Glee Recap: Go West (Side Story), Young Men!

Glee channeled its inner Broadway baby this week, as Kurt, Rachel, and Blaine all auditioned for roles in a drama club production of West Side Story. But it was a baby of a different kind [SPOILERS AHEAD, West-coast readers!] — namely, the little girl born to Quinn and Puck who was adopted by Rachel’s birth mother Shelby Corcoran — that created the biggest drama. If you somehow got yourself caught in Kurt’s web of scaffolding Tuesday night, please allow me to catch you up — in the classic “here’s what you missed on Glee” format:

Kurt agreed to let Brittany run his campaign for class president, but flinched when her hot pink, “I Am Unicorn”-themed posters and gift bags painted him as Gay with a Capital G — and not much else. By the time he got hip to the glitter (and the Tinky Winky swag), it was too late: Brittany had decided to run for office herself. Mr. Schue, meanwhile, instituted “booty camp” for New Directions’ choreography-challenged members, but it was mostly an excuse for slow-mo swoosh-swoosh montages outlining Mike Chang’s dance-floor dominance, and Mr. Schue’s relative mediocrity. Oh, and Emma, Beiste, and Artie were named co-musical directors for the McKinley Drama Club production of West Side Story, but Kurt’s sensational/fey audition for the role of Tony didn’t excite Beiste’s “ladyparts” and proved “a little delicate” for Artie’s tastes. When Kurt overheard the critiques, he called on Rachel to help him act out a scene from Romeo and Juliet, but his leading-man attempt sent everyone into fits of laughter. (I honestly didn’t think he was all that bad, but why it didn’t occur to Kurt to audition with one of Tony’s songs or scenes is utterly beyond comprehension.) At episode’s end, Kurt spied on Blaine trying out for the role of Bernardo or Officer Krupke, but when the directors asked him if he’d consider playing Tony, an uncomfortable silence — and the specter of a tense cliffhanger — hung heavy in the air.

In other news, Shelby Corcoran (former Vocal Adrenaline coach/Rachel’s birth mom/the adoptive mom of Quinn and Puck’s baby) returned to Lima after Principal Figgins offered her a high-paying job — funded personally by Sugar Motta’s dad — to launch a second glee club to compete with New Directions. Shelby blithely invited Puck and Quinn to be a part of Baby Beth’s life, without any solid plan for how to structure the arrangement. She allowed Puck a visitation, but insisted Quinn leave behind The Skanks if she wanted to spend time with Beth. Quinn — solidifying her status as the most selfish character in the Glee universe — washed the pink and the cigarette smoke out of her hair, but revealed to Puck it was just a ruse for a larger end game: “I have to get [Beth] back. If that means having to dye my hair blonde and pretending that I think I’m special, that’s something I’m willing to do. We’re gonna get full custody.” Yikes! And that’s what you missed on Glee.

Now, before we get to the week’s musical numbers, let’s run through a couple of the episode’s memorable bits of dialogue.

* “You lost your child, your boyfriend, your rep, and worst of all, your high pony.” –Sue Sylvester, lamenting Quinn’s fall from Cheerio (and hairstyle) grace

* “Will Schuester never did appreciate the gentle tremble of your thin, forgettable alto.” –Sue to Quinn

* “You look like a Real Housewife of Reno.” –Puck to Skank-ified Quinn

* “You’re gay. And you’re not like Rock Hudson gay. You’re really gay. You sing like Diana Ross and you dress like you own a magic chocolate factory.” –Burt helping son Kurt to embrace — and revel in — his inner (and outer) queen

* “Hello, She-Hulk. Hello, Weepy the Vest-Clown. Hello, Little Miss Golden Marmoset.” –Sue greeting Beiste, Schue, and Emma

* “The last six senior-class presidents, they’ve all been guys — and look what that’s got us: Y’know, teetering in a double-dip recession.” –Brittany explaining part of the reason she’s running against Kurt

* I know they spoiled it in last week’s preview, but still, this exchange between Brittany and her history teacher was one of the funniest and best-delivered zingers of the TV season:
Teacher: What’s the capital of Ohio?
Brittany: O.

And now, let’s talk about the music…

“Somewhere,” Rachel and Shelby
If there are two more powerful, evocative voices on television right now, then please let me know what network and show my cable company is denying me. Still, I can’t lie and say I fully bought Rachel warming up to Shelby’s advice only seconds after her arrival, or the estranged birth mom and daughter linking hands mid-song — even if the lyrics called for it. Heck, even if Rachel was willing, what kind of mind game is it for Shelby to interact with the kid so intimately without any discussion of how their relationship might evolve? Musical grade: A- Relevance to the plot: B

“I’m the Greatest Star,” Kurt
One of Chris Colfer’s most vocally complicated numbers — especially when you factor in the death-defying cage-match choreography. But forgive me for questioning Kurt’s decision to try out for the male romantic lead with a song that requires him to imitate the high notes of a flute and deliver lines like, “I’m a natural Camille.” Kid is way too savvy, and way too hungry for the role, for that kind of misstep. Musical grade: A Relevance to the plot: B-

“Something’s Coming,” Blaine
I love the way Darren Criss enunciates his lyrics, and the breathless charm and boyish enthusiasm he brings to his numbers. It’s exactly the way a talented high-schooler would do it. If only his character would put on some socks! I’m dying to know, though, if Blaine takes the role of Tony from his boyfriend, or if he denies his dreams in the name of love. Interesting conundrum! Musical grade: B+ Relevance to the plot: A

What did you think of this week’s Glee? Which plot points made you happy, and which had you looking for a rewrite? What was your favorite musical number? Sound off below, and for all my Glee recaps and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Julie says:

    There were only three songs! I know that Ryan Murphy said they were going “back to the basics,” but WE NEED MORE SONGS!!!

    • Mel says:

      I’m sorry we do not. Then we will end up with pointless crap like “Umbrella.” Pass.

    • Michael says:

      More songs usually means less character/plot development. I’m a huge musical queen but I’ve really enjoyed the first two episodes this season. The writer is tighter and the plot, gasp, is…coherent. More music later. For now, I’d really like to see who these kids are. Glee is light and fluffy but a more-than-occasional infusion of depth is needed. Britney rocked it tonight.

      • bad actress says:

        i agree with you, bruttany rocked tonight, rachel/kurt and rachel/shelby scenes were good too. the episode was all about quinn and dianna agron can’t act to save her life, please whispering is not acting, a whole episode focused on a character when the actress can’t act is pointless.
        just read the comments, almost all talk about the music the other characters or the adoption, dianna agron needs acting classes.

        • yep says:

          yep truth hurts. Episode 2 she was better though I didn’t have to replay her speaking parts to understand her. S3 opener she was underwhelming. I’m not going to waste my time on replay for her character. Loved everything else. Music and all others. This season is better written IMO at times slow but when it comes to mixed in drama the pace will shift.
          As a fan of Glee since the pilot I’ll always stick it out even through rough patches of wierd storylines, overacted scenes, questionable music choices, editing misques, writing inconsistencies, etc. This is my favorite show and I’ll watch it as long as it is on air. And when it is good or awesome I sing loudly to the roof tops but when it could be better I’m not going to be mute.

    • filmex says:

      Agree, more songs. And what has actually happened to the full Glee club song presentations? You have to watch The Sing-Off to actually hear group numbers anymore.

      Glee is evolving into a series of solo numbers, and or solo auditions. Enough already.

      Also, I think back to Kurt’s lovely rendition of The Beatles’ “I Want To Hold Your hand” and wonder if they’re ever going to stop having him sing female leads to Broadway show tunes.

      Watching him do, “I’m The Greatest Star”, I thought, “There go another million viewers”.

    • wwp says:

      Yeah, I’d rather have fewer songs done well rather than be forced to sit through slapped together lip-synced “tributes” to pop stars.

      Had to laugh though at Michaels comment about Chris Colfer’s vocally complicated numbers because of the choreography. LOLOL…like anyone on Glee has ever actually danced AND sang at the same time in front of the camera!

