Secret Circle: 6 Burning Questions Answered

Two weeks into its run, The CW’s The Secret Circle (Thursdays at 9/8c) has shed light on a few dark matters — for example, how Cassie, Adam et al needed to “bind” the circle (lest any one of them run amok with power and/or fatally lob a kindly classmate onto some rocks). We also learned there is a moonstone crystal that gr’ups Dawn and Charles use as a “loophole” to reignite some of their own snuffed skills. But what of other looming questions? TVLine sorted through recent interviews with the cast and exec producer Andrew Miller to find answers. For example….

WHY IS ADAM WITH DIANA? DUDE SEEMS TOTALLY INTO CASSIE AND ALL | Says Thomas Dekker, “As we get to explore more of [the Adam/Diana] relationship, you’ll see why they’re together, how long they’ve been together and for what reasons.” Dekker says that Cassie’s arrival in town – and immediate draw to Adam — is “kind of a sad thing because he and Diana are in a comfortable, easy place, but there’s this spiritual pull that’s happening that is hard to ignore.” Besides, the tables could eventually be turned. As Dekker hints, “Maybe Diana has that [pull] with somebody else in the group?”

COULD JEALOUSY ULTIMATELY PUSH DIANA TO THE ‘DARK SIDE’? | Lord knows, Faye the Resident Bad Girl is determined to prod her gal pal about Adam ‘s closeness to Cass. For now, “Diana is the picture of goodness,” Dekker says, “but when these outside threats and forces enter the circle, it would be very easy to be manipulated. That’s what we’ve been warned, that any one of us at any time can be shifted to another side, which is very cool.” Whoa, even kindly Adam? “I may be Mr. Nice Guy, but that could change, too,” Dekker ventures.

HOW DO THE KIDS’ POWERS WORK? IS ONE IN CHARGE OF FIRE, ONE DOES ICE, ETCETERA? | EP Andrew Miller sets us straight, saying, “The idea is that they’re not like X-Men in that they each have a specific superpower. They can all do everything, but they have a propensity towards certain things.” For example, “If you’re casting a spell that involves water, having Adam around will make that spell better.”

WHO SITS ATOP THE EVIL TOTEM POLE? | “Dawn is not someone to be trifled with,” Miller stresses. “While we saw Charles pulling the magical strings in the pilot, we’ll continue to see a side of Dawn that’s surprising and can be very terrifying!” (Yeah, just ask her father-in-law!) Adds Natasha Henstridge, “Dawn is very much playing the puppet master at this point. Whether that will change, I’m not sure, but she’s very much the one moving the chess pieces, overseeing all of what’s going on.”

WHAT IS DAWN AND CHARLES’ ENDGAME HERE? (AND DO THEY AGREE ON THE ENDGAME?) | Gale Harold, who plays Charles with delicious zeal, was not at liberty to reveal their master plan. “But I would love to see it be kind of, as it should be, let out bit by bit, but veiled, so it builds up to a question,” he offered. “You have this whole thriller aspect of, ‘Who’s going to unwind the other one?’ Because it’s inevitable that there’s going to be some sort of power struggle between them.”

ADAM’S DAD, ETHAN, WAS OBVIOUSLY VERY FOND OF CASSIE’S MOM. HEY, COULD HE BE CASSIE’S ACTUAL FATHER?! | Presented with our paternity switch theory, Dekker had to laugh. “That would be cool ,” he conceded. But seeing as how Cassie and Adam have been getting quite cozy, establishing then to be siblings “would be a whole other show!”

What questions about The Secret Circle would you like TVLine to conjure up answers to?

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  1. Katie says:

    I hope that Adam and Diana are officially broken up before he gets with Cassie or else he’ll kind of seem like a sleeze and who is Diana gonna feel a pull with Nick? I don’t see them like that, unless they go the book route and make it Faye now what would be interesting since Diana is light and Faye is Dark.

    • Lily says:

      The only person in the circle I can see for Diana is Faye. (Now that they are not cousins in the show ;-)). They do have chemistry and obviously a past with them being friends for a long time and that would also be interesting with both their parents being kind of evil and everything.

      • jeno says:

        Weren’t Diana and Faye literally two parts of one soul in the books? It’s been years since I read them, but I seem to recall something like that.

