Castle's Stana Katic Opens Up About the Big Secrets and Kate Being Crazy In Love with Rick

The season premiere of ABC’s Castle (Mondays at 10/9c) not only dealt with Beckett’s life-and-death crisis, how Rick’s profession of love landed (or not) on Kate’s ears and the introduction of a new boss, it also set up quite the Catch-22 moving forward. Beckett has avowed that she can’t be in a relationship with any (lucky) fella until she solves her mother’s murder, while Castle is resolved to keeping his partner far away from said case, lest next time some sniper gets the job done.

Of course, the opener famously closed with Kate revealing to her shrink that she in fact does remember her shooting and the aftermath, meaning she knows full well how Rick feels about her. But how does she truly feel about him? And when did those emotions first bubble to the surface? During my visit to the Castle set, I sat down with Stana Katic to get inside Beckett’s head.

Nathan Fillion: ‘I Want Castle To Have a Drunken, Romantic Evening With Beckett, and Then…’

TVLINE | In your mind, was there a particular moment when Kate’s feelings for Rick crystallized, and she realized there could be something real between them?
At the end of Season 2, she thought that he had something for her and she knew that she had something for him, and she thought that maybe he was open to it, and she wanted to explore that … and then he showed up with his ex-wife [Gina, played by Monet Mazur]. I think that put her in a space where she didn’t think that he had that same kind of feeling towards her.

TVLINE | That’s what [series creator] Andrew Marlowe said to me, that in Beckett’s mind he is still a player, so she doesn’t know whether to trust him.
You’ve got to remember that she met him in the middle of signing someone’s boob. [Laughs] And he tried to bed her in the interrogation room, right? That was her first encounter with him, and he’s had two marriages that have fallen apart…. She doesn’t know that there were reasons outside of him that were a part of breaking those marriages up, so as the actor playing her, I believe that he was just a player, and [his marriages] broke up probably because he couldn’t stay faithful, and I don’t think she would risk something with a guy who couldn’t commit to it as much as she would. And then throughout Season 3, their friendship was tested over and over again, their affections for each other were tested….

TVLINE | Leading up to that moment in the L.A. hotel room where, I thought, there was no reason why these two grownups wouldn’t just surrender to a kiss.
Well, she was dating somebody.

TVLINE | Well… yeah.

TVLINE | And as Andrew brought up, would you risk a friendship like that?
Yeah, there’s also that fear for Beckett. It took her pretty much all of first season just to look at him as a cohort, as a really great partner, so why sacrifice that unless you’re completely sure that the other person’s going to dedicate themselves to making a relationship work?

Castle Premiere In Review: Series Creator Explains Why Secrets Are Being Kept

TVLINE | Turning to how the premiere ended: Why is she lying about remembering?
One of the reasons is that she realized over this experience, while in northern New York at her father’s cabin, that she herself has always kind of kept one foot out the door in a relationship. She has probably gotten into relationships and maybe known that there was a way out if she needed it, because there was this looming thing that she needed to, a chapter that she needed closure on, which was her mum’s murder. She knows that she now would be a danger to any relationship that she would get into unless she can close that, so she’s not willing to admit to Castle that she feels the same way.

TVLINE | How do you think Kate might react, at some point down the line, if she discovers that Castle has been intently leading her away from her mother’s case?
They’re both keeping secrets this year — that’s the theme — so there’s nobody that’s being the obstacle. They’re both trying to protect the other person, because they really care for the other person. But I think that her first reaction is she would be pissed.

TVLINE | That’s the word I used with Andrew.
Yeah. Because for her that’s the one thing she has to finish in order to get on with things, and to get into a relationship – hopefully with him, because she is crazy about him. She is in love with him. And throughout this season I’m looking for moments for that to shine. That was part of a discussion with Andrew and some of our creatives here: I feel, as the actor performing it, like the audience has had so much insight into what’s gong on in Castle’s mind, because he has this outlet, his family, and Beckett doesn’t. So we’ve created this psychiatrist character (played by Michael Dorn) who’s an avenue. But I’ve also looked for private moments, as an actor, where Castle might not be looking but she can at least show [her feelings].

TVLINE | Right, like the next time he mentions having a date with someone else, I’d like to see that register on her, like, “I’m sorry, what about the whole ‘I love you‘ thing?!”
[Laughs] Yeah, right? Hopefully we’ll get a chance to go down that road.

