Project Runway: Two and a Half Menswear Outfits

Please tell me I’m not the only person who absolutely dreads Project Runway‘s once-a-season foray into the world of menswear. I mean, seriously, if I wanted to see basic jeans and Western-cut shirts, I could make a quick stroll to Target or The Gap or probably even BJ’s Wholesale Club. Yes, yes, Heidi Klum & Co. put Adam Lambert in the guest-judging chair to ratchet up the glitz and glam, but I was only moderately impressed by two — okay, maybe two and a half — looks among the eight outfits that came down the runway. I agreed with Heidi that Viktor’s braided pleather jacket looked like it cost $2,000, and while Joshua’s overall look was overbaked, his pants and tank were exquisitely made, and pretty sexy. (As for the half-outfit, I’d probably have worn Bert’s purple pinstripe pants back in a younger, more ridiculous period of my life.)

One of the biggest problems with this week’s challenge — to create signature looks for the four members of the Sheepdogs — winner of a Rolling Stone magazine contest to discover the country’s best unsigned act — was that each designer had a pre-sketching consult with the band member he or she was dressing. Oliver of the Faux Accent hasn’t uttered a single common-sense phrase all season, but I had to agree with his assessment that if the entire point was designing the kind of clothes The Sheepdogs would already wear, then why bother with the exercise in the first place? In other words, with the parameters clearly demanding the contestants each keep a leg firmly swathed in bell-bottoms, fringe, and possibly clogs.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time rehashing what we never should’ve seen in the first place, but gosh darnit this week’s Bottom 3 designs were disastrous. I appreciated Anya admitting everything from her design to her fabric to her execution were catastrophic: I swear I wrote “Pocahontas” and “lobster bib” in my notes before Nina and Michael referenced ’em. Still, I’m glad both Anya and Kimberly were spared — not just because neither had ever before sewn menswear, and not just because both of them have shown more promise all season long than Olivier. Nope, the guy who is only comfortable designing for skinny, bloodless, headless, brainless mannequins absolutely whiffed it dressing The Sheepdogs’ lead singer in a swan-print top that shouldn’t have been used for your great aunt’s throw pillow, let alone a rock-band frontman’s shirt. Oh, and those horrible white slacks just put the exclamation point after the word drab.

Farewell, Olivier! Any parting words? “I don’t think I deserve to go at this point.” Correct! You should’ve gotten the boot back in Week 2 when you won for that hideous dog-bed blouse!

Anyone else psyched to see Olivier finally get auf’d? Who else wanted to strangle him for repeatedly showing distaste for the size of his perfectly attractive client? Did you agree with Viktor’s win and this week’s Bottom 3? Sound off below, and for all my reality recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Moryssa says:

    I wanted to reach through the television screen and strangle Olivier for most of this episode. Yes, I understand that your particular client was larger than you’re used to working with. Shut up and deal with it– don’t keep kvetching about it. None of those men (with the possible exception of the drummer, who looked pretty stick-like) were exactly *small*, and they certainly weren’t the same body type as the petite no-shape models that they’ve been dealing with all season. Everyone else managed to deal with the size differential, so why couldn’t Olivier? I was chanting at my tv hoping that he would be the one who went home.

    • jj says:

      seriously. i couldn’t believe he actually used the term PLUS SIZED. it wasn’t that the dude was large, it’s that Oliver was petite. (see that was me being tactful, something Olivier obviously doesn’t get. It would be much truer to just say PUNY.)

  2. Rich says:

    Oliver’s outfit was bad, and he deserved to go home. That said, he may be getting a bad rap — not just here, but with other reviewers as well. When he revealed early on that he was from Ohio, my instant thought was like everyone else: “What a fake!” Over time, though, the consistency of his persona softened my stance. It’s quite possible that he grew up in Ohio, the child of immigrant parents. He could have started with an accent, and time in Europe confused it further. His extreme lack of people skills might stem from mild autism or some other disorder.

    I mean, if he’s faking it, why fake *that* persona??

    • lesfull says:

      I agree with you about the accent. I have thought for awhile that your explanation was the most likely reason he spoke the way he did so it didn’t bother me. I’ve known people who spent a lot less time in Europe who came back with much weirder accents.

