House Exclusive First Look Video: Here Comes the... Bride?

Brace yourselves, because Dr. Gregory House appears to be heading for a wedding — and you will not believe who the bride is.

As part of the Fox drama’s Season 8 cast photo shoot, series lead Hugh Laurie — whose contributions to past set-ups include the caduceus-inspired “snake” image — put himself in a bridal gown, donned a dictator’s uniform and fancied himself part of a chain gang, among other noisy concepts.

Exclusive: House Admits Rescue Me‘s John Scurti

You can see Laurie and castmates Robert Sean Leonard, Omar Epps, Jesse Spencer, Peter Jacobson, Odette Annable and Charlene Yi posing away in the exclusive video we’ve posted here. Give it a watch, then read on for more:

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Hugh Laurie on House Going ‘Off the Deep End’ and ‘Exploiting’ the New Girl

If any of the set-ups seem a bit “out there”, know there’s always a context in mind. For the wedding dress set-up, for example, Laurie envisioned, “This heart is unbreakable,” “JILTED?” and “‘Til death us do part or I drive my car into your living room. Whichever comes first,” while House-as-dictator is there to assert, “This is not a democracy” — have truer words ever been spoken? The chain gang, meanwhile, underscores a possible season-opening theme, as House (ostensibly) wraps up his prison stay: “The punishment never fits the crime.”

House Exclusive: Prison Break‘s Wentworth Miller Checks In

Catch House in prison garb — and not white lace — when Season 8 bows this Monday at a new time, 9/8c.

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  1. Clarissa says:

    Charlene Yi … whaaa? I haven’t been paying attention to spoilers. What’s going to happen with Olivia wilde/Thirteen?

  2. Addy says:

    It’s so depressing to see how far this show has fallen. I used to watch it religiously and now it’s just awful. Why have they done this to such an amazing show?

    • Kristena says:

      Same here lol. I haven’t watched it in a while, it’s mostly about love and … I don’t know, but the last few episodes I watched just wasn’t very good anymore. It wasn’t humourus, or dark..

    • Sam says:

      Huddy happened and ruined the show but now it’s finally over, Cuddy is out of the way and the show will be great again.

      • Vanessa says:

        Huddy was not a bad thing!!! I’m going to miss it!

        • Sally says:

          Huddy is the synonym of fail, so please, it’s a very bad thing. And I won’t miss it at all.

          • doddle says:

            yeah writers sucked with them, 2 crappy seasons, 2 seasons to destroy a female character, they should have kill cuddy, and Taub too in the 7 finale. But what a crappy 7 season, are the same writers in S8? I’m worried.

      • Protip says:

        You might be in denial if you think “huddy” caused the show’s downfall.
        You’re in for a rude awakening if you think the absence of Cuddy means season 8 will be inherently great…

        • Huddyissodeadandthatsgreat says:

          It will be great, and no, I’m not in denial, and there also won’t be rude awakening, live with it, Huddy fangirl.

          • doddle says:

            great? I hope so, I’d like to have same House than in S1 to 3, but with what they’ve done the last 3 seasons, I have doubts, how can they continue the storyline with Taub the smurf?

      • Fabienne says:

        I couldn’ t agree more with you Sam ! Such a presumptuous actress as Edelstein wasn’ t many fans’ cup of tea. The 8th season will be even better than the last one !

        • doddle says:

          “The 8th season will be even better than the last one !”

          ugh I hope than the last 2 seasons! S6 was also horrible.

      • Karen says:

        I totally agree. The relationship with Cuddy ruined the show. Is she leaving the show? From what I have read it sounds like it. I don’t want her to leave, just don’t want House and her to have a romantic relationship.

        • doddle says:

          “The relationship with Cuddy ruined the show”

          that’s the prob with tv shows, they shouldn’t get 2 main characters together, it’s many often not very well written and fans are disappointed.

      • Turtle Lady says:

        uhh…the character’s name was CUDDY!

        • Duh says:

          The characters name is Cuddy yes but the “Huddy” is the lame way people call couples now like Brangalina its a combination of House and Cuddy aka Huddy. Stupid but true

    • sad says:

      Yep. Depressing is the word. They squandered every great opportunity they had. Well, the proof of the pudding is in the ratings. We’ll see.

