Supernatural Boss Addresses Castiel Firestorm: Is He Dead or Alive?

In Friday’s action-packed episode of Supernatural, a possessed Castiel got swallowed up by some black hole/hellmouth hybrid, leaving behind nothing but a soggy trench coat. Sam, Dean and Bobby were quick to pronounce their buddy DOA, and now, so is executive producer Sera Gamble.

In the following Q&A, Supe‘s fearless leader confirms that Cas is in fact dead, but she also hints that viewers have not seen the last of his portrayer, fan favorite Misha Collins.

TVLINE | What exactly happened to Castiel in that water? Did his body just dissolve into nothingness?
All of those Leviathans inside of Cas were too much for the vessel, so they stewed him into the water. These are things we have to be somewhat cagey about, but it was too much certainly and it disintegrated under all of these monsters, if you will.

TVLINE Is it safe to label him as dead? Or did you purposely leave it ambiguous?
Both things are true, actually. We purposely left it ambiguous. In the life of the show, [Sam and Dean] just suffered the death of one of their best friends, something that they are dealing with in a serious and substantial way.

TVLINE So it’s definitely something that will carry on?
Certainly. Death is a funny thing on Supernatural because we’re a show about life beyond the grave, but this is one of most serious losses that Sam and Dean have had to face in the life of the series.

TVLINE Is there a chance that Misha could come back not as Cas, but in some other incarnation?
Oh definitely. It has always been our intention to bring back Misha in some form. When we called Misha to let him know that we had this plan for the character, we talked about this on a longer schedule than in these first two episodes. We certainly can’t say too much about where the story is going to go, but we love Misha and want to continue to work with him.

TVLINE Cas’ exit came pretty early in the episode and was somewhat subdued. Can you talk about the thinking behind that scene?
This is all part of the story that launches the season. So, we didn’t think of [his death] as having more or less impact; we think of all of this as the big kickoff.

TVLINE This was a pretty intense and cliffhanger-heavy episode for so early in the season. Is this a sign of things to come?
We won’t be doing that to you with mythology every week. [Laughs] On some level that would be fun, but Supernatural is a show that has a mix of mythology and close-ended episodes. We have the same formula that we’ve always had for that. The episode coming up this week is a little bit of both. We keep the mythology threat alive, but there’s also a monster that they’re following that is wrapped up by the end of the episode.

TVLINE What does Cas’ disappearance mean for Crowley and their deal?
Crowley is a little bit relieved. [Laughs] But just because that player is off the board doesn’t mean that there’s not a board for Crowley to be looking at. He is constantly strategizing and when we see him next, he’s just jumping back into the game and figuring out who he can align himself with and what the best move will be for him.

TVLINE Does the world of angels still factor into the season, or is that chapter closed?
The epic War in Heaven storyline has pretty much come to an end — at least for now — but individual stories that include angels that are more character-based or more about the impact that the previous wars have had, we have plans for those.

TVLINE Anticipation is high for Episode 3. What can you tease? Will we learn more about the Leviathan boss?
You will not meet the Leviathan boss yet, but you will get to know these creatures a little bit better. There are several scenes with them. Jensen [Ackles] directed the episode and did a fantastic job again — it was a pretty quick learning curve. We gave him a pretty complicated episode that had a lot of flashbacks and a lot of tiny pieces to tie together and he did it really creatively and really well. And he had to do it out of order, by the way. We handed him a script that had all the information you saw in last week’s episode — except he received that script before shooting that! [Laughs]

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  1. Gust says:

    Give the show a chance. Its just a show and its actually better because the story lines are creepier. Cas was a minor character from the beginning. I mean just watch the show its creepy this year which makes it good

  2. Gust says:

    I thought it was retarted back in season 2 and three wen every1 bitched about jo ruby and bella just cuz they were hot and apparently a cheap ploy to attract viewers. Really? Ur gonna whine and bitch about tht sny1 who thot tht was moronic bella and jo were hot and fun to watch and the ruby storyline was sweet. Leave it 2 stupid fans 2 take away good characyers from the show. God forbid sum1 hot be on the show thats not a dude. Wow people who got them off just cuz they were hot pisses me off. Enjoy what they look like and watch the show!

  3. Clara says:

    I’m going to be honest, Castiel is not my favorite character by any means and he really, really had to grow on me at first, but now I do consider him a very important part of this show now and I completely understand why so many fans are upset. It’s been canonly said on the show that Castiel is family, Ben Edlund himself has said “he’s another brother – he’s another main character”, Kripke himself has said that Castiel is family — you know what, that’s good enough for me. Somebody who has done as much as Cas has done for Sam and Dean is still family, in my opinion, no matter how far they’ve screwed up, because isn’t a large part of the show about showing us how there is always redemption in even the largest of mistakes (ie: letting Lucifer out, for instance). I’ll be sad to see Cas go but I’ll continue watching, however I do think it’s a disappointing waste of character to get rid of him. There’s still a lot of potential to work with and clearly a huge section of the fanbase adores him. What they’re doing has kind of secluded that section and it’s a sad thing to see.

    I have to say that 95% of the comments on the article and the way certain fans are attacking Castiel fans is rather disgusting. Why does it bother you in any way if people like or dislike a character? People are going to have different tastes, different opinions, and we’re all going to interpret the show differently. That’s what makes fandom FUN. What you guys are doing is an embarrassment. You should be ashamed of yourself for insulting people and putting other fans down simply because they like a character you don’t like. Whether you like it or not, Castiel and Misha have a very extensive fanbase now and the fact that such a thing makes you feel threatened enough to lash out is silly. Grow up.

    • Johnny says:

      That sword cuts both ways. Cas fans have been making disparaging and aggressive comments to other fans, to the writers and to the show. You can’t just tell one side to “grow up.”

