Terra Nova: 10 Burning Questions Answered!

Fox’s Terra Nova, some 85 million years in the making, finally stomped onto the TV landscape last week, introducing viewers to Jim and Elisabeth Shannon and their too-big brood, as well as Commander Taylor, a member of the very first pilgrimage who now oversees things at Earth’s ultimate gated community. You probably came out of the premiere with some questions, like: Why’d the Shannons have an “illegal” kid anyway? How did scientists know to where/when the cosmic wormhole led? Is bikini-clad Skye bad or just drawn that way? And how much does Terra Nova (which airs Mondays at 8/7c) cost to make? Here are some answers.

HOW DID SCIENTISTS IN THE FUTURE KNOW WHERE THIS “RIP IN THE SPACE-TIME CONTINUUM” LED? | Short answer: They didn’t. As explained in the premiere, they first sent through a probe, but never heard back from or found it. So, while that indicated that the destination spot was in another time stream, “The first people who went through didn’t know where they were going to arrive,” says executive producer Rene Echevarria. (Hope they bought travel insurance.)

IN 2149, THE LAW SAYS: “A FAMILY IS FOUR.” WHY’D THE SHANNONS DARE TO HAVE A THIRD KID? | Although an original cut of the series pilot hinted at a deeper (darker?) reason for that bit of procreation, Jason O’Mara says that now, “The honest answer to that is Elisabeth and Jim are very much in love.” Before you roll your eyes, hear him out. “It’s easy to be cynical about it, but husbands and wives can be in love with each other, and they can have understanding, loving relationships, and good, close relationships with their kids,” the actor contends. “I’m not saying that they’re perfect – they’re not, by any means – but they are well-adjusted and highly functioning. Some may say, ‘How realistic is that?’ but I think it’s just as solid as any other portrayal of a TV family.”

WHAT ELSE CHANGED FROM THE ORIGINAL EDIT OF THE PILOT? | Imagine that the series started with Jim en route to Hope Plaza to collect his mysterious knapsack. Then, once the family exits the wormhole and Taylor’s guards go to slit open Jim’s parcel, that is when you first learn about Zoe. TWist! Instead, the for-broadcast pilot showed how years earlier the Shannons labored to hide Zoe in their home, and clued us in on Jim’s plan to escape prison. “Some of the feedback we got [on the previous version] was, ‘I really like it, but it starts a little choppy,’” Fox president Kevin O’Reilly explained this summer at TCA. “[The added back story] filled out the characters a little better, and when we screened it to multiple contingencies, I heard a lot of feedback from people who preferred it.” Another tweak involved smoothing over a suggestion of larger discord between Jim and Elisabeth. “There’s still some marital tension there, but yeah, it was a little darker,” says O’Mara, “which I’m not sure is the direction they wanted to go. It was more about reshifting the focus of the show toward the mythology.”

Why Terra Nova Squashed Some Tension In Exchange for a ‘More Emotional’ Pilot

HOW SOON CAN THE SHANNON BOY GET EATEN BY A DINOSAUR? | That is a recurring refrain from some viewers who could do with less teen angst amidst this ambitious drama. “The tension with Josh,” says O’Mara, “is a longstanding storyline, as he gets seduced by not ‘the dark side’ but by seductive things.” Comely Skye included? Allison Miller, who plays the cliff-diving adventuress, deflects the temptress tag, saying, “Josh has got enough of his own influence to be bad, but I certainly don’t help things at the beginning!” In the end, she teases, “I may turn out to be all right.” Speaking of Skye: How did she lose both her parents? Says Miller, “That’s all to be revealed….”

WHEN WILL WE GET THE SIXERS’ NUMBER? | Echevarria says that light will be shed on the rebel faction as the show occasionally spends time at their well-guarded outpost. Over the course of this first season, “You’re going to find out why they’re here, who sent them, and what they’re about — and that climaxes with the arrival of the 11th pilgrimage.”

