Fall TV Preview

Scoop: Chuck Introducing Sarah's [Spoiler]!

Last year, Chuck introduced us to its title spy’s mom, Linda Hamilton. And this year? For its final season, the show is introducing Sarah’s mom, Emma. The possibly recurring character is described as a beautiful blonde who is, in essence, a walking hug. Our suggestions to play the part:

* Carrie Fisher: Not only does her Star Wars bro, Mark Hamill, guest in this season’s opener — making her casting an almost-reunion — the erstwhile Princess Leia just dropped a ton of weight. And what’s the old saying? If you lost it, flaunt it!

* Rene Russo: Check out these credentials, would ya? A past in crimefighting? Check. (Lethal Weapon 4.) An aptitude for espionage? Check. (The Thomas Crown Affair.) A sense of humor? Check. (The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle.) An innate huggability? Um… Okay, on second thought…

* Cheryl Ladd: It’s been decades since this former Charlie’s Angel donned her halo, but in addition to still looking like a million bucks, the actress — who next appears on NCIS — has maintained exactly the air of sweetness that this role requires.

* Sigourney Weaver: With movie stars like Glenn Close and Laura Dern now turning to TV, is it out of the question to think that the Alien ass-kicker might, too? Especially for a one-season deal? (If it is out of the question, please don’t spoil the dream for us, okay?)

* Lynda Carter: OK, Chucksters, you didn’t listen when we suggested the onetime Wonder Woman to play your leading man’s mom. So how about your leading lady’s? Do you need a reminder that she looks great with fair hair, too?

Okay, your turn. Do you like one of our picks, or do you have someone else in mind when you picture Sarah’s mom? Vote in our poll and then state your case in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. britt says:

    wooooo this is great news! can’t wait to have chuck back on my tv screen! :D i think Lynda Carter would be a great mom for sarah

  2. Jim says:

    Rene Russo!!! I LOVED her in Lethal Weapon 3 and 4 – she’d be so awesome… No real resemblance to Yvone Strahovski, though.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Well, since the description calls for a “blonde,” you’d think there would be more than one option on that list who is.

    • PPPG says:

      In this day and age, blonde is easily done … and long as there is no close up on the roots of the hair!

      I say Linda Carter and Chuck or Morgan says the predictable, “What a wonderful woman.” & she accidentally calls Casey Steve

  4. Gambs says:

    Considering that most of those women are not blondes, how about a few other suggestions besides Cheryl Ladd (who is):

    Charlene Tilton
    Shelley Long (starred with Gary Cole in movie version of Brady Brunch and Cole plays Sarah’s dad.)
    Janine Turner (she’s blonde now.)

    • Rob J. says:

      * No. (Tilton’s a midget.)
      * Ut, No. (Shelly Long looks nothing like Strahotski and, frankly, she’s annoying.)
      * And hell no. (Janine Turner doesn’t project Strahotski’s compassion. Moreover, her heart-shaped face makes her look nothing like Strahotski.)

  5. JP says:

    If the description is beautiful blonde, why are you suggesting Carrie Fisher? Even after her weight loss she isn’t Sarah Walker beautiful. But, ya know, keep suggesting the typical “nerd” people for Chuck. Its clearly what everyone wants.

  6. Richard says:

    Peggy Lipton, Cybill Sheperd, Donna Dixon.

  7. Harku says:

    Kim Basinger

  8. jason says:

    Kim Bassinger would fit very well for what is described, my vote goes to Jeri Ryan, she also acts like Sarah Walker, in addition to resembling Yvonne

    • Maryb889 says:

      After seeing Jeri Ryan in a recent ep of “Warehouse 13” I am definitely liking this suggestion. She’s always been a beautiful bombshell (rather like Yvonne don’tcha think) but she was more approachable in that episode.

  9. Jayne says:

    Hey–I was for Lynda Carter last year too. Excited for this, all of your choices are great. I’d love Ladd in the role as well.

  10. Mike says:

    What about Kim Bassinger? Vicki Vale herself!

  11. Marianne says:

    First of all, holy crap on a cracker! That is one heck of a casting scoop! And I agree with some of the folks above, Vicki Vale herself, Kim Basinger!

  12. Rob J. says:

    I vote for Rene Russo. She’s come out of retirement (playing Thor’s mother, Frigga, in, uh, “Thor.”), she’s, okay, blonde and, moreover, she projects the same sort of mix of sexiness, compassion and humor that Yvonne does. I could see Sarah being pulled between Russo and Cole.

  13. JD says:

    Rene Russo — all of the above previously cited, plus she conveys a great mix of warmth and sexiness. She’s also tall.

  14. Stral says:

    My vote goes to Jane Seymour personally. She can pull off blonde pretty well, has a resemblance to Yvonne, and certainly has geek cred.

    Plus I think it would be funny to find out Sarah has a British accent that she’s been hiding (which she got from her mom), allowing Yvonne to use her real Aussie accent for a few scenes.

    I know there are differences between Aussie and British accents, but close enough right?

  15. DngnRdr says:

    Yvonne said in an interview some time ago (before season 5 returned to production IIRC) that she wanted to resolve Sarah’s “mystery mother” this season… so it’s not exactly a huge revelation that it’s going to happen.

  16. dkd says:

    Cybill Shepherd was good as Julie Benz’s mom in No Ordinary Family.

    She gets my vote

  17. Frank says:

    It might be interesting to see Sharon Stone in the role.

  18. Jem says:

    This is the best news in all the land! Lynda Carter FTW!

    Runner ups, apart from your list: Michelle Pfeiffer, Kim Basinger, Meg Ryan, Cybil Shepherd, Candice Bergen, Stephanie Zimbalist, Heather Locklear, Erin Gray, Lindsay Wagner. More to come ;).

