Glee Exclusive: New Gay Warbler to Come Between Kurt and Blaine!

It looks like the honeymoon is over for Kurt and Blaine.

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that Glee has tapped up-and-coming theater actor Grant Gustin to play the recurring role of Sebastian, a gay Dalton Academy Warbler who sets his sights on Blaine.

Major Glee Spoiler Alert: Big Developments For Rachel/Finn and Kurt/Blaine in Episode 5

Both Fox and the show’s producers declined to comment, but the buzz is that Sebastian is the polar opposite of Kurt in every possible way. He’s more like the male version of Santana in that he’s both promiscuous and kinda-sorta scheming.

“He’s our villain this season,” an insider tells me. “It’s a major role.”

Consider yourself warned, Kurt.

Glee producers found Gustin — whose credits include playing Baby John in the national tour of West Side Story — after an exhaustive, weeks-long casting search.

Glee‘s Chris Colfer: Season 3 Plot “Makes Me Love Kurt and Blaine Even More”

He’s slated to turn up in this season’s fifth episode.

Thoughts? Excited Kurt and Blaine’s squeaky-clean romance is going to get a little less squeaky-clean? Hit the comments!

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  1. Mega Me! says:


  2. Andrea says:

    Why the Blaine hatred? He’s adorable!!! And you can’t just hate Harry FREAKING Potter!

    • Lidia says:

      Oh shut up! Blaine is not Harry freaking potter, he’s a character. Darren his. The Blaine hatred because he is inconsistent and annoying.

  3. Andrea says:

    Thank you!!! Amen sister!

  4. Jessica says:

    There will be fans who are in it from the beginning and hate Darren/Blaine, there will be fans who are only watching FOR Darren. Personally, I’ve watched from the beginning and I’ve been a fan of Darren and a Starkid long before he was on Glee. I do NOT like Blaine because of Darren. I am not distasteful. And it is highly unappreciated and disrespectful for you to assume so because I have differing tastes and interests. That in itself is distasteful. If you’re going to argue against something, please choose your words carefully, because downing someone because you don’t agree makes your argument invalid.

  5. Lidia says:

    He is so cute, i don´t mind him breaking up a perfect relationship

  6. Janet says:

    I am so over Darren. He thinks he’s all that and everything but he’s not. He’s not really a great singer or actor. The fame has gone to his head. His 15 minutes should be over pretty soon. He’s not really a great singer or actor a

    • Shawn says:

      What is your basis for even saying any of that? In what way has he even remotely acted like the fame has gone to his head? I’ve never seen a single interview with him where he wasn’t extremely humble and grateful for the opportunity he’s been given. You’re just a hater which is pathetic because you are hating on one of the nicest people in show business I’ve ever seen. If the fame had gone to his head do you really think he’d still be working with all his friends at starkids on productions they barely even make money on? Just shut up, you have no points to make you’re just a troll but luckily your opinion is clearly outnumbered by many fans, the writers, and the fox execs or instead of promoting him they would have canceled him like they did to Sam.

  7. allison says:

    Wait…. I just wanna make it clear that not everyone who thinks Blaine is cool is all about being crazy, or “ships” or him and Kurt… Darren Criss is just a damn good entertainer. Nuff said.

    • Jon says:

      Darren Criss is like Justin Bieber. The only difference b/w them is Darren can actually sing and has a different haircut. They both cater to 12 to 16 year old girls who get pregnant everytime they watch him.

  8. Sarah says:

    I absolutely love Blaine and The Warblers and I think they’ve spiced up Glee, a lot! Seeing them perform on Glee have been my greatest joy on the show! Blaine’s singing and smooth dance moves as well as his honey sweet romance with Kurt constantly brings a huge smile to my face and makes my heart flutter. I think Blaine and Kurt are perfect for each other and they do not need a promiscuous, evil scheming gay guy to ruin their relationship. All the haters of DC can hate all they want, cause they are plenty of people out there who find Darren awesome and support his relationship with Kurt.

  9. lulu says:

    Klaine is so cute! im not a big fan of DC but i love kurt nd i dont want him to be depressed like the first season x

  10. Wooow Morii !! Qe Geniaa, Pobre Kurt Omg !!!!! muajaja Purooo Loveeeee !!! wii vaa estar megaa geniaaaal la serieee…

  11. cicciobello45 says:

    it seems to be another version of jesse st james…

  12. Jenny says:

    We dont care about Klaine!! We need a Brittana storyline, bitches!