      However, the only excuse for Olivier’s atrociously rude and unprofessional behavior would be some form of mild Aspergers or something like that. To treat that poor guy like a freak and repeatedly say how fat he was right in front of him? Tim’s face had that prune juice look on it and he did not seem at all sad to see him leave.

    • Randi says:

      I totally think that Oliver must have either Aspergers or mild Autism. That’s exactly what I was going to post about here. The lead singer is 6’3″ and meaty but he’s not really a plus sized dude. But Oliver has difficulty filtering the thoughts in his head.

      I really think his accent is fake, though.

    • gbar says:

      Oliver has ASPERGER’S, which is a mild form of autism. Maybe he doesn’t even know it himself, which is the case for many people with that disorder. It is interesting to see how people are just clueless when it comes to mental disorders. You are probably working next to someone who has one. I think the show was a little exploitive by not acknowledging that.

      • Stephanie says:

        I’ve begun to play a little game with myself, as to how fast it takes for one person on a reality show to be internet armchair analyzed with Asperger’s. It’s like how long before the “is he gay?” question gets asked on any actor’s IMDB message board or a “this show is racist! Where are the Hispanic/black/Indian/Asian characters!” on any show or movie’s IMDB page.

      • stevenjaba says:

        I work with folks that have Asperger’s, and I highly doubt that Olivier has it. Sometimes folks just have bad people skills because they are immature.

      • seriously says:

        Thanks internet psychiatrist! Thank god you were here to educate us all with your one semester of psych knowledge.

      • Suzie says:

        Eh; I could easily believe Olivier has Asperger’s. He sticks to the same muted colors without fail, even when blatantly instructed otherwise. He gets upset and freaks (insomuch as his non-expression reactions can be called ‘freaking’) when things don’t go as he feels they normally should. He dislikes hugging and other forms of physical contact. He has absolutely no clue about social niceties, takes what he sees as defects way out of proportion and is completely unaware that he is being immensely rude, when it’s obvious to everyone else that he’s being a jackass. He just doesn’t realize these things. Sounds like the Asperger’s people I know, and I know a good number.

  3. Gretchen says:

    Amusing that Olivier, the only one to do menswear with regularity is the one who failed in this challenge.

    My thoughts? First, Laura needs to stop poking fun at Bert. Every time she does so, her creation ends up panned more than his by the judges. And really, I’ve seen nothing even good from her, she’s part of the mediocre middle that manages to cling on, challenge after challenge.

    Joshua’s pants were HIDEOUS. Those back pockets and zipper? And not so much for the shot of him in his underwear, trying on the pants. Anyone got some mind’s eye bleach to remove those images from my memory?

    Anya, not Kimberly, should have been in the bottom two. At least Kimberly’s pants weren’t splitting in the back! But yet again, we have the judges’ favoritism over reason. I’m thinking that Anya’s gone next week based on the previews…losing her money for Mood? Coupled with her inability to sew, looks like doom to me!

    Viktor’s was the winner, but that’s not saying much at all. I would have loved to see the meltdown if this group had to go the Tiki Barber menswear challenge of Season 4–tailored suits. There would have been no winner, no complete designs at all.

    This group spends too much time whining and belittling others, too little time designing. At this point, I’m hoping there is no winner as none of them have shown skills to win it. I’m very much looking forward to the All Stars series to see good design again!

    • Holly says:

      I thought Josh’s pants (and entire outfit) were just so awful. I can’t believe that was presented with a straight face, and then praised. EVen if I liked Josh, I think I’d have to acknowledge that it was hideous.

  4. D says:

    Kimberly’s outfit = pancake house waiter.

  5. Karen says:

    I liked Viktor’s look and Joshua’s shirt. Otherwise it was all pretty bad. But I’m so happy that Olivier went home. Last week he made me feel like a fat cow, and I’m pretty sure the lead singer (who was not that big) felt the same, when he was consulting with him – The Gun seemed pretty appalled by this too. Also, Olivier has yet to deliver a good looking outfit, in my opinion – the one he won with being the absolute worst!
    My favorite thing about this episode was the ever-so-gorgeous presence of Adam Lambert (and his continuing giggles at Michael Kors’ brilliant comparisons). And the band were pretty good as well :-)

    • jay says:

      It didn’t seem like Tim Gunn liked him at all. Anyone else notice how Tim’s goodbye speech at the end was just the standard “I’m going to have to ask you to clean up your workspace” without any other remarks? He didn’t mention anything about missing him, or the competition not being the same, etc. (Not that anyone WILL actually miss him, but still.)

