One Tree Hill Exclusive: Three More Familiar Faces Return In Season 9!

The upcoming ninth and final season of One Tree Hill is bubbling over with returning fan faves like Tyler Hilton, Paul Johansson and Chad Michael Murray, and TVLine has learned exclusively that three more are on the way — though this trio may not be so welcome.

Allison Munn will turn up again as Lauren, Jamie’s onetime teacher who has appeared on and off since 2009, and she’s bringing along an unlikely beau: Quinn’s ex-hubby, David (played by Scott Holroyd). But that’s not the strangest part: We’re hearing that when they head back to town, Lauren will actually be carrying his child! Guess Skills (Antwon Tanner) is officially out of the picture…?

We’re not entirely sure how this random twosome came to be, but it wouldn’t be the first time David hooked up with a Tree Hill hottie: Remember his rendezvous with the other James sister, Taylor (Lindsey McKeon)? And here’s a fun fact: Munn and Holroyd are actually married in real life!

The third person returning to OTH will likely be met on the town’s infamous bridge with pitchforks and protests. Devin McGee‘s Xavier Daniels — the man who brutally attacked Brooke in Season 6 — will also appear during the long-running sudser’s final season. Details surrounding his encore are being kept under wraps, but when we last we saw Xavier he was behind bars for murdering Quentin (Robbie Jones).

In other OTH news, Desperate Housewives alum Richard Burgi has just landed a recurring gig as Brooke’s oft-mentioned father, HollywoodLife.com reports. And Barbara Alyn Woods is set to reprise her role as Nathan’s mom, Deb.

One Tree Hill returns for one last hurrah at midseason.

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  1. Alan says:

    I really hope Peyton comes back. This series will be incomplete without her.

    • Captain says:

      She’s not. Sophia says it’s because she’s filming a movie but Hilarie has made it clear for years she has no intention of ever returning. She clearly had hard feelings about her departure.

      • kewi94 says:

        Really? I remember her posting a video on youtube saying how much she appreciated the fans and that she would always love One Tree Hill or something. I thought she wasn’t returning because she has a family and she’s on White Collar now.

      • Leyton-Fan says:

        Hilarie said: “I’m never ever gonna say never. I love that crew so much, I miss them and Welmington.” But it’s true that she is filming a movie. :((

    • kim says:

      does anyone know when exactly is the date OTH last season will start?

    • paula sellers says:

      I would just like to know when and what date they return.. i have followed ever season..but do not know when and were to watch the final season.. paula

    • Paula Fentresss says:

      Iwish the orginal cast peyton lucas will all make a finall session. i love this show and they would mak the finll seasion a great one…

    • Johnsmit says:

      Oth is an inspairing movie and i know with or without payton it will be a great last season doo we miss her so much but i cant wait to watch de last season of this exiting movie

    • ayeten says:

      i dont give a crap about peyton. i want lucas to come back. i know he mrries her and all but he should come back say they gt a divorce and bring back someone who you wouldnt typically look at to be his love intrest. some one wh has alwasy been there. personally i was rooting for a lucas and glenda duo. they just seemd like he perfect match. i know she was only in 5 episodes but i could see the spaks. maybe i was wishing for a miracle but i want her back. she seemed important after all she was the very first to read his book. hes he hero in the stroy and the hero eithe gets nno one or he finds the one who has always been there but he never payed any attention to it. that why i want them together. heck for all i care peyton could have inherited cancer from her mom and died and he was just hiding out cuz he was sad about her death. i just want the right ppl 2 be together. i could eve go for lucas and haley. if only she wasnt married with offsrping. thats all i have to say.

  2. Mel says:

    I could be LESS excited about any of these people coming back. I’m pretty sure this last and final season of OTH is going to suck so hard. Which makes me all kinds of sad.

    • Captain says:

      I know. We don’t need Lauren/David getting their own storyline. Frankly I wish they hadn’t returned period (even though I love Allison Munn). I know that it’s because they’re a real life couple but honestly, that’s the worst excuse for a storyline.

