Exclusive: Grey's Anatomy Brings Back Mama O'Malley — Could George's Ghost Be Next?

The spirit of George O’Malley will be making the rounds at Seattle Grace this fall, but not in the form of T.R.Knight.

A Grey’s Anatomy insider confirms to TVLine exclusively that Debra Monk is set to reprise her role as George’s mother, Louise — a little more than two years after her army-bound son succumbed to injuries from being hit by a bus.

Grey’s Anatomy Spoiler Alert: More Drama Ahead For Cristina and Owen

Mrs. O’Malley’s return — presumably for medical reasons — is sure to reopen old wounds for Meredith and Bailey. It’s also certain to lead to an awkward run-in between her and former daughter-in-law Callie, seeing as how the last time the two saw each other Callie was “straight.”

There’s no word if Knight will put in an appearance in the episode, either via flashback or as a ghost a la Denny. But I’m guessing, um, probably not.

Grey’s Anatomy Scoop/Spoilers are Ripe For the Taking on Twitter via @MichaelAusiello

Monk’s return engagement is slated to air Nov. 3.

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  1. calzonafanq says:

    As long as she doesn’t bring troubles for Callie and Arizona….I’m ok.

    • Linda Lefrancois says:

      I have missed George a lot. I think he is the only one who “died” who could have been mistaken for another. Face unrecognizable, body burned, mother would not ID him, maybe the 007 was not correct? The freckle that they based his burial on could have been another persons freckle that was burned and Callie called it wrong. His absense is easy. He went to war. Just did not write. The show needs him very much. His kinder funnier self lent warmth and humor missing now. Miss Izzy also. If he returned it could allow Izzy back and that cute love/friendship renewed. Oh I have hoped for this for a couple of years. Derek is such a terrible drag always mad and brooding. He could be taken off. Maybe not, but he could be a lot nicer. Just my thoughts. Crossing my fingers for George and Izzy.

      • Jossy says:

        I completely agree wt u abt George n izzy.. Miss them so much:( n yes Derek’s part is so dragy n boring at times… Hoping to see something abt George n izzy…

      • Anne says:

        Oh PLEASE no! The show is SO much better without Izzy, and I couldn’t stand the Izzy/George pairing! I was so hoping that when Izzy took the elevator that Denny would be waiting for her and she would be dead, but no, it was George. I think it would be cool if George’s ghost came back for an epi or two, but that’s it.

        • Sharyl says:

          I loved T.R. & would love to see him back on the show. His kindness & touch of funny havn’t been replaced. I wouldn’t care for Izzy’s return, I really dont miss her at all.

      • mary porter says:

        I agree with you 100% i watch all the reruns of greys and george added a lot to that show….i wish he would come back…..derrick is the hot mcdreamy….he and meredith need to make up and get back to a good realationship again…they wouldnt dare get rid of him…..

      • Sasha says:

        Does anyone know why George left the show? I really liked him and was so shocked when he was KILLED off. I have always wonder about that.

        • Andy says:

          So “George” in real life is gay. The guy who played Preston Burke (based on what I have read online) had a few choice words (anti-gay) things to say about George. I don’t think they got along working together. From what I have read that is why he/”george”/T.R. Knight left.

          • Chris says:

            Isaih Washington left the show after season 3…T.R. stayed on the show for at least 2 seasons afterward…so it had nothing to do with T.R. leaving

          • RJ says:

            Actually, that is why Isaiah Washington left. T.R. Knight asked to be released from his contract because he felt he wasn’t being used to his best abilities, was underwritten. While I can’t argue he wasn’t used enough his last season, that’s one of the pitfalls of being in an ensemble drama. Do miss his character, wish the door had been left open for a return…

      • Sagor says:

        Completely agree with u….Plz..we want izzi and george back

      • Lisa says:

        George has been one of the best actors on Grey he should be given another chance to return I do miss him on Grey’s Anatomy and he is Good looking too he look very handsome in his army uniform. Before the kill him off he could be given some sexier roles.

