Ratings: Fringe Matches All-Time Low

Fringe Anna TorvIn another universe, Fringe airs on Monday nights and draws around 11 million viewers.

Alas, where we live now, the Fox sci-fier this Friday played to 3.14 million total viewers (down 10 percent from its Season 4 opener) while dropping 20 percent in the demo to match its all-time low rating of 1.2.

Supernatural Shocker: What Did You Think of This Week’s Big Twists?

The news was slightly better for Friday’s other genre fare. Nikita, with 1.79 million viewers and a 0.6 rating, didn’t drop any from its Season 2 premiere, while lead-out Supernatural (1.8 mil/0.7) dipped “just” 12 percent.

CBS topped the night in both total audience and in the coveted 18-to-48 demo, with Blue Bloods (11.2 mil/1.9) holding steady to repeat as Friday’s most-watched program and tie for the demo win. CBS kicked off its evening with the freshman drama A Gifted Man (8.14 mil/1.2, down 15 percent from its debut), followed by CSI: NY (10 mil/1.7, dipping only slightly from its opener).

What were you watching this Friday night? Baseball, perhaps?

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  1. Matt says:

    Goodbye Fringe…..the question is, when will The CW beat Fringe’s 18-49?

    • guest says:

      So the headline is Fringe is down, while other shows are more down.
      I thought tvline liked Fringe? And it is not an alltime low and it is not because of no peter, no peter last season had better ratings then with peter.
      Reason in my view is the wrong promotion, it is al focused on Where is Peter and Josh Jackson, from May on it was where every Fringe story was about. Anna Torv has done tons of interviews internationally and in the US and each and every interview she had to talk about Josh and Peter,will he be back, same for John Noble and the rest of the cast. Strangely enough all Jackson ever talks about is himself and/or John Noble.
      The promotion should have been about how choices and events can change peoples lives, that this season will let people see from a different perspective. And the media and Fox and WB should let their Jackson obsession go, and concentrate on those who really deserve the attention, starting with Anna Torv, who is the best actress on television.

      • br says:

        LOL, this troll!

        • Annon says:

          LOL. Troll and more. She is so Anna/Olivia obsessed it’s scary.

          It’s the same stuff over and over from her.

          Anna gets more attention, more screentime and more characters to play on the show, than anybody else, but it’s just not enough for the troll. It’s still Anna doesn’t get this, Anna doesn’t get that, Anna doesn’t get the focus. When she clearly does.

      • GW says:

        I completely agree with you. Anna Torv & John Noble are their main powerhouse actors. Joshua is an alright actor imo and he never looked like lead actor material. Even without him, I love Fringe. That’s not to say I don’t like him, but he is overrated in the show. Take away Noble or Torv and the narration will be all over the place.

        • Vega says:

          I’m from Poland ana I agree with you in 100%. Anna is the best actress I’ve ever seen in tv. I watch Fringe because of HER and John Noble… not JJ.

      • KevyB says:

        The problem with Fringe is, it’s in Lost’s territory. Outsiders see commercials and realize it’s got some convoluted story going on and aren’t going to bother tuning in. And those of us that left in the first half of the first season refuse to believe the show has actually gotten good.

    • Kara says:

      It’s not the lack of Peter that hurts Fringe’s ratings. It’s the FRIDAY-NIGHT-KISS-OF-DEATH from fox (Anyone remember Firefly?!!) It’s a good show but people like to go out and do things on a Friday night not just watch TV. They should have left it on Thursday nights with Bones. Or put it on Monday but please don’t cancel the show! How many people actually watch shows when they are on now anyways? I watch everything off my DVR. Is that taken into account when they do ratings?

  2. Luis Henrique says:

    Not fair.

  3. Shanna says:

    It’s because the show is not as good without Peter. They need to get him back ASAP! I think that last season end move to have him disappear can be considered a fail.