      • Jamie says:

        Well it’s like when Mark broke up Brooke and Lucas because of Sophia and Chad’s divorce. Yes, it’s the worst excuse for a storyline but he’s done it before.

    • lorna says:

      um seeing how majority of s7 and s8 sucked, how could s9 be worse? honestly, lauren is like mouth, chuck and millie, another extraneous character. mark really effed up the show. hear they’re recycling using YET another gun. dude lost his originality, it’s ashame this show used to be soo good and now when ppl look back on it, it’s like another 7th heaven, went on too long. as for hilarie, oh, she can go to NY and film, yet not in wilmy where her family moved when she got her OTH gig? im guessing her depature wasn’t so great, either.

      • Jamie says:

        She’s under contract with White Collar as a series regular, so that’s different. And she has a young son. I’m sure traveling to NY with him to film is strenuous enough. Hilarie doesn’t owe this trainwreck of a show a damn thing. She’s moved onto a better show.

      • kimberly burandt says:

        I will not agree with that comment made bout seasons 7 and 8 being sucked no just because two main characters fell out of the picture doesnt mean that no one enjoyed the appearance of clay and quinn or even taylor coming bac into the picture too, i mean coem on seriously ur just upset that lucas and peyton left then why are you even considering to watch the last season ur not helping boost other self esteem bout waiting in anticipation for the last one to get here, my best advice is to sit back relax and enjoy this great show that Mark has created for our personal enjoyment, dont look at the negative reasons look all to the fact that its a great television show

        • Breeanna says:

          umm i loved season 7 and 8 yeah lucas and peyton made it good but when quinn clay and alex came into it they made it good the show has had so many good and different story lines in season7 and 8 like hayleys mum dyeing then her going into depression falling pregnant and being lifted out of it Brooke who always wanted kid but she was told she couldnt got pregnant and then ended up having 2 little boys clay and quinn after being shot left for dead for 12 hours and they both survived quinn trying to get revenge on Katie and brooke risking her ife to save miss laruen madison chuck and jamie then the car being hit by Ian and all most dying Brooke lossing her company and victoria finally loving Brooke after most her life she never showd any love for her how does all that make it not a good show it is so good i love it and the people like Sophia and Hilarie James and Mark they deserve to give the show a final hurrah Congratulations to the people that made one tree hill because they did an amazing job doing it

  3. Mel says:

    So true! I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that she will.

  4. ggny says:

    Werent Lauren and Skills just together? And also i was really hoping Sam was one of the people returning suck that it doesnt look like she will be

    • Lauren says:

      I would love to see Sam return too!!! I don’t even know why she left the show. In real life, I remember why she left on the show. I don’t know what the show schedule is like with Awkward, but I hope they can arrange for her just to pop up for one episode. It would be cool to see Bevan and Tim and Rachel and Whitey again too.

  5. Brandy says:

    I only care about main core people(dan,deb,luke,nathan,haley,brooke,peyton,karen) though im a little exvited about tyler hiltons return. Laurens going to be preggo with quinns ex hubbys baby, that sounds awful and dumb. Lauren ansd Skills broke up in season 7 when he moved for a job and she and Mouth fell for each other and kissed but nothing else.

    • Dwayne says:

      Totally agree. Really only agree bout the core people! Happy Deb is returning! Been a while since we seen her crazy ass..lol! I am a bit concerned with all these people returning and how it will fit into a storyline. There’s only 13 episodes. I know they said Lucas will be back for 1 and Chris Keller will be around for about all 13.

  6. Linda says:

    I’m glad Chad is back for Lucas even if it’s just one episode, I just wish Peyton would be as well. I do want Jake to make an appearance, though. I could care less about Quinn and her boyfriend (I forgot his name.) If they’re bringing Xavier back, I wonder if he’s up for parole or something..they should bring back his brother Jack and then Sam. :D Karen, Andy and Lily needs to be seen again.

