Online Hub for All My Children and One Life to Live Gets Name, Launch Date

The Prospect Park media company on Tuesday announced a name and tentative launch date for the online network that will host new episodes of ABC’s axed All My Children and One Life to Live.

The Online Network (aka TOLN), as it will be called, is expected to launch in January 2012 — just as OLTL airs its final ABC episode — “with the goal of eventually providing viewers with a full programming selection of first-run, long form content on an anytime, anywhere basis,” says the press release. The URL is, and at either site you can easily sign up for email updates.

Rebecca Budig Bids ‘Farewell’ to All My Children: ‘I Will Forever Be Grateful’

“We are creating TOLN to conveniently deliver fans of quality television long-form programming anytime and anywhere,” said Prospect Park founders Rich Frank and Jeff Kwatinetz in a statement. “With broadband availability in 70% of US households and the proliferation of internet enabled televisions, DVRs and wireless devices, ultimately we believe that online distribution provides the best platform to access 30 and 60 minute entertainment content. The viewer response to the shows we have licensed has been tremendous, and we have much more in development to appeal to a broad audience base.”

While Prospect Park has yet to officially comment on the possibility of this being a subscription-based service, sources tell TVLine that at launch time TOLN will be strictly ad-supported, like most online video hubs.

Finding Primetime Jobs for Daytime Stars: The Women of One Life to Live

One Life thus far has signed five stars — gazillion-time Emmy winner Erika Slezak (Viki), Kassie DePaiva (Blair), Michael Easton (John), Ted King (Tomas) and Sean Ringgold (Shaun) — plus executive producer Frank Valentini to be a part of the online venture, while AMC to date has inked deals with just Cameron Mathison (Ryan) and Lindsey Hartley (Cara), and not (yet) Susan Lucci (Erica).

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  1. I too am deeply saddend by the loss of my soaps. I, as well as ALL these other fans have posted have been watching these shows since I was a little girl.Just what we need, another show about food…. and with our obesity problem here in the U.S . I also want to thank Prospect Park/ ,for stepping in an picking up our soaps!! I WILL be tuned in! I’m soooo over reality shows. As hard as it is to survive in this day and time,people don’t have money to go and do things, and we look foward to getting in front of our tv’s and watch our favorite shows, and then they get cancelled on us…. WTH. I will NOT watch the Chew… Put it on the food network where it belongs and bring back our shows. What about what your viewers want. We are the ones that make or break your ratings. Reality tv SUCKS. We watch television to ESCAPE reality not to watch other peoples problems!

  2. Hester says:

    Why can’t someone see the gold mine of fans for our soaps and create and maintain thru advertising like any other network, our very own channel! Better question…why turn the SOAP channel into a childrens’TV channel? I don’t get that….why another kids’ channel??? I don’t know about the rest of you but I feel young watching these soaps!!!! Let our “BIG KID” channel alone and put our soaps back on TV!!!!!

  3. Joyce says:

    Im sooo disappointed that there is nooo more AMC and soon to be OLTL!! I have been watching them
    for a very long time…WE DONT CARE ABOUT THE CHEW OR the other show that is going to take over OLTL…If i wanted to watch a cooking show i would watch Rachel Ray!! I hope the chew ratings dive sooo low that they get dumped!!

    Thank You to the People that are going to keep Our shows going! even if its going to be online…There should be a channel on tv that they can put it on…AMC and OLTL WE LOVE YOU!!

  4. Joyce says:


  5. Édith says:

    I have been watching AMC for 31 years from Québec, Canada. Since I was not able to watch the videos on the ABC website because I am outside of the USA, will I then be able to watch the online version? Thanks for the clues!

  6. Barb says:

    I also have watched AMC since the very beginning…and I miss it so very much. The show made me laugh and it made me cry. A lot. I was totally shocked when it ended. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick it up in January on TOLN. Has anybody noticed if there was or will be another book published about AMC? I have a copy of the first 20 years and would love to find one about the last 20.

  7. TK says:

    This needs to be on a TV channel. It’s not going to last on the net. A lot of people I know at one of the countries biggest companies watched this show I mean even the guys, and a lot of them don’t have a way to watch it online. It’s like wireless networks. They are never going to be as good as a hardwired line, period. When the disasters happened in Japan, the wireless went down, but the wired hardlines still worked. Point is most people are watching through tv which is more of a hardwired example to the internet, and laptop monitors and even nice big 40 inch dell monitors just don’t cut it. Prospect Park is going to waste a lot of money and talent unless they put it on a real tv network. Perhaps WEtv or something like that. The saving grace will be if they at least allow SoapNet to re- broadcast, but I am unaware of who owns that channel. A simple Google search would tell me, but that’s not really the point of this message.

