express what they truly feel. With regard to Nathan’s rounder appearance now, I think my partner (who loves Nathan Fillion) said in the episode where Castle bedded the actress Elle, with his bare chest on show – ” I think our friend Nathan has developed Man Boobs, wonder if Beckett is jealous?” Being English, we thought only Simon Cowell had those! We all love Simon Cowell by the way!

  37. melissa says:

    anything else nice you have to say about him??tsssss hes not fat dont you dare insult my idol actor……..

    • Josh says:

      Well, he’s not very bright, he’s shallow and behaves like an ass sometimes, like he needs to be the center of attention and other shallow people like it and applaud. He hardly has any chance to get a job as awesome as Castle in the future yet he seems to sabotage his show in the interviews. His jokes are dumb, I don’t know how anybody can find them funny.

      • Jack says:

        I agree 100% Josh. His talk show appearances were pathetic and when he does some castle related interview ,he always piss the fans off talking against the couple getting together or bringing the moonlight curse. If your leading actor doesn´t believe in the show´s main couple ,then what? .I´m a huge fun of firefly and I started to watch castle because of Nathan but now I´m still watching because of stana and the rest of the cast . The writing is not as good as it used to be but I prefer Castle to H50.

        • really? says:


        • WTF says:

          What are you all talking about?? I mean, I understand weight comments, they are pretty common when talking about celebrities, but what’s with this general bashing of Nathan Fillion’s character?? I have never seen so much Fillion hate, what’s the occasion? How can you say he’s not bright and an ass, I’ve always been hearing only good things about him, people go out of their way to tell how decent and smart he is, I thought it was a common knowledge? Did he do something recently I’m not aware of?? It’s mind-boggling here

          • really? says:

            Unboggle, I’m pretty sure these 2 at least are trolles. At least “Josh’s” comment is copypasted from this thread http://www.tvline.com/2011/09/stana-katic-castle-season-4-preview-kate-rick-love/. I’ve just read it and lo, and behold! – there was this comment from “soldier of love” + some more hate. I wouldn’t be surprised if this thread is entirely made up of a couple of trolles posting under diff.names, a couple of genuine articles, a couple of fans and a few innocent bystanders with boggled minds

        • myra says:

          I, too, watch Castle because of Stana. Nathan has had some amusing moments, but Stana fills a room. Or should I say she fills a scene? Even when she is not qouting dialog, she speaks with those enormous, gorgeous eyes. Mesmerizing!!! Although I do not consider Nathan to be the ‘draw’, for the series I cannot fanthom him as a romantic lead for Becket. Marlowe do something! If your show is so intertwined with the Castle/Beckett romance, give Ms.Katic a realistic partner. Nathan is not aging in a good way. NOTE: If Nathan’s past attempts at a series failed then it is reasonable to assume that Stana is your saving element. I know Victor Webster is working in Canada and I wish him well. But if his show fails grab him for Beckett and let Nathan return to this Flyfire thing. I had never heard of it nor Nathan before Castle. I picked Castle when I saw a repeat of Castle on TNT… Flowers for Her Grave??? and the scene where Castle was guessing Beckett’s reasons for being a cop…Stana’s non- verbal reaction (her facial expressions) won me over. The girl is good!!

      • Josh says:


        First: I’m not a TROLL
        and yep I did a copy/page with this comment I posted before because I thought it was brilliant and is everything that I would wanted to say..so what?
        IMO the dude is a totally jackass.. if you don’t like my comment..so sorry for you ;)

        talking about trolls really..that’s not your really name right?
        who is the TROLL now

        • really? says:

          Trolling doesn’t mean not using your real name, it means making outrageous, not-founded-in-reality comments with an express purpose of stirring the fans. Your comments ARE outrageous and not founded in reality. Give me some real examples of Nathan Fillion being stupid (and no, if you mean some gopher story on Kimmel is stupid, it doesn’t mean it is, just that your sense of humour leaves a lot to be desired), or being a jackass (as in treating people badly, with facts, not just “he’s not a shipper ergo he’s an ass”). Why is that almost everyone he ever worked with goes out of his way to say what a great guy he is, and the Internet is full of stories about how nice he is with fans, yet you are the one to know the real truth? I’m not even his biggest fan really, but you’re going too far with your hate. You might not like him as an actor, I don’t think as so many geeks do, that he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, myself (though certainly better than Stana Katic, sorry). But he IS a decent man, the evidence is just overwhelming.

          • Josh says:

            I would not get in in this psychological game about what do you know bla bla bla… you are a fan and I understand..You always are going to say that he is so wonderful and he is hot and smart but he is not acting really smart to the fans of castle if you see they always talk about how much he spend talking about firefly and not about castle..is like he is acting in castle just to do a job not because he really feel it or like it.

            He don’t like stana and that’s too obviuos..how can you work with someone you don’t like it?

            and that’s my dear is clear professional jealousy

          • really? says:

            Hehe, OK. I mean, that’s cool. Your facts are solid, your imagination is working overtime – there’s nothing anyone can do for you:). So I’m just gonna leave this here:
            Haters gonna hate (cue in some careless whistling)

          • amanda says:

            Right now Stana IMO is the heart and soul of castle..sorry but nathan is not putting passion in his job…and the proof is that he doesn’t care about his physical aspect anymore!

            If you really enjoy your job in this case your show you will do anything to make a decent work for the spectators
            but if you see an interview when the main actor said that don’t want the main couple in the show get together u will be like WTF?

            I don’t wanna see a show where the principal actor don’t believe in his own storyline.. and looks like an elephant.. SAD BUT TRUE!!!