    • guest says:

      It has nothing to do with peter, it has everything to do with Jackson. He hated the Olivia Peter storyline, the only way to deal with that was to erase it, he was the only one jumping from joy because of this final, and no wonder each and every story has been about him since that final.
      I for one find the fact that Anna Torv especially and John Noble and every other member of the cast have been forced to talk about Jackson and Peter in each and every interview rather insulting, never happened with Olivia/Anna or Walter/John etc.
      Without peter the balance is far better.

      • Amy says:

        It doesn’t have anything to do with that. It’s part of the story. He’s signed on for this season, so he’s clearly going to show up. And he didn’t hate the romance; he was just skeptical about it and didn’t want it to become the main part of the show, which is a perfectly reasonable concern.

    • Angela says:

      Though the premiere wasn’t the best episode they’ve ever had (still good, quality TV, though), this week’s episode was great. It’s an important storyline, and people shouldn’t be so impatient. The writers know what they’re doing, and unlike certain other shows, they don’t change the story based on what fans say. He’s going to be back in a couple of episodes. I’m enjoying where it’s going.

      The low ratings are disappointing, but considering that shows like Glee and Jersey Shore are the ones that get good ratings, it’s obvious that ratings aren’t indicative of quality in the slightest.

    • Vaden says:

      I agree, without the Peter charter the series won’t last the season, Also I think they have changed writers and producers, it’s just not as sharp!

  4. Dean says:

    I glanced at the first sentence, saw the 11 million viewers, and got really happy for a moment.

  5. Inkerbabe says:

    I suppose two olivias, two Lincolns and no Joshua Jackson turned off a lot of people. Sorry writers, but you ruined what made fringe fringe, Walter, Peter and Olivia but instead you made it into the ‘doppleganger’ show.

    • br says:

      We have a winner! That dynamic is what made this show special. Forget doppelgangers, alternate universes and weird science, that was the decoration, not the point. It was about their bond, their relationships and their struggles. It was about the characters in a science fiction setting or that’s what the producers said initially. Now it’s about people getting in their disguises and playing different versions of the same characters. They try to sound deep and intellectual with all this talk about how different choices make all the difference, nature vs. nurture, because they don’t know or remember it has been done before by better shows and by themselves in S3.

      • Anonymous says:

        One of the best things about Fringe is the relationship between the characters, but it has always been a science fiction show about complex ideas and big themes. It has always followed a long-term story arc. That’s what differentiated it from standard procedurals: it’s not just about quirky, likable characters solving crimes; it has higher ambitions.

        And the characters are still a major part of the show, even if it is generally plot-driven.

        • br says:

          Where are those complex ideas and big themes now? I remember when it was about a man, who crossed to another universe to save a boy’s life. Now it’s a procedural with “twins playing with clothes and swapping their classes”.

          • GW says:

            Give it a break! Its only 2 episodes into the season and you want that level of sophisticated narration! Wait till mid season, at the very least for it to go into high gear mode.

  6. Nikki says:

    Nikita is way down on the slot premiere by Smallville last year and the lack of Smallville holdover took SPN a little down too.

    • Michael says:

      ALL of the CW shows are down. The ratings for Nikita are comparable to 90210, Gossip Girl, H8ter. The 18-49s should be irrelevant on Fridays because a 1.9 at the top is pathetic. Nikita, considering the horrid rating across the board on every network on Fridays, is holding its own.

  7. Sarah says:

    And I watched 3 times on my DVR after my live viewing, but seeing as how I’m not a Nielsen’s person that doesn’t matter it makes me sad to think the .01% doesn’t truly represent how many people out there love this show. And this was a fantastic episode, at that. The metaphors and subtle allusions. I seriously don’t get it when people don’t watch this amazing show.

    • A says:

      Sad to say, but between it being traditionally scripted, a “genre” show at that, not your typical serial drama, and a production that’s by and large, shall we say, intelligent, it seems to be the case that either Fringe is on the wrong network or isn’t being promoted effectively.

