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Exclusive: Bones Boss on Booth-Brennan Sexscapades: 'We Don't Need to See That'

Many loyal Bones viewers, having been denied the lovemaking scene that resulted in Brennan’s season-ending pregnancy news, hold out hope that they will see the prospective parents at some point this season… you know, dance in the sheets. But while executive producer Stephen Nathan promises that you’ll witness “affection” between the partners in crime-solving when the new season arrives Thursday, Nov. 3, their interactions will stop well short of a rigorous romp.

“No, there are many websites that you can see [sex scenes]; you don’t need to see that on Fox,” Nathan tells TVLine with a laugh as he broaches the hot topic. “That’s health class in junior high.”

Exclusive: Bones Star David Boreanaz Gives Us the Scoop on Booth and Brennan’s [Spoiler]!

Instead, Nathan promises that Booth and Brennan, as they anticipate the birth of their child, will demonstrate to each other affection that is “so natural and organic.” But “they’re not all over each other.”

Explaining the duo’s closer dynamic and how it might differ from some viewers’ sexpectations, he says, “This is a couple six months down the line, so you’re seeing them in a way that allows them to still disagree with each other and not be so lovey-dovey that it’s like, ‘Eh, I don’t need to see that.’ They’re not the couple you go on a date with that you never want to see again because they’re making out at dinner. We don’t want to do that.”

Exclusive: Bones Plotting Bonus ‘Mini-Season’ to Possibly Air Next Summer

Thanks in part to series leads Emily Deschanel (who in real life just gave birth to a boy) and David Boreanaz — “They’re so at ease with each other,” Nathan notes — the way B&B’s new intimacy comes across on-screen “is better than I ever thought it would be,” he raves, “and I thought it would be good.”

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  1. Lisa says:

    Whatever, so lame. My expectations for seeing the two of them affectionate is pretty frakkin’ low at this point.

  2. rynogeny says:

    People are going to see what they choose to see in SN’s comments, but I don’t see him saying that there’s not going to be any physical affection between Booth and Brennan. He’s saying that they’re not going to be acting like hormonal teenagers, hanging all over one another.

    And at this point, given the number of times I’ve seen fans say they won’t believe Booth loves Brennan unless they see them having sex, I can understand why SN makes the allusions to porn. Watching two people have sex, apart from story, is about as interesting as watching paint dry, but if that’s your thing – have at the porn sites.

    The point he’s making – and has been all summer – is that Booth and Brennan are about more than just sex. I absolutely believe we’re going to see them kiss and touch, but it’s going to be appropriate to them, to who they are, to a mature love. And for those who are upset over the post-sex scenes we saw with Hannah…that’s all he had with Hannah. That was the point. There was no emotional intimacy there, they didn’t talk about anything important…all they had was sex.

    With Brennan, there’s depth, and intimacy, and something real…and yet people want to trivialize it down to what Booth had with Hannah.

    The irony of this, is that we didn’t actually see him having sex with Hannah. We saw their post-sex moments. Ditto Cam and Rebecca. The only time we’ve actually seen sex happening on the screen in Bones was in the coma dream with Brennan.

    So much for Emily refusing to go there.

    • Angie the second says:

      Agreed. If Emily had a problem making fake love with David then she sure did not show it on that episode. That was one steamy, hot ep. Also, the behind-the-scenes footage showing their kiss under the mistle toe in Santa In The Slush did not show she was uncomfortable(nervous maybe?). I would venture to say that having any kissing/love making scene in front of the camera would be embarrassing for anyone.David probably is probably not to comfortable with it himself. It’s part of being an actor.

  3. Sarah says:

    After all these years, I too feel disappointed and let down. Booth romped with Cam. I want to see Booth and Bones!

  4. Ashley says:

    @Claude, You can’t or you WON’T answer that question. Frankly, that doesn’t surprise me. I didn’t think you would. Just to respond to one of your earlier posts, your right, I don’t like Emily Deschanel even a little bit. She got VERY LUCKY to get to work with David Boreanaz as her co-star. She might play the main character, but in NO WAY is she the star of the show. DB is. We will see how successful she is when DB is no longer with her in whatever other show she is in. Won’t we?

    • Sally says:

      You Ashley, are absolutely ridiculous. Fox made the decision not do any Bones episodes with Emily. They clearly saw you can’t have BONES with out Bones. Deal with it. Who the hell are you to say Emily won’t be anything with David? The sun does not shine out of his a$$. People can easily say that David would be NOTHING if it wasn’t for SMG.

      Its fans like you that make me sick. You can have your favorites but why do you have to bring other people down in order to do so? News flash, people watch for EMILY and ONLY Emily. Get over yourself. David is NOT God. He didn’t make Emily’s career. Emily got this job on her own.

      Clearly Fox values Emily and what she brings to the show. Just deal with it.

    • Brit says:

      Pardon me if I’m off-base here, but you sound recently postpubescent. And you need to take a chill pill. DS & ED are costars. It’s an ensemble cast. And the show is called “Bones” for a reason.

    • WTF?? says:

      So lame! I watch the show for Emily, her Job is amazing in this show, and I love David, but I am sure that’s not a reason to hate a lovely lady like ED. Sad and incredible…and so childish.
      Thank God I can respect her and understand that even if I like some actor, that’s not a reason to “hate” his costar!