    • Ingmar says:

      If you have to trust spoilers from OTH sources it will indeed be because of his parole and Brooke has to testify so shell have her own SL when Nathan is missing.

  7. Bardot says:

    Haha. Sounds great. I like all these characters coming back as long as their used in small doses…its fun.

  8. april-ann says:

    I think OTH’s final season will be great. They were not supposed to last past the first 13 eps. and certainly not expected to outlive The OC but look what happened. Richard Burgi seems perfect to play Brooke’s dad. He’d better have a darn good reason for his absence! Couldn’t stand Taylor, hope she’s not back. Love that Deb’s back. Any word on Karen, Lucas’ mom? Wouldn’t be complete without her. I remember watching for a few seasons just because I was hoping Uncle Keith was still alive!

  9. diane says:

    I want Karen and Andy back too. Could care less about Jamie’s old teacher.

  10. Lindsay says:

    I really hope that Jake and Jenny come back. :] I would also love it if Sam came back, especially since her friend’s brother is coming back. Another person would be Luke’s mom, and of course Peyton, but i doubt she’ll be back. :[

    • Beth says:

      I wish Jake would come back too, but I doubt it. Bryan Greenberg has his own show on HBO (which is great by the way!), so I don’t think he will have time. I think the girl who played Sam said she would love to come back. They should bring her back and not Quinn’s ex and Lauren.

    • TayMads says:

      I only think Jake should back if Peyton is coming back as well because the only people he really interacted with were Peyton and Lucas. There would be no point of him coming back if Peyton and Lucas aren’t there so I don’t think that would even make sense if Jake came back as awesome as it would be.

  11. Liz says:

    Bring back Tim!!! :o)

  12. Dominique says:

    I love that Deb’s coming back, just for the sake that she’s been a part of OTH since the very beginning.
    Also absolutely FLOVE that Richard Burgi’s joining the cast as Brooke’s father. I mean this man is awesome!

  13. Jamie says:

    I can’t wait for Deb’s return!

    Great casting for Brooke’s dad.

  14. H says:

    Bring back Bevin & Tim, with their son Nathan!I don’t think Lauren and David will cause problems, they’re good people and deserve to be happy; Quin’s better be supportive about this, she’s the one that dumped him. Brooke’s dad is totally hooking up with Deb, while others (Karen, Jake etc) have no place in tree hill now that their relatives had left (luke’s staying for one ep only, peyton’s not even coming), but what about Rachel?

    • Jamie says:

      Deb is only back for one episode and it’s for Nathan’s kidnapping thing.

      She interacts with Haley/Dan/Brooke, don’t know who else. Brooke’s dad is gone by Deb’s episode (908).

      Rachel won’t be back. It’s sad because I wanted her friendship with Brooke fixed.

    • Kirsten says:

      What happened to Rachel and Dan? Did Rachel leave Dan because Dan lost his show and isn’t rich anymore? I would love to see Sam back on the show even for one episode. I don’t think this series has fallen down hill. I still enjoy watching it. Does anyone know the date of which Season 9 will start?

  15. Erin says:

    If Peyton isn’t coming back, can they at least bring back Rachel? And not weird Rachel married to Dan… the old awesome Rachel.

  16. TayMads says:

    So…I was really, really hoping that the three people would be Sam, Peyton and Karen. I figured it wasn’t going to be Peyton because I feel like she would get her own headline, same with Karen. But it would have been REALLY great if Karen came back to see the new Karen’s Cafe and if Peyton came back with Lucas and the baby…even though I guess because of the time jump it isn’t really a baby anymore more like a toddler. Sam should come back and visit Brooke especially now since she has the twins. I think that would be pretty awesome.

  17. Elle says:

    The only returns I would be interested in would be Danneel Ackles and Ashley Rickards as Rachel and Sam.

  18. Gwendolen says:

    I really do wish they would bring Jake n Jenni back for even just 1 ep. Same with Karen, Andy n their lill girl :) I would love to see more of Lucas then just 1 ep. but hey hopefully Payton too. If not then atleast his n Paytons lill girl. N I would like them 2 bring Sam into the mix 2. Would b nice just saying….