      • Brianne says:

        I agree with that 100%. I have been thinking that a lot lately too, that he could come back and it would just be a case of mistaken identity, he didn’t write cuz he didn’t think anyone would understand his reasononing for going to war, of course he would have no clue they all thought he was dead. With these recent episodes talking about George, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of these days he walked throught the doors and everyone passes out from shock! lol. I really hope they do bring him back, I love George! His character was refreshing….he was more real than anyone….everyone else is so “perfect” in all they do, but in real life, we are all not that perfect…George brought a sense of realness and sensitivity to the show that none of the other characters even come close to. bring George back ABC! PLEASE!

      • Nicole Fary says:

        I completely agree. I don’t doubt that it was ‘007’ written on her hand but before she said it was George I figured the ‘007’ was because he was pushed in front of the bus….

    • Val Deschouwer says:

      I think bringing back George as a ghost would be an interesting idea. After all many people say hospitals are haunted because of people dying there. George could come back in spirit form to help Merideth and Derrick get back together. The one character I would get rid of is Alex – they have made his character so mean that I dont think anyone would miss him.

      I also dont understand why they are having a main character, such as Christina Yang, have an abortion – with all the other options available – they should have their characters promote adoptions, or something other than having her so cold hearted about children. Then for sure they should not make her the god parent or anything else to Meridiths child.

      just my thoughts.

      • kalee says:

        christina never wanted a child. she was planning an abortion in season 2, and ended up losing the baby. For her being pregnant is not an option. its who she is. i dont believe in abortion personally but i do believe that people have the right to choose. your body your choice, shes choosing to say no to the changes that come with pregnancy.

      • Mary says:

        Hey they brought back Bobby Ewing on Dallas, why not George

    • smashgear says:

      YEs, I’m totally agree with guys… Izzy and George are the missing ingredients of the show. I miss their team up so much. they have the sense of humor and the chemistry.

      • Andy says:

        I partly agree… I really like Izzy and George as the close friends that they were. But Izzy was just way too much drama. Alex is really one of my favorite characters on the show and I really hate how Izzy left him without even saying goodbye. I also really didn’t like how she accused Alex of going to the chief and trying to get her fired when he really went to help her out. Further, I really got worn out with her character after the denny-LVad-8 million dollar thing. But that’s just me…

    • BJohnson says:

      I think as doctors they did more test verifying it was true. Plus that girl went the to funeral and saw his picture. I think she would have let people know he wasn’t the guy. I appreciate you loyal George fans for the soap opera plot changes.
      I haven’t missed Izzy a bit, but George, yeah.

    • Terrie D says:

      I so agree that Greys Anatomy is missing the key ingrediant when they took George off I miss his humor and how he fumbled around with words its never been the same since Izzy and George left the humor kinda left and the show kinda started going south. Derek Seems to be not focus of the show anymore at least to me he is always seems to be on a PMS kick; his since of kindness and love has dissappeared. and i miss kervs gusto has left to they all seem to be acting like they are all 60 year olds setting there ways and the show seems to be doing the same I hope they bring in some people that bring in some of the adventure that attracted me to the show i am losing my interest..

    • mustafa says:

      George should come back he and Meredith are the key role in grey.s anatomy , i hope this drama is continuing till 13 season or more can’t get enough of it.

      • Andy says:

        I think it would be super interesting if George came back. But I also think it would be the CRAZIEST thing that I have ever seen on the show ever especially if it turns out that they organ-donated the wrong guy’s organs, and then had a funeral for him. I think if George did go overseas in the military that it would be very unlike his character to not contact his family- or at least Meredith.

  2. Aria says:

    Thats kinda odd…

  3. xav says:

    I really hope it’s not for medical reasons and just that she wants to connect with people who knew and loved George. That would make a lot more sense than the classic Grey’s storyline of “everyone previously healthy character on the show suddenly has a rare problem”.

    • ultimate troll says:

      People have health problems. They go to hospitals. Offhand I can only think of the chief’s wife developing alzheimers and Meredith’s dad needing a kidney or liver transplant. Both of those are things that happen, especially as people get older. Not exactly rare for them to wind up at a hospital.