      • jazzyt2u says:

        I noticed that too… I was like okay… LOL

      • Laurel says:

        Tim’s goodbye was so cold I’m suprised he didn’t say ” Don’t let the door hit you in the a*s on the way out ”
        You know it’s bad when kind hearted Tim Gunn is kinda happy to see you go !

        I was so happy to see Oliver go this week. I would of been livid if Micheal Kors saved his butt again this week.
        Not only is the guy RUDE but the only thing he can design for is his mannequin.
        He can’t deal with clients or women with breasts or any person who isn’t a stick figure.
        I’m perplexed at how this guy thinks he is going to make a living designing clothes.

      • Gretchen says:

        The last time I saw Tim that visibly annoyed was with Kenley, who always thought she knew better than him (or anyone).

        • Lore says:

          Ohh i hate Kenley, she was so annoying and her fashion was so old, and Oliver, i screamed when Heydi said Kimberly youre in!! i dont know how he make it to this far…

        • kimberly clark says:

          I think the last time was when Wretched Gretchen threw everyone on her team under the bus after she was the one who bullied them all and got her way, then tried to blame it all on them. I have a long memory when it comes to Gretchen … and Nina and Michael’s support of her. I’m waiting on new judges who will actually follow the rules they say they have.

  6. DSevere says:

    I will admit I loved Olivier’s gray jacket a few weeks ago, but other than that — that attitude was just the worst, and I’m glad he’s gone. Someone needs to tell him that a good designer can make people of all shapes and sizes look fabulous — and that most of his real life clients will not be a size 0, and will not appreciate snooty comments because they have some perfectly attractive muscles, booty and boobs.

  7. Jimmy says:

    Oliver is an introvert. He is young–22. He seems sheltered. He has little or no social skills and almost no customer service skills. Perhaps he grew up with different cultural values and style(s) of communication. I’ve known/encountered Asian people who were culturally blunt in their communications. They seem to have no awareness that they are being blunt or off-putting. In fact, they’re sometimes puzzled that they are receiving the reaction they’re getting. This can be said for some introverted people as well.

    I do not believe he has autism or a “disorder” of any kind, nor is he “faking it.”

    He needs training in social skills and customer service skills if he wants to succeed. That is his biggest challenge to success. Before he focuses on his fashion career, he needs to focus on this area. As shy people are advised to take a speech class, Oliver is advised to take an Interpersonal Communications class, or several. And probably an Intro to Acting class or seminar–where he has to interact with people. He needs to challenge himself in this area. He needs to do it for his own success.

    • al says:

      you are very kind but Oliver is more than just shy. Did you see the way he was holding his hands and trembling when his clients were performing in the room? To say he appeared judgemental because of his Ohio/Asian background is insulting to both the people of Asia and Ohio. Oliver IS a judgemental little boy/man with a very big ego and not much talent to back it up. He is a narcissist who cannot deal with anyone who doesn’t have the same shape as he does. Glad he’s gone.

  8. ReneeAlways says:

    I think Olivier’s problems go far beyond shyness. I think people-both fellow contestants and viewers-wanted to like him b/c of his youth, his soft-spoken demeanor, his attn to detail, etc. However, he seems almost unable to read social cues, his facial expression varies so little it’s disturbing, he showed no concern or empathy for others and took no responsibility in his exit interview but clearly felt treated unfairly. (And I felt like the usually infinitely patient Tim Gunn had really had it with him.) Still, I thought it was very interesting that Michael and Nina had such different takes on Olivier in their vids (Lifetime’s web extras). Both were vehement too – Michael sees little to no chance of O. being able to function in the industry much less become a designer. Nina openly said she disagreed w/his ouster and fought to keep him and would have been interested in him as a finalist b/c of his aesthetic, etc. (So presumably she argued for Kim to go whom I bet Nina sees as less troublesome but mediocre).
    On positive note, loved Adam Lambert as the guest judge (his comments not too many extras in website vids but a few like w/Anya). Love guest judges who really care about the nuts and bolts of fashion and Adam definitely does. (And he certainly improved Josh’s often bitchy mood.) I think Adam joined Nina’s sympathy for O., but doubt that would have lasted if – as a broad-shouldered man over 6 feet tall – he’d heard O’s whinging about ‘huge’ people, lol.
    And if you’re going to dress a band, could it be one that doesn’t look like a CCR tribute band? They seemed like super sweet guys and were good natured about the close examinations of the the fit of their jeans on the runway. I know THIS was the band Rolling Stone gave PR to work with but would love to have seen some group w/more interest in and openess to fashion like Panic at the Disco or even Emilie Autumn type band. All that said, I’m enjoying this season but no one is really breaking out as original-hope that changes or the fashion week finally is going to be a snooze.