  8. Joanne says:

    Please make sure that we can watch this in Canada! Some US shows we can’t watch online here!

  9. Marixa says:

    I really hope Susan signs it. It wouldn’t be the same without her. I just want to know if Bianca and marissa(minx) going online too and if they do when in 2012 will they continue the story?

  10. Frances Kossefis says:

    Why not show oltl and amc all shows from day one. I think that would be real neat for us that did not watch from begining

  11. Debbie says:

    Like so many others I too have been a big fan of AMC for a very long time. From since the beginning. I am deeply sadden and disappointed to see end. I looked forward to each weekday at 1:oopm to just sit in front of the TV to watch my favorite soap on ABC. What a big mistake they made taking it off the air. It was an escape that allowed me to become involved with a group of talented charcters, their families and storyline and a great pleasure to see a show that kept me entertained and interested for the entire hour. I will miss it terribly. I would love to see it come back preferably to TV or cable and not online.

  12. Jill says:

    I hope it will be back on rv and online so we can watch both
    maybe they will buy the soapnet channel or put ir on a new network i hope to here soon you landed a tv deal as well as staying online

  13. Jill says:

    I hope they sign Susan aka Erica Bobby E aka Kristal Walt aka Jackson and roxy bo norn and matthew and starr cole all need to sign on to PP I hope we here good news soon

  14. Jill says:

    Debbie,I agree with you 100%

  15. star says:

    i have been watching all my children my whole life it is very strange to not have it to watch it is very sad each time i see that chew show i get so mad and i swear i wont watch it in fact i wont watch any new shows abc is broadcasting and when one live goes i will only watch gh its very upsetting i know there alot of us that love our soaps very happy January they will be back thanks prospect park wooot wooooot

  16. Randa says:

    The actors that don’t try the on line venture might deeply regret the decision.It’s 2011, internet is the future for all entertainment. The actors who do sign on will be taking a leap of faith.What’s life w/out an adventure?? I can’t wait to see the new shows.

  17. cindy stein says:

    so happy to continue watching my favorite soaps.
    thank you for the opportunity.
    oct.5 2011 cindy

  18. Angie says:

    Please post the date and website that All My Children is to begin showing on the internet. It doesn’t make sense that it was taken off while it was getting more and more interesting. I have been watching this soap for ages, shortly after it started. I am sad that it was not just transferred to the soap channel. I would even catch my 25 year old son, who mainly watches his own guy shows, stop by and see the latest goings on in Pine Valley, making casual remarks about this or that, while pretending to be uninterested and just making conversation as he fixed himself a sandwich… Why is this so hard to get information and keeping everyone in suspense waiting for the show to continue? This “Chew” they put on Zzzzzzzzzzzz is same as any other show you can find in the Food Network. I already have my favorite chefs on that channel, plus they offer me my own “recipe box” where I have stored my favorite recipes at the touch of a finger! :-(

  19. ayesha rodgers says:

    I miss all my children and one life to live they were my family. Anytime you grow up with a soap like those two wonderful soaps it sure is a loss and a new adjustment. But hopefully things will work out online. I have watched the show for 41 years an now I with such a loss for words Waitng for the online in jan 2012.. So please hurry i miss my family…….

  20. Kathy says:

    I love the show, and could be very happy with a different Erica since Lucci decided not to sign. A different JR would be fine, too. Just bring us back our characters with different actors, and continue on, Prospect Park!

    • Jill says:

      I am glad susan is returning to all my children as erica where do we go to get the u music group what channel that on i r=try to call my cable company to find out i glad that Prospect Park! just bought umg

  21. Richard Jean says:

    I am from Québec City and I will follow my favorite show One life to live on the online network.

  22. Jennifer says:

    So glad that Prospect Park has stepped into save these wonderfull shows. Please sign One Life’s Bo,Nora,Matthew,and Destiny. ABC has treated these characters as well as Shawn so horribly. They are great characters and deserve the great outlet PP can provide.

  23. Leanna says:

    Instead of taking the show off the air you could have just moved it to a later time. Programmers SUCK maybe they should take a clue from netflix and listen to the people!!!!!

