Exclusive Glee Video: Watch Mercedes Steal the 'Spotlight' From Rachel!

The long-simmering rivalry between McKinley High divas Rachel and Mercedes comes to a head in Tuesday’s must-see Glee. And while both Lea Michele and Amber Riley more than rise to the occasion, make no mistake: This episode belongs to Riley. And the proof is in the embedded video player below.

Spoiler Alert: Bonus Ask Ausiello Devoted to Glee

In this exclusive clip from “Asian F,” Mercedes — fed up with playing a mere supporting role what she dubs “The Rachel Berry Show — belts out a fierce cover of Jennifer Hudson’s “Spotlight.” The fact that the performance doubles as an audition for McKinley’s production of West Side Story (for which she is competing against Rachel for the role of Maria) only adds to the drama.

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For her part, Riley says the number marked one of the high points of her Glee experience so far. “It was really fun to sing a current pop song, because Mercedes usually does the old diva-ish sings,” notes the actress, adding that the episode as a whole required her to dig deep into her character’s psyche. “There were some things that were challenging for me. I really had to think about who Mercedes is. It was amazing to be challenged in that way.”

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  1. C says:

    Who has backup singers for an audition?

  2. jen says:

    would be great if canada could see this cause we love glee too.

    • May says:

      Soooo Right !! I would love to watch this clip, but we can’t.

    • Katrina says:

      You can watch the clip on youtube at GleeOnFox

      • Andre says:

        In Canada, tried to get to GleeOnFox YouTube channel and received this message: “This channel is not available in your country.”

        I find it amazing how much time, energy and resources media companies put into ostracizing fans.

        • Kay says:

          If you go to the channel you’ll get that message, but as far as I know if you search for the specific video you should be able to watch it. I’ve never had a problem watching GleeOnFox videos, just getting to th GleeOnFox channel.

        • E.A.Risser says:

          i have the same issue with the BBC

        • ultimate troll says:

          Media companies have to respect copyright laws and broadcast regulations.

          It is amazing how much lazy thinking and easy justification fans put into whining.

    • Teri Salgado says:

      It would be nice if the UK could see this as well. I get so frustrated When I get the message this cannot be seen by your country or location. Why what are we gonna do with it? grrr arrrgh

  3. Mark says:

    Amber looks fantastic in that black dress. It’s an interesting contrast between the pure white dress that Lea wears. Good fashion choices Glee costume designers :)

  4. Jackie says:

    I am excited to see Mercedes get her turn to shine because Amber Riley is amazing. That being said, I love the friendship that she, Rachel, and Kurt had last season (one it’s only saving graces). I wish that instead of “stealing” it, Rachel could see that Mercedes deserves the lead & then try to make whatever part she got her own (Anita, anyone?). Oh well, we’ll see how it plays out tomorrow night…

    • Kelly says:


      So Rachel needs to step aside AGAIN to make Mercedes happy? Whatever.

      Amber has a lovely voice but it it not right for Maria. Maybe for Anita, but Maria is a soprano, and does not wail during any of the songs. Imagine Amber trying to do I Have a Love. Sorry, but no.

      • amy says:

        I agree that it’s ridiculous that Rachel keeps being punished for her own drive and always shamed into stepping aside for people who are celebrated for their (fleeting) ambition.

        But Mercedes couldn’t do Anita either…way too much dancing.

        • ralexander says:

          So true – Rachel is the only on in that cast that could play Anita – as talented as the other girls may be – and even though I love Mercedes, she is just not right for the role. Plus, we just had two episodes of her being a diva and not wanting to work on her dancing. Anita – to Santana – sorry Mercedes, maybe you can be Consuelo.

      • Sandy says:


      • Michelle says:

        Totally agree. It is not fair that someone who is perfect for the role (rachel) has to give up her role or work for it ten times harder because someone who is not perfect. Maria is a perfect soprano not an alto soprano (or even an Alto in Mercedes case). This saying.. Rachel has that soft angelic voice that calls for Maria’s part. Not a belting diva.
        It is not a color issue either. Anyone could play that role.. but also anyone who has that range and personality FOR Maria.

      • Larissa says:

        I have to agree. Mercedes should be Anita, but Maria? Sorry, but hell to the nizzy no. And I *love* ‘Cedes, just… no, she’s not Maria.

    • Mallory says:

      Rachel has given Mercedes the lead plenty of times, and Mercedes has NEVER given Rachel the same decency (other than Sectionals, but that was only because the other team stole her song)…. I like Mercedes just as much as the next person, but I’m getting a little annoyed with her her attitude and her never thinking she gets the spotlight… :(

      • hen says:

        Mercedes gets the second most of the girls. Sadly Blaine got more that Mercedes did last year, bore.

      • Nad says:

        I have to disagree. Outside from the plot, Leah get wayyyyyyyyyyyyy more solos than Amber and she also get those singing productions way more, i.e. in hall ways and rehearsals.