      Also, time slot may be a factor, as well, where Fringe competes with (now) at least a couple other shows targeted at its same main demographic. But, that’s kind of unavoidable since we’re talking about FOX here. They have a habit, ever since making a name for themselves with The X-Files (as if that isn’t going against their roots right there by ignoring and pushing aside the same type of show that arguably made them “famous” and viable as a big name company), of shoving their sci-fi shows off into the most problematic time-slot(s) and then cancelling them.

      I have to admit, Fringe has lasted longer than I’d expected. After finishing viewing the pilot, I was preparing myself for another quick cancellation, a la Firefly. I hope these numbers improve somehow because the show really is some of the best TV around, but I can’t say I’ll be surprised if FOX does give it the ax.

      • S. Cutajar says:

        Agree with you Sarah that this show is “… some of the best TV around”. However, I must emphasize that these kind of TV shows are not marketed well enough outside the US.

  8. opus says:

    Will those of you who love FRINGE please PLEASE stay home until 10:00 on Friday night and watch it live. And I am sick of the people who claim the show has lost its audience because Peter is not there. Peter will be back very soon and it is very interesting how they are handling his disappearance.

    • Annie says:

      WORD. Sheesh. Bunch of crybabies.

    • Rebecca Parker says:


    • Cass says:

      Well said!

    • noarrey says:

      I totally agree. I think that it´s very interesting how they are handle this all Peter unexistence situation. And if Peter back soon (on first episode) that would mean that he was not that important.

    • dexx says:

      People staying home and watching it live are unfortunately irrelevant if they don’t have tracking boxes.

      • Annon says:

        WORD. People with nielson boxes are the ones that are going to determine what ratings the show gets.

        So, all this whinging and moaning about people not watching etc, for whatever reason, isn’t going to make any difference. If they don’t have nielson boxes, then it doesn’t count anyway.

    • Ben says:

      Lets face it, did anyone really expect Fringe to build viewers by being sent to the night of death? Of course it’s not Peter, it’s just reality. My only hope is that, since it ain’t going to go up in ratings (how can it, pretty hard to jump in here for a new viewer) that if they are going to cancel they give it reasonable notice to wrap things up.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah no kidding, With this loss of viewers an already precarious show has been put on unstable ground that said I hope that it doesn’t get canceled but if it does, give them enough time to give us a proper ending.

    • Angela says:

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Annon says:

      If they don’t have nielson boxes, then it doesn’t matter.

      Only people with those boxes, determine what the ratings will be.

  9. Kaz says:

    I’m about to cry :(

  10. Claire says:

    FRINGE NEEDS TO LIVE!!!! Pleeeeeease!!!!

  11. chiyuu says:

    well at least nikita maintained the same ratings as last week. its still depressingly low though. especially when the show is sooo good. nielsen people really need to give it a chance.

  12. FP says:

    The Fringe ratings have nothing to do with this or that character; unfortunately it’s a natural thing. Fringe won’t win new viewers and many prefer to DVR it because it’s a complex show, people need to think, make connections. People that use the JJ argument are not Fringe fans; anyone who watches a show for a character only is not a fan of the show; is a fangirl/boy.

  13. JJ says:

    Sucks Fringe is overlooked by critics AND audiences. As far as Nikita’s ratings, it’s great it remained flat from the premiere, but it still feels like it’s hanging on by a thread and ppl check this show out. S2 just begun but I’m already craving on what’s the storyline for S3.

  14. Inigo Montoya says:

    I love you!

  15. Inkerbabe says:

    Oh get off your high horse, fp, there are Anna torv and john noble who only watch for them, they just don’t want to admit it.

    • FP says:

      And I would say that they have a fantastic taste! Í have watched Fringe since day one, I love the show and I don’t make it about a specific character; it’s your loss that you’re stuck where you are; you don’t deserve Fringe.