  24. kc says:


    Will AMC and OLTL also be on a cable station, like BRAVO?
    Also, if it is online, this question is for those who work,
    or will not be home or near a computer during the time amc
    and oltl are on the internet. So…if this is the case, will
    there be a way to SAVE the day’s episodes for viewing later?
    I’m sure current technology can do this, but if not, the internet
    versions will still lose a large market. I firmly believe the
    shows should also be on a cable station, so the television market,
    witch is huge, will not be left out. This would also give the
    advertisers plenty of potential for product placement, in which
    case, they will make lots of money, from thankful fans willing
    to support their products in return for being able to still see the shows on tv.

  25. stacy says:

    losing amc and oltl is so hard, I started wathcing thise shows 30 years ago when I was about 8yrs old! During the school year I had someone tape the shows for me. Another thing; THE CHEW IS REALLY BORING! I mean brutally boring… there are already so many shows similar to it, how many shows like that do they think people want to see anyway? soaps are classic, even on a slow day they beat the heck out of The Chew!

  26. Dee Sue Willis says:

    Lexi Ainsworth has been let go from GH because some boneheads think it perfectly ok to discriminate against a talented actress due to her looks. I hope PP considers courting her for a role on one of their shows. She has a young fanbase that is comfortable with computers. She would be a total asset to your programming.

  27. Christy says:

    Lexi should be signed to Prospect Park. She is an amazing actress!

  28. Jean says:

    Please keep us posted as to when AMC will start. And, I can’t believe you dropped AMC for The Chew!! Susan Lucci said she was told by someone at ABC that it wsa cheaper to produce The Chew as to a soap. See, it’s all about money. Jean

  29. Cherrill says:


  30. DL says:

    I think that Susan Lucci has done a great job on AMC. She had to work on her children’s birthday. She didn’t get to work as much on broadway as she wanted to. She has two grown children of her own and a loving husband and two grandchildren. She can do what she wants now.

  31. Sandy says:

    I miss AMC. Period. As do so many. Another cooking show? Please! I’m done watching ABC as well. All this ‘reality’ crap is now getting very boring! TV is my ‘escape’ from reality…not MORE of it! I’m tired of the drama queens, and the ridiculous banter among ‘reality TV “stars”‘….if you can call them ‘stars’!
    The AMC family became an extention of my own life. We all grieved along with the families of Palmer, Phoebe and Kate thru the years. We rejoiced at births, marriages and reconciliations! I’ve been watching for 38 years, and I guess I too am grieving, as many others have commented. I hope ABC falls flat on their face with these new shows, because they’re just more of the same crap that you can see on any other channel! Why not be ‘different’!?? Why follow suit? I guess it’s all about the money, not about traditions or wholesome entertainment. Can’t wait to see yet another ‘smart-ass’ reality character cockily smirking at the camera thinking ‘how cool am I?’ because I’m on ‘reality TV’!! It’s sickening, and I know many others feel the same way. The only thing that was left on TV that was worth watching were soaps & movies! (and a few of the CSI, Law & Order, Criminal Minds shows) Otherwise, reality crap! It will end. What we need to do when we sit down to watch TV is ‘escape’ reality, NOT watch it on the TV screen!

  32. DL says:

    I think people sound positive about AMC and OLTL online. I think the actors signing up are the ones that people are waiting for. I just have to say that you should show daytime commercials so people won’t have to pay for online viewing. Let the sponsors pay. Thank You and everyone should say thank you. DL

  33. DL says:

    About the Chew. I watch the News on Channel 4 instead of the Chew on my mountain time.Channel 4 NBC is the main station. I get hungry during the chew so I have lunch instead. AMC used to come out at 11:00 a.m. now it was coming out at 12:00 noon. I think the ratings went down during the lunch hour. I think OLTL is getting good rating now. I think that OnLine versions would allow people to tune in when ever they want and the ratings will still count I hope. I agree there are to many food shows. DL

  34. Nancy says:

    When can we find out what is going on with the cast of all my children and one live to live. I have watched these shows since the first episodes and my life has been so weird since the end of all my children. Who are some more stars going online other than Cameron and Lindsay and the others that we have known about for quite some time. Tell us soon.

  35. Cherie says:

    I have watched AMC daily for it’s tenure. Watching the show was my time to escape, relax, and completely enjoy one whole hour of entertainment. Now that it is off the air, I miss the characters and the story lines. No other soap compares to the enjoyment AMC gave me. If it begins online episodes, please let me know. I definitely will watch them.

  36. cathy says:

    Roger Howarth better sign or I won’t be watching it.