Exclusive: Castle‘s Life Is In the Hands of Breaking Bad‘s Dean Norris

TVLINE | How much will Captain Gates (played by Penny Johnson Jerald) cramp Beckett’s style?
If Beckett is not in the scene with Gates, she won’t call her “Captain” – because there’s only one Captain in her life. I had a real tough time sitting down in [Gates’] office for a scene — I was forced to, when I was like, “No, I am not sitting down in this office, there is no bloody way. This is not Captain Montgomery’s furniture. It doesn’t say anything that Captain Montgomery’s furniture said, which was, ‘Welcome, sit, let’s figure it out together'” – so she’s resistant. If you ever saw that scofflaw side to Beckett in earlier seasons, that is going to be kind of the theme of that relationship. She is going to do what she has to do in order to get what she has to get to solve a case.

TVLINE | One of our readers wanted to ask you: We’ve seen the show follow a case to L.A. What other sort of “special” episode would you like to see?
I actually like to see an episode where there isn’t a case, and see how the characters do. “Are there no murders in New York City today?!” Like a Seinfeld episode about nothing, I’d like to see us twiddling our thumbs, like, “What’s going on?” But it then leads to soooo much other junk. That’d be a lot of fun.

TVLINE | Lastly, what can you say about the next episode, featuring a local costumed “superhero”? I understand the gang is split on whether this guy is doing good, or being a menace. Where does Beckett stand?
Well…. [Sheepishly] She relates to the superhero, because she’s a form of a superhero – in my mind, at least!

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  1. Kate says:

    Stana ROCKS!!!!!! I like her more and more after every interview she does. I’m so happy for her success. I can’t wait to see what’s coming up on Castle this season, and hopefully many more. Thanks for sharing a great interview.

    • henry says:

      stana is super mega hot and castle rocks i am glad theyh are feeling their selves around beckett n castles relationship its brewing great cant wait for series 4 to start in the uk next yr its gonna blow my mind awesome writing and acting long may it continue it just gets better and better wiv every series.

  2. DL says:

    I absolutely love Castle. This Monday’s episode was so good. Can’t wait to see how it all plays out over the rest of the season.
    Also, I have such a crush on Stana. She’s the most stunning leading lady on TV. ;)

  3. AJ says:

    Stana is a goddess!!! I love her more every second! I love that she wants to make even the tiniest details of her character right! Amazing woman! Can’t wait to see the little ways she shows Beckett’s love for castle in those little subtle ways! She is so great!

    • chris says:

      Stana is so awesome,and she plays kate beckett very well,and awesome.. She is so great,talented,and is amazing. Stana rocks !!!
      I like her more and more after every interview she does. I’m also
      happy for her success,and she is so awesome.
      Also i have a crush Stana. She’s the most cutest / stunning leading lady on TV.

      Oh castle and beckett should kiss,again, to check if the chemistry
      is still their between them.

  4. Garnet_and_Gold47 says:

    All I have to say is I love this show! I’m glad they are going to follow the love interest avenue without actually addressing it (at least not for a while.) This is going to be a good season.

  5. MelindaB says:

    I adore Castle, although I only started watching it for Nathan Fillion. In my head, I thought, “ANOTHER procedural?” However, Andrew Marlowe has put a nice twist on the genre, and I think he’s in many ways “just a fan” rather than the creator.

    I wasn’t familiar with Stana Katic when the show started–I had seen her in other things, but hadn’t remembered them–and thought that she was trying too hard in the beginning. However, she’s really settled into her role and has a great chemistry with Nathan. I’m looking forward to this season, and am holding Marlowe to not turning it into a Bones thing where they “will-they-won’t-they” for so long that they drive away viewers who lose patience. Writers, show us that it’s possible to put a couple together without losing the excitement, suspense and entertainment.

  6. Leigh says:

    Absolutely LOVE this show. The more I read interviews with Stana Katic the more I feel she deserves more recognition for the great job she does on Castle. She is a phenomenal talent and I love the way she plays the character of Beckett. Great Interview with a great actress.