      • timshel says:

        I was going to say the same thing. It goes every which way. As a casual fan of the show from the beginning who isn’t firmly team anyone, but enjoys the show as a whole, the constant attacks back and forth are pretty ridiculous. And everyone thinks they are right, so the cycle just keeps on going. If you enjoy the show, keep watching. If not, don’t watch, and stop having arguments on the Internet. Simple as that.

      • airie says:

        if you read through all three pages, it’s definitely more of castiel fans getting attacked and coming to their defense. i’m okay with agreeing to disagree, but i’d hardly call that “cutting both ways”. obviously no one side is fully innocent but one side does lash out more than the other.

  4. Gust says:

    Thts wat im sayin people need to stop sayin they are going to stop watchin the show just because cas might b dead. She even blatantly said we still gonna see misha collins. Fans of this show need to enjoy the show and quit bitching about every decision thats made

    • Crybaby says:

      I agree. If you fans you think you would support the show. Cass wasn’t on of the root characters anyways. I never really liked him. I watch the show for Jensen, Jared, the old music, and the monsters.

    • Tisha says:

      I agree with you 100 percent. I think some people just read the headline and decided to rant and rave. Personally, I don’t believe Castiel is dead. People need to give the season a chance. Its been awesome so far. Supernatural has shown us that the characters don’t always stay dead.

    • anna says:

      well if they kill off our favorite character, are you expecting us to enjoy the show? NO. So if we’re not enjoying it anymore, we stop watching it. Simple as that.

      • I kept Watching says:

        They did kill off some of my favorite characters but I lived and kept on watching… Why cause I am a true fan of the show, I don’t bail just because something doesn’t go my way. A true fan of the show doesn’t wish it to die just because a character gets killed, a true fan doesn’t wish for the ratings to tank because a character gets killed. That is a vindictive person’s response, and the responses here have been vindictive, rude, mean, childish and immature. This is not something normal rational people have…

        The problem with this fandom is the rabid half that overreacts to every little detail. But whatever I don’t expect anyone here to see how their responses could be taken, but no normal sane person responds like you all have.

        • airie says:

          this is ridiculous.

          if somebody likes the show for ANY reason, they are a true fan. period.

          • I kept Watching says:

            Not really, no true fan of the show wishes for the show to die because one of their favorite characters is killed or taken out. No true fan wishes for the shows ratings to tank because a character was taken out. That’s what I was getting at…

            The comments here have been out of control and vindictive, which no sane person would ever make..

      • Scott A. says:

        Are you saying you began watching the show with episode one of season four? That was Castiel’s first appearance. If you watched the seasons before that you must have liked it before he was on. Nonetheless, Gamble has left a certain ambiguity to Castiel’s disappearance and that he WILL be back at some point. What it comes down to now is how his “void” fits into the context of the current storyline.

        I’m thinking as a writer when I look at how this all comes together for NEXT season and possibly one more.

        I’ll sit back and watch and hope the story does the characters justice. And vice versa.

  5. By all this spoilers we’ve seen, not just today, I have one thing to say: I still love the show no matter what happens, I love Castiel, but honestly, Sera is destroying this show!!!
    I just hope this Castiel nonsense end soon!! And, if its possible (what IS possible to me), we get the chance to see the serie the way it was!!! =)

  6. David says:

    This woman needs her ass fired pronto. She obviously has no idea based on this article and her god awful efforts in season 6.
    The ratings are tanking and all that will be left are the dimwit MOTW brigade who panic when they have to string together a story plot that runs more than a couple of eps.
    R.I.P. Supernatural. Like X-Files, we’ll all just pretend the last two final seasons didn’t exist.
    Maybe Sera can move on to daytime soap.

    • Scott A. says:

      Season six had several decent stand alone episodes. There was some history revealed and a few episodes concerning the attempt to salvage Sam’s soul. They were a little ham handed revealing Castiel and Balthazar’s relationship. Actually it was done quite poorly. Castiel’s conflict seemed to Raphael was up to and the consequences of not stopping him/her.

  7. matthew says:

    Cas fans i am a huge fan of the show and one character dying temp.or otherwise shouldnt make you want to tune out.
    lets all remember that jo had fans as well…had kripke listen to them..over the needs of the show….we would have had dawn summers all over again.
    realize that too much complaining about cas wont bring him back..just a form of him.they will bring the story back.the way 99 percent of fans including some cas fans like with an altered form of him and not even you want that….and why all the dead cas talk and not one person questioning bobby

  8. Mel says:

    I am loving how season 7 is going so far. I did not see the Cas storyline coming or unfolding as it did, but I think it was very interesting. I don’t think its finished yet and I think both Misha and Cas will be back by sweeps.

  9. trev says:

    but who will I FAP to?

  10. Crybaby says:

    I’ve been watching since the beginning and own all six seasons on disc. I’m loving this season so far. One reason is because they brought back the music montage recap in the beginning. I really missed that in season 6. I gets me in the mood for the show and I love the older music.

    I for one am so happy the angel story is over. It was starting to get old. Can’t wait to see what this season has in store for me. Will love the show no matter what though. How could I not with Jensen and Jared in it. Jensen’s my favorite though.

  11. rznk says:

    Was done with Cas two seasons ago.

    Not that I hate the character, but I didn’t feel like he brought anything to the story. In fact, he hurt it. Sam and Dean just had to throw up a prayer and have their angel buddy come down and conveniently solve their problems. Lame. He drastically reduced the threat level.

    Now that Sam and Dean are on their own, having to solve their problems without a magical angel fix-all, things are interesting again.

    Also, to the more vocal and hysterical Cas fans: it’s a [expletive] TV show. Chill. You wish it canceled because your precious Cas is gone? How petty and immature is that? You want the hundreds of people in the cast and crew to be unemployed, yeah? Real nice of you.

    I liked Oz and Tara and I didn’t start wishing for Joss Whedon to die in a fire when they were gone. ’cause it’s a damn TV show.