    • D says:

      I don’t know. I thought it was kind of funny seeing the band get their hair and makeup done. And the one guy shy about his chest hair was pretty funny too.

  9. P-Run Fan says:

    I actually cheered when Oliver was auf’d last night — something I haven’t done since Zulema was booted in Season 2. Hey, Oliver: I’m not a fashion school grad, nor have I worked in Europe. But I can tell you that if your client is a larger size than your mannequin you PAD THE MANNEQUIN to match your client’s measurements. What a dope.

  10. Kathryn says:

    I don’t understand why people disliked Olivier so much. Call me insensitive, but I found his blatant dislike of overweight people kind of humorous, because I don’t think it was coming from a vindictive place. But I suppose most of America is overweight, so it makes sense why so many have been offended by him. Olivier was kind of like a small child who says things in public that are embarrassing to his mother, but are nonetheless true. Most designers aren’t used to dressing overweight clientele. It’s a construction issue…

  11. Lana says:

    I am thrilled that Oliver is gone! As a plus size person I kept thinking I wish I was as plus sized as the singer, meaning he was not plus size and I would have felt and looked skinny with his waist. That being said I may know how big I am but I do not want to hear my designer whinning about it and if you aren’t big just a goodlooking hunk like the singer I’ld get irratated at his complaining real fast. I loved Vicktor’s fringed jacket and definately felt he should have won. I love fringe so this episode was awesome with all the fringe. I remember awesome striped pants like Bert made back in the day and I thought it was neat that the top was a new twist on a groovy design. I loved the band and I thought the guys were smoking hot, however I am a child of the 60’s and 70’s so that may be why I liked them soo much. I like Anya so I’m worried about her losing her money at Moods.

  12. Lana says:

    I forgot to say how much I loved Adam being on the show and I love his comments and his laughing as I thought the remarks Michael, Nina and Heidi made are always funny and nobody seems to enjoy them. Of course the contestants wouldn’t but some of the guest judges could lighten up a bit.

  13. kate's homesick says:

    Guys, Olivier ist obviously having a mild form of autism. Nothing he says is in any form meant to be malicious or vicious…his inability to let others touch him is just another symptom of it. It’s pretty obvious.
    Don’t be so hard on him!

  14. Marcy says:

    The lead singer was tall and normal sized for his height, but Oliver just kept whining that the mannequin was a different size! I’ve loved when Tim said very pointedly: Don’t you have the measurement? Burt seemed to be able to work with the guy’s size. What was the problem. Did Oliver think he was going to go an entire career designing and fitting only size two dressmakers’ dummies?

    I felt really, really sorry for that poor drummer. He seemed very sweet with his “something got lost” comments — as opposed to “I was forced to wear this humiliating crap on national TV”. I was amused that pretty much all the judges said everything looked feminine. I enjoyed Adam Lambert as a judge, unlike many gues judges, he actually had some useful information to share.

    God, I wish they would boot Design Barbie Laura next. Aside from just being a snotty, over-entitled skank, her designs are just such total crappola, just cheesy fabrics and matronly mother-of-the-bride messes for the most part, she has skated by WAY too long. She really needs to look at her own designes before she starts bagging on the others.

    • cathiecat says:

      I couldn’t agree more about Laura. Her principal use of challenge time seems to be criticism of other designers, Bert in particular. She has been on teams with Josh and Anthony where Bert was their target, and jumped on their bandwagon. She would be better served by developing her own design aesthetic — oh wait, this many weeks in, she clearly has none. I don’t care what Anya pieces together next week, this talentless snark should get auf’d.