  7. Lisa says:

    I am always so on the fence with Ms. Katic’s portrayal of Beckett. One episode I will love it (Nikki Heat), the next I will think she is not very good (To Love and Die in L.A.). My favorite scene of hers is still from the very first episode when Castle and Beckett were reading his fan mail and he correctly read/told Beckett’s ‘story’. She completely nailed that scene and it is still the only time I have felt she out performed Mr. Fillion. That being said her and NF are fantastic TOGETHER and that is what will keep me coming back for more. Can’t wait for this season, if ‘Rise’ is any indication I think it will be the best yet!

    • Phil says:

      Nice post Lisa – I completely agree with your observations. I felt Stana was a bit awkward in To Love and Die in LA. I still think the first episode rocks (you don’t even want to know how many times I’ve watched it) and completely agree that she nailed the fan mail scene. She’s tense and edgy in that first episode which I really enjoyed. Some the later episodes in season 3 came across a bit soft for me.

  8. Nerwen Aldarion says:

    There is a reason why Stana is my favorite actress on TV, this is a great example of just how AWESOME she is!!!

  9. Laura says:

    Stana is great. But I disagree with her on the Beckett loves Castle thing.Season 1 was the only season in which you could say that she was really attracted to him but after that ,no way.There were moments of course but it wasn´t enough to make me believe that she loves him one bit .

    • Milly says:

      Well, she did break up with her boyfriend in the season 2 finale and then attempt to reveal something to Castle about her feelings for him. I don’t think she would have actually left someone for him unless the feelings she harbored for him were very strong. So I do agree with Stana about Beckett being in love with Castle but I see your point in that there haven’t been these (besides the one I mentioned) amazingly stand out obvious moments that she’s crazy in love with him. That’s what Katic has be hoping for though, private moments this season where we see Beckett’s feelings for him in a way we haven’t before. So I have full trust that Stana will do everything in her power to make that happen for the audience. She’s very appreciative of her fans and the fans of the show, so I imagine she’d love the opportunity to deliver what they have been waiting to see for quite some time. We’ve seen Beckett so strong and so in check with her emotions in the past that it’d be such a treat as a viewer to see her emotionally fragile and paranoid. What I really hope for is to see Beckett jealous in a way we haven’t before. This season it’d make sense for her to feel romantically threatened by any other woman Castle takes an interest in, she has good reason to sort think of him as “her property” seeing as she now will hopefully be perceiving him in this whole new light since the “I love you.” I’m really expecting a WTF moment from Beckett whenever Castle turns on the charm with another lady. It’ll be interesting to see Beckett’s back-off-he’s-mine face.

  10. Sonya says:

    Stana Katic is so awesome and it was enlightening to learn her perspective on her character’s behavior. I absolutely love the complex, intelligent, and incredibly resilient character of Kate Beckett. Stana Katic does an excellent job portraying the character and deserves recognition for her work on Castle. I found myself watching scenes in Rise and Knockout (and other episodes) over and over again just to watch Ms Katic’s acting – especially her eyes, facial expressions, body movements, and tone of voice. Thank you TV Line for the excellent interview with Stana! I eagerly anticipate watching Castle Monday nights this season to watch for Kate Beckett’s moments where we see her love for Castle “shine” through.

  11. Kirsty says:

    I love this show, I love that everyone cares and invests so much in the characters and their motivations.

    Stana, you are the absolute best. You seem so down to earth and natural. You’ve made Beckett an incredible character and I hope next year the Emmy’s recognise that.

    All the best from New Zealand (if you ever read this).

    Thanks for the great interview.

  12. nitemar says:

    Thank you Matt, you are my hero today! Love Stana and was hoping someone would interview her soon. Wow! not a huge revelation that Beckett is in love with Rick, lol! but its the first time it’s been reaffirmed by one of the actors, glad it was Stana. I’d just would love to see them together but hiding it from everyone. :)

  13. Candice says:

    I would love to see an episode of Castle that doesn’t include a case.

  14. Nick says:

    Hey Matt, How about interviewing Susan Sullivan next time you head out to the set. I’d love to hear what a veteran actress has to say. Stana’s interviews are always great but We never hear about anything from Susan she doesn’t have twitter like the rest of the cast so her views and opinions go unspoken. Frankly, i’d love to know what Castle’s mom thinks of all of the drama in her son’s Life

  15. ncastled says:

    Stana should do more interviews. She gives great insight about her character and is clearly invested in the storytelling of the series. I’ve been following the show since the start and I like how Andrew Marlowe pace the Caskett story and Stana is getting better every season. She’s more than just a gorgeous face and is turning out to be a great actress. As much as I love her as Beckett, I want to see her play other roles.

