Vampire Diaries Roars Into the '20s With Reveals, Heartbreak, More Originals and a Game-Changer!

If you’ve ever longed to see Stefan Salvatore in a tailcoat tuxedo, this Thursday’s The Vampire Diaries (The CW, 8/7c) will suit you just fine.

TVLine got an advanced look at the episode, titled “The End of the Affair,” which finds our recently reverted Ripper ripping his way through 1920s Chicago — and if ever there was a game-changing episode of the supernatural saga, this is it.

Here’s some scoop on the standout installment from executive producer Julie Plec and cast members. [SPOILERS AHEAD]

Vampire Diaries’ Ian Somerhalder on Damon’s Big Surprise, Elena’s Happiness and Twisty Bromance

A BROMANCE IS BORN | Stefan (played by Paul Wesley) and Klaus have a much more storied history than what we’ve seen thus far on TVD, and that will be explored further in Thursday’s time trip. “One of the big questions that we left last year with was, ‘Why did Klaus take such an interest in Stefan, of all people?’” Plec muses. But before answering that, we’ll have to delve into Klaus’ past. “What we want to do is show the roots of Klaus’ character as it relates to his family, the people that he has known for a thousand years that we know he’s daggered one-by-one and carted around in coffins.” Ultimately, this episode sheds light on the fact that Klaus is “trying to fill a hole that’s been left inside of him,” says Plec, “as a result of loss of family or desire for family, a desire for that brotherhood.”

A BAD BOY IS REFORMED? | Hardly! Joseph Morgan explains that while “we’re going to see a more human, childlike aspect” of his character in “The End of the Affair,” it’s not a permanent fixture. “We’re peeling away a few of the layers and starting to see his humanity and morality and where that need to be destructive came from. But ultimately the hope is that he’ll stay bad.” That said, the actor is a perpetual nice guy and couldn’t stop gushing about shooting a 1920s ep. “I had tremendous fun,” he tells us with a laugh. “It’s an era that I just love anyway and the costumes are amazing. I opted for more of a ‘Pacino in the Godfather‘ hairstyle this time.” (Wrong era, but cute nonetheless.)

NEW ORIGINALS | Another Original will soon be introduced on TVD, but don’t expect to see a slew of them in Season 3. “That was our intention until we did the math and realized we’ve said there’s seven children, and that’s a lot of new people to bring into the story,” Plec says. “The mother is going to be someone we meet in the past, as well as other siblings — and we’ll see Elijah (Daniel Gillies) again.”

Vampire Diaries Season 3 Scoop: Damon and Elena Get Close, Alaric Speaks Up and More!

HEARTBREAK AHEAD | No, this isn’t a 7th Heaven, PSA-esque episode, but Nina Dobrev likens a moment in the ’20s saga to the much-publicized assault on a certain popstar. “There’s almost a Rihanna-like abuse twist with Stefan in the episode,” she tells us. “It has nothing to do with that physically, but emotionally it feels like Elena is abused.” Having seen said moment, we can tell you that it happens near the end of the hour and will break your heart. Minor Spoiler Alert: The scene in question echoes that of many an Angel/Buffy “tell me you don’t love me” tearjerker, however there is a semi-silver lining to the mishap. “Because of what happens with Stefan, she learns how to fight and become a warrior,” says Dobrev. “This is the season where Elena stops letting the boys in her life dictate what happens.”

SILENCE IS GOLDEN | While Damon (Ian Somerhalder) extra supportive of Elena after the aforementioned heartbreaker, there is a moment before it, between Elena and Stefan, that consists of absolutely no dialogue, but is so incredibly moving we may have teared up a bit. So, Stelena fans can look forward to that.

Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Grey’s, Castle, House, Vampire Diaries, Good Wife and More

BLASTS FROM THE PAST | Back in the flapper era, we’ll meet Stefan’s equally devious ex, Rebekah (played by Pretty Little Liars‘ Claire Holt). She’s definitely trouble — and will likely be again when we meet her in present day! — yet oddly enough, she’s likable. As for any returning folk in the flashback (…and beyond), Plec will only say, “We get to learn some old, old secrets and return to play with some old friends-slash-foes.”