    • TayMads says:

      Lily isn’t Andy’s daughter, she is the child that Karen had with Keith.

      • Jamie says:

        Yes, but Andy raised her. So it doesn’t matter that Lily’s not biologically his, he’s the only father she’s ever known. That’s what matters.

        • kimberly burandt says:

          Okay I agree that Lily is not Andys biologically she is Keith and Karens ans that your right as well being that Andy has been there since Lily has been born but no one can take the place of her real father, take it from me even if you get with another guy, that guy just because ur married or together doesnt make the deceased or even the living thats no longer in the childs life you cant replace a parent that would be wrong, so I agree with both of you

  19. Kay says:

    The idea of bringing past characters back for a final season is a good one, but does anyone really care about any of these people? What a waste of time for a last season.

  20. henna says:

    I WANT KAREN BAK!!!!! Moira kelly needs to come back…it wont be the same without her debs bak, but we need karen bak too

  21. michele says:

    I really don’t care about any of these characters, to me there should be more of the main

  22. . says:

    Stopped watching the show after Chad and Hilarie left. It’s definitely not the same show without them. Oh, how I miss the old days of OTH with high school drama and the beginning of Naley’s relationship! haha!

  23. gabhainn says:

    If you stopped watching the show when Chad and Hilarie left then how do you know that it’s not the same? :/ The high school drama was awesome but there have been some powerful storylines since. Brooke’s attack and her road to recovery as well as Haley’s grief at her mother’s death were more exciting than anything that happened in high school.

    Lucas and Peyton were integral characters (and Quinn and Clay have been cheap replacements) but the other characters were just as important in defining the show. I think people should remember that Brooke/Lucas/Peyton was a longer storyline than happy Lucas and Peyton.

    • TayMads says:

      I have watched the show since Chad and Hilarie left ad I can vouch for “.” by saying that is isn’t the same. I feel like it became more predictable and full of cliches. I don’t like Quinn, Robert, or Alex and think they should just stick to the remaining main cast members, Nathan, Haley, Brooke, Mouth, and Skills who have all been there since day one.

    • lorna says:

      disagree, while brookes attack and haley’s grief weren’t bad, they weren’t as exciting as anything in first 4 seasons, but then again im not a haley fan.

  24. Madison says:

    If they are bringing Xavier Daniels back into the picture they need to at least bring Sam back as well because she was a main part of that storyline!

  25. Tara says:

    when will itbe on again??

  26. Maddie says:

    They need to bring Sam back! If it wasn’t for Sam Brooke would have never been attacked. Sam was a big part to that story line. And you know it would all make us happy to see those 2 together again!

  27. Nicki says:

    Like everyone else, I am excited for some of the old cast to appear this last season. My list of who I’d like to see is pretty much like everyone else; Lucas, Peyton, Sawyer, Karen and fam, Dan, Deb, Rachel, Whitey, Sam, Jake, and even maybe Lucas ex fiance? If they could work it in the mix, Keith. I think it’s important to find out what happened with some of these characters since they all just kinda vanished without much said. What I will also say is that I was extremely disapointed when Lucas and Peyton didn’t show up for a few episodes such as Brooke’s wedding, her beating and the birth of her babies; Haley’s mothers death, the birth of her child and when Jamie and Brooke almost died. Although I truely think they should have been there for all of them, the wedding was a must. You wanted to leave the show, I get it. Or maybe the driecter cut you out. Regardless of whose choice, when a character is that important to the show, I think they (actors and directors) owe it to the fans and the characters that were made to see it through to the end, be it 1 episode or more.

  28. Trang says:

    Just some thought.. If Lauren is pregnant with Quinns ex… is she pregnant in real life since they are husband and wife in real life?

  29. kim says:

    does anyone know exactly what date OTH will be playing the start of the final season?