  16. Chris says:

    Stana is so so awesome,and talented. and she is al so a great and awesome actress. Stana is my favorite actress,and she is talented,and she rocks !!!

  17. Lyn Bockmiller says:

    I think this is one of the best show onTV. I don’t like the new chief

    I hope she softens up alittle because what we want to see is castle

    and Beckett do their thing chase killers tease each other get serious

    get funny you know like it has been that what I want to see.

  18. Amy says:

    I absolutely adore Stana! She is so cool plus she is the biggest Castle/Beckett shipper

  19. Mery says:

    Stana is amazing, i so happy Castle´s succes,it´s an amazing show, how the charecteres been grow up. They deserve more recongnition, Stana especially. I think this will be an awesome season.
    This is an excellent interview, and Stana is so talented, beautiful and sweet person, i love her and i love Castle,

  20. Julie says:

    This has to be the best interview this fall tv premiere has to offer so far! She’s so awesome, relates to her character so much it’s like we actually see Stana on the screen.
    I cannot wait how this season will unfold and how Beckett and Castle will deal with one another. I just ADORE their little love connection tension because it is perfect for TV and it’s… it’s simply perfect! :)
    Go Castle!!!

  21. Tom says:

    I am disappointed with this series. I don’t think Stana is very convincing in her delivery. But this whole conspiracy plot has blown it for me.The sense of humor in the first season and early in the second has disappeared- feeling the same way about the Mentalist

  22. Fitch says:

    I’ve been impressed with Stana every time I’ve seen her interviewed. She comes across as intelligent, very professional, delightful sense of humor, a person of curiosity, depth of thought, and emotion, able to express herself perfectly in a very few words. There is a lot to her as a person and it shows in her acting.

    I really wish I could say the same for Fillion’s interviews, but I can’t.

    It would be fun if they did more with her real abilities, like being fluent in 5 languages other than English – she was marvelous in that those undercover scenes involving the Russian gamblers in season 1.

    Katic just plain loves being an actress because she loves acting, loves exploring a character, loves mastering the character and bringing it to us. Her time off making the movie is evidence of that. A talented person doing what they love to do is a good as it gets.

    • eleventh says:

      Eh? You mean Nathan Fillion has no sense of humour, depth of thought and emotion and is unable to express himself? You probably feel very lonely on the interwebs))

      • ash says:

        I’m fairly new to the Castle fandom, but couldn’t help noticing that fans of Stana always try to find faults with mr.Fillion. Why? It’s never the other way around, at least I haven’t seen it. Can’t we love them both? Nathan Fillion not being a shipper doesn’t mean that he’s a worse actor or an inferior human being for God’s sake. It doesn’t bother me, and I am a shipper. And implying that he doesn’t have a sense of humor is just plain ridiculous. Let’s all be friends!:)

        • helen says:

          I dont think you need toworry about nathan fillion love,seems critics and press only see him when it comes to Castle, they never recognize Stana for what she is – a great actress who is destinned to become a huge star on the big screen. fillion is idolised like some kindof God when in reality he plays himself and he is not a very attractive person to begin with, he come off as shallow an imature, a jockster and a geek who only cares about videogames scifi and such,Stana is much more deep and grounded an artistic,no wonder us viewers who know what a real talent is prefer her

          • dervish says:

            Wow! Always noticed that haters usually have really poor grammar and spelling skills (and I am not a native speaker). Guess all their brain power goes into hating.
            I also got the impression of some kind of Fillion hate among Stana Katic fans (Stanatics, I believe), it’s X-Files fandom all over again. I guess part of it is jealousy, because of his much more recognizable name and deified status in some circles. And another part seems like a plain dislike of geek culture in general and NF as its “god”. The latter reason is just laughably dumb and sounds like an old-school bullying come to life. The jealousy part – well, it’s understandable on psychological level, but where is Fillion’s fault in this? He’s been around longer, took part in several cult projects and is considered to be a decent and entertaining person in general. If some of his fans take it too far, it’s not his fault. If journalists like interviewing him, it’s not like he goes around bribing them or something, it’s ridiculous.
            As for “big screen fame” part that I always hear from Stana’s fans – it’s not a sure thing at all. I like her just fine, but personally, do not see where it comes from. She did some movies? But almost all TV actors do it on hiatuses. And what’s wrong with TV? She may very well become a big TV star, with right projects. She already kind of is. Well, she might become an A-list Hollywood star, stranger things have happened, but it’s not a sure thing, you know? I may be mistaken, but it all reeks of “We’ll show you, Nathan Fillion, fanboy fav, geeky looser, failed movie-star!” Or at least that’s the feeling I usually get when I hear these things. But you don’t need to dump on NF in order to praise SK, this is not how it works.
            What I mean to say actually is – Lighten up, people, it’s just a TV show and these guys are human, just working actors who might get their lucky break or not.

