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Gossip Girl Preview: Dan's Blair Crush, Nate's Control Issues and Chuck's Dangerous Detour

When Gossip Girl opens its fifth season Monday, our favorite Upper East Siders will be all over the map — literally and figuratively. Serena’s working hard in Hollywood, while a broken-hearted Chuck is channeling his inner daredevil. Back in New York, Dan’s Hamptons reverie is interrupted by the publication of a certain book, while Blair is busy planning her royal wedding. Oh, and yes, someone is definitely preggers.

TVLine got a sneak peek at the Season 5 premiere earlier this week and then pumped executive producer Josh Safran for insight into the action-packed opener and what lies ahead.

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OF BOOKS AND BLAIR | Dan and Blair haven’t been in touch over the summer, but that doesn’t mean what happened last season has been forgotten. A meaningful scene between the two in the loft makes it perfectly clear that “he definitely has feelings for Blair,” notes Safran. “I don’t know if it’s really romantic with Dan and Blair… The triangle, in our minds, is Chuck, Louie and Blair.” That’s not to say Dan doesn’t figure into things. “Dan’s role in it is surprising,” continues Safran. “He will both add to the Chair shippers and detract for the Chair shippers, alternately.” While his “pining is an undercurrent,” the big storyline for Dan will be the release of his book, a Blair-centric chapter of which is set to be published in Vanity Fair in the premiere. “Everyone does have a reaction, and it’s not necessarily the reaction that Dan expects them to have,” teases Safran. “But it’s also not the reaction that they expect to have.” Could one relationship suffer in the aftermath of the book’s release? After all, according to the EP, Dan and Nate’s “friendship is going to have some complications thrown into it very soon.”

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THE RETURN OF GOSSIP GIRL | The show’s titular blogger is front and center in the new season. “Gossip Girl is very much a regular this year, almost as much as she was in Season 1,” says Safran, who wouldn’t say if the character’s increased role will lead to her unmasking. One thing is certain: She will face some stiff new competition. “Maybe there’s someone else who’s going to use technology in a way that will threaten her,” teases Safran. Hmm, sounds like some Payne is in store — Diana Payne (a.k.a. the sharp businesswoman played by Elizabeth Hurley.) Speaking of which…

MASTER PLAN | Hurley’s character will quickly set her sights on Nate and weave him – and by extension, everyone else – into her nefarious plan. But unlike the mysterious Juliet, Diana’s agenda is clear. “She’s very honest about it,” explains Safran. “Even though she may move the chess pieces around to get what she wants, she says up-top, ‘This is what I want.’ So if people don’t comply, she’ll just move them and get what she wants.”

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JUST SAY YES | Chuck’s new thrill-seeker lifestyle will actually open “the door to a new avenue for him,” teases Safran. So what can we expect from the man who’s seen everything and done everyone? “It is the only possible next step in the evolution of Chuck,” is all Safran would reveal.

JUST FRIENDS | Sorry, Nate and Serena shippers, but the exes will remain “very good friends” in the near term. “We don’t have plans to revisit that [relationship] right now,” says Safran. Instead, the two will have plenty going on in their lives outside of romance. Serena finds a mentor in a female producer (guest star Michael Michele) and starts “taking stock of what her skills are and how to use them.” Nate, meanwhile, realizes he’s lost and doesn’t know who he is. “He’s got almost the biggest story of the bunch,” reveals Safran. “His journey really relates the most to growing up and taking control of his life.”

THE BIG 100 | Safran offers this vague but tantalizing hint about the show’s “awesome” 100th episode later this season: “We’ve been watching the pilot a lot.”

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  1. Whythepain says:

    Agree that fear of fan reaction is stilting organic storytelling. That’s why they’re not talking about Dan and Blair. I do think they will build up a good romance there, otherwise why are they focusing on Dan’s feelings and writing about Blair in the book? Also, Blair pregnant with Chuck’s baby would be in no way cute. I hope if that happens, they show the real consequences, like the prince’s reaction, everyone’s feelings of disappointment and betrayal that happens when two people cheat, etc. Chuck saying that Blair is the strongest women he knows doesn’t make it true. They need to show her doing it by making some tough choices. I think as Chuck and Blair mature, they’ll realize they’re not right for each other.