WHAT IS TAYLOR’S MIA SON DRAWING ON THE ROCKS? | “You only have to wait a couple episodes to find out what those sketchings are all about,” says O’Mara. In fact, as a general rule, Terra Nova ” is going to make sure that with all the questions, even though they’re a carrot on a stick, you only need a couple episodes to find out what’s going on. We’re being very conscious to create a show that yes, has mystery as a part of it, but we’re not going to have huge questions dangling.”

Jason O’Mara Talks Terra Nova‘s Big (Yet Small) Surprise, Much Dino Action, and a Major Death

WILL DINOS EVER BITE THE DUST? | Thus far, the colony’s not-so-friendly neighbors have been repelled by sonic cannons and tranq guns, “humane” tactics that will prove to be the rule versus the exception. According to Echevarria, executive producer Steven Speilberg “had said that [killing dinosaurs] is not something he wanted to see characters do lightly. If there’s another way [to neutralize a threat], you take it.”

IF TERRA NOVA STARTS PUTTING UP T.REX-SIZED NUMBERS, COULD SEASON 1 BE EXPANDED BEYOND 13 EPISODES? | With production wrapping this week on the season finale, the answer is: No way, no how. If renewed for Season 2, however, Fox has the right to commission 22 episodes – and Echevarria says his team is “absolutely” up to that task. Speaking of numbers, is it true that Season 1 rang up a $100 million price tag? “That would not be accurate,” says Echaverria. “That is way high.” As for those other numbers, Terra Nova‘s demo rating grew from 3.1 to 4.1 once Live+3 DVR playback was factored in.

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  1. xav says:

    My big question is if we’re supposed to believe that the oldest son is actually related to Elizabeth Shannon. He’s so very, very, very white.

    • Jennifer says:

      Exactly what I was thinking! For most of the show I thought it was obvious (to me) that they had another child b/c this was their second marriage and they wanted to have a biological child together. I assumed the boy was Jim’s and the older daughter was Elisabeth’s. Doesn’t that make sense? Makes more sense than the “they’re just in love so they couldn’t stop at just 2 kids”.

      • Pickle8182 says:

        This makes much more sense. I like it! Sounds better than what origianlly sounded so racist from the first comment.

      • xav says:

        I figured that the two daughters were both of theirs and that the son was from a previous relationship. But that Elizabeth had been his mom for so long (and maybe he real mom was dead) that she was just his mom in every way.

        • amy says:

          That’s kind of what I was thinking. I dont think its any sort of racist, they legitimate look nothing alike and it throws you a bit that they’re mother/child. In my mind I just decided that’s how it was. Seems to make more sense that way. Maybe it’s some sort of ‘twist’ we’ll find out later?

        • J.Norman says:

          If that was the case, couldn’t they simply have taken 5 seconds of dialogue and explained that!
          or what the rule of the world was about step children for that matter.

        • shery says:

          Ummm, really, come on Guys, my father was olive skinned and dark hair irish, my mother was fair irish. Sooo one brother and I are very dark hair and brown eyes with olive skin tone and my other sister and brother are fair with light hair one with brown eyes and one with blue.So two of us take after my mothers side of the family while the other two take after my fathers side. When you have kids, where one parent is darker and one lighter, the children can also be so… they don’t all necessarily come out the same……

      • John Berggren says:

        I saw this as likely too, though I had considered that the older daughter might belong to both of them. I’m not entirely sure the ages involved, though.

    • Pickle8182 says:

      Don’t be an ass. That may be one of the dumbest comments I’ve read in a long time. Of all the questions there can be asked of this show, that’s what you come up wit. Sad.

      • xav says:

        Uh, yeah. I want to know the workings of their family. Why the father would be punished and the mother wouldn’t and in fact would be offered a reward, because it’s the FATHER who has three bio children and the mother only has two.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          I think the punishment was largely precipitated by him slugging the cops. Ergo, the lead cop saying, “You’re going to pay for that” (or words to that effect).

