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Gossip Girl Preview: Dan's Blair Crush, Nate's Control Issues and Chuck's Dangerous Detour

When Gossip Girl opens its fifth season Monday, our favorite Upper East Siders will be all over the map — literally and figuratively. Serena’s working hard in Hollywood, while a broken-hearted Chuck is channeling his inner daredevil. Back in New York, Dan’s Hamptons reverie is interrupted by the publication of a certain book, while Blair is busy planning her royal wedding. Oh, and yes, someone is definitely preggers.

TVLine got a sneak peek at the Season 5 premiere earlier this week and then pumped executive producer Josh Safran for insight into the action-packed opener and what lies ahead.

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OF BOOKS AND BLAIR | Dan and Blair haven’t been in touch over the summer, but that doesn’t mean what happened last season has been forgotten. A meaningful scene between the two in the loft makes it perfectly clear that “he definitely has feelings for Blair,” notes Safran. “I don’t know if it’s really romantic with Dan and Blair… The triangle, in our minds, is Chuck, Louie and Blair.” That’s not to say Dan doesn’t figure into things. “Dan’s role in it is surprising,” continues Safran. “He will both add to the Chair shippers and detract for the Chair shippers, alternately.” While his “pining is an undercurrent,” the big storyline for Dan will be the release of his book, a Blair-centric chapter of which is set to be published in Vanity Fair in the premiere. “Everyone does have a reaction, and it’s not necessarily the reaction that Dan expects them to have,” teases Safran. “But it’s also not the reaction that they expect to have.” Could one relationship suffer in the aftermath of the book’s release? After all, according to the EP, Dan and Nate’s “friendship is going to have some complications thrown into it very soon.”

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THE RETURN OF GOSSIP GIRL | The show’s titular blogger is front and center in the new season. “Gossip Girl is very much a regular this year, almost as much as she was in Season 1,” says Safran, who wouldn’t say if the character’s increased role will lead to her unmasking. One thing is certain: She will face some stiff new competition. “Maybe there’s someone else who’s going to use technology in a way that will threaten her,” teases Safran. Hmm, sounds like some Payne is in store — Diana Payne (a.k.a. the sharp businesswoman played by Elizabeth Hurley.) Speaking of which…

MASTER PLAN | Hurley’s character will quickly set her sights on Nate and weave him – and by extension, everyone else – into her nefarious plan. But unlike the mysterious Juliet, Diana’s agenda is clear. “She’s very honest about it,” explains Safran. “Even though she may move the chess pieces around to get what she wants, she says up-top, ‘This is what I want.’ So if people don’t comply, she’ll just move them and get what she wants.”

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JUST SAY YES | Chuck’s new thrill-seeker lifestyle will actually open “the door to a new avenue for him,” teases Safran. So what can we expect from the man who’s seen everything and done everyone? “It is the only possible next step in the evolution of Chuck,” is all Safran would reveal.

JUST FRIENDS | Sorry, Nate and Serena shippers, but the exes will remain “very good friends” in the near term. “We don’t have plans to revisit that [relationship] right now,” says Safran. Instead, the two will have plenty going on in their lives outside of romance. Serena finds a mentor in a female producer (guest star Michael Michele) and starts “taking stock of what her skills are and how to use them.” Nate, meanwhile, realizes he’s lost and doesn’t know who he is. “He’s got almost the biggest story of the bunch,” reveals Safran. “His journey really relates the most to growing up and taking control of his life.”

THE BIG 100 | Safran offers this vague but tantalizing hint about the show’s “awesome” 100th episode later this season: “We’ve been watching the pilot a lot.”

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  1. Helia says:


    • Jeanette says:


      • Shelley says:

        Word. CHAIR FTW!!!

        • Cali says:

          Chuck and Blair is why I watch! Go Baby Bass too!

          • Leigh says:

            Is Blair pregnant??? Please someone say it’s Chuck’s! I hate the prince and marriage story and I want to see Chuck and Blair happily ever after. Dan, I don’t even think about that character so who cares.

          • Sandy says:

            I just want a confirmation on whether we’ll get a Baby Bass or not.Chuck growing makes me happy because then it might turn back to Chuck and Blair this season. Serena is having goals and that’s great. Not great on the NS front.Not getting why the writers are doing Blair and Dan stuff because I sure don’t care. That story wasn’t good at all.

        • joanna says:

          Can’t wait for Chair and a Baby Bass arrival!

          • bonnie says:

            I want to know if Blair is having Chuck Bass’s baby too. If not I just can’t sit through dair because I like Chair way more.

          • Teressa says:

            I want a Chuck and Blair baby too but I don’t want to sit through more Dan and Blair on my screen. If they aren’t going to show Chuck and Blair then there’s no point in viewing the show at all anymore.

        • kendellStill says:

          Blair and Chuck are each others one and only loves! Even Leighton said DB are ONLY friends!

          • Whitney says:

            Bland better stay their boring friend selves because Blair will look horrible if she’s pregnant with Chuck’s kid, still loves him, is engaged and planning to marry Louis, and then is going after Dan. She would surpass Serena and Dan as being the most fickle idiot on the show. Remain true to her character and her love for Chuck or this show is pure crap.

