Bonus Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Next Week's 'A'-Plus Glee (Plus Ep 5's Big Rachel-Kurt News)!

Tired of Glee hijacking 75 percent of Ask Ausiello week in and week out? Or are you peeved that it’s not 100 percent? Well, I figured out how to make everyone happy… at least this week.

Feast your eyes on this, a special edition of AA that focuses exclusively on Glee — or more specifically, on next week’s standout episode, “Asian F,” of which I have seen (and adored). But how about we start off with a massive spoiler about an episode a little further down the road…

Question: It definitely seems like Episode 5 will have a few Finchel scenes. Is there anything you could tell us about that? —Sussi
Ausiello: That’s the understatement of the decade, Sussi. While next week’s “Asian F” showcases Mercedes and Mike like never before, the Nov. 8 episode puts Rachel and Kurt — and their respective relationships with Finn and Blaine — front and center. In a big, big way. How big we talking? Well, according to a Glee insider, Episode 5 finds the Wicked BFFs both losing their virginity. Appropriately, the title of the ep is “The First Time.”

Random “Asian F” Scoopbit: John Stamos’ Dr. Carl gets not one but two shout-outs!

Question: Can you elaborate on your tweet about Finn having to choose between Rachel and Kurt in “Asian F”? —Paulina
Ausiello: Let’s just say that Rachel makes a controversial decision in the episode that pits her squarely against Kurt — much to Finn’s dismay.

Random “Asian F” Scoopbit: Will shows Emma his special box!

Question: To me it looks like Mercedes is the big selfish Diva. She’s admitted to never rehearsing, doesn’t want to learn to dance, and yet she still wants the spotlight. Do they touch on this in “Asian F” or do they go straight to slamming Rachel, even though she actually works really hard to earn the solos and roles she gets? —Sarah
Ausiello: Mercedes’ diva-tude is more than addressed. In fact, her antics are the catalyst for one of the episode’s big musical numbers. (Hint: Think Dreamgirls.)

Random “Asian F” Scoopbit: BreadstiX delivers!

Question: Can you elaborate on the “light PDA” Kurt/Blaine share in “Asian F”? —Car
Ausiello: There’s body contact, but no kissing.

Random “Asian F” Scoobit: Someone wants to cancel The Rachel Berry Show.

Question: Is there trouble ahead for Kurt and Blaine? —MeMe
Ausiello: I think I answered that question earlier this week.

Random “Asian F” Scoopbit: There’s a Mike Chang scene that is very reminiscent of Billy Elliott.

Question: After “Asian F,” are Mike and Tina still a couple? —Lacey
Ausiello: Yes. There’s a very romantic, moving Mike-Tina scene that’s set in the dance hall… but there’s a catch.

Random “Asian F” Scoopbit: The episode flashes back numerous times to a female character’s childhood.

Question: Will Quinn and Puck find any resolution with their daughter and Shelby? Puck was so cute with Beth this week! —Kathleen
Ausiello: Quinn and Puck are on the backburner in this episode, but the Quinn/Puck/Shelby/Beth imbroglio will heat up later this season.

Random “Asian F” Scoopbit: Jimmy Fallon gets a shout-out!

Question: Any word on if Brittany and Santana will finally become an official couple? —Craig
Ausiello: No word, but I can tell you that there are two cute/funny Brittana scenes (one bitchy, the other celebratory) next week. Personally, I’m ecstatic that these two are back to being BFFs with occasional bennies. All of that relationship sturm und drang last season was sucking the fun out of them. There, I said it.

Random “Asian F” Scoopbit: The episode ends with a twist involving Shelby.

Question: During the episode’s climactic “Fix You” musical number, do we get shots of the glee kids? —Enviado
Ausiello: Yes, but the focus is on Will and Emma. Speaking of which, Will finally “meets the parents,” and is slightly disturbed to learn that they are (prepare to LOL) ginger supremacists!

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  1. Jasmine says:

    I’m not a lover of Finn, but he has been sidelined. There never seems to be equal camera time on any of the characters. They focus on say Puck, Q baby great! Loved it. Their acting has improved. But seeing your child in 1 episode and then their characters will be ignored til the next few episodes! Equal camera time to all cast I say and, I know its high school but its impossible to break up THAT many times. I’m 17 and I’ve been with my girlfriend since I was 12 lol. Keep Finchel together or keep them apart. You’ll make the audience go mad !!

  2. Yvette says:

    What do we have to do around here to get some screentime for one of the main characters of this show? Finn Hudson has virtually disappeared from Season 3, and now I find he’s only mentioned when having S-E-X with Rachel? WTF (Where’s The Finn?)

    Can we have some storylines about how Finn is preparing for his future? What happened to the casting of the OSU recruiter who was supposed to appear? Or some other storyline involving his family life? Does Finn and Carole even live with Burt?