      • Thomas says:

        Depressing and degrading. Feeling so much secondhand embarrassment from that picture I can’t even watch the vid.
        House is a wreck and this is only solidifying things. Does this really make people want to tune in? The show has gone to sh-t and everyone knows it. Sure it still attracts Houseflies, but that’s what sh-t does.

      • meh says:

        Yes, because ratings usually speak for the quality of a show. Just look at American Idol.[/sarcasm]

        I’m actually glad that some so-called “fans” of the show a.k.a. the Huddytards will stop watching. It will be a chance for the rest of us who liked watching a medical show to enjoy the show again.

    • D says:

      They haven’t done anything; these are promos. I’ll eat an entire sixteen gallon hat if at some point, Hugh Laurie and Charlene Yi start firing rounds from a clock tower. Perhaps it will be the shocking series finale they have cooked up in case Season 9 doesn’t work out!

      If you’re ignoring what was written in the article just to complain about the show in general, I question how much of the show you’ve actually seen.

    • Noradxplorer says:

      I don’t care what anyone says about House its still one of the best shows on t.v. these days and still entertaining! I hope it lasts for a long time to come!

      • Kath G says:

        I agree with you. All these people who say this and that and the show is done! REALLY have these people seen the premier yet or have seen all the 6 eps shot so far this season? My guess is NO!! yet they countiue with the House is done mantra!! PLEASE PEOPLE wait and watch BEFORE passing judgement please.

        • doddle says:

          I’ve seen the premiere, nothing to say, “Broken” was better.

        • Sam says:

          Uh, yes, lots of people have seen the premiere, it’s been out for nearly 2 weeks and it’s nothing to get excited about.
          Terrible acting from 13’s replacement, clunky dialogue directly from David Shore’s lips.

          Parole Officer: You drove your car into your ex girlfriend’s House and then fled the country for 3 months.
          House: I knew that her daughter was at Grandma’s like every Friday and I saw everyone else move into the living room.
          Parole Officer: They could have moved back.
          House: Which I would have noticed since I was driving right towards them.
          WELL this is brand new information! So glad they cleared that up, I thought we’d be stuck with the weak excuses Shore’s been peddling all summer.

          • doddle says:

            yeah lazy writing, and about OA you’re right, I didn’t miss Jennifer Morrison when she left but now I’d say come on Jennifer, come back for the last season, I miss the old team!

          • SusanM says:

            I’ve watched the leaked screener 4 or 5 times now and that lame explanation scene for why House knew he wouldn’t hurt anyone when he crashed into Cuddy’s house just really bugs me every time. I’m sure it’s because I’ve heard Shore use those exact words in every interview he’s given since the finale….he just can’t shut up about it. Surely they could have thought of a more creative way to let the audience know that House hasn’t actually turned into a homicidal crazy person?
            Other than that scene and some scattered throughout weird dialogue (you feel “jilted”??), I thought the episode was solid and I really enjoyed it. We learn some new things about House which is always a good thing.

          • D says:

            Way to focus on nothing that was the premiere’s highlights. I swear it’s like people will never get passed what almost happened to a fake person.

          • Karo says:

            @D I absolutely agree some ppl really can`t let it go. They don`t want to understand or accept.
            House is a very rational/analytical person and knows the person around him very well. Every human being has a certain routine how to act or organize in/their life. The persons itself doesn`t recognize this mostly but the ppl around them do. Especially House knows cuddys daily routine very well,this is canon. He saw they walked out of the dining room, the chance that someone goes back was under these circumstances by 5% max 10%. It was statiscally impossible that anyone would get hurt or killed, of course there was a slightly chance but birth control pills aren`t save either.
            Additionaly house is a biker, they have notoriously a better capacity of reaction he would have found the break just in time if anyone had entered the room.

          • Asia says:

            I’m ok with it, I don’t see the problem with House’s esplanation *shrug*

      • anita says:

        I have always enjoyed house and still do.

  3. Becky says:

    This made me smile! I’ve missed him!!!

  4. Kassandra says:

    I used to respect this man. Not anymore. Now he is just a pathetic clown.