    • Frederica says:

      Fans make the show so it’s smart for them to listen to what the fans want. They can’t force people to love Dair by trashing Chuck and Chair’s relationship. They tried last season and all that happened is that people tuned out in droves. Now they’ve dashed the hopes of Dair fans. It was a dumb move. I’ve never seen writers try harder to force feed a pairing. It’s painful to watch. It’s worse than George and Izzy

      • Sarah says:

        It’s not a choose your own adventure book, it’s a story that’s being told. Chuck and Chair were trashed a long time ago. It’s not like the IP led right into the Dair arc, not to mention the ultimatum to end S3 without Chuck working at all on forgiveness, yet he STILL slept with Jenny rather than actually try and, you know, make it up to Blair. None of this had anything to with Dair. It just sucked as a Blair fan to watch her hurt so much over someone who clearly didn’t deserve her.

        • Marianna says:

          If you don’t think Chuck and Chair were destroyed for Dan and Blair then you need to go back and watch The UnBlairable Lightness of Being in season 3.

          • Liz says:

            If Chair was torn down to prop Dair, to what end? To promote a friendship?

            The Chair dynamic was toxic from the beginning. They have never been written as a couple that would find a happily ever after. Chuck has been manipulating things from the get-go, and in S1 they at least allowed Blair to walk away when he manipulated her. They let things drag out way too long in S2, to the point where Chair was tired before they even got together. Rating started to decline for a ton of reasons. Serialized dramas decline as they age, shows with a will-they-or-won’t they relationship struggle when the couple gets together (or if you drag it on too long-it’s a Catch-22), the network struggled, etc.

            Dair is pretty much the least of the problems as far as ratings go, or creatively for that matter.

          • Stelena says:

            Listen Lisa.
            If Chuck and Blair was as tired as you claim and no one cared anymore then you wouldn’t see so many people posting pro CB comments here. They are no longer as popular as they once were but that decline began when the writers decided to screw with them by having him sell her out for a hotel. But CB was still very popular and GG was still getting good buzz at the start of season 3. Proof of that is the CB “I love you” almost winning a fan voted Emmy. I just wonder who was the moron that decided it was a good idea to screw with them. I don’t know if they did it just for Dair but Safran did say they planned to explore Dair before S3 began. So they did it at the height of CB’s popularity. So I can’t blame other Chuck and Blair fans being paranoid. Particularly when you look at that episode of Dorota’s wedding. I agree that it makes no sense for them to screw up CB for a DB friendship. Maybe they thought DB would be bigger than CB. Pretty arrogant if you ask me.

      • Winnie says:

        I think people tuned out because they insisted on telling the Chair story as so uneven, dark, twisted, and depressing. I don’t think they did that for Dair, I think that’s the story they always wanted to tell with Chair–at least since season 2.

        • Tanya says:

          Except people tuned out when nothing was happening for Chair. 4.12 – 4.19 was when the hug decline appeared, and those episodes had almost no CB scenes and was full of light and fluffy DB. The ratings for 3.13 – 4.11 were pretty stable on the other hand, and that was when CB were busy being dark and twisty, so obviously the viewers weren’t too turned off by it.

      • Whythepain says:

        Actually, it’s not always smart to listen to fans – we can be extremely fickle, especially the young fans. And the ratings show that Gossip Girl has almost the youngest fanbase on TV, hence the twitter wars and raging hormonal responses to shipping couples. Also, everyone wants something different, as you can see by the message boards. A good example of why it’s a good idea to ignore fans sometimes is Vampire Diaries. A lot of fans have wanted Damon and Elena since the first season, but if the writers did that right now, it wouldn’t make sense. They would both have to change a lot. If and when it does happen, it will be much more impactful if it’s done right. Also, a lot of people hated Tyler and Caroline and I would have been fine with them dying in the first season. Now they’re the best part of the show, IMO. And that’s why it’s a better written, much more cohesive show than GG. They have long-term vision and don’t get swayed by short-term demands of fans.

        • Santana Rice says:

          I think their creative vision matters more but they shouldn’t ignore the fans entirely. Particularly on this show because it’s so dependent on online buzz. Buzz died last season when they tore apart the show in the second half. You can attribute the poor ratings to lots of things but the lack of interest in Gossip Girl online can only be blamed on the stories they wrote and promoted. It’s like they tried to create an entirely new show featuring Dan and Blair eating pizza and bantering with everyone else off in guest star storylines.