  3. Sam says:

    Brittana is eons more realistic than Klaine, not to mention lightyears ahead in terms of innovation. No relationship, especially an adolescent high school relationship, is ever as perfect as Klaine. They are literally too good to be true. Too good to be likeable, at least. At least with Brittana, they started off as best friends, and are now struggling to deal with their feelings and come to terms with themselves. This kind of insecurity and hesitance is way more relatable and common among homosexual teenagers than the love-at-first-sight-puppy-dogs-and-rainbows Klaine.
    I know Klainers will respond with “but it wasn’t love at first sight, they started off as friends first.” Wah wah, cry me a river. Kurt fell head over heels the minute he saw Blaine, and lets face it, we all know from the get-go that they were going to get together eventually.

    • Kat says:

      SAM, HAVE MY BABIES!!!!!!

    • Max says:

      “Too good to be likeable, at least.”

      That’s a matter of opinion. I love Klaine and I’m not alone. Also, this is television – it doesn’t have to be 100% realistic, it just has to be good, and they are. That doesn’t make them better or worse than Brittana. You don’t have to put down one ship to praise others, jfc.

    • Agreed says:

      Sam, I have never agreed with anything more in my entire life. They are just too perfect for me to like them. I agree about brittana. Every couple has had that really rough patch and have either overcome it, or are trying to over come it(especially finchel, who the writers really enjoy messing with). They are so unrealistic to me it’s not even funny. I really don’t like them.

  4. Sam says:

    Blaine has a thing for bowties, I see. He wears one in every episode so far now that he’s not wearing the Dalton uniform anymore. In 3×01, he wore one with his tight shirt and even tighter red pants ensemble. In 3×02, he wore a hot pink one in the choir room scene at the beginning. Now, in 3×03, he’s wearing another bowtie with a dorky sweater vest. I’m not going to lie. This turns me on immensely.

  5. Kate says:

    YEAH! I am so glad Finn and Rachel are going to sex! I am a little surprised about Klaine though…given how naive Kurt is. I am really looking forward to that episode though I’m not as excited about “Asian F” because I don’t like Mercedes and I think the idea that she is as good as Rachel is absurd. Amber has a good voice but Lea has an amazing voice. Plus, this is, in many ways, the last year of the show and I want to see the characters I care about like Finn and Rachel, Kurt, Emma and Will, Puck and Quinn (they belong together). Enough with the faux diva Mercedes!

  6. Nerdista says:

    Kind of bi just means getting drunk and making out with your BFF at a party for attention.

  7. xandrew says:

    I find it hard to believe Kurt would sleep with someone he refuses to kiss, he seems like to much of a romantic for that.

    • Sam says:

      When did he ever refuse to kiss Blaine? Just because only one kiss was ever written in the script for them doesn’t mean he’s refusing…

      Or are you referring to Karofsky? Is so… yeah. obviously. He’s not having sex with Karofsky, guys. The writers would never do that.

      • Lily says:

        Never say never, if a drunk Blaine can fool around with that new Warbler… then what would a drunk Kurt do out of revenge… ?

        • Jake says:

          Kurt was described as tipsy, and he’s too much of a romantic (and neither he or Blaine are cheaters) to sleep wiht someone he isn’t in love with.

          Also, since when is Blaine “fooling around” with the new Warbler? I’ve read basically every spoiler available and haven’t seen anything like that. The Sebastian guy will be going after Blaine, but I doubt Blaine would reciprocate. Have you seen how he looks at Kurt?

          • Lily says:

            Depends how Kurt is in the beginning of episode 5. Have an unpleasant feeling that Kurt will have to face some more dissapointments in episode 3 and 4..Even with Rory… And a jealous,dissapointed, hurt person is not really the ideal lover…and that may drive Blaine away…for a moment…

        • Sam says:

          Eh…. that just seems really out of character… I can’t really wrap my head around that. I mean, it wouldn’t be the first time the writers completely forget their own characters’ personalities. But I just don’t think it would happen. That would ruin Klaine, and we all know the writers ship Klaine hard.

          • Jake says:

            Yes, they do – the writers, the cast, the creators, the media, most of the fandom.. they all love Kaine and it’s a massive draw to the show. They aren’t going to mess things up that badly with them.

            There will be drama, but Brad and Ryan have consistently confirmed they are solid. The cast consistently draw parallels between them and other beloved tv couples (Lucy and Ricky, Niles and Daphne, Ross and Rachel – those couple you love to root for). I’m not worried. :)

  8. Ash says:

    This is Fun. Stuff! =P Emma just may also “become a woman.” =P

  9. Az says:

    Jesus christ, people. Kurt is not having sex with Karofsky. We’re not stuck in fanfiction land here. Random sh*t like that doesn’t actually happen in canon. Hello, welcome to reality. Kurt is not a big fat sl*t, and Karofsky is not a rapist. I am sideeying you people so hard right now.