  5. mark says:

    i blame cuddy, her character was so boring

  6. soren121 says:

    That picture terrifies me.

    • derdriui says:

      I know right?

      he has great facial features, great cheekbones etc. they could have done a GREAT drag look instead of putting him into Miss America’s wedding dress with Benjii from Good Charlotte’s eyeliner.

  7. Karo says:

    I only say I LOVE IT, the House bride poster and some photo-shoots in the video. Hugh Laurie the “King of black humour” WOW, Thank you very much!!!

  8. Sammie says:

    I love the show, love all the cast members. Best thing on TV and I feel it’s been off the air (except for reruns) FOREVER!. Can’t wait for next week!

  9. Melinda says:

    “D O C.” Love it!

  10. Jessica says:

    That pic is funny. So much meaning there. House is never going to be happy with anyone, no one will ever make him happy so he might as well just get used to being alone, hence the wedding dress. He’s both husband and wife, to himself. He’s his own best friend, his only real partner, he’s really the only one who can stand him. Might as well get comfy with himself.

  11. Lindsay Fequiere says:

    House looks like a hot mess in that picture

  12. Lourdes says:

    Que video más patético.
    Y hasta ahora no entiendo qué hace ahí Charlene Yi. Muy mala decisión el haberla contratado.
    Y Odette Annable es la versión 2.0 de Olivia Wilde.
    Se viene la peor temporada de House, no tengo ninguna duda.

    • Karomana says:

      Il faut savoir rire. Sinon pourquoi voir House?

    • SARA says:

      Otra Huddy-retardada. SUPERALO!!!

      • natii says:

        No soy huddy y tampoco me gustó el vídeo. Por qué por decir que no me gusto tengo que ser necesariamente Huddy? Las dos últimas temporadas de House fueron aburridas y esta no parece que vaya a ser mejor. Hay más personas que solo las huddys que no les está gustando lo que esta pasando con House, superalo!

  13. John says:

    I just don’t want to see this turn into the Office. Great show, but separate genres. HOUSE has lately been all about office politics, love, and non medical drama. Where’s the good cases?

  14. maggie says:

    British comedians really do love doing drag. :)

    • derdriui says:

      :( this is one of the worst drag looks ever.

      They should’ve gone with better makeup and a more suitable dress. When he did drag back in the UK, both for Blackadder as Georgina in Major Star in series 4 of Blackadder, and in a bit of Fry and Laurie. I don’t know if it was his youth or the fact that the British are so adept at drag, but they were a hell of a lot better than this… thing and his attempt at drag on Saturday night live.

  15. dalilita says:

    RSL looks as if he wants to escape from there, lol!

  16. WTF? says:

    At exactly what point did Hugh Laurie lose his dignity?

    • Sam says:

      Have you ever seen HL work before House? A little hint for you: Fry and Laurie!

      • annarkansas says:

        This is a great show that has an ever evolving plot line. Keeps it from being boring, I guess you could say. The characters and actors have very good chemistry. Have to say it….LOVE HL

    • Carrion says:

      OK, seriously not the first time he’s done drag. Try “Blackadder Goes Fourth” 1989, “A Bit of Fry and Laurie” 1989, or “Jeeves and Wooster” 1990. The man has never been protective of his dignity and he is FUNNY.

      • WTF says:

        Then I ask, in all seriousness, exactly WHAT has dressing in drag have to do with “House, M.D.?” Or even “Big House, M.D.?”

        • Ariella says:

          THANK YOU. As if House seasons 1-5 would EVER have had such a worthless promo. “WTF” indeed.

          • D says:

            You’re joking, right? There was a promo a few years ago where House was raising the dead. It’s just a poster! They don’t have to actually do anything with the show.

        • me says:

          The point is to show that his days of looking for love are over and that he’s only going to be happy by himself. He’s the only person he’ll ever be happy with, so the joke is that he “marries” himself.

          • doddle says:

            “He’s the only person he’ll ever be happy with”

            I understand but this sounds weird. lol
            Of course we all know he won’t be “happy” but I also never found him miserable, same thing for many ppl on this planet.