    Also, the Gamble hate is ridiculous. This is like BtVS season 6 and Marti Noxon all over again.

    Jesus, you people…

  12. Tisha says:

    I think people need to take a couple of deep breaths and calm down. We are only two episodes into this season. They aren’t going to tell us everything or they may purposely mislead us. I’m looking forward to the build up over the season. I’m hoping Castiel will come back but if he doesn’t I’m certainly not going to stop watching the show. He isn’t the reason I watch the show. I watch it because it’s entertaining. Last season was slightly a disappointment but the first two episodes of this season have made up for it. Reading the article, I get the impression that Castiel isn’t actually dead. Sam and Dean just believe he is. He’s family to the brothers just as Bobby and others are. I feel bad for the brothers because they have lost so many people in their lives. It can’t just be the two of them in the end. As someone on here mentioned, the heart of the show is family. They lost all their immediate family members and have made their own “family”. Castiel inlcuded.

  13. Jedaqia says:

    I loved the show. But I remember coming in the fandom when Cas appeared in S4. Yes, I love the boys, that doesn’t change. I’ll still watch the show if Cas not in it. But Cas IS part of the show. It breaks my heart if he’s really gone. I love Misha coming back as other character yet Cas is special. Just bring him back please. If he can’t come back as an angel, bring him back as a human. He’s part of the family already. & he promised to redeem himself & he should be given the chance. & he never got a hug. Now I’m feeling really sad…

  14. amy says:

    Castiel haters trying to justify the crappy ratings on season 7 lol riiight.. if the other shows have bad ratings it’s because they are doing something wrong, and people are losing interest in it. It’s that obvious. If people like the show, they will follow it every week. Even though Castiel was in the first two episodes, a lot of Cas fans didn’t even bother to watch it.. Especially episode 2 where Cas died after 2 minutes. So yeah, I bet one of the reasons episode 2 had only 1.77 viewers was because Cas fans already left. But we’ll see how episode 3 will turn out.

    • Idiots says:

      It’s obvious you don’t watch ratings across the board or understand how DVR and online viewing works. And how ratings are bad across the board. So please go get educated about ratings, and wanting a show to tank because your favorite character is gone, is immature and childish. No one is trying to justify the ratings we just have a better understanding at how the ratings work than you people do.

  15. sylvia says:

    I refuse to believe that that was Castiel actual death scene. Are you kidding me? That was the most ridiculous thing ever…

    I’ll probably stop watching it supernatural, because I can’t stand how boring the show has got. I was actually pretty excited with the Leviathan storyline and I was hoping Misha would play it for at least a couple more episodes… it’s ridiculous how they only did a scene of Misha as the Leviathan, when he did such an amazing jog!! and then they turned the leviathans into a boring monster of the week… same old, same old. There’s nothing new here.

  16. Trudy says:

    I understand that fans of Cas will be upset, but many of us love the show with or without Cas–and some prefer the show without him. I thought Cas was a great addition to the show, and Misha is an awesome actor and good man. But I respect the writers need to take the story where they need to take it. Cas was only supposed to be on the show for a few episodes, but they liked Misha so much they wrote him in for more than three seasons, and stretched out the angel story line past the end of the apocalypse for an extra season, and are still looking for ways to keep Misha around even though the angel story line cannot be dragged out any longer. So I completely believe Sera when she says they want to keep Misha around–if that weren’t true, he would’ve been gone by the middle of season 4, as originally planned. Furthermore, Sera didn’t say Cas would not be resurrected. As executive producer Jim Michaels tweeted the day after Cas went into the water: “Does anyone ever really die forever on Supernatural?” And Jared has apparently also let slip he would be resurrected. So all you Cas fans who say you will never watch the show again and are rooting for its demise may be missing out on a happy ending.

    And by the way, the ratings have nothing to do with Cas: Cas was in the two episodes whose ratings Cas fans are citing as proof the show is tanking without Cas. The reality here is that all CW shows have dropped in ratings, and Supernatural is pulling in the same numbers as the CW’s most-promoted best new shows–even though it’s in its seventh season, it’s on Friday nights, and it’s up against Fringe whose audience overlaps with ours. It’s quite a feat that it’s still going so strong it is tied with new shows like the Secret Circle and Ringer that are in their first season and on weeknights. And remember that on-line fans are a vocal minority who feel much more strongly about things than the silent majority, and the odds of enough Casgirls being Neilsen families and having an impact on the ratings are astronomical. 1 in 100,000 people have Neilsen boxes, and our fandom is certainly less than 100,000 strong, and only a small fraction of those will be such committed Cas fans they will stop watching the show entirely.

    Personally, I’m loving season 7, and everywhere I look, all the reviews and comments and tweets, I see people really excited about how awesome the first two episodes have been. It’s a shame if Cas fans feel differently–but the writers can’t keep dragging out a story line just to please one segment of the vocal minority of fandom. And I’m saying this as someone who would’ve been happy to keep Cas–especially in his season 5 fish-out-of-water comic-relief persona–around forever.

  17. raeleee514 says:

    Meg Masters, Vlada Gelman

    Question? Did you want all this SPN drama? Is that way you prefaced this interview with putting the words into Sera Gamble’s mouth that Castiel is dead.

    So the people who want him dead would be happy, and those of us who don’t would freak out. Because I’m noticing, I don’t think a lot of people really actually READ Sera’s actual words. I also noticed you put in a [his death] in the midst of Sera’s words, so that is likely not what Sera said in that sentence at all.

    EW has reported that we haven’t seen the last of Misha or Castiel, which is most likely much more true than your statement of Castiel being dead. If you had said that Sera Gamble says Dean and Sam will be dealing with their grief over Castiel’s demise I would say you did a better job reporting the contents of the above interview, because that is something Sera actually says.

    She’s is being cagey and ambiguous. Misha coming back is highly likely, Castiel coming back who knows but he sure as hell wasn’t verified as Dead as A Doorknob by Sera Gamble by any form in the above interview. So why are you two reporting she said it?