      • Laura says:

        George’s dad died at the hospital. George suddenly got hit by a bus an died at the hospital. Meredith’s mother died at the hospital. Lexie’s mother died at the hospital. Izzie suddenly got brain cancer.

        • Carly says:

          half the people you listed were people who wanted off the show and they needed to do something. alzheimers kills people…so mers mom made sense. georges and lexies dad and mom showed how people grow as they lose people they love. so…yep that sums it up.

          • C says:

            Lexie’s mother got the hiccups and died…I’d say that’s rare

          • Mandie says:

            Alzheimers doesnt kill people, its the loss of brain functionality that kill them as the forget how to do the most basic of tasks oe feed themselves etc also the brain also forgets to keep organs functioning… Coming from someone who watched someone very closer suffer from the disease… for me to best discribe it, its like a virus that cannot be caught it attacks your hard drive shutting down the most vital parts..

          • Tammy Henrie says:

            Meridith’s mom actually died of a heart ailment that she chose not to treat because she wanted to die and not have to deal with the alzheimers anymore. I always thought if they wanted to, they could bring back George. He could have been swept away to a secret army mission, one where he couldn’t tell anyone! The only real identifying factor for sure, was Callie looking for the Texas shaped birthmark on his hand and finding it, and writing 007 in Meridith’s hand. Those two things could be explained in some odd ways. Just a thought. I liked George and couldn’t believe they offed him!

          • @Tammie says:

            To Tammie, and all the others who think that George might somehow be alive. Did anybody ever hear of fingerprints or DNA identification. Such things don’t get done in an ER as a patient’s life hangs in the balance, but you can be sure that they get done in the morgue before they just bury somebody.

          • Joe says:

            Alzheimer’s is a fatal disease. Watching this show does not make one a medical expert. Alzheimer’s disease has no survivors. It destroys brain cells and causes memory changes, erratic behaviors and loss of body functions. It slowly and painfully takes away a person’s identity, ability to connect with others, think, eat, talk, walk and find his or her way home.

        • lori hopp says:

          Great idea for a Ghost fest. Great Job Laura

          • .jennie says:

            i think the ghost story would be great…….i think george was the best thing that happened to grey anatomy…….wish they would say it was a mistake and bring him back…….miss izzy too but she was to into herself……george just was a loveable person and brought fun to the show……….

    • You or Me says:

      Everyone gets sick from time to time. It is common when you lose a loved one to feel down in the dumps which may help bring on medical conditions.

    • brit says:

      its a show about people in a hospital how else would they bring characters back obviously if there sick

  4. Asha says:

    I’m glad to see there will be some closure to the George story. It just felt so rushed to me. He was dead and then that was it. There wasn’t really a lot of dealing with it.

    • Laura says:

      He got a better farewell (complete with hero treatment) than any other character on this show. I’d say the character that got the worst closure was Izzie. I think Alex was the only one that noticed and cared that she was gone…

      • Captain says:

        Plus it was so rushed. She just got fired and then that was it. And then they had that pathetic “It was your fault I got fired” crap.

      • Tammy says:

        I liked Izzie at first, but she became a crazy girl and she got the big head when she got away with the Denny thing and ended up with his money! By the time she left, I was glad. She was a pain in the butt!

  5. Shecofah says:

    God, I miss George. <3

  6. Felicia Penza says:

    Damn. I was hoping that Dr. Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington) would be the character returning to Grey’s Anatomy. I think he’s been in the doghouse long enough. I’d love to see how a Cristina/Owen/Burke storyline would play out. It’d be a lot better than the ghost sex between Izzie and Denny and horror or horrors, the actual sex between Izzie and George. Ick.

    • Roni says:

      I so agree with you! I don’t love Cristina & Owen together and it would be interesting to see Dr. Burke come back for a few episodes to throw a wrench in things. And I’m loving your description of Izzie with Ghost Denny & George..hahaha!