  17. Caity says:

    I love Hugh Laurie. He plays Dr. House great. He makes the show.this is my all time fav. Show, I can’t wait for the new season, xoxo

  18. KEL says:


  19. jennie says:

    I love the newest house episodes and am so sad cuddy dumped him. Get back together!!!

  20. Derailing train says:

    I’m curious where the new season will go. The seasons 4 & 5 to have lost the original feel of the show, too many episodes getting wrapped up in House and his staff’s love lives.
    Then there was “schizophrenia”… which, ironically for a show like this, portrayed the disease and completely wrong. A psychotic episode can be triggered by drug abuse, but schizophrenia is an incurable organic brain disease. Connecting to other people is definitely not a cure, either… but I digress. Looking forward to seeing what the next season holds, as the last one seemed to be finding a good balance in story-lines.

    • andrea says:

      Ok. 1st, the show never said House HAD schizophrenia. He had a psychotic episode and since I have all the seasons on DVD, I can tell you with confidence that the writers merely said that one of the possible causes could be schizophrenia. I can also tell you with MUCH confidence that schizophrenia is NOT “an incurable organic brain disease”. I have been married to a schizophrenic for almost a decade. Schizophrenia has many causes. Though it is grossly hereditary (about 70%) it is also triggered by repeated head trama, physical and physchological abuse, and among other things, drug use. Perhaps you should stick to talking about things you actually know about. You just make yourself sound stupid when you talk about things you don’t understand.

  21. JoAnn says:

    House is a fascinating show when they keep to the original storyline. I liked Cuddy. She was a strong, intelligent and very funny woman until she entered into this boring, ill-conceived courtship with House. It was more like a mother and child relationship. I am just afraid they are going to pull something like House and Wilson are really lovers or something. I can’t take anymore annoying surprises.
    Maybe they should write about House falling in love with an abusive woman who is so bad for House but he can’t let her go and she gets him into lots of trouble. All the woman on the show are basically good. What if you show what could happen when you match House with a bad woman.

    • Ava L says:

      They already did. Didn’t you watch last season?

    • Sally says:

      “Maybe they should write about House falling in love with an abusive woman who is so bad for House but he can’t let her go and she gets him into lots of trouble. All the woman on the show are basically good. What if you show what could happen when you match House with a bad woman.”
      LOL you’ve perfectly described Huddy. Seriously!

      • doddle says:

        yes they won, I hated Cuddy in the last 3 seasons, Cuddy as a mum I mean, it sucked, who had this stupid idea to give a baby to Cuddy? moron
        she changed a lot and not in the good way.

        • Asia says:

          That was a ‘brilliant’ idea of LE *rolls eye*

          • doddle says:

            again asia the girl who knows everything about the show, lmao, so LE had also the stupid idea to get house and cuddy together, to introduce a smurf (lucas), to write something about garbage and a toothbrush and to do a “glee” ep in season 7.
            Very bad ideas.

          • Sam says:

            Listen idiot, LE was the one who came up with the baby idea, she said so in several interviews and she also said she came up with Cuddy’s background and that she added a sex vibe in every scene with HL even if the scripts didn’t required it. These are LE words, like it or not.

          • Sam says:

            Of course my previous post was for doddle

    • doddle says:

      I don’t want to see House falling in love again mainly for the last season? did you see how they write huddy? pure crap.

  22. ingrid says:

    In short, i hope House gets cancel at the end of this season…for the sake of what this show was during the passed seasons. I want to remember this show for what it was not for what it has become. Sad.

  23. sad says:

    I want to be excited about House again. No luck so far. Feels like they want to keep viewers at any cost to stay longer in syndication and don’t care about creative aspect anymore. EW wrote today that the show became parody of itself. Judging by some facial expressions in this video, they are right on money.

    • Karo says:

      I haven`t seen this EW article you`re talking about but TVguide, USAtoday and the NewYorkPost gave the premier an A-rated reviews.

      I liked the premier too, the episode was better than everything we`ve seen in season7.

      • sad says:

        Seriously? Do you have the links? I follow TV articles but haven’t seen one positive review about the premiere, except for Barbara Barnett, who understandably needs to sell her House-themed book and can be excused from the list of reputable journalists. Everything I’ve read so far was cautious at best. Also I’ve seen the leaked screener myself, and that’s what I based my assessment on. I feel like my infatuation with Hugh Laurie is being used, but I am not getting anything in return. Very unpleasant feeling, I might add.

