Glee Exclusive: New Gay Warbler to Come Between Kurt and Blaine!

It looks like the honeymoon is over for Kurt and Blaine.

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that Glee has tapped up-and-coming theater actor Grant Gustin to play the recurring role of Sebastian, a gay Dalton Academy Warbler who sets his sights on Blaine.

Major Glee Spoiler Alert: Big Developments For Rachel/Finn and Kurt/Blaine in Episode 5

Both Fox and the show’s producers declined to comment, but the buzz is that Sebastian is the polar opposite of Kurt in every possible way. He’s more like the male version of Santana in that he’s both promiscuous and kinda-sorta scheming.

“He’s our villain this season,” an insider tells me. “It’s a major role.”

Consider yourself warned, Kurt.

Glee producers found Gustin — whose credits include playing Baby John in the national tour of West Side Story — after an exhaustive, weeks-long casting search.

Glee‘s Chris Colfer: Season 3 Plot “Makes Me Love Kurt and Blaine Even More”

He’s slated to turn up in this season’s fifth episode.

Thoughts? Excited Kurt and Blaine’s squeaky-clean romance is going to get a little less squeaky-clean? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. d says:

    Anything that gets Darren Criss and his camera-mugging, overacting self off my TV screen is A-OK with me.

    • anon says:

      You think that a love triangle that includes Blaine will get him OFF your TV? That’s fantastic logic right there.

      • Jess says:

        LOL! Well played, well freakin’ played. Hahahaha!

        • E. says:

          LOL yup, A+. I can’t wait for this, I was scared about Klaine getting a love triangle, but this should make some drama and I like the idea of the Warblers being rivals with a mean leader. I mean, I thought the Warblers were finally gone for good, but I guess if they’re the new Vocal Adrenaline it’s okay.

          • Gianni says:

            Hey, if it gets a guy who looks like THAT on my TV set, I’m all for it.

          • Penny says:

            Yup, I love the style of the Warblers; they’re quite unique (with a very talented group doing their vocals), and the idea that they could become the new team for ND to beat just when they thought they were catching a break with Vocal Adrenaline is fantastic. Vocal Adrenaline got two important characters in Jesse and Sunshine, so it’s nice to see a new rival from Dalton.

            I hope they keep the general dynamic friendly, though! I liked the fact that the Warblers were actually nice people as opposed to the show choir that’s basically all evil.

      • DCLOVER says:

        HAHAHA! That’s exactly what I was thinking!

    • Bearcho says:


    • Matt says:

      Wow. You seem to have some anger issues. Thankfully you are in the minority when it comes to Darren’s popularity. Maybe you should move on to another show since it’s clear DC (and Blaine) aren’t going anywhere.

      • lilac says:

        oh Matt! Believe me – you’re the minority.

        People do not like Blaine – at least tasteful people who see a cash-cow three miles away.

        • Sarah says:

          I can’t stand Blaine.

          • Lily says:

            I can’t stand him either. Glee used to be my favorite show but I haven’t seen any of the season 3 episodes because it was obvious they were shoving Blaine/Darren to the forefront of the show.

            Keep me posted, Ausiello. If this Sebastian sweeps Blaine off his feet and back to Dalton, I might tune back in.

          • Debra says:

            me neither

          • iloveklaine says:

            you are mean, i love blaine x

          • darrencriss says:

            Actually the only reson i watch glee is because of darren criss. i have loved him since i saw him with his youtube production company Starkid. He is honestly one of the coolest charismatic people you will ever see on your television screen. Also I think Blaine is one of the nicest characters on the show because he caters to Kurts every demand (as you can see I’m not a big fan of Kurt) and I am happy to have another person in the picture so Blaine can get away from the poison that is Kurt.

          • Matt says:

            He has literally destroyed the show. Some important characters have faded away because of him. First, Finn -Cory Monteith may not be the best singer, or THE best actor, but the moments with his mom, Kurt, and Rachel, and Mr. Shue brings the best out of him. That’s character’s importance is forgotten. Then, Mr. Shue – the lead character of this show is now just an introduction guy to the episode. He barely has shining moments with the kids he love in the Glee club, and some pointless scenes with Sue. As a lead character, he gets a song not his first, not his second, but only in the third episode of season 3.

            Many of you may never understand this, but he is NOT helping the show’s progress. Teen Choice Awards mean nothing. I would have loved after the sectionals performance of “Hey Soul Sister” and a guest starring scene once in 6 episodes or so. Instead, almost every episode he had to sing a Top 40 tune (which was out of character btw) for all the teen girls (mostly for AVPM,Starkid productions)…many of them don’t watch the show at all. Puhleease, the show has declining viewership after “the kiss.”

            What made the show a success is that each of us had a connection with a character and we loved the ensemble as a whole. We loved Brittany’s hilarious one-liners, Quinn’s mean girl-esque scenes, Finn’s struggle to be a real man for his family, Mr. Shue’s dream to prove that the underdogs’ voice can shine, Rachel’s annoying personality that made us laugh, Mercedes’ sassiness, and Kurt’s occasional scenes with Finn that made LOL, and true moments with his dad (whom I adore) that made us cry. Since Blaine was introduced, many forgot the main characters who really make the show of what it is. Every Youtube video or any blog (like this) has ONE tiny info / shot of Darren gets fangirling comments while the hard working cast gets very few.

            Now, everyone percieves Rachel as this annoying character who doesn’t deserve solos episode after episode, or Finn who became this character every person blames (from Jesse to Blaine to Mercedes). And, the requirement to be on Glee is that “an actor who can sing” NOT “a singer who can act” Darren can sing, but a mediocre actor who is incapable of portraying a gay teen. He can portray a HS student who can act like a “Teen Heartthrob,” but not as Kurt’s bf, and certainly not as a good mentor.

          • Banana says:

            Are you kidding me! Blaine is amazing! Darren Criss is amazing!

        • Hobbit says:

          People don’t like Blaine? There’s this giant ass ship called the Klaine ship that begs to differ. A ship in which all the boarders love Kurt AND Blaine

          • lilac says:

            I’m sorry…I said tasteful people who don’t buy into a ship that has no sort of basis except one hot kiss and an “I love you” out of nowhere…and of course Kurt pining away for episodes

            And it’s not that they don’t like him…it’s that they HATE him (you know being a cashcow and whatnot).

          • Rhiannon says:

            I don’t mind Klaine but I can’t stand Blaine, his role should have only been as Kurt’s mentor and boyfriend and nothing more. I only like the couple because Kurt deserves a little loving but I want his sassynes back which is never going to happen if he’s forced to take a back seat to Blaine. I want sassy season 1 Kurt back just without the loneliness. Blaine should have stayed at Dalton.

          • Saskia says:

            What the heck? How can you say that he’s faded some characters into the background? If you haven’t noticed, Finn and Rachel still get all the parts in Sectionals, Regionals, Nationals etc… Rachel does her best to take EVERY solo, and is self-centred. Finn is just a man-hoe, cause all he does is skip to different girls. It’s only a matter of time before he leaves Rachel again. Kurt and Blaine, are tasteful, and they fit together beautifully. I fir onr’ love Blaine, and Darren Criss.