VERY BAD DAD | This in no way relates to the 1920s sequences, but the same episode finds Caroline imprisoned by her vamp-hunting dad. Huge props to Candice Accola, who more than delivers in several painful-to-watch torture scenes at the hands of Jack Coleman’s Bill (who is majorly channeling Heroes‘ HRG circa Season 1!). Minor Spoiler Alert: During a bout of sun exposure, Accola’s performance mirrors Michael Trevino’s stellar work during Tyler’s first transition into a werewolf.

SUPER-PRECIOUS JEWELRY | You know that life-saving necklace that never leaves Elena’s person? Well, that thing is crazy important and will become something newbie Rebekah desperately seeks.

Which jaw-dropping moment are you most excited to see on this Thursday’s Vampire Diaries?

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  1. Tan says:

    Can’t wait for tonights ep!!! Love this show.

  2. Addison says:

    Wow sounds amazing! Cannot wait!

  3. Poobear says:

    Lol, the TVD writers are trying really hard to turn S/E into the next Buffy/Angel. They’re ripping off their scenes left and right. And just like that, I’m tuning out. Thanks for the warning.

    • Datherine says:

      Goodbye, you are obviously not a TRUE fan and TVD does not need you

      • Poobear says:

        I’m not a TRUE fan? I have stuck with this show since the beginning, even when it looked like the TV version of Twilight. But the writers obsession with Stefan/SE is just boring at this point. Stefan gets an entire episode about him, flashbacks to 1920, Stefan/Klaus, Stefan/Elena, Stefan/Rebecca, StefanStefanStefan. I was willing to give them another chance after the horrible writing in season 2, but this really is nothing but the Stefan/SE show. And they even have to rip off Buffy for that. So yeah, I have seen this before – and better.

        • sky says:

          Get real – Stefan is the lead male of the show – it’s not a matter of writers being obsessed with SE, it’s a matter of being choerhent with their Storyline. They said in many different ways that the show is about SE, so it’s OBVIOUS that SE will be always the focus.

          And i am, for one, absolutely excited to see how this season plays out.

          • Guess says:

            I think the problem of this show is that its not coherent with its own story: why should I care if Elena cheats on her boyfriend if she doesn’t even care about him? why should I care Damons “winning the girl” when he can’t show off to his brother? Or why should I care about the brothers when they clearly don’t give a damn about each other?

            If this would be about one vampire dating a human and his brother a supernatural being it would be one thing, but the brothers don’t even believe in sticking together against a common foe so why should I?

        • Kathryn says:

          Thank you. I’m sorry, but Stefan is boring, boring, boring. And if they have Katherine in the flashback also obsessing over St Ripper Stefan, I’m going to puke.

          The Stefan show is the reason this show has dropped 30% in the ratings. Stefan is not one of the most popular characters of the show, something the writers keep ignoring but shoving him down our throats.

          • guest says:

            lmao the ratings ddropped because of stefan, get real!…the show started dropping in ratings last season which was more of the damon show…but in all reality the shows ratings dont drop because of one character so please TRY to come up with a better argument..thanks!

          • K says:

            Or maybe it’s because Stefan and Elena are apart… or maybe it’s because Jenna died… or… Statements like yours about depleting ratings are just wanking of fans to suit their agenda. They can’t be proven (not really). I guess it’s what I get for watching a “teen” show. Sigh.

      • Guess says:

        Have you seen the ratings?! It’s obvious for anybody The Vampire Diaries is sorely losing all the “fans it doesn’t need”: their media reeks of desperation.

        • Kathryn says:

          I think a lot of people don’t care about Klaus and of the two brothers, Damon is the popular one, not Stefan.

          After Klaus ripped Jenna’s heart out and murdered her, a character we’ve known from day one, why should anyone care about poor wittle Klaus and his issues and whatnot. Or all about his family life.

          Also the fact Klaus has never lived up to his rep as being this big and bad vamp. He can’t even surpass Damon when Damon’s being nice. And no we got a bromance between Stefan and Klaus. I could so care less.