  2. Paul says:

    I thought it was pretty good. There was a lot of good character development, although I think the Rachel/Shelby aspect could have been addressed more. But I just have to say that next weeks episode looks amazing.

    • Lizzie says:

      Yes! I was just about to comment on that. I liked the intense music the promo had in the background too. I know we have seen a Rachel-Mercedes diva-off before with both playing it safe and/or Rachel clearly being superior but I think this time it will be intense! Seems like Rachel will be getting another reality check but I can’t compare her and Mercedes. They are so different to me, voice style. IMO, Rachel (Lea) is clearly better and her voice is more polished, Mercedes (Amber) just yells alot. Mercedes also dosen’t have that star factor to me. It seems on the show Rachel will go the route of Broadway and Mercedes is more Grammy-style.

      It would be interesting if Mr. Schue made Rachel sing a Whitney Houston/Mary J. Blige song, and Mercedes a Streisand/Broadway song. Take them out of their comfort zone and see what they can do. Real singers should be able to sing anything.

      • pleasepuss says:

        I really liked this episode. Not loved. Just wished Kurt wouldn’t take Britany’s help as an insult to his overtly gay demeanor. She was genuine he should be too. Whom he is. Already feel the tension between Blaine and Kurt after Blaine’s audition. Love how his dad shows Kurt support but realism. Loved how Rachel believes in Finn even though Finn doesn’t. Finn never did rule out New York in his talk with her. Quinn is really screwed up. To think she will get Beth back in her frame of mind. WOW The look Puck gave her OH SHOOT when she came back to boot camp and realized her true intensions. Will spoke very true words to Quinn about her reality of present and past. Like,Mercedes took her in with no thank you. I’m really glad the writers are bringing back these past storylines that needed to be addressed. The storyline of Quinn trying to get Beth back is going to backfire in Q’s face. Q is going to be really crushed. Puck’s appreciative of Shelby’s generosity to allow him in Beth’s life. So sweet. I cried. Sue is really too coniving just really over her. Music was really good. Loved Shelby in this episode.
        Next week seems will be very dramatic. I feel a really good lessen for Rachel (Kurt’s talk to her of abandoning her friends for fame)to learn that fame is great but friends and loved ones fill the heart the most. Love all things Glee. Even though tonite’s episode was good but not great Still LOVE GLEE.

      • Snsetblaze says:

        We’ve heard Rachel sing out of her comfort zone – we’ve heard her do a lot of pop, not just Broadway. She probably could sing Whitney easily. I’d like to see her do a rock song. Mercedes, however, has been pretty much in her comfort R&B zone unless she’s doing a group sing (except for Sweet Transvestite which she changed enough to be in her confort zone). I have to agree with your other comments.

      • murley says:

        singers must sing with their true voice. “real singers should be able to sing anything” is over simplified and not totally true. both girls have incredible talents and i enjoy both. lea has a truly spectacular gift that is very rare but in truth it is very hard to call one better than the other.

      • Russ & Scott says:

        Damn that’s brilliant! Yes! I’ve always thought that comparing Rachel and Mercedes was comparing apples to oranges. I couldn’t agree more with the Broadway/Grammy analogy. And, from your “mouth” to Ryan Murphy’s “ears” — the idea of forcing each to tackle the other’s style is genius. I, for one, would love to see that.

      • djm says:

        Having seen Lea sing live in Spring Awakening I KNOW she can sing – Mercedes on the other hand ALWAYS comes off as an auto-tuned screamer whenever I download any song she sings. I get that Mercedes has the attitude of a diva, but so far nothing they have released (or shown)indicates she has the vocal talent to truly back it up.

        • Sal says:

          Wow, I think you need to step back a little bit here. I also think you should check out some of Amber’s live videos, like her audition video and her singing Home at the White House, and if you look hard enough, you’ll find her cover of Adele’s Someone Like You- none of these videos are auto-tuned, and the last 2 are not “screamers” by a mile. I’m not saying that Lea isn’t talented, I just think she’s overexposed.

      • Fiona says:

        From what I’ve seen, I’m not sure either of them have the range to sing Maria. Sure, they belt the hell out of everything, but Maria is a legit soprano, I haven’t seen a single teensy, tiny bit of that from either….. and I doubt I ever will.

        • jpo says:

          Lea was actually in the last round of casting for the rivival of West Side Story on B-way. So she must be able to pass.

          Anyway even if they had to reconfigure songs Lea’s voice and tone would be must closer to Maria’s than Amber’s.

        • mary says:

          You are RIGHT!! Maria hits the high c. Neither one of those girls could do it. I don’t believe there is a true soprano in the whole bunch! And “reconfigure” a score by Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondhiem?! Blasphemy!

  3. Fraiser says:

    Now, this is the GLEE I miss. I loved tonight’s episode, I wasn’t bored or wandering off to do something else. I loved how the songs were so easily incorporated into the story and weren’t to flashy. I loved how there was a nice dose of every one tonight, not to much of anyone. I’m liking Mr. Schue better this year and lets ignore the fact that Dianna Agron and Mark Salling can’t act to save their lives, I loved their scenes with Shelby (Idina) and the snippet with Puck and Beth. And I loved the small dose of Finchel we had, how cute was that? Give us more.

  4. Kristin says:

    This episode proves that Quinn needs therapy. But, I actually think this arc will lead to Puck/quinn becoming much closer, romantically or not.

    • Sybil says:

      Last year Quinn sailed through the year as if her pregnancy and delivery had never happened. Her big goal in life was to be prom queen (and keep Finn away from Rachel). Now, suddenly, we’re supposed to believe that getting her baby back means everything to her? I’m not buying.

      • bytheseatofmypants says:

        To me a little bit too bizarre of a storyline for Q IMO. As for your words Hell to the Yeah. Not buying it either. Q is too crazy. NO WAY she should get Beth back. As someone said. Giving birth to her does not make her a mother. Shelby’s done that well. Even Shelby reached out to her about her regrets but realism of giving up Rachel.

      • Sue says:

        You said exactly what I was thinking. Plus, the whole scene when she met Shelby was annoying – you gave the child up for adoption. Shelby is her mother. Unless Shelby dies, you’re not getting her back (and its not guaranteed even if Shelby dies).

      • CA says:

        It’s rarely shown on TV, but what are the after effects of a 16 yr getting pregnant and then giving up their child for adoption? It is entirely possible that Quinn could be acting one way one season and then another way this year. She decided to focus on prom last year – that was her focus. After the drama that led to her not being prom queen, something that she decided was the ultimate in acceptance and purpose, she’s spiraled. Doesn’t seemed so far fetched at all.

        • roz2001 says:

          I couldn’t agree more, especially because we are talking about teenagers here. That is what being a Teenager is like, one minute you act 4 years old the next you act 40. Inconsistency is the norm. I am really liking season 3 so far, less gratuitous songs and more story development. Cant wait until next week.

      • Dee says:

        It doesn’t really surprise me. You can go for a long while on “everything SHOULD be alright” while ignoring that everything is not all right. When the collapse comes, it is major.

        Quinn spent last season pretending she could get it all back–that she could go back to the path she was on before and go back to being the girl she was before. All her attempts to do so failed pretty dramatically, one at a time. She wasn’t elected prom queen, Finn walked away from her.

  5. Jo says:

    Sorry, but not even badgirl Quinn is interesting. And Blaine is a junior? On what planet?

    • Mandy says:

      On the same planet where Artie and Tina are juniors and Kurt is a senior.

      • Jo says:

        Dressing Blaine as a dork doesn’t make me magically forget Season 2 Blaine.

        • pleasepuss says:

          ME 2. Why change him to this guy with high water pants. He is a real showman but not a geek. Too much Blaine and the PIPS s2. They were good but in smaller doses.