        • Jo says:

          Actually lilac — you need to start looking at polls and such. Why do you think Darren Criss was added as a regular this season…because the fans wanted it. And the character Blaine rates as one of the highest with the teen viewership. Fox execs are smarter then you…that is what Blaine is now at McKinley.

          • lilac says:


            And spamming polls any TEENager can do it. And did the viewership actually increase after Darren brought in his HUGE ASS fanbase?

            If Fox execs were smarter than me they would fire RM.

          • Amanda says:

            This is more to lilac, but Darren Criss is the reason I watch Glee. I never watched a single episode until he was cast as Blaine.

            Does he have the biggest fan base in the world? No. It’s probably bigger than you realize though and, like it or not, it brought at least some people to Glee.

          • Sammy says:

            Darren Criss is the only reason I watch this show. He’s the best performer and the least annoying character. I am glad we are going to finally see him shine and find his way in the relationship, vs him just being Kurt’s bitch.

          • sara says:

            Cory Monteith won Best Actor, Comedy in the Teen Choice Awards – voted for by teens – and yet Finn doesn’t seem to be anywhere in these first eps much to the dismay of the legion of fans he has. Perhaps teens do prefer this three way love triangle, but haven’t there been a lot of love triangles on Glee already?

          • ATLgroove says:

            Teen’s Choice doesn’t really mean much. I mean, Lie To Me won Best Drama and was cancelled a month later.

          • Cybrina says:

            thank you Jo and Hobbit i couldnt have said it better myself!!

          • Clara says:

            I’m sad to see all these comments . Is anyone a real Gleek here ? Or a Crisstian ? Or a CrissColfer ? I don’t know ! Someone who loves KLaine and Glee ! And DC ! C’mon, tell me there is one person like this here. It’s kinda looks like you all hate Glee or you hate Blaine, or DC. Or you just love DC. That’s nnot being a Gleek, even if no one said he was. I’d like to see one real Gleek comment !

          • Rhiannon says:

            That’s the thing, the Glee fans didn’t want it, the Darren Criss fans did. They just can’t look past the actor to see how atrocious the character is in the spotlight. This is why someone so well known should never have gotten a part.

            The TRUE fans (and I don’t mean to be elitist) as in the ones that watched all the show are miffed that the other characters are being pushed back (especially Kurt who stole many hearts) for a character who’s only popular for the actor playing him.

          • Sho Fuwa says:

            Yup,I’m 100% agree with you.I mean,it’s pretty much logical thinking,he wouldn’t be offered as a regular after just being a recurring role FOR NOTHING.Of course,he had done something-eg:Teenage Dream beat their record of Don’t Stop Believing and stuff.So,obviously he left a major impact on the show.

            Fyi,I started watching Glee just because of Blaine .If not,I’ll never watch it just to c these other characters that seemed boring to me,no offense except for Kurt ==.Suddenly opened the TV and saw Blaine singing Teenage Dream,I liked him instantly :).B4 this,I don’t even know Glee,now I did because of Blaine. =]

            sorry for this long comment,but I knew I had to say something for some of the comments here irritates me when it comes to Blaine’s popularity ==.Ugh,I wonder y some people can’t THINK LOGICALLY. =_=

        • gina says:

          EXACTLY! Blaine SUCKS. Over acts and is used WAY too much. He’s popular on the internet but that is a TINY % of the fanbase. Its irrlevant.

          • Ali says:

            LOL uh did you not hear about the reactions at Glee live? Where people went nuts for him and the Warblers? Went nuts when he came out on stage during the Klaine/Brittany skit? His songs sell well BECAUSE people like him. Get over it.

          • Sarah says:

            The writes troll the fan sites and use references and story ideas from there all the time – missing the point that the devoted Gleeks do not equate to the bulk of the audience and that is why the show is declining. All these opening storylines are driven by fans wanting something on whichever is their favourite resulting in rushed ill-considered plots…again.

          • darrencrissrocks says:

            Are you kidding? The internet is basically television, and sorry to say this but, YOU’RE ON IT RIGHT NOW. Also, if you have no idea what avmp, avps, or Starkid is, you’ve never been on youtube in your life and all you do is stalk websites with articles about people you don’t even like. So don’t come on this page and start booing everone who thinks Darren is supermegafoxyawesomehot when you were the one who went and found it.

          • starshipranger says:

            You have angered hundreds of thousands of Starkids. Tiny percent? I think not. I don’t even watch Glee, but you can’t say that Darren is a bad actor. That’s not true.

          • really? says:

            That is so true Gina…. the internet is such a TINY thing now…….hopefully it takes off one day! IDIOT

          • lilmissklainebow says:

            ok ok lets stop with the hatin’ i for one, didnt know darren criss existed until he came on glee! and i still love him. :) and chris colfer of course. long story short, i ship klaine! i luv kurt and blaine! i think they have a rather….. uniqueness to their relatioship. not just because their gay, but they have a well balnce at least what iv seen in season 3 and some in season2. but u no, haters gonna hate, klainers gunna klaine, and all that. but uh here is something for my true blue gleeks and klainers, not sure if this has been made known by everyone yet or not buuuut….. *SPOILER ALERT* kurt and blaine,well haow shalll i put this, do the dirty in ep 5? *ahem* yes it has been confirmed. XD XD XD XD

        • Josh says:

          That’s why tasteful people avoid Glee. You want to talk about a cash cow?

          • lilac says:

            I agree with you completely

          • Kara says:

            So, the millions of fans world wide are distasteful?

          • Carl says:

            Yes, there are a LOT of cash cows – agreed. Fox execs look to the bottom line.
            At first the mediocre (sorry can’t sing/dance) and affable Monteith -so what if he won a teen choice award – along with the Michelle & Colfer cash cows. Michelle & Colfer due have chops though and Criss is also well skilled & talented. Most of the other character actors have some talent (singing or dancing – not much acting).
            But the bottom line is who is going to rake in the $.

            Thanks for your frank honest comment.

          • Alexandria says:

            Dear lilac, Josh, and other Blaine haters,

            I find it quite contradictory that you are on a webpage about Glee while commenting that “tasteful people avoid Glee”. So, not only have you made a completely false statement, but you have also insulted yourselves. Obviously, Glee means enough to you to come to this article (yes honey, on the internet you have to click to come here).
            Now, onto your comments on the acting of Darren Criss. First off, he’s obviously doing something right if he is on the show. Are you? Hmm…nope. So you have the right to judge correct? Hmm…also nope. If you do not enjoy Glee, don’t watch. That is your own choice. However, don’t be ignorant and spam the comment area with your negativity. All that makes you look like is an attention whore. Just back off. Glee is a brilliant show that really can touch people while also making them laugh. The plots are fairly good (nothing is ever perfect, that’s part of the fun) and they create drama and excitement in fans. I love Glee, I think the couples and triangles are fun. I love Klaine, but a triangle is welcomed because it adds drama and dynamic to the show.

            In conclusion:
            You sound simpleminded, so go away.

        • Max says:

          I find it hilarious that you think people who like Blaine are the minority or lacking taste. I find his story (not to mention how it relates to Kurt) completely charming, and I’m a gay man in my 30s. Sweeping generalizations are generally a bad thing, bro.

          • Windrider says:

            Max honey I have to give you an A+. I am a mid 40s straight married woman and a TRUE Klaine shipper. I am glad that we will HOPEFULLY see some Blaine based storylines and not just “Kurt’s boyfriend”. ESP with him slated to stay for his sr year, he needs to develop an indipendent character.