        Now plot wise, Rachel gave up the end of the showcase, which no one was at, and that’s about it. I love Rachel’s drive and voice but in a choir like this it’s not a one person show. At every big competition Rachel has had at least one of the major solos.

        Even Blaine been on the show 5 seconds and he’s had more productions. I don’t think Mercedes has had one since Bust your windows. oh there’s the minor one at the church.

        • person says:

          Actually, at sectionals in season two Rachel didn’t have any solos–Sam and Quinn had a duet and Santana did the solo. And in season one at sectionals Rachel had given the solo to Mercedes but one of the other choirs stole it. Rachel STILL told Mercedes she should do the solo but Mercedes just wouldn’t do it.

          • person says:

            There’s no denying that Amber has an AMAZING voice, but Mercedes’ attitude is getting on my nerves.

        • haruna says:

          I have to disagree I love to hear both sing but Amber’s character had back out of another number because she had got stage fright right before she went on stage and so handed the ballad back over to Leah.

        • stop raggin on Rachel says:

          Amber has had the second most song form the girls. She had 2 solos in Grilled Cheesus alone. She was the lead In Rocky Horror. She had a solo in Funeral, Dog Days are over, Hell to the NO, Blame it on the Alchol, Empire State of Mine just off the top of my head.

          Mercedes should be mad at Mr Shue not Rachel. Plus Mr Shue has even passed over Mercedes for Quinn the worse singer in the club. Brittany who isn’t great got to sing at Nationals and she gets to sing at assemblies.

          Mercedes has to ask Mr Shue what she needs to do to get solos.

        • Lon says:

          Rachel get the songs cause she is the main character. Why is that so hard for people to get? Mercedes is a supporting character.

      • Jackie says:

        Sooo not true. I mean almost every show last season Lea closed the show. It’s ridiculous how many solos shes getting. Yes she has an amazing voice but they are suppose to be a team. A team player should be able to let other people shine. People like Jenna (When was that last time she got a solo?), Dianna, and most def. Amber. All she ever gets to do is a wail a powerhouse note on a song. Amber deserves to get a push this season. And so do the other girls. This is not the Lea Michele Show.

        • Sal says:

          Exactly!!! Mercedes never gave up a lead to Rachel??? How many leads has she had? I’m tired of Rachel’s I’m waaayy better than all of you attitude- yes it’s lessened, but still. As much I love Mercedes and think she’s underused. She or Santana should play Anita- Anita’s a much better character than Maria anyway.

          • mki says:

            Mecredes has that attitude too that she is better. Santana has it and so does Kurt. Why is it that only Rachel is called out for it?

        • Bernice says:

          Totally Agree!!!!! Let the other’s get a chance to shine!!!

        • Please says:

          BS. Yes Lea sings the most but she did not close every show. IN fact she had way less leads in the songs last year and had mostly duets. Duets that give other people the spotlight too. No it isn’t the Lea Michele show but Lea is the lead. How about Darren a guest who had more songs than Amber. why is no one complaining about that? Plus Dareen’s song were basically solos to show case him.

        • kev says:

          do you watch, becasue season 2 has less lea and less lea lead songs.

          But remember Lea is the lead character and her songs sell better tht the others so yeah they are going to use her.

        • Emily says:

          I’m not disagreeing that the other girls should get more solos, but I am definitely getting annoyed with Mercedes. Yes, Amber Riley has a wonderful voice. But the character of Mercedes is kind of defined on doing the powerhouse notes. If you remember, she even says so in the last episode. When they were sitting in the Choir room and Mercedes was complaining about having to do that booty camp, she said something along the lines of “I just stand center stage and belt the big notes while everyone dances around me.” Why should a character get amazing solos (or the lead in the school play) when the CHARACTER is lazy? This isn’t a matter of who is a better singer- it’s a matter of which character in the show deserves the spotlight. And honestly, Mercedes doesn’t.

        • lola says:

          But it should be…obviously you have never been in a Glee Club. The solos usually always go to the best singers. Rachel is clearly the BEST female vocalist in that Glee Club. Like it or not, she should have the majority of the female solos…especially in a competition.

      • laylagalise says:

        Mercedes’ is just as good as Rachel’s, but Rachel sings almost twice as many songs as any other performer on the show- that’s just a fact. She had a solo in 28 songs and was featured in one additional song. Here are the numbers for everyone else (songs they had solos and were featured in):
        Kurt- 14
        Finn – 14
        Blaine (with and without the Warblers) – 13
        Santana- 11
        Puck- 10
        Mercedes- 10
        Sam – 9
        Tina- 9
        Shu- 9
        Artie- 9
        Holly- 8
        Brittney- 7
        Quinn- 7

        Last year Mercedes sang less than Rachel (by far), Kurt, Finn, Blaine, and Santana. Of these songs, Mercedes sang the lead in six and Rachel sang the lead in 12. Honestly I don’t blame Mercedes. She’s just as strong of a singer as Rachel and yet she gets half the solos. Who can blame her for feeling overlooked?