    • Claude says:

      @ ashley Wow, Emily Deschanel “got very lucky to get to work with David Boreanaz”? She “in no way is the star of the show. DB is”?
      You sure have no idea about what “Bones” was supposed to be.
      For your information, the show at the beginning was called “Brennan”. Yes Brennan! And David Boreanaz was supposed to play a recuring character, being only in half of the episodes, as he didnot want to be full time. Yes, that’s right. He was in no way going to be the star of the show.
      It is because Emily Dechanel was so good during her audition with David Boreanaz that they tried to convince David Boreanaz to be in all episodes. Then they both were made costars. Without Emily Deschanel, he would only have been a recuring character.
      Yes these are the facts. But I can see you are totally blind when it is about David Boreanaz.

      • Pegusis says:

        Not trying to disagree in any way but I thought that the character of Booth had been filled first and that they auditioned for the role of Brennan. That Emily auditioned with David and didn’t faulter during the sceen at the gun range in episode one and that she had such a great chemistry with him that they decided on her right away. I could be wrong after all it has happened in the past,lol, but I’m sure that I read that or saw it somewhere. Either way I don’t think the show would be any where near what it is now with out them both.
        I agree that Emily is lucky to be able to work with David but I also think he is lucky to be able to work with her which makes us double lucky to see them together on our favorit show!

  5. Olaar says:

    I don’t see anything off or lack of chem btw David and Jamie. In fact I liked the way she answered even though the interview wasn’t meant for her yet she answered insync with David and even made a funny xpression when David said he may not come home for dinner she said: ‘It’s not new’ and smiled.
    Like somebody said earlier, if you read their tweeter comments and other occassions they were together you’ll definately see more chemistry that your’e looking for. It’s obvious they’ve really worked hard on their relationship. Which is great!

    I think DB was referring to ‘Booth and Brennan’ by saying THEM. Can’t wait for more B&B steaming moments… maybe.

  6. rynogeny says:

    I’m sorry – you’re as entitled to your opinion as everyone else, but from what I see online, as many people watch the show solely for Emily as do solely for David – and a whole lot more watch for both of them. I’ve got friends in all three camps, so to try and make it sound like he’s the only draw just doesn’t match with what I see.

    I’m a fan of David’s going back to Buffy. But a large part of why I love Bones so much is what he has on-screen with Emily, and I’m not alone in that.

  7. Angie the second says:

    I will be honest with everyone. I, too, am a little disappointed we, as the fans, did not get to see that whole honeymoon phase in B/B relationship. Also, I totally agree with what some of you are saying about feeling cheated. After six years of longing glances, being there for one another even when they had other gfs/bfs, getting close but having something tear them apart only to get close again, dreaming about being together and the implied grief sex after Nigel Murray’s death, I would have loved to see the consummation of their love in a totally Bones and Booth way(also something tasteful). However, I think that we are making judgements we should not be making yet. Let us see how they interact first before we get upset. Hart did not say there would be ‘no affection’ between them. I will reserve my judgements until after I see how season 7 plays out. Booth and Bones have always had funny ways of showing they like each other. Have since season 1. I think we will see that love between them( I hope anyway)just not what would have chosen to show. A real love scene between these characters would be great, but we may never get one. I say we just be happy we are getting a season 7. It could have ended at her telling him she is pregnant and that would have pissed me off. At least they are together. That is a good thing, is it not? I am still looking forward to Novemeber. One more thing and I will shut up. I think, most of the fans anyway, will be pleasantly surprised.

  8. Duck Pond says:

    It’s not the lack of sex scene that bothers me. In fact, I don’t care whether or not we see the sex. What bothers me is that, in my opinion, I don’t believe Booth and Brennan as a couple yet.

    Season 6 was a mess with Booth sooooooo in love with Hannah, even going as far as proposing to her (that’s when everything went wrong. He never should have proposed. Think about it, buy the ring, fine…but he should never have went through with it). Then he spent a couple of weeks trying to get over her. B/B were close again, but NOTHING suggested that they were growing even closer in those episodes.

    Then BOOM it’s the pentultimate episode and while that comfort/bed scene with B/B was nice to see, I totally did not expect them to have sex. Going by the way that scene was playing out, I thought all they did was comfort each other about VNM’s death. So Brennan telling Angela “I got into bed with Booth” WAS the truth, but the smile she gave when Angela asked what happened was innocent and meant that they finally admitted their feelings and wanted to give them a shot.

    And then BADDA BING Booth and Brennan DID have sex and Brennan is pregnant. What???? We barely saw them as friends all freakin season and now they’re gonna be parents?? I can feel the big gaping hole in this whole mess. It just feels as if something is missing. It SCREAMS bad and poor storytelling. VERY underwhelming. Nothing is satisfying about this. I thought House and Cuddy getting together was better handled than this, and I thought that way was cheesy…but at least THAT was SOMEWHAT satisfying.

    For this??…I feel nothing. I just don’t care. As I said, it’s not the lack of sex scenes (or even the time jump) that’s bothering me. HOW did they get together? WHAT was said between them BEFORE they had sex? What about AFTER? I can’t use my imagination because if you look above at my post, my imagination had them NOT having sex that night. They just didn’t seem ready…and it sucks that I feel that way because before the whole Hannah fiasco, they WERE ready.

    And uhh….I think that’s it.