  13. kendall says:

    Please. Darren Criss is the best character on that show. He’s AMAZING

  14. Brandon says:

    Always have loved Glee always will I like Blaine I was so glad they brought him on I hated that Kurt was the gay on the show he’s so not how gay people are and if they can get some else in there to replace Kurt please do I like a little competition Blaine needs a man not a girl

    • Shawn says:

      I gotta say I agree with you. I’m happy to see that they brought Blaine in who is much more masculine than Kurt and can relate to me a lot more (even though I still wish they didn’t try and “gay him up” so much, darrens already pretty metrosexual as it is) But as much as I like that they’re together realistically they just don’t FIT together. I myself could never be with a guy like Kurt. I’m gay, I like guys, that doesn’t mean I want a guy who acts like a girl it means I want a guy who acts like a guy. I still love kurts character and I do think it’s good because while life can be tough for all gay people growing up it’s easier for us who blend in more than the ones who in themselves are just naturally flamboyant and feminine people so I think Kurt is a very important character for all the boys out there who feel like they have to hide or change who they are.

  15. kathy says:

    Blaine is obviously popular and a charismatic performer. He’s not the best actor on the show but his talents lie in his singing and his charisma. I enjoy watching him perform.

  16. LKR says:

    Aw, I think Blaine is a great character. I know not everyone likes him, and that’s totally cool! Even if he IS being used to rake in more money, at least he’s agreeing! Darren seems to be having fun on the show, and if he seems like a 2-D character… Well, we still have the whole third season to see more of him! It doesn’t make sense to dislike a character for not having a round personality when he hasn’t been on the show very long. And now that DC’s permanent, it’s clear that Blaine IS going to get more screentime since he’s one of the (many, unfortunately) characters now in ND who haven’t had much announced about their background… I’m just looking forward to that, even if it takes a love-triangle to see it.

  17. katherine says:

    Brandon, some gay boys and men are like Kurt. I think he’s a great character and people criticise Glee writers for creating him but this is a show with 5 gay/lesbian/bisexual characters all with different personalities.
    He’s bullied not only for being gay but also for being so different and not afraid to show it despite all the abuse that comes his way. Chris Colfer plays him very well.

  18. Beiste says:

    I’m fat!

  19. moonshoespotter says:

    I think that you guys underestimate Darren Criss. I’ve been following his career far before Glee and you have only seen him in this show. Maybe you should see him in Eastwick or anything else. He may not be your favorite actor, but do not go bashing a person because YOU think he has no talent. I think that a lot of actors (Orlando Bloom, Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, and more) cannot act at all and are only there because they are eye candy.

    Remember, Darren Criss is a person and a human being first and foremost. Treat him like one.

  20. Sam says:

    I think should appreciate the talent and plot that he has brought to glee. He’s not over acting that’s just who he is.

  21. Aden says:

    No. I want squeaky clean!!! there too cute together and I don’t feel like crying when blain cheats on kurt!!!

  22. noypi says:

    Everyone who says they don’t like glee or the characters in the show are nothing but insecure losers because they will never be as talented. Pathetic.

  23. Getoverit says:

    Ok, I love Kurt. I love Darren’s voice. I like the storyline they’ve had up to this point. But as for everyone freaking out because there’s always a love triangle? Do you guys remember high school? There always WERE love triangles. That’s what happens when you’re young and hormonal and trying to figure out who you are and what you like.

  24. Getoverit says:

    Kurt dresses like a girl? Kurt dresses like Kurt. What girl do you know would dress like that?

  25. Kendra says:

    I love all the characters of Glee. Kurt, Blaine, Finn, Rachel, everyone. Bring on more GLEE! I think I will like this new guy coming too. Can’t wait. Gleek Out!

  26. Shawn says:

    I honestly don’t even see how anyone can hate on Darren. He’s one of the nicest most humble people in show business. If you knew him from before he was on glee or even now that he is on glee you would realize that he has such a great head on his shoulders and is incredible hardworking and talented. I like Blaine, as a gay guy I like that they put another character I could relate to more than Kurt who I have nothing in common with. I’m actually very intrigued by this new addition cause he seems like he’s going to be interesting. I do agree that Blaine can be sorta 2D at times but I love him despite that because I”m such a huge fan of Darrens (and I’m not the big fan type). I think the solution of kicking him off the show is just silly, if you want extra dimensions out of Blaine than ask the writers to give him more (which is what they seem to be trying to do hopefully…) But if you’re a blaine and darren hater sorry but your rude comments are outweighed by the amount of fans that are THRILLED that he’s not a series regular. If he were kicked off like Sam I’d probably stop watching.

