Exclusive: Help the Psych Boys Catch a Killer!

Psych fans are invited to help Gus and Shawn catch a killer — or (gulp) be the next victim — as part of a new social media game, TVLine has learned exclusively.

The hunt for the #HashTagKiller (HTK) kicks off this Wednesday at 3pm EST and unfolds over seven weeks, leading up to and beyond the USA Network series’ Season 6 premiere on Oct. 12.

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Created in conjunction with Psych‘s writers and executive producers, the HTK murder mystery — based at HashTagKiller.com — features original videos with the series’ stars (we’ve got the intro segment posted below) and interactive crime scene photos that ask players to pull a Shawn and spot out-of-place items and clues, all in the name of finding the killer.

“Psych-Os” can send and receive messages with Shawn and Gus, and earn points to ascend a Leader Board by unlocking bonus games and solving weekly puzzles and challenges. Fans can join in at any time, and even continue on in the event they become (gulp again) HTK’s latest victim.

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“This gaming experience further illustrates USA’s commitment to pushing forward and defining the concept of SocialTV,” says Jesse Redniss, USA Network’s vice president, Digital. “It allows our fans unprecedented interaction and engagement with cast, characters, show creators and other loyal fans extending beyond the on-air boundaries of the original series.”

Watch this first look video starring James Roday and Dule Hill, to see how Shawn and Gus first come into contact with #HashTagKiller:

Loading video...

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  1. Ren Berg says:

    Hey Psychos, How are you gonna celebrate on Oct 12th? Anybody having a Psych party?

  2. Templar says:

    Yes with a prize for whoever spots the pineapple first. Including costumes from our favorite episodes [ it’s close enough to Halloween to get away with it]. Mine will be the Ricky Nelson get-up from the dude ranch homage to Rio Bravo. Yes the refreshments table will have a pineapple centerpiece, and no, I’m not gay.

  3. Ryan Seacrest says:

    This is so amazing I felt like putting Caps Lock on, but then felt that it would make me look like a fool so now I’m forming an entirely too long sentence to satisfy my need to express my feelings for this projects awesomeness.

  4. Tiffany says:

    This seems really awesome! (Not that I expect anything less from the Psych geniuses!) Heading over to take a look at the site now…

  5. Carrie says:

    I love that picture. They’re so awesome! :)

    • Matt Webb Mitovich, Editor-at-Large TVLine.com says:

      That photo is from the new episode “This Episode Sucks,” which has a (you guessed it) vampire theme.

  6. CLW says:

    Anybody else rewatch the video to count how many times The Man in Blue and the Man in Brown pass by the windows?

  7. psych says:

    I was initially too distracted by that hilarious picture of Gus to even read the article! LOL!

  8. maggie says:

    I can’t wait for Psych! I’m going to check out the game even though I’m not ususally interested in that stuff. But this is Psych, so how can I resist?

  9. Brandon says:

    Yeah, you caught that too?

  10. V says:

    When I try to play, it just keeps loading. Am I doing something wrong?

  11. Michael says:

    The “experience” sucks. All you do is read a bunch of posts. why even release something when you can’t even play. DUMB!

  12. Psych-you-out says:

    I’m lost on the game now XD I can’t seem to listen to the Voice Mail for Jules. Help?

  13. Maura says:

    “You are absoultely dkrshfusn right.”
    “You are a dumbass.”

    Those comments combined with the photo on this article made me lol. Like more than I would care to admit!

    Super excited for this new season! :)

  14. CatInOK says:

    I Think I’m the only Psycho In This Town.. I’ll Have a party Just for me.. I Can’t Wait!

  15. TRISTIN says:

    Hay psych buddy’s doing right now? Just let you know a fan of you guys

  16. Kayla Weintraub says:

    Love you psych

  17. Braden says:


  18. Braden says:

    This is awsome

  19. eClair says:

    Can’t or “Last night Gus” to come on next week! Anyone else?

  20. Liz says:

    I watch psych almost every night I love how funny everybody In the show is.

  21. dlow11111111 says:

    how to we play the game for kuz im lst i wuna play the crime game

  22. Jerry Don Osborne says:

    If you could truly see me now, I’m not affraid of psyching you out, you may fall umder the spell of my secrect government SSI training. And since I was born an Osborne in the month of May, 1957, you know I have the right mix. This is relative to most facts. For instance, our family DNA, is said to habe been discovered 1500 feet below the polar cap, prehistoric to the creation of earth. Now, who’s your daddy! Don’t ever call me dad, or son. You mayest well address me as Mystery Jerry Don. Only the president’$ men are allowed to cäll me OSBO. You know when one has been produced, you then may attribute them as a Borne individual. I am the product of something old, and yet, that of something awesome and fresh to the creative soul and all young minds. Tjis

  23. Jerry Don Osborne says:

    When you receive a gift of communication from this one, my hope is that it needs no alteration. The majesty’$ magic of it is real. No hype, no miss communication. I am truly a stranger unto myself. I am always searching for my way out of my present location. Not to leave my life behind, but rather to enhance all humanity that surrounds my independent charactor. My act is my own, even though many had thought I, was out to steal another’$. You should know that it takes a theif to act as me, for I am an original augmentation of my own superficial self. I am a fisherman of humanity. For it is to my belief, that I should not have to live my life forever alone. I am a human being, no matter how alienated I presently live among you, in the shadows of my ancient ancestors. I am only pre-existant of myself. And I pray that is a proper term of self decryption. Does anyone truly have a proper cyfer? Or know Prophecy? I am only related to Profit, Bumpass, and many more historical geneologies. I am America’s. Original Osborne of the Fredrick Leeland geno. Thanks for the entertainment my gpod friends of this USA network of broadcasting host. Do you love Morse Codes? What. A Question! God loves ya! Jerry of Bertram.

  24. jj says:

    Love psych OMG ahhhhhh it is amazing :)

  25. Carter says:

    How do you even play the game Hashtag killer cause i cant get it to work of figure out where to go.

  26. karol says:


  27. Kim says:

    Love this show

  28. Steve Williams says:

    I love your comments, here’s mine I thought it was so funny that Gus was mistaken for count chocula instead of count blackula great loved it

  29. Rachel britton says:

    Hey,psych guys how did u guys become psychs?

  30. miranda says:

    shawn and gus are so funny and I have a suggestion for there shows i did a calculation on there viewers (not really but….) i think they liked it better when they started out the eisodes with when they were kids it brings life to the episode and gives you an idea of what type of episode you are watching just saying but other wise you guys are doing a great job with making your viewers happy

  31. Netta says:

    I like it better,wen da show bgins wit da guys as kids,also. Luv da Whole cast

  32. Lolzzzzzz says:

    I love Psych….It is my favorite show in the entire world!!!!!….I love it so much..It is the bomb.com….is the video scary?

  33. Undeara says:

    Lov psyc^_^

  34. Yandy says:

    Y a comment if I like psych

  35. Anthony says:

    Yo pshych os I luv the show btw shawn in mental institusin awsom butt to b fare lassidar should be there

  36. PeterMaxxx says:

    this is amazing <3