Glee Exclusive: New Gay Warbler to Come Between Kurt and Blaine!

It looks like the honeymoon is over for Kurt and Blaine.

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that Glee has tapped up-and-coming theater actor Grant Gustin to play the recurring role of Sebastian, a gay Dalton Academy Warbler who sets his sights on Blaine.

Major Glee Spoiler Alert: Big Developments For Rachel/Finn and Kurt/Blaine in Episode 5

Both Fox and the show’s producers declined to comment, but the buzz is that Sebastian is the polar opposite of Kurt in every possible way. He’s more like the male version of Santana in that he’s both promiscuous and kinda-sorta scheming.

“He’s our villain this season,” an insider tells me. “It’s a major role.”

Consider yourself warned, Kurt.

Glee producers found Gustin — whose credits include playing Baby John in the national tour of West Side Story — after an exhaustive, weeks-long casting search.

Glee‘s Chris Colfer: Season 3 Plot “Makes Me Love Kurt and Blaine Even More”

He’s slated to turn up in this season’s fifth episode.

Thoughts? Excited Kurt and Blaine’s squeaky-clean romance is going to get a little less squeaky-clean? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. me&darrencriss says:

    A toast to Kurt and Blaine! Here’s to a long and happy romance! And whatever comes in between you, (the new warbler) you will get through together! And to all the haters that disapprove of Blaine… Get a life and find a new tv show to love! Cheers

  2. CB says:

    Wow….sounds more like people are jealous! If you dont like Darren or his character than stop watching the show and dont make your snide comments here….no one is really interested in your negative opinions…this was for the FANS of Glee. Personally he is the least annoying out of all of them. If you dont like him or the show than stick to something you do like and let the fans enjoy our comments.

    • donna says:

      People have the right to express their opinions. And even if they are fans of the show, they can dislike a character. I don’t like Blaine as a character but I like some others so I’ll keep watching.

  3. Deena says:

    I dislike Blaine because as with so many of the characters on Glee he is INCONSISTENT. I mean, look at his age. First he’s a year older, then it seems like he’s the same age as the seniors and now WHAT? He’s a year younger than them? And his characterization has been all over the place. He seemed suave and mature at first, and then when that mask came off, he’s the most oblivious guy ever. And now he’s what? A lap dog who transfers schools because his boyfriend wants him too?? I have to ROLL MY EYES hard at this. And also doesn’t want to audition for a part that he thinks he’ll be good for because HIS BOYFRIEND wants it instead??? Gimme A Break. How can you ask the general viewers (not the 12 year old girls who are in love with Darren Criss) to empathize with this poorly written character?

  4. Gleekfromthe Beginig says:

    I love Klaine! Their relationship is real, and genuine. But it will definitly be interesting to have a love triasngle. the honymoon phase couldn’t have lasted forever. As for blaine stealing the other charectes spotlight I completely disagree. I still see Rachel as a bratty but determained brodway bound star. I still see Mercades as a super sassy diva. I still see Mr. Schue as the kindhearted teacher that everyone loves. Also this season their going to give us more back story to all the charecters showing what they stand for and what the music and glee mean to tem. How is that stealing the spotlight? Though I will admit it’s kinds easy to tell Darren isn’t really Gay… he still is an absolutely great addition to the show I’m really looking forward to the rest of the season!

    • Rhiannon says:

      Blaine is stealing spotlights, there’s no reason for him to have so much screen time and solos at the cost of characters who’ve been waiting since season one for a chance. He just doesn’t bring anything to the show besides being Kurt’s boyfriend so there’s no reason for it besides satisfying the fans that followed Darren Criss, it’s unfair that Blaine get so much screentime just because of who his actor is because his character is BLAND!

  5. jayjay says:

    I just want to point out that people are graduating and they need new faces for the school next year and Blaine is shaping to be one of them. Murphy already stated multiple times that there will be NO breakups this year so it looks like Blaine is sticking around (which is fine with me, he is a hot piece of ass) but for those of you who want to see more of the other characters, have no fear Murphy also stated that this season is about getting to know EVERYONE better. They are just doing it one show at a time. The first was a welcome back for everyone, the second was more on Kurt, Brittney, and Rachel(Blaine was only on for 5 min). And the next one on Mike Chang and Emma. I really think this year is going to rock and I personally can’t wait for the Gay Bar scene. It sounds like they are being a little more realistic to high school in the sense that relationships are always being tested. Only the strong survive and lets be realistic Blaine and Kurt are too good of friends to not work through some guy version of Santana. Sorry Blaine is staying.

