Supernatural Shocker: What Did You Think of This Week's Big Twists?

This Friday night’s episode of The CW’s Supernatural was titled “Hello, Cruel World,” and — spoiler alert, do not read further until you have seen the show! — what a cruel twist of fate it indeed presented to, among others, Castiel (played by Misha Collins, who is no longer a series regular).

Supernatural Exclusive: Misha Collins Won’t Be a Series Regular for Season 7

After admitting he was in the wrong and asking for Dean’s forgiveness in the Season 7 premiere, it seemed like Cas was within redemption’s reach. But then the Leviathans took over and took him for a ride in this week’s installment, eventually apparently bursting right outta the guy, leaving nothing behind but a wet trenchcoat. Dean, in particular, looked crestfallen by the loss of one of his best friends, as Bobby put it. But is Cas really gone for good? The door — or should I say the water supply into which he supposedly dissolved — seems to have been left open a crack. Or perhaps that unexpectedly quiet exit really was the last of Cas.

But there’s very little time for grieving on Supernatural, especially since the new baddies, the Leviathan, had made their way into the water pipes, aka the “highway to anywhere.” They eventually take up residence in a man who works in demolition (symbolic, isn’t it?) and, in the show’s tradition of using little kids to creepy effect, a pint-sized girl. But she doesn’t like being so small and morphs into “Dr. Sexy” — a great nod to Season 5’s stellar “Changing Channels” — before gobbling him up with those scary Leviathan claw-like mouths. Sheriff Mills, who’s currently a patient at Dr. Sexy’s hospital, spies him feeding on his own patient and calls Bobby for help. And these Leviathan? They also have a boss, and he doesn’t seem to want their bloody messes in the paper. Hmm, who could be the big bad boss of the oldest monsters?

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Meanwhile, Sam is “tripping on Hell’s bells,” seeing hallucinations of Lucifer while reloading his gun over and over and over. As far coping mechanisms go, it’s a total failure. Lucifer takes on Dean’s form and tricks Sam into following him to a warehouse. Lucifer-as-Dean tells Sam he’s not the first hunter to go bonkers and that he’s “never going to be OK.” Granted, Lucifer is trying to mess with Sam’s head, but he’s not completely off base. Think about all the Winchesters have been through — trips to hell, numerous deaths, lost loved ones, horrible sights of violence and goriness, and the constant struggle and weight of trying to save the world. If they didn’t go a little nuts, then I’d be worried. Luckily, the real Dean arrived before it was too late and convinced Sam that he was only hallucinating Lucifer’s presence (complete with snarky commentary).

But Cas’ “disappearance” would not be the only strong hint at loss. Towards the episode’s end, Dean and Sam arrived at Bobby’s home to find it ravaged by a blaze — seemingly with the boys’ bud inside, seeing as Dean couldn’t even reach him on his very, very private line. (“You’ve reached a number you should not have.”) This could be the most devastating blow to the boys yet. Not only have they lost their only home base, but also possibly their lone “family” member. Here’s hoping Bobby’s car was slow and he didn’t make it home before whoever it was — and just who would want to torch Bobby’s place? Leviathan? — set the fire.

On top of it all, the episode left us on another cliffhanger, as Sam’s injuries in the episode-ending scuffle with one big bad (and seemingly revived) Leviathan made him susceptible anew to Lucifer’s torment. That in turn made Sam start seizing in the ambulance, while Dean realized that they were being taken to the last hospital they’d want to be “treated” at — the one overtaken by the monstrous, gnarly teethed Leviathans. I’m pretty sure we can still hear Dean yelling, “Noooo!”

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For an episode so early on in the season, the boys were left with many big blows — the loss of Cas, the release of the seemingly indestructible Leviathan, Sam’s issues upstairs, the destruction of Bobby’s place and possibly the man too, and, like a cruel cherry on top, a broken leg for Dean. The obstacles are starting to pile up for the Winchesters, and they sure do feel insurmountable. And I can’t help feeling like Dean is about to crack too, especially after his “not [doing] good” phone call to Bobby.

Supes fans, is Dean about to lose it? What did you think of Cas’ exit? Who do you think is the Leviathan boss? And what do you make of Sam and Bobby’s fates?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Anius says:

    That was Cas send off? I was pretty pessimistic about his future on the show, I just knew he wasn’t going to survive, but that send off was even worse than I was expecting it to be.
    I lost all hope on this show. Like someone already said, when Cas is back, I’ll be back as well.