  10. Jenna says:

    In other news, how adorable is that picture up top? Jesus Blaine is so sexy. I love his dorky style. Hate Kurt’s hat and jean jacket though. Anyway back to staring at Blaine.

  11. Bethany says:

    Now I don’t want to wait to see this episode! I was already looking forward to it with Karofsky coming back but now Rachel and Kurt lose their virginity too! Although technically its three characters loosing it, because I would assume Blaine is a virgin since he’s never had a boyfriend before.

    • Lily says:

      I don’t think Blaine will lose his with Kurt.

      • Annette says:

        What makes you say that?

      • Jake says:

        Of course he will. Have you seen how they look at each other? They’re in love, neither character is promiscuous or the cheating type, and they’re in a relationship. Chris said yesterday that this script made him love Kurt and Blaine even more, so that implies that their relationship will continue to develop and grow. He likes Kurt/Blaine, so logic tells me that if the script made him love them more, good things are coming.

  12. zandrew says:

    I was being sarcastic. what I meant to refer to was the fact that all of the hetero couples kiss onscreen and they aren’t even kissing as a plot point, they’re doing it in the background. Meanwhile, Kurt and Blaine have had several “touching scenes” where they don’t kiss, to me that looks especially suspicious.

    • Max says:

      I wouldn’t read too much into it other than the network probably puts the breaks on the “gay stuff” as much as possible. It isn’t a character choice. :) If anything, they are careful about their PDA since they are in a known unsafe atmosphere for gay people at McKinley and don’t want to invite trouble.

  13. Patsy says:

    I really find it hard to believe that Rachel would loose her V-card to Finn since she already decided that there is no future for the 2 of them. I am thinking the 2 will be Blaine and Kurt since Kurt is Blaines’ first boyfriend. Then again there are so many things that happen in previous seasons that now are different. I wonder why they keep bringing up that Rachel is 16 (the Dr in the Born this Way episode and Shelby in the unicorn episode) is something going to happen with this? They have said that Rachel is a senior…then again in the original song episode Blaine said he was a junior so that would of made him a senior when he transfered to Mckinley.

  14. Issa says:

    Modern Family has come back with all its characters in place. It is funny and touching. So forgive me for thinking that when I tuned in to Glee I would see Finn as a main character rather than a bit part. There have been no major stories for Finn as compared to Kurt and Rachel, although they are happy to plaster Cory Monteith on their promos and banner ads.

    If you have replaced him as the rumor mill has it, please do come clean. I’ll watch the episode 5 and then I will say thanks for the memories of Seasons 1& 2 and the Glee live tour.

    • Lily says:

      Am surprised that episode 1 and 2 has lots of Kurt in it… but having Kurt losing his virginity so early in Season 3, does it mean that after that he will be pushed into the background…I mean, he has lost so many things in the first 5 episodes…(self confidence, auditions, competitions), so will he crawl into the background and cry until he comes back at the end of the season when Alex (Glee project) and Lauren Zizes come back ?

      I mean, besides self doubt and losing his virginity, there is not much to tell about Kurt anymore… :-( unless… Karofsky ?

    • Cheetah says:

      Finn has always played a huge part in this show. We are only 2 episodes into the season. He will be back.

  15. Janette says:

    Well if it is Kurt and Blaine doin’ the deed, I don’t think they’re going to show much. Maybe just them talking about it and then cutting to them sitting in bed afterwards, maybe not even that. They probably won’t even show kissing. When they had their first kiss, it caused some ultra-conservatives to flip out. But that same couple implied to have had sex? Aw hell no. I mean, they’ve only shown physical affection… one time. Hugs and hand holding don’t count. The other couples on the show make out alllll the time. I understand its probably awkward for both the actors since only one happens to be gay, but…. I don’t know. Its acting. They’re going to make it as subtle as possible, is my prediction.

  16. Jean says:

    So… just because this discussion is kind of intriguing me… do you think Blaine is or isn’t a virgin? Why? I’ve heard a lot of both sides on this comment thread. Just curious.

    • Janette says:

      Well… I think there is a possibility he might not be… it would be a big twist though.. and sort of out of character. I have a theory of how he might not be though. Blaine only said he hadn’t had a boyfriend before, right? (I think thats what he said, I don’t have his every statement memorized so I might be wrong) He never said anything about a relationship in general? Maybe when he didn’t know he was gay, he dated a girl, had sex with her (probably out of peer pressure because he’d be in like middle school at that point. It happens.) and thats how he realizes he’s gay. Then he kisses Rachel and thinks he likes it because he was drunk at the time. When they kiss sober, thats how he knows he’s really gay.
      I realize how far into the realm of fanfiction I got with this comment. I don’t want this to be the case by any means. At all. I’m just saying if he wasn’t a virgin… this might be why.