            Never saw a starkid production until AFTER Darren appeared on Glee.

          • Sue says:

            Max and Kara, I got you both beat, I’m a 50+ grandma of 4 and I totally ship Klaine.

          • Brenda says:

            ICAM. I’m in my mid-40’s and I enjoy Blaine a lot and his relationship with Kurt is wonderful. I hope to see it develop more and am looking forward to their first duet of Season 3.

          • Max says:

            See, this string of comments just further proves that fact that people of all kinds love Blaine and his relationship with Kurt. It’s unfortunate that the people who dislike him so much are so loud and so very rude.

        • Larry Weisberg says:

          oh lilac! Believe me – YOU’RE in the minority. A lot of us LOVE Blaine. Your level of snarky taste has nothing to do with it. He’s fun to watch and has a great voice. The Warbler tracks from last season are some of the best ones.

          • lilac says:

            “The Warbler tracks from last season are some of the best ones.”

          • Eddy says:

            I liked the Warblers too.

          • lilmissklainebow says:

            I posted this earlier but i felt it belonged here. So ill post this again. *ahem looks around embarrassed* cut me some slack, im sick n bed and my blood sugar is NOT GOOD. so im a lil ditsy today. o right the post
            ok ok lets stop with the hatin’ i for one, didnt know darren criss existed until he came on glee! and i still love him. :) and chris colfer of course. long story short, i ship klaine! i luv kurt and blaine! i think they have a rather….. uniqueness to their relatioship. not just because their gay, but they have a well balnce at least what iv seen in season 3 and some in season2. but u no, haters gonna hate, klainers gunna klaine, and all that. but uh here is something for my true blue gleeks and klainers, not sure if this has been made known by everyone yet or not buuuut….. *SPOILER ALERT* kurt and blaine,well haow shalll i put this, do the dirty in ep 5? *ahem* yes it has been confirmed. XD XD XD XD p.s. Sorry eveyone for my ditsy posting skills

        • nona says:

          people hate him but he’s still a cash cow?
          don’t you need people to like you to actually buy your stuffs? hmm something’s wrong with your logic.

          • Eddy says:

            lol You bring up a valid argument.

          • Derek says:

            It’s called Marketting.

            Marketting is the business that involves showrunners and advertising execs telling you what THEY THINK YOU **SHOULD** LIKE. It’s got nothing to do with what you actually like. As an annoying teen of the 21st century that you are, you are in exactly that pathetic impressionable bubble that they are trying so desperately to throw things at, knowing that you’ll jump on the first fad they come up with just because they told you it’s a fad.

            All the smarter people realise that the Blaine star has fizzled out already.

            I’ll admit that in the second season – they really needed the Warblers. The show was starting to get boring (because they kept recycling storylines and completely underusing other characters entirely – I’m still in shock that Mike Chang finally got an episode to shine) so they needed something fresh.

            The Warblers were that something fresh. And once THEY were gone it got boring again. People will realise soon that Criss was only good with them too and part of his appeal was the whole “male choir” thing. We don’t need him hogging up even more time that could be better spent on other underused characters (most especially Tina who’s solos actually get cut off again and again and again).

        • raychul says:

          people shouldn’t like blaine, honestly. i mean, he’s really 2-D. i know klainers love him… and yeah, he’s as cute as a button… but honestly, if he wasn’t portrayed by darren criss, you all would hate him. you only love him because he’s darren criss.

          being a kurtofsky shipper, i’m not a fan of blaine. i love darren criss because, um, he’s awesome. but i’m not a blaine fan because he’s just… not right for kurt. he needs epic romance and klaine just… isn’t. it’s boring.

          • E. says:

            Yeah Kurt does deserve an epic romance, and clearly mileage varies because in your opinion, an epic romance has a horrible history like Karofsky and Kurt have? Like Chris Colfer says, after that death threat, it just became something that is Not Okay. Whether or not he meant the death threat, it scared Kurt, he lived in fear for his life because of Karofsky. Maybe they should become friends, but romance? With that history? Not only is it a horrible message to send, but it’s not okay.

          • peyton says:

            here’s my comment on kurtofsky. it’s like:
            “oh, hey. you beat me up, make fun of me, threatened to KILL me, and then kissed me against my will. let’s get together!”
            it’s stupid and makes no sense whatsoever.
            team kurt coblaine.
            ~rant over.

          • Katie says:

            Blaine may be a pretty 2-D character (i agree with that statement… he doesn’t have much to him really) but I don’t think that means that he should get shoved off the show. If the writers want to try and make him a more interesting character, I think it would be interesting to see what they could do with his character.
            I really do love blaines songs (which is strange, because i’m not usually into top 40) and if they could actually attatch a dynamic character to his voice that would be great.

            I just don’t think kurtofsky will ever happen. It wouldn’t make sense… I understand klaine not happening… but i’d think they’d find a new character for kurt, rather than pushing him to karofsky.
            They just don’t seem to go together, let alone all of what happened durign the second season.

            But either way… I prefer kurts episode 2 storyline to all this love triangle/romance buisness. I think the idea of kurt struggling with beign considered a serious actor w/ his sexuality is a really interesting plot.

          • Max says:

            See, I disagree. I think Kurt and Blaine have – well, not an epic romance, but a highly charming and more natural romance than the other couples on the show. It’s nice to see a normal couple, and I love that a gay relationship is actually being treated seriously, rather than as a punch line.
            I agree with E, too, that after the death threat any chance of a romance with Kurt and Karofsky became “not okay” like Chris said. The writers and creators also seem to understand that it wouldn’t be a good message to send. I’m all for an eventual friendship, but I don’t think Karofsky is ready for ANY relationship until he comes to term with himself. He can’t love anyone yet, because he hates himself too much.

          • Me says:

            i think the new guy should go for dave… he’d be better. leave klaine alone

          • L says:

            I agree with your part about Darren Criss/Blaine. I did not know who Darren Criss was before this show, but I find Blaine to be annoying, mostly because out of all the characters aside from Kurt, Finn, and Rachel, they have altered his personality to fit the storyline more then anyone else. And he has been on the show for a lot less time then those other 3, so it really stand out to me that he isn’t only a 2-D character, he’s all over the place. It really bothers me. If they maybe made his character consistent and fleshed him out more, I’d probably like him. Because I don’t have any problem with Darren, just with Blaine. However, I do not think that Kurt should get with Karofsky either.

          • Derek says:

            I never thought of them as a couple, but I wish they would use Karofsky better and turn them into good friends or something like that. Kurt could really help Karofsky to come to terms with who he is, and it would be a really sweet storyline.

            Much more interesting than all this Klaine over-exposure.

        • Harmony says:

          I love Blaine. And Darren Criss. I’m excited that he’s part of New Directions.

        • darren4evr says:

          i FREAKIN love Blaine!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t be a hater!

        • anonomous says:

          blaine is amazing and I am in love with klaine so you are wrong!!!!!!!

        • AR says:

          Wow lilac….Darren is an amazing actor, and all the “cash-cow” and “mugging” is what the writers want him to do…so if you don’t like it, then you don’t like Glee so move on or shut up!