          • Maria says:

            The son also makes mention of this when they’re on Terra Nova – something like, “you could have just paid the fine” had dad not gone all WWE on the cops.

          • J. Norman says:

            Yeah, was was up about that macho reaction anyway? Huh?
            They didn’t seem to take the 3rd child away. What was his motive for going all Bruce Lee on the cops . . . when he was a cop himself.
            What did he do in similar cases involving someone else having a 3rd kid? Oh, you say, he just refused to take part?
            Well, what did he stand to gain. Other than a chance to show some more macho breaking out of jail.
            Oh, and the jail sure didn’t seem to have much security regarding contraband getting inside.

      • John Berggren says:

        I don’t think it’s something unreasonable to notice. He doesn’t look like her son. If he’s meant to be, it’s an odd “colorblind” casting choice. I’d rather see a person of mixed race in that role if they are meant to be mother and son.

    • Adam says:

      I am from a mixed race family too. While I am dark haired, dark eyed and have darker skin, my sister is fair skinned with blue eyes and light hair and my brother falls in between. We all have the same parents. This often happens so it’s not that unbelievable that the son is pale while the girls are dark.

      • Mia says:

        Agreed. My sister and I have the same parents and we are half white/half asian. While I look completely white, my sister is super asian. I have the asian bone structure but the white coloring, and my sister is the opposite.

        While the casting choice here might be a bit unusual, especially for people that aren’t used to seeing mixed race families, it’s not unbelievable. And honestly, I’m just happy that there’s finally some refreshing diversity in the casting of the leads!

      • Dawn says:

        I was going to comment along the same lines. I knew a family where the dad was African-American and the mom was white. The daughter was darker skin and the son was white.

    • thinker says:

      OMG, the boy is so white!!! PALE!!! Oh MY GOD, and the mother is tanned!!! NOOO! BLOOPER! Lest’s call the police!
      So what that he is white? Is it a crime to be white nowadays? Everybody has to have dark skin? His father is white, she is darker a bit, and the son is white after the father! So what? Learn some genetics!

    • Y. Anderson says:

      You need to travel the world and/or meet people from mixed races.

      BTW, Josh FOLLOWED the other teenagers, who are supposed to know better since they hv been living in TN for a few yr. I think he was better than all the other ones for he was able to survive on his very 1st outing and most of the “experienced” ones didn’t. The other ones stayed later out than they were supposed to be; he didn’t ask to stay longer exploring the surroundings (notice his look of worry when sitting to enjoy a fruit). He portrayed extremely well most teenagers (and so many adults). Thanks to Josh’s “personality” (due to the pressures of father being in prison and maybe not making to TN, having to hide the existence of a sister, leaving a girlfriend behind, pulmonary illnesses, finding himself in a very diff world) and the other youngsters, the slashers attack was possible and therefore attained the episode’s objective: getting people’s adrenaline pumping and commenting. Since there are so many comments about this scene due to lack of better judgement, I say the writers were brilliant!

    • Mr. Wolf says:

      Yes, he’s more white than his mother or sisters, but so is his Dad. Genetics gives us the opportunity to not only look nothing like our parents, but maybe more like a previous ancestor on either side of the parental divide. Has no one ever seen a multi-racial family where siblings look nothing alike, racial speaking? Happens all the time.

    • Joseph says:

      I have less of an issue with the son and the script this week, but really , we go into a medical emergency next week ? What the friggen happened to pacing a plot , and why the heck are the 6’s location unknown?
      I do not like bad plot elements and these are still 2 of the bigger ones. At least this week they dealt with most of the story elements that were so horribly managed last week, but yea next week looks bad.

    • Jon says:

      why was Terra Nova given so much leeway to suck (and it did), whereas Firefly was given the boot (and obviously cost a lot less) so early?

  2. Mosun says:

    I’m already obsessed with this show. I jumped up and down when I saw the headline

    • dane says:

      I love it too.. but was disappointed with this article. Basically it’s 10 questions and the answers to all of them are “Watch and see!!”