          • Olivia says:

            Are they still continuing with the Dair friends farse? For reals? I was hoping after the season finale last season it would go back to Chuck and Blair focused. Didn’t Chuck knock her up anyway? Tell me when there are Blair and Chuck scene, please.

        • Helix says:

          Chair Totally FTW! These two make this show the greatness it is and without them it’s terrible!

        • Canadaho says:

          Chuck and Blair, no Dair

          • crista says:

            I’m sick of Dan. He freaking falls for every girl he kisses and it’s really disturbing to me. I used to love he and Serena and now I think he’s a total douche and she needs to move away from ever loving him. I like Chuck and Blair so I hope they get back together.

        • nikki says:

          Chuck and Blair pwn this show and are so endgame. Can’t wait to see that play out!

        • Jenkins says:

          Definitely on the Chair train and always will be because they are simply meant to be. I can’t wait for the boring prince to go away and for Dan to jump off a bridge.

        • Erica says:

          I’m with a lot of people here. Chuck and Blair should get the hell back together already. Quit wasting viewers time with meaningless morons like Louis and Dan. No one gives two figs about them. Serena should actually beat Dan’s ass for this one.

        • Angie says:

          Only watching for Blair and Chuck right now.

      • alice says:

        Humpty Dumpty can take a great fall because Chuck and Blair are forever and Bland is nothing real in ggland

        • mel says:

          Ha! Yeah, Blair and Chuck are why me and my friends even turn GG on anymore. It used to be good all around but now the Chuck and Blair relationship is all we’re interested in seeing.

      • lisha says:

        Chuck and Blair and Blair is sooooo having his baby!

        • anna says:

          I want Blair to have Chuck’s baby and for Dan Humphrey to get the hell off the show. What a useless character.

        • Maggie says:

          I think Blair is having Chuck’s baby and Dan is going to look like a sleezy creep following her around. She loves Chuck, is having his baby, and is engaged to Louis. It’s Chuck and Blair time again!

      • Laura says:

        Blair’s having Chuck’s baby so guess what dair fans, Dair ain’t happening. It’s ALL Chuck and Blair and NOTHING hurts!

      • erin says:

        Chuck and Blair are the best thing on this show. If they aren’t in the first few episodes i’m ditching this show!

      • Sally says:

        I like Chuck and Blair too. Stinks about Serena and Nate cause I don’t think Dan deserves anyone but I think they’ll stick him with poor Serena.

      • Cheryl says:

        Chuck and Serena’s story lines sound great and I think it’s a season of growth for them more than the others. Blair, sorry girl, your story bites. She’s marrying and prince and hanging with DHump. Lame. Girl should be with Chuck.

    • Raksha says:

      I feel you, sister! Dair is THE BEST!!!!

    • marta says:

      Chair baby!

    • Abby says:

      Dan ruins Blair. She’s so freaking boring with that idiot. I’m only watching for Chuck and Blair, that’s it.

    • brandy says:

      Dair is by far my favorite thing that has ever happened on this show.

    • Step says:

      WTF?! I’m so sick of DB, it made me hate the show. Go back to the only couple people really care about in Chuck and Blair.

  2. Chris says:

    I think the writers really screwed up Dair. How can they say Dan isn’t included in the triangle? People are mad that they forced him out too soon. Dair was probably the only relationship that they actually developed and Dan and Blair are the only two intellectuals on the show. I don’t need them to be together forever. It’s obvious that Chair is going to happen in the end, BUT Dair was new and it was great and I can’t believe they let it crash and burn so easily, especially after that great commercial they put out with “The Prince, The Pauper, The Dark Knight”.

    • Shaun says:

      I’m not mad. I thought they were boring and overhyped as a romance. They work much better as frenemies. They aren’t the only intellectuals either. Vanessa wss more of one than either D or B.

      • Becky says:

        Vanessa’s gone, so Dan and Blair are the only intellectuals left.

        Dan and Blair gave this show such a much needed spark. I know I was one of many who was about to give up on the show before the Dan/Blair arc started. I hadn’t actually cared about any of the plotlines since the first season, since everything went into melodrama from S2 on. Dan and Blair were the best thing this show had done in a long, long time. Hopefully they can find the magic again.

        • Beth says:

          I agree. Dan/Blair got people talking about Gossip Girl again. The show needed this, and right now it’s all out there unfinished. I’m not interested in Chuck/Blair/Louis, I’m interested in Dan/Blair. I guess I can settle for friendship.

          • Belinda says:

            That isn’t true at all:
            GG messageboards get less traffic now than before S4, Ratings went down. There are fewer recaps of GG than before S4. The season started great with the Paris episodes and went downhill. I wont say Dan and Blair are to blame. But they certainly did nothing to help give GG buzz

          • Mia says:

            See I’m the opposite I don’t really care about Dan/Blair (I am open to caring about their friendship though) or Blair/Louis but I do care about anything related to Chuck/Blair. Its what I’ve spent 4 years becoming emotional invested and it has been a pretty consistant storyline.