        • Shannon says:

          Oh, okay, wow. Some people, such as yourselves are really petty. You can stand Blaine, or you hate him – trust me, or go on Tumblr, you’re in the minority.

          Most people are happy to see Kurt happy, and that’s what Blaine is there for, to lighten Kurt’s storyline after them being horribly depressing in Season Two. I don’t want to put this down to homophobia, because then I would say, why the hell are you watching Glee?
          Kurt deserves happiness, and Blaine is perfect for him. If you can’t see that, then you’re definitely blind.

        • girl says:

          Lilac, to say that people are distasteful because of their support for a FICTIONAL character is ignorant and frankly, a little sad that you are getting so upset about something that IS NOT REAL. The point of the show is to have characters to which you can relate,and others which you may hate. Maybe walk outside and see that the real world is a little more exciting than whether or not people like Blaine.

      • anna says:

        love Darren Criss and Blaine. ;)

      • Angela says:

        I liked Blaine when we first met him, but like almost all of the other characters, he was ruined by the writers’ inability to create interesting, dramatic character arcs or to keep their personalities even remotely consistent.

    • Espy says:

      Can’t we just agree that some of the fandom likes Blaine and some don’t? Why do people have to assume that the entire fandom agrees with them and everyone who doesn’t is a tasteless moron? I like Blaine (mostly cause of Team Starkid), but I also understand why people hate him. And I’m kind of curious about evil gay warbler…

      • Ali says:

        They always think they’re the majority because they’re stuck in a fandom bubble. Then they say he’s only on Glee because he’s “a cash cow” ….umm, because people like Blaine’s solos, top40 especially. Therefore not everyone hates him and wants him off the screen. It’s funny.

      • :) says:

        I agreee its dumb for people to get so hyped, I mean really guys its a TV show for goodness sake. I vote team Klaine and maybe just ’cause of harry potter, but that’s my opinion. :)

      • Josh H says:

        I believe the term “False Consensus Effect” would pretty much explain a lot of the assumptions that there is a general census of agreement in one direction rather than different factions having their different preferences. The directors have no choice but to rely on what the show yields in ratings, so let them make what decisions they do, whether they may not seem perfect now, just be patient with where they decide on taking the show. There can be Klaine fans, anti-Klaine fans and all those who are in-between or indifferent. However, why would anyone choose to parade around as being “tasteful” and simply not willing to appreciate facets of Glee other than Darren Criss’ character is beyond me. Try to appreciate the little things and do not complain if the world does not cater to your every whim.

    • carla says:

      haters gonna hate but darren is an amazing actor. I’m so sick of those people who keep criticizing darren bec he has more solos and more screentime, that’s not his fault. I love this show and though season 2 was an upset, season 3 has been amazing so far:) guys, don’t worry about this sebastian, klaine is solid:)

      • wendy says:

        He’s a good singer and dancer but I would NEVER consider him an amazing actor. He’s adequate. That’s about all.

        • jon says:

          ^ preach

          He can’t even act like a proper boyfriend for Kurt. He still acts like a Starkid, there’s not a change in a personality. It’s quite boring. But, I do admit he’s a good singer, never an actor – otherwise he would have scored an emmy nomination in the guest category.

          • Allie says:

            Ok. So you’re saying he acts like a Starkid which equates to him being boring. Here’s a fun fact for you. The Starkids studied at University of Michigan, which is one of the best theatre schools and is very competitive to get into. So anyone who says that Darren and the Starkids are bad actors are just kidding themselves. They’re all very talented people.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Okkk this is crazy. Everyone had opinions! And if some of you people hate blaine, darren criss, kurt, and glee, then why in the world are you reading AND commenting on this article? In my opinion, glee is a fantastic show, but if some people don’t like it, that’s fine, just don’t go commenting about it everywhere and saying that everyone who DOES like glee is stupid.

        P.S. I hope klaine is ok! I don’t want sebastian! but they have such a great relationship, i think they can get through this little…um…distraction. :)

    • Rain says:

      Thank you! I thought I was the only one not in love with Darren Criss. I’m hoping this kid drags Blaine back to The Warblers never to be seen again!

      • Jake says:

        That’s not going to happen – he was promoted to series regular, he’s going to be around all season. Which frankly makes me happy. I love what he’s added to the show.

    • icon says:

      Didn’t you know he was supposed to be the saviour of Glee – but they had him ALL over the trailers for the 3D movie and that bombed and now he has dominated the opening episodes. Meanwhile, loved characters who can really act are out in the cold.

      • Betsy says:

        Any movie that doubles it’s money can hardly be called a bomb. Glee 3D will probably make triple what it cost to make before it goes to video. Most films can only dream of making their money back and don’t. Based on it’s cost to make, Glee 3D was a sucess.

        • Derek says:

          A movie that merely doubles what it took to make it IS a bomb.

          It needs to out-do it’s budget in it’s earnings by about 4 times the amount, or even more. You are an idiot – everything makes it’s money back, it’s all got to do with profit. If you are telling me that all it did was double what it took to make it, it is a huge, miserable FAILURE. Empirical truth, no matter what movie.

          I’m Australian and I can tell you it didn’t perform well here. Being only here for 2-3 weeks didn’t help either.

          And let’s figure out what the movie actually involved. One or two new songs? Everything else just repeated shat which people have been over-exposed to way too much already? What is the point of this movie then? It certainly won’t win NEW fans to the franchise!

      • Josh H says:

        I suppose having a starring role on Broadway means Darren Criss is not glee material? The only claim I see you being able to make is that acting on Broadway must mean he would “overact” for the Blaine role on Glee, a show that highlights the underdogs in show-choir, even though that level of act would not be “overacting” on Broadway. At least clarify what is considered “overacting” in your opinion, because I appreciate enthusiasm rather than half-hearted “under-acting” if there was such a thing. In my opinion, there is merely acting, but it depends on the efforts put in each actor’s approach to a role that interests me, not if I think it seems overtly enthusiastic or not, because that could very well be what makes the character who they are. I think this season will give Darren Criss an opportunity to show glee viewers that he can create a dynamic persona for his character Blaine.

        • Derek says:

          The problem is that of the 3 gay showrunners, they took back what they said about “focussing on all the underdogs” and ended up focussing on only one single underdog issue instead – the gay one.

          For a show all about minorities, they are certainly doing a great job about making one of these minorities into a clear majority over the others. And now that they have done that, the irony is they won’t go back to the other minorities but just continually harp on the gay storylines because they can’t see past their own lives forthe lives of the other characters any more.

      • Jessica says:

        Darren can’t act? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpq2P_iCJhw I’m going to need you to watch that.

        • Lily says:

          Oh dear. I am usually not a poster, but I have to say that did not strengthen the argument that Darren is a good actor.

    • Lue says:

      Darren Criss is an incredibly talented performer and it’s flabberghasting that you can’t recognize that. Overacting? Until you score a coveted role on a hit television show like Darren did, I believe you to be inept to be the critic of his talent.

      • Rhiannon says:

        Darren can act but there’s not much to Blaine FOR him to act. Face it, Blaine was not designed as a main character, fans aside his character just can’t pull it off and developing him this late into the show would be pointless and unfair to characters who have been around since the first season. Also his push to the spotlight is turning Kurt into a submissive, needy person. It’s like a fanfic gone horribly wrong….