    • Ella rice says:

      What really happn that day people say I was witchcraft

  2. Kathryn says:

    I am loving this show, totally filling the void left in my heart when Charmed went off the air. I do have a mythology question that’s been bugging me though.
    So is it definitely only 6 members per circle (one from each of the 6 families) or can there be multiple siblings/relatives in each generation with power?
    In order to have powers you must have had a parent with powers too right? So like, Faye’s Grandad was obviously magical and we see his daughter-in-law was too, so was Faye’s dad part of the circle then along with Dawn. Cause, then there would be more than 6 members of the circle.

    Hopefully, someone can help staighten this out, cause I find myself not being able to enjoy what’s happening cause I’m trying to workout the history in my head.

    • Amy says:

      that’s a question that has been plaguing me, too. If all the current circle lost a parent, and one of them actually lost both, and 4 of the previous circle are still (or were, in the case of Cassie’s mom) around, that makes 11 people. Maybe there was more than 1 circle?

    • Bri says:

      This has been bugging me also. I’ve been trying to figure out if each person in the circle only had one parent in from the previous circle or if they had more than one parent that was in the circle. To me it sounded like both of Cassie’s parents were in the circle, but maybe I misunderstood. I’m so confused. I hope someone could shed some light on your question.

      • Cathy says:

        Thank you! I’ve been wondering this too. Since Faye’s father’s father was magical I’d assume that means his son was too, so that leads me to believe that at the very least both parents of Cassie and Faye were in the earlier circle, and more likely, since other parents died, ALL of their parents were, which means their circle was 12? Doesn’t make sense. Any book readers have an explanation?

        • gonzosgirrl says:

          Maybe not all circles have to have the same number of people. Perhaps the next circle is always comprised of however many children the prior circle had/has. So if most of Dawn/Charles generation was wiped out in the ‘incident’, there are only six children to complete the next circle?

        • Kay says:

          Not a book reader. Perhaps 6 is the minimum for a circle, and 12 can be a bigger and more powerful circle? Dawn, Charles, Ethan, Melissa’s still-living parent (4), their parents who are dead (4), both parents for Nick and Cassie (4) – that makes a circle of 12, with only 4 of them still surviving.

          • James says:

            From what I vaguely remember of the books (let it be known I haven’t read them in over a decade) I think that only every generation has a 6 member circle.

            In the case of the parents, only one from each was in the previous circle (Cassie’s Mom, Faye’s Mom – Dawn, Diana’s Dad – Charles, Nick’s Mom/Dad, Adam’s Dad – Ethan and Melissa’s parent) Nick’s parents both died because one was trying to save the other, Cassie’s Dad, although magical was not part of the circle.

            Remember you can be magical and not part of a circle

    • Nina says:

      I have been wondering the same thing about their parents! And, if there is such a pull between Adam and Cass’s families, if one generation from each family had gotten together wouldn’t they have merged into one family? Also, it sounds like the big accident happened when all of the parents were teenagers. So we are to assume that they all got married and had kids at 18?

      • Cee says:

        That was one tick that confused me. Cassie said her father died just after she was born, and he allegedly died on the boat (right?), which was said to be full of a bunch of teens.

      • jeno says:

        So we are to assume that they all got married and had kids at 18?

        Going by the books…yes. And it was done on purpose.

      • Allison says:

        This is the one burning question for me too! How did these the circle’s parents’ get married, have kids but then die at age 18?! Those would be six teenage pregnancies which would be slightly (if not extremely) unlikely. The time line just doesn’t add up… Hrmm, hopefully we will get more light on that subject or we will have to read the books instead.

        • Hayna says:

          Black John (Cassie’s Dad) put everyone into a couple and got them to marry each other so he could make a new more powerful circle at least that’s what happened in the book it might be different in the TV show

      • ummm says:

        well i the real story as in the books cassies dad was an evil ghost of the original circle who appeared and made cassies mom fall in love with him, he made everyone falll in love with the wrong person soo there can be 12 kids in the circle (books have 12) because of his powerfull spelll everyone had kids around the same time which was very early for their age. sooo maybe the same is true for the series in some way because ethan did say your dad was an evil man.

    • abyan says:

      wow i totally agree this show is awesome and i now it i’m 11 and i no it.

