Exclusive Dexter First Look: Dex Sets His Sights on Mos

The artist formerly known as Mos Def (he’s just Mos now) makes his Dexter debut next week as an ex-con who claims to have found God. But as you can see by the following exclusive clip from the Oct. 9 episode, Dex isn’t buying what Brother Sam is selling. It doesn’t help that the allegedly reformed criminal has once again found himself in Miami Metro’s crosshairs.

Dexter‘s Jennifer Carpenter Reveals the Dex/Deb Scene She’s ‘Scared’ Of

“Because of who the character is on paper, Dexter’s inclined to be dismissive, but he’s also captivated by the guy,” explains Dexter leading man Michael C. Hall. “And it’s been really easy to do that because Mos is a captivating presence and a captivating talent. He’s also just a genuinely kind person. He’s been great to have on set.”

Watch the scene and see if you can get a clear read on Brother Sam.

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  1. brutus says:

    Last night was a little weak. Cant wait for next week. Brother Sam will be killed by end of the season. I hope he doesnt get attatched to him like lumen or jimmy smits.

    • Tiana says:

      The first episode always is a little weak except for the first season. It lays the groundwork. Episodes 2-4 build on it, and once you get to episode 5-7 the suspense becomes unbearable. I was a little disappointed in last season as a whole. Hopefully this one is better.

    • Nadlee says:

      Boy, I do like Mos as an actor, I have for a while. I was excited to see him in next weeks previews. I think he will be a great addition to the show, I am just as excited about Colin Hanks. He is such a quirky little weirdo. I can’t wait till he breaks out of his Mentors spell and goes completely crazy!

  2. Beth says:

    I liked last night’s episode. It felt very back to basics for Dexter like he hit the reset button. I read that Brother Sam starts off as someone that he is gonna kill and then he finds out that he is actually reformed and it is the two guys we saw last night who he goes after. I really like that he is stuck between believing in nothing and trying not to pass that to Harrison. Love this show!

    • Ed says:

      yeah,a little sad that Dexter is selling out to the new World Order anti-religious agenda, it already has enough of a rep as being a propaganda tool to make people view life as cheap and approve of extreme measures against other human beings. But Dexter is an awesome show and it does raise an interesting aspect of the psychopath psyche as it relates to spiritual belief and empathy. Batista did a rotten job of explaining justification for belief in god though lol!

      Edward James Olmos is always Awesome, good to see him involved!

      • bpstorn says:

        I am 100% w/ you Ed. One of the many reasons i like(d) Dexter so much was it’s complexity. And now they are clearly taking one-path. They had written themselves a perfect opportunity to be truthful and show another view but, unfortunately, have completely showed their hand – their agenda. i hope it does not jump-the-shark and become so banal. The irony of it is all serial murders are anti-religious, anti-God as proved by their actions not their words. A serial murder (vs. killer which is what Dexter is) may quote scripture but that does not make him/her a Christian or Muslim anymore than it makes a Income Tax legal.
        i did like how even Dexter, as an agnostic, realize the positive influences of Christianity-religion in his decision to send his son to the Catholic pre-school. Though, that may just be his hope that his son will be ‘normal’ and normal in America means being Christian in the sense that 85% of Americans consider themselves Christian.

        i will definitely watch the next few episodes to see if they ‘redeem’ themselves (sorry for the pun but it just fit.) They did (redeem themselves) in the 3rd season w/ Jimmy Smits. i thought they had jumped-the-shark back then but that season turned out to be excellent. Of course, the first and second with Sgt. Doakes and most recent with the Trinity Killer (John Lithgow) were the best seasons thus far.

        • silifi says:

          Clearly taking one path? You can divine (pun not intended) this from one episode? Sure, Dexter is openly saying right now that he thinks religion is nonsense. But he’s shown complexity and openness in the fact that he wants Harrison to have some religious education, and furthermore, it is episode one. It’s also the first episode in which religion was a major topic.

          Whether Dexter takes an “anti-religion path” is not set in stone based on one episode, because there’s this thing called “character development.” I highly doubt that Dexter’s view on religion is going to remain a static fixture as the season goes on.

          That being said, I found the season opener to be rather mediocre. The blow job scene was gratuitous and unbelievable, and I feel like the show has lost of bit of its subtlety that it had in earlier seasons.