  3. Lauren says:

    Here’s my big question… when will they address the fact that the Others seem to have found their way back in time? I mean, Miss Clue is the leader of the “Sixers” for crying out loud. I keep expecting Ben to pop out from behind a prehistoric plant and try to coerce Jim to his side.

    • Sue says:

      You are mistaken. The actress you’re talking about is Christine Adams. She never played in Lost. That was April Grace. Even if they were the same actress, what’s the problem with an actor working on two shows? Terra Nova is not trying to be a carbon copy of Lost.

    • Liz says:

      Based on what we know, I have been picturing Taylor’s son as a rougher, tougher Daniel Faraday. TN is not trying to be LOST, but the comparisons are inevitable.

  4. Michelle says:

    I still don’t buy the “they are so in love” excuse for having the third kid. Why put your family in that kind of danger just because you’re “in love”?! Makes no sense.

    • Kara says:

      Agreed! People can be very much in love and (gasp) have NO children – let alone have the arrogance to have a 3rd child in a dying world. After seeing the environment they were living in – who would want to have two children, let alone a third? I know a few people who quit watching the show over that answer. I want to like the show, but I’m not terribly fond of the Shannons so far.

    • xav says:

      I know, right? I mean, absolutely nobody ever has more kids than they’re supposed to when they’re in a country that doesn’t allow more than one kid.

      • Jessica says:

        But they’re supposed to be the likeable leads of the show. There’s got to be some reason other than just they were so “in love” they thought nothing of breaking the law, cause the first episode made them seem like they had a superiority complex. :/

    • Paul says:

      Ever been to China?

    • Rachel says:

      I really got the feeling that after certain *ahem* events, it just kind of happened. Can you really blame two parents for not wanting to get rid of a child? Accidents happen, people.

      • Tim Bruening says:

        By the 2140s, shouldn’t contraceptives have been made absolutely foolproof, so that there wouTimld bee no unintended pregnancies?

  5. David G says:

    The “different time stream” thing is total bunk.It’s a way for the writers to get out of having to deal with the changes humans 85 million years in the past would bring,which would be tremendous.I get it,it would be incredibly difficult to write and depict,but it’s still bunk.

    • Alice says:

      I just thought it was a bad assumption. I mean, the probe could have been lost for another reason beside, different time stream. Maybe it gets hit by an asteroid- is the probe asteroid -proof? Are they assuming it won’t matter what they do because everything is getting killed off in abotu 30 million years?

    • Tarc says:

      The best current wormhole theory (the Einstin-Rosen ‘bridge’) does not preclude the possibility of alternate universes. Frankly, it doesn’t matter either way for the story – the Terra Nova human could all be off-planet in a thousand years anyway (considering the high tech level and high resource level) – a teeny blip in time compared to 20 million years to the extinction of the dinosaurs.

      • johns says:

        the problem with the alternate timesteam is HOW do did the first ones through ever communicate back to the original time stream? Or are they just doing population reduction by shoving people blindly through the wormhole? An is the wormhole always in the same place? seems the 85 million years ago guys knew exactly where to pick up the 10th migration. Btw its about 20 million years to extinction for our dino buddies — they got wiped about 65 million years ago. Oh and the deal with the moon at the end of the pilot: hmmm…85 million years and the moon moves out at 0.5 cm/year is about 42.5 million cm…errr..in km that is only about 425km…not something anyone would be able to notice.

        • Mr. Wolf says:

          This is my main problem with the one-way travel they have set-up. Not the alternate timestream theory. Modern theoretical physics pretty much see a multiverse as a very real possibility and the answer to a lot of kinks in other physics questions, such as FLT travel, and black vs white holes. No, my problem is the communications aspect. Unless they give the travellers some kind of ability to communicate with the future, such as a way to hold open the Einstein-Rosen Bridge for more than the split nanosecond the normal one-way travel requires. A compressed taychon-burst signal could hold enough information to punch through to the original timestream. Hopefully, they’ll address this for real soon instead of the wait-and-see attitude they have for the rest of the questions.