  3. Jh says:

    I hope Charles turns the tables soon. I don’t like to see Gale Harold doing somebody else’s bidding. Much as I like Natasha Henstridge, if I have to choose between Dawn doing bad things to people and Charles doing them, I’d rather see Charles doing them.

    • verybookish says:

      “I don’t like to see Gale Harold do somebody else’s bidding” — TOTALLY AGREE!

      I want to see Charles Meade coming up with his own plots – even if that means working against Dawn. Or seducing her. Or seducing Ethan. Seducing whomever he needs to seduce, I’m okay with it.

  4. Kay says:

    Diana could be drawn to someone else in the group? Please let it be Faye – they could blow everyone else out of the water! Now that would be going in a very bold direction for this show, including the mixture of dark and light magic, and everything else! I am definitely intrigued by this!

  5. B says:

    This show gets one shot: this episode. If it doesn’t improve I quit on it forever.

  6. gonzosgirrl says:

    Loving the show thus far! Like Gale Harold said, it’s best if the secrets are unveiled little by little, but the suspense is killing me!!
    Looking forward to seeing some more badass Charles and to lots of interaction between Gale and Natasha – two gorgeous people in two really intriguing roles!

  7. verybookish says:

    I’m loving the Secret Circle so far.
    Gale Harold is awesome and he is great as Charles Meade.
    Hope we get to see more delicious devilry from him!

    I like Diana a lot, but if she and Adam break up, can Diana and Faye be a couple?

    • Lily says:

      Yep, I agree with you. And Faye and Diana so need to get together. Then they would even have 3 nice couples without any dumb complications.
      Come on Kevin, do it!!!

  8. Dan says:

    I’m liking it so far. Kind’a like “Pretty Little Liars” but with better looking girls, more jiggle factor and witches! However, does anyone else think that Adam is too pretty to be a boy?

  9. GHsgirl says:

    This all the way.

    I’m liking everything about this show, and I’m not even CW’s target demographic. I cannot get enough of this kids, their parents and all the mystery involving them all. Keep up the good work, Kevin W. and Andrew M.!

  10. Li says:

    I hope Cassie/Nick get together like in the books.

  11. GHsgirl says:

    Post to edit

    *these kids

  12. sae says:

    My burning question is similar to that last one. If these 6 families have formed circles generations after generations, how can Cass and Adam be “destined for each other?” If they have kids, wouldn’t the 6 families become 5? Or is this one of those tragic they-love-each-other-but-it-can-never-be teen angst stories?

    • Lily says:

      The 6 families stuff has gotten too complicated for me so I am just going to ignore it :-). Not worth risking a headache but I am hoping for a logical and simple explanation on the show sometime soon.

    • shaun says:

      Or they could have a boy and a girl….then both would be in the circle.Maybe Cassie’s ”evil” father was a Brother to one of the circle,still magical but apart.I think the circle is just a magnifying factor….but I agree they need to set up a explanation soon.

  13. Cee says:

    I am giving this show about two more episodes to see if I can bring myself to like it better.

    I think my major problem with it is I feel three of the main roles have been miscast. As much as I like Phoebe Tonkin and think she is adorable, I’m not convinced she is right to play the bad girl. It comes off as bad acting, even though I’ve seen her in other stuff and she was good.

    I also just don’t think Britt Robertson (who I LOVE LOVE LOVE) feels right as Cassie, and Tomas Dekker and his guyliner hasn’t won me over yet.

    In no way am I hating on these actors- I like them, but last week when I was watching, I kept trying to figure out what felt “off” about the show for me and this is what I decided.

    Hopefully it’s just a matter of everyone needing to get into the groove of their characters. I’m a sucker for “witch” stories and I really want to like this show, but so far it’s “meh” for me.

    • Lily says:

      Yeah, give it a bit more time :-)
      I see it like TVD at the beginning. I thought the first episodes were weak and the dynamics had to still be developed better and after a few episodes it got better and better. I think it will be very similar with this show.

      • Cee says:

        Really? Hmm.. I gave up on TVD after a few eps of being mad at dumb characters: “Girl, why are you going out in the woods at night by yourself with that vicious attack wound on your neck? Why you so duuuumb?” LOL.