      • Josh says:

        Because there is no god? Grow up allready and stop believing in fairy tales

      • the patsy says:

        Yeah, but Dexter did a great job of saying why Batista’s explanation of god was so stupid! Blow the lid of the fairy tale book please Dexter?
        And, by the way, ‘explaining justification’?? Think about it…

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I really enjoyed the premiere!! And seeing Dexter attempt to dance was funny.
    Excited for this season!

    • TINA says:

      Dexter dancing was the highlight of my month!! lol

      • Dedra says:

        Tina,,,OMG. He was so darn cute, especially that he has some talent and looked very cute. Go MCH…aka Dex!

      • the patsy says:

        I don’t know about his current contract negotiations, but he started in musical comedy and is doing one this year – he IS a dancer and a singer by profession. He sings very well – loved to see him dance a bit, have a little fun. He will always do some theatre, even if the movies aren’t calling his name. I would think he and Showtime will work things out – at his age, which is weird because he is only old in industry terms, you don’t exactly want to walk away from a hit show until the ratings start to slip… and last year wasn’t my favorite, but the ratings were the highest because of the press season 4 got! I don’t see MCH walking away from the table (ha!)just yet!

    • sharron says:

      wow me too.I especially giggled when he referred back to the dancing with the quote “it’s hammertime” while taking care of the football guy.it made me giggle a few times.As far as his questioning God I think it is a good thing,it shows his changing of heart.Dexter would never have considered such an emotionally and spiritually based thought when he felt he was not able to “love” like normal people.I feel this season is going to be great with all the new awareness dexter has personally and with brother sam promising to make dexter reflect on forgiveness and change it will be neat to see what happens

      • the patsy says:

        He didn’t have a change of heart! He said in his voice over to Batista, ‘because it makes no sense’!! He caved into the pressure that ‘normal’ people want to ‘know about those things’. Like talking snakes and when the world was flat and all of the torture during the Inquisition and the amazing theft of ordinary people from churches for the last couple of thousand years…. jeez! He was completely put off and only went back because he thought he was supposed to, to please Deb for one, and, obviously, to help build on the story line this season!

  4. Ren says:


    • the patsy says:

      Me too! He is a fantastic actor! I think I have seen everything he has done – did you see the HBO special where he played the self trained man who invented the first bypass and saved the first blue baby? It was still in the times when he had to come in the back door! He was excellent! And, I know some people will flinch, but he really stole the whole movie 16 Blocks with Bruce Willis – amazing cast – he was the reason to see it though. I can’t wait to see what he does in this! I think the first thing I saw him in was back in the 90’s with Mark Whalberg, The Italian Job, he was jumping off the screen from the very beginning… very believable… makes it look so easy!

  5. Nicole says:

    Dexter is the man! I love this guy! I own all the seasons that have come out so far. Keep up the great work. I dont have shotime anymore cuz I live in hickville now but once the next season comes out, IT’S MINE!

    • sharron says:

      i also live in hickville or as my sister says cowville but i do however have friends that dvr thesow for me so i can go and watch and catch up….. i love those guys

  6. Robin says:

    You should always warn people you’re potentially posting spoilers, you imbecile.

    • Dedra says:

      Ummm…so don’t watch it!

    • the patsy says:

      This whole thing is a spoiler site! The show has aired several times anyway, a true spoiler is when something is leaked ahead of time, not after the fact, talk about imbeciles, don’t go to spoiler sites if you don’t expect to find them there, just saying…

  7. Dedra says:

    I loved the first ep., the whole question about religion is prevalent any day or year! People should always have questions about what their being told or taught. Following any belief lead to people joining cults and being 1 out of 913 suicides because no one questioned jim jones beliefs. As for Mos joining, I LOVE MOS! Watch him play a mentally challenged person in the movie 16 Blocks with Bruce Willis, brilliant. I’ve met him in person, and he is very down to earth and people just love him.

  8. oops says:

    The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.

    -16th Amendment, US Constitution

  9. Jason says:

    I thought the opener was a refreshing start. I’m gonna miss Lumen, but the opening scene is just what I needed from Dex:) back to the basics of taking out the bad guys without straining the taxpayer and judicial system:)

  10. Annellie says:

    I heard today on the radio, that this could be the last season, because M.C. Hall and Showtime are fighting over contract. Actor is asking $25mi for 2 more seasons, the channel is offering $20mi. Seriously?