    • Sarah says:

      I personally would like to believe, and firmly do, that Blaine is a virgin. I think the only reason he played it up as being knowledgeable in the areas of sex is because he watches a lot of gay porn. I don’t know any nicer way to put it. He basically admitted as much to Burt, when he said he found out on the internet, and Kurt was too innocent to do that. And when Kurt said he tried watching “those movies”, but couldn’t, it seemed kind of implied that Blaine does watch them.

    • Max says:

      I think Blaine is a virgin, especially considering that they retconned him to make him a junior. He’s never had a relationship, and even though he has knowledge about sex, that doesn’t mean it came from actually doing it. There are books, movies, websites..
      People who aren’t sexually educated tend to be the minority in my experience working with high school students. But that doesn’t mean they’ve all had sex. Thanks to the media, this is an information age. :)

  17. Come On says:

    For everyone freaking out that it’s the Kurt/Rachel show, relax! We’re only 2 episodes in. There will obviously be plenty of Finn/Rachel angst to go around. I am appreciating the slower storytelling and character development with EVERYONE getting a chance to shine.

    That being said, what’s the rush to have Blaine/Kurt and Rachel/Finn lose their virginities? Both times Finn and Rachel have really been a couple, it’s been mostly off-screen (over the summer). And Kurt/Blaine haven’t been together long. This isn’t about real life. I know all of them would be doing it pretty quick if it was. But for storytelling purposes, they need to draw it out. Give the viewers something to root and wait for. After that, it’s so easy for TV relationships too lose their steam.

    • Sam says:

      I agree with this rushing into sex thing. At the very least, I hope episodes three and four provide a little bit of buildup, and that they don’t just randomly get right to it in one episode. That would be a major letdown. As much as people complained and whined, I think part of the reason people were so fascinated and infatuated by Klaine specifically was because of how long them getting together was drawn out, and how many times fans were teased with situations where they could have kissed but didn’t. The internet flipped its lid when they kissed for the first time. If they just got right to it in the first or second episode they met, I can guarantee you it would not have had the same effect. I think its the same case with having sex for the first time. For both couples. As long as they don’t draw it out to the point where we have another Wemma case.

  18. No says:

    They are rushing klaine. Finn and rachel have been in love with each other for almost 3 years. Klaine has not even known each other for a full year yet. They are not rushing finchel at all if you ask me. They rushed bartie, and every other character on the show that has had sex without being in love. That would be, santana, brittany, quinn, puck, finn, artie, and call me crazy but I think that tike got it on last year. Rumors? Jesse and puck tried to rush rachel, but she wouldn’t let them. Finn, on the other hand has never done that. Yes he orayed to touch her boobs, but he didn’t pray to go all the way. I think he got a little frustrated with how slow they were taking things physically, but it was never like jesse who just fkat out said we should do it after only like 2 weeks of dating. Or puck who tried to get in her pants the first time they made out. Klaine IMO is being a little rushed. I think the whole thing about blaine being a senior is a little more than finn saying that maybe he did not want to go to NYADA. Finn could go with her to new york next year(I really think that it will happen), but blaine can’t go to new york with kurt next year. It is way too soon for them to be getting it done.

    • Hmm says:

      I don’t think Klaine is rushed at all. Compared to the other couples on the show, they’re moving like snails. I do think the whole sex thing is pretty out of left field considering we’ve never even seen them do anything except kiss last season, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t done anything else “behind the scenes”. They were together all summer, who knows what they got up to in that time. Plus its obvious that the network is shying away from as much gay interaction as they possibly can. I think its pretty safe to say that Klaine is the slowest moving couple on the show. I think Finchel is moving a lot faster, considering they started making out within idk, maybe a month of even socializing with each other? Klaine, on the other hand, took forever to do anything. And I don’t really know what you mean by your last point. Are you saying that two people have to be certain they’re going to be together forever in order to for them to have sex? I think you know as well as I do that that’s almost never ever the case. Plus, there are so many couples out there in the world that have sex a lot sooner that Kurt and Blaine. For example, basically every other couple on Glee.

      • No says:

        Klaine is absolutely being rushed into sex. The have only had one kiss. They only said I love you like 3 episodes ago. Finchel had their first kiss in the second episode, their second in the fifth, but did not start actaul factual dating until season 2. And you just said exactly what should be said. Klaine is the slowest moving couple on the show, so why are they having sex in episode 5? I’m sorry, you cna’t go from not even acting like a couple to full on sex. Like I have said finn and rachel have been in love with each other for almost three years. Kurt and blaine have not even known each other that long yet. If we go by episodes that is. I am not saying at all that two people have to know that they will be together. You are 100% correct. That is not realistic at all, but someone said that finn clearly stated he does not want a future with rachel .I was simply saying that we don’t know that yet(and like I said, I think he will go with her), but we knoe that blaine is a junior meaning he absolutely can not go with kurt next year. Bottom line is I have no problem with either finchel or klaine because I seriously like everyone, but kliane is moving WAY TOO FAST if they have sex in episode five. IMO though. I mean obviously these two couples have very devoted fan bases but klaine should not be having sex yet. That is just what I believe though, and I know people will disagree.