    • Marie says:

      I do love the Kurt and Rachel friendship and would love to see Rachel get closer to Mercedes. That being said – how is Rachel stealing the lead? I work in theatre and you have to work your butt off to get any role you want. You rehearse, you take extra lessons, you take classes to help you learn more to hone your craft. Mercedes admitted last season that she doesn’t do this extra work. She has an amazing voice but if she put in the effort it could be spectacular. So, again, I ask how is Rachel stealing the lead when she is just working hard to win it? Also, couldn’t Mercedes be the one to try and make whatever part she gets her own? (Also, Anita anyone?) It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out. All the above being said – it should be interesting whichever way it falls.

      • Michelle says:

        Totally agree. She is working hard and Mercedes is falling behind her because she doesn’t have that push or that drive to make herself better.
        Stop whining Mercedes.. if you want something, work for it. She also should be fighting for roles that she is well suited for in her voice range. that would start to make her shine… (this is the same case for Kurt) they both try to do something that they are not meant to do… their voices just are not the right touch for it.

    • f says:

      The whole point is Mercedes needs to step up. It isn’t Rachel fault she works harder. As Rachel said if you want it you need to take it. Rachel has stepped aside for Mercedes twice already. No one every steps aside for Rachel they just run her down. And if I were Mercedes and Rachel stepped aside it would be kind of insulting like Rachel doesn’t think she can get it on her own.

    • Mike says:

      Rachel is the better singer and deserves it more

    • Just remember that the original West Side Story’s Maria is Natalie Wood, who is so slim and beautiful. Although, she tried to sing some of the songs herself, the movie is one of the best classics ever produced. It is not fair that Amber will get the role of Maria even if she had the voice. Not even the role of Anita. I’m sorry Amber, I love your Mercedes character at Glee but this one is not for you.

  5. Lor Barry says:

    OH MY GOD!
    Please stop posting videos that can only be seen in American, it’s extremely frustrating to those of us living in the rest of the world!!! >:(

  6. Marianne says:

    I LOOOVEE Mercedes, but this was NOT her best outing. When she sang the song from Dreamgirls, or even “Bust your Windows” i was blown away. This was good…. not amazing. If she wins Maria over Rachel for this song, thats just bad writing.

  7. LOL says:

    Seriously? This girl can sing, but she can’t act at all! Mayeb sh’ed have had more to do in the last 3 years if she’d been attentive and thought about her character before she was handed a script. That’s how many others, like Naya River and Heather Morris, got moved forward. And what is with the faces this girl makes when she sings? She looks like she’s constipated.

    • kyu says:

      She’s the only singer in that cast that can hope to rival Lea Michele. That’s why they’re always do the diva-offs storyline.

    • joe says:

      You made since until the part about her faces when she sings. It is part technique. Don’t make fun of that stuff makes people look silly an uninformed.

    • Sal says:

      And Rachel doesn’t make weird faces when she sings?

      • lim says:

        so what it doesn’t matter about the faces. it is part of singing. get over people. Darren makes face, Joe Cocker makes faces who cares. It is irrelevant.

  8. sam says:

    i don’t know, i just don’t enjoy mercedes as a character. i think riley has some severe limitations as an actress, and only succeeds on the amazing strengths of her vocal abilities. i also find it troubling that after 40+ episodes, she “really had to think about who mercedes is.” granted, she hasn’t been the given greatest material to work with prior to this episode, but you would think that a professional actor would have done this kind of work fairly early on.

    • Co-sign says:

      You just said everything I was thinking about Amber Riley.

    • kevin says:

      Exactly. If you have ever seen behind the scene footage you can see when Lea transforms into Rachel with a few mannerism or speech, same with Chris.

      Except for clothes I see nothing that transforms Amer or Jenna into their characters.

      • Demi says:

        Jenna and Amber have different styles and personalities than Tina and Mercedes .

        • really? says:

          and Lea and Chris have different personalities from Rachel and Kurt. But they have made clear choices on intonation, body stance and other mannerism for their characters.

        • John says:

          Actually Amber seems pretty much like sassy girl in real life and Jenna shy girl in real life. Sure Lea loves b-way and Streisand and can be loud, but she isn’t a prude, goody goody, prissy like Rachel. Sure Chris like B-way but he isn’t into fashion or as flamboyant.

          Sorry but that was a silly statement.

    • Pendre says:

      THIS SO MUCH! I was very surprised by that statement. No, Amber hasn’t been given much to work with, but this is basic homework for any actor no matter how small the role is. I don’t remember who it was (a fairly famous actress now, but the article subject escapes me), but I read somewhere that when this actress was first starting out, she landed a minor role in a film or tv show, but the writers hadn’t given her character much of a history. So, based on what she read in the script, she wrote a back story for the character to help with her own motivation. This not only helped her with her acting choices for the character, but when she showed what she’d done to the producers, they decided to incorporate aspects of this history she came up with to more fully define the character, thus making the role richer. I WISH I could remember who this was . . .