        I’ll be patient. ;)

      • Russ says:

        I think you should give it more time too. Its is only on the third episode, you need to give it time to settle into its groove. I think it is getting a lot better, tonight’s episode was so much better than the first two.
        Trust Kevin to get the show going before you give up on it.

    • miscast show says:

      Agreed. Britt Robertson is NOT right for the part. She was great in the movie Dan in Real Life, but was just OK on Life Unexpected. Now, I am actually starting to think she is a bad actress. She fell a little flat in Life Unexpected, and she definitely falls flat on this show. Her role was miscast and it throws the show “off.” Britt is pretty and “cool” and it seems like she should be a fit, yet something about her is “off”…she is not magnetic…not believable…and she doesn’t draw me in. The boys are the same. They are cute but too generic. They are forgettable. No sparkle. Wish they had done a better job casting!

  14. hayley says:

    in the books the circle was 12 people. They cut 7 of the characters and added a new one (melissa).

  15. Dewsterling says:

    Has anyone else noticed that Cassie’s house is the exterior shot of the original Gilbert house? Or that the interior of Cassie’s house is recycled from the original Salvatore set? Or that both Cassie and Elena have the same Jamie Bell poster? Or that Faye and Damon use the same dialogue?

    The only thing TSC hasn’t copied from TVD is the charm of the supporting cast. Faye is crazy and has repeatedly tried to harm or kill Cassie (and others). Her behavior isn’t so much “troubled” as it is sociopathic. She looked like she was going to laugh after she killed the girl in E2. Damon has reasons for acting out homicidally (being a vampire and all), Faye seems to enjoy hurting people and the more she does it, the more she wants to go further faster. Everyone else on TSC seems insipid. Let’s hope the show improves soon – it’s got all the good writers from TVD already.

    • Smilie says:

      I want Faye and Diana to get together and I shop Melissa and Nick so hard its so unbelievable they are soo cute I think that the cast are perfect for the different characters.

  16. jeno says:

    Love, love this series so far. The one thing that really bugs me is Diana’s wardrobe.

    Her clothes in these last two eps have been way too much like Faye’s – they don’t fit her character. It may be something of a cheap trick, but having Diana wear some whites or pastels would go pretty far toward differentiating her from Faye. Diana’s the law abiding goody two shoes (for now, anyway). They should dress her as such.

  17. Samantha says:

    I don’t understand why the parents circle was 12 members (both mother and father of all the kids), but they said Cassie completed the circle of 6 that they needed.

  18. faithsaidthat says:

    *Spoilers (maybe)*

    In the books, there were 12 to complete the circle for the kids and the parents. half of the circle has been cut out for the show possibly because of monetary constraints or the fact that the other characters weren’t as strong. They pretty much just went along with either Faye or Diana as the two dynamics of the group. The parents were deliberately married as teens and put together despite the fact of some of them being “destined” for someone else.

    Not all of the parents of the book 12 secret circle were witches or part of the circle at least. Most of the survivors were supposed to be non-magical or “lost” their magic.

    Faye and Diana were cousins and at one time in their family history they were one soul and eventually reincarnated as two. So the “pull” could very well be them together especially since they cut out half the guys of the group and they aren’t cousins for the show.

    In the books, they were already a coven but Cassie came back and made them MUCH more powerful for reasons I won’t tell. She completed the circle of the traditional large coven of 12. I think you need a number multiple of three to complete a coven, ie.: 3, 6,12.

    Faye wasn’t the only “bad girl” and Nick wasn’t a “bad boy” so much as a touchy loner. And Cassie and Adam had a meet cute and thought they’d never see each other again before she moved back.


    • Lily says:

      Thank you for the information.
      Yeah, the cousins part is what really stands out. Why make two characters who were cousins not cousins anymore? Maybe to hook them up? I am glad they cut a lot of characters though because it would be way too many characters to focus on. I’d take a smaller group that gets really explored over a dozen flat characters any day.

      I think it’s pretty telling that almost everyone suspects that ‘pull’ to be between Faye and Diana. :-) I will be almost disappointed if it doesn’t turn out like that now.

    • Bri says:

      Thank you for this clarification. It makes everything a little more understandable. I still hope that they will delve into the past a little bit. I would like to see what everyone’s parents looked like and know more about what happend those 16 years ago.