          The Vampire Diaries isn’t a good comparison because it’s not a romantic relationship oriented show. I love Damon and Elena but the show is exciting and fun even when they aren’t interacting. I think the writers on Gossip Girl forget the show isn’t character driven but rather relationship driven so trying to explore every pairing is a big risk. Last season lots of Chair fans stopped watching, stopped posting in forums, stopped tweeting because Chuck and Blair were torn apart. Now I see lots of Dair fans saying they’ll give up too. The Chuck and Blair fans are interested in Chuck and Blair’s journey as a couple, not necessarily Chuck and Blair’s journey as individuals and the same is true of those Dair fans. That’s just the type of show it is. I’m afraid if the writers and the CW don’t get back to the relationships the fans have invested in for 4 years then the show could end up cancelled this season and no one will get a satisfactory ending. The CW barely promotes the show as it is.

  2. melly says:

    They need to stop promoting all things Dair if they want people to watch. A Dan led story always fails.

    I think it is shocking how little they speak of Blair/Serena. I think they have gone too far trying to make Dan popular. Blair/Serena is the key friendship not Blair/Dan.

    • Liz says:

      Nothing was worse than the Chuck storyline last season, which was strangely the A-plot. Two seasons of Chuck’s manpain and daddy issues are what killed the show. The Bass Industries plot was terrible, and Chuck was front and center.

      • Marianna says:

        It was a terrible storyline. They dismantled the whole show just to isolate Dan and Blair. All the main relationships were torn apart and everyone was put with guest stars. One thing is 100% crystal clear now. Dan and Blair cannot carry the show the way Chuck and Blair did in S2. I think the writers also underestimated how many people still love Chuck and Blair. They thought they could trash Chuck and then put Dan in his place and all the fans would line up and be happy but that didn’t happen. Ratings dropped. People stopped talking about GG. The forums got less traffic. This Dan and Blair thing has really been bad for the show. I’m hoping they fix it all this season.

        • S says:

          Utter rubbish. its a total Chair fan point of view!
          You just wanted the writers to keep telling the same story for years but thats not what writing a good show is about!
          Just like a lot of people had to put up with the Chair joke in season 3 now you put up with a possible Dair storyline in S5.

          • Riley says:

            What she said is 100% true. Sorry if you cannot deal with facts. The writers and the CW would be idiots to keep going with a Dair storyline after how buzz and ratings dropped after last season.

        • Liz says:

          Gossip Girl is showing a natural ratings decline that happens to basically every serialized drama as it ages, especially one that suffered in quality as badly as this one has. The Dair arc was one of the only successful plot arcs of the past two seasons creatively. Everything else felt forced and rushed and done just for the OMFG moments. All of Chuck’s stories since Bart died have been major failures, and his manpain has become laughable. Chuck always bordered on being a caricature (just watch some of The Soup clips to LOL at his ridiculousness) but it’s just gotten over the top when they tried to force Chuck into being the romantic lead.

          This show died creatively when Bart did, because that’s when Chuck was painted as some sort of tortured hero. There’s nothing there to make him into a romantic lead, and it’s boring and painful to watch.

          • Carolanne says:

            Even if everything you say is true (which I disagree strongly with- especially your characterization of Chuck) remarkably enough Chuck is still the most popular male character on the show and he’s still part of the most popular pairing. He’s iconic. Call him a joke all you want but he’s still the male character that gets people talking and buzzing. Even Dair fans are obsessed with him. They talk more about thier hate for Chuck than thier love for Dan or Dair.

          • Tracy says:

            Its amazing how in denial you guys remain regarding Chuck Bass and Chair’s continued popularity. I’d love to live in your world.

          • Kris says:

            I agree that the writing for Chuck and the Chuck and Blair relationship has been atrocious post season 2. I also agree the writers seemed to care more about writing witty banter for Dan and Blair last season then dealing with the big hole they put Chuck’s character in after season 3, let alone the Chair relationship. And yet, who is still the fan favorite male character and fan favorite couple? Chuck Bass and Chair. That’s true even after thousands of Gossip Girl fans gave up the show after they threw Chuck and Chair under the bus. That’s amazing when you think about it. It just goes to show that the writers cannot force people to care about Dan Humphrey or Dair as a romantic relationship. I think it actually created a huge backlash against Dan and Dair.

    • Gi says:

      “They need to stop promoting all things Dair if they want people to watch”

      Says WHO? You ? CHAIR PSYCHO FANS? I’m watching and I like all things promoting DAIR.

  3. Frederica says:

    The dumbest thing the writers ever did was trash Chuck and Chair to do Dair. It’s pretty much killed the show. I’m hoping they fix that this season by having Chuck grow up and keeping Dan and Blair as just friends.