    • Ed says:

      Nah, IMO Dr. Burke is old news.

    • GWilson says:

      I AGREE :)

    • Shirlee says:

      I totally agree with you Felicia. I think he should come back and start a new story line… Dont know if I want him to get with someone, but at least to bring him back for a few episodes would be nice!

    • Brittany Kleshick says:

      Oh, I definitely would like to see the Owen/Christina/Burke situation. I’ve been dying to see how that would work. I don’t like Owen & Christina together, honestly. She’s changed herself way too much. Burke understood that surgery was her life & he accepted that. Owen is trying to make her into something she’s not. Burke needs to come back! I’m actually surprised they didn’t bring him back for George’s funeral; despite the off-scene drama. Burke & George were close on the show. Bring Burke back!!

    • Rosalie Gau says:

      Dittos, I want Preston Burke back He was the best part of the show. Hated Geoge and loved Ezzie

  7. nyla says:

    ugh, I miss Georgie.
    Love Debra Monk and I hope if it’s a medical reason that they don’t kill her….
    I suspect great moments with her and Callie/Bailey/Mer.

  8. Laura says:

    Of all the family members they could bring on the show, they choose to bring the mother of a character who has long been dead. I don’t give a crap about George’s mom. How about bringing in someone from Alex’s family (like HIS mom) or heck, even Cristina’s family? SMH

  9. Tracey says:

    I love all the Grey Anatomy Scoop, but didn’t Mama O’Malley see Callie at the time of Georges death and Callie was with Arizona at that time

    • Ryan says:

      Yep. Mama O’Malley even wanted Callie to make the decision about donating George’s organs (since they were still married in the Church).

      • Pamela says:

        technically they got married in vegas so in all reality they were never married in the church. in order for a couple to be married in the church they at least have to have their marriage blessed by a priest which they never did…. the writers of this show got that part all wrong. the catholic church(which they claim they belong to) would say that in Gods eyes they never were married.

  10. Amy says:

    well, knowing Shonda Rhime’s history with parents on her shows, I just hope she doesn’t bring the poor woman back to kill her. That would be awful! And I hope she doesn’t swoop in on Calzona’s baby and be all “my granddaughter” because that would be awkward!

  11. amelia says:

    I loved George on Greys and am really excited to see how mama o’malley will figure into this episode.

  12. Ed says:

    I remember reading a few years ago when Season 6 was around the corner, Shonda wanted T.R. to return just for an episode to show what happened to George during that fateful day, but TR didn’t want to toy with the fans, he didn’t want to string them along. I was hoping this would be it but I guess it would pointless seeing 3 seasons has passed since his demise.

  13. Annie says:

    God almighty. How on EARTH are people still getting this wrong after all this time? For the love of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, people, DENNY NEVER CAME BACK AS A GHOST! He was a freaking hallucination. I am so sick of this crap. Was sick of the foot-stomping temper tantrums over “ghost sex” back then, and am doubly sick of the whole topic now.

  14. nobozo says:

    No too Ghost George, such a wimpy character, and the Geo/Izzy duo was just wretched. Keep him dead, plz. As for his mama and Kallie, sure, bring her back and let her see what happened to her former daughter-in-law and the grandchild she never had. Lots of pain in the last season. Rather see Burke back than George anyway. And his mother, too.

  15. unicornwasp says:

    hooray! but they better not kill her off.

  16. Alexa says:

    I want Preston Burke to come back!!!!

  17. georgegirl says:

    er fehlt sehr :(

  18. rosemary says:

    Just stay away from callie & arizona!!

  19. emydanr says:

    ooh, i wanted to see george again. i hoped he’d appear as a hallucination like denny or something…:(

  20. fatma says:

    can’t George come back to life???

  21. OaksMa says:

    I loved the Denny/Iz story line. Denny was one of my all time favs so far on GA. I think it would be great to bring George back for an episode or two just to show us how that horrible day went down. I think bringing his mom back for her to finally get closure would make for a great episode. I don’t think anyone actually got closure from George’s death….fans or characters!