      • Annon says:

        Honestly, how old are you? People can watch a show for whatever reason they want. To be told if they watch a show because of one character (if that is why they do), their really not a fan, is kind of sad. The fact that they watch the show at all, for whatever reason, means they are a fan of the show. It’s comments like these, that could actually turn people off watching. So, I guess that is your intention then.

  16. Dessy says:

    R.I.P my favourite out of the many, many shows I watch.
    Fringe is amazing and fascinating and epic and beautifully written/acted. It’s unfortunate so many factors (It’s serialized, It’s science fiction, it’s on Friday nights,many people DVR it, the list goes on)contribute to its low ratings.
    I wonder if anything can ever capture my attention (obsession) the way it does ever again.

  17. Vittoria says:

    It’s not the lack of Peter or too many Olivias…Friday is the time slot where fox’s shows go to die, they knew that it was going to fail, I don’t think anyone in the network believes in the show, thy just renewed it to let it die IMHO, same thing happened with Dollohouse (which I liked very much) or Firefly

  18. Mosun says:

    I live in West Africa. Me and my friends are Obsessed with Fringe, as well as many members of my family. It’s awful knowing I can’t contribute anything to the show’s longevity. I swear, if I lived there, I’d obviously watch live and then DVR, and watch it on the Fox site and tell all my friends to turn on their Tvs to Fox on Friday nights, whether they’re watching or not and launch crazy, extensive fan promos to anyone who cares (or doesn’t) to hear.


    • S. Cutajar says:

      I would do the same as here in Malta I know of several of my friends who watch Fringe. Fantastic actors, Anna Torv is a great actress, but even the rest of the cast. As I said earlier, it requires more focused marketing (outside the US).

  19. Fran says:

    Well done CSINY and Blue bloods. :-)

  20. HI says:

    Considering that Fringe deals with other universes, it would be more than fair if Fox looked at the overall numbers of the other “universes” (meaning the world) before pulling the plug next spring. People all over the world love this and other shows and it’s time to start worrying about how they could get ad rev from those people and not from Americans.

  21. Chelsea says:

    Fringe is a great show and it just keeps getting better. hopefully more people tune in and realize how awesome it truly is.

  22. Anneh says:

    It’s such a shame genre shows’ ratings suffer.. Take Supernatural (I don’t really watch Fringe, sorry), it’s a great show, I think. I started to watch it last year, and was shocked why I hadn’t before. Its now been 6 seasons, going 7, thanks to the small but devoted fanbase. But we always cross our fingers every year, if we get another season. Anyway, I just really wish more people would watch it and see such a great show it is.

    • Nicole says:

      Yes!!! Supernatural is the best show out there and last nights episode was one of the best in over a year… Thanks for the compliments on SN , you’re not alone in your admiration’s. :)

    • Giri says:

      That’s so nice for you to complement on Supernatural. I have devotedly followed Supernatural since its inception and let me tell you this, Supernatural is a very very popular show here in my country & its my No.1 show. Sam, Dean, Cas & Bobby are like family now. My friends and me are huge fans! The ratings calculation for the US shows is really messed up. How can a few thousand Nielson boxes keep track of what millions of households are actually watching! They should get rid of that system! They need to look at profits outside the US. And on friday nights, networks don’t really care about how the shows are doing. So I’m hoping neither Supernatural, nor Fringe get the boot.

  23. Julie says:

    I watch it live and record it, is that okay for ratings? I never knew that mattered, no wonder all the good shows are getting cancelled. :(

  24. Sharon says:

    Fringe airs here in the UK on Wednesdays on Sky1 (satellite channel). Those I know who watch (my whole family included) agree that it’s one of the best programmes in years, sci-fi or otherwise, and I’m loving the effect that Peter’s absence has had on the dynamic – can’t wait to see how they reintroduce him and what that will do to shake things up again! So please, Fox (who own Sky), take into consideration the legions of fans of this excellent, top quality show, outside of the US and maybe consider moving it to a more accessible timeslot?