  4. MV says:

    You know I actually used to like Dair interactions? I loved them in 1.04 and 2.07. NYU was kinda annoying, but I still thought they were funny together. And now Dan’s “in love” with her, and he’s like forgotten Serena even exists, while I guess Blair has no other friends anymore… ugh, I hate what they’ve done to them. I just want Chuck and Blair to get back together, and they will probably even ruin that by having Dan set it up or whatever. Ugh.

  5. Marianna says:

    I think it’s a bad idea to have Dan develop feelings for Blair but I guess it’s typical for him so I don’t see it as a huge deal. I just feel bad for all the DS fans. But they take alot of risks with Dan and Serena by having them fall in and out of love with each other. It’s why I’m not a Dan and Serena fan.
    I just want the writers to fix Chair at this point. I’ve watched for 4 seasons and that’s the love story I care about. They destroyed Chuck and Chair to try to get more people to care about Dan and Dair and I think that sucks. That’s a terrible way to treat fans. I hope the destruction is over.

  6. em says:

    I think I’m just gonna youtube the Dair scenes because I hate everything else about the show

  7. Dee says:

    It’s kind of remarkable how much Dair killed this show. Between the plunging ratings and the ridiculous squabbling between shippers, it’s just not a pleasant atmosphere anymore.

    • Ronette says:

      I agree with you so much. This was the dumbest thing the writers ever did. They should’ve spent last season redeeming Chuck and doing the DSN triangle. I know so many Chair fans that just stopped watching. I also know some Dair fans that only want them because the writers screwed up Chuck so much. They don’t really like Dair and Dan much at all. They are just angry at Blair being sad while Chuck got to be with other girls last season. That’s a pretty pathetic way to get fans to back a couple. Building it on another couple’s destruction.

      • Lee says:

        So untrue!
        I was a big Chair fan S1+2 but in S3 they became so dull from the very start and that had NOTHING to do with Dan!
        Chuck was always a bastard and as he himself predicted in S1 that his relationship with Blair was never going to be a successful one.
        The writers didn’t throw anyone under any type of vehicle. the characters stayed pretty much the same from the start.
        Now they are growing and changing and people don’t like it but you can’t have a show about happy chuck and blair running for seasons on end- who wants to watch that???
        If you won’t watch the show unless chuck and blair are together then maybe just go ahead and stop watching. You’re obviously not a real fan of GG or of good writing.

        • Leighton Fan says:

          I disagree. Chuck was regressed badly in Season 3. I hope they didn’t do it just to facilitate Dair (who I happen to love so much as friends.) But it’s untrue that Chuck wasn’t regressed.

        • Carolanne says:

          Why is it that everytime someone says they aren’t a fan of Dan and Blair as a romance one of their 10 fans starts making negative personal attributions about that person? You love abuse. You are from Chuckistan. You don’t really love Blair. You don’t appreciate good television (lol) You aren’t a real Gossip Girl fan. Relax people. Not everyone loves Dair. Not everyone loves Chair either. People are entitled to love what they want and share their opinions. But it seems like alot of the Dair fans are so personally offended when anyone doesn’t like them or continues to root for Chuck or Chair. Grow up.

        • Tracy says:

          Hold on. Are you seriously trying to claim that sweet, supportive, loving, spooning but in the background Chuck and Blair were boring in S3 but you think pizza eating, net flix watching, nonstop talking, but zero sexual chemistry Dan and Blair are the epitome of excitement?
          Plus how in the world does that fit with Chuck always being a bastard? That makes no sense. Get your stories straight.

          • Liz says:

            You don’t think you can be both boring and be a bastard? I think Chuck was really patronizing with Blair in S3, like with the movie premiere episode, manipulating her to teach her a lesson rather than just talk to her about what she was going through. Things like that are both boring and make him look like a bastard to me.

  8. annie says:

    Wow, this is very disappointing. I thought we were headed for a nice long and much needed break from Chuck and Blair. It’s repetitive, boring, and seriously one of the darkest relationships on TV lately. I didn’t mind Chuck and Blair when they were both disgusting people who deserved the black hole their relationship is. I sort of like Blair now, I’m rooting for her to get it together and that means a relationship with someone like Dan. They were cute and fun. Why aren’t we getting more of that???????????? stupid writers

  9. Leighton Fan says:

    I LOVE THAT EVERYONE IS GROWING UP! That is wonderful! I’m excited to see how the triangle plays out with Chuck Blair and Louis. Is Louis a good guy or not? What about the sister? I cannot wait to see how Chuck evolves. I want so desperately for the writers to make him be there for Blair. She has been so good to him. He needs to finally live up to those words in season 3 “You carry people. You carry me.”
    I’m also kind of excited by Dan’s book too. I bet it causes alot of drama. I look forward to Dan and Blair’s friendship. It’s hearteneing to see two people who used to hate each other learn to like and appreciate one another. The only thing I don’t like is Dan having romantic feelings for Blair. Maybe it is the Serena and Dan shipper in my heart speaking. It could also be the Serena and Blair fan. I just think it will hurt both those relationships and that is sad. I love Dan and Blair so much as friends. They are just presh. Please don’t ruin them by making them hook up or fall in love.