        • Lu says:

          Actually, I saw a lot of guys wearing those kinds of clothes in the city this summer(well, no polos/bowties). Although, my neighborhood has a large gay population but also alot of artsy sorts too. And I think he pulls it off. Its cute how it plays with conventions. But, I think DC could wear anything- he has a easy-going, likeable attitude.

    • Jade says:

      There’s nothing sadder than a senior with a bald spot… except for a JUNIOR with a bald spot.

      • yep says:

        I know I’m going to get flack for saying this but I can’t help it. Darren is very talented but when singing and as hairy as he is he reminds me of Groucho Marx with his eyebrows bobbing up and down. Just needs a cigar. People are what they are what they are born with. I for one am not the most wonderful at any talent or physical attributes so I will attest that all are human and not make fun of anyone. But I just saw Groucho bouncing down the stairs singing at McKinley and dancing with the cheerios with a cigar wiggling in his mouth. Lighting will strike me for this.

        • AndyLuvr says:

          Personally, I love a guy who doesn’t overly wax and manscape. So the natural brows on Darren Criss really work for me. And there are a lot of hairy guys in high school – each dude just develops differently.

          What I cannot stand are the overwaxed creatures like those tools at “Jersey Shore.” Tried to watch that show and gave up. Talk about trash.

      • MelindaB says:

        When I was in HS, I knew a junior who was going bald. And he was a junior who was actually a teen. :-) I’m just saying that it happens.

  6. Eliza says:

    OK- I enjoyed having a storyline to follow- Thank you Glee writers! Can’t wait for next week episode to see how all turns out.

  7. Stacie says:

    Brittany is a genius. She’s a crazy, genius and it’s awesome that she is running for office. I love that Heather Morris is finally getting a storyline, and I love that it was Santana who encouraged her to do so. Brittany is the unicorn.

    And can I add that Britt’s line of “I hate you” to Rachel after Rachel tried to be “humble” and turn down the director’s role was hilarious and one of, if not the funniest moments of the entire episode, in my opinion.

  8. Jess says:

    I was a little surprised and worried when I found out that there were only going to be three songs in this episode. Glee made it work though. I don’t like how Quinn thinks that just because she died her hair she will be able to get her daughter back.

  9. michelle says:

    Ryan Murphy has me back on the Glee train with all the Quick stuff.

    Give Quinn and Puck their baby back. Please. Shelby knows what it’s like to give your baby up and realize you made a mistake. I don’t care. This is a soap. Do it Ryan. And ill worship you.

    Everything is Quick and nothing else matters. Its about time they address her baby situation.

    • Jessica says:

      But Shelby said in the episode that even though it hurt her to do it, she did right by Rachel by giving her up. Puck is too young and Quinn is just too crazy to be able to care for a child on their own. Besides, Beth has been living with Shelby for a year now, what would that be like for her to just be taken from the only mother she ever knew. Quick can still happen without getting Beth back.

      • pleasepuss says:

        YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! Quinn’s nuts definitely needs therapy. This storyline is really reaching over the top of reality. Even Rachel dream state told Shelby she had years of therapy for her feelings about Shelby (mom’s) abandonment s1 storyline.

    • Jade says:

      Quinn might have given birth to Beth but Shelby is Beth’s mother.

    • chistosa says:

      Sorry Michelle, I strongly disagree. The last thing this show (watched by many teenagers) needs is a plot line glorifying teen parenthood. Teens are not equipped to be parents. Even Shelby admits to Quinn that she did the right thing giving up her baby even though it hurt. And Michelle, do you really think that someone who hours earlier was calling herself a skank and attacking students in the bathroom for their lunch money should now be a parent? You scare me.

      • Cathy says:

        I’m confused with the seemingly new “Shelby giving up Rachel” arc to this storyline. I thought Shelby was a surrogate chosen by Rachel’s dads. It’s not like she accidentally got pregnant and gave Rachel up for adoption, Rachel never belonged to her, or am I remembered that aspect of the story wrong?

        • Caiti says:

          I know you’re right, but I Think the idea is that when you carry a little person inside of you for 9 months, you get really attached. Add to that this is Shelby’s DNA, I’m guessing she had serious second thoughts about giving up Rachel, or at least about erasing herself from Rachel’s life.

        • Sasha says:

          I thought that story was made up to make Racehl feel better.

          I think–think–that Shelby got pregnant and didn’t want her having a baby to influence her broadway career so she found Rachel’s dads and gave her up

        • yep says:

          But s1 Shelby sought out her daughter using Jesse St James. With a cassette tape for her to hear. When Rachel Quinn Mercedes snuck in to spy on Vocal Adrenaline practise Shelby spoke and sung Funny Girl, Rachel recognized her voice on the cassette then approached Shelby that day. Then as the episode went on Shelby decided to walk away and left a heartbroken Rachel wondering why. Yes she was chosen to be a surrogate for Rachel’s dads but as she told Quinn she had regrets that loomed for her. That she changed also ( hairstyle). I just rather have Rachel/Shelby arc for one of Rachel’s deep seeded insecurities is due to her mother’s unrequitted love and dismissal. Rachel has always felt she was unworthy thusly over compensating by acting arrogant and fake facade of self confident. One reason she is so crazy in her way.

        • TwinZN says:

          I think what they are referring to when they say ‘Shelby giving up Rachel’ is that a surrogate effectively has to give their baby up for adoption when it’s born…. Shelby may have been and was only ever intended to be a surrogate but as she is biologically related to Rachel she would have been required to sign over her parental rights to the Berry’s.

    • Anti-Quick Shipper says:

      No quick just needs to be dead and stay dead.

    • Marie says:

      They won’t get Beth back. By Ohio law, the adoption has been final for over 6 months. They had a very limited window in the beginning where they could have tried but even then it would have been hard to prove. I hope that they are going to make this a journey of healing for Puck and Quinn. Quinn has been in denial and I think she really needs to deal with all the things that have happened in her life. She lost her own family with her parents divorce, she gave up Beth, lost the boys she was dating. I hope they show her getting the help she needs and learning and growing from all this. Her life has been chaos and hopefully we will see her getting back herself now.

  10. Lynn says:

    I did not like either of these episodes at all. How come it has to be all or nothing with the Broadway songs? Can’t we have the popular songs too? Give Jane Lynch something to do while you are at it as well. I miss the fun of first season Glee.

    • Alice says:

      It’s only the second episode of the season. 20+ more to go. And in an upcoming episode they will be performing ‘Run the World (Girls) by Beyonce, yes that song is crap but people like you want “popular” music and this is what they toss us.

      • bytheseatofmypants says:

        Agree!!!! I love a diversity in music as in s1. s2 was top 40 it got tooo old. Show tunes are Rachel and Kurt and so far 2 episodes have been about these two. I love show tunes in moderation. Ding Dong the Witch is Dead was not of my choosing was rather blah. But this episode was about the play West Side Story and 2 of the songs tonite were from it. The lyrics in Somewhere Shelby/Rachel duet were fitting for their circumstance. As for Run the World song really is ungood and I like and listen to Beyonce. Another current pop song for us to have to listen to.

      • Captain says:

        Giving us a crap Top 40 song isn’t much better. I just think the show needs more balance. Showtunes appeal to a very strict demographic.

    • sara says:

      Agree with you. I love Kurt, but that song was way too long. Showtunes work really well in the theatre, but it in a TV show I just got bored. From the trailers had looked forward to the Finn dancing, but this was cut way down. And the arts education stuff is so, so dull……….

      • Snsetblaze says:

        Agree with the song being too long – and to me, it did not seem like a great audition song. Too much dialogue in the song. And if Kurt wanted to show he could do Tony, he should have sang Somewhere, Maria or what Blaine sang. Or if not that, at least something from West Side Story.

        • Penny says:

          Well, of course that was just an awful audtion song for Tony (and I agree that the writers dropped the ball here; Kurt is indeed too savvy to make a mistake like that). I really, really want to hear Chris Colfer do “Maria” someday. Because it would just be gorgeous.