          I’m still watching the show hoping things are going to turn around, but so far I haven’t had any desire of rewatching the show after I’ve watched it once. Something that never happened last season.

    • Jo says:

      Snap out of it just watch and form an opinion afterwards I think so called fans r really making a mountain out of a mole hill it’s ridiculious. I’m watching and I’ll be cheering on Forwood till the end.

      • Poobear says:

        Forwood are the only redeeming thing about this show by now. But I can just YouTube their scenes and don’t have to sit through the Stefan hour for it :)

  4. Lily says:

    Elena and Stefan will never be Buffy/Angel. Especially with Damon around. I don’t dislike Elena/Stefan as a a couple, but they don’t do it for me the way Damon does. As for the other spoilers, I’m never a huge fan of the flashback episodes. I’m more so looking forward to Tyler and Carolines storyline. They’ve taken over as the best couple on the show, in my opinion. Also hoping to see Bonnie back soon.

    • Asha says:

      I have never been a fan of flashback episodes. They just take you out of the story, I feel. I’m kind of looking forward to this one though it sounds like the time will be split fairly between flashback and present day

      • V5 says:

        TVD flashbacks suck, they never get it right and they are a waste of time anyway. I also miss Bonnie, I miss Damon interacting with Bonnie and I miss Bonnie fighting against the bad guys.

  5. Katie says:

    Paul and Candice are the only reason I still watch this show. <3

  6. angela says:

    am pleased with whatever the writters have given us sofar but where the hell is bonnie

  7. Kara says:

    I’m nervous about Stefan and Elena’s scene now, in a good way. I love that Elena fights for the people she loves, but she does need a reality check. Stefan and Elena’s relationship is one of the most important on the show, if they play this just right it will be one of their best scenes. And Paul and Nina always nail it, they are fantastic actors with amazing chemistry.

    And yeah some of their scenes my mirror Buffy and Angel, but Stefan and Elena make their scenes their own in the end.

  8. Christal Williams says:

    I am ready for it… I only hope ALL TVD FANS TUNE IN, OUR RATINGS ARE DOIN DOWN.. We have to GET THEM UP!! I love this show & all in it.. Support TVD, WATCH IT @ 8pm TONIGHT ON CW NETWORK.. NO DVR, we must watch it.. Thanks everyone.. Much love.. #TVD #ISFROCKS

  9. Doug says:

    Why does this publication spend so much time and space on The Vampire Diaries, a show on the CW that gets a rating of less than 1.0 most weeks. It seriously probably has an audience of less than 1.5 million people PERIOD. It probably ranks 100th overall. I mean, it’s fine that it’s on TV and on the CW, but there are alot of other shows on TV that get much better ratings and have bigger fan bases that don’t get this much publicity. And for what? A vampire soap opera? Please.

    • Guess says:

      With those ratings and lack of good stories The Vampire Diaries probably will be cancelled within the year. Why not use their space on good shows that can be saved instead?

    • Dee says:

      You’re way off with TVD’s ratings. It has an audience of around 2.5 million viewers and a 18-34 share that’s at least over 1.0. It’s the top rated show on the CW…which says a lot about the CW.

      I’m sure if these TV shows that are getting “better ratings” and have “bigger fan bases” aren’t being covered here, they’re being covered somewhere else on the Internet.

  10. TV fan says:

    Ok. Damon and Bonnie deginitely are Angel/Buffy material, Caroline and Tyler certainly have Angel/Buffy material, even Bonnie and Jeremy have some of that Angel/Buffy material but: Elena and the Salvatore?! NOPE. Why is that the losers always try to rip off successful shows when their ratings suck?

  11. lovesucks says:

    I can’t seem to bring myself to care about this show anymore. The second half of season two was awful. =\

    • Snake says:

      I couldn’t agree more: they retconed the main plot (the curse), killed off all the 30 year old characters – Jenna, John, Isobel – written off Tyler & Bonnie whenever their storylines were getting interesting, forced the Delena fiasco and then backpaddle their way out of it.

      Either TPTB don’t know what they are doing or what they are ripping off anymore (Twillight, Buffy, Underwold, True Blood, Teen Wolf, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, which one is it by now?).