        • Hmm says:

          I’ll buy that. I get what you’re saying. Also keep in mind we haven’t even seen the episode yet so who knows. Maybe they were both drunk and it was a mistake. Maybe there will be a good reason that they decide to have sex… or maybe not. Maybe it will be another poorly written plot that doesn’t really make much sense. guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

          • No says:

            That is exactly why I don’t think they should be doing it this early. You can tell me that finchel is rushing all you want, but she turned down two guys that pretty much demanded sex. Well maybe not demanded, but hopefully you get what I am saying. This is the boy that she has always wanted this to happen with, and this is the girl that he always wanted this to happen with. They have shown us that. Im not saying that is different for klaine because we don’t really know that. I mean, I am sure they have but the only time we had anything relating to klaine sex was sexy, and that was about kurt finding out about sex. I could be wrong, but I don’t know if it was about wanting to have sex with blaine. We know that finchel wants to have sex with each other. Showmance, I guess I could say power of madona, grilled cheesus, furt, biota when he said that is why we never got past second base, and to some extent special ed. I want them to share this with each other, but I don’t want them to screw it up either. Let finchel have there moment because they honestly deserve it after allof the crap that they keep putting this couple through. And let kurt and blaine have their moment, but it is just too soon.

  19. Annette says:

    I think you guys are reading waaaaaaaay too far into this. Klaine is possibly the most popular couple on Glee right now, maybe even more popular than Finchel. The producers of the show gave Klaine a crapton of screen time last year and even made Darren a regular because of how popular their relationship is. They are not going to ruin that by having Kurt cheat on Blaine, or Blaine cheat on Kurt, or whatever contrived plots you people are coming up with with your over-active imaginations. Kurt and Blaine are having sex. End of story.

    • Jake says:

      ^ Basically, this. Kurt and Blaine are hopeless romantics, neither are cheaters, and they are in love. That’s pretty cut-and-dry. I think the fandom has a tendency to imagine things like a bad soap opera sometimes, but.. no, Blaine was bumped to series regular, transferred, and was retconned to be a junior. Obviously the writers and creators are doing this for a reason. Kurt and Blaine easily have the most solid relationship on the show, and Chris, Darren, and RIB LOVE them and know most of the fandom (not to mention the media) does, too – no matter how loud the detractors might be on internet message boards.

    • haley says:

      you are delusional to think Klaine is anywhere near as popular as Finn and Rachel. I think they are liked – but I think you associate to much with the fandom bubble. Talk to anyone in the mainstream, general public, they find Klaine tolerable. I like them – but they are never going to be a Cam and Mitchell :) Finn and rachel are the shows core couple and the most liked of all.

      • Annette says:

        I can’t believe out of that entire comment you picked that one little statement to throw a fit about. But fine, I’ll bite. First of all, I am not in any “fandom bubble”. I am not obsessed with Glee and I do not spend all my time trolling the internet looking to shove my favorite couple in everyone’s face. I also do not ship Klaine. I do not think its possible for a person to care any less about a couple than I do with Klaine. I don’t hate them, I don’t love them. I’m neutral. I don’t know how I feel about Finchel at this point. I do have many friends that enjoy Glee, and I’m pretty sure everyone that I’ve ever talked to about it has always had something positive to say about Klaine. I don’t care if you are the most obvious Finchel troller in existence. I’m sorry you feel attacked any time the validity of your obsession is put into question in any way whatsoever. But does it really matter who’s more popular? I think we can both agree they are very popular couples. Nobody knows for sure who’s definitely the most popular because I’m pretty sure nobody’s asked every Glee viewer in the world who they like better. Even if Finchel is more popular, in the context of my original comment….. whats your point?

  20. ... says:

    Has there ever been a flatter character than Blaine, he is like the love interest out of a fourteen year olds Mary Sue fanfic… OH! OK that explains it.

    • Max says:

      That’s your opinion. It takes a keener eye and intelligent viewing to pick up on the nuances of Blaine’s character – which is something that a lot of people seem to be lacking. You have to pay attention to the things he says and does, but trust me, it’s all there. Watch his eyes. I’m really excited about the developments that I’ve heard for him, not to mention the groundwork we got last season (his relationship with his father, the gay bashing, etc).
      I personally love what Darren has brought to the series, and I’m neither a teenager or female. Everyone involved in making the show loves him and has welcomed him with open arms. If only the fandom could be as accepting as the people they claim to admire.