  2. sweetondean says:

    Wow, this is one of the bitchiest comments page I’ve ever read. What a shame. Supernatural is and always will be one of the best written and produced shows on TV. Tonight’s episode was another shining example of that. Edlund’s scripts are always sublime, whether writing craic or mythos or amazing brother moments. This show doesn’t rest on its laurels, it challenges and sometimes even thumbs its nose at the fans. I can understand that some people find that difficult to deal with, I for one, don’t. I don’t need spoon feeding thanks. That’s why I’m a fan of this show. “Hello, Cruel World” was a beautifully, written, directed, produced and performed hour of TV. I can’t wait for next week. Keep pushing my buttons Supernatural, I love you for it.

    • Courtney says:

      THANK YOU!!!!!

    • Dana R. says:

      Thank you so much for posting this!
      At least a voice of reason.

      The first two episodes of Season 7 just blew me away, that’s Supernatural at its best again, finally. Eagerly awaiting the next episode.
      Despite some good episodes Season 6 just didn’t do it for me, but I suppose season 7 will be much more fun.

  3. Jeff says:

    This was absolutely a great episode, though I was more hoping to see Cas continue as the Leviathan. I really hope that he is “the boss” they are referring to.

    And man, some of you Cas haters are absolutely pathetic little things. Not liking the character is fine, but to attack other people for liking him and being so vile about it? He’s factually a popular character on the show. Incredibly popular. There’s no reason to get so angry over it.

    If you want the Sam + Dean show, that’s fine. Seasons 1-3 will always be there for you. Me? I like seeing shows grow and honestly, the show is no longer about 2 brothers anymore. It’s about 4 brothers. Sam, Dean, Bobby, and Cas. That is Supernatural now. If the show only focused on Sam and Dean STILL, without introducing the angels and everything else, it simply would not be around. Shows need to evolve and grow.

    Kripke said himself that season 3 was a little aimless and all over the place, which is why the reaction to season 4’s reinvention of the show was so well-received. TV shows have to try new things and introduce new characters in order to stay fresh.

    Again, the Cas haters are a (vocal) minority of the fanbase but it’s okay to hate him. Just don’t be such assholes about it. Because you’re really going to hate when he comes back.

  4. R says:

    I’m too lazy to read ALL the comments so maybe this has been addressed already but Cass’s body was just a vessel, he may be alive and he may come back just in a different vessel as well. Maybe he went done the “highway to anywhere” and is in hiding to heal up and then is going to show up as someone we dont know to help the boys at the hospital.
    If so I hope he’s a hot chick this time!
    Either way it’ll all work out. At least by Winchester standards.
    And if you’re reading these comments Supernatural producers remember, hot chick!

    • lilsister says:

      I think of all the comments I have read so far yours is the best! You are not attacking anyone and that is a nice change of pace. That and I agree HOT CHICK!! Lets go!!

  5. Dean/Castiel-Girl says:

    While I’ve been enjoying the season so far, (It’s nice to have something worth watching on tv now,lol), there were a few things I didn’t like in this weeks episode. I’m kinda of tired of the whole “Sammy’s in trouble” thing. I had enough of that with the demon blood in season 4. Also, after the first episode this season, I was hoping Castiel, Dean and Sam would all be on the same side again, fighting evil together, but then Cass goes and dissappears… I really hope they don’t kill of Castiel, he brings some much needed humor to the show. They need to “cure” Sam and get back to the dynamic’s of Sam and Dean’s relationship like it was in the first few season’s. Even with a few bad spots, Supernatural is still the best show on tv.

  6. kimberlee Aaron says:

    {Spoiler alert!}Cas is still credited for episode 7 coming up. I love all the crew and believe they are all wonderful. i knew they would not kill off Cas, but you have to love Supernatural for the great work all the actors do, not just one.It is really one of the greatest programs running. I have watched Supernatural from the 1st season and it keeps getting better. Here’s hoping for more seasons to come. I just help keep from loving this show!!!

    • catia says:

      IMDB isn’t reliable! And a woman from the AOL website (who interviews the SPN cast loads of times and is aware of the stuff that happens on the show) said it’s not true.

      And just because we love a show, doesn’t mean we have to love everything about it. Cas is my favorite character, but I also love Jared/Sam and Jensen/Dean. But when you’re just not interested in the storyline anymore, when you think the show is just repeating itself, there’s no point in continuing to watch it..