      Anyway, no matter how little Amber has been given, she should still have done some work to understand Mercedes’ motivations by now. It has been two years.

  9. Stefanie says:

    Thank goodness! I cannot stand the character of Rachel at all. I agree with Jackie on wishing Rachel could see someone else – esp. Mercedes deserves this more than she – but I doubt that will happen b/c Rachel is an egomaniac.

    • Fran says:

      Rachel has told Mercedes on several occasions how good she was. She has stepped aside for Mercedes twice plus she even has reached out to her several times as a friend. People blame Rachel when it is really Mr Shue who has yet to come up with a way to gave out solos. Why is it always Rachel who is blamed. She has had songs taken way from her or she always has to fight for things.

      Rachel isn’t a egomanic, have you not heard how most of them boost about their talent. Please, Mercedes is a passive aggressive diva.

      • andy says:

        because mercedes has been living under rachels spotlight and mercedes never got a chance to sing rachel always gets it cuz shes good and is pretty and white

        • hank says:

          They have never hinted that Rachel gets to sing more due to race or even becasue she is pretty. The only reason that have been hinted at is becasue Rachel tries harder and want it more.

        • Lislet says:

          Wow, that is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard.

    • jill says:

      Why does Mercedes deserve the apart of Maria more? Rachel is the one who started the musical, Rachel is the one who needs it for her resume,Rachel is the one who is going into Musical Theater?

      Mercedes seems to want it becasue Rachel wants it. Mercedes doesn’t want to be a stage actress.

      Mercedes has every right to audition sure, but she doesn’t deserve ti it just becasue she deosn’t get the spotlight as much.

      • Yay says:

        Also, Mercedes isn’t a soprano and couldn’t sing the part of Maria. I’m sorry, it’s the truth. Rachel should play Maria, Anita should be played by Santana. Bottom line. If Mercedes is picked to play Maria the show has really lost it for me – Glee reality or not, it just won’t work.

    • Do you watch the show? says:

      Mercedes is a one-note character. Her trope is that she will “park and bark” — she’s lazy and expects everything to be handed to her. You seem to be the same. The amazing thing about Rachel Berry is that she works relaly hard for what she gets. That should be applauded. Rachel works 100 times harder than Mercedes. Besides, Mercedes’ voice is NOT RIGHT AT ALL for Maria, and her audition was lame.

      • andrea says:

        OMG and you are right everything is about the voice and style of singing.

      • Cassie says:

        does Rachel really work hard for what she gets though? I know that was the impression we were meant to get early in season 1, but since then I dont’ think it’s been shown at all. The only hard work I see her put into getting solos, is throwing tantrums and threatening to walk out of Glee if she doesn’t get them. If she did put in all this ‘hard work’ that everyone seems to say she does (and Mercedes doesn’t) then she wouldn’t ‘NEED’ to play Maria in order to get into NYADA – because she’d have ‘inutero credits’ too – wouldn’t she?

        • Hope says:

          It is Rachel’s dream to go into musical theater, that is all her character talks about…the bright lights and big city, her and Kurt prepared a piece to go show up the other kids from NYADA, they can only show so much hard work in a one-hour show. Mercedes only dream was to have a boyfriend, well she has one now, so its time for her to quit being the victimized diva and really show us what she wants

        • jeff says:

          Yes Rachel has always tries harder. Even in auditions Rachel dresses the part. Rachel has emergency mash up ideas. She brings song ideas to Mr Shue she did that in season 2 as well as season 1. So yes in season 2 Rachel stilled worked harder.

          Rachel quit once (after Mr Shue screwed her around a bit) and had a tantrum once. But that tantrum was to do with her being lied to and humiliated as much as Shue not giving her the solos.

          And you didn’t noticed when Rachel was passed up for that solo so was Mercedes and Mercedes bitched about it too.

    • Magnus says:

      One thing clear, Rachel is not a egomaniac at all, its other way around.
      Rachel know what she wants, and she is not afraid to show it and take want she wants, she works very hard for it.
      Mercedes think she come and sing and be the star without any rehersal and more.
      Mercedes does not know what she wants and she do work hard for it.
      Mercedes is the big Egomaniac, Not Rachel.

    • andrea says:

      No because Rachel work harder and she always have a plan A and B.

  10. Lexy says:

    Um… Weren’t they friends? I’m getting tired of Rachel doing all the work and Mercedes coming out of no where claiming she deserves everything and more. Even in this video alone you see Rachel working and discussing with Mr. Schue. Rachel is constantly busting her ass to make Glee club as epic as she can but all they do is tear her down. Mercedes has an amazing voice and I truly liked their friendship but this storyline is old and pointless… Poor Rachel.

    • Magnus says:

      I fully agree with you.
      Rachel works her ass of all the time for the Glee club, while Mercedes just sits thier on her lasy ass as usual, and blame Rachel for everything.
      That is not right at all, Rachel deservs every song she gets, beacause she has earned it every time.