        • Cindy says:

          I can`t speak for Karo but i´ve read only good things about the S8-premier via twitter from several internet bloggers like @anthonyocasio from screenrant, @TVdoneWright, the guy from @Givememyremote,themortonreport.com and I`ve seen the scans from TVGuide,USAtoday & NYpost. I can`t memorize all & don`t follow all bloggers but you should ask @Mshousefan on twitter. She is collecting all the H-stuff and has the links. The only bad review i`ve read so far is the review from the girls of thevoiceoftv.com. But they are well known rabid LE/Huddy fans. The reviews of them were never objective and as long LE isn`t coming back, they will trash the show. You shouldn`t listen to them.
          But if you don`t mind can you give me the EW-link & the other negative reviews you have seen.Oh and is the writer of the article probably Ken Tucker, He said about the S7 opener “Now what” too that house is parody of itself, BTW. He was unimpressed by house before the season7 finale.

          And BTW i don`t know what yo expect from house? What would make in your opinion the premier better?

  24. amber says:

    I cant wait for October 3rd!!! I’ve loved all the season and love where the show is heading. I hate that Cuddi dumped him and think that him running into her house was wayyyy over the top but I can’t wait to see where they take this. By far my favorite show! <3 Hugh

  25. Suzanne says:

    I love Hugh Laurie. Actor, comedian, musician and man!

  26. MissVixen says:

    Hugh Lorie is a true genius!! I’m addicted to house, and yes you probably haven’t seen him at he’s best Fry and Lourie, Jeeves and Wooster and Black adder …bring him back to England I say where he’s comedy can be as black as our black pudding…

  27. Dana says:

    I agree, it seems to have lost some of it’s humor this last seaaon. Will be a loyal fan till the end though.

  28. ashley says:

    Heyy I love you <3

  29. LVK says:

    House is the best show on TV….those who don’t like it aren’t smart enough to understandit. Go back to cartoon network and leave shows like this to top 10%.

  30. shiremaid says:

    OMG Hugh makes me laugh so much! And you guys scared the heck out of me! You’re darned lucky Greg’s not getting married! BTW I think that dictator uniform was sexy on Hugh. Now how about shot of him holding his team hostage? Or maybe the team holding House hostage? KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK TO THE ENTIRE TEAM OF HOUSE M.D. – STAFF, EXECS, CAST, ALL OF YOU!

  31. Annabelle says:

    House! House! House! Gotta love this show, it is so true to real life. Kinda makes you wonder if someone hasnt actually been in the psych ward.

  32. abusman says:

    i cannot believe most of the comments out there. If you say that this show has gotten bad and you cannot watch it anymore, then you my friends are not true house fans. There had to be a point where it all came to this, the devastating end to cuddy and house’s relationship. We all knew they had to become Huddy, but we all knew it wasnt going to last. And it would be in house terms to end on a “good note.” So i say shame to all you who think this show has gone down the slopes. I still watch every episode of this show, and this show is what inspired me to want to go into the medical field as a career. House ROCKS!

    • doddle says:

      season 5 was huddy, season 6 and 7 too, it wasn’t a good idea to turn this show into soap opera, we all knew that huddy wouldn’t last, but 3 seasons with it, it’s too much, they should have try something in season 4 or 5 and only with 4 or 5 eps as for the others arcs. Now I’m worried writers have no ideas anymore with the show, the medical cases are dumb since season 5.

  33. See says:

    House!! I love this series along with Blue Blood xD

  34. kitkat says:

    oh my god… Even though I think Hugh and House are awesome, the image of him in a wedding dress will probably haunt me in my dreams… so creepy :S (and yes, I have seen A bit of Fry and Laurie)

  35. Jessica says:

    I love House – One of the best shows, ever!

  36. andy says:

    GOOD! he lost weight.

  37. wtfisthisshow says:

    Not even gonna lie, I am so excited for this new season.

  38. hugahousetoday says:

    In prison, House will become his cellmate’s new lover/bride/wife; ergo, he wears a bridal gown. He will be wearing a pink nightgown before you know it.