    • Jemma says:

      Booth was not sooooo in love with Hannah. At the end of season 5 he put his heart out there and told Brennan he needed someone in his life and wanted that someone to be her, and she said she couldn’t be that person for him. Hannah was Booth “moving on” and trying to convince himself he could have that happiness with someone other than Bones. Maybe he did love Hannah, but I think it’s more likely he was in love with the idea of her. He wanted to find his “forever” person. Booth would not have proposed to Hannah if Sweets had not been talking to him about proposing to Daisy. That pushed him into forcing the issue – “if she’s the one why wait”? But Hannah knew she wasn’t his forever person and deep down he knew, too.
      As for nothing suggesting they were growing closer, the scene where they burned pieces of paper with their wishes for the future on them at the end of the blizzard episode pretty much said they would one day both be ready to pursue a relationship together. It just wasn’t the right time yet – Brennan did reject him once before so it would be hard for Booth to just toss his heart back out there even though she told him she regretted turning him down.
      To me the story of Booth and Brennan has been very realistic. My husband and I were best friends for over 6 years before we began our romance. During those years there were many times when one of us would reach out and the other would pretend they didn’t pick up on it. During one three hour half-drunk phone conversation we sang Journey’s “Open Arms” to each other and it still took another two years for us to get things started. Turning off the brain and the over-analyzing and just going for it is HARD! That they finally let go during a very emotionally raw time makes perfect sense to me. I’m not upset that we didn’t get to see the sex scene or the first six months of their “new” relationship. They’ve really been in this relationship emotionally for years and DB & ED express that very well in the unspoken moments between Booth & Brennan, and I’m sure they’ll continue to do so with the added moments of more physical affection here and there. The one thing I wish we had been allowed to see? The first kiss. That’s the moment that’s the real payoff for me when watching – or reading about – two characters falling in love. I’m sure we’ll see them kiss this season, but the first one is the moment they let their guards down and lead with their hearts. There can only be one first kiss and I do feel the fans were robbed of that.

    • Alanna says:

      @Duck Pond: well said. You basically put into words exactly how I feel. BTW we shouldn’t have to use our imaginations to script their relationship, that’s the writers jobs!! And personally, when it happened, I totally didn’t see that bed scene as anything more than him stepping up as her best friend and comforting her in her time of need… the way I saw it, she was in a vulnerable state, emotionally fragile. I think the Booth of Season 1 or 2 would have thought that wasn’t the time, and would have felt that that would be taking advantage of the situation, and would have waited until he knew for sure that she was emotionally ready for that step. But I guess I was completely off-base. Just… ugh. :(

      • Jillian says:

        I thought Brennan was totally emotionally ready. She suggested that maybe they could be together someday in “Blackout.”

  9. Nic says:

    Booth and Brennan. Will go down in the history books as one of the pairings that had so much potential until the showrunners decided to suck it all away. :'(

    • grandparents don't make love says:

      Booth and Brennan have lost their chemistry, the thing that made them special and had viewers waiting anxiously for the pair to get together. Watching the two now is like watching your grandparents together, the last thing you want to see is the two being romantic. That brings about all kinds of EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

  10. Gina says:

    All you people that complain. Do everyone a favor and go watch another show. If Bones upsets you that much, stop watching. Please, just go away.

    • Reggie says:

      if we just go away, then your whole show goes away b/c that means no one is watching it but maybe a couple 100 people…

    • To Gina says:

      Your comments though this whole thread are redundant. Perhaps you should go away? Hmm? See ow that feels? Rude, right? It’s rude.

  11. Wendy says:

    While I’d personally never tell people to go away, I get where Gina is coming from. Hated the finale? Great! Don’t think Booth/Brennan have chemistry anymore? Fine. But, damn it, people, if a show makes you that bent out of shape and angry, watch “Grey’s Anatomy” or “Person of Interest” (a.k.a. the competition Bones has). Because in the end, what’s done is done. The finale cannot be changed. So either suck it up and wait for S7 before making summary judgments about the upcoming season based on a few paragraphs or tune out.

    • Rose says:

      jeeeeeez what is this? we can’t express our displeasure because…. why, exactly? it displeases you? WELL, THEN STOP EXPRESSING YOUR DISPLEASURE AT MY EXPRESSIONS OF DISPLEASURE. IT DISPLEASES ME. naw but for reals, I don’t care, say what you want, it’s just that it doesn’t feel so awesome to be told to “suck it up” and “get lost” (Gina, I’m lookin’ at you!)…… sigh. I can’t help what I feel, and I thought that if I share what I feel, then other people might feel the same way, and we could commiserate. (misery loves company!)…. at the very least, I think we all just assume that people will recognize that our opinions have value, whether anyone else agrees with them or not, otherwise we wouldn’t waste our time typing them…. hey, look on the bright side, at least we care enough to vent, right? it could be worse, we could not care at all…… sooooo in closing, I guess I could take a page out of your own book and tell you that “we’re gonna complain whether you like it or not! SO SUCK IT UP!” but that’s totally not my style. so, whatever, have a nice day. P.S. – I value your opinion! (you, too, Gina!) even if your opinions make me cry a bit inside.

  12. Ashley says:

    @Sally, Why don’t you say how you really feel? Your are most obviously an Emily fan and a David hater,so I upset you. I have said and I will repeat, we will see who is more successful when DB and ED are no longer working together.

  13. Bones says:

    OMG!!!!!!!! They keep on sayin this is the rite thing 2 do because it’s not supposed be like the internet BTW were not pervs!!!!!!!!!. Then they make her cry and we cant see if something truly happened. Were left with confusion and all they do is put us on a freaking 4 month wait and were getting all p.o. At them and all we truthfully want to see is some proof that some real passion happened. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE DRAMA!!!!!

  14. Ashley says:

    @Wendy, Your right I do hate Emily D, but I sure as hell am not trying to bully anyone. Just stating my likes and dislikes. Is that not allowed? If that is construed as bullying to you, I just don’t know why.