  37. Lindy Lou says:

    I have watched AMC from the very beginning and miss it terribly. I am looking forward to the new show on-line and hope Prospect PArk can sign as many of the regulars as possible. I’ll break the ice and say that I am willing to pay a subscription to watch it. Thankx for giving us the chance to see it again. By the way, The Chew absolutely blows. I can’t believe that with all the brainiacs at ABC, this is all they could come up with?

  38. Ruth Medina says:

    I will never watch “The Chew” either! We already have enough food show networks! I have always looked forward to watching AMC I’ve watched for years and years! I will watch it online when it finally comes about.

  39. Paula says:

    I can’t believe that All My Children was replaced with that awful show the Chew. That is what America really needed was a show on food when almost everyone is over weight as it is. All My Children was an icon.Watched by millions over the last 41 years myself included. It was a great show and compared to some of the junk on tv now should have remained on. I’m sure the computer sales will go up before January so those of us that don’t have computers will be sure to get one so we can continue watching. Please let us know when and where it will be on.

  40. xxxx says:

    Anyone watched for 40 years is what? 60ish? That means we have to get a internet connection. This must have been a plot from the internet companies. We now have to have “high” speed internet to watch these shows at an extra expense. So what do we give up on our fixed incomes???

  41. Yady says:

    I watched As The World Turns almost from the beginning. When Rosemary Prinz left (Penny Hughes) I heard she was going to star on the “new” show, All My Children. I watched the very first episode and almost never missed until the last. Not only will I never watch the chew show, I also dropped the local news that I watched prior to AMC. I now watch a different news show and don’t even know what the chew show is.

  42. Marlene says:

    what time will all my children be on?
    Also will there be an option to record it?

  43. Jewel Ross says:

    I have watch AMC since day one. Thank you Prospect Park for saving AMC Jewel

  44. Anna Hansen says:

    I cannot believe they are taking 2 of the best soaps off the air for more reality shows. Seriously, there are too many of them already. Maybe ABC should have asked us before making such a stupid decision. I will NEVER watch AMC and OLTL’s replacement shows. I hope no one else does either.

  45. Aileen Duex says:

    I have never been so dissapointed in my life as losing my favorite
    soap opera AMC after having watched it from the start. I always
    came home for lunch when I was working and was able to at least
    watch for one half hour. My husband, since he retired, watches
    it with me- we always enjoyed AMC after our lunch with
    our coffee. I agree with all the others that I will never watch
    “The Chew”. What a stupid thing to do to replace a wonderful
    long running show with something people will never watch! I hope
    you lose millions of viewers which probably will happen!

  46. Lois says:

    I was so sad to see AMC leave the airways. I began watching when my daughter was born 39 years ago. I live in NY so the time slot was 1:00 p.m.. I enjoyed the show while eating my lunch. I don’t know what to do with that hour anymore. I can’t wait for AMC to appear on my computer in two months.

  47. Lisa says:

    Yes my name is lisa named after a character on a soap that is now off the air. I think it’s insulting that they think all us women want to watch on tv is cooking shows seriously? Us women cook all the time why would we want to watch a show about it? Soaps are a way of getting out of our own lifes drama and watch somebody elses. I will watch them online if i can. Because it’s killing me not knowing who got shot at the end of all my children. So get’s get that site up and running boys hurry up! Let’s not diddle daddle or you might lose more viewers. chop chop.

  48. Anne Lanzarotta says:

    Got stuck watching The Chew while I was waiting in the hospital waiting room. The only words to describe “The Chew” is boring, boring and more boring. I can’t believe that the only thing ABC thinks people are interested in are food and more talk shows. I very rarely watch any talk shows because I really don’t need to hear what the stars of movies and tv shows famous lives are like. Every time a new movie or tv show comes out the stars the stars do all the talk show circutes and hear the same thing over and over again. I really don’t think the men running ABC understand the loyal viewers wants and needs. I really miss All My Children but I have more free time now to do things around the house and leave to do errands. This is the only good thing with ABC cancelling day time drama

  49. Carla says:

    Thank you for putting together this project for AMC and OLTL. Wish you could have saved As the World Turns and Guiding Life. I’m still mourning the loss of these “friends” who brightened my life for many years. I agree with the fans who’re boycotting the replacements on ABC and CBS. What’s left of the soaps’ legacy on TV is sad…shallow characters, dumbed down storylines, slow pacing and some actors who are poorly trained. Thank goodness I have some videos I can play if I’m really down, but I’m sure technology will soon render this medium useless too.