          But I’ll have to disagree that there was too much dialogue. That’s singing for theatre! I found Chris’ delivery hilarious and entertaining and wish they’d included more of the song. He owned every bit of it, and it really showed his talent as a performer. I could almost (but not quite) forgive Kurt his awful choice of audition material. We got Chris Colfer at his best out of all this, so I suppose I’ll be content with some of the more ridiculous aspects of the episode.

    • KSM says:

      The story line is they are trying out for a musical. You try out for a musical with songs from musicals. I’m sure that popular songs will come up when the time is right. But I think that it’s nice that Glee is using the songs to help tell the story as opposed to having the story built around the songs this year.

    • Teresa says:

      I agree, the broadway songs are lovely, in small doses. Think about it, the most successful shows of seasons 1&2 had songs from 80’s bands. Journey, Cindi Lauper, anything, but Streisand. We all know Kurt and Rachel can sing Broadway, and now we know Blaine can too, Yay for them. Let’s move away from show tunes and get back to hits please. Or I won’t be watching.

      • Jo says:

        OMG — “another if Glee doesn’t do what I want it do or play the songs only I want to hear, I will stop watching” complaint. Boy, you all sing the same boring tune. Get over yourselves.

      • Joe says:

        Funny after Don’t Stop Believing I would say the most iconic scene/song on the Show has been Don’t Rain on my parade. a Streisand song. I love how people complain about continuity on the show and when they do it with Streisand still complaints.
        Streisand over more Katy Perry anyway.

  11. Caroline says:

    I did love the Puck/quinn storyline, except the ending. But, I actually think Puck will be the only person to get through to quinn.

    • Nikki says:

      oh, how much i hope you’re right…

      I really couldn’t care less about Kurt and Blaine and everyone else. I adored season one for Quick, and hated season 2, because, they just forgot about Beth and the entire Quick thing. and bringing Zizes as Puck’s girlfriend?? seriously? I just hope that they are going all the way with their relationship, because, otherwise Glee is not even worth watching…

      • Maci says:

        Glee is not worth was if there IS Quick. They are the worst couple on the show. I mean there was a reason why their scenes keeps getting cut.

  12. AndyLuvr says:

    Darren Criss acquitted himself nicely in “Something’s Coming.” His OTT gestures were definitely in character for a high schooler auditioning for the school musical as were his vocals. He didn’t sound too professional – though I do wish he sang with more vibrato and less straight tones.

    And, yes, put some GD socks on, boy!!! I hate the fashion trends these young men are wearing on this show. And while Blaine is looking for socks, he should lose all the bow ties in his wardrobe. They make him look goofier.

  13. 8daysaweek says:

    We’re only two episodes in and I’m already bored with the show tunes. And I actually like musicals.
    I enjoy Glee and will likely keep watching it but it often seems that the showrunners have no idea how to balance things. They always seem to be leaning too heavily toward a musical genre or certain characters or themes instead of mixing it up and adding a little variety.

    • Shoe says:

      I completely agree. Both episodes have been very sub par, both in music and in storyline. I enjoy musicals as well, but I think the key is balance and the past two episodes have not had it. Quinn falling completely off the deep end is not only unenjoyable to watch, but it simply is something Diana Agron cannot pull off for this character (I actually liked her as regular old quietly-terrible Quinn, but this is just too much for her). And I think Idina Menzel could have been brought back in a much better way than being paid to instruct that terrible excuse for having a character with Aspergers (I hope she’s out soon). I was hoping Blaine would grow on me but if he is featured wearing a bow-tie in every episode I think I’ll have to write him off for good. And after basically a whole year (or two) of us watching Kurt accepting how gay he is, now we have to see him wondering if he is too-gay? They couldn’t have thought of anything better for him? More scenes with his Dad would be great, I was hoping he’d be in it again. Sue has actually become unbearably obnoxious, no matter how witty I do find her snide remarks to Will and Emma. After two years Finn is still having to learn from scratch how to dance? Come on. Rachel has actually always been one of my favorites and I think she is staying strong thankfully. And Brittany has become almost the most entertaining character and I am glad she will have her own thing going now. I thought from the get go this will be the last season I watch with many main characters graduating this year, and so far it seems it might be so.

  14. Mezanne says:

    Have to say… I miss the energy that the pop music brought to the show. Love me some show tunes, but seeing a high school glee club perform broadway standards isn’t what I’ve loved for the past 2 seasons.

  15. Gerry says:

    Here’s a big problem: “West Side Story” needs a classically trained soprano a la April Rhodes to play Maria and none of the New Directions girls fits this mold because they’re pretty much all belters. Does that mean all of Maria’s songs will be lowered so they could be belted instead of sung in the original key since Lea Michele is not a soprano? That’d suck!

    • Jessica says:

      Harmony would work.

    • Snsetblaze says:

      Tina probably could pull off the range – didn’t she already do Somewhere? Yes, her voice isn’t as strong as some of the others but with practice and training …

      • Gerry says:

        Tina sang “Tonight” back in Season 1, it was sung in a lower key and she still flatted out on the money note at the end, which is MUCH lower than the original score.

        I get that most folks want the pop-ified/belty versions of Broadway songs done on this show but if “Glee” is doing “West Side Story,” at least get a real soprano to sing the songs like how Marni Nixon ghost sang for Natalie Wood in the movie. The young lady who played Maria in the recent Broadway revival, Josefina Scaglione, is younger and far more talented than Lea Michele. Too bad she’s not part of this.

        Hell, kids in high school sing the score in the original keys even if they don’t sound like professionals. But at least they still give it a good try. Just do a random YouTube search of high schools doing this show.

    • kim says:

      Funny how Lea Michele was in the last round of casting for Maria on the revival of West Side Story. She must have been able to impress. She is much closer to Maria than anyone else on the show. Most High School Musicals aren’t going to have perfect fits.

  16. Max says:

    Loved tonight’s episode. All of it! Quinn, Puck, and Shelby had me all emotional, Kurt was in turns hilarious and heart-breaking, and Blaine just needs a big hug for being such a sweet, supportive boyfriend (even when Kurt’s friends and teachers are laughing at him). Loved the musical numbers, though I do question why Kurt would audition for Tony with a Barbara song. “Something’s Coming” was great, no doubt about it.

    • Becky says:

      I think Kurt hasn’t yet learned the valuable lesson of “packaging” himself for what the customer wants in an audition. The choice of the song “I’m the greatest star” fit the attitude he brought into the audition– I’m amazingly talented and you need to give me that part now,” not “I’m exactly what you’ve been looking for.”

      He chose a song and performance that showed off all his best unique skills (higher, powerful vocal range, acrobatics, sai swords)– that were absolutely incredible but didn’t make the directors more inclined to see him as Tony. If he had styled and sung to the role he wanted, he might have had a better chance.

      I loved the episode too!

  17. Rissa says:

    I liked all the different storylines but poor Kurt! He definitely had a bad day! One good thing for Kurt is he has the best Dad…Burt Hummel rocks!

    • Rissa says:

      Well 2 good things for Kurt because he has a pretty awesome boyfriend as well!

      • Jade says:

        His awesome boyfriend who will be taking the part Kurt wants in the play?

        • Rissa says:

          He hasn’t taken the part yet…..I bet he turns it down but Kurt will tell him it’s ok to take it. I like that they are supportive of each other.

      • Jean says:

        His awesome boyfriend who says he doesn’t want to play Tony but then…auditions with a Tony song? Yeah. I don’t think so. That’s about as shady as they come.

        • Rissa says:

          He put in the application that he wasn’t auditioning for Tony and he is allowed to sing any song he wants to show his talent. Blaine looked really upset at the end when they asked him to try out for Tony instead. If he didn’t care he would have just told Kurt “let the best man win” but he was willing to step aside so Kurt could have a chance. Not his fault that Kurt is not a good choice for Tony. Now it’s Kurt chance to be supportive & he should tell Blaine that it’s ok for him to play Tony.