  19. Sophia says:

    I don’t think it’s very likely that Nick would have a ‘pull’ with Diana and therefore I think it’s more likely it’ll be Faye. And I kinda got the gay vibe of Faye early on. She rejected Nick and she doesn’t at all seem to be interested in boys really. She seems to care for Melissa though. She told Nick off and all that. I didn’t really get what the look she gave Nick and Melissa at the end of 1×03 meant. She looked happy, but then kinda sad. I don’t know…
    I think it’d be interesting if they actually did pair Diana and Faye up. They have some kind of dynamic between them, especially with this light witch vs dark witch thing. I heard the love triangle in the books was Nick-Cassie-Adam-Diana. What if they do Cassie-Adam-Diana-Faye instead? Can other couples be “destined” as well? Or is it just Cassie and Adam? For what if Diana and Faye are also destined? And maybe Nick and Melissa? All these questions will definitely keep me watching, and oh yeah, Gale and Thomas will also most definitely keep me watching.

    • Lily says:

      I think the look at the end was just to show us that deep down Faye isn’t really that happy about being alone and by telling Nick off and telling him to treat her nice or get lost she just lost the only ‘real’ friend she has right now. I mean, the episode was called ‘loner’ for a reason right? Sure it applied to Cassie but usually they also have a general theme. Faye hasn’t shown any interest in Nick like you said and she showed that she cares for Melissa and has a good heart.

      I asked myself the question if other couples could be “destined”. They could make 3 couples out of the six and Faye/Diana would be really interesting wit their bad parents and the dark/light theme.

  20. You know what I don’t really get is that all of these kids are full bloodied witches. So both parents must have been witches. So like how does that work? Was there another coven floating around that somehow bumped into this coven and made these witch kids. Also are you telling me that a coven have never fell in love with each other. eg if Cassie and Adam got together would that ruin it for the next generation because then the blood lines would be mixed from the 6 families.

    I realize the book is different but it hasn’t really been explained in the TV show yet. Also how the heck did all these kids manage to get birthed in the same year. They are all in the same chemistry class apart from Nick. How did their parents manage to do that? That seemed weird to me.

  21. Jane says:

    I am all for faye/diana.

  22. Rita says:

    So far, not loving TSC as much as TVD. The characters and plot seem recycled… Also, once again why is the only character of color (Melissa) marginalized as the weakest of the witches and least essential to the storyline???

  23. Angelique says:

    Seriously I feel the same I don’t really like Britt Robertson’s acting. I find Adam sort of bland he’s and eh forgettable face I think Nick is a million times hotter I so hate them making him die so early in the series seriously he was the only hottie! They should’ve thought better about who they cast as Cassie and Adam. Faye and Diana for me would not work and would also make it impossible for there to be future generations of the circle because only Adam and Cassie would have kids and Melissa if she meets someone. Another question how could Nick live with his aunt, both his parents had powers, yet his aunt is not mentioned to have powers and wasn’t part of the circle? They need to think better about how they develop their storyline they need to implement some logic into it! Also how could Nick have an older brother who was never mentioned and which would mean his parents would have had to been about 16 when they had him because when the current circles parents had them they were teens probably 18 and there children were what newborns when the fire occurred?

  24. Monique says:

    Well actually in the book it was 12 to a circle and one family had two from household which they were twin boys but the show it tottaly different so I don’t know what there gunna do for a full circle now that nick is dead

  25. Sherrie says:

    TSC for me took a handful of episodes for me to really get into.
    However i loved the books, the characters from the books set the standerds high for me i guess.
    Cassie is the only character i feel fits her role well.
    Diana seems to be hiding something and dressed to much like Faye.
    Faye is my favourite character from the books and i’m really warming up to her in the tv series except for the fact that she, compared to her book counterpart isn’t bitchy enough.
    Adam is another i’m starting to like more but that magnifying attraction from the books seems lost here.
    As for Melissa, i really can’t even seem to like her at all. I get she’s supposed to be Faye’s friend but she seems much more suited to following Diana around constaintly.
    Personally i’d have Faye hanging around with Debarah.
    Nick at this moment in time is well Nick. But the bad boy image in my opinion doesn’t suite him. He hasn’t really gotten up to anything i’d class as bad.
    Maybe it’s because i’m a HUGE fan of TVD and Damen just can’t be beaten.

