Fall TV Preview

The TVLine-Up: TV Worth Watching This Friday

With no less than 60 season and series premieres hitting your TV/DVR this week, we’ve gone daily with The TVLine-Up. (For those who must plan ahead, here is our complete Fall TV premieres calendar, plus I do summarize what’s coming up the next day.)

But for now, here’s what’s happening on….

8/7c A Gifted Man (CBS) | Patrick Wilson (Angels in America) plays a professionally brilliant yet emotionally chilly neurosurgeon who starts to get life lessons from his ex-wife (Jennifer Ehle, The King’s Speech). Thing is, she be dead. Twist! Freshly minted Emmy winner Margo Martindale (Justified) costars as his assistant, while Julie Benz (Dexter) plays his sister. Ausiello liked the pilot fine. Me? Meh.

Casting News: ER‘s Eriq La Salle Joins A Gifted Man

8 pm Kitchen Nightmares (Fox) | Season 4 opens with Gordon Ramsay verbally reaming a Plainview, N.J. catering service.

8 pm Nikita (The CW) | So much has changed, so many allegiances shifted, so many jobs swapped… I can’t begin to summarize it here. Instead, finish up this column then read Meg Masters’ in-depth season preview, Parts 1 and 2.

Nikita Exclusive: David Keith Is [SPOILER]’s Long-Lost Dad

9 pm CSI: NY (CBS) | Season 8 kicks off with an intense flashback to 9/11, then continues on with Danny getting a pretty new partner and Jo being hit with a blast from…. Wait, I just wrote all that and then some!

9 pm Dateline (NBC) | Lester Holt takes over as host for the new season. This is one of them dating shows, right?

9 pm Fringe (Fox) | I’ve seen the long-awaited season premiere and I’ll tell you this: In a very good way, it’s not the mind-trippy kaboom you may have been expecting. Rather, it all seems to make sense. It’s BAU for the Fringe team… well, save for the fact that Peter isn’t around. (Or… is… he?) If the first 45 seconds don’t pencil in Anna Torv for a 2012 Emmy nom, I am not sure what will. Oh, and the “bridge” room that somebody created to connect the universes? It is all tricked out now. Thanks, Massive Dynamic!

Fringe Exclusive: John Noble Teases a ‘Wonderful’ Reunion With Joshua Jackson

9 pm Supernatural (The CW) | Season 7 premiere: Can Cas get back from the dark side? Will Sam crumble under the memories of hell? What is going on with Dean? Vlada Gelman has some scoopy answers.

10 pm Blue Bloods (CBS) | Season 2 opens with Frank (Tom Selleck) navigating politically tricky waters as the NYPD deftly looks into the murder of someone close to the new mayor (Dexter‘s David Ramsey). Before things get ugly, hopefully guest stars Tony Bennett and Carrie Underwood can squeeze in their duet.

Blue Bloods Scoop: Lie To Me‘s Monica Raymund Reports for Duty

10 pm Haven (Syfy) | While Audrey and Nathan look into a series of murders in which the victims were mummified, Duke comes upon a secret about his past that could have major ramifications.

Coming up on Saturday: Rules of Engagement, 48 Hours Mystery
Coming up on Sunday:
60 Minutes, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition… The Amazing Race, The Simpsons, The Cleveland Show… Desperate Housewives, The Good Wife, Boardwalk Empire, Family Guy, American Dad… Pan Am, CSI: Miami

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  1. stevie says:

    cas is god.. hmm, yeah. right, sara.
    let’s bring on FRINGE!

  2. Carisa says:

    Fringe! I’m giddy with anticipation!

  3. timelord says:

    i like your optimism regarding anna torv’s emmy nomination. but emmy winners are never going to recognize actors from a science fiction show. its pathetic but the truth.

    • Rex says:

      While I agree with you that it’s a very long shot, never say never. LOTR broke open the SCI-FI/ Fantasy taboo with the Oscars. Hopefully, Emmy will soon step up.

  4. Kay says:

    “If the first 45 seconds don’t pencil in Anna Torv for a 2012 Emmy nom, I am not sure what will.”
    First one has to get the Emmy nominators to actually watch Fringe, and then publicly acknowledge they have watched it! I am quite happy that the premiere is not too trippy. I also hope they focus on Our!Side characters more, if not 100%, as the season gets going.