        • CA says:

          Not to mention that he told Kurt he was going to be singing that song, and even decided to try out for other parts when he knew that Kurt really wanted to be Tony. Stop looking for Blaine to be some kind of nasty, shady person. He’s as supportive a boyfriend as anyone would want.

  18. Alice says:

    I’m sorry but for all of you complaining about the showtunes and broadway songs that Glee does needs to remember that popular music and songs did not help Glee’s rating last season. Its only the second episode, we have no idea what the writers have in store. The writers aren’t obvlious to the world, they will give us popular songs (they do need sell something on Itunes). Besides, the premiere had like 3 broadway songs and I rather hear that than another Katy Perry song. Unfortunetly, more Katy Perry and Lady Gaga and Beyonce songs have been cleared for Glee. Give it a chance. Edge of Glory, anyone?

    • sarah says:

      It wasn’t the pop music that killed last season, it was the inconsistent storylines. Everyone rallies around Kurt in ‘Furt’ but then he transfer to Dalton anyway. Sue married herself.. characters fitted plots not the other way round. This is all an over-correction and feels like a new show where Rachel and Kurt are leads and forget about the ensemble. The attempts to rehabilitate Mr.Shu don’t hide the fact that he is a shallow actor and mediocre dancer so they are wasting valuable screen time that should go to the ‘kids’…

      • Alice says:

        Yes and now that we have some decent writing or a idea of what direction the plots are going in people are complaining about music when the artist I listed above and I’m sure more have been cleared for upcoming episodes. Its only the second episode of the year. Sue marrying herself isn’t totally out of character for her. Glee is not NOT an enseble cast (why do people think that), Matthew Morrison and Lea Michele are the leads (they are listed as such during award noms and catergories) which is why them having more screen time would make sense. IMO, characters like Santana, Brittany, Quinn, and Kurt get alot of play to be supporting characters. Screen time for the kids? Besides Lea. and maybe Chris and Cory all the other “actors” on that show are subpar, mediocre or just can’t act so I appreciate the cut screentime.

        • bytheseatofmypants says:

          I don’t want to bash any actors I think that is a low blow that no one has the right to make. Lea, Chris and Matthew were nominated or won awards goes to show you talent recognized. Cory who is understated and humble is a wonderful actor as well. Naya has shown her wide range of talent in acting to boot. Jane is a wonderful actress but her character is way to over the line for my taste. I’m over Sue. Love Heather dancer turned actress. The others are good in various degrees. Some are not on my play card. No names mentioned. The creators of Glee cast this group and are happy with their choices.
          I totally agree that Matthew Jane and Lea Cory were cast as the stars Leads if you will. Mattew as the adult and teacher to the class. Jane as protagonist. Lea and Cory as the respective symbols of loser and populars who come together (opposites).

  19. lariet50 says:

    I’ve given it two shots now – other than the Quinn/Puck/Shelby/Beth stuff, it was barely watchable. They’ve actually made me not care about most of these kids anymore. Plus, what kind of sicko is Shelby, coming to work at the school attended by the biological daughter with whom she’s already played so many mind games? Not endearing this character to me. I’m interested in the baby storyline, but not enough to waste an hour every Tuesday.

    • Sara says:

      You’re right, it was barely watchable. And where was Finn? Guess all the stories about Ryan Murphy suddenly disliking Cory Monteith are true but they have just kept him on in a bit part rather than totally replace him. No wonder chord Overstreet got out.

      • Tara. says:

        I hate to agree but I have too.

        Shelby coming back after basically denying Rachel was very inappropriate. Rachel even said she almost needed therapy after her last visit. But they sing a song and all of the sudden it’s all ok?

        I get that Rachel & Kurt are the stars of the club, but I don’t need that shoved in my face for half an episode. I don’t get it. Was Kurt just coming to terms with being gay again? Because thats what I got from it. I will get hate for this but I hardly cared about watching this episode and I am a huge fan.

        I wont give up watching it. I just miss the lighthearted comedy it was.

        • Anne says:

          Shelby didn’t sing with Rachel, Rachel was imagining it. And, yet you and I watch every Tuesday despite the flaws of this show. Damn you Glee.

          • Volcfom says:

            I don’t think Rachel was imagining it. I think Shelby sang with her during her rehearsal time, and then Rachel sang alone for her audition. (Didn’t you notice the match-cut editing device to transition into the audition scene? Or did the co-directors just appear out of thin air?)

  20. Wes says:

    People expect to much from Glee. It isn’t Mad Men or a polished comedy like The Big Bang Theory. Its silly and sometimes ridiculous, that had always been Glee. Stop over analyzing a show that is to raunchy for Disney Channel but not explicit enough for HBO. Watch it and enjoy it or go watch something you can overanalyze like NCIS.

  21. janeywadd says:

    Need. More. Finn.

  22. MJ says:

    I was willing to give it another try tonight and was glad I did when Rachel and Shelby sang Somewhere— absolutely beautiful. But when Kurt unleashed his inner Barbra, I left the room. This was both out of his league and also not an appropriate song for an audition for West Side Story. (Did Ms. Streisand sing Hey Officer Krupke for her audition for Funny Girl?!) I’m thrilled that Quinn wants her daughter back and don’t much care what she has to do to get her. Go girl!

  23. David says:

    This episode made me hate Kurt even more.

  24. jb says:

    Terrible episode. Why are they always beating Kurt down? Didn’t they do that enough last season? Where is Finn? Going back to basics?

    Oh, and Blaine Stu needs to be shot into the sun.

    • Anne says:

      Agreed. Enough with Kurt. Chris Colfer is never going to win that Emmy. Give.It.Up.

      • Nichole says:

        I have to respond to you. I love me some Chris. Even Barbra couldn’t make that song good but Chris made it extremely entertaining. I think he did a wonderful job.

      • jb says:

        Kurt is fine. I’m just sick of the writers never giving him anything happy. He’s proven he can be funny, even though this episode was mostly tearing him down.

      • Anna says:

        Okay, seriously? You’re bashing Chris Colfer because he’s been nominated TWICE for a freaking EMMY and HASN’T won? REALLY? I’m fine with people having an opinion and I respect every single thing said on this page, even if I don’t agree with it, except for this. This is absolutely ridiculous. You can dislike his character all you want, but he’s a great actor. The proof of that is that he has been NOMINATED FOR AN EMMY. TWICE!

        • Anne says:

          Anyone can be nominated for an Emmy and apparently anyone can lose. The writers give Kurt (Chris) more screen-time in hopes he will get yet another undeserving nomination acting as if his character and acting are so new when in fact the kid that portrayed Justin in Ugly Betty had been acting on a Kurt-like character years before “Glee”. Glee but mostly Fox are greedy and power hungry and want Chris to get an award her doesn’t desreve just so he can open the door for gay characters. Enough with the gay agenda for Glee, we know 95% of the cast and crew are gay or questionable but geesh give it a rest.

          • jb says:

            Wow try to hide your blatant homophobia a little less next time. “Gay agenda” buzzword? What’s wrong with opening the door for more gay characters? And Chris was nominated because he’s a talented actor with a compelling character and storyline.

          • Dave says:

            You blew your wad with “gay agenda.”

          • CA says:

            I am not even sure I know where to point out how so very wrong you are. There is no gay agenda — the fact that you think there is, highlights how very phobic you are to the very notion. Many of the networks have high profile gay characters – Modern Family, the EMMY WINNING show comes first to mind. Not to mention that Chris Colfer won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Kurt — so just give up your tired argument.

      • Sue says:

        At least he gets nominated – which is not an easy thing to do. Where is your nomination?

      • Dave says:

        Anne, that’s some interesting reading comprehension you have there, considering that’s not what the comment you responded to said at all.

  25. Alexis says:

    How can the musical numbers get such high scores? They were boring and pointless

    • Nicole says:

      Oh God. This is so accurate.