          • dervish says:

            Oh, and about “playing himself” – that is kind of a premise of the show, I mean it’s not like they had a long list of actors for Richard Castle. And some odd 10+ millions of people find his personality attractive enough to tune in every week. Or you think they’re all doing it just because of Stana?

        • soldierofLove says:

          every sane person with taste who is not a browncoat or some gamers and such can plaily see that Fillion is not even in the same league as Stana Katic, its just obvious to everybody who is not biased. Why he is still considered the star of the show is beyond me when it has been obvious for a long time who is the real actor here is. As for his personality he’s not very bright, he’s shallow and behaves like an ass sometimes, like he needs to be the center of attention and other shallow people like it and applaud. He hardly has any chance to get a job as awesome as Castle in the future yet he seems to sabotage his show in the interviews. His jokes are dumb, I don’t know how anybody can find them funny. And his unfollowing Stana on twittwer clearly means that his jealos of her success with FLO and other movies.
          Stana is VERY smart, she knows 5 languages!But she is shy and introverted, so Fillion is always gets publicity. As for talent, just watch Mark Polish’s For Lovers Only and you will understand who IS the talent. Stana has a bright future in the business and I cant wait to see what she is going to do next!

          • Lynn says:

            It is hard to understand the comments of some so called fans from either side of this argument. Stana Katic is a brilliant actress and Nathan Fillion is also very good in his rile as Castle. I understand they are great fact it is said that they adore each other..this was stated by a senior member of the cast. It would be really fitting if it turns out that they are even more then friends in real life and that you hate mongers have insulted them both!!

  23. Kerry says:

    I love Castle!! I love the whole cast.. The chemistry between all of them is fabulous!!!

    • Maria Luisa says:

      I’m with you on this one. Everyone does a great job. I love the entire cast. I personally would like to see more girl talk. Like a girls night out with Lanie. Lanie tells it to Kate like it is. I think it would be interesting. Stana is the best!!!!!!!

    • DGScott1 says:

      I think the whole cast is great.I enjoy the interaction between Castle and his daughter almost as much as that of him and Bekett. I agree with an earlier post that suggested Castle and Bekett develope a relationship and keep it secret from the rest of the squad.

  24. Natalie says:

    Another great interview, Matt! Love the title. ;)

  25. Kathi says:

    Actually, Rick’s first marriage broke up because his wife(Alexis’ mother) had an affair with her director and left Rick and Alexis to move to California with him. Stana is a great actress and I thoroughly enjoy her on the show.

  26. grey says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that miss Katic is the weakest link on the show acting wise? No dissing, she seems like a lovely person, but she is just so incosistent.. IMHO Sometimes I feel she nailed it, but mostly I just see her acting really hard. She seems to have better dramatic chops than comedic, but then again, I sorta cringe almost every time she “emotes” this dramatic side of Beckett. Half of it might be just the character though, I’m really tired of this dead mom crap.

    • dw says:

      You are not alone. My subjective opinion is – she’s a capable actress, but absolutly nothing special. I truly do not see where is all this adoration coming from. I’m more of a casual Castle viewer, but Ive been to enough Castle forums to know that she is considered to be some sort of acting goddess/life couch by (mostly) girls there. I don’t know anything about her as a person so she may very well be a saint, but Meryl Streep she is not. All this just reminds me of the times when desperate fangirling about Lisa Edelstein was the main topic of discussion on House boards. I like Lisa Edelstein and I’m a girl, but it wasn’t very pleasant. Same with Stana Katic. I like her, but I’m not in awe or anything, she’s 50/50 hit and miss with me, may be the worst persantage of anybody on the show (except Laney). The best persentage are Nathan Fillion and Molly (smth), especially their scenes together – those never ring false to me. Castle’s mother is a good actress, but her role is pretty dull, so.. Bromantic cops a great together, but separately – only the Irish one can be interesting with facial expressions and acting. He’s good. Oh, and Laney is terrible. She had such corny lines in the opening scene of the premier epi, and she even butchered them! Fillion’s charm really helps to disguise the general corniness of the writing in “serious” scenes, he has this natural way and believability about him. Katic not so much, I often cringe at her lines and delivery too. In short, to me the best things about the show are natural chemistry between everybody in the cast and Fillion’s comedic delivery and timing. And an occasional great one-liner as well