  6. Alejandro says:

    How much I love this article…

  7. criss says:

    Forget Glee!! This show should be called Gay, ratings are down, I wonder why???.

  8. Rhiannon says:

    Blaine arguments aside NO-ONE wants this! PLEASE Ryan Murphy don’t run Glee into the ground PLEASE!

  9. RobN says:

    I wonder what will happen to Kurt and Blaine, when Kurt moves to NYC with Rachel? Will Blaine stay in Lima? What will a separation mean for their relationship.
    Anyone heard anything about a spin-off with Kurt and Rachel In NYC, as Kurt said, like in “Beaches” :)

    • Jessica says:

      Remember when Emma gave Rachel and Kurt the pamphlets for the Ohio school she thought was perfect for them but hard to get into? I think they did that to keep Rachel and Kurt as part of the show next season. Then they said Finn wants to stay in Lima and work for Burt so that could be their way of keeping him on the show next season.

  10. Hilary says:

    While i do love Blaine, it is painfully obvious they are milking his fanbase for everything they’ve got. They put him a year behind Kurt, despite most people thinking they were in the same grade, most likely so that he will have another year on Glee. Ryan Murphy obviously realized he was popular and put him in the spotlight. He doesn’t seem to realize that while most people like Blaine, it stems from the Klaine dynamic. However, adding this ‘Sebastien’ character as the opposite of Kurt, and the ‘new Santana’ will either make or break the Klaine relationship. It could also supply a minor plotline for Dave Karofsky, who still hasn’t come out and might look for this new kid as a partner.

  11. Rhiannon says:

    Will everyone calm the hell down, no-one is criticising Darren Criss, it’s just his character that’s awful, he’s bland and I can’t understand why he’s so popular….Looking at this comment section alone I can see that the fanbase is very divided…

    For that matter there are a lot of people, including me who think that there are too many gay characters in this show….so they add another one….what the actual hell Ryan Murphy? Regardless of opinion on Blaine you will be hard pressed to find anyone who wants this to happen.

  12. Jessica says:

    I’m still hoping Karofsky and Kurt end up together.

  13. Christine says:

    Hey people, before you start criticizing Darren Criss and Blaine and how he seems to be the focus of the show so far, let me point out some things you might have missed:

    1) The other characters have not been left out, you see all the story lines that are OUTSIDE of Klaine, such as Brittney and Kurt and the election, Rahcel and Kurt and the auditions, Quinn and her fight for the baby, Sue and her congress campaign to kill the arts….trust me, there’s alot more going on than just Klaine.

    2) Glee producers are not stupid. They wouldn’t have put Darren on as a regular if they thought he would lower ratings. Sure, some people seem to find him a “cashcow” and hogging the screen, but you can’t please everyone. HOWEVER, bringing Darren on as regular pleases more people than it turns away. If you seriously need proof, search the net. You’ll find it.

    3) Why don’t you guys all wait until there are MORE than two episodes of the season to assume where the season is going? It’s only been two episodes people. Kurt/Blaine is pretty much the only story line that is really continuing from last season, so obviously right now it’s on full blast. Plus, come on, they’re cute. All the other storylines are just starting to develop, they have yet to take on their full blast, so be patient people.

    I’m not dissing people who dislike Darren Criss, go ahead, but to say that it’s ruining the show, especially after only two episodes, is a bit ignorant. That’s all I have to say.

  14. cate says:

    omg i love klaine they are soooooo adorable together i dont want anything to break them up :( thats gunna be so sad

  15. Christine says:

    Plus, I don’t mind the drama of a third Warbler coming in between Kurt and Blaine, as LONG as it doesn’t permanently break them up. :(

  16. TurnTables says:

    Let me just say, the only way Blaine dominated the first two episodes was through his solos, which were good, really. Screen time wise there was very little of him (this holds true even for season 2 actually, which explains why Blaine lacks character development) but since haters seem to be pointing out at every moment possible, Blaine’s screen time hogging which there were really not much of apart from his entertaining music numbers, that must mean he and his acting must have made a lot of impact on them which is really something someone with little screen time and proper character development could ask for ^_^

  17. Warson says:

    Can’t stand Kurt.