  7. dave says:

    So let’s see. The leviathon are nothing more than X-File black oil that just inhabit the meatsuit of a bunch of nobodies.
    Real clever Sera. Get rid of a loved character and insert a bunch of D list actors to play the odd leviathon which are just MOTW stuff.
    It’s all same old same old. I saw this all before in season’s 1-3.
    And you wonder why you can barely scrape together 2 M viewers these days?
    I’m betting Kripke or Edlund will pen the final episode of the entire series and it’ll be called Flogging A Dead Horse.

  8. June says:

    The only plot twist I didn’t see coming was offing Castiel literally two minutes into the episode. The viewers know that he might come back, but Dean, Sam and Bobby don’t and I would have liked some kind of acknowledgement on their part that he was gone other than a few throwaway lines.

    I think this show has become nothing but angst and pain for the sake of angst and pain. And as much as I loved the first episode this season, the second one seems pretty indicative of where the rest of the season it going.

    • anya says:

      Basically ALL of this.

    • mm says:

      You mean one depressing episode after the other? This is excactly where it seems to go. In all interviews they say it will be darker and creepier than ever before. No wonder people are fed up, because we have this for 7 seasons now. Of course the “real” SPN fans could go on like this forever. But they will realize soon that without the normal viewers (like me and I am really pissed off now) the show will go downhill very soon. Like the last season of Buffy…

    • Rain388 says:

      “And as much as I loved the first episode this season, the second one seems pretty indicative of where the rest of the season it going”

      This is exactly what I just emailed a friend of mine! Last week was so great I had high hopes and they’ve now gone straight down the drain.

  9. BecInk says:

    Man, that was pretty damn good. I REALLY loved las week’s ep, the way Castiel went OFF on hypocrits was PRICELESS!

    I really hope Cas and Bobby aren’t dead, they’re my 2 fav characters! I wish they could bring back Trickster/Gabriel and that cool Irish witch guy, they rocked too! Both the brother’s are great, but Sam is too willing to go “darkside” and WAY to dishonest, especially considering how much crap he gives Dean for being a hound and a bit of a partier! He whines too much too.. I feel bad for Dean, always trying to live up to what he feels to be his duty and looking out for Sammy, you can tell he kinda wants to lie down and die. Dude needs to relax. Crowley is just plain wickedly good fun, so snarky, so awesome! Chuck/God? needs to come back, he was great as a greek chorus-type character, and Ash was just too cool for school! This, Doctor The Walking Dead are my fav shows, in that order. :D

  10. Mae says:

    The Cas-stands troll this site hard. Geez.

    You are small, vocal bunch.

    I’m almost done reading comments on SPN articles and blogs because everyone is so dramatic about Cas. Despite your wishes, Cas will never, ever be the focal point for SPN. Sam and Dean will, just like they always have been.

    Ugh SPN fans.

    • Jeff says:

      Uh, no one has said he should be the focal point. But he was a REGULAR cast member for 2 seasons and a big part of season 4. He is considered another brother to the Wincesters like Bobby and that makes the show better.

      The small vocal bunch are the Cas-haters. Sorry, but the character is extremely popular.

    • jordana says:

      why do you think Castiel stayed on the show for so many years when he was supposed to be in only a couple of episodes on season 4? why do you think he survived through season 6 when the plan was to kill him right off on the season finale? because Cas has a lot of devoted fans. So, yeah, you Cas haters are the small bunch.

  11. Lisa says:

    I love how people assume that when someone says ‘a lot of people’ they mean ‘everyone.’ I never said that everyone who didn’t like Season 6 didn’t like the angel storyline. I said that ‘a lot’ of people *I know* were either tired of it *or* wanted more of the sort of things we had in the earlier seasons (or both). My real point was that I disagreed with the previous poster who said that people didn’t like the fact that it was so unpredictable – both because I think there are a lot of other reasons, and because I think that from a character standpoint it wasn’t really anything new.

  12. anya says:

    “The ratings for Supernatural’s Hello Cruel World are 1.8 million viewers.”

    yep, amazing season so far. Everyone is loving it. They can’t even keep the regular 2million anymore.

    • mm says:

      If the Castielhaters are all right, from next week the rating will go higher because he is gone. Wanna bet? Next week they are nearer 1.5 million then 2 millions.

    • Jeff says:

      Yeah man, good call. Ratings = quality. You’re so smart.

      I guess Fringe sucks, right?

    • Katie says:

      You clearly aren’t paying attention about what’s happening, every single CW’s shows dropped. The only shows who can barely get 2M are Ringer, Secret Circle and VD….and 2 of them are in their first season after a HUGE promotion durnig the summer. And you also need to consider that SPN is on friday, which is the lowest day on tv

      • anya says:

        Don’t try to come up with excuses. The ratings are getting lower and lower because the show is losing its quality.