  19. Cathy says:

    FIRST CHOICE: Kim Basinger (Vicki Vale – pilot reference!!!)

    SECOND CHOICE: Cheryl Ladd

    Jery Ryan is way too young.
    Carrie Fisher? Really? To play Strahovski’s mom? Was it sarcasm?
    Sigourney Weaver couldn’t look more different than Strahovski.
    Rene Russo and Lynda Carter don’t look like Yvonne either.

  20. Jake says:

    A walking hug?! There goes my theory that Sarah’s mom is a cut throat politician on the Joint Intelligence Committee who is behind the whole conspiracy mentioned at the end of last season. Unless her huggability (not sure if that’s a word) is actually a ruse to get people to trust. Ooh… the possibilities.

  21. Amy says:

    Sigourney Weaver rocked the blond hair in Galaxy Quest – and her comedic chops!

  22. Chris says:

    My choices: Jodie Foster, Charlize Theron, or Diane Kruger, All of which would probably never do it.

  23. Carmichael says:

    Olivia Newton-John! Keep the mom Aussie like Yvonne

  24. Michael says:

    I’m saying either Cheryl Ladd or as was said…Kim Basinger

  25. Scott says:

    Loni Anderson!

  26. Summer says:

    Cheryl Ladd or Lynda Carter. One of Charlie’s former Angels or Wonder Woman. :D

  27. astral_monkey says:

    Maria Bello. Mr Smith was Chuck’s Dad, and Mrs Smith as Sarah’s mum. (Talking the TV show, not the movie.) How cool would that be!

  28. verkisto says:

    Lindsay Wagner. Right, Bill? ;-)

  29. brutony says:

    Carrie Fisher? Have you seen her lately? I wouldnt suggest her being mom to Morgan-or even Lester! YUCK! She needs a hottie, like
    Cheryl, who still looks bangin, babe!

  30. Derrick says:

    My personal choice is Ms Meryl Streep, who is probably way too expensive for Chuck.

    But hey, not only is she a great actress, she was a pretty hot blonde in her youth too.

  31. Nick59 says:

    Michelle Pfeiffer would be great !

  32. Charles Ellis says:

    Two words: SUZANNE SOMERS!!!!!

    If not her, then Morgan Fairchild or Ann-Margret!

  33. Sarah's Mom says:

    walking hug….Patricia Clarkson! She was in Mother Lover, too. Game for some humor.

    • PJM says:

      Good one with Patricia Clarkson. Did not think of that. Here’s a new name: Rachel Hunter. If you don’t believe it, may I suggest watching a Fountains of Wayne video from a few years back about someone’s mom.

      (and how cool would it be to use that as Rachel Hunter’s slo-mo walk-into-the-Buy-More song? I’d pay FoW to rewrite the song!)

  34. chuckmaven666 says:

    Lucy Lawless – I know the age difference isn’t that great. But you just know the Gary Cole character would taken a teenage bride. And please let Lucy speak Australian.

  35. David W says:

    personally i was hoping for them to get olivia newton john to play sarah’s mother.

  36. Mdz says:

    OMG!!! Can’t wait to see Sarahs’ mom on Chuck..this season in going to be epic!!! (it really should last 22 episodes:()
    Great spoiler!

  37. ultimate troll says:

    Susan Anton.
    Cheryl Ladd.
    Bo Derek.

    I’ll take any of those three.

  38. Jericho227 says:

    Helen Slater(aka Supergirl), even though the movie was very forgettable
    Laura Linney
    Oliva Newton-John would be legend — in the words of a Dr. Horrible himself — dary

  39. tuce says:

    My nominee is Kelly Rowan.She’s the best for this role:)

  40. Cindy says:

    Lindsay Wagner

  41. catbean says:

    Interesting but Jeri Ryan is SO not old enough to be Yvonne/Sarah’s mother. Beautiful enough but no old enough. And that kind of insults Jeri Ryan that anyone would think she could have a late 20s/early 30s daughter.

    • fact checker says:

      Yeah, she’s 14 years older than Yvonne Strahovski so that would kind of make Sarah’s dad a major perv.

    • SpyTV says:

      It’s nonsense that Jeri Ryan couldn’t play “older” than she really is. The rest of the cast could comment on how hot she looks for her age. I have no trouble picturing Gary Cole with Jeri Ryan. Remember Sean Connery playing Harrison Ford’s dad? That worked very well, and he is only a few years older than Harrison Ford.

  42. Kim says:

    Weird thought, I know, but how about Diane Keaton? Although, I love the idea of Olivia Newton-John, too.

    Although, with this age of quite a few women dying their hair, I’m not too concerned if Sarah’s mom isn’t blonde, or thin, or any of that.

  43. Melanie says:

    How about Goldie Hawn?!

  44. laxin says:

    Helen Slater would be my number one as well….and a suggestion out of left field is Heather Locklear

  45. Laurie says:

    Lindsey Wagner!

  46. joann blair says:

    I think Lena Headey should be on the show in some way. They’ve been bringing in all kinds of actors with the Terminator theme, why not bring in the other Sara Connor. The in-laws can have a little comedy or something.

    • oh hell yeah says:

      That is actually an awesome idea. Both their mom’s would be Sara Conner’s and we’ve seen Headey pull off blonde (even evil yellowy blonde) on Game of Thrones. I just wonder if “walking hug” is in her range…knowhatimean?

  47. Loni says:

    I’m so glad we get to finally meet Sarah’s mom!

  48. Arsimo says:

    My choice would be Christine Baranski.

    Pro: right age, blond, both Polish origins, good chemisty with Gary Cole (if he would recur as Sarah’s father), can play comedy and drama (required for Chuck), “good connection with nerds” (see TBBT).

    Const: conflict in schedule with The Good Wife? Name not big enough?