          • Rick says:

            Really like the show, but I’m more confused about the one-way time thing too. Because last night, it was indicated that Malcolm put Elisabeth on the short list to get her to Terra Nova. Now, it’s possible he may have done this before going himself. However, he indicated he had been there for a few years, yet he knew Jim had been in prison and called her in sans husband (or so he thought), so there seems to be conflicting stories here. Also, it seemed in Episode 1 that Taylor requested certain kinds of people (doctors, etc.), but how could he do this if he can’t communicate with the future?

  6. Nisa says:

    I so don’t buy the “they’re so in love that they felt the need to break some rather important rules risking the rest of the family”. They seem like smart people and didn’t have such a bad life considering the state the planet’s in, why risk it just because they’re “~in love~”?

    • Hannah says:

      Considering the show clearly establishes that the penalty for a third kid is a fine, and that the mom was a leading figure in a well-respected industry that would give them a big leg up in the dying society, I can see how it’s pretty reasonable that they considered a third child.

      I assume they didn’t expect dad to go punch the cop and get a prison sentence, and that they’d eventually go to Terra Nova (and only be allowed to bring the alloted two kids), – I’m betting they would likely have reconsidered the third child idea had they known.

      Just watch the show more closely and draw the logical conclusions the writers left for us to figure out, eh?

  7. dane says:

    My BURNING question is.. How are they going to survive the meteor impact that made the dinosaurs extinct in the first place.. have they thought of that at all?

  8. John Berggren says:

    If there are 2 timelines, I’d like to know if or how TimelineB is communicating with TimelineA. Else, are they just sending people through the rift HOPING they don’t end up as goo?

    • Jim says:

      You are right, The whole communication thing is the biggest question. It needs to be explained or the show does not make sense. Why would you send people to where you have no idea what will happen to them.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Every time the portal opens, Terra Nova is able to send audio messages to the future.

      • Renee says:

        Thanks Matt! That was my question too.

      • Kelly says:

        But if Terra Nova is in a different time stream, audio messages shouldn’t go to the old time stream.

        This is why multiple time streams becomes a headache very quickly. (Not to mention I could have SWORN they said, in the pilot, that there was no communications with FutureEarth – which, of course, creates a lot of problems.)

        • Tarc says:

          Why not? The bridge is locked to the same time and space in that alternate universe and a set amount of time back from the current date. And, they did: there is no communication from Terra Nova back to the future (but there is from the future to Terra Nova). Of course, we assume what they are telling the characters in the pilot is the truth, which has already been made very clear might not be the case.

          • Kelly says:

            See, the lack of communication from Terra Nova becomes problematic – how does FutureEarth know what Terra Nova needs for supplies? How do they know everyone is there and alive, and they’re not sending people off to their immediate death? How do… oh hell, there are so many questions.

            Sure, things could be resolved by saying that people are lying about whether or not there is communication and the ability to send audio (video, or more) – but on the front of it, these supposedly smart characters shouldn’t have bought such an irritatingly dumb premise.

          • Chris says:

            I dont know where you guys are getting this stuff that they cannot communicate back to the present. All they ever said was that you can not go back, and when the Commander Taylor was asked if the future government knew about the Sixers he said he hadnt told them, becasue he didnt know who he could trust. Implying that they can communicate, we just dont know how. Not to jump series but like in Stargate the wormholes were for one way travel but you could still send radio tranmissions.

    • Carmen says:

      And what supplies such as military Humvees?
      Or are we to beleive that they all bring chainsaws and other equipment in the backpacks (which are coordinated and decided up front among the time travelers), and they have managed to clear massive amounts of land, build hospitals and homes for what appears to be several thousands of people, and fortify the surroundings from dino’s, etc in 10 years time.

      But hey, it’s TV and (according) to an episode of CSI; Vegas, every show is entitled to 1 or 2 story line holes big enough to drive a Mack truck through.