  11. Rob says:

    Jesse nailed it when he judged Mercedes’ performance in “Funeral” – she doesn’t rehearse, she doesn’t want to dance, she is LAZY and simply wants to belt it out. She expects Rachel and the rest of the glee club to cater to her because of her voice, meanwhile, Rachel is working hard as always – constantly practicing, rehearsing, putting together numbers and discussing it with Schue. Yet here Mercedes is, claiming she doesn’t want to be part of “the Rachel Berry Show”? Well, WORK for it then. Empty claims from Mercedes is so the last two seasons. Stop already.

    • JDHetherington says:

      First of all. Jesse was plain insulting everyone simply to get Mr. Shue to want to give Rachel the solo, making him doubt his confidence in everyone else, while also sucking up to Rachel to try to get on her good side. I believe Jesse was more saying that Mercedes performance was fake ie emotion wise, rather then actually being sincerely from the heart. And again Jesse’s claim is subjective to his desire to be the harsh judge and suck up to Rachel. Besides New Directions has always been more about singing then dancing. And as if Mercedes didn’t spend 2 seasons rehearsing with New Directions. Anyone remember River Deep Mountain High with Santana? 4 Minutes with Kurt and the Cheerios? The whole Rocky Horror Picture Show? Freak Out with the original New Directions members. She didn’t think she needed the booty camp, because as far as dancers go, most members don’t actually need it. Quinn and Santana are there simply because they left and want to prove themselves, and Blaine is there simply to get to know New Directions better. The only members that have difficulty dancing is Finn (even though Cory Montieth’s dancing is nowhere near as bad as everyone seems to make out), and maybe a little bit in regard to Kurt, (though this varies from episode to episode)

      • LOLLA says:

        if you remember correctly this is not a new directions preformence its a school play.Also, rachel deserves everyting she gets and in many ways is the reason theres still a new directon in the first place. so think about that before you try to say that rachel is an egomaniac!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  12. Sam says:

    Compare: Rachel has list of emergency mash-up, Rachel get them a mattress commercial, Rachel storyboards the dances, Rachel comes up with the girls mash -up. Rachel has suggestions for songs, Rachel talks to Mr Shue about ideas, Rachel helps lead the group, Rachel does extra dance rehearsal on her own.

    Mercedes: Parks and Barks, admits she doesn’t practice, doesn’t have many song in her reportre, doesn’t usually go outside her comfort zone in songs.

    Rachel is the star because she works harder and she wants it more. Stop bringing Rachel down Mercedes, time for you to pick it up.

  13. Justin says:

    The song is completely taken out of context- so it doesn’t work at all. The song is about a relationship with a man- NOT being a shadow cast in the way of Leah Michelle’s HUGE ego.

    • jet says:

      Rachel is the character in which Mercedes feels she is in the shadow of. Lave Lea out of this or are you one of those people who can distinguish fictional characters from real people.

    • huh says:

      This is fiction it has nothing to do with the actors in the show.

    • Julie says:

      It’s sad how you can’t keep TV and real life separate. I think it’s time for you to step away from the computer and the TV screen and go make some friends.

  14. Kristen says:

    I think Rachel/Lea’s audition was leaps and bounds better, but I typically prefer Mercedes/Amber, so I’m a bit torn here. May the best singer win! :)

  15. Lauren says:

    I quite like this song and Amber singing it, but seriously, if they go with this over Somewhere, they are craaaazy. Lea Michele sang the hell out of that song, and Rachel would act and sing the hell out of Maria. Mercedes just wouldn’t fit Maria. They obviously don’t care about that though, since they cast her as a transvestite in RHPS.

  16. kim says:

    I hope Amber can pull off the acting, she usually isn’t very good with drama.

    If they want to revamp West Side Story Mercedes could be interesting choice. But it doesn’t seem like that is what they are doing, They are just doing the show as in the traditional way Rachel is the best choice for Maria.

  17. ben says:

    wasnt that great, im all but positive whatever rachel sings will be better

  18. Kristina says:

    I think Amber Riley has a beautiful voice, but I’m so sick of Mercedes’ crap after 3 years, I wouldn’t care if they wrote her off the show. She is one of my least favorite characters, ever. Of course I blame the writers for this not the actress, but still….ugh.

  19. Ren says:

    Agreed! Why can’t us Canadians see this?! Discrimination!

  20. Tammy says:

    Ok. I got love for every single character on this show, but this SL is starting to make me dislike Mercedes. I don’t want that. Rachel might be my favorite, but I love me some cedes. But Nan she is really getting on my nerves. She said so herself that she is more of a park and bark(whatever that means) and now she wants the lead in a musical. One that does not fit her voice at all. Amber has an amazing voice. I don’t think you will ever hear anyone deny that, but Maria is absolutely not it for her. I agree they need to give her something else to work with so she can get better at acting, because she NEEDS to get better. I’m just getting super annoyed with her. Rachel is not putting Mercedes in her shadow. Mercedes is doing that all on her own. Let’s not forget all the times Rachel has reached out to her, and stepped aside for her. I hope Rachel tells her that. I hope Mercedes does something that makes me think that she really derserves this part. Otherwise, this whole thing is crazy.