    • Lynn says:

      your taste is in your mouth! And believe me you are one of the very few with that opinion

  27. Penny says:

    I agree. Castle is the one show I cannot live without. My oldest daughter is in law enforcement and Beckett reminds me so much of her.

  28. steve wilson says:

    I love castle sadly we won’t see season four until 2012 love stana though she is beautiful and talented.

  29. Cristy says:

    I’d love to see an episode without a case to solve for the shenanigans everyone would get up to! I think Beckett would be especially fun to watch because being a cop is basically her whole life and she doesn’t know what to do without it. Ryan and Esposito would be entertaining too, as always.

  30. Phil Smith says:

    Stuck in the uk can not wait till the new season castle rocks !!!!

  31. Sarah says:

    God, I love her! She’s my TV girl-crush! Castle is such an amazing show!

  32. Rick says:

    This is the best show on TV. Stana, in my mind is the most beautiful and talented actress in the business right now. Enjoy her now before she stars on the big screens.

  33. elizabeth says:

    I love castle I can’t enough of this show it has to be the best show on tv.I can’t wait to see castle & beckett finally get together I hope they don’t drag it out to long, I agree don’t make this a whole new bones where the just drag it on. Give us something soon… Love Castle

  34. manon says:

    Yeah i adore this couple!!
    they got me hooked right from the first episode!!
    when castle told beckett that they would make a great couple!
    and that beckett answered “you have no idea!”
    The were drawn to eachother from that first moment! and they still are!

    The end of season 2 beckett almost had the courage to tell something about her feelings and then came playboy “rick” again with
    his silly exwife.. felt so sorry for beckett!
    but all her boyfriends in the past, royce, demming and even Josh, i don’t believe she ever told one of them i love you!
    she always had her guard up and held one leg out the door, just incase she needed to fly!
    but with castle ït’s diffrent! she KNOWS that he could be THE ONE!
    and she is terrified about that feeling. that’s even stronger now then her love for him. She is soo affraid to lose again someone so loves, she couldnt handle it anymore!

    Castle is a bit diffrent, Castle gave in s3 a lot of signs that he trully wanted beckett. protecting her with his life, kissing her, tried so hard to find her mothers killer, jalous and even spoke about his feelings!! and she just doesn’t talk about it! like she knows castle loves her, she knows castle told her and he still thinks she doesn’t know! it’s a bit cruel actually.. cause she also knows if she tells him, he would so that as a opening in her wall.. and she still isn’t ready for that kind of relationship but she better hurry up, he is not waiting for ever!

    Now it’s beckkets turn, now she has to fight for him in season 4.
    like the end scene of episode 2… so adorible!
    we are like the writer and his muse.. we are like that! and then that couple started kissing and she looked so nervous, playing with her lips, looking down.. adorible!! but i’m not even sure castle saw kate her look, or decided to look away because otherwise he couldn’t control himself and that’s not his plan! if he kissed her, she would def let him, but i’m sure he is waiting for her to kiss him.. and i really hope kate her love for rick grows stronger faster!!! even it is only psychical at the moment… that is better then nothing for me… they have to find out if there bodies are compatible, this couple must HAVE IT ALL! So much love, great sex-life, trust, honesty, laughter, happiness, converation, teamwork, things in common.. and they already have a lot of things.. but sex,converstation, the love and happiness must grow stronger!!!!!!!

  35. Ginaj5 says:

    Kate & castle = katle??
    Kate & Rick = kari? or katric?

  36. Zoe says:

    I always thought Stana was an amazing actress! She does both comedy and drama really well. I’m still a bit sour that she didn’t get an emmy for the finale last season! I mean whaaaaaaaaat?