        • AnotherChris says:

          “a fanfic gone horribly wrong” LOL

          a good point. Although NOT on Team Klaine I do have to admit that one of the best fanfics I’ve read “A Second Chance” by midatlantic is a Kurt/Blaine story. But two others that are brilliant are with Kurt/Finn (god I hate the name “Furt”).

          But the sheer amount of mediocre Klaine fanfic is ridiculous.

    • Eddy says:

      STFU I want more Blaine and Kurt if anything.

    • Pat Secrest says:

      I admit your comments hold some truth. But for this you would dismiss this beautiful, talented, exciting man from our TV viewing pleasure? Let him grow. He’s fantastic.

    • Herman says:

      Little d, eh? The ‘d’ must stand for your weiner.

    • cicciobello45 says:

      it seems to be another version of jesse st james…

    • L says:

      If he’s a bother, here’s an obvious solution: Don’t watch it.

    • Kendall says:

      lol you’re really dumb

    • Dalton.A.W says:

      Um, I think that generally the Darren thing is yes, he does have a little too much time in the limelight, but you can’t really judge him. He is a talented singer, he doesn’t overreacting in the way you state he is, and I agree with many that Klaine shipping is very popular.

  2. Eliza says:

    We knew that Klaine would not be left alone- does every couple have to have a triangle???

  3. Marcus says:

    Of course it can’t be Kurt who has a hot, non-abusive guy interested in him.

    • Vic says:

      My thoughts exactly. It would be nice for him to be going after Kurt.

      • TJ says:

        I agree that it would be nicer to see the new kid interested in Kurt. I read ‘hate’ posts with interest. Anyone who considers their opinion as fact and others as wrong has got issues outside of fandom. Personally I have nothing against Darren, I think he has a lovely voice. I am less keen however on Blaine, I feel his character was shoved down our throats a little last season. The Dalton scenes all seemed to focus on him performing and I would have been much more interested in exploring Kurt’s emotional journey (which I thought Chris C protrayed brilliantly with the little air time given to it). I am also interested in how they write the ‘Blaine moves to WMHS’ story as it seems a little contrived at first glance. I also don’t feel there is much chemistry on screen between Blaine and Kurt, despite the actors best effort and part of me wonders whether some of the people who love Blaine so much love the actual character or just the fact that there is an open gay romance given air time (which I am actually all for).

    • E says:

      He does, his name is Blaine.

      • Marcus says:

        Blaine never had to pursue Kurt, in case you’ve forgotten last year already. In fact, he actively pursued other people.

      • Melissa says:

        And so the internet has once again been won.

      • lilac says:

        Did you actually watch season 2 of Glee – where was Blaine pursuing Kurt??

        • Law says:

          Did you watch it? Kurt pined over him for ages, a bird died, Kurt sang, Blaine kissed him. There was NO pursuing on Blaine’s part.

          • Caitlin says:

            I’m sorry, since when does there have to be pursuing? Mike and Tina? No pursuing there and I don’t hear anyone bitching about that. My gosh, would you please let the fact that there is a healthy gay relationship on television for all young people who may be gay and afraid to come out aspire to be enough and not want to ruin it! At least it’s realistic unlike freaking Rachel who dated Finn, and Puck, and then we brought in Jesse, and then she went back to Finn, and then she cheated on Finn with Puck, only to go back to Jesse again! Yeah, because you know THAT makes sense!

            Darren Criss is an amazing actor and if the writers want to use him, that’s not his fault. Lay off of him guys. Seriously.

    • Tom says:

      It doesn’t seem as though this guy will be “non-abusive”; he sounds like a manipulative bitch – and they can be far worse than closeted football players, I tell you.

    • Del says:

      Why are people so HUNG UP on the pursuit of it all? At least Kurt has a boyfriend who loves him, was his friend first, and is willing to do things for him and give things up to be near him. IMO that’s what matters. I mean there have been so many crappy relationships on this show, at least Blaine is a good boyfriend. As a Kurt fan I kinda have to take what I can get, the boy gets put through the ringer.

    • Maggie says:

      Exactly. I keep on waiting for a love-triangle involving Kurt more than Blaine and I so hoped this was the case! Unfortunately no…

      He deserves to have somoone pine over him this time :P

    • Eddy says:

      Blaine though.

    • Lolly says:

      Kurt is basically a little girl. He sounds like a girl, dresses like a girl, walks like a girl, etc. Why would a hot gay guy go after him?

      • Irene says:

        Don´t know. Ask Blaine, he (unlike you) seems to really appreciate
        Kurt´s magic. He´s a unicorn, you know… :)

      • Sam says:

        Not everybody has the same preferences, idiot.

      • Shannon says:

        Oh, that’s so offensive in so many different ways. People like you make me SO angry. Just because his voice has a higher pitch, and he likes fashion DOES NOT in ANY WAY make him a girl.
        Why would a hot guy go after him? Because he’s extremely good-looking, and if you can’t see that, well…
        As the comment below says… Kurt’s a unicorn, and because of that, he’s not afraid to be himself.

  4. Evie says:

    oo that sounds awesome!! im really liking this idea of a triangle here. Klaine is just too “cute”..need to liven things up a bit..im really looking forward to this story arc!!

    • Max says:

      Well, it only counts as a triangle if there’s mutual interest, not just an evil villain going after Blaine. I don’t think Blaine would look twice at another person, not with how Kurt has him wrapped around his little finger.

  5. Ed says:

    While I do like Klaine, I was hoping it would be Dave coming between Klaine but I don’t see it happening.

    • Bec says:

      How delusional and sick are you to think that a homophobic bully who sexually harrassed Kurt could (or should) possibly come between him and Blaine, who has only over treated him with love and respect?

      • Max says:

        While I don’t like name-calling (delusional and sick) I do have to agree that I think a relationship between Kurt and Dave would be a bad idea. I know I personally wouldn’t consider a relationship with someone who threatened my life. Plus Dave isn’t anywhere near ready to come out, so he has to start loving himself before he could try loving someone else.

      • AllieCarolina says:

        There were better ways to say you don’t approve of a Kurt/Dave relationship but I guess you chose to be an ass.

        I’d like a Kurt/Dave friendship but I agree with Max.

      • R says:

        Homophobic bully, eh?
        Seriously. I really do want to watch the episode where he sexuall harassed Kurt. Because I don’t remember it.

        • Emma says:

          Or double check your definition of sexual harassment. In was there in just about as obvious a way as Fox is able to show on primetime television.

        • Lily says:

          The kiss between Karofsky and Kurt AND the kiss between Blaine and Kurt is censored in certain countries…

        • Sam says:

          When Karofsky grabbed Kurt and forced him to kiss him, very clearly against Kurt’s wishes, that was the textbook definition of sexual assault.

  6. Sivat says:

    Good! Kurt and Blaine are sickeningly sweet and boring as all get out! I love the idea of a classic love triangle but between three gay characters. Please make it SOAPY!!!

    • Eddy says:

      You don’t want to see how glee does “soapy”. Do you remember the Finn/Quinn/Rachel triangle? Trainwreck.

      I prefer cute functional couples (on glee anyway). Because they can’t seem to handle writing good heartfelt drama.

  7. Anna says:

    I don’t get it. Why not someone interested in Kurt?
    Btw, it’s fine. Klaine is unbreakable. I’m not worried.