  18. Turntable says:

    And how is any of these detrimental to Kurt? He might be getting hurt but he cones across as the sympathetic one, he’s the one getting developed as a character… Blaine on the other hand remains… The hot one… I mean really who is getting the shorter end of the stick?

  19. Lindsey says:

    Do I detect some bitterness? Here’s guessing 99.9% of the Blaine/Darren haters here are Heavens/Kurtofsky fans. Sorry guys. Darren and Blaine are here to stay. And a vast majority of people like that.

  20. Chamie says:

    Okay, can I set this straight to the haters? Glee is amazing. Blaine is amazing. Darren Criss is amazing. Klaine is amazing. Kurt is amazing. People who are slamming any one of them you are not real Glee fans and as a Gleek I am ashamed. No matter what goes on if you really are a fan you watch Glee FOR Glee and don’t bitch and whine! Sure sometimes stuff may happen that we don’t like but.. Still. Don’t be a hater.

  21. NerdeeNelson says:

    Wow… I thought this comment stream was suppose to be about sentiments on the rumored home-wrecker, Sebastian joining the cast… not on the cast themselves… Just saying…

    I think it will bring an additional depth to their story. Everyone has personality layers that are unknown to even the self, and sometimes it’s when we are met with unexpected opposition that they emerge. This will be a great way for more character development for some of the cast.Though these two already have a lot to deal with- a homophobic community, age gap, competition etc… I don’t know if adding another element is necessary-but hey the new kid is cute…so why not?!?! lol

  22. Kathy says:

    ok, it was just 4 episodes ago were Kurt and Blaine said they love eachother…. you can’t just break that love! </3 although if Darren Chriss and Chris Culfer are on my tv more?…. I don't mind as much but I still have bad feelings about this :$

  23. I_just_miss_Sam says:

    Guys, do you people know what cash cow means? It means a person that makes a lot of money for a show. Like Darren Criss does for Glee. And Glee in general does for FOX.

    FOX and the directors of Glee put a lot of money into surveys and research to find out what plots and which characters are popular and which ones aren’t.

    That’s why this year they’ve added four more writers (ones who write more interesting plots), added more Blaine and some new characters (token black guy, anyone?) and got rid of unpopular characters like Sam and Lauren. Internet forums and TeenChoiceAwards have nothing to do with it.

  24. Lissy says:

    ok i luv kurt he is my favorite character thats ever been on tv ; therefore i love blaine too because he makes kurt happy :) and its good to see kurt with some one after being lonely. But i love his dramatic scenes. So if there is drama for kurt, as long as he doesn’t go back to being mopey and belligerent, i will be happy. so bring on the drama but dont like super break kurts heart <3

  25. Diana says:

    Oh joy, we’re getting someone chasing after Blaine…again. Because GOD FORBID someone falls for Kurt. Yeah, Kurt can just stay miserable and lonely for the rest of the series.

    Can’t we have someone chasing after Kurt for once? Can’t we have someone fall in love with him in LESS THAT 5 MINUTES and actually date him? Can’t we have someone who DOESN’T sing flirty duets with Kurt, then tell him they’re just friends? Someone who doesn’t date other people, someone who’s interested in Kurt ONLY? Someone who doesn’t break his heart?


    • C.J. says:

      AMEN Diana!!!!!!! Why is Blaine always the winner and Kurt always the loser? Because Chris can play the dramatic scenes and Darren cannot. Let’s remember who won the Golden Globe and had 2 consecutive Emmy nominations. Darren can sing and make those ovaries explode, but he has only 2 faces – I’m a puppy in love with Kurt and I’m a puppy – look at me!

  26. Dragon Fan says:

    You people are being ridiculous. Complaining that Darren Criss is being a screen hog….. Bull sh**!

    Seriously, I watched all the episodes of season 3 so far, Blaine has had little screen time. He was in like two small scenes in the most recent episode, and wasn’t even seen during booty camp and some of the glee club meetings! You’ve got to be kidding me!