      • Gretchen says:

        Laura seems like a person who is easily led, who lacks strength of conviction. She needs to leave her coddled home and experience life.

  15. Debeeeeee says:

    When Oliver saw that the pockets on the shirt were not even and he said oh well I don’t care, well the seamstress in me said WTF??? And the pockets were way to high and…well I’m glad he’s gone. Plus Size? How ’bout GONE SIZE!!!

  16. Jane says:

    Poor Bert! He won’t have Oliver to hit on anymore. I didn’t like ANY of the clothes. I thought Josh’s shirt and vest were the only interesting pieces in the bunch. I’m glad Victor won cause I felt he was robbed 2 weeks back with Anya’s win for her too short mixed print dress. His jacket was cool, but it didn’t flow well with the floral print shirt and jeans. Not of the looks were very rock and roll. Steven Tyler dresses very feminine but manages to exude a cool lead singer vibe. Glad Oliver and his bad attitude are gone though. Bert’s look could have been interesting. I liked the pants and T-shirt, but the tie-dyed smock was not good. It was the wrong fabric. Had he done a cool leather vest, his look would have rocked.

  17. Alison says:

    I for one hated Bert’s look. The way the tank was draping on him… no no no! I hate baggy-looking clothes on anyone who isn’t stick-thin. The front man needs to have a strong impression, but he looked ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS in his all-purple getup and PIGTAILS. I swear, I cringed and said “no!” out loud to my television when he suggested those ridiculous braids. I just felt so badly for the guy.

    A few commenters have mentioned this already, but it was clear that Tim was losing his patience with Oliver. He was constantly ragging on him for his time management, color palate, told him flatly “it shouldn’t make a difference” when Oliver complained about the disparate sizes of the man and the mannequin. And the kicker was the goodbye… no “aww, what will we do without Oliver?” sweetness that always warms my heart and makes me feel like Tim genuinely likes and respects the departing designers.

    As for Oliver himself. Definitely some social problems. In this episode alone, we saw several issues. First, covering his ears at a rock concert (even though it’s loud, most of us understand it’s normal and want to appear normal, so we nod our heads along to the beat and keep our traps shut about the decibel level). Oliver did not get that it was rude of him to cover his ears like that. He also didn’t “get” that we don’t openly complain about other people’s body shapes. Of course every designer there wants a tiny model that fits the dress form! But you keep your mouth shut and smile and act like a human being. And if I wasn’t already convinced that Oliver has been sheltered in a bubble his whole life, the final scene when he was saying goodbye to everyone confirmed it. He made a comment about not liking hugs, then visibly looked turned off as people did their social dues and said goodbye. Again, some of us treasure our personal space and hate saying goodbye, but the polite thing to do is zip it and give everyone hugs with a smile on your face. We’ve all done it at holiday parties; you are leaving primarily BECAUSE you have had enough of these people, but you still smile and kiss them on their cheeks and tell them how lovely it was to see them. Yeah, we do a lot of lying and faking in our everyday lives, but it serves a purpose and we’d be constantly insulted otherwise (see the invention of lying , liar liar, etc.)

  18. Kay Bee says:

    I was actually a little surprised the judges got rid of Olivier. Given his preoccupation with model- versus plus-sizes, I would have figured he and Marie Claire would have been a match made in heaven.

    • kimberly clark says:

      I’m shocked that Nina didn’t get her way and get rid of Kimberly instead of Olivier. Maybe Michael Kors isn’t as dumb as I thought.

  19. rosie's mom says:

    I thought that they wasted a great opportunity having Adam there. Why not have a challenge where the designers create a look for Adam? He’s gorgeous and his fashion sense goes in a million different directions. It would have been a great and creative fashion challenge and then we could have heard him sing instead of those Marshall Tucker/Lynyrd Skynyrd throwbacks. They were sweet and game but they looked absolutely miserable. What a waste of Adam!

  20. Buffy Freak says:

    The talent pool this season is just pretty bad overall. Viktor and Joshua have had their moments but even when they win I’m not really excited by the designs and the judges don’t seem to be either. Rather than picking a winner each week they seem to be picking the least worst.

  21. Lilybop2010 says:

    Joshua’s outfit was the most creative. The only thing new in Viktor’s design was the braided fringe on the shoulder of his jacket. The short sleeve western shirt and jeans were made well, but how creative? Not so much.