  15. D says:

    I want to know why the hell David Boreanaz’s tweets the last couple of days sound like he’s quit Bones. Go back and read some of them…it’s like he’s talking about moving on to bigger and better things, not just going on hiatus for a few months. It’s confusing and kind of disturbing. O.o

    • Wendy says:

      @D, check out TJ Thyne’s twitter account. He explains it as a simple hiatus while ED is off with the baby and they return in January. DB meant going dark for the break but is having some fun – or at least, he seems to think it is. The fans are another story.

  16. AngelMoonGirl says:

    So we can see pretty much EVERY CHARACTER and their significant other between the sheets… but when it comes to Booth and Brennan, that’s “porn”!? I smell a cop-out. I hope that we at least get ONE intimate- but certainly not explicit- moment in the sack between Booth and Brennan before the series is over. It doesn’t have to be any time soon, but come on- if we have to suffer Booth/Hannah, we could at least catch a glimpse of Booth/Brennan, the ultimate OTP. And no… coma sex doesn’t count :P My question is, what changed so drastically between “The Bikini in the Soup” (sex scene with Clark and his girlfriend, mid-season 6) and now? *shakes head* At least there’ll be B&B affection though. That’s the one high point of this article.

  17. Jillian says:

    I actually think that the chemistry might come back next season. David and Emily are going back to a acting coach. They haven’t practiced with a acting coach since early season 5.

  18. Samantha says:

    I don’t need to see anything super steamy (like their dream sex in the fourth season finale) but a little something would be nice. Since we’ve waited six years, I would like a little more than a kiss. Ugh! Why is November so far away?!

  19. bluemoon says:

    When i saw the scene, where Bones announces she was pregnant…it felt like I was reading some vintage novel where all of a sudden you find out the wife had a child and it wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the book they were trying for one…”the way B&B’s new intimacy comes across on-screen “is better than I ever thought it would be,” he raves, “and I thought it would be good.”

    Those had better be some damn good scenes to make up for what everyone deserved.

  20. Diane says:

    We did get to see them “go at it” in the coma episode with the season 4 finale (that was enough for me personally) even if it was just Booth’s dream. It would’ve been nice to see them at least kiss in the Hole in the Heart episode to kind of say “hey something big is about to happen in our relationship”. I still really enjoyed the episode. I think the look between Angela and Bones at the very last scene of that episode when Bones took Booth’s arm really said a lot about how their relationship was beginning to change.
    In my opinion, what is great about Booth and Bones are their small moments. Their protectiveness of eachother, the way they look at eachother, their reliance upon eachother, you can see the love they have for eachother in their daily interactions, especially as time has progressed. I like seeing their natural relationship unfold. I think that this new “togetherness” should obviously change their relationship with, as Steven Nathan said, more “affection”. I know I want to see some change in their interactions, some more “affection”. I do like the relationship they’ve grown to have though. They are so comfortable with eachother. I think it’s unfolded well. But, I do think it would be a letdown if we didn’t see some kind of change in their relationship (not necessarily major PDA or dramatic bedroom scenes). I am very excited to see where they take their relationship next. I’m very intrigued by what he said about how their “new intimacy comes across on-screen better than I ever thought it would be,”.(I’ve liked what I’ve seen in the preview clips Fox has put out.)

    I do think the whole health class thing was kind of dumb to say, especially since, as many people pointed out, there have been many bedroom scenes with other characters. But, I agreed with most of the rest of the article. I do understand the fans desire to see the intimate scenes though.

  21. Laura says:

    BONES…. the actors are more like brother and sister than lovers.
    I wonder if the 4 extra shows will be the end of Bones….
    just a way of ending the series maybe a marriage b/t Booth and Brennan.
    If anyone recalls that was how Magnum PI ended.

    • claude says:

      These 4 extra episodes don’t necessary mean it will be the end of Bones. It has been mentioned by Stephen Nathan I think that they could air anytime, like maybe during the summer or right before a possible season 8.

  22. El says:

    Well Bones has not had much publicity lately and the articles that have been done have had very little response. I think SN reallly did this article to shake up the fans and get attention back to the show again. they won’t be able to count on just the X-factor lead in.

    In what people say about the closeness of B & B showing love, I do agree that it shows love but I have seen it more as a love between two best friends and not a romantic love. This couple started off having such romantic potential and that romantic chemistry to be started to fizzle out in Season 5 and was just lost to me in Season 6.

    After Hannah it was as though Booth got his friend back and I viewed that bed scene before the supposed grief sex, as just two “friends” comforting one another. Even the scene where they decide that one day they would try to be together, was more like “yeah no one else may want us so we should try to be together.” I could see more feeling from Brennan but just more desperation from Booth.

    There are so many fans who just want them together and don’t care how it happened. The story they see from season 6 is not what I saw at all and they interpret things differently. The story HH told was happening is not what I saw play out on the screen. The whole, some things are better left unsaid and skipping over everything, are just the writers now trying to make everyone forget how badly their story came across on screen. They don’t want to try to explain the action of the characters and they just want everyone to forget about it.
    It is just lazy storytelling and also arrogance on their part that they are just so creative and it is the fans fault for not seeing their outlook on things. I don’t think their job is to make fans happy all the time but if I were a writer, I would want to hope that people were receiving the messages that I was trying to give in my writing. I think that is where last season failed. Even the die hard shippers had to do their own interpretation of the episodes.

    SN wanted to create dialogue and he did with this interview. They have said in the past that any attention is good, positive or negative. The main thing is to get people talking again. SN was successful with this interview in stirring things up again. I think people will tune in to see them get together. Will fans be satisfied remains to be seen and whether they will return after a 3 plus month break is even the bigger question.

    I just laugh at them constantly saying now that this show is about them solving crimes. That has been the least of their focus these past two seasons with a few exceptions. They constantly promoted the B & B will they, wont they, and now seem to be saying that was not the story. These guys just spin everything and say anything to get fans riled up.