  12. Guess says:

    I miss Damon and Bonnie …

  13. TV fan says:

    I miss BONNIE (if Damon gets to interact with her, good for him but I miss HER character).

  14. M says:

    Tyler/Caroline is the main thing that interests me on this show. Everything else is just there in varying degrees.

    And yes the ratings are going down, but the ratings of the CW are just down in general. TVD is still the CW’s #1 show. It’s not going anywhere unless the CW implodes.

  15. Christina says:

    VD is not going anywhere, it’s the CW top rated show, they won’t pull the plug on it while it’s pulling in the networks best numbers of all their shows. One Tree Hill is down right garbage, same with Gossip Girl & 90210 & they don’t pull in VD’s numbers & are still kept around. As for its quality, the bunch of you saying it’s crap are out of your minds & must be fans of those brain rot shows I just listed. VD has some of the best writing on television & being a seriois Buffy fan myself, I do not see any scene rip offs. If you want to go that route you might as well say the writers are ripping off romeo & juliet, every couple on VD is star crossed. Also while being of the same paranormal genre, Buffy was more comedic than VD, VD is more drama, like an urban fantasy novel while Buffy was comic bookish. I love both but writing quality is better for VD, you other Buffy-shippers need to grow up & realize that Joss, while amazing, isn’t the only one out there capable of making the genre work.

    All that said, I can’t wait for tonight’s episode, the only show I watch that I never find myself saying well I didn’t really like that part. The only frustration to come from watching is the good kind!

  16. raych says:

    Truth z I love TVD!!! But break uo elena nd stephan nd well t z ciao from me I mean seriously what is with u ple js becoz ian and nina r dating in real life u want 2 piss us off by bringing them together on screen break up stephan and elena and I’m moving to the painful to watch Secret circle coz this is becoming ridiculous

  17. sheilar88 says:

    yay this sounds so amazing! can’t wait to see how ripper stefan was like in the 20’s. also i love flashback eps, can’t wait!!

  18. Christina says:

    I never claimed the CW was the best network, i only watch it’s Thursday & Friday shows & wish those shows were on stronger networks but the demo VD speaks to is held by CW unfortunately.

  19. Dominique says:

    I do think it’s a shame there’s so mcuh focus on Stefan, and Klaus as well. I get Stefan’s one of the three main characters, but I’m getting kinda tired of him always being the one in trouble, him being the one with the flashbacks, him being the one who’s sad, hungry, crazy for human blood. That one flashback epi for Damon at the end of season 2 didn’t quite do it for me, there should be more.
    I agree that it was a terrible decision to kill off all thirty-somethings but Alaric. Not only do we now have teenagers running the show, but Elena and Jeremy have lost every familymember they had in a little over two years. Not to mention I miss Jenna and John.
    Now that my rant is over; Hell yeah to Elijah being back! I love him to bits and he’s SO much more interesting than Klaus.

  20. Cindy says:

    Count me in as another person who loves this show and is looking forward to tonight’s episode!

  21. Megan says:

    I think it’s hilarious people are saying this show is starting to focus too much on Stefan…

    All I an say it, IT’S ABOUT TIME! I’m a huge Damon girl, but even I realize that the second half of last season REALLY focused on him. Some people started to call it the Damon’s Diaries. Last year was the year of the Originals, Katherine, Tyler/Caroline, and Damon, where characters like Stefan (who is supposed to be one of the leads), Jeremy, and Bonnie were pushed away to the background. Sure, Stefan was there–but his whole purpose was just to be the “good, supportive boyfriend to Elena. He didn’t have much character development. Damon had loads.

    I’m glad they’re finally giving the character more depth. Stefan needs it and I was getting tired of his one-dimensional level last year. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for a TVD episode–but I don’t want to get my hopes up.

    One thing’s for sure: I’ll be tuning in and hanging on every minute!