  9. Mika says:

    I was highly anticipating this show with its credentials, good looking cast, and dinosaurs. But honestly, after watching the first hour, I had to turn it off. There was just no connection with anyone in the family or any character at all, the kids were totally annoying, and the CGI was horrible. I hope for those of you who are fans that they tie up the stories in 13 episodes.

    • Nadine says:

      I thought the CGI was fine, and I just love the premise. I’m still going to echo some of the comments along the lines of “more sci-fi, less 90210 please”. But if the season is almost wrapped, it doesn’t bode well for Terra Nova’s 2nd season.

  10. DN says:

    I thought this was the best two hour of TV in a long time. And I think numbers “Dancing with people you may have heard of” compared to “Terra Nova” speaks of our country’s IQ. Very sad.

  11. Cindy says:

    I feel like we saw a lot of this already in BBCA’s series Outcasts, but we still watch Terra Nova since there isn’t much sci-fi on TV right now.

  12. Brice Gilbert says:

    Are they able to send messages between the time streams? As we know they are stuck in the past once they go through the time portal thing so does that mean that every single pilgrimage is a group of people taking the risk that the “portal” could just send them to a random point in outer space, the middle of a volcana, in 1000 feet in the air, or just plain old instant death? If so it’s a plot hole that could be explained away easily with the good old “I don’t care what happens, because anywhere else has to be better than this place!”

  13. SBrooks says:

    I really liked Outcast. I thought it had lots of potential, too bad they didnt give it a chance.

  14. TP says:

    I think they were sent to the future, that explains why they could’t find the thingy. And the dinousars are cloned out of a mosquito XD
    and Nathaniel Taylor knows all this

    or terra nova is the past and the season ends with the thingy being blown up or something..

  15. J. Norman says:

    There are some pretty weak answers to these questions.
    For instance:

    Yeah, since this is a one way gateway. How do they know.
    – Did they know if anyone survived at all through 10 pilgrimages.
    – How about tools and supplies? Did they build this compound and explore the area with only a few screwdrivers and such?
    – How do or did they know if the military vehicles are even being used. How about petroleum rifining, etc. If its a blind one way gateway, HOW DO THEY KNOW WHAT TO SEND AND WHAT IS NEEDED?

    They gave a very, very weak answer to this question. PERIOD!

    They might have at least tried to explain why the father (the cop) decided to go all WWE when they discovered the kid. If the penalty was death or removal of the child from the family, then I could see it. But when it was explained that the penalty was a fine. Well. . .I guess they needed to establish his macho early.

    • Brian says:

      Oh thank GOD! I thought it was just me who was wondering how they knew whether or not people were surviving the pilgrimages!

      I like the idea of them actually being in the future (and that’s why they didn’t find the beacon)…

      • Rick says:

        That would be an amazingly cool twist! Although I don’t know that the wildlife/nature would have prevailed given the terrible pollution of the dying world.

  16. Y. Anderson says:

    You need to travel the world and/or meet people from mixed races.

    BTW, Josh FOLLOWED the other teenagers, who are supposed to know better since they hv been living in TN for a few yr. I think he was better than all the other ones for he was able to survive on his very 1st outing and most of the “experienced” ones didn’t. The other ones stayed later out than they were supposed to be; he didn’t ask to stay longer exploring the surroundings (notice his look of worry when sitting to enjoy a fruit). He portrayed extremely well most teenagers (and so many adults). Thanks to Josh’s “personality” (due to the pressures of father being in prison and maybe not making to TN, having to hide the existence of a sister, leaving a girlfriend behind, pulmonary illnesses, finding himself in a very diff world) and the other youngsters, the slashers attack was possible and therefore attained the episode’s objective: getting people’s adrenaline pumping and commenting. Since there are so many comments about this scene due to lack of better judgement, I say the writers were brilliant!