  30. Hope says:

    Lucas without payton is incomplete.what God has joined 2gether let noman put asunder

  31. lahyour says:

    I realy wish Keith retures…………..

  32. Ruth says:

    I ope peyton come back too,the final is incomplete without her.peyton we nd u back

  33. sammisweets says:

    can someone explain to me why the director had brooke pregnant and giving birth ALL in the same episode? season 8 could have been so much better if he wouldn’t have crammed everything in the last episode. as much as i love this show and have watched it from day 1 it has lost something for sure and it makes me mad.

    • Kirsten says:

      He did that because they weren’t planning on having a season 9. Season 8 was suppose to be the last season so they ended it with a happy ending. Then, critics and fans got upset because they wanted another season. So Mark made another season happen when it wasn’t planned to begin with.

  34. Blessynz says:

    lov all the comments here some made me really lol. After all is said n done the 1 person we wanted back was Lucas n we will b havin him dnt care about the xtraz just hope mrs scott (peyton)n sawyer will make a final appearance.

  35. stephanie says:

    One Tree Hill is one of my favourite shows this show has really inspired me and has really made me feel what its all about I think the writer and director has done a wonderful job for 9 years not very many shows go that long and still have a good fan base…..yea there are some cast members that I miss and would love to see again but I also think that the new people deserve a chance to be apart of a wonderful family that they have become and true fans will give them a chance…the main thing I was wanting to know is when is the 9th season coming out and are we going to be seeing lucas’s and payton’s little girl? And I think we should make it all the way to 10 seasons ;)

    • kimberly burandt says:

      I agree stephanie not many shows go out this long, that why one tree hill is the greatest show out there right now, everything is real life drama and suspenseful theres nothing made up and you can feel the drama and suspense at your very finger tips it makes you want to scream when something happens to the characters, like when jamie nearly drowned or when the car flipped over and jamie and brooke nearly died and then quinn and clay when they got shot by katie and keith the big finally shot by brother dan and jimmy edwards the school shooting and the supposed rape off peyton by the psyco ian claiming to be derek her half brother that was a real trip and the fighting of the love battle between the girls and lucas thats great

  36. Fukki malann says:

    I’m fukki from africa,nigeria precisely,I really want luke,peyton back on dis seoson

  37. Oyeleke idayat oyebimpe says:

    I think i don’t lyk oth anymore. Why does mark keep bringing bad pple in. So much for a season finale.

  38. Oyeleke idayat oyebimpe says:

    I think i don’t lyk oth anymore.Why does mark keep bringing bad pple in? So much for a season finale.whatever they decide to do anyway and brooke’s dad? Ew

  39. Oyeleke idayat oyebimpe says:

    They shld just make everything all right. I loved d show bt now i don’t know.

  40. samuel bright paul says:

    Come to think of it, the movie is find and good, but d storry is coming real when we don’t have a good endin. I want mark to look into d story and amend d bridge that link up d movie. People don’t just coming back when they don’t have something to offer,take it or not. The movie diserve happy ending.

  41. kimberly burandt says:

    I believe that the last season of one tree hill should include Peyton and Lucas a return to tree hill along with Brooks twins, Haleys youngest Lydia and finally Peytons daughter Sawyer as well and have it so there all in some kind of school setting. I also do think that it would be nice to have Deb come back in the picture seeing as shes the mother whos considered a milf and that makes the show quite interesting. I would think that Quinn and Clay along with Mouth and Millie be married just as well because the main characters like Nathan and Haley, Brooke and Julian and Lucas and Peyton it just makes alot more sence. Trust me people I cant wait until midseason January and if I have to I will be looking at the cw every tuesday of Jan to make sure that I dont miss one single episode, for I am a true addict to the show, I already have seasons 1 to 7 and still waiting in hesitation to get that 8 season by december, trust me one tree hill was the best show ever possibly made, real life drama and situations it just has everything day time television asked for and I really hope Mark Schwahn considers making a one tree hill Part Two with all the characters kids fully grown up if not in the last season now…. Please remake the show, Im sure you wont have any displeased viewers…. The show rocks Mark trust me I have never seen a great television show since Dawsons Creek let me down with all the sex drugs and money it made completely no sence and im so glad its off the air too, I finally found a show I am able to relate to in more then one way. My kids grew up watching the show and they want to rewatch ur seasons its that good…. If you decide to create another so called show such as this I just no thats going to be a major hit, just look at all your reviews. Dont let us down Mark and keep on writing/ producing. You can write to me at 8284 8th Avenue New Auburn, MN 55366 or call me 320-262-0139 I would appreciate to hear from you with any other ideas you may have to either recreating one tree hill or just formally creating another television show for all of us to enjoy.