      I prefer when Glee sings songs in which the words reflect the characters life or current struggle. It was boring and unnecessary.

  26. eminem says:

    good ep I guess, the most distracting thing was Lea Michelle’s very VERY badly covered up wrist tattoo, it was about 5 shades lighter than the rest of her…

  27. MichelleR says:

    I love Idina Menzel, but hate her on this show. Maybe it’s because I lost my mom, but I find no entertainment in her being there to remind Rachel that she doesn’t want to fulfill that role — other than while singing together and that she has a new kid she is committed to raising. Working there sorta makes her a sociopath, both on the Rachel front and the Puck and Quinn front. I don’t care how they try to explain it.

    Since Kurt gets that he isn’t going to be Tony, I don’t get the Blaine cliffhanger. Shouldn’t Kurt be in Blaine’s corner?

  28. Ashely says:

    The music was kind of dull. Actually, I was okay with all the songs except Kurt’s. Once again sounds like everything he sings and too freakin’ long. Just ready Ausiello’s spoilers for next week and the cast is doing Dreamgirls (probably Mercedes, another song for her sung by an angry or sad black woman), Fame and Coldplay. Overall I liked the episode and thought it was better than anything I saw last year and was better than the premiere. It can only go up.

  29. Lynn says:

    Actually, I agree with you & that Beyonce song is total crap. I don’t need that but I mean more mainstream songs. An example would be the use of Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide”last year with Brit & Santana. Oh, and I happen to like musicals too.

    • Eric says:

      Agreed. But like the other commentor said its only the second episode. In the premiere they didn’t do ALL broadway type stuff and tonights episodes were only 3 songs that made sense to the plot and made sense to have them performed since the play is for ‘West Side Story’, itd made sense for Rachel and Blaine to sing those songs.

  30. Lovelysilksworth says:

    Do the Glee producers think we have collective amnesia or something? Blaine was introduced as a mentor and support system for Kurt. The casting call was widely reported and Ryan Murphy said in interview at the time that Blaine was a “year older than the Kurt character” and “the old hand.” Now, after the GraduationGate debacle over the summer and all that talk about REALISM and people being “able to count the years,” we have to buy a Blaine that is two years younger now than when he started?? I love me some Blaine, but this is such a cynical, hypocritical stunt by the producers of Glee I’m disgusted.

    • KSM says:

      I don’t think that they ever gave Blaine a grade on the show. People can change their minds. And since they decided half of the cast was graduating, they had to keep some people around. The show is not the same as the stuff that happens outside of the show.

      • Kate says:

        from the mouth of Ryan Murphy himself:
        “He plays someone who’s one year older than Chris’ character, so he’s the old pro.”

        • A says:

          I don’t care what Ryan Murphy said because 95% of what he states is complete garbage and never happens on the show. What I do care about is that it was mentioned twice in season 2 that Blaine was a junior. Wes (one of the Warblers) addressed Blaine as a “junior member.” And Blaine himself thanked the Warblers in “Original Song” for their belief in him as a junior member. But apparently “junior” means underclassmen according to Brad Falchuk via Twitter. Funny, I thought “junior” meant upperclassmen.

    • Star says:

      LOL. Well they can explain it away just like they explain away many plot inconsistencies (the rest they just ignore). Blaine is older than Kurt but he was left back a year when he was a little kid, possibly more than once. Even so, he was one of the older ones in the class as he just missed the birthday cutoff. :P


  31. Sam says:

    Let me get this straight…
    some of you WANT Quinn to get full custody? I’m all for varying opinions, but i think this whole thing is irresponsible of the writers. Quinn’s entitlement is kind of insulting to adoptive parents everywhere. She did have to give up Beth but she certainly wanted to a majority of season 1. It’s really selfish. She didn’t raise Beth, Shelby did. Shelby was responsible for all the midnight feedings and sleepless night and nurturing of that baby. NOT QUINN. Shelby, as much as i don’t like her sometimes, is Beth’s mom. Quinn is her biological mother. There is a huge difference there. Quinn is still too selfish to take care of her. What has changed? Does she suddenly have enough resources to take care of her? No. She’s still young, about to graduate from high school. It just doesn’t work.

    What Quinn needs is therapy to be honest. Schuester was actually the voice of reason when he yelled at her to grow up.

    I also have a feeling she’s going to ruin this for Puck who’s really genuine about the situation and want’s be a part of Beth’s life. He said NOTHING about being her dad-because that’s not what it’s about. it’s about being there FOR BETH. Taking Beth away from the only mom she knows will be detrimental to her development. And that’s why Puck is more mature clearly than Quinn.

    • pleasepuss says:

      Well said!!!!!!! Puck has shown maturity and desire for involvement with Beth admirable must say. Quinn’s actions are just another selfish act. Shows she is absolutely nuts and out of touch with reality. Quinn character has always been selfish to the extremes(a Rachel counterpart). Said before giving birth does not make one a mother. Shelby assumed that role night feedings etc. Taking in consideration of Q’s current mental state Quinn’s all of a sudden self assertiveness for Beth using ploys and deceit(going back to Glee club)just seems a self act of control. Control being over bearing was a part of her character s1. s2 she was altered too much and was dysfunctional to the point of crazy. Now this badass Q is hard for me to really accept for now.

    • Snsetblaze says:

      You said exactly what I was thinking. And I was cheering when Shu yelled at Quinn. That was long overdue.

      • roz2001 says:

        I agree. Shue gave Quinn a wakeup call that was sorely needed. I was cheering too. She had no right to blame other people for her own choices,not to mention being manipulated by Sue Sylvester. Really god episode. Was the duet of Somewhere by Rachel and her mother a dream sequence? If so I missed that part. I have loved that song since we used it for Senior graduation ( Too many years ago to admit to, Lol)

  32. Terry says:

    I really liked the first season of Glee, got discouraged last year, and the first two episodes this year have been so bad, I have run through most of the story to get to the songs. Hope it improves soon, or I am giving up on it.

  33. Deena says:

    Serious question: Are the writers setting Quinn up to have a mental breakdown? Its like she learned nothing from Mr. Schue’s “yelling” session. I have to remember these are suppose to be “teenagers”.

    Also, is it me or does it seem like Rachel and Finn have more chemistry this year than any other time before?

  34. Joey K. says:

    With a plot that is finally coherent, and with characters that are consistent, I’m liking Season 3 so far. Granted, it’s only two episodes in, so the train can still derail, but at least it seems like the producers have taken note of last season’s terrible-ness. One thing that’s bugging me is all of the attention on Blaine- he’s gotten two solos thus far, while previous leading characters Finn, Artie, Puck, and even Mr. Shue haven’t even gotten one yet. Granted, Blaine is a much better singer than any of these other men, but hello, way to ditch half of the cast. Darren Criss has a great voice, but Blaine comes off as a bit pretentious, and so far he’s been a push-over, giving in to every little thing Kurt asks of him (changing schools, maybe even giving up the part of Tony [although my guess is he takes it]). Hope we get to learn about the graduating seniors before they graduate, since we have all next year apparently to get to know Blaine.

    • Joey K. says:

      Although my prayers may not be answered, as the new character Sebastian, called the season’s “major villain” by Ryan Murphy, is from the Warblers and primarily deals with Blaine and Kurt, which means more screentime for Blaine…

    • zogerols says:

      In what world does Blaine have a better voice than Artie?

      • Tootz says:

        Artie clearly has the strongest male voice on the show, it’s much more versatile than other actors on the show. The problem is he isn’t given that much decent material (has sung nothing this season yet!). He was awesome with ‘Thriller’ and ‘P.Y.T.’ but had very little singing opportunity last year (compared with others). I fear them shoving him into this musical director role will limit his songs, he needs more not less. And most of all he needs to freakin’ duet with Mercedes more, their voices are gorgeous together (as evident in ‘Proud Mary’), and yet the last season all we got was that crap alcohol ‘song’. They need to pair people whose voices fit perfectly together, not merely cos their storyline overlaps, makes Schue look incompetent. If he paired those two together at regionals/sectionals maybe they’d actually win something! And having seen the promo for next week I’m already exasperated that Will is singing ‘Fix U’, when Artie could have blown him away if HE had sung it.