    For this drama and page hits?

    It’s like the Friday Poll, of what will you watch Live, where you called SPN fans for stacking votes in polls, which frankly I’ve never heard or seen proof SPN fans have ever DONE. Why not call out Chuck fans, or Fringe fans, they are just as fanatic in their own ways?

    I admit SPN are crazy, sometimes I wish I wasn’t one of them! I admit I yell and argue on this sight, but this is the only sight I let myself let it out to any extent. Yet if you going to continue to BAIT the SPN fans inthis matter. NOt so much.

    And since I’m seeing a pattern. Yeah, I’m watching out for it more. And that’s why I’m asking and putting this out there.


    • Tinny says:

      I was just about to say the same thing. The reporter pronounced Cas dead in his words, but Sera never pronounces him dead in her words. Don’t look at what the reporter said, look at what Sera said:
      “We purposely left it ambiguous.” “Death is a funny thing on Supernatural because we’re a show about life beyond the grave.” “It has always been our intention to bring back Misha in some form. When we called Misha to let him know that we had this plan for the character, we talked about this on a longer schedule than in these first two episodes. We certainly can’t say too much about where the story is going to go, but we love Misha and want to continue to work with him.” Couple that with reports from inside and entertainment sources that Cas will be resurrected, and it doesn’t look to me like he’s going to stay dead. Reading Sera’s words carefully, I get the feeling she wants Sam and Dean to have to deal with the loss of Castiel–but that doesn’t mean she wants Castiel to stay lost. She talks about it twice: “In the life of the show, [Sam and Dean] just suffered the death of one of their best friends, something that they are dealing with in a serious and substantial way.” and “this is one of the most serious losses that Sam and Dean have had to face in the life of the series.” It fits with their Butch and Sundance theme for this season, to force the boys to deal with the loss of a friend and powerful ally, and isolate them in a new world where their old weapons no longer work. I’m confident we haven’t seen the last of Cas.

  18. CaDammieGirl says:

    Yaaaaaaay!!! Ill miss Castiel and I cant really see Misha being in Supernatural as anyone besides Castiel or Jimmy but I could get used to it I suppose. And Yes I cried friday when he went under-water but like I said Im excited to see him play some other chara on Supernatural. and all you Castiel/Misha haters, Live it with Sara already said that Misha was probably more then likely coming back to Supernatural so like I said Suck it up and Live with it, Yes He wont be coming back to Supernatural as Castiel but Hell probably come back as someone else. Now did I stop watching it personally because Castiel died? No but I did ball and cuss Dean back to Hell and back but I also Love the Winchester boys so I will continue to watch Supernatural for them but I also cant wait for Misha’s return to Supernatural either so once they all three go then yes Ill stop watching it there wont be a point to watch it for me after all 3 leave.

  19. Blissa says:

    What’s wrong w/ these writers? Everytime I watch my favorite show or book I read,they always messing up the best t.v. show or kill off the characters I loved (like Micheal Brian Bendis killed Ultimate Spider-Man & replaced w/ a black kid or Alan Ball ruined Amnesic Eric storyline as made him Marnie’s pet or A.J. erased Peter Bishop from Reality). I’m worry Alan Ball will kill Eric next. I DAMN HOPE NOT!!!. All my favorite t.v. shows SUCK & going down hill. Now Sera don’t killed Castiel. Didn’t she even about Supernatural fans? I will bet Eric Kripe sue her. I wish Eric shouldn’t hired her in the 1st place, she ruined the show since season 6.

  20. gikunz says:

    Felt like this show threat every characters except Sam n Dean really Really badly:(

    I know since day 1 that the story is about Winchester brothers, but if they keep killing strong supporting characters around the boys (and now Castiel has a same faith too? *facepalm*) then i don’t know where the show will be going anymore.

    perhaps they should change the tag line to: “PROTECTING EACH OTHERS AND KILLING EVERYONE ELSE”

    and if the writer want to back to basic “monster of the week concept” again…. then i’m not buying at all. I remember clearly that S1-2 bored me ALOT and now they want to back to that ancient concept… I’m stepping out from here.

  21. Julie says:

    I’m starting to think that tvline just gets interviews to get the «good old Castiel» debate on… Just look; already 3 pages of comments, mostly about the whole leaving the show thing.
    But to my point; I do believe that somehow they are still playing out what will happen in the writing room. I know it may look like they have everything planned (everything is when you read Gamble interviews) but it’s as if they don’t know just how to bring the guy back on the show (because let’s face it guys: he WILL come back whether you like it/him or not). His death wasn’t concluant (no wings) so I say Castiel fans just be patient…
    And everyone else while at it. The season only have 2 episodes gone. Take it easy. Of course we all want to go to the last page of the book and find out what happened, but how about enjoying the ride for a change? Last season was one heck of a speed bump but for me but I’ve dealt with it and now I just want to enjoy some Sam and Dean.

    • mariah says:

      “His death wasn’t concluant (no wings) so I say Castiel fans just be patient…”

      I see A LOT of people saying stuff like “wings or it didn’t happen” as in, “we didn’t see Castiel wings so he’s not dead”.. seeing the angel’s wings doesn’t mean anything. The wings only show up on the show when the angels are killed with the angel killing sword. (the only exception is Balthazar, we did not see his wings, but there was the huge light explosion).. Raphael was killed by Cas (exploded) and no wings. Cas died several times on the show, and no wings. Anna was burned by Michael and no wings. So yeah, the wings doesn’t mean anything.