  27. Erin says:

    haha why did i just spend an hour reading all these comments? ohh yeah i love klaine <3

  28. flowerspliv says:

    This has made me extremely sad, I love Kurt and Blaine!

  29. Will says:

    I don’t like Klaine. Blurt sounds better!

  30. Lauren Pitt says:


  31. Kiki says:

    Darren Criss seems to be a very hot topic around these parts. Lol. I however am a Darren Criss/Glee/Klaine/and whatever else kind of shipper, and I giggle like a teen when Darren comes on screen. Kurt and Blaine make it worth watching Glee again. Season 2 sucked. Darren pined after Chris Colfer’s Kurt, without even realizing it, then suddenly, he did. Isn’t that what love is?! I’m quite frankly, not thrilled with someone coming in and trying to steal Blaine from Kurt, especially since it’s the male version of Santana, but it’ll make Klaine’s relationship stronger in every possible way…and that’s what’s going to be interesting….:-)

  32. Duh says:

    I don’t know if this has been mentioned because I am on my phone and am not reading all the comments, but has anyone thought maybe they are giving “Blaine” more screen time because when everyone graduates this year he will be one of the few good singers left.

  33. Alex says:

    I can see how people would be annoyed with Blaine. I love Darren to death but I don’t really find Blaine all that interesting as a character and last season he had lots more screen time than some of the regulars who have been on the show since Season 1. But Darren has gained a lot of fans and his songs sell really well on iTunes and Klaine just kind of exploded as a ship last season so Glee is really milking it all they can at this point. Honestly the writing of the entire show season 2 and now is what annoys me. I used to actually care about all the characters. Now, not so much. I think it’s time I find something else to watch on Tuesdays.

  34. fairroses says:

    You people should all just grow up! Glee is a fictional show for people’s entertainment. If you have a problem with the show – STOP watching! You all should know better – All the characters on Glee are based upon fiction and is therefore not real…

  35. Jake6669 says:

    The Kurt and Blaine side story saved season 2. This love triangle sounds perfect.

  36. Ho-Babe says:

    I really really hate the fact that Darren Criss is gay on glee. dont get me wrong that stuff is ok but making someone who isn’t gay in real life, gay on a TV show is just stupid. i watched Darren from the beginning before he was on glee and after glee i just lost all respect for him. they should have mad him straight!

    • Shawn says:

      Do you realize how many gay actors have played straight characters? You lost all respects for him for playing a straight actor? I’m pretty sure if Darren just read your comment he would lose all respect for you for saying such an ignorant thing. I think you should find another show to watch, Glee clearly isn’t the message for you.

    • Shawn says:

      *gay character, not straight actor. I don’t know why people freak out so much about straight people playing gay characters, gay people have been doing it for YEARS.

    • Shawn says:

      *gay character, not straight actor.

  37. Nikki says:

    I am a total gleek, watched every episode and love all of the characters and drama, its what makes it awesome =7

  38. MrsSantana says:

    Ok! I’ve been a fan of glee since the first episode…ok wait no…SINCE THE SNEAK PREVIEW! I personally think Blaine is a joke! He was cute last season…but I was kinda pissed that they brought him over to wmhs! I dont think the klaine romance is really all that interesting…they should have never made it a main storyline for season 3! Didn’t we get enough of it last year? Glee season 3 is starting to remind me of degressi and I freaking hate that show! I think Ryan Murphy needs to start paying more to glees demographic which is gays…musical theater fanatics…annnnndddd people over the age of 20? (Ryan? Who bought tickets to glee live this summer? 18-26 yr olds! Appeal to them…! And having Blaine move to McKinley was a mistake!

  39. MrsSantana says:

    Totally agree! Thats the only reason I still watch…even tho I’m not really into klaine it’s still going to be cool to see who stays around…and according to the last episode Blaine is not going anywhere for a min

  40. Yenien says:

    YEY!!! another love triangle in glee!!! Out of the walblers Blaine is loosing ground

  41. Cavaliera says:

    Thank you!!! I was about to reply to that twat myself but yours saved me the trouble and made my day!