    • bytheseatofmypants says:

      Beg to differ. I think Darren is good but so are those you’ve mentioned. Cory Matt Kevin and Mark are wonderful singers and at times way better than cough!! Darren. I don’t get his personification. He is a showman performer not a very good actor. Yes his vocals have been featured more where Matt’s vocals are so superior to Darren’s. After all Matt’s a Broadway performer and worthy of his talent. Nominated for awards too. Now as of the present the Glee powers at be are on the Blaine train good for them but I enjoy all the others for their extreme talents as well.

      • Lizzie says:

        @zogerols- I thought Artie had a good voice in Season 1, but that’s just because all of the other guys sucked. In terms of pure vocals, Blaine beats all of them. He stays on pitch and controls dynamics while conveying emotion. Schue is a good singer too, no disrespect, but Blaine has a fuller sound. Artie’s voice seems nasally/whiny, and if I heard it on the radio, I wouldn’t be impressed. So I agree that Blaine is a better singer among the men.
        Still, he shouldn’t get all the solos regardless of who is the better singer. Joey makes the point that Blaine has gotten two solos while the others have gotten none, and he says this isn’t quite right, which I agree with. Great that the producers and the audience love Blaine, but if we actually gave the other characters a backstory, maybe we could love them too. I know more about Blaine than I do about Tina, and she has been in pretty much every episode for the last two years, whereas Blaine just popped up half a season ago.

    • bb says:

      Darren Criss is a better singer than Matthew Morrison??? NO! I don’t like Will at all, but what kind of crack are you on?

    • K says:

      I have to respectfully disagree that Blaine’s getting all the attention. Yes, Blaine had two solos, but he had very little dialogue. Blaine was on the show for maybe a total of ten minutes episode 1, and even less than that episode 2.

  35. Amy says:

    If there is ever a high-schooler who was born to play Tony it is Blaine Anderson. So take it. It is not like they aren’t going to break-up Kurt and Blaine anyway. Also, Quinn is infuriating and so selfish. Oh well, at least we are getting some storyline consistency.

  36. Steph says:

    I was very excited when I heard that Glee was finally getting some more writers. I thought that meant the story lines would finally have some consistency, be interesting, and above all, MAKE SENSE! I have been terribly disappointed so far. Blaine was a year older than Kurt when he was introduced, now he’s a year younger. Kurt has been studying the theater all his life, but when the time comes for him to try out for a “tough guy” character, he sings a Streisand song? Who does that? He would know better. Quinn suddenly wants her daughter back?
    I miss all the music and hate that the story lines aren’t better. I hope it improves soon. I spent almost the entire episode yelling at my TV. I gave Glee all last season, despite all the problems, but I’m about to give up.

  37. Sigh says:

    I just want to drop kick Agron off this show. What a drag. Shelby is disgusting and self-absorbed. There’s really no hope for Beth with those influences/genes.

    Still, the show is on the upswing. I’m glad the writers have re-embraced the concept of plot.

    • gettingbetter says:

      Glee’s getting better at consistancy of storylines. Let’s be thankful for that. Bringing in the issue lost s2 Mercedes taking in Quinn as a friend and supporter s1. Mr Shue telling Quinn to grow up. I agree about Dianna at times hit or miss portrayal of Q. The Shelby/Quinn arc is a stretch but better than the storylines from s2. Puck was really a softy and smitten to be with Beth this episode. I thought was great. Shelby was trying to reach /Q good I think. Now for Shelby/Rachel arc I don’t think RM intends to go there. I for one think that relationship is vital to the reasons why Rachel is so insecure with her self image.

  38. Spencer says:

    Tonights Glee = AWESOME!!!!


  39. BeezyE says:

    Seriously, that was a good episode guys! Haters needs to back off da show dogg! Great acting from Chris and Diana…really great from Diana. Brittany’s “Will-i-Am” president comment…sooooo funny!

  40. Kate says:

    Quinn is the most selfish character in the Glee universe? UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE CENTURY.
    good grief, these characters get more and more unlikable as time goes on…and yet I still keep watching. curse you Glee for being so addictive!

  41. ally says:

    I’m so happy to see how well Finn Hudson’s story is progressing. They are really building a slow but gradual arc for him. We see Finn being proud of his relationship with Rachel, we see Finn thinking and planning for his future (earning money to prepare for college!). And we also see him working towards improving himself (his dancing!) and yes, succeeding. Little steps, but progressing. When have we seen Finn go forward?

    This is a new Finn they are showing us. The writers had him participate in so many plots for the last two seasons, in particular, plots with Kurt and Rachel and sometimes…and I’m saying this as a Finn-centric fan here…he was often used as a foil, as Cory put it himself, he remained static so that “it gave other characters room to maneuver.” And the results were…let’s just say that Finn didn’t always come out on top. But in this episode, we see Finn concentrating on himself. He is not involved in some long-winding storyline with other characters, but trying to build on something for himself. This is something that we had never been given until now.

    • pleasepuss says:

      Love it too. Finn deserves a great story arc. s2 mad him look bad. He is happy and growing, maturing and planning for HIS future. Thinking and looking ahead not excluding New York option as yet. S2 all the storylines for Finn were thrown together with little or no lead into the reasons or causes of his actions or thoughts. Kind of disjointed to me. I am thrilled that his journey is inner discovery Lima bound or discovery of his inner talents and desires or dreams and act upon them. I’m leaving out Rachel just for this comment, Finn’s been lost even more so since his time with Quinn s2. He has to find what he wants to do seems Rachel wants that too. Dream to go to college more than Quinn wanted out of him. I think this will be a major story arc this season a great one and to build slowly makes it even better and more to see him grow as the season goes by. Not like 3-4 episodes to get to that destination.
      I think Burt is a wonderful dad to both boys. Kurt has always had him to encourage and nuture him as he grew up. Finn never had that til now. Liked to see this trio and how it evolves. Then there is Rachel and her lack of mother involvement. I’m just so thrilled for s3 Finn great character growth.

      • sara says:

        I want to believe you – but then why were Finn’s scenes so rushed. The dancing storyline felt like it was over before it started and there was so much more to be said in the workshop. I am not convinced they haven’t replaced Finn as their male lead because this makes no sense. You throw your best stuff when you are trying to win your audience back, and it seems to me they think their best stuff is Blaine and Kurt. They are so underestimating how much Finn/Monteith is missed. He is the heart of this group.

        • bytheseatofmypants says:

          SOOOOOOOO true. Cory/Finn is Lea/Rachel leads represeenting that opposites or polar opposites can work. Popular and losers join to become Glee club. Finn is the co captain/male lead. He lost it to Jesse s1 during his short stint at McKinley and Finn’s confidence was hit. In the s3 opener Finn tells Blaine NDs are not like The Warblers( Blaine and the Pips).
          Yes Finn’s scenes were rushed due to lots of story material in one hour slot. Very little on camera time for Finn IMO. Too good an actor to waste. Yes Finn is and will always be the backbone and shows strength when needed as the leader. I feel this storyarc is going to be the baseline or foundation of this season. Rachel and Kurt are focused on NY. Quinn’s crazy. Puck is a softy. The ND are in an upheavel disjointed and lacking in numbers. Finn will be the rock and show his maturity as the s3 goes by. He may not be getting the solos as he’d had before but his leadership is more important. I’m just hoping the arrival of Blaine and the Glee management don’t overshadow and eliminate Finn’s performances and solos.

      • roz2001 says:

        I especially liked Finn bonding with his new stepfather with the afterschool job. And the comment that Kurt dresses like he owns a chocolate factory was really good!