  22. cindy says:

    Dean was nearly five years old when his baby brother was placed in his arms. That was when he vowed that above anything else, his number one priority was to watch out for Sammy, keep Sammy safe. That was in episode 1, season 1. That devotion is what made people fall in love with the character of Dean in the first place. Why is it now so many want the writers to abandon who Dean is just so he can have a different storyline? Like it or not, that is who Dean is and the writers are staying true to that. Yes, he is a kick a@@ hunter, a funny, sarcastic ladies man, and so many other things, but above all of that, he is a big brother! That is why I fell in love with him and of the multitudes of SN fans I have become close with, that is the reason why ALL of them fell in love with him. Yes, the majority of the mytharcs have been based around Sam, but that is what started this whole business in the first place, why the Winchesters are hunters. The thing is, even though a lot of the storylines seem Sam centered, the stories are told from Dean’s perspective. Dean has always had a huge role to play, and not just angsting…in fact, from the show I’ve been watching, it seems as though he’s had a bigger role to play than Sam. I love both brothers, do not consider myself a Dean girl or a Sam girl. I’ll miss Cas, but the brothers will ALWAYS be the number one draw for me. To anyone not watching the show now because you think Dean has nothing to do, you are really missing out on some of the best acting I think we’ve seen. Jensen and Jared are killing this season so far…Dean has brought me to tears, Sam has broken my heart, Bobby is just…Bobby (perfect), and we’ve only seen two episodes. Give it a chance, you may just witness something extremely special.

    • Jac says:

      Dean is in his thirties, Sam is close to thirty. They are both over a decade too old for the nonsense of Dean taking care of Sam. It’s absurd. I can’t even imagine a man Sam’s age needing his big brother taking care of him or a man Dean’s age having no friends or family because he has to take care of a brother Sam’s age. It’s just gotten too stupid.

      • Scott A. says:

        Very interesting take on the dynamic. I can see how through constantly moving, growing up as hunters, family all killed where outside relationships would be hard. Having no brothers I have to compare to my neighbor. He does a ton of stuff for his brother. Hell, he has done a load of stuff for me since the accident. I don’t know if it has the same meaning as “taking care of” but it could be close. My neighbor is an electrical engineer. Dean is a hunter. That may be the difference.

        I do see the point and can appreciate it. Will be looking at Friday’s episode a little differently now.

    • J says:

      “That devotion is what made people fall in love with the character of Dean in the first place.

      lol… actually, I just thought he was cute and funny with a I’m-such-a-bad*ss attitude, like the first real crush I had, THAT’S why I fell for him.

      Now though, I’m kinda tired of his “Me big Brother, me protect” attitude. That’s just me. :)

  23. TV says:

    Sincerely, I hope that this is the last season of Supernatural.

  24. Jim3 says:

    The problem that many people have with Castiel has nothing to do with Misha Collins, the actor who plays the role. It is that when this character is featured it changes the nature of the sereis into a Charmed-like fantasy series that largely removes the series from one about humans fighting evil and turns it into remake of countless genre fantasy series for teens. CW is already full of those shows now; much of Supernatural’s fanbase doesn’t view those shows and doesn’t want to see them–they signed on for an action/adventure series with horror and rock music, not a Dean and his friendly angel who removes any real threat to the boys and solves all their problems by magic. That objection has nothing to do with Misha Collins and its silly to label those who would love to see Castiel gone as not liking the actor. Its about the series and what its about. Bring back Collins in a role where he does not change the series into a Charmed remake, and that would be OK. But, I’m overjoyed that Castiel is gone and the series can be about resourceful humans fighting evil, not angel “pets.”

  25. franky says:

    I am a faithful viewer of supernatural and for the first time am scared about the show And where its going. Everyone has been killed off now Castiel too? I mean what are they thinking? And where’s the real God? That little drunk writer can’t be him? And now these Leviathans no one knows How to kill? You’re killing the show. Now get back on tract and stop ruining things by killing all the Good people off. You killed off Jo and her mom, Rufus and the rest of the hunters. The whole Winchester family, for gods sake give us something to hang on too.

  26. I shall say zis only once! says:

    DISCLAIMER: The following comments are the personal opinions and viewpoints of the writer and are not endorsed or supported by any third parties. They are in no way to be taken as inflammatory, malicious or as attacks upon any single person or group.

    I’ve only read the first page of comments on this article – considering the amount of repetition on so many fronts I didn’t really see the need to look any further.

    Ratings are down. This is a fact. It’s not just Supernatural that has been affected either and it’s not down to a mass exodus of viewers based upon the loss of a character or the supposed ongoing destruction of another. It’s just something that happens – people in gerneral weren’t watching. The thing to remember about ratings is the possibility of improvement, especially once the timings of episodes get fixed in memory. It’s so easy to forget a show has started anew when you’ve been without it for weeks; a premiere can be forgotten about. It just happens. So let’s hold off on the blamefests upon characters and storylines for now, okay? Let all the numbers come in, the show settle, and see where things go from there.

    Now…as far as (insert character name here)-girls are concerned…I’m a Supernatural-girl. I don’t have a favourite character; I appreciate each of them for themselves and what they bring to the dynamic of the ongoing story. Yes, I love Dean’s strength and his sarcasm. I love how Sam is a walking encyclopaedia of weirdness. I love the way Bobby never backs down from his adopted sons. I love Castiel for standing up against Heaven itself for the sake of friendship. Ash made me laugh; Ellen reminded me of someone I once knew and loved dearly; John’s pain over Mary, Jo’s desperation to be seen as a woman of her own standing…every character has meant something to me. So when any of them have left, yes, I’ve mourned that loss for a time. But I’ve always felt that each loss was a point of change, something to build on for the characters that are left, a kick towards progression – which is kinda how it should be.

    Does this mean that I’m sorry Cas is gone? Yes. It does. He was an interesting interpretation of the mythos of angels and his progression as a character was just as interesting. I do think that his subsequent death – be it true or another red herring – was a little lacking in fanfare but considering the way some previous characters have exited, why shouldn’t I? Explosions, deals with demons, defending against demons…gets eaten inside his own Vessel before going poof in a lake – when you look at it that way, it is a little flat. But the emotional impact of that exit upon Bobby, Sam and Dean, especially Dean, appeal greatly. I want to see how they deal with this new hole in their lives. Call me sadistic if you like but these guys kick this stuff out of the park regularly and with style and human reactions to adversity fascinate me. So yeah…bring it on, let the three J’s chew up the scenery and I’ll sit back with the popcorn.