  8. Mi says:

    I feel like a bad Klaine shipper but this looks so interesting

  9. Shannon says:

    I thought they were supposed to be cutting back on guest stars…

  10. elsa says:

    Woooooo a gay Jesse St James! A new ship is sailing on Glee!

  11. megslin says:

    And this is why GOOD parents dont let kids transfer schools for “love.” ALso, Ryan Murphy…LET ONE COUPLE WORK OUT PLEASE EVER THANKS. NOT Santana and Brittany. One that could possibly stand a chance at working out.

  12. Dave Karofsky says:

    Uh, hello? Does anybody remember me? I used to be the villain!

  13. charcus says:

    d… as in DICKHEAD right :)
    Darren Criss is a awesome actor and a fantastic singer!!

  14. Kiki says:

    No, I don’t like it! I don’t want triangle, I want Klaine to have problems…but not like this! Another gay guy who wants to split Klaine???? why RIB, why do you want Kurt and Blaine to be like Finchel????

  15. Linderella says:

    There is someone interested in Kurt – it’s Karofsky…this could all be very, very interesting.

    • Elle says:

      Max Adler actually said that he didn’t think Dave had a crush on Kurt – just that he was acting out to him because he was the only out kid at the school. And Chris said that he stopped thinking Dave would be a love-interest contender after the death threat. I agree with both of them.

      • Craig says:

        What Chris and Max think about their characters means very little, honestly. The writers do what they want to do, that much is obvious…and they love to shock us (I nearly fell off the sofa during the locker room kiss scene and my boyfriend actually spilled his soda on said sofa).

    • Ali says:

      Chris has said it right, and he continues to imply it in interviews, Karofsky isn’t an option. The bullying went too far, and that’s only one of the reasons it shouldn’t happen. Dave Karofsky needs to accept himself, there’s his happy, healthy ending.

    • Eddy says:

      No. I think this new guy should crush on both Blaine and Kurt.

      That would be interesting.
      Or maybe another Warbler tries to get Kurt, while this dude tries to get Blaine.

  16. Che says:

    Sounds Awesome! and he looks gogeous!

  17. Amber says:

    Maybe this guy will end up with Karofsky?

  18. terri says:

    Sounds exciting. I am all for it if it gives Blaine some much needed depth.

  19. Kate says:

    Well, I can’t say that I’m surprised; especially after hearing that the title for Episode 5 is “The First Time.” But, I agree w/Anna – Klaine is unbreakable. But, even unbreakable ships face problems. (I’m not trying to liken Klaine to the Titanic or anything, but no relationship is ever problem-free.) However, should RIB mess with Klaine in any long-term way, the entire Klaine fandom would revolt.

    • Amy says:

      Could not have said it any better. Mess with Klaine and I won’t be a happy Gleek.

    • Deanna says:

      Can you swear to it? ‘Cause I think a Klaine fandom revolt would be priceless. *coughmeaningthatIwouldn’tmindseeingthemgoawaycough*

      • Maggie says:

        Exactly! I would love to see what would happen if they broke up.

        That of course, doesn’t mean I want them to break, seeing as I am a Klaine shipper :P

      • AnotherChris says:

        Same here. I can have my little revolt stamping my feet over here because Blaine got Kurt doesn’t mean I expect RIB to care about my revolt; hope they give as much (or little) regard to any Klaine temper-tantrum.

        I think Chris Colfer’s comment about Klaine sums it up: why is it Kurt with Blaine? “They really don’t have [many] other options do they?”

        I wish they had seen that writers can create other options.

    • Ali says:

      Klaine fandom had a meltdown over the Junior/Senior thing, I can’t imagine what would happen if they had a horrible breakup in the first half of the season. That’s like apocalyptic stuff right there LOL.

      • Pen says:

        Wouldn’t it? I would know, because I’m one of the ‘obnoxious’ Klainers XP I really, really love Klaine, but I could use some excitement. I just don’t want them to break-up. I want Kurt to be jealous over Sabastian because he might feel like he’s losing Blaine, at least ONE Klaine fight (to make them a realistic couple) and for them to be really loving and solis: Like Mike and Tina.

        I’m tired of them being so squeaky clean, though. I’m all for anything that doesn’t include either of them cheating and them breaking up for some reason. :)

  20. Logan says:

    HOORAY! Let’s hope that this guy sweeps Blaine away and makes the self-absorbed Kurt cry like the baby that he is.

    A lot of viewers are sick of the Kurt worship – no way a guy like Blaine would be interested in someone that annoying in the first place – so if this breaks them up, this could be the best news since Glee actually got real writers.

  21. chris says:

    #nothappy #notatall #imeanit

  22. Potassium says:

    DO NOT WANT. Can’t one couple just be sacred? No. Always the drama. Always the cliche.

    • Jean says:

      Always the boring is Klaine, no thanks

    • Emma says:

      Tike is already the sacred couple. Mike Chang’s abs shall not be tainted.

    • Craig says:

      Of course one couple can’t be sacred. That would be BORING.

      Why should the gay couple receive different treatment than the other couples on the show? I’m getting sick of people acting as if “Klaine” should be indestructible because of their sexuality…nothing could be further from the truth.

      Everyone is so worried about the “message” it would send to have “Klaine” unhappy at any time, but you’re all forgetting the message that it sends when the gay storyline is treated differently than the others. Political correctness can go too far, you know.

      • K says:

        Hey, I’m a die-hard Klaine fan, and I’m all for giving them drama. But I don’t want a love triangle. It’s been done way too many times on this show.

  23. Jessica says:

    This looks stupid. Someone tell Ryan Murphy before they go through with it.

  24. Bob says:


  25. donna m says:

    He looks nice and being a villain makes him even more interesting. With Karoksky due back soon Klaine just got a whole lot more interesting.

  26. Jade says:

    Thank you Grilled Cheesus! Some drama up in here. Klaine was getting so boring it’s literally painful seeing them on my television screen every Tuesday.

  27. Tina says:

    It should be Kurt who get’s hit on, but yes, this is interesting. I’m sick of Blaine just after one episode. His bow-ties are stupid.

    • Jen says:

      I agree with this.

    • Alis says:

      Bowties are cool… and super cute.

    • Maggie says:

      I second this :P Please someone hit on Kurt!

    • Eddy says:

      I’m possibly for both Kurt and Blaine getting hit on/ getting jealous. As long as it’s nothing too melodramatic like Finchel/Fuinn. And as long as they survive it.

    • Diana says:

      Finally someone who understands and shares my hatred for Blaine’s bow-ties. I mean, wth, RM? WHY THE CLOTHES. MY EYES BURN.

      Also, I think Kurt should get hit on once in a while too. It’s always people around him that get all the atention. Most of the dudes and dudettes in ND whore themselves out or have these epic love-sob-stories. What about Kurt?

      When that new guy comes in and Blaine leaves him, Kurt will have no-one -again- because i’s not like Ryan Murphy will make Finn fall madly in love with Kurt or something…

  28. Aki says:

    Sebastion, I give you leave to take Blaine far, far away. Please and thank you.

    • Eddy says:

      If Blaine is going anywhere far away, it has to be to New York. With Kurt.