  22. April says:

    I am so excited for tonight episode. I love the flashbacks. I think it gives great background for the characters you can’t weave into the story any other way. And OF COURSE The Vampire Diaries and Stefan, Elena, and Damon reek of Buffy, Angel and Spike. Stefan is all tortured over what he’s done, but it turns out that when he’s bad, he’s Really bad (kinda like Angel). Damon is like Spike in that he seemed to grow a conscience after Elena gets to him (like Spike gets his soul back later after falling in love with Buffy). The Angel/Buffy/ Spike triangle became part of two shows and continued after Buffy was gone. And it just occurred to me that the phone call in the first ep was kinda like the phone call in the first ep of season 4 of Buffy when Angel calls and says nothing just to hear Buffy’s voice.
    What bothers me about the show (and there’s very little) is how Bonnie is the self-appointed moral compass. She is needed to do magic. I don’t want to hear her drivel on right or wrong. I want to see her protect her friends and deal with the fallout. The way she and Damon interact almost makes up for it, but not quite.

  23. Susy says:

    Definitely agree with Kathryn! Stefan could not be anymore BORING if he tried! He is not an interesting character at all!

  24. Jackie says:

    No one cares about Stefan outside of SE. Alot of fans went away and are only coming back after he finishes this storyline. Hence he will always remain underrated. Damon’s character was massacred when they changed him too much to become a potential suitor for Elena in S02. The damage was extensive but he is getting his groove back. DE needs to happen so we can finally stop having these shipping wars, they hijack the entire show and other characters suffer because of it. I understand they are the main three, but I haven’t learned a thing about Bonnie and Alaric needs a juicy storyline of his own.

    • tara says:

      Jackie STFU u have no idea what u r talking about. Are u in the minds of over 2 mill viewers? No! U have no idea who watches and why. I watch for SE and Bonnie! I despise Damon like all my friends. U don’t know it all and r just an angry shipper cause DE will never happen cause she will always love Stefan!

  25. V says:

    I think Stefan is more interesting with Klaus and Caroline than he’s with Elena, Damon is more interesting with Bonnie and Alaric than he’s with Elena and even Jeremy is more interesting with Matt and Anna than he’s with Elena: wherever I look at Elena is the problem, not the brothers.

  26. Danielle H. says:

    Can. Not. Wait. This is one of the only shows that I really really cannot wait to watch each week. I wish more TV was like this!

  27. sophia says:

    I love this show but they are turning it into everything that it wasn’t for the past two seasons!!!! 1)Damon is becoming good in a Stefan way good- so that he can be suitable for elena; 2)stefan is becoming really really bad- so that elena sees damon is not that bad; 3)and instead of great stefan and elena love story we are getting damon and elena! that’s not why I started to watch this show and why I fell in love with it! I hope stefan turns good soon but from what I’ve read that’s not gonna happen for at least half of the season! and even though it’s interesting to see him like that that’s not the stefan we all love!

  28. Dash says:

    I feel like I’m the only person who didn’t like Buffy and Angel together. I always thought they made each other weak. Maybe it was just because it was during the early years when the characters were less into their power but Buffy always seemed so whiny when it came to Angel. I hope Elena is more like season 7 Buffy and less like season 2 Buffy. Strong, assured, confident, powerful. Also, I hope Alaric gets a story line that isn’t him being the token wet blanket of the week. He’s so full of badassery and he’s just on the sidelines so far.

  29. Anon says:

    Am I the only one in here who sees the show is just switching the brothers and hoping the audience would be stupid enough NOT to notice?!

  30. Heather says:

    Oh no Caroline! I feel really bad for her. Why is she always the one being tortured? Ha ha! I can’t wait.

  31. MikeB says:

    I’m one who considers that Elena telling Stefan that she doesn’t want to be a vampire and that she wants to have children and grow old perhaps changed things for him. He has other viable options like Katherine and now maybe this Rebekah character.

    Stefan is a lot more complicated than Angel. That comparison is very superficial.

    Damon is like an annoyed, eye-acting, over-acting, pathetic version of Spike.

    The brothers aren’t switching because they have given clues since Season 1 that Stefan is actually the bad brother and Damon pretty much ‘plays the role’ of bad brother now because Stefan has refrained from drinking human blood.