  10. Magnus says:

    Chuck and Blair can never work, beacause they always take out the worst in each other.
    Dan and Blair are the oppesit because Dan brings out the much better happier nicer Blair, who whe all love.
    That is why DAIR will work and not Chair.
    Thats way i stayed and watched Gossip Girls Fourth Season.
    And know the fifth season will start, and its going to be interesting to se what will happen and how it will pends out in the of the season.

  11. Carolanne says:

    Looking forward to Chuck evolving, Serena finding herself, Nate having a story and *fingers crossed* the writers fixing the mess they made last season. I love the idea of them all growing up by the way. I may even learn to love Dan if the writers let him lose for once. Then I might root for him as an underdog.

  12. Kris says:

    I just want Chuck to grow and for that to mean CHAIR!!! Yes Im single-minded in this. But Im for the growth of all the characters. I think they all need to grow up and that will definitely lead to my main goal of Chuck and Blair, Baby Bass, awesome Nate and maybe DS. Though I did love NS.

  13. Blair says:

    So excited that something will happen with Nate. He was forgotten last year.

    I feel during the season every 3 months there can be a new article on who Dan has feelings for. Every girl ends up paired with Dan. He is still boring. Would rather more Nate.

  14. Lena says:

    Yay at the triangle being Chuck/Blair/Louis. Can’t wait to see what Dan’s role will be in it, specially given his new relationship with Chuck.
    And after what they did to Chuck recently, it’s about time there is a growing up arc for him.

  15. Tracy says:

    Thank god Nate is getting a story. Looking forward to Chuck growing up. I hate the turn the writers took with him in Season 3. I almost quit the show after 4×20. That was such a bad idea. I’ve never seen a show work harder to tear down their break through signature couple and their most popular male character. It was heartbeaking to watch. I just hope you guys are done and we see Chuck redeemed to Blair to this season. IDGAF about Dan and never will. I’m suprised by how much I care about Serena’s story. It looks good. I hate her being so flakey about guys.

  16. dr says:

    Absolutely glad to hear DB are staying just as friends. But this wouldn’t mean they would be on screen while Serena&Blair and Chuck&Blair, even Nate&Blair not sharing scenes. Last Season second half was horrible for that matter. Too much DB for a sudden in a row. I can’t stand that much because at the end they bore me to hell…Nothing to get exited for a long time. Its like been there done tha because what ever they turned out to be at the end wouldn’t be something that CB haven’t been or done. So NOT refreshing at all…

    On the other hand, I’m really exited and looking forward to Chuck’s and Nate’s growth story. They are so much fun. I can’t wait and I can’t express my pleasure for Chuck&Blair’s new journey and Chuck becoming the man who can carry Blair again and Chuck&Blair to reunite. I Love them so much.

  17. Cara says:

    I really wish we would be getting more Chuck and Blair when the show comes back and I hope this new avenue for Chuck helps lead him to growing up. I think Blair with Louis and Dan is boring. I can’t take Dans feelins seriously because he has fallen for every girl on the show. I’m hoping the second half of the season is more Chuck and Blair centric and they finally get back together.

    Also I’m actually looking foward to Nate and Serena’s storylines.

  18. Sandy says:

    Dan and Blair’s friendship is sweet. But I don’t want more. I want to see Chuck redeemed. Please redeem Chuck in S5 writers. I’d also love to see Nate finally get a girl that really loves him and not Chuck or Dan more.

  19. Reema says:

    GROWING UP! It is about time! They make the same mistakes over and over again. Hope we get some epic Chuck and Blair after the premiere and please please please redeem Chuck this season writers. It’s been hellish for Chuck and Blair fans. The Dan and Blair stuff just makes it worse because it really does look like you destroyed the couple we fell in love with just for them.

  20. Jackie says:

    I used to love the way Dan and Blair bickered together, back when they still sort of hated each other, but why is he suddenly taking Serena’s place as Blair’s BFF? Is she really that short on friends? I guess I can deal as long as they don’t try to turn it into a romance, though, because that would be a hundred times worse. That kiss made my ovaries cringe.