    • Laura says:

      I agree! I am delighted to have it back and think itbis going to work zoo well! Stick with it US and Fox bosses – this world needs those!

  25. Nikki says:

    Come on Fringe Fans, what’s up? Certainly not our ratings. Fringe has gotten increasingly better with intriguing storylines. I miss Joshua Jackson as much as anyone; hell he’s the reason I began watching the show back in the first season, but just because he’s not yet back in the full capacity that we want is no reason to give up on the show.

    • Nicole says:

      For me the problem as to why I don’t watch Fringe is because I’m a Supernatural fan fist. I LOVE Fringe but if I have to choose between the two shows, being on at the same time, I’ll choose SN. I was sooo happy when Fringe was on Thursdays nights and Supernatural on fRidays because I got to watch them both and didn’t have to wait for Fringe to come out on DVD. Then FOX moved Fringe to Friday nights at the same time slot as SN and I didn’t get to watch it anymore. :( I don’t have a DVR and I record SN so I don’t get to see Fringe at all. I just wish they would move it back to Thursdays or move the time slot from the 9 o’clock hour. That way I could watch both wonderful show’s live and enjoy them week after week. When SN isn’t on and Fringe is, they are the show I watch. :( I’m sad they both come on at the same time, but feel a little better because Peter isn’t even on right now and he’s one of the main reasons I do watch Fringe.

      • Shadowlands says:

        I’m pretty sure if you live in the states you can watch it on Fox’s website for free. Fox still considers how many people watch their shows online (obviously it’s not as valuable as live). How hard have you tried to stay up with it?

  26. Mickey says:

    I am just loving season 7 of Supernatural, what a high-octane thrill ride! I’m not worried about the ratings–Supernatural is near the top of the heap in spite of being of Fridays, up against a similar genre show on a much bigger network, and in its seventh season. It’s still pulling in the same numbers as the CW’s best new shows. That’s quite a feat!

    • Denise Howthorne says:

      Supernatural is more terrible than watching Gary Senise alone on a friday.

    • Nicole says:

      You got it!!! Supernatural is Kicking ass and taking names this season. It’s only 2 episodes in and I’m soooo happy with the direction. I was a little disappointed last year because it was disjointed but this year is just back with a bang and SOOOOOO good!!! I LOVE this show!!

      • Sivat says:

        Agreed on all counts! Supernatural is back and better than ever! I am a very happy camper! It is the best show on tv and my personal #1 fave. Long live Supernatural!!!!!!!

    • Girish says:

      Agreed! Season 6, while individual episodes were brilliant, it felt disjointed. But Season 7 is going so great, I can almost believe this is going to be the best season even with Sera Gamble at the helm. I think she knows what she’s doing this time around. Extremely excited for Supernatural, the Greatest Show Ever!! I hope the ratings pick up.

  27. JD says:

    I really love Fringe but this season has began being a completely different show, they’ve created a whole new alternative world and people can’t follow the main idea of the show anymore.

    It’s like what happened to Lost. Lots of people give it up after it became even more difficoult to follow…

    I hope this changes ’cause I need a proper end for this show.

    • Shadowlands says:

      Seriously? A different show? The two worlds stuff is just an extension from last year. The only thing that’s difficult to comprehend are the changes brought about by Peter’s disappearance, which are slowly being explained since we’re only 2 episodes in.

      It’s intriguing and well done, but it’s not that difficult to understand.

      • its different says:

        without peter the character dynamics are completely different. The mysteries are solved differently and Walter’s story is completely different. These are the things that made the show great. Not to mention the relationship between Olivia and Peter. If the show had started season 1 without peter it wouldnt have gotten out of the pilot.

  28. Eliza says:

    I watched Haven & it was awesome.
    Love me some Audrey, Nathan & Duke. Now I just need Syfy to renew it!!

  29. Midori says:

    I remember the universe That Fringe was a massive hit before Fox threw it under the bus.