    However i’ll agree with everyone else and say it’d be really nice if we get a lesbian relationship/kiss in the show. Except i’d vote more for Faye/Cassie.
    After all Faye seems to have had more screentime with Cassie so far and was definatly intrested in her in the first few episodes.

    But saying all of that, i’m not going to give up on it. I’m only on episode 4-5 due to been from the UK and it’s from the same producers as TVD.
    So they’ve got to know what they’re doing.
    It took me awhile to like Caroline and Bonnie in VD but now, Caroline is one of my favourite vampires. While Bonnie is at least my 5-6th favourite character.

    So i’m going to see it through till the end.

  26. Not enjoying TSC says:

    As a huge fan of the secret circle books I am seriously hating the tv show. As far as I can see the only similarity between the two is a handfull of characters named the same and the fact they are witches. The show is even set on the other side of the country as the books! Seriously, why did they bother “adapting” the series from the books if they didn’t plan on keeping it remotely similar. I realise I have high expectations as the books remain one of my favorite trilogies of all time but I am giving up on the tv show in order to preserve the enjoyment the books have brought me for 10+ years.

  27. jade says:

    Now I’m confused because everyone of the teens were supposed 2 lose a parent. In last weeks episode mellisas mom took her out of town because she was depressed. In this weeks episode wen faye was talking to her mom at school. Dawn said she had t g to funraiser because her and mellisas dad were the 2 people that were in charge. So how does mellisa have both of her parents?

  28. I already watched the episode19 …and yeah…i knew that Diana is Cassie’s sister..will she be a villain soon or what?? and Adam..Both Cassie and Diana are Blockwell, who is he destined to be with??? Please kindly answer me..I can’t seem to sleep so good at night thinking of these questions on my head..I’ll be waiting for the would mean a lot to me if you reply to me soon

  29. circle chick says:

    Well I can’t wait to c what diana and cassies other 4 siblings are up to.. Will cassie find out dat the curse about she and adam was fake?? Will she tell him she still has feelings for him?? Or will dawn tell her cause she is the only one that knows.. I think that adam is good for cassie that’s why blackweLl doesn’t want them together..

  30. karmen says:

    You guys are thinking too hard about the cassie & adam being meant for each other . If fate wouldce succeeded w/ Amelia and Adam’s dad then Cassie & Adam’s name wouldn’t have been written in the stars because the famailies would already be combined . Get what im saying ?

    ** im a little confused about Melissa’s parents .. in 1 episode a refernece to melissa’s mom was made , insinuating she was alive . But in the epi when her cousin comes to town her dad is mentioned ( meaning he’s alive ) .. idk maybe she has a step parent . Im only on the 10th episode.

  31. jason says:

    How old are the girls supposed to be in the secret circle

  32. Morgan says:

    Do the spouses of the second generation have powers? AKA all of the wives of the Charles, Thomas, Ethan, Richard, and Patrick. Or did they not have powers and were just part of the circle connected to the men of the 6 families?

  33. danielle says:

    If adam and cassie have 2 kids there will be a child from every bloodline even if they merge the families

  34. Ben says:

    How can James cast spells independently if he’s part of the circle when no one else in the circle can? Plot hole?

  35. Erika Stonebay says:

    Personally I loved the series. However I am sort of glad that they will not be making a season two. Here is my reasoning.
    1) The family blood line and the families in the circle did not make sense.
    – I have looked into depth about who is related to whom and how the circles “6 families” came to be.
    -However, I have come to the conclusion that the logic of the family bloodlines and the 6 families, are not correct.
    -They made the mistake in this show when they started ‘interbreeding’ (from the 6 families.
    -In real life children take after BOTH parents. So when this happened in the show, yet there were still 6 different families in the circle it doesn’t make sense.
    -In reality, the number of people needed to make a circle should have been decreased (or) another family would have to join to make the circle complete(which did not happen)
    -So to conclude my findings, 2 of the most important things in this series did not make sense.
    -And this is the true reason why they cancelled Secret Circles.

  36. Emma Clover says:

    This series didn’t end because it “didn’t get it’s publicity,” it ended because the whole storyline doesn’t make sense!