  23. FlossAus says:

    As stated by the incredibly vocal people above me, it’s not about the ‘sex’ scene but actually paying out on a storyline a long time building. The creators have almost gone to extremem lengths to remind fans at key moments (aka sweeps) the chemistry these characters have, the undeniable everyone around them can see it connection and yet we as fans miss all opportunity to celebrate that.

    And I think what’s caused the uproar isn’t even the idea of the scene being held back or never aired, it’s dismissive tone with which the creators wave off fans desire to see their favourite characters relationship. It reeks of superiorness and smugness indifference.

    Also to add to the list of long time building couples that consumated. Donna and Josh from the West Wing – excellent front door kissing that as fan left you satisfied.

  24. sam says:

    I personaly dont mind if there is no love making scene. There are plenty of other ways that affection is shown between Booth and Brennan. Everyone knows that they love each other! I would just like to see a little more of that now that they are having a child together :) Cant wait for Nov 3!!!!

  25. Lisa says:

    They never even showed them kiss before during or after the whole “I’m pregnant and you’re the father” crap. Ridiculously lame.

    • 1mars says:

      Haa! Forget about the sex, I am still waiting to see a really meaningful kiss between Booth and Brennan. Guess that is too much to ask for or is that considered porn too?

      Articles like this bring to the surface again how dissatisfied MANY (not all) were with the season finale, cant think producers are thrilled with the “worst season finale” & “unsexiest love scene” designation that this show has won.

      • Pegusis says:

        Ha ha me too! That’s all I’ve been waiting for this whole time. Don’t need the ‘deed’ but I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t have minded it. I could have been simply satisfied if Booth had leaned over and kissed Brennan passionatly and then it cut to commercial. If that’s all I got then that would have been enough for me. Hell I would have settled for Brennan’s end of the conversation with Angela. That would have been good enough for me too. Uhhhhhhh this show is sooo infuriating but I love it!

  26. Maria says:

    I don’t want to see B&B act like Angela & Hodgins becuase it’s just not them! Sure a scene like in the dream episode would’ve been nice to see but don’t forget that Emily was already pregnant! In season 7 let’s see some honest shows of affection and that intensity they’ve had in the past.

  27. Ashley says:

    @Claude, I KNEW that the Deschanel LOVERS were going to BASH me for my remarks. That’s fine with me because there is nothing I can do about that and I can take it. There is one big difference between me and you and the other bashers though. I READILY ADMIT that I hate ED, but you and the other ED lovers will never admit that you all hate David Boreanaz. Spin it any way you want, YES HATE DB!!!

    • claude says:

      @ashley Wrong, wrong, and WRONG again!
      I don’t hate David Boreanaz. See, that’s after watching an episode of his other show, hardly knowing anything about that show, or him for the matter that I went to Bones, because I thought he was doing a good job as an actor.
      It’s just that watching Bones, I saw how talented Emily Deschanel was. And I watched her other work (which I did as well with David Boreanaz, so you know). And I think she is a great actress.
      So yes, I like Emily Deschanel. But I like David Boreanaz too.

    • Jillian says:

      What is with people only like one actor and doing everything they can to bash the other actor?? Hate is such a strong word. People might not be an over obsessive fan of an actor…but they don’t hate them.

      • claude says:

        You are so right!

      • Kika says:

        My godness!! what a crazy thing!! I LOVE DAVID AND EMILY, and I love Jamie, and Bella and Jaiden and Zoe, and David Hornsby and little Henry of course, so I am not a hater thank God!!
        I am a very centered person who can actually be an actor/actress fan and be nice with the rest of the world.
        I am fan club member for 20 years, and thank God my friends and I never bash other people who works with our favorite star. That’s childish. And as everyone can see in the media, David and Emily ARE GOOD FRIENDS, so there’s no reason to fight or make bands, they are friends, they have a good relationship, they respect each other…so follow that example! How can you hate an actress just because she works with your favorite actor?? I mean she is not doing nothing wrong…grow up!!
        This is so annoying and irrational!

        • Jillian says:

          Yeah. I’ll speak for myself…I would never say that I hate an actor/actress. I don’t even know them personally. I might not like that actor/actress’s performance or be an over obsessive fan and watch everything they have ever been in…but that doesn’t mean that I hate them. The word “hate” just seems so personal and passionate to me that to truly “hate” someone, they would have to do something bad to me. I think Emily is one of the most talented actresses that I have ever seen on TV and from the interviews that I have read, she seems like an amazing, kind person. Same with David. I absolutely totally fell in love with David the first time I saw him on Bones…and I have watched all of Buffy and Angel. That’s why I think that most of everyone that says they “hate” an actor in big capital letters to prove a point that they really hate that actor…they either have some sick obsession with that actor/actress and they are supposed to hate every other actor/actress they work with…and even make up crap as a reason to hate them and assumptions like they are holding their favorite actor/actress back from doing what they love or they just want to be obnoxious because people are talking about something that they don’t agree with and they just say something really obnoxious to shut them up. Funny thing is…David and Emily don’t have any kind of relationship like that at all. In every single interview that I have read and seen with them…they seem like such good friends and they have a really great relationship. I really believe that. Just because Emily says that she’s “uncomfortable” kissing David doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like David. She actually said that she feels uncomfortable kissing David because he’s her really good friend and she feels so comfortable with him that she can talk to him about anything as a friend…but she doesn’t think of him like that. I think Emily really deserves 4 months of maternity leave. She worked her butt off for Bones until two days before she gave birth-and David is going to guest star on the Finder…so at least die hard DB fans will still get screen time with David. Bottom line…I think this whole bashing actors/actresses crap is stupid.