    Joshua’s vest was amazing. Unlike Heidi I loved everything about it. The sleeve made of fringe was a great idea. The mix of colors on the shirt and vest were beautiful. The judges agreed his was the sexiest look too. I think this was Adam’s favorite look.

    Adam did a stellar job and had a great time doing it, as is true for everything else he does in life. I hope he returns next season (PR on Twitter already asked him back.) Next time, I’d like the designers to make garments for Adam to wear, like they did one season for Iman. That would be fun for everyone!

  22. topsyturvy says:

    Bert’s look was the GOLDEN GIRL homage. That top/tunic thing looked like something Dorothy would wear out on the lanai while playing cards with Ma. And those pigtails!!

    Overall, a really dud of a challenge.

  23. RD says:

    This challenge was right up there with the bad models on stilts.Really awful concept for a challenge.If you’re going to make a band the subject then at least choose one that might actually want to look somewhat fashion forward,(Interestingly on the cover of Rolling Stone the Sheepdogs wore none of the challenge outfits at all).And i’m sorry,but where is the point in getting Adam Lambert to critique looks for a band that in no stretch of the imagination was in his sphere of expertise. PR are really clutching at straws this season.Even Tim Gunn looks perplexed most of the time .At this rate there won’t be another…

  24. kris says:

    i want to see joshua get it on with adam lambert

  25. Jim says:

    I am so glad Olivier is gone. For me, there has never been a more unlikable person in reality television — ever.

  26. nodak says:

    I’m not sorry to see Ollie gone. I thought he designed boring clothes, he had zero personality, and he was rude. I think he sees himself as an artist and models are his canvass. THere are tons of different body types in the world, and every person needs clothing to fit them. Designers need to be able to create for any and all body types!

    Also, Michael “metaphor-slinger” Kors was in top form tonight. I got a little tired of hearing him spout similes at the designers.

  27. Lora says:

    I really hate that everyone is jumping on the Oliver has Aspergers bandwagon. Rudeness doesn’t equal Aspergers.

  28. charmed654321 says:

    First of all, I agree with Lora and I resent the fact that people would automatically attribute asperger’s or autism to someone who is rude, as if that would be the only reason. Rudeness doesn’t equal autism, and visa versa.

    An inability to read or interpret social clues and therefore know how to respond to a situation in an expected way does not necessarily translate into rudeness. In fact, I have never had an autistic person treat me rudely. Inappropriately to the situation perhaps, but never rude.

    Those who I have found to be rude were simply inconsiderate, self-centered a-holes. NOT autistic.

    I was very happy to see Oliver go. I had hoped he would be gone a while ago. To me, he did not seem autistic. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t. But to me he just seemed whiney, immature, spoiled and self-serving.

    And as a last comment, I must refer to my favorite comment in the above posts, which was …

    “It is interesting to see how people are just clueless when it comes to mental disorders.”

    To the author of that comment, Asperger’s and other forms of autism ARE NOT MENTAL DISORDERS. They are neurological disorders. Geez. And I could pidgeonhole a stupid, contradictory comment like that to some sort of disorder, but I will not.

    To me, it is interesting, and sad, and cruel, and dangerous to see how people are clueless when it comes to anything in the realm of neurological and/or mental disorders. Especially those who think are aren’t.

    And if anyone wonders what gives me the right to make these comments, I have Asperger’s, et al, and am most likely more knowledgable than most.

    • trieungant89 says:

      True. And even a psychologist must have enough observation and contact to diagnose someone with mental disorder.

    • RT says:

      This is a very astute and articulate comment. As a speech pathologist who has worked with many people with autism (of varying degrees of severity), it bothers me a lot to see the terms “Asperger’s” and “autism” thrown around to cover a wide variety of unpleasant personality traits. A lot goes in to a diagnosis of autism and a few minutes of camera time on a reality show doesn’t cut it. It demeans those who truly have the disorder. As you pointed out, they are not rude, but have a neurological impairment that affects their ability to function socially. Oliver just strikes me as someone who is narcistic, immature, and, yes, rude.j

  29. mara says:

    Wow. That was literally the worst show I’ve ever seen. Hideous HIDEOUS clothes!!!

    And I thought that they were going to do something so cool with Adam there… what a stupid challenge…