    • Keys says:

      Haha, I honestly don’t think so. I mean he is so cute, but just soooooo boring. Their relationship is just too cookie cutter for it to actually seem real to me. But with blaine being a junior, that has the potential to make them very unstable at some point, and give them drama because lets face it. No couple is that perfect. NONE. I just have a really hard time watching them, because it just doesn’t seem real to me. I have tried to get into, but I just can’t. I think it has a lot to do with blaine though. They need to develope him before they give me kliane sex and then maybe I will stop wishing that he would go away everytime I see him on the screen. I guess I don’t mind them having sex because I don’t really care, but develope bliane first so that I cane at least care about them.

      • jw says:

        You honestly don’t think there is a flatter character than Blaine, or you honestly don’t think he’s like the love interest out of a 14 year olds mary sue fanfic?

        • Keys says:

          I don’t think there is a flatter character than blaine. I really don’t. He is just too bland to be interesting. And yes he is like the love interest out of a 14 year olds mary sue fanfic. Hahaha.

          • Jake says:

            I love Blaine. Like someone said above, you have to pay attention and be smart while watching him, but he’s very interesting if you pay attention to all the subtle things going on.

      • Jenna says:

        I must agree that Blaine is very, very attractive.

    • Atheist says:

      I get more excited reading the Bible than I do watching Blaine.

  21. I don't understand. says:

    I don’t get why everyone is flipping out about Finn not getting enough screen time. He’s not the main character and he never was. There are no main characters, theoretically. The entire glee club should, at least in theory, be equals. Of course, that never happens because the writers are too busy giving Kurt, Rachel, Finn, and Blaine all the air time. Maybe you should all start complaining about how every one else has been swept under the rug. Now, they’re finally starting to lay off and give some of the lesser-appreciated characters some space. except they still can’t seem to forget about Kurt, Rachel and Blaine for five seconds. I feel like this should anger people more than Finn being the first baby step towards equal representation for an equally talented cast.

  22. Oh boy says:

    I don’t understand why people think that glee is an ensamble cast. It is not at all. Yes, it has a but load of characters, but this show has leads. It was established early on that Lea, Matt, and Cory are leads. Jane, chris, Dianna, and mark are the supporting characters. People always talk about how the f13 were the best. Well you know who that focused on. Rachel, shue, finn, quinn, puck, sue, and not kurt. Lea is always going to get hers because not only is she the main character(and you can argue that all you want, but she is), but this part was written for her. Ryan always had her in mind while creating rachel. That is a fact. Same with chris. They wrote the part for him. Cory is the young male lead, but right now it seems like darren is taking that. Which is a shame because cory is a billion times better at acting tha he is. Ask any critic. As much as you want it to be the enitre club is not equals. It was never set up to be that way. Lea and darren are the bread winners. I mean billboard created an award for lea, CREATED one, for the havoc she wreaks on the charts, and to qoute them “her contribution to the music industry.” Lea, Chris, Jane, and Matt are the critic darlings with pretty muc every television award nomination under the sun. Wins included. This argument is getting annoying. Lea, Matt, and Cory were set up as leads from the beginnig, and even though chris and darren are in his place right now. Lea, Matt, and Cory will be leads when this is all said and done. Cory will get his. They are setting him up wonderfully if you ask me. Lea herself said that his arc will be the biggest of the season.

    • err... says:

      Not an ensemble cast? Kk, then I guess they should have been disqualified from that Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series win in 2010 and nomination in 2011 at the SAG Awards… While we’re at it, someone should probably fix the Wikipedia article that explicitly states that Glee has an ensemble cast…

      • Oh boy says:

        That award was stupid. When they are nominated at award shows what do you see. You see Lea and Matt as the lead actress and actors, and you see jane and chris as the supporting actress and actor. If they were an ensemble they would be exactly like the mondern family cast. That means that everyone would be in the supporting category. If you actually pay attention to the show, which I guess you don’t. You will easily know this is not ensamble. I got love for all the characters, but there is no way that dianna, naya, or heather will ever be nominated as a lead actress. There is no way that mark, or harry will be nominated as a lead actor. It just wont happen. Glee is not an ensamble cast. Sorry.

        • err... says:

          Calling the award stupid does not validate your point, nor does it negate the fact that Glee must be technically an Ensemble if it was nominated for that award in the first place.

    • Oakland says:

      Have you ever considered that maybe Lea, Chris, Jane and Matt “are the critic darlings with pretty much every television award nomination under the sun” because they’re the only ones given the chance to shine? Maybe the other cast members could have gotten some nominations too if the writers weren’t so obsessed with a small group of their very large, very talented cast. Or are you implying that the other actors just aren’t good enough? I really beg to differ on that one.