    • Pegusis says:

      Why do you assume that because we are fans of ED that we couldn’t possibly be fans of DB as well? Why do we automatically have to hate one to love the other? Maybe we come from totally different worlds but where I come from it’s okay to like/love more than one person at a time!

  28. Amber says:

    Anyone noticed that the picture in this article seems different from the actual scene? In this picture it looks like Brennan is kissing Booth…

  29. Becca says:

    has anyone considered the reality that Emily was REALLY pregnant. not just “acting pregnant.” there’s a certain level of intimacy for a pregnant woman and her body. even though this is acting and hollywood, maybe maybe the writers wanted to stay away from that personal aspect of Emily’s pregnancy

  30. John says:

    So, my wife got me addicted to this show about a 3yrs ago and since i am a hopeless romantic i immediately took a liking to the B&B love story and like most, I feel terribly cheated by the lack of anything close to a show of affection in the last two episodes. We have the death of Vincent and the emotional toll it took on Brennan and we are lead to believe that it caused her to have sex with Booth. We didnt need to see a sex scene nor did we need to see a kiss but we needed to hear the how a tender embrace by Booth, who was trying to console his “friend” led to a romp in the sheets. We needed to hear what was said to Angela. We needed to hear a confession of Love by either or both characters. We got nothing. Then we got the season finale. If she were pregnant, my wife and the ladies at the office who follow the show (and who are very pissed also) said we were looking at approx 4-6 weeks after the supposed love making. Ok, we see no affection during the episode, we see no hint of love, just the same ole same ole…then we get the knock out punch…”I’m pregnant”. Why did she feel she needed to tell him that he was the father…well, you only do that if you have sex once or twice and whoops…I believe that after that night of passion, nothing occurred afterwards and they were both trying to act is if nothing happened…what a rip off…They better get this right and give the loyal viewers what they want or this will be Bones final season! Atleast for me!

    • Pegusis says:

      Wow I couldn’t have said it better myself. I have often wondered about the time in between. How can a man who ‘knew from the begining’ have made love to the woman he felt so strongly about one time and then act as though it never happened. I thought they were both interested in a relationship with each other but were waiting for the time to be right. So does that mean after one night of making love the time still wasn’t right but now that the baby is on the way the time is right? WTH? I think all of this craziness is making me dizzy. Not expecting too much this next season but since I’m a total shipper I will be watching what happens without expectation!

  31. No offense, but this is bullsh.. says:

    I really didn’t need to see Both and Hanna dance under (and over) the sheets and yet I had to watch those scenes more than once. We’ve seen them with Angela and Hodgins too, but not just them. Brennan with that Sully guy, even Sweets and Daisy, for God’s sake… Nobody’s asking to see anything out of the ordinary. Say you want to keep people watching, which is the only reason for this, and I’ll take it. But “we don’t need to see that”.. Who are you kidding?

  32. Chelle says:

    So I guess the only thing I have to say to the writers is why is it ok to not give any intimate moments with Booth and Brennan, but they had absolutely no problem showing that with Booth and Hannah?! Come on?! I’m not asking for the sex scenes or anything like and honestly I was of the minority that liked how the season ended, but come on…

    • Jillian says:

      SN DID say that there would be intimate moments between B&B…just not any sex scenes. Having sex doesn’t mean that they are in love…or really anything intimate…

      “They’re so at ease with each other,” Nathan notes — the way B&B’s new intimacy comes across on-screen “is better than I ever thought it would be,” he raves, “and I thought it would be good.”

      I never saw any intimate moments between Booth and Hannah. All that was just sex. That’s not intimacy. Maybe physical intimacy…definitely not emotional intimacy.

  33. Tanya says:

    Well I know you guys need some romans and I think you are right about sir ten things but I don’t think thy need to have sex but thy should have some more interaction

  34. Tanya says:

    Now I know this has nothing to do with the bones and Brendan thing but I need help I can seem to be abel to get season 6 of bones I have internet on my fone but not on my computer if you know of a way please tell me I will be very great full

  35. Dotty says:

    Let’s get back to DB’s comment about where they’re going to live. He said it would not be your ordinary place but funny. Anyone think it’s in Benning Ridge (Gorganzolla’s)?

  36. Jillian says:

    SN DOES say that there will be affection and intimacy between B&B. Did I actually read that…or did I imagine that? “…will demonstrate to each other affection that is “so natural and organic.” But “they’re not all over each other” and ““They’re so at ease with each other,” Nathan notes — the way B&B’s new intimacy comes across on-screen “is better than I ever thought it would be,” he raves, “and I thought it would be good.” He just says there won’t be any sex scenes.

    Sex doesn’t mean that B&B are in love. It only means that they are physically intimate…but definitely not emotional intimacy. We saw sex scenes with Booth and Hannah…because that’s all there relationship was about. There was only physical intimacy. No emotional intimacy. B&B are so much more than that.

    • Pegusis says:

      All this equals up to for me is that we will see them as parents together and they may smile at each other every now and then. Maybe Booth will give a longing look to the mother of his child from time to time. How are we supposed to buy that they will be in a real relationship? How can they go from we like each other but the time is not right to well I guess the time is right now that we are having a baby and all is good and well in the life of B&B? Sorry but I will not get my hopes up at all that anything will be different between them. If anything they seem to me like they have taken a step back intamacy wise since the begining of the series. They had more chemistry before any love was confessed.