    • J. Norman says:

      @ Y. Anderson

      your comment

      “BTW, Josh FOLLOWED the other teenagers, who are supposed to know better since they hv been living in TN for a few yr. I think he was better than all the other ones for he was able to survive on his very 1st outing and most of the “experienced” ones didn’t”?

      Yep, just like on TV he wasn’t hurt.
      And he made the decision to blow his dad off and make this fine decision to go outside the compound with people he just met after 4 . . .THAT’S FOUR (4). . .whole hours on Terra Nove.
      By the way, he knew nothing of the reasons why heavily armed military guards were in place to escort them to TN.
      He knew nothing of the dino situation
      He knew nothing of the rebels. How was he going to see his family if captured for instance.
      He had nothing resembling a plan.
      But you think his actions were appropriate and heroic.

  17. SciFi Fan says:

    So Tyler. . .er. . .ah. . .JOSH, doesn’t get eaten? Sorry, if this character doesn’t die an agonizing death SOON, i’m off this show. That is how badly we hate Josh.

  18. Rachel says:

    I’m just glad the DVR numbers pushed up the demo so much! I DVR’d it, too, but will definitely be watching live tonight. I hope others do the same, I really like this show!! I’m really curious to learn more about the Sixers – and I suppose now the 11th, too? Which pilgrimage were the Shannons on?

  19. Mr. Wolf says:

    But, won’t we need Wesley’s, I mean Josh’s , penchant for getting into trouble to be the mechanism for the writers to show how Mary Sue his sister is? Remember the formula folks. Older son….dumb and impulsive. Middle girl…smart and spunky. Younger daughter… cute and innocent. There’s a formula at work here, and neither the hyper-competent mother nor the action-hero father will prevent it from having it’s way with young Mr. Crusher, err, young Mr. Shannon!

  20. Kathy Lee says:

    I love this show! I hope that it doesn’t get canceled like some of the other good ones do! Wish it didn’t come on the same time that “The Lying Game” does though. I am going to tape “The Lying Game” and watch Terra Nova tonight. But I hear that when you tape one it doesn’t count as watching it and that doesn’t seem fair to me.

  21. Sebastian says:

    Why/how did they get time travel before space travel? And even if that happened, what made them think it was a good idea? Couldn’t this just create a big paradox that destroys space/time or the human race, why doesn’t it?

    • Plum says:

      They can time travel and whip up killer buzzard pheromones but they can’t regenerative human tissue to regrow a man’s legs. Meanwhile scientists are already regrowing body parts in 2011.

  22. Plum says:

    Yeah, we get that the mom and pop are the cutest most sexiest in love couple on the prehistoric planet-barf. Their relationship is boxed into being boring, and now they’ve dragged the new doctor into the mire by having the doc have the hots for the wife, while O’Mara walks around flexing and making the doc look dweeby. A much wiser plotline would have been for the new hot doc to spark with Taylor’s female head of security. Zane/Jo on Eureka, Sawyer/Juliet on Lost; they work because no one buys into the Main Couple breaking up to go off with someone new. Having a secondary adult strong couple makes more sense than massaging the egos of the show’s main squeezes.

    And damn how I wish those birds had carried off that whiny boy. I’d rather find out when the portal will become two-way so they can get more supplies, people and ergo conflict. No more bamboo huts and open air markets, people. We need some nice cool standing futuristic sets.

    Outcasts and Earth 2 already went down this road and failed miserably, pls Terra Novans, don’t repeat history.

  23. Justin says:

    This show sucked. They should have kept in the darker stuff, and the relationship drama, because what they have going now isn’t all that intriguing. This show is completely empty and one of the most cliche programs I’ve ever seen. Literally everything, from the dialogue to the cinematography. It’s like they’re saying, “Here it is. Here’s Lost with dinosaurs. We can do it better.” Only it’s not nearly as good as anything Lost ever was, or really as good as any sci fi show in the last five years. Terra Nova is a mess.