    • c.j. says:

      It’s been said a million times, he was not in Glee for the first 3 eps because he was filming in NY (movies and Broadway also love their cash cows and sex idols). He has already had more solos than anyone else, and you can bet that will continue. You notice he sings a lot, but gets no character development?

  27. vanny foster says:

    I only read half of these and I doubt ill ever look at this page again because that’s just the way I am but this is what I gotta say.
    everyone that hates the character blaine isn’t seeing the big picture. He’s supposed to be over the top and charismatic. That’s who he is. Blaine is the perfect glee clubber. He can sing dance and act.

    Darren criss is just playing the character of blaine. And yes I saw him in a very potter muscial before he was on glee and he’s grow some much as an actor and performer since then and if glee has done that for him then yay.

    Kurt and blaine are good for eachother because they need eachother. And maybe the “iloveyou” came too soon and maybe he’s cutting off everyones camera time. We’re only 3 episdoes in. He sang one song. The focus isn’t on him alllll the time.

    So stop hating. This is tv. You’re always going to have characters you might not like but give them time. They might suprise you.

    I believe in kurt and blaine.

  28. PJ says:


    I’m the gleek you’re looking for ;)

    I love Glee, I like Blaine and DC but I don’t watch Glee for him, I watch for all of them and I’m looking forward to see where this new and different triangle leads us!

    One thing I would like to see in this new season is the development of Britanny and santana!

  29. Liz says:

    I absolutely adore Darren Criss and Chris Colfer and I can’t wait to see more of them and Lea Michele.
    I think that the repetitive storyline with cory was getting somewhat old and it’s time to see some more of Kurt and Rachel and Blaine who are by far the best singers and actors.
    I think everyone is amazing but I cannot wait to see more of these three characters :)

  30. Seriously? says:

    Do you care? Really? Who cares if Blaine is or isn’t on the show.

  31. lolo says:

    bordel je croit que je vait gerber ,j’adore kurt et je deteste blaine jespere que kurt va se vengé héhé

  32. AnotherChris says:

    I really don’t like Klaine. There’s no chemistry between Kurt and Blaine. It would have worked as a friendship with Blaine being in more of the mentor role. But as a relationship sorry.

    And the problem with this “love triangle” is that once again Kurt loses. What we need is for Kurt to be pursued by another gay boy and Blaine can have this new Warbler dude. Kurt deserves to be wooed by someone whose hair isn’t shellacked down with more product than Mr. Schue uses and whose wardrobe needs more help than Rachel’s.

    Darren/Blaine is a very good singer but as Kurt himself noted: it’s “Blaine and the Pips” not the Warblers. And sorry but that pink bow-tie? Where was the Kurt of “you really need to call me before you dress yourself, you look like a technicolor zebra”?

    And flowers FROM Kurt to Blaine in episode three? Sorry, but Blaine should have been the one crawling to Kurt with a bouquet. (Even though Blaine was better for the part than Kurt.)

    • brnigrlfl says:

      kurt doesnt lose it is suppose to be part of kurts growth. he finally fights for something instead of giving up and crying. as for the flower thing, why would blaine give kurt flowers? he didnt do anything wrong and he did do abetter job with tony. he sang less then lea and mercedes already this season. and he has not appeared on set that much due to the movie. i was complaining that kurt was with rachel more than his boyfriend at school

  33. AnotherChris says:

    Comment by Shannon: “Kurt deserves happiness, and Blaine is perfect for him.”

    I agree with the first half of the sentence totally disagree with the second half.

    Just as Dalton really was a bad fit for Kurt and Kurt’s wardrobe: privileged white boys in blazers with show choir meetings with a very well-defined pecking order (with gavel), Blaine is a bad fit for Kurt. Even though Blaine is actually a year behind Kurt in school I’ve always seen him as the upperclassman to Kurt’s freshman crush.

    What would be good for Kurt would be a gay mini-Finn underclassman.

  34. MMonti says:

    Can I just say to all the people here saying things like “Blaine has destroyed Glee” and that he’s “overexposed” and to all the people who insult the ones who support the character and the Klaine relationship; you guys need to just chill the f*** out.

    I don’t know if you’ve noticed but this is just a show. Do you understand? There’s no point getting pissed off at a fictional character(s). If you don’t like it, either go watch something else or go outside and actually live your life.