      • Jillian says:

        Again. Just because you are angry that you won’t see anything doesn’t mean that you that have to make it miserable for anyone else. How you can possibly know that we aren’t going to see any affection and intimacy? Where does it say that? Watch the new promo and be happy.

      • Jillian says:

        They are together. They are living together. Watch the promo. I don’t know how much affection we are going to get like kissing and hugging…but there is a lot going with B&B in the new season like they decide to move in together, they decide whether or not to get married, they find out the sex of their baby in an ultrasound scene. We will get something. Something between not all over each other…and not just a smile once in a while.

  37. Jillian says:

    I guess it depends on what you defend as “intimacy.” Some people will only believe that Booth and Brennan are in love if they seem them have sex…but SN DOES say that there will be romance and affection between B&B. Read the article people.

  38. Jillian says:

    …and according to sides of the script and insider spoilers, there will be lots of intimacy and affection. Don’t worry.

    • Angie the second says:

      What insider spoilers and sides of the script? ; ) Where can I get a peeky at these things? I know about some of the spoilers, but are there some juicy ones out there I don’t know about and could you tell us what they are? HEHEHEHE! I am so excited to see how Booth and Bones interact. I have been waiting impatiently for these two to finally get together. I think they still had that chemistry in season 6, but ‘it’ matured into something more intimate. Of course,that was after Hannah left. They were kind of distant when Booth was with Hannah, but Booth could not be like he was with Bones before(longing glances, flirting) especially since he was with Hannah. That would be distasteful on Booths part to act that way in front of his girlfriend. My opinion is Hannah should have never been brought in.

  39. Ashley says:

    A friend of mine called me after she read this thread and asked if I was the Ashley on here. I said yes. Why do you hate Emily so much was her question? I responded by saying it is because of her and her reluctance to kiss DB, that we don’t get more love scenes. What is she too good for him? Say what you want about Kathryn Winnick who is a gorgeous sexy woman, but at least to me, she was very much into making out with DB. That’s it in a nutshell. I don’t hate ED for any other reason.

    • claude says:


      That’s another proof that you never paid attention to what it is like for actors to do sex or kiss scenes. Many actors have said it was not the part they like the most, it is uncomfortable to act, and to do it in front of cast and crew, even if limited people around.
      Katheryn Winnick did not know David Boreanaz before auditionning for that role of Hannah Burley.
      On the other hand, Emily Deschanel became great friends with David boreanaz, quite fast during season 1.
      So think about it one second. How would you react if you had to do a sex or kiss scene with one of your best friends? And of course, in front of cast and crew.
      And for your information, Emily Deschanel was not reluctant to kiss David Boreanaz, she was a little nervous about it, as seen in the BTS of that mistletoe kiss. She said just the same about the love scene in an interview. Quite a difference between a little nervous and reluctant.
      And because you are so much in love with David Boreanaz and put him on a pedestal and to quote yourself you “would have never believed ANY woman would not want to make out with DB”, which I guess includes you as well, does not mean that everybody has to react the same way. Would it be fans or people/friends working with him.

      • Ashley says:

        @Claude, Even though I am happily married and have been for 7 yrs, I would most happily make out with David Boreanaz not only because he is gorgeous and sexy, but also for the MONEY I would make doing it. Acting is like any OTHER JOB. We all have to do things from our superiors that we might find unpleasant. We don’t get to call the shots.

        • claude says:


          For someone who was all “you’re not answering the question”, you do it quite well yourself!

          You also refuse to aknowledge what other actors have said on the topic (sex scenes), and you sure don’t want to admit that David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel are great friends in real life.

          And if you would happily make out with David Boreanaz while “happily married” as you said, well, I’m really sorry for your husband.

          Anyways, you’re totally blind when it comes to David Boreanaz and what it is all about, so I won’t waste my time on you anymore.

          • Ashley says:

            HaHa, I knew eventually that that a person like you would attack me PERSONALLY because I have opinions. I NEVER DID THAT TO YOU. Feel better now!!! GOOD!! Btw, My hubby says thank you for feeling sorry for him.

        • Jillian says:

          @Ashley Again. Emily only said that she was uncomfortable with kissing David because they are such great friends. She said that 4 YEARS ago…and she has kissed David numerous times since then and even rolled around half naked in bed with him…so I highly doubt that they aren’t going to do love scenes just because Emily is uncomfortable kissing David. No matter how she feels about kissing David…she will do it. I think that they aren’t going to show love scenes is just because HH&SN are scared of the moonlighting curse….and I think SN just says stuff do get fans riled up.

    • Pegusis says:

      First of all when did Booth and Hannah ever make out? All they ever did was peck each other on the lips. Good thing too because I had a hard enough time watching their lips even touch, I know I couldn’t have watched them full on make out. Sex sceens between them were bad enough.
      I can’t belive you would blame the lack of intimacy between Booth and Brennan on Emily. Like you said actors are expected to do as they are told even if it is something they are not comfortable with. I’m sure they do at least get a little bit of say though. I’m pretty sure like a lot of others on here that both actors are just doing what they are told to do. Who knows what kind of passion we would be seeing if it was left up to David and Emily. Do you really think that eiher one of them are the ones who are doing all of these things that are enraging the fans? NO!

  40. Cathy says:

    I used to love this show. Sadly, I can only take so much, and I stopped after Booth had (and had) Hannah. The character of Booth morphed from interesting romantic possibility for Bones to complete tool in Season 6(not to put too fine a point on it.) So, now there’s the news that the show yet again pulled out the rug from its viewers– Look! Bones is pregnant with Booth’s baby- and we’re not going to show any of the romantic side that led to this twist, nah! nah! This does not surprise me. But it DOES mean I have no motivation to watch it. You can only glue together the broken vase of a viewer’s trust so long before it won’t hold water anymore.