      • What is wrong with you says:

        Seriously, are you guys insane. That is exactly the point. If everyone were given the chance to shine then it would be ensamble. They aren’t, so it is not. Plain and simple. Like she said people always talk about how the first 13 episodes were the best. The first 13 episodes focused on lea, matt, cory, jane, and not even really chris. He did not get his until the back half. In the first 13 he played off of which charcters? That would be rachel, and finn. Defying gravity, and having a crush on finn. Get over this people, and move on. This show does not hav an ensamble cast. Just because there are a lot of characters does not mean it is ensamble.

        • Oakland says:

          I would just like to point out that it is very pathetic that you are pretending to be someone else defending your own argument to make it seem as though more people agree with you. I can tell you are the same person because you referred to “Oh boy” (yourself) as a she when absolutely nothing in the original comment indicates your gender. Also, you spelled ensemble wrong under both names. Nice try though.

          • You are funny says:

            The fact that you pointed that out actually makes you the pathetic one. Some people just don’t know how to spell a word so they go off of the way other people spell it. It is not rocket science honey.

          • Oakland says:

            @You are funny/What is wrong with you/Oh Boy since you’re all the same person anyway

            Both err… and I have spelled ensemble the correct way. Read a little closer, get an education, I don’t know. Whatever works. Sweetie pie.

        • You are funny says:

          Oakland you are making me laugh. Sweetheart.

      • Oh boy says:

        I am not even going to answer that last question because some critics have already answered it for me. This is the problem with glee I think. The fans. Honestly, I mean no disrespect to anybody but glee fans demand too much. Season 2 is the perfect example. They tried to do too much, and a lot of people hated it. I am sorry brittana fans, but where do you think that came from? Yes it is true, some of the actors just can’t handle some things that the others can. Like dianna. I am trying so hard to care about quinn, but I can’t. Don’t even get me started on bland anderson. I guess I don’t really need to some people have already started for me. I will give you an example. I read in an interview that lea and amber had. The interviewer asked amber something like what do you tink about people saying that you don’t get enough screen time. Lea joked around saying amber what if it was like that movie the switch, and we traded places. Amber said she would go back to sleep because she did not want lea’s workload. Heather doesn’t even want a acting career, and it seems like she doesn’t even like th sl she does get. Cory and Naya are both great IMO, and to a lot of critics. Especially cory, who a lot of them consider to be the best male actor on the show. Cory has not always gotten the really showy storylines. Those belong to chris, and I would say naya, and even though they still have not been nominated. They have also recieved lots of praise from critics. Especially cory, as I have said before. So don’t say they are critics darlings because they get more. They are because critics like them mor then they like the others. Not my fault.

  23. Boop says:

    boop boop be doop, sha doop da doop doop

  24. Daniel says:

    I love Glee, but I really can’t stand the fandom. DOES NOTHING PLEASE YOU PEOPLE? I can’t wait to see this season. From what I’ve heard, it should be great. I love Kurt, I love his relationship with Blaine, and I am looking forward to the writers further deepening his character. Because for those who call him bland – that’s not his fault. I mean, I personally have no complaints. I think he’s great, his singing is stellar, I love his chemistry with Kurt, and he’s just adorable. But if you want to point fingers (which the Glee fandom *loves* to do) then blame stuff on the writers for occasionally flimsy writing and continuity, but do not even try to blame the actors. That’s just low and immature.

    • Daniel says:

      And you know? I don’t love everything about the show, and I definitely have characters that aren’t my favorite, but I don’t sit around online bashing them. I just focus on my favorite parts of it. It’s a tv show. If it makes you this unhappy or irritated or even angry.. turn off the television.

  25. Serena says:

    Now all the Finn fans know how the Mercedes and Mike Chang fans feel….neglected. It’s about time Mercedes and Mike got some shine. And all you Rachel fans who are complaining because Mercedes is fed up with the lack of acknowledgment she has been shown throughout the seasons, take a minute to reflect and think when was the last time she has had a decent story line, if there’s no one cheering you on sometimes you feel like why even bother if it will always go unnoticed. I’m happy for Mercedes! She’s doing exactly what Rachel would do..telling it how it is and being self-indulgent!

    • Lily says:

      Call the the people who write glee, and tell them to stop making mercedes the victim in this storyline. Maybe then people would actually like the storyline. It’s old. She keeps putting herself in rachels shadow.”The truth is rachel, you’re the best singer that we’ve got.” What did rachel say. “If you want the closing slot, the go in there and take it from me.” I am ready for her to stop playing the victim in all of this when she is just as obnoxious as rachel; if not more. She needs to get over herself and fight, and I think she will in Asian F. She is getting on my nerves, and starting to annoye me more than Mr. Shcue. Which is saying something.

  26. Why am i even on this website says:

    Rachael=annoying (though an amazing singer)
    Finn= wet blanket, dork
    Kurt= actually interesting
    Blaine= entertaining, harry potter (kudo’s)

    • Who are you on this website says:

      Finn=I don’t know yet
      Kurt=The most annoying character on tv. He was more fun when we didn’t have to feel soeery for him every second of the freaking show. He is getting on the last nerve that I have. Fix him RIB.
      Blaine= Possibly the most boring character in the history of television. Not entertaining in any way. Just cute. Can’t act, and boooooooooooring. RIB, give him background because he is mad lame.