  21. Isa says:

    So much hope for Chair next season with the possibility of a baby and the best of all: growth for Chuck! So happy that Nate gets a big storyline! Dan’s feelings make me sad for Derena though. I hope that Dan realizes that B and him are best as friends.

  22. Eleanora says:

    Good for Nate! So pleased he is getting a big story this season. I wonder if he and Ivy will be a real relationship. I just hope she doesn’t still like Dan. I love Chuck and Blair more than Nate but it would be nice if Nate got his own girl for once. Serena wanted Dan more and Blair wanted Chuck more. Nate is left out in the cold romantically. I also hope the writers work hard to bring back Chuck as a character. Please redeem him to Blair. Please let him become the man Blair said he was in s3 before the terrible indecent proposal storyline. I want them together so badly. I love them both as characters but I just cannot love them paired with others. I hated Chuck with Raina and Eva and I hate the whole idea of Blair beign with Dan. I think whatever affection I once had for Dan could be gone by the end of this season if they keep his feelings for Blair going. It doesnt make me like him more. It makes me want him to get lost. lol

  23. Elle says:

    I hate the horrible things Chuck has done to Blair.

    Comparing her to a horse “ridden hard and put away wet,” leaving her on the helipad to be with prostitutes, making her say I love you and messing with her and Marcus, manipulating her to go up to Jack in exchange for the hotel, giving her an ultimatum to show up at the Empire State Building or else he’d “close his heart to her forever”, sleeping with Jenny then proposing to her, rubbing his relationship with Eva in Blair’s face (“you’re just jealous it was HER not you that changed me” or something to that effect), declaring war, getting with Raina and treating her (as well as Eva) better than he has ever treated Blair. I hated how he showed up at the princess ball, drunk and grabbing her and when she goes to see if he’s all right, he grabs her and pushes her down onto a bench and punches a glass over her head and cuts her face. I hate how it was him who made the choice to let go, not her.

    Seriously, Chair fans, how can you SHIP them? Is it because of their love scenes? (That is extremely shallow)

    Saying Blair is just as dark (because no matter what she does, it is in no way comparable to anything Chuck does. EVER.) doesn’t cut it either. And Chuck seeing only her dark side is like saying that’s all she is, that she doesn’t have layers. That she’s just a walking vortex of darkness. I think there is more to Blair than her scheming. She appears to be very intelligent and level-headed (save for the fact that she’s marrying a Prince she’s known for a second).

    Saying it’s television, it’s not real life, it’s just entertainment – what is fun about watching this girl continuously go back to this guy who says he loves her but treats her so poorly? It’s devastating.

    I’m not a huge Dan fan, but even I prefer Dan and Blair to Chuck and Blair. I’m not even a hardcore Gossip Girl fan but even I see there’s problems. Chuck can never redeem himself in my eyes. The things he has done is really TOO FAR.

    • Izzy says:

      too long, WHO IS GOING TO READ ALL THAT.! u Wasted your time! For some one who isnt a hardcore fan of Gossip Girl, you sure have a lot 2 say! Stupid ninny!


    • Jenn C says:

      Elle, I COMPLETELY AGREE with everything you said about Chuck and Blair! It really drives me nuts to read as Safran sells Chair as a “romantic” pair after everything Chuck has done to Blair. It’s like the woman who sticks up for the man who hits her by saying, “But he loves me so much!” as if that makes it okay. Chuck has pretty much always wanted Blair ONLY when he can’t have her! Once he has her, he has repeatedly treated her like garbage. He has relentlessly pursued her when she was involved with other men, then once she broke down and said she wanted him, he would say he didn’t want her anymore, until she once again moved on. What he likes most about Blair is the chase, when the chase is gone, he gets bored. How does this make such an “epic” romance? How does this make him Blair’s soulmate, and Chair “endgame”? And I truly believe that GG started to go downhill once Chuck/Blair became so popular, and TPTB decided to revolve entire stories around Chuck (who can NOT carry a story). The whole second half of the previous season revolved around Chuck, his daddy issues, and the Thorpe family! And I don’t know a single person who cared.

      Chuck is beyond redemption, at this point. He has done too much, been too dastardly, and has yanked Blair around in too many directions. If Safran and Co. choose to nix a possible Dair pairing in the future, and continue to promote Chair as a romantic pairing, well, then I think I will finally give Gossip Girl up for good.