    • JohnDoe says:

      The ONLY good thing about the potential failure of this show, is to show FOX network executives just what a great thing in Fringe they have. Sci-fi shows generally don’t do so well. It may give them incentive to keep it around longer.

    • timshel says:

      Totally agree with you, Justin.

    • Lynn says:

      Have never watched Lost, but have you seen Eureka? The main character in Terra Nova(father)is played exactly the way the actor plays the main character in Eureka who is also surprise a father AND a cop. He is also the dumb one in town surrounded by smart people including you guessed it–his daughter and the women he has the hots for (a scientist of course) and will eventually marry.

      The second episode is lifted straight from the Eureka episode titled “before I forget” title says it all.

  24. JohnDoe says:

    I really want to like this show, but the writing is so predictable, with it’s predictable romance storylines and stock situations. You can just see where it’s heading.

  25. Ali says:

    My major question is if they go back to the Jurassic what’s the point of rebuilding when all the dinosaurs are going to die off because of an asteroid(common theory). Maybe it doesn’t factor in that theory. I just think something will kill off the dinosaurs that should kill them or their descendants off too at some point

    • Charlton H. says:

      spoiler – turns out they didn’t go to the past…the Shannon family will be really confused when they go for a picnic and discover a submerged Statue of Liberty on the beach! – end of spoiler

  26. sarina says:

    I like this show! Hope it sticks around!

  27. ultimate troll says:

    I think this ‘Steven Speilberg “had said that [killing dinosaurs] is not something he wanted to see characters do lightly.”‘ thing is stupid beyond belief. Why? Because Spielberg wants the show to keep kids seeing dinos as stuffed animals? If I were King Kahuna at Terra Nova I’d be working on some sort of Slasher culling asap. At least give a reason in the show that makes sense because now everytime I see them shoot that sound cannon at a carnosaur imma be thinking “oh that’s cuz Spielberg’s a puss”.

  28. Lloyd Caraway says:

    I agree. There can be any number of explanations. To imagine that the difference never occurred to the casting/writing professionals is naive and arrogantly stupid. That said, I like watching sci fi. This is pretty good. robinsons meet journey to the center of the earth.

  29. Charisse says:

    Or, how about this…we just ENJOY the show and stop worrying about the minutiae of every single scientific theory that does not hold water. Geez, I’m sure our grandparents did not rip apart The Wizard of Oz back in their day. Learn to sit back and let it be, it’s not REAL LIFE, it is science fiction.

  30. George says:

    the main question nobody seems to be asking is this:
    if Terra Nova is on another timeline
    if the hole in space/time is a one-way trip
    if probes and such cannot be left in the past to be recovered in the future (not the same timeline)


    I mean, are they sending people in a volcanic pit to their death? Are they sending them in space? Are they sending them underwater to drown? Are they sending them on the surface of the sun?

    How the heck do they know what the other side is??? How do they know what to bring. How do they know if people are alive… how do they know to study dinosaurs in particular???


  31. Mel says:

    Wow – its like “the big bang theory” is trying to analyze the show….. #1: genetics. For instance, all the babies in our family look like our side of the family, not the other side. Also, teenagers are teenagers, regardless of the year/age #2: worm holes aren’t a reality for us, so there can be some poetic license. #3: china has a population control policy that (sadly) leads to a lot of infanticide. Pregnancy happens people. #4: why do y’all want to know everything now? What’s the fun in that? Sit back & enjoy people!!!!!

  32. Vicki says:

    Exactly !!!!!!

  33. lolee101 says:

    everyones saying the older boy is so white but my cousins mom is mixed race(blck and white) but my cousin is as white as nicole kidman blonde curly hair,blue eyes so its about the genes not how your parents looks.so to me its not really baffling.

  34. collegelizzy says:

    I wanna know how the hell are they driving the cars? If gas n oil comes from dino fossils, then how the eff are they living with dinos n still able to run there cars??

  35. Scott says:

    I stopped watching Fox because they cancel every good show – the last show destroys the entire shows premises