  41. SaM says:

    love booth and brennan! they are so cute together…I cant wait for season 7 :) then we’ll see some type of relationship and more affection it doesnt need to be love making

    • Peggy says:

      After everything you have seen over the last 6 season what makes you think we are actually going to see more affection? This is after all SN & HH we are talking about here. Sorry to burst your bubble but it probably aint gonna happen! Not trying to come off as mean here I’m just tired of waiting and hoping for something that will never be.

      • Jillian says:

        Just because your angry because you think it’s never going to happen doesn’t mean you should ruin for other people. Watch the new promo. Be happy.

  42. Maia says:

    What irritates me the most about Fox’s hypocrisy is that they HAVE showed Booth and Brennan together… In Booth’s COMA. I just want to see them as a legit couple in reality :(

  43. Peggy says:

    EXACTLY!!!! Thank you for saying all that. I couldn’t agree more. We’ve seen Angela with not 1 but 2 different men in very intimate sceens. Clark did a strip tease. We unfortunatly had to watch as Booth and WHF attempted a world record at sex copaids. Why can’t we get a little B&B action? It doesn’t have to be soft porn. How about if we get back to actually touching? Where are the hugs? The caresses? They have had a hand full of kisses with each other on this show and only 2 of them have been steamy at all. Like you said we get plenty of everyone else oh and don’t forget Booth in bed with Cam and also with Rebecca. Oh and Brennan in bed with Michael Stiers. I guess we just have to settle for the ‘dream’ bed sceen. They talk of some kind of offection between these two in season 7 but I’ll believe it when I see it. They did say they are 6 months into their relationship so I’m wondering how low key that will be too. I guess I will have to try and convince myself that I watch the show for the crime only and go with that. Maybe there will be less disapointment that way, lol.

  44. Jillian says:

    Has anyone seen the new promo? It’s awesome…and the interaction between B&B is amazing.

    • El says:

      Yes, I have watched the promo. They will be living together and raising the child together and yes, they probably love each other.
      I just don’t see it as the romantic type of love that I thought I would get after 5+ years. To me it just seems like they have decided to be together. It still looks like Booth just wanted someone to love him. Like it or not, the proposal to Hannah somewhat negated his love for Brennan in many fans eyes. That is just the way it is.
      It just seems to me that Brennan loves Booth more than he loves her.
      He loves the idea of wha they have and he loves her as a partner and friend, but I just don’t see that romantic love anymore. This is where this story has disappointed me the most. What was once a great potential love story is just kind of blah to me. I really dont care about their relationship anymore. The best episode for me last season was the deaf girl episode which had very little focus on them as a couple. This is what last season did to me. I dvr now and wait for reviews, etc. But really want a return to great cases, like the deaf girl, to renew my love for the show. I hope the first six episodes are just not all about “clueless” Brennan being pregnant. Sometimes they go overboard with this. Although I like all the characters, Brennan is my favorite, and last season was just a disservice to the character, IMO. They just need a better balance.

      • Imane Assi says:

        I have to agree.The fact that he asked Hannah to marry him,knowing how Brennan felt about him,when he actually had the time to think and figure out how he feels and he chose Hannah just killed it for me.That’s why I didn’t want them together already,so soon after his break up with Hannah.I wanted Hannah to come back,try to win Booth again,even accepting to marry him and he chooses Brennan because she’s the one.But no.They ruined it.It turned out that Brennan knows about love so much more than Booth.She turned out to be the one who truly loves,not him.He just wanted someone to love him,not someone to love

      • Imane Assi says:

        The deaf girl case was one of my favorite episodes.ED’s acting was perfect.and Brennan’s emotions were wonderful to see,.Loved .that episode.Beside in that Episode,we sa Brennan smile many times and ED looked more gorgeous than ever

  45. Jess says:

    I guess I’m a perv then for wanting to see something between them. As has been stated already, I’m not requiring clothes coming off or anything like that. I’d like a kiss, some passion, perhaps someone rolling onto someone then you can cut it off. Hell, even a passionate kiss is fine.

    What happened felt like cardboard. I’ve watched this show through every season and I’m just disappointed. Many fans have been teased for YEARS, we deserved something in that finale.

    Even if Bones was full of grief I doubt she’d have forgotten a condom or not have been on birth control. I doubt either of them would have forgotten to bring it up. And if it was so passionate that they just didn’t think about it then damn, we really do deserve to have seen SOMETHING.

    I guess I don’t know, maybe I’m one of the people that will never be happy. I’m still disappointed about Zach, for crying outloud. I will probably always be disappointed about Vincent as well, as he was one of my favorites. The last hit will be getting rid of Sweets. Then I’m gone.

  46. :)_W/E_I_Will_Be_Watching says:

    Regardless… anyone that has been watching from the beginning (like me) will be watching this season too. I KNEW they did it… but still loved that finale last year, they waited until the very end to make it absolutely clear. Bummed that it’s going to be a short season… but thrilled it’s almost time!

  47. Imane Assi says:

    Now that Emily is not pregnant,I would love them to shoot this special moment,the moment B&B gave into each other,they conceived thir baby and see it as a flashback.

  48. They don’t need to have sex on screen but we do want to see how it came about that first night, as in who started it. We have been waiting for years and all we get is her crying!!!
    Also, they had more passionate kisses before they were even together, the christmas episode and the 100th episode.
    Quit teasing us!!

  49. Booth is seen on screen sleeping with Rebecca, cam, and Hannah. But not bones. This is not cool.