    I adore Glee. But if it went downhill overnight, I wouldn’t go on the forums complaining about how bad it is. I’d continue with my daily life and just watch reruns of the episodes I liked (or if I’m really bored, I’d actually write a fanfiction)

  35. Lucy Taylor says:

    the people that are saying that they don’t like blaine i diagree with, because if it wasn’t for blaine kurt would be alone and sad, so the people that sad that i am telling you to stop thinking about yourself and think about how you would feel in kurt’s position. So for me this is a plus for kurt and i hope him and blaine NEVER break up!

  36. KT says:

    How can people say they love Kurt,and hate Blaine?
    Kurt loves Blaine so much what’s there to hate? I personally love Blaine’s character,and hope they give us more of a background to him.
    I want to know what his family is like. Is he accepted by his family like Kurt is with his?

    I know they mentioned that Blaine’s dad might not be all that accepting. But I’d like a better character development.
    and BOOO On Blaine being a Junior….

  37. anon says:

    wow. a loooooot of arguments going on here.
    To those saying that they don’t watch Season 3/ don’t like Glee much anymore because DCriss is being shoved in the limelight, may I remind you that he has had about twenty minutes on screen in the last three episodes.
    And the majority of that is with him in the background. Aside from him coming to McKinley and his two solos, he hasn’t been there much.
    In fact I would say that Rachael, Kurt and Mercedes have had most of the attention.
    Also, this is NOT a reason to stop watching a good show.
    One last thing, if you don’t watch glee anymore because of Darren Criss, why are you reading an article on glee? Especially if it is focused on Kurt and Blaine’s relationship

  38. Charice says:


  39. chantelle says:

    i will be so upset, if this breaks up Kurt and blaine, Ugh they can’t do that, they are the best couple on glee!

  40. angel says:

    i just have to say its pointless to bring a love triangle if its one sided i dont think blaine will fall for the new guy his in love with kurt i really hate where this is going hope nowhere yes cause trouble but there a million ways to make a rocky relationship triangles are useless just lowers the characters they portray anyway just when u think u see a stable storyline and couple they do things like this i just hope they stay together and season4 i dont no what to expect honestly i dont no why some think just like in a day or so blaine can switch of his love for kurt i wud never understand that…for blaine and kurt was different u cud tell from day one they belong together if this new guy is something like that then yes worry about it but not if it takes foreva like the new guy trys to scheme his ways to get blaine for what eva reason i wud not call that love thats plan crazy anyway sorry about the rant but some story lines just me started and not in a good way trying to keep calm and some people need to chill and stop hating on actors or characters they portray they do the best to give the viewers what they watch but u cant blame them its the way the story is told or whateva is it they do they best to entertain us i just hate triangle storylines they ruin things thats it and after this storyline if i hav not liked it i hav more to say

  41. Émilie says:

    Some of you really need to relax…

    I love glee. I love all the caracters including Blaine. I don’t think he ”destroyed” Glee at all. Thought, I don’t think he deserve more place that he already haves in season 3.

    I can’t seem to understand why some of you think the caracter should go away… We see as much of the other caracter that we did in the past two season. They are even focusing on new caracters (Mike).

    In this season, none of the episode were focused on Blaine. Sure, he had 2 solos but the storylines weren’t about him…

    I just think we need to give more time to this season… At this time, we have only seen 3 episodes… it isn’t much to judge…

  42. MeMyselfAndI says:

    Okay, my criticism (since it seems like everyone here writes one)

    1. It’s sad that to have some drama in the Klaine relationship, the writers couldn’t think of anything better than another lovetriangle, another season of jealous, pining Kurt and another new character.