    Have I had my own personal issues with the series over the years? Of course I have. I’m human and we all have this pesky little thing known as free will whereby we can form our own individual, personal opinions. I’m personally peeved that Dean has once again gotten kicked in the gut whilst all ready down. I’m also peeved that Sam’s gone nuts and, after the ending of the second episode, the possible fate of Bobby. Sure I’d LOVE for them to get a break that doesn’t involve having to get a splint and reset a bone but, let’s all be honest here, would we really be happy if that happened? We may all have managed to be satisfied with the ending of season 5 as an ending to the entire series but would we have been HAPPY with it? Sam stuck in the Cage, Dean playing happy families with Lisa, Bobby stuck at the yard, Heaven in civil war? Ask yourselves and be honest when you answer…and that’s why the show kept going. Because no one was really, honestly, happy with it ending that way – except possibly Kripke. Possibly, but that’s just a theory.

    All this hating that goes on…it is seriously giving SPN fans in general a bad reputation. I’ve never been asked in other fandoms whether I’m a Daniel-girl or an O’Neill-girl, Han or Luke, Peter or Broyles, Wuornos or Duke, Archer or Trip, Kirk or Spock – only ever with SPN fans. It creates such a ridiculous amount of aggravation, competition, agression and viciousness that I know several other fans of the show that deliberately avoid the fan sites and the conventions so they can enjoy being a fan without the attached stigma. Of course, this could just be a new phenomenon within fandom propagated by the hormonal insanity of recent years that has been perpetuated by teen angsting (Yes, Twilight, I’m looking at you) and I’m happily stuck in the old style of things where we all respect each other for our individual preferences and embrace each other as fan-family nonetheless. Ah…the good old days…

    Anyways…whilst it’s true I had trust in Kripke, now I have trust in Jensen, Jared and Jim to holler when things really don’t seem right. That and I trust my gut. When my instincts turn around and tell me that the show has gone too far, I’ll quit watching. Until then, whatever they do and whoever they kill, I’ll give them a chance. After all…it’s still a show about two brothers trying to survive a world full of monsters in the face of terrifying – at times – adversity. And taht’s what’s really important, right.


    DISCLAIMER: Repeat – the opinions above are those of the writer only, personally and individually, and are not endorsed, corroborated or supported by any third parties.

    Have a nice day!

  27. aurembiaix says:

    You are right raeleee, I also read some other interview in which Sera Gamble and other writers were talking about the idea of redemption regarding the character of Castiel. That would be interesting to see and would link perfectly with what has been going on in the show. I agree also with St Jon Clark, how can people love the first seasons and not the rest of it? Isn’t it great how the characters have evolved and grown? Why is it so great to watch week after week two guys fighting a monster that dies at the end of the episode? IMO, apart from some big holes in season 6, the whole of the series is incredibly well glued and it doesn’t seem to me that Castiel was forced in it at all. The great thing about Supernatural is that it is an amazing story with wonderful characters -pity that some of them die too early! And hey! I don’t mean Cas here.

  28. FingersCrossed says:

    I am certain (well fairly certain) that Castiel is not dead. For crying out loud, he said in the first episode after he de-souled himself, “Dean, I promise, I’ll make it up to you.” As a writer you cannot ‘foreshadow’ Cas redeeming himself and then kill him the next minute. I think that the Head Leviathan is still in Castiel’s body and I think that Cas is still alive in that body he’s just been subdued, like when someone’s possessed. I think they want us to feel his loss that way when he comes back and is good again we will be ecstatic because not only is he good ol Cas but he’s freaking alive!! I don’t like it though!! I miss my badass Cas!! Having said all of that I do think they will put him to rest by the end of the season. But he can’t be dead just yet!!

    • mariah says:

      what pisses me off the most is that they killed him (or at least they want Sam and Dean to believe he’s dead) so they could have an excuse to kick him off the show for at least half of the season. I think we can now say it’s 90% sure Misha will be back. Maybe as Cas, maybe not. Maybe as the Leviathan boss (after all Sera said they want Misha to come back in “some form”). But it will probably be at the end of the season. So even if Cas is not dead, it feels like he’s dead, because he won’t be around anymore.

  29. Raquel says:

    I have a theory about Castiel returning and if this is what their planning it would be really great. The Leviathans replicate the vessel, and then devour it, so as people have speculated Castiel may be the big boss Leviathan to come. Castiel is an Angel so I don’t believe he can die simply because his vessel does. Mischa will have a ball playing the Big bad, and perhaps the spirit or essence that is Castiel will return to his vessel, and fight for dominance. This would be so fun to see. Everyone wants to see Mischa back so another body swap would not make Cas fans happy so that makes no sense. As someone said hinting by mid winter hiatus of this would be good, and if this is SPN last year I don’t want to be teased, only to have a poorly written end and wrap up in June. Castiel is one of the few characters we really got to know, and share a relationship with on the show he deserves more than a crappy end just to repeat season one. You can never go backwards, only forwards
    and I am excited for where the season is going, but not a rerun of what has been. Cas has worked well as being someone the boys call a friend and depend on. In all the Supernatural Beings universe it was nice to have at least one ally they could trust. That was destroyed sadly, but if the story doesn’t end here and we get a redeemed Castiel in human, or super powered form all will be forgiven, and a excellent twist to the constant surprises the show has continued to deliver. The set up of no Bobby, or Castiel to help them truly leaves the boys totally alone, but I don’t want to see them gone all season.