    As for Stana lovers hating Nathan… it does happen. And I always found that super weird. Like… what? I absolutely ADORE Stana… but I flipping adore Nathan too! How could anybody hate the guy? He’s just so lovely :o

  37. Blaine says:

    I am in love with Stana Katic. I’m glad she is born in Hamilton Ontario(so close to where I live). Nathan Fillion is amazing as well. He is why I started watching Castle

  38. jasmine says:

    hahaha, that’s just what happened to me the other day (concerning Stana’s fans hating on NF). I have this collegue at work who is a big Fillion fan but never watched Castle (except last year’s Halloween bit). He’s a great guy and we kinda flirting a little bit:)) And I was trying to make him watch Castle, not that he was so very against the idea really, just you know, for fun – I was like “making him” and he was like “hell no”)))
    Last week we got a new girl in the office and imagine my delight when she turned out to be a Castle fan! We haven’t yet had a chance to get acquainted for real, but I was looking forward to having an ally in my quest to convert my friend into Castledom. Well.. let’s just say that a lighthearted chat during lunch break about our fauvorite show turned quite sour(( She only praised Stana and when I tried to turn the discussion to the Fillion for my friend’s benefit, she like exploded with hate (?!) I mean it looked really awkward, my buddy was glancing at me sideways with disbelief, like “whaaat??”))) it was actually rather hilarious to remember post factum))) Among other things she said that NF is a known douchebag, and when asked for detailes she said: 1)He doesn’t want C and B together, 2)he doesn’t follow Stana on twitter, 3)he loves Firefly more than Castle and 4)he jokes about Caskett which is a sin. Seriously. That’s what she came up with and seriously thought that it means he’s a douchebag. Needless to say we wrapped up this discussion pretty quickly and I ‘ve been avoiding any Castle chats ever since. The worst thing is I doubt my friend is now gonna watch Castle at all! I suspect he thinks that all fandom is like that and is a bit scared)) At least we haven’t had our flirty Castle chats last couple of days, It just doesn’t feel as it used to, you know, he looks at me like I’m gonna explode with rants every minute now and I don’t feel relaxed enough because I know he feels like that.. Yeah, funny stuff)))

  39. Miranda says:

    I love Stana, She’s my idol :) I like her idea of a no murder episode, that would be cool. I would really love it if they had a high school reunion episode; preferably Beckett’s, I love those episodes. It would be very cool if Beckett was also quite popular as in other tv shows the girl was always the loser with no friends!

  40. cathy says:

    Is kate dueling as leading lady in Playboy Club?

  41. aris ochoa says:

    Stana es una persona adorable, sencilla aparte de ser hermosa es exelente actriz pienso quela serie de castle es la mejor que he visto primera que me apego tanto a una serie y soy adicta a ella, todos trabajan muy bien y se meresen un emmy. espero KATE Y CASTLE SE LLEVEN TODOS LOS PREMIOS SE LO MERECEN……..

  42. girlat says:

    i love stana katic as a detective kate beckett!!!!!!!she is my idol. I hope that she will tell to castle that she love him so much!!!!! i hope that marlowe make a episode for them that no case!!!!!!!!!!!just them!!!!!!!!!i love CASTLE!!!!!!!!!!

  43. johncolts54 says:

    Just seen a episode in Oct. 2011 and been hooked ever since. Filled up my DVR on episodes to watch. still have some have not seen. reminds me of being a young teen , flirting, comments, eye contacts leading up to the big moment. But anyway HUGE fan of Stana and the show, sometimes seems like some episodes out of order than related to like should be after this one….Sitting here watching a season 4 marathon now. But i hope they do not drag the years out before they do the deed, everybody knows, actively move in each other or something then produce episodes from there…Keep up the good work

  44. Richard Garza says:

    Looking forward to seeing more.

  45. Karend says:

    Their performance is excellent !
    Watching the TV series of Castle is one thing which I obsess most, recently.

  46. Manuel Schuster says:

    I love the way Stana Katic plays the role of Kate Beckett. She is espacially great in the qiute and serious moments. I love and adore her so much. Great, cute and sexy woman!!!

  47. Paige Turner says:

    Castle is just a goofier version of The Mentalist. Identical dynamic. A non-cop being allowed to tag along with investigations? Yeah, that’s realistic. And while Stana is definitely hot and gorgeous, she’s an ice queen, and she and Fillion can’t stand each other.