    “Can Cas get back from the dark side?>
    Perhaps. Only if it leads to his death or exit. This is Sera Gamble’s show, after all!

  5. Fernando says:

    When do Grimm starts

  6. King says:

    CSI: NY!!!

  7. Dee says:

    Cannot wait for Supernatural!!!

    Death makes a visit too!

  8. geordiegirl1967 says:

    Come on SPN. Can’t wait for tonight.

  9. Juliab. says:

    I’m watching all the shows on CBS tonight, especially CSI/NY.

  10. br says:

    If those Emmy-worthy 45 seconds are the already available sneak peek, you’re blowing it out of proportion. I hope it plays differently and there is more to it, because it’s awful. That dialog! That delivery!

  11. Gerald says:

    Nikita! Really looking forward to the new season… don’t have that much to watch on Friday actually.

  12. katie says:

    Thank goodness for the dvr. Will prob watch fringe and dvr supernatural and watch haven. Maybe catch csi ny on demand.

  13. Rex says:

    Can’t wait for FRINGE tonight!!!!!

  14. Cortexifan says:

    Fringe: live and then over and over again.
    Fringe Rocks!

  15. boo says:

    FRINGE!!! can’t wait!

  16. toby says:


  17. Jennifer says:


  18. Emma says:

    Fringe Fringe Fringe Fringe Fringe Fringe

  19. Dave says:

    Supernatural and Fringe for me tonight!!

  20. PPPG says:


    8 – A Gifted Man
    9 – Supernatural
    10 – Blue Bloods

    9 – Fringe
    10 – Haven

    OnDemand at some point:
    9 – CSI NY

  21. trish says:

    Fringe is the best! Can’t wait to see Anna Torv and John Noble knock it out of the park–they are truly gifted actors who out-do themselves over and over again.

    It’ll all make sense, you say? Bring it on!

  22. Keisha says:

    Fringe is amazing,I hope it does well in the demo ratings. As for SPN,season 5 was the series finale for me soooo FRINGE FRIDAY it is.

  23. Partme1 says:

    Yeah lucky you while Josh fans won’t be seeing him at all.

  24. Danny says:

    I am going to try “A Gifted Man.” Patrick Wilson is a great actor, and I loved Julie Benz on “Dexter” (she was even okay in a thankless role on “Desperate Housewives”). Margo Martindale is wonderful, and I’ve never even seen “Justified.” CBS had great success in this time slot for five seasons with “Ghost Whisperer.” I just hope they didn’t erode trust from viewers when they unceremoniously dumped “Ghost Whisperer” in 2010, curiously renewed “Medium,” moved it to an earlier slot, and then let it fade out by early 2011. Odd.

  25. Alice says:

    FRINGE! :)
    And I’m so happy that Lincoln (and his alt) is getting more screen-time this season. I think I’m actually beginning to prefer him over Peter (not meaning to start a flame war – just my opinion:)

  26. cj says:

    wow, the first 45 seconds? you better not be getting my hopes up (though let’s face it, anna torv never lets me down).

  27. jenn says:

    Blue Bloods!

  28. Queeg says:

    That’s the writers plan all along isn’t? To make people hate Peter by making him stupid and Lincoln mr perfect?

  29. Julie says:

    So excited for Blue Bloods! It has been a very long summer!!!

  30. Girish says:

    Supernatural and Fringe all the way! They are going to be brilliant this season. And loved what you said about Anna Torv’s performance. Anna Torv along with Stana Katic are two actresses who have to be, at the very least, nominated for an Emmy. They just do such tremendous work every episode and yet are never recognized by the Emmy panel.

  31. Aimee says:

    Although no one can replace Peter Bishop in my eyes, I’m really excited for a new member too. Lincoln Lee’s character needed some fleshing out, so now we’re going to get it.

    But I can’t wait to see how my (our) beloved Peter returns over the next few episodes! :D

  32. ForensicMama says:

    FRINGE!!! :D

  33. Linda says:

    Nikita & Fringe!

  34. Kim says:

    oh yeah…delicious strawberry flavored death..so excited!

  35. Lia says:

    “Blue Bloods” and “Nikita” are the only two on my list tonight. I might give “A Gifted Man” a shot. See if it grabs me.

  36. Dave says:

    Thats too bad because if your really a Supernatural fan you are missing out big time!