      Apart from the fact that he’s a frigging junior. :/

  29. Jo says:

    I love Klaine… but really? The Warbler storyline is over. Why drag this out? Its stupid and ratings will go down with people who didnt like the Warblers being in last year. *Sighs* Yes Ryan… way to try and get your show back.

    • Alis says:

      Pretty sure people LOVE the warblers… ‘Teenage Dream’ was the best selling single, hence why we see so much Darren. Darren has a lot of fans, Darren sells singles, Darren gets airtime. Darren Criss came from a place where he already had a very large and growing fanbase… and I don’t think it’s wrong for the Glee Writers to want to capitalize on that.

      A lot of people actually really liked the Warblers and I personally wished they could have done more with the background Warbs. If you add Darren, and his pack of background singers what comes out is money, and that’s exactly what they want.

      • sensibleheels says:

        but he isn’t talented enough for the exposure he’s getting – that’s problem with Darren Criss for me. You can can preach about his creativeness but at the end of the day he doesn’t actually *sell* a scene.

      • Craig says:

        Yes, the marketing of Blaine was brilliant. They had him sing Top 40 songs (no showtunes for him!) that young teens love. They slicked his hair back, put him in an adorable blazer and told him to bat those Bambi eyes for the camera and BAM! a teen idol was born.

        I’ll give you that Darren Criss can sell the heck out of a song. He’s truly mesmerizing…I’ve watched Teenage Dream more times than I’d like to admit. HOWEVER, as an actor, I don’t find him nearly as compelling. The kiss that should have given me chills made me uncomfortable instead because of his line delivery. That “You move me, Kurt” had me torn between laughter and nausea.

        I know that this is an unpopular opinion, but I’m owning it.

        As for Dave Karofsky, I really wish that the writers hadn’t ruined him with that cake topper scene. I think he could have been a contender had it not been for that. The kiss is excusable…honestly, people, he did not pursue it once he saw Kurt’s reaction. He acted on instinct with a close-mouthed kiss and retreated when it was clearly unwelcome. That’s not sexual harassment…it just isn’t. While it was ill-advised, it could have been easily remedied had the writers chosen to do so.

        Anyway, I find Max Adler to be a more compelling actor…I’m not sure what it is about him, but his scenes have been so beleivable. I’ve never once questioned his acting choices.

    • Eddy says:

      I don’t mind the Warblers. They were cute.

  30. j says:

    My guess is that he will probably come between Klaine and that next season Blaine will have a new boyfriend just my theory.

  31. Brittany says:

    I’m sorry but can we please have someone chase after Kurt. Someone who didn’t start out as a bully. I’m so tired of Kurt always having to fight for someone to notice him.

  32. alien says:

    oh hello! he’s cute! lol /shallow

  33. Waverley says:

    Although I love klaine, why can’t it be Kurt for once? he’s had to fight for everyone he wants, and he’s had his feelings bashed so many times. Why can’t someone be interested in him for once? I love blaine but he’s not just some almighty gay god every guy and girl would fall over to get too. I want to see BLAINE being jealous, not Kurt. He shouldn’t have to go through that.

    • Maggie says:

      I love Klaine too but I just want to see someone hit on Kurt! I adore Chris Colfer and he’s one of the only reasons I watch the show. Darren Criss is hot, but not as much as they make him to be!

  34. Stefanie says:

    Jesus Christ. ANOTHER person interested in Blaine? The guy is NOT that hot. This will be Blaine’s FOURTH love interest since he met Kurt. Kurt should just dump his fickle ass. Heaven forbid that any guy ever show an interest in Kurt, who is the person people wanted to get a boyfriend in the first place. These writers are so STUPID. Every time I hear a new spoiler about this show, I wonder why I even watch it.

    • Hmm says:

      Fickle? Ever since he fell for Kurt he’s gone to his old school’s benefit, sang to him at his school, went to his prom even after he was beaten up at his last school dance, and transferred schools to be with him. Um. Fickle?

      • Stefanie says:

        He fell for Kurt after every other option was exhausted. And as soon as another person shows interest in him, he’ll turn his head. Blaine has liked three characters in the short period he’s been on. His feelings are shallow, like some teeny bopper. But what can you expect from a Mary Sue?

        • goldfish says:

          “after every other option was exhausted”… What show are you watching where this happened? ‘Cause from what I saw, Blaine (before knowing how Kurt felt about him) serenaded Jeremiah and failed, and dated Rachel for a day due to a sexual identity crisis. That’s it. Two people is EVERY OTHER OPTION?? He didn’t hit on Dave, knowing Dave’s gay, or Sandy, or any of the straight guys. Meanwhile, Kurt ALSO hit on two other guys (Finn and Sam) before meeting Blaine and falling for him. I will never understand why some people seem to have it in their heads that you can only fall for one person for it to be a worthwhile love. Every see the movie Peggy Sue Got Married? It’s HEALTHY to explore other options, especially as a teenager. If anything, it helps you realize it when you’ve found the Right Person.

    • Eddy says:

      Blaine is hot. And this dude if not a love interest. He’s a villain. He’s there to butt heads with Kurt because Ryan Murphy has decided that Kurt is in for a rough ride this season.

  35. K says:

    Because a gay teen couple in Ohio doesn’t have enough obstacles to deal with…let’s add yet another love triangle to the show. *sighs* I think it’s time to find something else to watch on Tuesdays.

  36. pat says:

    Oh good! Darren gets even more screen time! Seems like we just don’t get enough of him on The Blaine Show… er, I mean Glee. Ryan, your boner for Darren is just embarrassing.

    • Tom says:

      Besides his solo, Darren was on-screen in two minor scenes in the previous episode. He had less than five minutes on-screen in total. Your “The Blaine Show” is just laughable.

      • chord says:

        He had more solos (9) than almost all the series regulars last season, including Cory/Finn, when he was just a “guest star”. Only Rachel and Kurt had more than him, but not by much, and that’s with 44 eps under their belts, whereas Darren has only 13 eps. So yeah, “Blaine Show” is accurate.

    • Eddy says:

      Darren doesn’t get as much screentime as you’re making out. :|

      • Starkid says:

        I know right? I wish he got more screen time.
        Sure he is a cash cow but people are forgetting why he is one. He is TALENTED. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just hating because they haave nothing better to do.

  37. Jake says:

    This sounds actually interesting. If people think Klaine being all happy was going to last then they really need to get acquainted with TV because TV couples are never happy for too long there’s always something to mess with a couple. And i like that he’s interested in Blaine, i mean come on Kurt already has Karofsky and Blaine attracted to him. bringing in a 3rd character would be too much.
    As for the guest stars rule being broken, of course people complain about it because Ryan should of clarified that he meant no big stunt casting guest stars because this is a TV show and sometimes recurring characters are needed to drive the main character’s stories.

  38. dan says:

    Great just what the show needs MORE Kurt/Blaine screen time. /sarcasm

    • Eddy says:

      Actually it does. The show is doing wonders for lgbt visability on tv.

      • Robbie says:

        Who cares? I don’t want “wonders for lgbt visibility” on one of my favorite shows. I want quality. I want fun. I don’t care that there is a gay couple on the show, but they should be treated like any other couple and not used simply to make a point or to promote “visibility” of some special-interest group.

        • Snyy says:

          I disagree with you, Klaine is absolutely not there simply to promote homosexuality! They’re an important pairing because Kurt is an important character, so his lovelife should be shown.