  42. nina says:

    I want more FINN, please. Seriously, where has Finn gone for the past weeks? I don’t want to believe the internet rumours that Ryan Murphy is pissed at Cory Monteith for daring to speak to him on behalf of his fellow cast members to negotiate a better working schedule for their 16 hour day working days (having only three weeks off after a grueling 40 day tour) and better compensation for the millions of dollars this cast generates for Fox. I don’t want to believe it, but when you give only 3 minutes of screentime to your male lead actor, when WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO BELIVE???

    • kay says:

      I know it’s only two episodes in but I want to see more of goofy Finn. He brings so much heart to the show. I like Kurt and Blaine, but can we have A LITTLE LESS of them and bring in some good old rock and roll songs for Finn to sing?

  43. Anon says:

    Dianna’s acting was SO fantastic.

  44. freaking a says:

    Too. much. Kurt. Hummel. I don’t wanna watch Glee become the Klaine show either. Where is my Santana, Mercedes, and Finn?

  45. Dave says:

    Darren Criss sounded terrible on that West Side Story song, and I find it laughable that we are supposed to think he gave this amazing performance. No. He did not. He should stick to pop songs where the weaknesses in his voice can be hidden.

    And, good lord, how many times do we have to watch the writers tear Kurt down? Chris Colfer put in an amazing performance, but it’s an insult to fans to have to watch this character go through so much crap week after week.

    And now we have another love interest for Blaine coming in? Blaine, who only liked Kurt after months of Kurt pining after him and Blaine giving in once his other options were used up? Kurt should just dump him now and save himself the heartache. And heaven forbid a character ever pursue Kurt! No, instead everyone lusts after Blaine, men and women alike, and we get told that Kurt has “toothpick arms” even when he clearly does not.

  46. joanna says:

    Not even 3 minutes of Finn. We got another snippet of the “What will I do with my life/Can I succeed story” he has, and it is a good story, but for one of the main characters of the show it is very distressing that he’s only had about 6 minutes of total airtime out of 88 minutes in Season 3. It makes me think that Kurt is, indeed, replacing him as one of the two main characters (along with Rachel), as Ryan Murphy kept alluding to during the summer. While I love Kurt, I think that would be a creative mistake; Kurt and Rachel are exactly alike, and the difference/contrast of Rachel and Finn (and Kurt and Finn) is essential to telling Glee’s story about differences coming together and “mashing up” to make something better than their individual parts.

    Other main concern: Rachel’s scenes are very uneven in their tone. It felt to me like I was watching Lea Michele play four different roles tonight; each role was played well, but they did not add up to one character. I’m wondering if the writing method has shifted so that instead of having each character primarily written/voiced by a single writer, with responsibility for the overarching story rotating among the writers (the previous way the show was written), they have now divided it up by story/plot line, with several different writers doing the voice for the same character depending on the scene she appears in. I can’t think of anything else that would explain the extreme differences in tone that I heard in Rachel, and the overall disjointed effect of her character. As an example: clearly her scene with Shelby was highly emotional, yet we did not see any impact from it translating into her character in Rachel’s subsequent scenes in the show. What has made that character (and many of the Glee characters) so strong in the past is that we see how their emotions from and reactions to earlier incidents in the show-both in a single episode and in the show as a whole–carry through to, and shape, their later actions and emotions. I didn’t see that in Rachel tonight–the Rachel of the choir room scene was totally different from the Rachel singing with Shelby (and I completely agree with your comments about it being too soon for her to sing that song that way with Shelby) was totally different from the Rachel helping Kurt was totally different from the Rachel talking to Finn. I felt like I had whiplash from trying to piece together exactly who the character appearing on my screen at any give moment was supposed to be.

    Losing the core identity and consistency of voice and emotion of the characters as they flit through various stories isn’t going back to basics; “basic Glee” was made up of very strong, consistent characters who, out of a core identity, interacted with others, reacted to situations, and grew and developed new aspects of themselves, and whether their roles in a given episode were big or small, we always knew who they were and why they were acting/reacting in a given way. I’m sure that there are challenges in adjusting to a new writing set-up, but it feels like there needs to be serious work done in looking over and harmonizing the individual characters within the stories–perhaps particularly when one of their personal stories isn’t the driving focus of an episode–through final script drafts and directing that corrects wandering characterizations.

    • jane says:

      Gag. If Kurt is replacing him as one of the two main characters, I’m not going to be watching this show. We need Finn and Rachel to be co-captains of the Gleeclub and bring the Nationals Trophy home.

    • Iona says:

      wow. Such a deep analysis. I really do agree with your points. Fantastic write-up!

    • iconclast says:

      Wonderful and so true. I don’t mind that Finn can’t dance like a prfessional – I wanted to see more of him. If they weren’t ousting Cory Monteith why would they cut down such a big moment when we have invested so much in seeing this non-dancer get this far. For what – another over the top show tune from Kurt. PLEASE. I love Kurt but we have told that story over and over and over again. Blaine doing a good job every week is not the same as seeing people practice and struggle. I have invested in this character. Modern Family doesn’t make me regret investing in those characters…

    • huh says:

      Because there essentially there were 4 different Rachels and always have been. Rachel in the choir room was amp-ted up Rachel diva. Rachel with Shelby was insecure/upset Rachel. Rachel with Finn was the softer side of t Rachel. Rachel with Kurt was the actress. Rachel has always had a softer side with Finn she isn’t in fight mode or defensive mode.

  47. allie says:

    Hmm, I actually felt quite sorry for Quinn. It felt like in series 1 when she gave up the baby in series 1 it really hurt her because she didn’t want to but she thought it was the right thing to do. Also she was thinking with her head then and she didn’t really have much of an option but to give her up. I think in series 2 she wasn’t being cold by not mentioning her but it was because it was too painful for her. I think Shelgy is the better mom for Beth but I don’t like her. She is pretty self centred and has treated Rachel pretty crappily – also its very selfish of her to try to get a new and improved baby instead of putting the effort into having a proper relationship with her real daughter.

    Quinn’s reaction to want her baby back is pretty understandable in light of the fact that she gave her up because she didn’t really have the option to keep her and she is all of 17. Of course if someone returned and waved your baby under your nose you would have an emotional reaction and say you wanted it back. She’s a kid – that’s what kids do. It’s not the best thing for Beth but its not unexpected.

  48. Lily says:

    This is only episode 2 and there are still 20 episodes to go. I am sure that Finn’s storyline will be explored well because it is the most realistic one… Ending up doing what your (step)father does… even though it means giving up your love or sometimes your dreams…

    Kurt seems to fight an uphill battle and is at the loosing end: Blaine, Brittany… and later on Rory…

    Looking forward to more Mercedes and Tina though…third episode ?

    • Beth says:

      I think if they spent less time with Kurt’s drama EVERY season trying to find his place they would have more time for his stepbrother Finn. I love Kurt but he needs to take a supporting backround and let some others have the lead (or at least the writers do!) I agree with what you said about what Finn struggles through this season when Rachel begins to push him to be better. I think we saw a glimpse of that when he was in his dancing booty camp and he tried it again because she told him she believed he could do anything.

    • gabi says:

      “Ending up doing what your (step)father does… even though it means giving up your love or sometimes your dreams…” – This sounds like a tragedy to me TBH. They won’t go there, will they? So, Rachel and Kurt are the only ones to be allowed to dream? Why? And Finn will end up living a life a quiet desperation, slaving away in the shop, covered in grease, trying to earn enough money to support his (step)brother’s expensive NY school tuition? TRAGEDY, I tell you!

  49. jay says:

    The setup for Somewhere was daft but oh my it was out the park special.

  50. Agreed says:

    I was just coming to say this. Also, the fact that Mercedes believes she should be Maria makes no sense – her range wouldn’t and couldn’t hit all the notes.

    The other thing that I don’t understand is that Blaine is a junior. You mean to tell me The Warblers let a sophmore lead them in vocals? Highly doubtful. I was really hopeful about this season going back to basics but with each passing week I want to watch the show less and less.