      • so true says:

        Rachel- My favorite or one of my favorite characters- love her and her crazy. Well deserved recognition of her vocals and acting. Awesome actress.
        Finn- next most favorite -loved him s1 and s2 I’m glad he is back now s3 he is awesome. LOVE ME SOME FINN> Finchel the best couple IMO LOVE LOVE The best actor on the show.
        Kurt- 3rd favorite character awesome crazy flamboyant best friend for any girl. He evolved from s2 crazy storyline now in a great place for storylines. Just wish he wouldn’t be the victim all the time. LOVE Kurt.
        Blaine- awesome entertainer but BOOOOORRRRIIINNNGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!! I can’t stop looking at his eyebrows. Way too hairy for me. Don’t get the attraction to him. Klaine- Love that Kurt is happy with Blaine. LIKE Klaine that they are happy. But not sold on them as a couple as of yet. Not a favorite in the least.
        Santana-My next favorite character Killer singer and actress awesome job every week. Did you see her and Mercedes together Asian F song. Love her. Underated and underutilized actress. Deserves much more recognition. IMO
        Puck- My last favorite A hotty and wonderful comedic timing. LOVE LOVE the puckasaurus.
        Love all the characters but the above are the best of the best IMO.

  27. Ella says:

    I’m happy.

    Because Klaine are going to have sex.

  28. Tasha says:

    I despise Finn. Seriously I don’t like the character at all. His voice annoys me greatly and I hate, hate, hate him with Rachel. When I read that Rachel loses her virginity under the Finchel heading I had to turn away from the post in disgust. Thank you first poster you give me hope for awkward let’s get it over with sex between Kurt and Rachel because even that would preferable to the atrocity that is Finchel.

  29. Amy Leigh says:

    Ugh, Rachel losing her virginity to Finn? I might have to skip this episode.

  30. anunsia says:

    i’m very love finchel relationship..let them together:)

  31. michiko says:

    cory & lea adorable 2gether :))

  32. JIM says:

    Can we please stop smooshing people’s names together, whether they’re dating or not? It’s immensely annoying. Oh, and you kids get off my lawn! Signed, This Post Probably Means I’m Now A Crotchety Old Man

  33. Ash says:

    Shipper wars!… craziest stuff in history!!! =P

  34. Inderpreet says:

    will the new warbler be in the Asian F episode?

  35. Sam says:

    Not a watcher/fan of this show so I stopped reading any post of your’s that includes this because of stuff I have to wade through to get to a “real” comment. Break them off and keep everyone, watchers or not, happy.

  36. Finchel says:

    It’s gr8 to c anotha sex episode

  37. Laura says:

    I say one thing Klaine and Finchel 4 THE WIN

  38. madhatter360 says:

    Anyone else kind of want to see Quinn sing “Going through the motions” “walk through the fire” or “something to sing about” from the Buffy musical episode?

  39. Julia says:

    I love this Finchel news/spoilers. It has always been my favorite couple(Quick a close second).I love how Glee is really getting back its original feel. Heartwarming, funny, and exciting!

  40. Samantha says:

    Woo!! Puckelby!!! ;)

  41. Est-brittana!! says:

    I can not belive he said that the santana fighting out of closet drama was sucking the fun out of them…man its so wrong!! I loved that santana didnt just come out, its so hard for a girl! Most girl never come out!

  42. Emma says:

    Is it bad that I totally can’t wait for Kurt and Blaine to have sex?

  43. KLFreak! says:

    OMG! FINCHEL AND KLAINE ALL IN ONE Episode.. XP (way too much and my head just exploded!!)i bet Finn is going to be so sweet and so gentlemanly (and awkward) that i completly am going to die! Damn Berry SO LUCKY YOU!! :DD and Blaine and Kurt! OMG! KURT! gosh!!! i can see him right now all flushed and cute!! OMG! i love them i’m a GLEEK! since 2009! i love them!! my only complaint i want McTina romance!! and someone for Artie cuz i’m Brittana fan!… Oh!! and some kind of accelerator-of-clocks! I-CAN’T-WAIT! ’till nov 1 seriously??

  44. Sophie says:

    I don’t even care, I’m just excited.

  45. Carl says:

    Sorry Folks to disagree that Finn’s character needs to go & fade into working class reality. I think Cory is a nice guy now(he did steal fr fam members to support some self destructive habits..kudos for overcoming addiction) but I don’t think he’s an extraordinaire actor. He’s not convincing as a teen-a college student -yes; definitely not the dancer nor singer(unless you’re liking autotune)