  39. Gleeklub.com says:

    And when oh when will Brittana get TOGETHER? Let’s get them some air time!

  40. Sam says:

    Good, the new guy will take Blaine back to Dalton (and off my TV) and Dave and Kurt will get together.

    • B says:

      I could be down with this. Sick to death of Blaine’s face right now. Also sick of Kurt’s face at the moment… would love to see some of the rest of the cast for a change.

    • Deanna says:


      Kurt & Karofsky have SO much more potential for interesting plots than Klaine does. But yay for fangirls? *sigh*

      • lol says:

        Yeah, so interesting, seeing Kurt with someone who took his issues out on him by kissing him by force, telling him he’d kill him if he told anyone, and made his life a living hell for a while, at one point even getting all in his face when Kurt said “I don’t want you near me” – oh, but ~dave~ is sorry, so it’s okay, let’s see Kurt help him through his issues while they live unhealthily ever after. No.

        • AllieCarolina says:

          What do you mean unhealthily ever after? Do you not get that his storyline is about redemption and self-acceptance? That means he’s not the bad guy anymore. He probably still has a lot of growing up to do befo. But it’s obvious the writers wanted him to change or he wouldn’t have apologized and he would’ve still been how he was early in season 2. Just sayin.

          • lol says:

            I can’t forget what he did before. Getting into a relationship with someone who did those things to you in the past, regardless of why he did them, is unhealthy. There’s a history there that cannot be erased by a million tears in a million hallways, and if the Kurt character considers a romantic relationship with him I’ll lose so much respect for him. A friendship, support system? Yes, this is okay, but a relationship is not okay.

      • Rex says:

        Yeah, it’s all the fangirls’ fault that Kurt doesn’t date his tormentor. I see you’re a big fan of Stockholm Syndrome, aren’t you?

    • Eddy says:

      Nope. I do not want this. Ever.

  41. Ellie says:

    Why even do an exhausting, mulit-episode arc on a love triangle when we know that “Sebastian” will be on the losing end of the stick. It’s the same thing with the Rachel/Finn/Quinn drama, viewers sat through it even though we knew all along Rachel and Finn would be standing when the dust cleared. TV (not just Glee) is so predictable. It would be nice to have something not so predictable happen and have Blaine end up with Sebastian and take his happy go lucky a** back to Dalton. Maybe this is a way to separate Klaine, they aren’t endgame and Kurt is a senior, Blaine is a junior. So, them running of into the sunset together to NYC is for now out of the question.

  42. Jacke says:

    I have a really hard time believing Darren Criss is straight in real life. He plays this part too well, even down to the body gestures. Hmm.

    • Tom says:

      Brad Falchuk said it best: “Darren is the gayest straight man in the world.” Or something. (As a sidenote, I wouldn’t mind if he were indeed gay in real life, but alas! no such luck.)

  43. B-Rad says:

    By guest stars, they meant big names like Gwynyth, etc.

  44. Nycitynygirl says:

    I am not happy that someone is trying to get in between kurt and blaine but i like that they are making the relationship interesting. As much as I love klaine, they need some kind of conflict to keep things interesting. I just hope that this guy does not break them up or I will be REALLY mad!!!!!

  45. rhi says:

    I am pissed, actually. THEY CAN’T let anything come between Kurt and Blaine! Us Klainers are too emotionally unstable in thinking about what would happen come graduation time!!

    • Deanna says:

      …that was meant to be funny, right? ‘Cause it totally was. lol

      All I can say is THANK GOD Kurt and Blaine are actually going to have some issues in their relationship. Their perfect, fluffy romance annoys me more than anything else on the show.

      I’m sure this is wishful thinking, but maybe this guy will make Kurt start looking at Karofsky a bit more. That’s a relationship (romantic or not) that I’d love to see more of.

    • domenik says:

      yes i agree

    • Eddy says:

      I know. I’m not even goiing to think about graduation. It’s too sad.

  46. Lily says:

    Guys. Calm down. It doesn’t actually say that Blaine likes/allows this guy to peruse him fully does it? For all you know it could just be some dude who chases after Blaine, maybe tries to kiss him etc but Blaine keeps pushing him away. It makes more story lines. E.g. Kurt getting jealous, Blaine making a point of being with Kurt etc. This may not be a bad thing.

  47. domenik says:

    AHHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOO i will bee sooooooooooooooo mad if that happennsss!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Laure says:

    Welcome to the Blaine show. I thought last year was bad, but this year the overexposure of Blaine looks to be even worse. And of course they make him a Warbler, so they can cram another pointless song or 2 in.

    • Tom says:

      Blaine had less than five minutes of air-time and just two minor scenes bar his performance of ‘It’s Not Unusual’. I’d hardly call that overexposure. Also, I’m thrilled to see Dalton and the Warblers again. They have been sorely missed.

      • Craig says:

        But, if I’m not mistaken (and I very well could be as Glee does not consume me completely…usually), Blaine had the only solo in the very first episode of the new season. Finn didn’t sing, Puck was almost non-existent, Artie was mute, and even Kurt had to share the stage with someone else (not that I’m complaining…it was lovely).

        Then, in the second episode, Blaine was presented as outshining everyone else once again. Now, I’ll give you that he nailed that song and is the perfect Tony…but c’mon!

        I think that this is what has concerned some fans of the other characters. It does appear that they’re over-selling him a bit.

    • Eddy says:

      eh. You’re exaggerrating.

  49. Evyn says:

    And of course he goes after Blaine, God forbid anyone actually falls for Kurt… So we are going to get more jealous Kurt, so excited… we didn´t get enough of that last season… I would prefer some jealous Blaine to be honest

    • Abe says:

      Blaine fell for Kurt. So did Karofsky.

      • Tom says:

        Exactly. And Kurt fell for Finn. I think Kurt have had enough love stories. It’s just as fair that Blaine falls for someone. I mean, his pining for Jeremiah for like five minutes hardly even counts – especially compared to Kurt/Karofsky and Kurt/Finn.

      • jb says:

        Excuse me? You call what Karofsky was doing falling for him? How about no.
        Blaine hardly fell for Kurt, he was magically waved in a 5 minute scene into being in love. He did nothing to chase Kurt.

        • KraziiIsMe says:

          Didn’t you see the duets they did? Obviously Blaine felt SOMETHING! It wasn’t just a 5 minute scene. He slowly falls for Kurt, but doesn’t realize it until that episode. But it’s obvious that he likes Kurt before that.

      • Max says:

        While I feel for Karofsky and his situation, because it’s hard for him and I think he’s got issues to work through, and he might think he cares about Kurt… no. He kissed Kurt because Kurt’s the only out gay student at the school. He’s a symbol, not a person he connects with on any level. Kurt represents something scary and dangerous. They don’t really know one another, they don’t share interests, they don’t connect on a human level. He kissed Kurt because he was scared and didn’t know how to express himself in another way when confronted, because saying “I’m gay” is too hard. That doesn’t mean he harbors feelings for him – Max Adler even said he didn’t think Karofsky had a crush on Kurt, just that he acted out towards him since he was the only out kid.

      • Eddy says:

        This is true.

      • Rigby says:

        Karofsky didn’t fall for Kurt. He was simply an easy outlet for his repression. There was no love there.