    • TCH says:

      I agree with you, OaksMa. George was killed off so suddenly and without warning. I grieved his death for weeks. Yes, I know it is only a show but I enjoyed knowing that the cast would be there every week. Denny and George were two of my favorite characters. Now, I watch the show for Meredith, Cristina, Callie, and Bailey.

  22. Tea0803 says:

    I loved Denny so I was mad they never got together till he was a ghost,
    As for Burke I am glad he is gone but it would be nice if he came back so Cristina could rub in his face how good she doing.
    the ghost of George would be something different for GA and possibly a good closer method for some

  23. Mayara says:

    God I miss George [2]

  24. J.Sparrow says:

    His mother… ok, but George himself again… GOD NO !!! he’s gay ! PLUS, he looks like a rotten egg !

    • C.Sager says:

      Did you really just write that? Seriously? I’m hoping it was tongue in cheek….I’m not gay – don’t know anyone that is….but that comment was just wrong!

    • M says:

      Seriously?! It’s 20-freakin’-11 you creep.. grow up!

    • Neens says:

      This has to be the tackiest comment I have seen all day. “He’s gay” as a reason for someone to not be employed or brought back onto a show? He’s a great actor, and let me tell ya, a ton of actors that you probably adore, are probably closet gays too. That doesn’t make ANYONE a bad person, or less worthy of work. It shouldn’t even come into account. Gay people (most of them) don’t want to be treated better than straight people, they want the SAME treatment. Equal treatment as human beings. That shouldn’t be so hard to do, because who they love, does not affect you.
      Pretty damned lame of you to use that as any reasoning for a great actor to not have work.

    • Debi says:

      how rude and thoughtless…! Seriously…?

  25. kathy says:

    I would love it if Meredith got pregnant!!

    • crystal says:

      she needs a baby because of the shoting that happened because she was pregnant then her husband got shot and then she lost it.and it would be a good story line aswell.

    • Nicoletta says:

      Meredith has a child. I honestly don’t understand why people are so hung up on her having a bio child. Zola is the cutest thing ever and Mer already loves her like her very own child.

  26. crystal says:

    i wish that would bring izzy back and burk too i think that would be a good story line.because izzy was with alex and i want to see if she still has cancer or not.and just bring burk back because he was a good doctor and i liked him a lot.

  27. Andy Tran says:


  28. gramma says:

    some of these comments are a little idk “sad” is all I’ll say. It’s a story based in a hospital so why would you be surprised that friends and family would return when in need of medical attention? I love this show but if the season premiere is any indication it looks like the writers are running out of substance. Seriously, a sink hole the size of a city block and just as deep? What universe have we transferred to? DUMB. Owen being a hero made it worth it I guess. Preston Burke? Good Riddance, he just made me angry. Horrible treatment of his friends, family and patients BUT he was different and that’s a good actor that can make audiences dislike him. I am SO OVER the whole lesbian angle and it ticks me off that they’re pushing that agenda. Stretched to the max the Callie Arizona thing! Sara Ramirez is an amazing talent but this is junk. She should move on in life and leave the baby to Az & Mark to raise! :) jkjk I was loving this show but I guess all good things come to an end….lost my BIG LOVE series and now Grey’s is on it’s decline I’m certain.

  29. doris says:

    They never should of killed off George.

  30. Kristen says:

    Izzy didn’t die, she left as soon as she was well enough too. She came back with an old professor of hers that needed medical help and just walked out on her and Alexs marriage

  31. Eesha says:

    I really loves Preston Burkes character. Don’t care about George or his mom. I find their characters flat

  32. Estrella Simon says:

    While George and Burke’s characters were close in script, they apparently could not work well together on/off set! Isaiah openly denounced homosexuality and called T.R. A Fag! Unacceptable in this era!!!

  33. Regina says:

    I miss George so much, they never should of killed off George

  34. Maranda says:

    Highly agree :-)

  35. kerri k says:

    No don’t bring that jerk back he took all the credit for all the help Christina done for him and she’s better off with 0wen

    • Nicoletta says:

      Yeah, right. Because GI PTSD Joe treats her so well. Burke wasn’t all dreamy either. But I’d pick him over Owen any day.