  30. Sarah says:

    LOL @ Supernatural

    • Carrie says:

      LOL? “Supernatural” is doing fine. It’s in its 7th season on The CW, on Friday nights and it no longer has “Smallville” as a lead-in. I’m sure they’re not expecting miracles.

    • Kalie says:

      That’s a weird reaction to a TV show’s ratings. Did the show personally offend you?

  31. Eli says:

    0.7 for Supernatural.

    Well, there’s that…

  32. izzy says:

    FRINGE?? sniff sniff I’m so sad..I need a hug.

  33. Auds says:

    It’s such a shame, this show is fantastic… although with the loss of Joshua Jackson’s character really hurt the show. One of the most amazing shows in TV history, Arrested Development, which also had a cult following, had very low viewers as well. I wish Fox would put Fringe in a better time slot, but clearly they’ve given up on it.

  34. Sivat says:

    Supernatural was awesome last night–I’m surprised it can’t even manage 2 million viewers. Maybe Supernatural should move to 8.

  35. diane says:

    Really think the the absence of Peter/Joshua Jackson and his dynamic with the other actors and characters is hurting the show. It is for me. Also talked to friends and family who have watched since the beginning and they said they find it boring now.

    • Anonymous says:

      How is it boring? We’re only two episodes into the new season, and so far, I think it looks very promising.

  36. sherry says:

    fringe is boring without Joshua Jackson!! fell asleep on the 2nd half of the pilot ep. and not so interested with the 2nd. they need to bring Peter back before it’s too late!

  37. Julie says:

    Not to change the subject··········but Blue Bloods was amazibg last night! I would take Donnie over Mark anyday of the week! He was superb in ladt nights episode! I am sorry for Fringe lovers. So hard to watch a show you live struggle with ratings!

  38. davej says:

    Sad about the Fringe ratings. I think the show suffers whenever they don’t have the trio of Peter and Olivia and Walter all together in THIS Universe.

    When is Peter coming back?!?!?!?

  39. Nat says:

    I don’t get why supernatural was so low. It was awesome and inspiring. Like good old times and seriously this could be one of the best seasons. I don’t care about the ratings. They mean nothing to me.

  40. Heidi says:

    I’m not sure what the creators of Supernatural expected turning one of it’s most popular characters evil and then killing him off. He represented one third of their fanbase. For anyone that stupid they deserve whatever scraps they get. Oh the show will still maintain somewhere around these numbers. Probably come close to 1.8 or 1.9 when the finals are in or with DVR but since this looked like a send off for Misha Collins and his character Castiel I think a lot of his fans will tune out. They left it open ended but the probably with making it look like you killed off a character (for real this time) is that some of the fans for that character will leave. Taking the chance they will remember or care to tune back in if and when he returns is just a poor decision decision. Business 101-Always try to retain the customers you have. Luring is new ones costs more money for advertising and they will be a tenuous “keep” for at least the first entire year they are using your services. Basically, they screwed the pooch.

    • Girish says:

      I think many Cas fans are mistaken, Castiel IS NOT DEAD! He’ll return after mid-season and his character moved forward with the evil turn. I love Castiel with all my heart, but making Cas God and then an evil leviathan is a brilliant move. How can u blame the writers? They already killed him in season 5 finale, but Sera Gamble knew his worth and brought back Castiel. They are trying to tell a story here, not to appease all the fanboys/girls. Please guys, if you really ever considered yourself a real fan of this show, come back and watch our beloved show before its too late. This is one of the best quality programming out there.

  41. John Berggren says:

    So my question starts to become, can CW or Netflix afford to finance a 5th and final season?

  42. Jessy says:

    I’m glad Nikita managed to hold steady. Was super annoyed that CW would put a show in it’s second season, when it’s still building a fanbase in the Friday death slot.

  43. Martina says:

    Friday has always been the ICU for dying shows, it always worries me when my fav show gets moved to a friday. Glad to see Blue Bloods is holding it’s own so far

  44. kimmy says:

    I loved the Olivia/Peter relationship (I actually watch Fringe from the beginning just for that), so, for me the show has lost its appeal. I’m a fan of characters, not the whole concept. Honnestly, I loved the show way more when it was not so out of reality.