  30. Mo says:

    Um, has nobody else noticed the name of the author of this article? Meg Masters,anyone? Why don’t we all just stop whining, and enjoy the lolz of this troll article. =)

  31. Marx says:

    So, Misha may come back? That’s good, I guess. Depends on how they’re going to use him, because I don’t want to see him again just for him to get killed again. Also, I not only want Misha back, but Castiel, too. Overall, this and another recent interview confuse me big time.
    What I got is that for now it’s back to Dean and Sam and motw episodes – great, only not, because that’s exactly the reason why I stopped watching SPN somewhere midway season two before being lured back at the beginning of season 4 because “yah, a new and interesting character – finally!” I should have known better than to get attached. At least now I know to spare me the pain and just stop watching the show either at least for the foreseeable future, maybe for good. Thankfully, the hiatus already proved to me that I don’t need Sam and Dean and the show in my life. I’ll tune back in when/if Misha/Castiel is back. Until then I bid my farewell. It was nice while it lasted.

  32. Joe says:

    This article misleadingly rephrases what Sera said–she did NOT say simply Cas is dead. Instead Cas is dead in the flow of the story and to Sam and Dean. Reality is not the same as the flow of the story and Sam and Dean’s perceptions.

    The implication is the story seemingly has Cas dead but he is not.

    • raeleee514 says:

      Noticed that too, did you? Reporters did a great job putting words in Sera’s mouth she didn’t say at all.

  33. Carrie says:

    I like Cas, but I’m not going to threaten to stop watching the show just because Misha Collins isn’t a regular anymore. He’ll be back. I absolutely adore Bobby and I wouldn’t even stop watching if they killed him off. The show is about Sam and Dean and I still enjoy it, so I’m going to keep on enjoying it.

  34. sally says:

    if they don’t bring Cas back ASAP and think of an ORIGINAL storyline, this show will crash and burn.. because seriously? Monster of the week AGAIN? pff, boring. I’m out.

    • raeleee514 says:

      Actually, it’s going to have the Leviathan myth arc and MOW all season. SO that’s Original storyline myth arc and MOW storyline, plus Sam dealing with the falling wall and Dean dealing with that and Castiel’s ‘death’.

      That’s a lot of new things and Castiel’s ‘death’/Leviathan is a whole new Myth Arc.

      Plus the more old school MOW feel as the boys only really have each other to rely on, and no Bobby’s house to go lie low at for bit most likely.

      This is good. I’m missing Castiel but I’m loving the direction of this season so far and the first 2 episodes Kicked Ass.

  35. david says:

    I hope people realise that MOTW is nothing more than D list actor hired as meatsuit for MOTW episode.
    What we get is a bunch of nobodies doing season 1-3 retreads.
    Yeah, real exciting new direction there, Sera.

  36. gwen says:

    Sorry but castiel is the reason why i started watching the show. I love the character and maybe Misha and not having him on spn does
    not motivate me to watch the show any more!!!!

    • J says:

      Yeah, I’m pretty much gonna record but NOT watch each episode until AFTER I read enough reviews (as varied as possible, since what’s boring to one fan/critic can be kick*ss to another) THEN decide if it’s worth my time to watch. I mean, I like Dean and I find Sam ok (I’m basically indifferent towards him and he does have some great scenes! I loved him with Jess and 2nd Ruby) but I KEPT watching for Castiel. Not Dean. Not Sam. But CAS. And since he became a member of their little “family”, I feel that without him, the show isn’t watchable.

      And as for episode 7.01… felt kinda rushed but I liked it. Episode 7.02… meh… And NOT because of Cas’s final scene but because it just felt… weird.

  37. Bobbie Singer says:

    This is like junior high in here. There is a reason why Supernatural fans have such a horrible reputation. That said

    I became a fan of the show due to Cas. I will not be back without Misha. Does that not make me a “real fan”? I don’t care. But I will take my money and my ratings elsewhere. Cas was tossed out of the window after misleading reports from TPTB all summer and I’m not happy about that. And I will vote with my money and viewing habits.

  38. mcfatigue says:

    Yeah I agree. I liked Cas, but this constant heaven and hell bull hockey can stop now. I have been watching the show since season 2 and I must say the best season was 5 for the epic battle that was constantly going on keeping everyone at the edge of their seat. It should have stopped there though… season 6 was an atrocity in my opinion. They tried to continue the heaven and hell story when there was really no story there and they filled it with crap. The whole love story with Dean and “that one chick with the kid” was not supernatural material at all. The episode where they break up and they play that lame fackin music was just too embarrassing for me to even watch. Having said that season 7 is off to an amazing start. Intense and supernatural all the way. I am glad to say I am finally excited to sit down and watch the new episode every friday. Cas is dead, Sam and Dean have a real monster(s) to fight that we don’t know anything about and is powerful as heck. For all those people saying it has been more about Sam… Look at season 5. They balanced the two characters very well. Had a few episodes all about Sam, a few about Dean. Season 6? I have no idea. I couldn’t watch it in fear I couldn’t retain the vomit.

    • mcfatigue says:

      I might add that I also agree with the fact that Sam and Dean no longer have a magic man to wisk away all of their problems when they get into a serious bind. Oh no! The writers have to be creative now in how the brothers get out of trouble. It won’t be as predictable. Before you’d just be like “Why don’t they call in Cas to save the day?” Now they can’t do that obviously so lets see them take these mothers down old school supernatural style?

  39. nsw says:

    I love this show. Sometimes I’m disappointed in what happens; sometimes it’s too pat; more often I’m wonderfully surprised. But in TV shows, as in life, you can’t always get what you want. That can even make it better — the characters have to roll with what life gives them, just as we do. It isn’t easy, it isn’t always fun, but it’s never, ever boring.

  40. Gust says:

    Again i say quit your bitchin u no wat im sayin so just read it and respond rather than say get grammar lessons

  41. torimiko says:

    That would be great! If such a call really happened, I hope he held out for a great contract!