  21. Marina says:


  22. Francis says:

    Mercedes singing ‘Spotlight’ for her audition for WSS proves she hadn’t thought the audtition threw or was prepared. You don’t sing a flashy pop song for a Broadway-type play. Rachel’s reason for having the play were not even concieted, she needs it for her resume for COLLEGE. Mercedes is just trying out so she can beat Rachel at something. Jesse’s analysis of Mercedes was dead on last year. Mercedes is one of the few characters the writers keep consistent: whiny, attitude and diva-ish. But pretty much every comment here sums up how I feel/what I am thinking. Glad everyone is on the same page.

  23. Edward says:

    Let’s just be HONEST, the only reason the character Mercedes was created (or Amber was hired) was to have a her sing songs white people can’t sing. She’s just there to sing the R&B stuff (imagine Rachel doing “Spotlight”, LOL). If it wasn’t for the occasional Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, or mainly souful R&B tune, Mercedes/Amber wouldn’t be there.

    Oh, and yes I am aware Lea Michele has sung tunes by black artist such as ‘Take a Bow’, although she sang it well, some soul would have helped, enters Mercedes/random black chick.

    • Joan says:

      Santana and Artie do well with R&B. But yes Amber was hired for her voice cause her acting (which has improved) is not great. She is better than Dianna now but that isn’t saying much.

    • Mel says:

      “Bills, Bills, Bills” is my favorite glee song ever, I’d love to hear Blaine sing more R&B

  24. Okay really, rachel is a HUGE egomaniac. Remember when mr. Shue got sick and rachel took over the class? Her topic was ‘Me’. Its obvious she is an egomaniac. And when mr shue tries to give anyone else a solo, rachel threatens to quit ND (remember when he gave tina a solo so rachel quit and joined the musical?) however, its true that mercedes doent get as many solos as rachel. She only got the one to close the benifit cuz she went all diva. I personally would like to see mercedes get more solos but rachel sorta needs this role to get into NYADA. I just hope mercedes doesnt quit ND if she doesnt get the role (i heard she might) rachel and mercedes should be friends, right?

    • kieth says:

      Yes Rachel has an ego but so do most of them in the club. Just last week Kurt said The Greatest Star was a semi autobiographical. Rachel quit one time when Shue gave the solo to Tina but only after Mr Shue alluded to Rachel that she would get the solo and then Mr Shue in front of everyone let Tina keep it. Mr Shue handles Rachel so wrong he butts head with her and he almost teased her at time in Pregger and Rhodes not taken. That was one time others have quit over less.

      Rachel is not Mercedes problem. Mercedes needs to work harder and Mr Shue need to figure out how to give out solos.

    • Julia says:

      yeah duh she’s got a big ego. thats her character. thanks for clarifying the obvious though. ;\ also, thanks for notifying us that you heard that mercedes MIGHT get it. you know what though? they both might get it. i dont need someone to tell me that. the fact that they both might get it is the beauty of a competition.

      still though, thanks for clarifying so many things to the stupid people of the world.

  25. SC says:

    As an audition piece, that’s pretty much a failure. Much like Kurt’s last week, it’s not remotely suited to conveying why she’s be right for the part, whereas Rachel and Blaine both did actual songs from the musical (and are, in general, much better fits for the characters). Picking Rachel for Maria based on those auditions would be an easy choice.

  26. Amelia says:

    While I love Mercedes (and Amber Riley’s voice), she does not have a ‘Maria’ style voice. I will be a little ticked off if Mercedes is cast over Rachel (because Lea Michele DOES have a Maria voice).

  27. Ray says:

    Plain and simple, Mercedes does not deserve the role.For those who have seen West Side Story you know she should not even be in the top 2. If Rachel has any competition it is Santana. The last musical the school had was Rocky Horror,Mercedes was the lead in that one. Kurt has no business as Tony either. If Kurt and Mercedes are the leads to WSS it would not surprise me because Ryan Murphy plays favorites.

    • Cassie says:

      I’m curious, is Santana Rachel’s competition because she has the kind of voice to handle this role, or becauase she’s hispanic? It is possible to cast people outside of racial boundaries set by the original text, and Santana, whilst I love the character and Naya, is not equipped with either the vocal range or strength to tackle Maria.

      I’m also a little curious as to how picking Mercedes would indicate Ryan Murphy was playing favourites? THe Kurt thing I get, because we all know he worships Chris Colfer – but he’s equally enamoured of Lea Michelle, and I don’t see any history in the show of Mercedes being favoured over Rachel.

      • Pre says:

        Santana would be a much better Anita. Rachel is clearly the better choice for Maria. And yes Naya’s voice is wrong for Maria. Lea’s voice is perfect for Maria either but it is by far the closet.