  45. Emma says:

    Against other CW shows, how is Nikita doing? I know Nikita was an attempt by the CW to try and develop a different audience for the network. From what I understand, Nikita is doing ok compared to other CW shows and it didn’t take a dip from last week’s premier. It seems CW shows exist in their own bubble and their viability can only be compared to one another since overall the network has far less viewers. Will Nikita survive at the CW?

    • Girish says:

      TVD, Supernatural, Secret Circle & Ringer are the shows which has the most possibility for a renewal on CW. Nikita will be a bubble show till the very end of the network season when they can discuss its viability. But seeing how their reality shows are tanking and this is the final season of 90210 & One Tree Hill; also it may very well be the final season of Gossip Girl. So, I think Nikita has a very good chance of survival.

    • aquarius1271 says:

      I think Nikita is the best thing that happened to the CW during the last copule of years. Wonderful action, great characters, great scripts and excellent ensemble acting. I think it will easily be renewed come spring. Ringer also became stronger IMO after a not so promising pilot episode. It has its renewal chances high even for the sake of Sarah Michelle Gellar. The Vampire Diaries will most certainly go on. Gossip Girl will probably be renewed for a final season. I see both Hart of Dixie and The Secret Circle as on the edge of cancellation. One of them will go in my opinion and Circle has a higher chance to continue due to the pairing with the similatr TVD. I definitely think it is time to let Supernatural go. It has become annoyingly repetitive and the only reason I still watch it is aout of loyalty. I now even tend to leave it in the background playing while I manage other daily errands at home. I also believe that it is the final seasons of One Tree Hill and 90210.

      • nina says:

        well i really thik it is the opposite of repetetive, .nikita lost me after season one but i never found it that interesting, it is compared to shows like ringer though.so i am really not ready to let spnl go at all it s the only show i currently watch

  46. jj says:

    Can’t wait to see this show cancelled.

    • Mike says:

      jj = moron

      never understood why anyone would wish a show dead that you don’t watch. talk about childish lol

      Fringe will rise next week. Nikita is doing 0.6 on a friday while some of their top hitters on monday through thursday can only manage 0.7 and way fewer viewers then Nikita. I will say both Nikita and Supernatural are doing fine no network expects top ratingson a friday because they know friday is the toughest timeslot to be in because so few watch television on fridays

      • Emma says:

        jj= irrational hate

        Thanks Mike for your info/opinion on Nikita. I thought it was doing ok relative to other shows on the CW, too. I think Nikita has a more equal male-female audience and I read somewhere this was the direction the network wanted to move towards in a push to remain competitive. I never watched the CW because I thought it skewed high school with a bunch of shows about rich, elite trust fund babies, or Hellcatz. But I will definitely watch Nikita and probably Supernatural since they’re paired on Fridays.

  47. ana muller says:

    this show is too good to be on for long. People need to think, re-watch episodes, pay attention to plots and dialogues…. who wants to do that when you can just sit back and watch crappy reality TV?

  48. Dave says:

    I hate the ratings system. We have cable boxes now. How about an accurate count. Instead we cater to the few people who don’t have cable. When will this end? I guarantee fringe has more than 3 million watching. I bet my life on it.

  49. Amy says:

    I really wish we got to see the final Live +7 days ratings on these shows. That paints the big picture of who watched the episode across the week. The final cumulative numbers are important. Live +same day is not the be all and end all. Also, don’t forget about wonderful things like syndication, international and on-sales dollars when making decisions about a show’s future. The premiere night ratings while important, are only a small part of the story these days.

    • Volcfom says:

      The ratings system only takes live viewings into account because those are the people who can’t fast-forward through the commercials. Ratings only determine how much the network can charge for ad space. They don’t care how many other people watch the actual show.