    Q: Was Cuddy killed when House ran his car into her house?

  39. Jen says:

    They better NOT turn House gay just for the sake of attracting more ratings. What next, have him break out into a song when dealing with patients? I hope this is the last season, as much as I enjoy watching Hugh Laurie as an actor, the plot lines for House have been sliding down over the past two years. That said, I’m giving the new season of House a couple of episodes before I decide whether this will be one of the shows I’m dropping this season.

    • Epic B says:

      They already done did the song and dance bit, Jen. That episode even won an Emmy in one of those categories about which no one gives a sh*t. However, if House adds Liza and Barbra to his iPod playlist, or tapes pink streamers to his cane, I’m outta here.

  40. Stacey says:

    I can’t wait to see new episodes of House M.D. I loved the episode when Hugh Laurie sang and danced! Also when he was in the Mental institute and helped other patients! I hope there will be more years of this show to come!

  41. bobla says:

    yea u said it all they hav turned house into a p###y

  42. idiots says:

    you guys are dumb, i watched season 6 and 7 and seven was darker and better than any previous season. The reason everyone likes house is because he has more balls than any regular human being. God forbid he actually has a heart though; if anyone actually watched the show in the beginning he had feelings for his ex that made him not trust anyone and resent relationships, because he was afraid of getting hurt. This season is going to amazing

  43. Maryann says:

    I really wish everyone would stop bitchin that the shows gone down hill we watch it we’ve bought the dvd 1thru7 and enjoy them all!DON’T LIKE IT DON’T WATCH!!! Case solved

  44. Jess says:

    Even though I’m a Huddy, I’ll admit that they didn’t portray it very well on-screen. But for those who think that they’ll be no Huddy now that Cuddy’s gone are sorely mistaken. Enough of this season – especially the first few eps – will heavily involve Cuddy. The character is still a big part of the show, even if she’s not on-screen.

  45. John says:

    some people here are idiots or what? every season is different..sure cases are almost the same BUT THOSE ARE THE DISEASES what they should do ? discover new diseases to make that show even better? Sure some episodes were boring ,with bad story lines but this happen with all series… Hugh Laurie is an amazing actor HE IS HOUSE even if writers fail he will not … He proved that especially last season! Season 8 is gonna be different Hugh said that and I trust his instinct!However Lisa E left so stop talking about her the first seasons (best of the show) she wasn’t in all scenes..Only in Season 6 and 7 we were watching her as House’s girlfriend nothing more… yeap she was saying No to House and she was doing his ….hooker …Come on ..all negative comments before you saw something…First episode is damn good ..more good than previous season’s

  46. AmandaP says:

    At least Robert Sean Leonard is still there – he looks smoking “sexy and hot”!

  47. PJ says:

    Where is 13 ??

  48. Dan Carr says:

    The show takes risks. That is what makes it a great show.
    You want to watch each show because you have know idea what’s going to happen next.

    Can’t wait to the next show. I’m pretty excited about the season.

  49. Jessica says:

    Ahh the morning after….

    in retrospect while the photo is funny and I stand by my original comment, I’m going to say that after watching the photoshoot I find this season could well be darker than any of the others and I’m not sure I like where it’s going.

    I miss the House (show and characters) of earlier seasons. I wish they’d bring it back but it may be too late. The House-Wilson-Cuddy dynamic was a great thing. The wit, humor, it was so incredible and now I fear we’ve lost that.

    Hugh of course is brilliant and as an actor, his art is all about pushing boundaries and testing limits and he’s always been great at that, this is no different and besides it’s his art, it’s what great actors do…so I don’t blame him. Rather I blame the powers that be for taking the show in this dark direction.

    I miss the old House, the good old days. I fear they are gone forever. I was just thinking about how weird it will be seeing House walk the halls of PPTH without Cuddy there. I was also thinking about the road they are taking this character and I’m just not happy about it. It’s like watching a totally different series now :(

  50. maguire33 says:

    i don’t know why people complain too much about the show. it’s almost the same plot season in and season out but i still love this show. it continues to surprise me how they can maintain people’s interest. so good job.