  42. Cavaliera says:

    The only cow I can spot here is the jealous that Blaine gets all the love and she can’t stand it

  43. LallyRose says:

    This is more to people who are brawling and stuff but yeah. I am completely and utterly in love with Glee, that doesn’t make me as a person tasteless – people consider me so because I’m the person who feeds off unheard of stuff most of the time. Isn’t the message of Glee to never allow anyone in the way of what you love? Stop arguing, accept one another, don’t kill each other behind my back because you missed the weird stalker new kid.

  44. Cavaliera says:

    There are some woefully ignorant people with evidently nothing better to do than bother the true Gleeks with their contrived, senseless drivel. If you don’t like Blaine/DC, WHY THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU HERE READING ABOUT HIM??? Last time I checked, it did take actual physical conviction to select a web article, so next time you’re itching for something to troll about, kindly leave the Gleeks out oyour vendetta. THEY SEE ME TROLLIN’, THEY HATIN’!!!!

  45. Melii says:

    Kurt and Blaine forever..!!! <3

  46. Jade says:

    I really don’t understand these posts of “Blaine hogs the camera” and “They’re over selling him”. Yes Blaine got the only solo in the first episode of season 3 and he got another in the second episode, but he was only in three scenes during the second episode. I’d hardly call a solo at the end and 2 lines throughout the episode “hogging the camera”.

    Look at the first season, how many times did we have to watch Rachel and Finn hog the camera? Almost every duet and every scene had something to do with one of them but a lot of people still watched and enjoyed the show.

    We’ve seen all of the new directions cast sing and act during the first two seasons and now Blaine is apart of that group too. I hope they give Blaine more scenes to bring out more history and depth to his character, his voice is amazing and i enjoy his songs and can’t wait to see more of him interacting with his new Team-mates and friends.

    This show is made for entertainment to a large audience, they don’t tailor it specific to what or who an individual may want to see/happen. So your favourite character is Santana or Britney? Fantastic, enjoy what they do show of the character you like and move on, don’t be ungrateful and whine because another character got 8 minutes of show and yours got 5.3 minutes.

  47. Angela says:

    I haven’t really been watching Glee anymore, semi-tuned in last week because the other people in my dorm common room wanted to watch. This sounds like yet another cringe-worthy idea; I’ve lost count of how many times they’ve jumped the shark in the past season, even within episodes.

  48. dapper awesomeness says:

    Okay, I speak for all of us when I say that thhe beginning of the comments was COMPLETELY OT. Now, let’s just think for a moment. If Sebastian does start pushing away Kurt, and Blaine starts becoming interested in Sebastian, where would that leave Kurt? Does the whole ”Kurt running into Karofsky in a gay bar” thing happen before, or after?

  49. Hannah says:

    I would like to reply to Carl.

    Umm. First off it’s Lea Michele. One L. Also, she is a fantastic actress. She was in Tony Award winning show Spring Awakening and has a phenomenal voice. Soo… Yeah.

    All the people on Glee are fabulously talented and honestly, if I ever got the chance to perform with them I would be so honored.

    So there really is no mediocrity. So go. Away.

  50. Hannah says:

    I have to agree, no matter how much i love Darren Criss, glee and, the whole blaine-kurt relationship, i must admit that blaine, as a character, isn’t consistent. And that, my friends, is the writers fault. Why did Blaine go from being a senior last year to being a junior this year? Ryan Murphy clearly said in an interview that Blaine was older than Kurt. I would forgive them if they had made the two characters the same age, but having Blaine be a year younger? Looking back that just makes Kurt look like he is needy, and I have a feeling that if the writers had established Blaine’s age when he was introduced, then Chris Colfer would have most likely made different decisions as an actor and the writers wouldn’t have written scripts that contradicted themselves. I am excited for the extra year of Blaine coming our way, but unless the writers find a consistent, strong personality for him like they found one for Brittany (remember when she was smart in that one episode?) things may go down hill without Kurt, because lets face it. Who is Blaine without Kurt? I have faith that the writers will be able to give him a stronger character as time moves on, but only time can tell. I hope that adding Sebastian will speed this process.

    • Hannah says:

      And by the way, I am in no way insulting Darren Criss or Chris Colfer, who I view as both being extremely talented. They are my favorite part of Glee.