        And for your information, I’m a SPN fan. It’s my favorite show. I’m just upset how awful season 6 was and how awful season 7 is going to be. I’m so tired of all the same storylines and all the angst going on.

        • Idiots says:

          No one is coming up with excuses, we have facts to back us up what do you have? Your opinion does not=facts ;) All the shows on the CW are down across the board including VD… Oh wait ratings are down for all show across the board on all networks lol but that doesn’t matter to you people. Hahahah

  13. mm says:

    To all Castielhaters: Did you see the ratings for 7-02, sweethearts? If it goes on like this, the show will be under a 1 million viewers before Christmas. And all the “stupid” Castiel fans were proven right. Or maybe you are right and from next week on, the rating will explode because Sam and Dean are back hunting the monster of the week.

    • Idiots says:

      If you paid attention were on par with M-W, so what the heck are you talking about. Cause 2.00 Million viewers for both Ringer and SC is so good considering all the promotion they put into it. Please nothing on the CW is doing well, including VD…

      But hey way to be mature about it *thumbs up for your maturity* *eyeroll*

      • mm says:

        The good thing is, we just have to wait till next week. If the episode “the girl next door” is by 1.5 million I am right if it is over 2 million you are right. And if it is near 1 million on the midseason break we all lost…

      • anya says:

        we’re not comparing it to other shows. We’re comparing SUPERNATURAL ratings. For instance, on Season 4 there was an average of 3 million viewers per episode… no even season 2 or 3 had that much. On season 5 it was lower, and much more lower on season 6. Now we’re on season 7 and so far it’s the worse ratings on the SPN history. So, yeah.

        • Idiots says:

          You can’t compare it to past seasons, because all shows across the board on all networks are down…. Ratings are not the same as they were years ago, things and technology has changed. But that doesn’t matter to you people does it. I have facts to back me up what do you have? your opinion does not=facts lol

          • anya says:

            you have facts? riiight because you just know that people stopped watching shows on their tv because now they can watch in on their computers, lol give me a break. You can’t have more facts than ratings! If people like the show, they will watch it. It they don’t like the storyline anymore they will stop watch it.. simple as that.

  14. Evyn says:

    really doubt Cas is gone, pretty sure he´ll be back midseason.

  15. jake says:

    really lame we didnt get to see more of that crazy castiel from the end of last ep , they should bring castiel back in a different body like they did with ruby, this season i hope will have cthulhu

  16. Nat says:

    I loved this episode. Finally a story suitable for what the show is. About Sam and Dean two brothers on a quest. No angels, no boring, same old storyline, a new powerful evil and an episode with actual interaction between the brothers. We saw the same old dynamic between the brothers, the family values, what we missed.
    See writers? Was it so hard? You got two actors there who are absolutely talented and a chance to show the brothers bond through their performances. Finally we’ll see that. Keep it up please.

  17. Kate says:

    Boy, there are a lot of idiots posting here! Of course, there is going to be some redundancy – the Winchesters hunt demons. How many different kinds of demons do you think there are? And so Dean was taking care of Sam – that has ALWAYS been his job and a huge part of the show. Cas (like it or not) is also a huge part of the show and has been since he pulled Dean out of Hell. Cas will be back and I hope he’ll be redeemed. Supernatural is a great show but it’s not going to be incredibly different – just like cops shows solve a murder every week and medical dramas solve a new case every week.

    I think SPN is off to a great start this year! I hope Cas comes back and that Bobby somehow survived (the show will not be the same without Bobby) and I like seeing the brothers getting back to the old Dean and Sam we loved. Now, if we can just get some more snarky Dean comments, some Dean one night stands and some Dean humor I’ll be happy!

  18. jezwalsh1997 says:

    is it just me who thinks that cas may be possessed by the leviathans boss

    • mm says:

      A lot of people think and hope this. Would be great. Like John Wincester possessed by the yellow eyed demon. This was an epiq episode.

  19. viewer from Germany says:

    All this arguments are useless. In the end the rating will make the decision what happens with supernatural. The concept is ready and as far as I know they prepare episode 7.09 this very moment. So till midseason everything is already unchangeable. I don´t care if the head of CW loves SPN or not, if it doesn´t attract viewers on an acceptable level it will be gone. And we will also see for sure if the writers and producers reach this goal or not. End of story.