          • sue says:

            Ask yourself why the focus has shifted to stana on this show. Is it because she’s the better actor or because she looks better ( or both)??

  38. ABC says:

    My gawd. I feel like I was sent back to third grade after reading all of these comments. Tuning out because a certain someone on the show doesn’t look the way you wanted? Seriously?

    And here I thought Castle garnered older adults than the targeted 18-49 demo, because it only got a 2.5 demo ratings with 11 million pairs of eyeballs for the recent episode. Turns out, the audience might be at the other end of the spectrum.

  39. Bri says:

    Ok everybody Nathan is freaking hot. And if he tweeted he has a trainer than we will see thin Nathan soon so drop it. Castle is taking this stupid lady to dinner at a hotel and kisses her back in front of her room and Beckett walks in. This is our main concern. I have my pitchfork ready.

    • Dez says:

      Ha. This whole thing is making me laugh. Sure, he’s slightly bigger than he was in Firefly… tends to happen over time guys. I agree with Bri – Main concern should be Castle with the art insurance lady. Ready your weapons!

  40. alexis says:

    I hate the comments about Nathan´s weight and they confirm my thought that people are shallow.But the reality is that an actor appearance (hot or not) for a good bunch of people is more important than the show itself.For example , the three women that work with me watch H50 because they think the leading actor ( Alex something ) is hot, they used to watch castle because of Nathan but not anymore (according to them he looks fat now ,I disagree).Pathetic but true.

  41. Shannon says:

    Ummmm…I’d take him any way!!! He looks hot no matter what. And for the record, I love both Firefly and Castle. :)

    • Dez says:

      True freaking story. Thank you. I wouldn’t take him, given the age difference between me and him. But he’s still good looking! I also LOVE, BOTH, Firefly and Castle.

  42. U says:

    Where did you read this tidbit? But anyhow, this would make for a great jealous!Beckett. :)

  43. teresita says:

    what matters is a person inside :d

    Nathan fILLion I LOVE YOU forever

  44. grace says:

    who cares about his weight?

    • Dylan says:

      Chris Noth lost 25 lbs by going to a weight reduction clinic and working hard at it. Nathan Fillion needs to go there as well.

  45. Donna says:

    Hey everyone, he’s bulked up, that’s muscle not fat, good grief! He looks too big for his frame but maybe he’s trying to get a role or something in a movie. I liked the way he looked before his clothes don’t fit him properly, but like i said my guess is it’s for work.

    • OLe Mo says:

      …no, that ain’t muscle. He’s gained a lot of weight and it’s starting to affect his posture. So he needs to start moving about a bit…

  46. Ann says:

    I think Nathan does look like he’s gained weight. I notice it seems to fluctuate from show to show. Nathan’s body type is more blocky than some people’s. I know because my body frame is that way and so is that of one of my kids. Of more concern, Nathan seems to walk rather stiffly at times – it reminds me of someone who has stiffness or soreness in his back. Also, I have read some comments attributed to Nathan that seemed to indicate he finds his role on Castle to be somewhat boring. Still, I’m enjoying the show and find the twinkle in Nathan’s eye to be most attractive.

  47. Kylie says:

    Well, with regards to Nathan’s weight, I ask this, If it were Stana that had put on as much weight has he has, would everyone be defending her? I would imagine the claws would be coming out in a big way. He looked great in seasons 1&2. He still looks attractive, however some of these side on photos look pretty bad. They definitely accentuate the weigh gain and make it more obvious.

    As for him not wanting to be on Castle anymore, that is just plain wrong, in every interview he says he doesn’t want to get Beckett and Castle together yet as he fears it would be the death of the show. If he wanted out he would be pushing for Caskett like all us fans are. I disagree with him that it will be the death of the show. If anyone has watched the first episode of Bones, where booth and bones are now finally a couple, it is a massive anti climax. It just doesnt feel like it works to me. They left it too long.

    I fear that if they leave it too long for Castle, the result may be the same even though Castle and Beckett have a strong relationship and chemistry then Booth and Bones do. They can only dance around it for so long. Lets hope by seasons end they are together or only a few episodes away from being so.

    As for Firefly, I think its good that people still remember it and enjoy it. I do not think there will ever be a season 2. Sadly. Not sure how many of the cast would want to return to it now if they were to relauch the series?

    • Alex says:

      he needs to lose some weight she needs to gain some

    • Abigail says:

      I totally agree. This is double standard all over the place. I’m not model-thin, but I run, eat well and am fit/thin, and don’t have a problem with that being expected of me. That said, I KNOW people would be extremely rude if it were Stana, and most comments here have been reasonable, even kind. I ended up here because I noticed it so much myself and googled “Nathan Fillion weight gain.” I noticed it because he looks too old for Beckett now, and like less of a hot playboy, regardless of age.

      Please don’t say that growing integrity or honorable character equal a less attractive outward appearance! I have always found that foolish. One houses the other; they’re not totally different things.

  48. lisa says:

    i was prompted to google “nathan fillion weight gain” cuz i too noticed….he hasnt yet gained weight to the point that i would stop watching but i can see it coming if he does…fans buy/emotionally invest into a character for various reasons (how they look their personality or their purpose ect…if those reasons diminish and or are no longer there then so does the desire to continue watching…….with that said im hoping that will never be the case cuz i love me some beckett and castle

  49. Nic says:

    Yes he has gained some wieght but it’s Hollywood…If Stana gained weight…holy crap would the press and the producers and everyone else would be on her case, threatening to fire her/replace her, put her on some program…etc…But because he is male…nothing will ever be said, because it’s ok for a male actor in Hollywood to be on the heavier side…just not the woman. god forbid the woman be bigger then a size 6.