Fall TV Preview

First Look: Chuck Vs. the Season 5 Trailer!

In the new trailer for Chuck‘s fifth and final season, premiering Friday, Oct. 21, Charlie B. acknowledges to an enemy that his ragtag spy crew Carmichael Industries is “still working out the kinks.”

Spoiler Alert: Chuck Casting Sarah’s ******! 

After watching this super-fun clip, I think I speak for Chucksters everywhere when I say here’s hoping they never get their act together.

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  1. Sheldon says:

    Whooop, can’t wait for CHUCK to return in October :D

    • StevensGrad says:

      I am so sorry I wasted all that time getting a Masters Degree in Coputer Science. I should have went to Medical school like Chuck’s sister. Then I would be a computer genius too.

      • Trista says:

        If is father is a genius and Chuck is a genius, then perhaps Ellie is a genius too. Her father did leave the computer for her to figure out.

        I can’t wait until Chuck comes back.

  2. carolinagirl says:

    I am so excited about the upcoming season but sad at the same time. For the fifth and final season it looks like Team Bartowski pulls out all the stops and gives us a Chuckfest to remember! The guest stars coming along for the final season is making this a ride all the fans will remember forever.

  3. Kimberly Naff says:

    <3 Can't wait. As sad as I am about it ending, I'm just glad this isn't going to be one of those shows that goes on so long it has nothing left to do but suck (which is what I figure happened with House).

  4. DrewCPU says:

    I love how NBC always insists on preroll ads before we watch their commercials.

  5. Cathy says:

    That was awesome and I love Chuck SO MUCH! That and Psych can not come soon enough!!!

  6. champmav says:

    Had to sit through two ads to watch and ad for a show. Anybody else getting fed up with this??

  7. ggny says:

    I dont like Morgan being the intersect i think it messes up the whole show

    • DL says:

      Kind of agree. I don’t necessarily mind him being AN intersect so long as Chuck gets the intersect back as well. Although I guess that causes problems since there’s only one governor watch.

      • Joe says:

        Well, that’s not correct. We can see that in the pilot episode of Season 4 there are 3 Governor watches.

      • Red2275 says:

        I’m sure Chuck will go back to being THE Intersect, he has to or that completely throws the whole dynamic and point of the show right out the window.It may have been just a trick of the clip but he asks Elle about there only being one charge in the glasses, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it couldn’t be fixed or they were one offs

    • vader says:

      how does that throw it off he doesn’t even need it anymore, as he rarely intelligence flashes anymore, he great at shooting, sure he needed it in season 3 and the first 2 but by season 4 it became a boring crutch only used for hand to hand combat occasionally and even then it wasn’t that cool anymore , where as morgan needs it as he is useless in combat( hand to hand, or shooting) and is a bad spy without it

      • lolcryplease says:

        Chuck is nothing without the intersect. Without the intersect he’s just a game nerd that cries like a little girl.

        Atleast morgan has a pro beard.

    • Fenog says:

      To be honest, the last episode of every season of Chuck has left me a little nervous as to the direction, but every season, the writers continue to blow me away with their creativity. I think season 5 has the makings to be one of the best!

  8. earl says:

    holy cow………….. we just love this show..can’t wait for the new season to start, but sad as heck knowing it is the last season of a great fun show. to the the whole chuck cast and crew..thank you all for a great ride…we will always be chucksters……..

  9. Michael says:

    Chuck season 5 ad on YouTube with no ads. http://youtu.be/TmRGSTs5JPs

  10. essy says:

    I want to cry.

  11. Teresa says:

    Who knows. Maybe NBC will do so badly that Chuck will continue. I think it is really possible.

  12. Dan says:

    One stupid ad from tvline. Another stupid ad from NBC. Kind of ruins the clip.

  13. Joycee says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait for the new season to start!

  14. Cosmab says:

    So happy 2 C Richard Burgi there. Luv him!

  15. Ali says:

    I want a Casey spinoff and I want it now!

  16. May says:

    Love the preview! Can’t wait for October!

  17. DN says:

    Would the ***** at Warner Bros. please put this show on another network? Seriously. It’s not because of “Chuck” that NBC came in 4th place on Monday nights, because the network isn’t exactly soaring now. This is an original show with well written characters. Keep it going.

  18. Aiden says:

    Carmichael Industries! I couldn’t be more excited. Less than a month wait left.

  19. Mdz says:

    I truely believe this season of Chuck is going to be awesome..specially know after seing this sneak peek!! wish is was 22 episodes instead of only just 13.
    Any way.. thanks for the clip :)

  20. DougMac says:

    I love this show, but putting it on against Fringe and Supernatural is a killer. There’s a huge crossover audience for these three shows and they will all suffer for it.

  21. Justin says:

    Love the trailer, and anticipating the premiere!

  22. kevin says:

    Can’t wait on 10-21-11. CHUCK truly deserve its final season as does NBC. Been a fan of this show since the beginning and it will continue for another five years. Hope AWAKE could definitely replace CHUCK when the series ends by midseason.

  23. kristine c. says:

    lol. yup! love love love the trailer! love the show. love the actors. love you chuck! ^^

  24. naheek says:

    I love to watch chuck ..and I even wake up at midnight in my country Maldives to watch. It I will really miss it…I will repeatedly watch chuck day by day..

  25. Ben says:

    I can’t understand why you want to END something that is making money. If the actors don’t want to participate, fire them, write in a new one and move on. It’s spy stuff, have them get plastic surgery for a mission that can’t be reversed, etc. Jeese, Do WE have to think of everything? Why not stay with a show that people like and are comfortable with? I for one don’t want another reality show. If that’s all you can afford to make anymore, just quit.

  26. Ben says:

    Leave it to NBC to take a perfectly good show and can it for something nobody will watch. Once upon a time they were #1, but with all the reality C R A P it’s no wonder they’re in dead last behind armpit surgery techniques at the veterinary school.

  27. Pete says:

    Well they only showed a couple of episodes in Oz so guess what I became one of many who has had to download to watch it…. Well what a show it has been. Ive had so many laughs and will miss the antics of Chuck and his side kicks Geoff and Lester…I can understand that all good things should and do come to an end. I would rather finish on a high than end up turning off. To be honest though I think I could have easily gone along for the ride a while longer. Thanx for a great show. Its been a while….

  28. itsme says:

    i think since chuck had the interxect uploaded/downloaded multiple times he is the intersect its kinda a hidden power that he wil discover in great parel

  29. ANUP says:

    can’t wait anymo, feels like i’ve been waitin for ever…

  30. Gerald - Congo says:

    I’ve missed BIG MIKE, just can’t wait for the next season

  31. Awesome Dawson says:

    CHUCK RULES………… Greatist Show Of ALL TIME

  32. Nathan Fillion says:

    Looking forward to season 5.Im gonna miss these guys when the seasons finally over!!!!But they had a great run Zach,Josh,Yvonne & Adam..Hope they do a movie like Serenity for the show Firefly a couple yrs back..

  33. joana says:

    alguém me pode dar um site para eu conseguir baixar e ver os episódios do chuck

  34. atj says:

    all the episodes in all the seasons are great. this is the only tv series i enjoyed watching, so keep it coming.

    waiting for seanson 5 in our country, the Philippines

    good casting
    good director

  35. redd says:

    I love the new season of chunk we need 5 more season NBC it is the number one show to me