    Damon’s just becoming more pathetic when it comes to women. He only has his chance with Elena because Stefan is murdering tons of people and apparently is going to ’emotionally abuse’ Elena. Damon hasn’t learned his lesson from Katherine, who was actually sleeping with him while she was in love with Stefan.

  32. zoe says:

    After seeing the episode, which was outstanding by the way, better than any episode of season 2, I actually have no idea what Nina was talking about in relation to Stefan being “emotionally abusive”… I think she got a bit dramatic with the wording of that scene. Stefan breaking up with Elena is not abusive. She was constantly getting herself in danger every week by stalking and looking for him. Plus, it was truly idiotic because the moment Klaus finds out she is alive, he will kill her. Stefan, by telling her to go home and stop looking for him, was protecting her, and telling her something SHE NEEDED TO HEAR. She needed to get on with her life. She was becoming a serious Bella. No earthly idea how Stefan protecting her and telling her the truth was abusive at all. It was a nice change seeing every character praises the ground Elena, easily the most dull character on the show, walks on.

    People saying that the ratings are dropping due to Stefan are hilarious. Damon is the most loved character, there is no denying that, but Stefan is easily the 2nd most popular. Last episode, a highly Stefan focused episode, was loved by critics and audience a like. An episode of TVD had not received so much universal praise since the likes of Masquerade (Katherine centric) and Blood Brothers (Stefan and Damon centric, however mostly Stefan). Ratings started going down in season 2 around 2×14, because that is when the quality started to go down. They obviously had Tyler leave to make way for new story line (big mistake), 2 episodes prior had ended with Damon crying about how no one loves him (not cute by the way, just weak), plus all of the sacrifice talk was devastatingly boring when we KNEW that there was no one the lead heroine was going to die in just the second season of the show. The ratings dropped because of bad writing. Not because of Stefan (who by the way was having barely any screen time in these episodes).

    To be honest, I am loving this side to Stefan and from other supporting forums and online fans, it seems I am not the only one. Paul Wesley is getting a LOT of recognition for his work in these episodes, and he deserves it. Just from these episodes Stefan’s fanbase has seemingly grown and he is definitely not as hated as some of the above people are making out he is. Seeing he is the 2nd most popular and liked character on the show.

    The real problem with the characters? Elena. I know how the producers go on and on about how much of a strong character she is. Truth? No. Not at all. She is weak by the men around her. Damon murdered her little brother while she was watching? A few episodes later; forgiven. Damon abuses and rapes Caroline (see season 1)? A few more episodes later; forgiven. Damon attempts to kill Bonnie, her supposed best friend? A few episodes later; forgiven. Stefan lies to her about Katherine and the fact that she looks exactly like his crazy ex girlfriend? Very same episode; forgiven. She has no backbone and just tends to shrug and pout. Her aunt dies, her biological dad dies and her biological mother KILLS herself in front of her, and it is partly her fault, she cries like once (for one of the above mentioned deaths) and moves on. YET that could have been a great character arc and development, however Elena being as bland and boring as she is, shakes it off. Stefan goes missing and she continues to regress to an even weaker character. I understand she loves him, he was the perfect boyfriend (his only role/storyline for season 2) and I understand loyalty, but when episode after episode all she cares about is Stefan, after months and months, that’s all she thinks about, yet when her relatives die, she doesn’t seemingly care all to much, something is wrong.

    Truth is the best consistently good character on this show, who delivers every week since the very beginning of season 2 is Caroline. And she is a secondary character, yet manages to steal every scene she is in. Her story lines since season 2 have been the shining moment and really she was the only saving grace for season 2. A big turn around from her awful character in season 1 to simply the best character in season 2. Her and the relationship and dynamic between Tyler and Caroline is one of the most interesting aspects of the entire show. Speaking of, last episode, she and that couple were once again flawless. However, when I am talking about Stefan and more excited about Stefan than I am the best character on the show (in my humble opinion of course), you know his story line must be amazing.

    In conclusion, Caroline/Forwood are amazing, Stefan is becoming more and more awesome every week, Elena is becoming worse and worse every week, Damon is good (not as great as season 1 Damon, but good nevertheless) and season 3 so far is a MASSIVE improvement from the last 9 episodes of season 2.