  24. Amy says:

    You guys have done the impossible. You got me to care more about Serena’s story than Blair’s story. I’m shocked by this because I’m a Blair girl all the way. Serena always annoyed me with her falling in love all the time and having to be rescued every season. But her story sounds good! But Blair’s story sounds awful. I dread her being a Bridezilla and I loathe Dan pining for her. Loathe it with a passion. I think he looks like an ass. Serena is her best friend. I never like it when boys come between best friends.

  25. William says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing Dan and Blair’s friendship grow next season. I’ve liked their scenes since 1×4. But I don’t want more. Having characters fall in and out of love cheapens all the couples. It would be really nice if Dan and Blair stayed friends. I want the same for Chuck and Serena. Just friends please. No romance.

  26. Centaur says:

    Serena is getting a mentor! I might actually care about her story for the first time…EVER! Nate getting the biggest story? Have I died and gone to GG heaven? Now all I need is for the writers to redeem Chuck and reunite my beloved Chuck and Blair. I’ll be a happy camper indeed.

  27. Mia says:

    I want Chair too (I’m so hoping it’s a baby Bass). I don’t care for Blouis, Louis is boring and Blair acts like a 5 year old when she is with him. I can’t keep track of who Dan is in love with any more (is it Serena, Miss Carr, Serena, Georgina, Hilary Duff, Vanessa, Serena or Blair) to even care about any of his relationships – I have to say I’m really disappointed that Derena seems to be over as well, that could have been great again.
    I’m really happy Chuck seems to be growing and evolving, I just hope Blair and their relationship is still in the mix.

  28. pripri says:

    If they’ve been watching the pilot, does that mean that we’ll be getting Derena back. They’re the only reason I’ve ever watched the show and with their relationship gone, I’ve stopped. I really hope to be able to watch season 5. DERENA DERENA DERENA DERENA DERENA

  29. Santana Rice says:

    Thx for the write up. I am a die hard Chuck and Blair but I think it would be kind of interesting if the writers rebuilt them as friends. They did alot of damage to them and to Chuck over the last couple of seasons but I still love them and care more about them than any other storyline. As much as I love NS I think it would be nice if they stayed friends just like DB. Why do all the characters have to hook up? Like someone said above, it cheapens the couples. I’m sorry I just don’t care about Dan and the more he’s shoved down my throat and the writers try to force me to like him the less I do. Pining for Blair won’t help. Don’t try to turn him into some perfect person like Eve. I hated her too and felt for Blair when that was going on. The destruction of Chuck and Chair has been so over the top that it makes me root for Chuck just out of spite. It’s insane.

  30. Meredith says:

    Believe it or not I’m a Chair fan that is interested in Dan’s book storyline. I can see alot of potential there. lol. I love what I’m reading about Serena’s storyline. I think it is about time Serena got direction in her life. I worry about Chuck’s character though. Please redeem Chuck this season writers. There are lots of us that care about his character and hate how he’s been treated.

  31. Laticia says:

    I’m glad Jackie and Fez- oh I mean Dan and Blair – are going to stay friends but it’s probably too late for me to care. I just want to see Chuck redeemed. I’m happy Nate and Serena’s stories are looking good. They were treated pretty badly as characters the second half of season 4.

  32. chateluv says:

    “He’s got almost the biggest story of the bunch,” reveals Safran. “His journey really relates the most to growing up and taking control of his life.” That pleases me so much. It is about time. I only hope Chuck gets a good story where he grows too. I’m counting on you Safran.

  33. Tanya says:

    Here’s hoping that Nate’s story line makes use of Chace, because he deserves more than he gets on this show.

    Meanwhile, I’m really excited about Chuck’s evolution and I hope it brings him back to Blair. Maybe we’ll get some special CB and DS for the 100th episode? Back to basics, please.

  34. Terry says:

    the only thing appealing to me on the premiere is Chuck Nate Serena bonding. Serena Chuck sibling relationship. I hope we can see more of that sweet bonding.I don’t care about lame ass Humphrey, his silly book and his fake contrived friendship with Blair which is obviously done to please Dair fans.İt just destroyed everything I love about GG. I am missin g s1s2s3.. İt just doesn’t seem like GG to me anymore. No wonder why the ratings sucks. Noone is impressed by DB fakeness.

  35. Vanillalatte86 says:

    I am super excited the love triangle will be about Chuck/Blair/Louis. (Chair for the win!! Baby Bass is on the way!!) I like that Dan and Blair are not romantic. Pleased that Nate is finally getting a decent storyline. Love that Serena has a nice new job.