  36. Hayley says:

    I loved George and it was such a shock when they killed him off!
    Even if they brought him back to life by some mystery or unexplained mistaken identity only the devoted fans would over look the time gap and inconsistency of story lines.
    In saying that I’d have George back any day over Burke – mixed up storyline or not!
    But I agree Burke would make a interesting view – but how about putting the highlight back on Mer and Derek, and let the poor woman fall pregnant!!!

  37. Lisa says:

    I soooo miss George!

  38. Mama says:

    A sink hole isn’t really that uncommon considering all the other things they have had on the show… and you are sick of the lesbian thing, but yet you liked big love? that’s the whole point of the show, different life styles, different personalities. But i agree, I feel like they are trying to hard, the first few episodes had some real comedy in each show, wondering where that is… either way, I’ll always be a fan and looking forward to this weeks

  39. janelle says:

    remember when lexie looked at george’s body on the gurney and said it wasn’t him cuz the legs were too long? i always wondered if shonda put that in the script in case they needed a logical plot to bring george back. my theory was this; maybe two dudes got hit but george walked away from the scene with amnesia, maybe to a diff hospital, then went off to live a whole new life O_O

  40. AT says:

    She’s a fine actress, glad to see she is getting work.

  41. mimi says:

    If I read correctly in one of the magazines, the characters that played izzy and george requested their release to pursue their careers. and you know what, there is an off button on your tv.After all, it is just a soap opera and not real life, tho you can get all tied up in the story plot.

    • anna bela says:

      Glad SOMEONE finally remembered this. TPTB didn’t ‘kill’ off George. TR Knight ASKED to be released from contract and already had Broadway lined up before leaving. As for Izzy, NO, (shudder) just no. Ugh, for who was my favorite character originally, they ruined her as soon as she ‘fell’ for Denny, a man she knew for a few days and tried to promote it as the greatest love story ever.

  42. Jane-o says:

    Would LOVE for George to come back in any shape or form as long as TR plays him!

  43. Kathy says:

    I loved George. I agree that he was one of Grey’s best. There was so much room for growth with him on the show. Could never understand why they ended him.

  44. Michał says:

    What about Addison? I hope they will finish that silly show called Private Practice and bring her back to GA!

    • Nicoletta says:

      Amen! Addison was so, so much better on Grey’s Anatomy. Private Practice has turned into a bad joke of a show and I hate what they’ve done to her character there.

  45. Kate says:

    I’m sorry but last time Callie saw George’s mom she was far from straight. She was already dating Arizonia. They got in a fight when George joined the army and that’s how we found out Arizonia’s brother died in the war. Do a little research before you write an article.

    As for his mom coming back.. Yayy. I love the actor. I think she probably still doesn’t understand why he joined the army. She could be coming back to speak with Owen again.

    • Babygate says:

      It is true that Callie was already dating Arizona the last time the Mrs. O’Malley came to the hospital, but it’s not something that they discussed. At least, not on camera. That was all about George’s death.

  46. Greys Fan says:

    They never married at the church, it was in Las Vegas. I miss him too but Im not agree to bring her (his mom) back. Izzy and Dr. Burke would be a great deal.

  47. Adriana Paixão says:

    A que saudade do George,acho que vai ser muito interesante se realmente aparecer seu espirito,Io love George…

  48. Babygate says:

    Why is her visit supposed to be traumatic for Meredith and Bailey? They loved George but they didn’t have a relationship with Mrs. O’Malley. Callie is the only person in that hospital that had a relationship with her at all. If they make this storyline about Meredith or Bailey it will be disingenuous.

  49. Greys Fan says:

    I think it was the oposite. Burke try to change Cristina. Just remember the wedding and the scene when Mer help Cristinas with the dress. Also when Owen asked about Burke she explained that he try to change her and she dont want that anymore.