    2. It should be Kurt being wanted for once! I mean he has to fight for everything and everyone he wants. This he should feel wanted once. Not even Blaine had to pursue him. He suddenly realized his love for Kurt after he sang to Jeremiah and had a date with Rachel, because Kurt sang a song to a dead bird, then all he had to do was a sappy speach and a kiss. And Kurt has always been the pining one, remeber season one it was Finn and season two it were Sam and Blaine. I personally don’t think that he is less attractive than Blaine and he is way more interesting than Blaine. Even Colfer himself said he was a little disappointed when he got the script, he was like “Why does nobody love me?”, but at least we get to see teritorial Kurt this season (AGAIN!), yay!/sarcasm

    3. The writers shouldn’t be wasting so much screen time on two couples (Finchel, Klaine)
    If there are so many other storylines. Karofsky’s storyline has so much potential and he hasn’t been seen for 5 episodes. At least Tina and Mike got their first real storyline after two seasons. Now nearly every episode a new character comes in with a new senseless storyline. Blaine gets almost every episode a solo and in my opinion he’s the most overrated character of the cast. He doesen’t even have a peronality yet and a lovetriangle with him being the obvious one again isn’t going to make him any more intersting. They just made him a junior to keep him for season for, ’cause he’s a cashcow.

    God, I know it seems like I overreacted but I kept it inside for so long, I just had to write it.

  43. Ashley says:

    Why are people totally over-reacting? If you honestly hate Glee/Blaine/Darren Criss so much, then don’t click on an article about Glee/Blaine/Darren Criss. Not rocket science guys.

    • Emilie says:

      I couldn’t agree more. It’s only a show. When you’re up to the point you actually hate some of the caracters/actors… just stop watching!

  44. zoomgrace says:

    Wow people on here amaze me, seriously? How can you hate Darren? You don’t know him, he follows a script so its not like he’s like hey i need all these parts and this is the way it has to be, and he’s amazing, has made no one fade into the background, and you people (haters) would clearly be surprised at the amount of people who love him. So grow up and stop hatin.

  45. brnigrlfl says:

    cracks me up. fans are ridiculous sometimes, first darren criss did not destroy glee. lets be real. season 2 sucked critcs hated it and the finale was viewed as the worst episode of glee. the only thing that saved glee from being cancelled was the arc with kurt. and the relationship klaine. chris won awards for his arx season 2 . darren also brought new fans to glee. it is so immature to blame darren criss because tina doesnt sing or chord left. makes no sense. first tina didnt sing in season 1 and i dont remember anyone petitioning to get rid of lea or finn or artie who had the most solos. even in season 2 they had the most solos. noone asked for their number to be lessened.and chord quit. he didnt get what he wanted so he quit. and fans said it was because darren was promoted. stupid. darren criss brought something new to glee and the warblers were a great change from the normal 20 ballads or constant cheating and triangles. so whether you like darren or his character makes no difference your opinion. but if you want to throw blame somewhere throw it to ryan. he makes the decisions not darren criss. i think he is an awesome actor. for someone to be hired and given no background or back story about his character on that he is a older teen and mentor. i think he did portray it well. then when he was told youre now the same age and his boyfriend. still no real substance as to who blaine is, he pulled off the greatest moment in tv. now he is told everything we said throw it out the window. youre now younger and we’ll dress you as peewee herman. ready act. still no background, no real idea who blaine is or why he is now younger. i have to app;aud him since blaine is probably the hardest character to paly on glee.

  46. brnigrlfl says:

    there is actually a reason its not kurt. it all about kurt and him growing and maturing. chris even stated that he becomes territorial which is not the old kurt, he ould normally give up and burst into tears instead of fight for what he wants, so it isnt rgat a guy wouldnt fall for kurt its more adding layers to his character

  47. brnigrlfl says:

    bravo. agreed. season 3 showed more of meredes than blaine so go hate on her for a while. makes no sense. just an excuse to argue. dont like dc than dont watch glee. he is an important part of it. and of kurt

  48. Ashley says:

    That sucks but then I’m kinda interested to see what happens… Its kinda about time something “rocky” hits their relationship I guess. I’d rather see them go thru drama then Finn/Rachel right now. I’ve had enough of Finchel drama lol I want to see them growing closer and taking the next step and figure out their relationship and continue to grow as One. Blaine and Kurt can take the “drama” for now….

  49. Shelby says:

    I am extremely excited about this new character. Just as a side note, how ironic is it that this actor is most known for his part in West Side Story, and Glee is currently focusing on West Side Story. I just love how the universe aligns.

  50. haha says:

    hmm, after reading some of the comments, i just want to say… it’s just a show, why being so mean to the character, and put offensive comments? calm down… i do agree that everyone have the rights to say anything they want, but i just felt that it’s a bit too much for some of the comments…