        If Mercedes is picked or Rachel is picked isn’t about favorites among the actors it is about story telling.

        While I think Ryan truly admires Lea he certainly does not do her character a lot of favors.

  28. Chris says:

    I love Amber. I love her take on this song. BUT…the lyrics don’t fit within the context of the storyline. It’s about a girl trapped in a bad relationship with a possessive partner. The chorus is the only thing that fits.

  29. nikkità says:

    I totally agree! Mercedes is my girl and bust your windows was the last big solo she had. Its time for rachel berry to step off for a little bit.

    • jonathan says:

      are you serious?
      “Hate On Me” -episode “Throwdown”
      “And I’m Telling You, I’m not going” – episode “Sectionals”
      “Beautiful” – episode “Home”
      “Ain’t No Way” – episode “Night of Neglect”

      there are other songs Mercedes has sung, but in these songs (and the episodes) she had some pretty good moments. And btw, Mercedes’s portrayer Amber Riley is signed up as a “supporting” actor for the show while Rachel’s portrayer Lea Michele is signed up as a “lead” actor on the show. The only exception to this rule is that Blaine (Darren Criss) is the ONLY guest star who pretty much got a song every episode he was featured in (except in “Night of Neglect” or “New York”)

      • jonathan says:

        *in season 2, Darren Criss was a guest actor, but now he is a series regular.

        Mercedes should know that she should practice songs that are not necessarily related to a belt-out moment. There’s no variation in her singing pattern. And, she should ask Mr. Shue if she can sing a song. She never did that. However, I do love Amber Riley (just Mercedes I have a little problem with)

    • kim says:

      Please Amber still gets the second most song for girls.

      And until Amber starts selling songs as well as Lea she will remain number 2.

  30. Pocket says:

    I *love* Mercedes, but she is *not* Maria.

  31. Caroline says:

    Don’t think I didn’t notice Santana in the choir room again! Yay! But I digress. Mercedes has been better, though this performance is great. At the end of the day though, I am rooting for Rachel.

  32. dj says:

    Yes she can and shes gonna kill it and in a good way!

  33. Steph says:

    I absolutely LOVE Amber, but she just doesn’t have a fit voice for Maria. I think Lea would be more fit for her.

  34. @@@@@, says:

    whatever!!! don’t watch glee,it’s kinda’ boring already. In my own opinion the show has lost its momentum, very unlikely than season 1 and season 2 which i must say, the best season ever.

  35. Teresa says:

    I totally agree with you here! Come on, Mercedes has a phenomal voice! Rachel is featued so much on Glee! And I like Blaine, but geez, hes overtaken Kurt even.

  36. Reality Check says:

    Such bickering!

    Um…you all DO realize that these aren’t real people, right? Wow. I worry for all of you.

  37. Candace says:

    someone needs to post this on youtube! We canucks can’t see the video!

  38. N says:

    Wow its mind blowing how people can sit her all day and talk about people who aren’t real!!!! Don’t get me wrong, I love Glee, but everyone realizes these aren’t real people right?

  39. Danielle says:

    Goosebumps. I love Amber, and this was amazing.

  40. Bells says:

    Uh… If we’re being clear, Mercedes took THE LEAD in the Rocky Horror episode and shined. “Try a Little Tenderness” was brilliant, as is everything else she’s done thus far. I agree that I would rather see Rachel have the part, I agree that her character has the talent and practice to be awarded for her effort. But these are characters and our opinions won’t change the outcome.

    Lea Michele is an outstanding performer with an outstanding vocal track record. A hint of surfing for things she’s done beyond Glee are proof enough of this. I was 16 when I fell in love with her AND Spring Awakening because she has a natural ability to shine. When she does leave the show, she’s going to be successful because she’s a triple threat.

    Amber Riley on the other hand, will move on from Glee with all the gusto and vocal talent to sign hundreds of record deals and follow in Jennifer Hudson’s footsteps (from my perspective). She likely will not be remembered for any of her outstanding talent as an actress nor an amazing ability to dance–we’ve seen very little of either of these.

    They’re two different people. Period. And it doesn’t matter who gets the freakin’ role. They’re both outstanding.

  41. hold up.... says:

    Two important things…
    1. Santana has entered the choir room, errbody.
    2. Where the $^@* is Blaine?! He is not sitting next to Kurt… I don’t think he’s even in the room at all. This saddens me deeply. An opportunity to have Darren on screen… wasted.

    • Sarah says:

      Where is Blaine??? Should I be worried??

    • bamabunny says:

      Darren Criss was shooting a movie in NYC with Kristen Wiig and some of the scenes got delayed because of Hurricane Irene. This was while they shot this episode in LA so he missed a few choir room scenes.

  42. Former Gleek says:

    I think the worst thing for the entire show, is that they didn’t develop most of the original characters. They instead went for the money grab. I, for one, am tired of Mercedes being cast as a sterotypical diva. Why can’t she have a real story line?