    As for Dan’s Book. I am glad it is only a Blair-Centric chapter and not the whole book. If they are serious going to try and say that for the last four years Dan has been pining after Blair, it would be total crap. If it is only the last 4 months, then fine that makes sense. I just wish that the writers would look at their whole series before writing new things. Many fans have GG on DVD and watch GG scenes on Youtube. We are not going to forget the things that happened in Season 1, so they are never going to convince us that Dan pinned for Blair for 4 years. It will not happen, and it will come across as one big contrived load of crap.

    • RPrincipessa says:

      Yes! Your comment takes me back to last year when Josh Safran said Dan and Blair have been 4 years in the making. I was like, “Really, I hard time noticing that was your intention while watching Chuck and Blair all this time.”

      Speaking of Chuck and Blair, I hope they finally get it together. We have been there for all of their highs and lows. I would love to see Chuck and Blair get their fairly-tale happy ending!

  36. ahnolee says:

    i want blair and serena!! Bleighton will make gg a Whole Lot Better!the ratings will skyrocket to the outer spaces of ur chair,dair!xD

  37. Marcia says:

    Thank you! I am now looking forward to Season 5. Cannot believe Nate is getting a big story, Serena is getting a mentor and isn’t flaking out with guys and Chuck is evolving and growing! I also love this “. “I don’t know if it’s really romantic with Dan and Blair… The triangle, in our minds, is Chuck, Louie and Blair.”
    Awesome sauce. I like them best as friends. It looks like there will be some good Chuck and Blair in the future so I’m super pleased.

  38. LH says:


  39. harumscarum says:


    go ahead and tell me i’m wrong.

  40. Amanda S. says:

    I love Chuck and Blair. I always find myself watching their love scenes on YouTube – such chemistry and they’re really sexy. I love them to pieces!

  41. Jenn C says:

    I see people keep blaming Dair for the decline in the ratings, but do you all realize that the Dan/Blair/Chuck triangle (YES, DAN/Blair/Chuck, NOT Louis/Blair/Chuck) has gotten more people talking about this show than they have in ages. I don’t see how that can go unnoticed by TPTB, so I’m not buying that Dan is not a part of this triangle. This show was pretty much dead in the water if not for Dan’s part in Blair’s story last season. Look at how many people are constantly arguing on this site back and forth about Chair and Dair? Honestly? Until Dair, I just didn’t care about this show anymore. And the threat of Dair has gotten the Chair fans in a tizzy. This show hasn’t seen this much action since the beginning of season 2. If TPTB gave up the Dair part of the story, I think people would stop talking about it again.

  42. ane says:

    should have a limit comments to one person, so popular that is not reflected in the numerous audience? just saying …………

  43. jenny says:

    count me in for DAIR!

  44. Leigh says:

    It’s CHAIR 4 LIFE!!! The endgame was set in motion LONG ago & anyone who has not seen (or chose to ignore) the TONS of anvils along the way is kidding themselves. Chuck&Blair are GG’s HEART & SOUL and its OTP!!! They are THE investment & reason to tune in. Chuck-Blair awesomeness RULES Gossipdom!!! CB=DESTINY=ENDGAME!!!

  45. Jerry says:

    I’m ALL about the Chuck-Blair EPICNESS!!! Bring on our CB reunion, happiness, & Baby Bass!!! CB & FAMILY FTW!!!

  46. Jess says:

    Aww, I really want them to explore NS as a romantic couple again =(

    But I guess I’m good with at least a friendship for now

  47. kathee says:

    CHUCK&BLAIR/BLAIR&CHUCK…GG’s ONLY reason to invest & tune in!!! CB=DESTINY!!!

  48. CrCr says:

    Dair is the only thing remotely good on this show. The writers are idiots if they don’t pursue this storyline.
    I don’t get the argument that Blair would never be friends with Dan/ Cant have a relationship with him because she used to look down on him. It’s called growing up, which is something Chair need for Chuck to do, so I don’t get why Blair caan’t too. And she isn’t OOC during the DB arc, she’s still fierce, bitchy and everything that we love about her character. You guys would have seen that if you had actually watched the show.

  49. Isabella says:

    I hate Dan/Blair now. I used to like their scenes back in season 1 and season 2 but since season 3 I just hate how the writers keep destroying Chuck/Blair and Chuck’s character just to pimp DB. I HATE IT. Hope next season they finally redeem Chuck and fix Chair. So tired of the “everybody has to love Dan” show. UGH

  50. L. E. says:

    CHAIR pawns all!!! They ARE the show & THE investment. Everyone knows it. It’s CB 4 LIFE!!!