  42. kimberly burandt says:

    I agree with the post bring back bevin and tim and their child nathan that would also be a real good pleasure to find out how nathan and haley would react to hearing their son was named after nathan, to be honest I though tim was gay for a long time. uhm as well as everyone wanting keith back IO would like to see that happen, but ppl if someone dies how do you just bring that person bac, to say the death was a set up to believe he was dead and that hes really out there in hiding because hes waiting to get revenge out on his brother dan, I suppose that would put a real twist on things and make it seem more suspenseful. And then have the season end with keith killing dan that would be the best ending, we all hate dan hes such a villian and it makes no sense the way he treats others, he belongs dead. other then that I agree that Jenny and Jake and even Nikki if their together they all should come back and start creating more drama, like maybe Nikki getting into Peytons face some more of that would be good. Oh and of course sam walker needs to move in with the twins and Broooke and Julian for damn sure it just wouldnt be right if she hadnt. Well thats all I got for ya alls, just keep enjoying what Marks put out there, Im sure he wont let us down with season 9 and hey how could he, hes dont great so far, lets just give our hopes and dreams up for a second and let the producer or creater make us continue to smile and be on the edge of our seat, we need to be thankful we finally have a show to look up too and not be ashamed to let our kids be viewers

  43. kimberly burandt says:

    the last thing I want to ask Mark is if hes thought of possibly producing a big hit television series MOVIE of the ONE TREE HILL gosh nos that would be the bomb, and trust me I would be first in line ot get that too

  44. kimberly burandt says:

    so the main goal is to try and enjoy the last season of one tree hill and sit back and relax because im sure there is alot in store for everyone, im just as certain that Mark as wonderful as hes made the television hit series hes got some surprises up his sleeve, so just be thankful and basically enjoy what we have seasons a full televison series to enjoy for our own entertainment over and over again, trust me they havent gotten old I will watch them every single day

  45. Annette says:

    I would really love to see Peyton and Lucas and Sawyer on the final episode just to wrap things up. Also maybe Karen, Andy, and Lily. Last years season finale was a little disappointing. They squezzed Brookes whole pregnancy into one episode and Haleys babys first year flew by. Really? Why not break it up a little, leave us hanging over the summer. Don’t jam a whole year into one night! Just my opinion.

  46. T says:

    Dude I watchd ths show frm season until peyton n lucas left n I evn tried watchn it th next seaso n it did suck im sorry peyton n lucas made tht show

  47. T says:

    Dude I watchd ths show frm season 1 until peyton n lucas left n I evn tried watchn it th next seaso n it did suck im sorry peyton n lucas made tht show

  48. KM says:

    I’m glad Peyton’s character won’t be back. She drove me insane with her poor me, poor me thing. Did not miss her whatsoever.

  49. Usa james says:

    I lv this movie but i wait to see lucas,peyton and baby sawyer

  50. preciuos viola Aleto says:

    I personally enjoyed all the seasons of one tree hill coz i must admit it has been among my best so far. I got alittle bit irritated in season 8 when they say that Lucas and Nathan share the same dad and yet they do not go ahead and show this in the season. More to that i would love to continue viewing OTH on and on even up to season 10 if possible. Above everything i would love to come over from Uganda one day and see the producer and the characters in person; Big ups for you Mark all the way from the pearl of Africa UGANDA.