  20. Bettina says:

    This episode was pure awesomeness!
    And please stop whining about how Supernatural repeats itself and direct your complaints to those never ending line of cop shows out there.

  21. ally says:

    Everyone who is missing Misha can still watch Divine. New episode tomorrow.

  22. Mandy says:

    The reason Supernatural lost viewers is because it was moved to Friday night, where TV shows go to die!!! Not because of the storyline, or because Castiel entered the show. Supernatural has never been given any exposure by CW, the only reason it is still going, is because of the fandom. I have found this season to be brilliant, I have held on to my chair white knuckled, especially during episode 2. I feel the show is finally back on track after Sera Gamble took it off the rails last season. It was all over the place, regarding the storylines. But now we are getting back to Sam and Dean Winchester working against the rest of the world. I am hoping Castiel will be back as he is a huge part of show, just as much as Bobby. To all the people saying they are no longer watching the show, then you have never been true fans!! True fans are loving the new storyline, and can’t wait for next week’s episode. Instead of whingeing about how it’s the same old same old. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!

  23. david says:

    And another couple hundred thousand viewers jump ship.
    Time for the CW big wigs to fire Sera Gamble. She’s basically ruined the show and alienated the fanbase. Why is she still there?
    All that will be left are the MOTW dimwits who can’t follow a story arc or more than one ep and who tell each other how AWESOME the show is-even though no-one is actually watchng anymore.

  24. miss scarlet says:

    So all the Cas-haters LOVED the episode because Cas was “killed off” and most of it was Sam and Dean angsting, and all the Cas fans HATED the episode because Cas was “killed off” and most of it was Sam and Dean angsting…yeah, this fandom isn’t psychotic at all.

    I thought this was a pretty good episode. It was a little heavy on the angst (I do agree there), but that fits what’s going on at the moment. You can’t just skip Sam’s “beautiful mind” stuff without a time jump. But I liked where they’re going with the Leviathans. They’re the Purgatory leftovers of Biblical sea monsters, so I’m excited to see how Sam & Dean figure out how to destroy them. I don’t really get people who are complaining that it isn’t Monster-of-the-Week again, because they did some of that last season, and people still hated it. So…I don’t know.

  25. Fernando says:

    The problems with Sam are really interesting this time! His hell memories are messing with his head, and I’m intrigued to see where that story goes.

    Hopefully Castiel won’t be gone forever, he was my favorite character.

  26. Megan says:

    I think the episode was totally amazing, with Sammy hallucinating and seeing Lucifer, and Dean trying to get him to believe that he wasn’t in hell. Total brotherly love that should be displayed in every episode. Ben Endlund did such an amazing job in writing this episode, i know that this seasaon is going to be the best one yet, i’m sure of it, even with Cas gone; yes i love him and i’m sad to see him gone, but the show is about Sam and Dean, and i love that. But i wonder what’s going to happen to Sam with having head trauma though, and how is he fine when he goes to investigate the demon Amy, isn’t he suppose to have brain damage or something like that. And duh people, Bobby is totally not dead, he’s probably just driving home or something! Have you seen the pictures for next week or what, Bobby is in like all of them.

  27. Megan says:

    Um duh,that is what the show is about! Bad guys and blood; thats why they named it supernatural after all.

  28. Karolee says:

    KEEP CAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS JUST AS MUCH A PART OF THE MAIN CHARACTERS AS DEAN, SAM AND BOBBY !!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. jamie says:

    I’ll always love Supernatural, but it doesn’t compare to Breaking Bad.

  30. Robin says:

    Loved it! I am betting Bobby is fine, and was at the Sheriff’s house. He said at the hospital after he checked things out there, he would go see her. Hope I am right!
    It will be weird seeing how this plays out with Dean hurt, and no Angel to heal him.
    I like the idea of going back to Season 1 feel.
    Cannot wait for more!!

  31. Paul says:

    Much as we all love Castiel, the supernatural story is primarily about Sam and Dean. Though i would like ‘the little dude with wings’ to come back to the show.

  32. Maria says:

    that’s YOUR opinion, you idiot. Go and take a look at the ratings: Season 4 was the best since season 1.

  33. mah says:

    isn’t boring? lol do you actually paid any attention to it? Or were you too busy fangirling over the Sam/Dean moments that you didn’t even care about anything else? It’s the same crap all over again. A big bad, that’s killing people and gushing blood to the walls. BORING. And we get it, you hate Cas, shut your piehole already. Jeez.

  34. Anna says:

    right, because if they would kill off Sam or Dean for good you wouldn’t be sad about it. Grow up.