  42. Alex says:

    I wonder how Smallville boards handled loseing Lex Luther in Lana Lang.

  43. Susan says:

    This Article is so not true nice try.lol
    I swear people love pushing this fandom buttons, because we fall for it everytime.

  44. Ashley says:

    To be blunt, I have watched the first season when it first premiered. I liked it, to be bland. Soon, after the first season, I was like, “Oh, well that was good. Oh, look, ‘House’ is on!” and for a while I just watched House.. and still do.

    THEN it came. I was flipping through the channels and saw it: “Supernatural” I was like, “DAAYYYYUUUMMM, I didn’t know it went to the fourth season! Thought is was over already…”

    AND HE APPEARED. CASTIEL. To cut the long story, I became obsessed with Misha Collins after that, Castiel, too, was absolutely endearing. And then I realized not so long after that I was rewatching all the episodes online to catch up to watch the fourth season.

    Since then I’ve watched Supernatural. Castiel was the reason I even started to watch it again.

    And now I don’t want to tune in for the third episode. I mean, I don’t know… I just don’t feel so hyped up for it. It was like a crash and burn. I mean, seriously, I waited ALL SUMMER just to see what will happen to Castiel and how the seventh season will be all about how Sam, Dean, Bobby, and him are family (with monsters and everything else on the side, too).

    And now he’s “gone”.

    I mean, yeah, kinda shapes it for an eigth season, too, but SERIOUSLY? I want Cas… I want him so bad. :[

    *Still has DVR set to tune in for Friday for the third ep.

    ^ You best hope you bring Castiel back, or else I’m not going to another convention or buying your 7th season when it comes.

  45. Deborah says:

    I wonder how Misha is going to feel if he reads some of these comments. Sera and Jared and Jensen and the rest of the cast and crew are his friends. People hoping that the show is going to fail now that he is no longer a regular need to realize that they are talking about the livelihoods of 100+ hard-working people. Misha has talked about how much he loves the people he works with. I think it is really sad that everyone hoping for the demise of Supernatural think they are doing it because they are supporting Misha. I believe he would be appalled at what some people are saying in his name.

    • Gena says:

      I don’t want the show to fail but for me, so far seaosn 7 hasn’t been very enjoyable and no, not just because of Cas but it has already felt like too much at once. I’ll just wait and decide as each episode comes on if I want to watch. Heck, there are lots of episodes I don’t watch (The first one with the Trickster/Gabriel comes to mind, followed by the LAST one with Gabriel. Which is funny because I adore Gabriel!, lol). I actually only like a handful of season 6 episodes and yes, many of them have Cas but one of my fave Cas scenes is one of my least fave season 6 episodes (The one where they find Eve, I LOVE the diner scene but HATE the episode). And I doubt that Misha reads many online articles and their comments, he’s (hopefully) too busy to bother.

  46. Wanda says:

    I am watching 7.2 on line. Back to boring. Angel story line and Castiel are dead. Back to dark, depressing and hopeless. Had enough, I’m out.

  47. Marie says:

    Guys seriously…I love Supernatural as much as the next fan but it’s just a show. Everyone has their own opinion and part of being a fan is going on the journey with the boys, no matter where it takes them. I love both Misha and Cas but the show was never about him. All of this hate toward Sera, Cas, Cas fans, and people who aren’t fans of Cas, is really ridiculous. As I was reading these comments, I couldn’t help but notice that some of them are really childish and even hurtful. I go to conventions and I watch Supernatural all the time lol but it’s just a show. There’s no need to take it so seriously. What got a majority of fans hooked on the show in the first place was the relationship between Sam and Dean, and that’s probably how it should end.

  48. filmguy says:

    Wow I’m glad that I stopped watching this show after season 5. I considered catching back with the season 6 DVD release but now I see no reason to. I was satisfied with where they left things off at the end of season 5, which was in fact the original intended ending to the series by show creator Eric Kripke. I really liked Castiel and am really bummed that he’s gone. I’m not gonna lie that definitely contributes to me not being interested in watching any more. Still even beyond that, I just see nothing that’s really pulling me back in with interest. It just seems like they are beating a dead horse here and the show should have ended when it was at its best.

  49. Heather says:

    I am really disappointed by the decision to reduce and/or eliminate the Castiel character. It was fascinating to see how Dean and Castiel’s relationship evolved and how the influenced each other. Watching a formerly emotionless being begin to develop human attributes was such a good story line. More importantly, I liked that Dean had developed a friendship outside of only Sam. Perhaps it is because Sam’s character seems to have fallen into a rut and is experiencing the same issues over and over again. Sam makes a bad decision, bad decision bites him (and sometimes the world) on the ass, Sam attempts to hide and lie to Dean about what the consequences are and how they affect him, Sam broods, Sam promises to not lie anymore, Sam broods some more, Sam sometimes runs away, and back to Sam brooding some more… Sigh, thanks for making the decision to eliminate an interesting character so the show can loose it’s multidimensional aspect.

    • J says:

      I think that’s why I’m not crazy about Sam. it’s the same thing again and again! Maybe if they gave him a girlfriend and she didn’t die or betray him… lol

    • Scott A. says:

      There are other characters and even the monsters can become more interesting. Crowley is lurking as is Michael. A new good guy is coming aboard around episode seven. It looks like the Dean and Sam roles may be flip-flopped with Dean being all angsty. If the fate of one character dooms the series immeditely then it wasn’t developed properly to begin with. It even took All in the Family a while to drop off after the death of Edith Bunker. And Castiel is NO Edith Bunker.

  50. Lost In Tardis says:

    Awww, c’mon good folk – it’s SPN, Cas will be back somehow – I am thinking as the Levithan Boss (whose been mentioned now, so it has to be someone…) no spoilers here, this is wholly a random thought of mine *SMILES*

    It’s a great ride, so jump on board and see where it takes us! Who knows what adventures are in store for ‘The Boys’? *GRINS*