  43. - says:

    omg. Blaine my love. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

  44. Lisette says:

    Rachel has always stepped aside for the other teammates.When Sam joined glee she decided to let him win to feel. And besides she does have the best voice on the team. But thats just my opinion. feel free to disagree

  45. lirije hajrullahu says:

    I think that Rachel deserves the part because she has a really good voice and in most of the episodes you see her rehearsing a song and you don’t see Mercedes rehearsing at all, I do think Mercedes should get a chance to sing but not as Maria because the part suits Rachel the most.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!_____ ;)

  46. Hater says:

    I hate Mercedes. She’s the only character on Glee I cannot even look at without being annoyed.

  47. Just asking says:

    I’m not trying to be offensive, I ask this with complete sincerity. There has not been many black characters on Glee… Mercedes, Azimio, Mercedes’s boyfriend, and the black Skank in the last two episodes……. but, um… why has every single one of them been overweight/obese? Did I miss any? I’m not trying to be racist. I honestly want to know.

  48. Jory says:

    The show is going for more an ensemble feel this season and I like it. I think it makes sense that they are giving Mercedes a storyline, and it’s consistent with threads in other seasons. My problem with Mercedes is not the character herself, but the way she is written. I can say the same thing about Tina as well (and you know what Rachel at times vacillates between annoyingly selfish and irritating to condescendingly generous – I’m giving you this solo because there’s no way you could earn it on your own). Everyone has their favorites and I always find it strange when other characters get bashed to elevate their own favorites.

    I don’t think you can compare the acting talents of Lea Michele vs Amber Riley (nor do I think you should). Lea Michele was phenom in Spring Awakening and on Glee is sometimes brilliant in her portrayal of a really talented teenager who wants to make it big. And Glee has clearly painted Mercedes and Rachel as the rival female vocalists on the Glee club so this episode feels timely because Mercedes needs something to do. I do not think it will cut into the amount of solos Rachel has because she typically knocks them out of the park, but I for one am a fan for other characters getting the spotlight every now and then (it seems Mike is getting a bit of spotlight this episode too and Brittany is being fleshed out apart from her connection to Santana). I like knowing about the other characters. And to be honest, the fact that Rachel gets so many solos makes me get a little tired of her voice to be honest.

    Having said that, I would love if Mercedes won the role of Maria because I think it would be a more interesting a story arc then if Rachel won it (but that’s personal preference). However, there is no way you can compare this solo to Rachel’s Somewhere. Rachel was just better so if Mercedes wins, I hope it’s not because she out-diva’ed Rachel again (because we’ve done that) but because of some other reason left out of the promos because Rachel’s solo was like some other people mentioned a better song choice and a better performance. Sorry for the long reply.

  49. Jeff says:

    While I love hearing Amber Riley and Lea Michele both, I still remember that the writers and directors decide who gets the solos. It has nothing to do with either actress or either character. The fact is the Mercedes/Rachel rivalry is getting old, but obviously the writers don’t want to make up their minds whether Mercedes and Rachel should be friends or rivals, or don’t know where else to take the characters. All I’m saying is same old, same old, move on. The writers made the show about Rachel and Kurt, thats why they are planning on doing a spin off with Rachel and Kurt. And personally, I do not think this is Amber’s best performance, although she looks great in the scene.

  50. Didi says:

    The Lazy comment by Jesse was offensive, she’s obese and she’s black, calling her lazy without showing her actually being lazy is offensive (and just because she doesn’t rehearse isn’t enough). Now the “park and bark” comment, if she said that before Jesse’s comment I would have agreed that she’s lazy. But her rendition of ‘Try a Little Tenderness’ the first female rendition of the song I’ve ever heard, was my hands down favorite song that Amber Riley has ever song on that show.

    • sure says:

      Are you seriously pulling the racism card? “she’s obese and she’s black, calling her lazy without showing her actually being lazy is offensive” …..no, its offensive because being called lazy is generally not considered flattering. Jesse called her lazy because she was being lazy. She did not even rehearse for her audition, like every other person did. She claimed she didn’t “need” to practice, so she didn’t. Even Rachel practiced, and she thought she was a shoe-in. Not doing something just because it isn’t absolutely 100% necessary is the definition of laziness. It has nothing to do with her weight, or her race.

      • Michelle says:

        The thing with the lazy issue for me is the fact that she really doesn’t try to dance with the rest of the group. She even makes the comment that everyone should dance around her while she “Stops and Stands” to belt out the major notes. This is ridiculous. Now to make a great group you all have to work together and stop being so lazy.
        It doesn’t matter what color or how fat/skinny you are.. you need to all work as a group and all be doing the work to get the prize in the end.

    • jilly says:

      Try a little tenderness was Mercedes wailing on note again. She is good but she need to practice and she needs to try something out side her comfort zone.

      If Mercedes had not come back with I don’t need to practice I would have been all over that but Jesse was right and she proved it.