          • MSC says:

            Is that why rating fell with Dair? Because everyone wanted them so much? What planet are you living on? Chuck and Blair had the highest audience and most ratings in season 2. Chair!!!

          • JJ says:

            I also agree that they really screwed up Dair. I wonder if Blair is the one who is pregnant and Dan is the father. maybe something actually happened between them. anyway they have never really shown them kissing. I am all for Dair, but i hope Dan pining over Blair all season doesn’t ruin the relationship (which i am 95% sure it will)

        • Allie says:

          Why were you even watching a show if you didn’t care about any of the plotlines for 2 and a half years?

          Regardless, many, many did give up on the show after the Dan/Blair arc started, that’s for sure.

        • hallie says:

          No they aren’t. Chuck schools Dan all the time. Have you not seen the clip? Delusional Dair fans. Chuck and Blair make the show and ,oh, no body cares about Dan.

          • Liz says:

            Being smart or savvy and being an intellectual are two different things. As far as we know, Chuck doesn’t spend a lot of time learning or contemplating intellectual concepts. Most business people don’t; being too intellectual can even hinder business people.

            Dan and Blair are intellectuals, probing books, movies, art, etc. for deeper meaning. They’d probably both make good academics.

            But, I guess that just makes me a delusional Dair fan to know what it means to be an intellectual.

      • Lisa says:

        I agree. I loved the Dan and Blair friendship but it became so boring and so overhyped and it just seemed like another relationship that would be ruined with sex when Dan had feelings. But if they do keep Dan’s feelings as unrequited and have it evolve into a nice, meaningful friendship then I think it would be great.
        Great to hear about Chuck’s evolution, I hope it involves a lot of growing up and becoming the man Blair needs. If that was to happen over the season then I could see Dan definitely adding and detracting from the Chair shippers as he at times helps them and at others sort of blocks them as he gets to know them more and what they both want.

        • Liz says:

          Ok CHAIR crazies get your yourselves on one page. Either DAIR was over hyped or it was never registered. I for one think the development in this “relationship” is THE BEST!! Not since Dan liking Serena way back in season 1 have we even seen someone crushing over someone else in a secret way. And Chair fans you can’t defend your couple from this one because they had sex in the limo and then they kinda of liked each other then they became obsessed. So ha! And yes DAIR was set from the begining if you have not been paying attention

    • Veronica says:

      Yeah, I’m not mad either, I’m relieved. Having Blair torn between the love of her life and the love of her best friend’s life wouldn’t have done her any favors as a character, that’s for sure.

    • Stacia says:

      Ditto on not being mad. Happy they won’t be romantic. I don’t even like them as friends tbph. I’d rather see UES snob Blair battle it out with intellectual snob Dan but I know I won’t be that lucky. This show always finds a way to ruin stuff. They ruined fun Dair last season and it looks like they’ll continue ruining them with Dan pining. I hope that ends quick. Boring.

    • Lena says:

      Not mad at all. I don’t even want a friendship. I think Dan ruins all characters. Sorry. Not a Chuck fan either. I love Nate

    • Frederica says:

      I’m yet another person who is not mad at all.

    • Riley says:

      Not mad. Maybe I’ll stop being so resentful of what they did to Chuck to make Dan and Blair “happen.”

    • Lily says:

      They screwed up Dan and Blair by doing anything with them at all. Hey,writers, know your characters. Blair Waldorf would never feel, like, or accept Dan Humperdink at all. Dair fans, these two aren’t the most intellectual on the show.They may think they are, but they aren’t and if you watched the show at all you would realize that. Chuck and Blair simply are the best couple, no way about it. If they do Dair, I can easily forget the show ever existed.

  3. Liz says:

    All I hope for is meaningful Chair scenes this season and for them to get back together.

  4. Caitlin says:

    Love that Nate is getting a story, DB is not necessarily romantic (prefer them as friends), Chuck is evolving and growing and Serena seems to have focus for once. YAY. (Hope for Chuck and Blair. yay)

  5. Asha says:

    Blech I hate Dan Humphrey! I don’t ship Chair or Dair and still effing hate Dan Humphrey. He thinks he’s so great and righteous. Yea baby you wrote a book exploiting all of your friends. I hope Blair is happy this season. That’s all I want for her. Also I didn’t know Serena had any skills. She seems to be pretty uselss as anything but arm candy for whatever man she’s with that week.

  6. Beth says:

    Ugh, why does Josh Safran say words. Dair has got to be romantic.

    I’m glad Nate has a story line and that everyone is focusing on growing up. Finally.

  7. Bonbona says:


  8. Sandra says:

    Great article! Loving and quite intrigued with everything! Not much on Serena and Derena though! :( Happy for all the possibilities for Chair next season. Hoping that B is the pregnant one and thank god for some growth for Chuck!

  9. Becky says:

    I’m sad that there was no Netflix watching between Dan and Blair over the summer. Eric probably talked the poor guy out of torturing himself like that. I’m glad Nate has a storyline-it should be interesting to see him and Dan try to work through things, which I’m assuming have to do with the book/Nate working for a media mogul. I like the elaboration of Safran’s comments re: Dan’s pining being an undercurrent. At least there will be hints of Dair throughout the season, which is far more than we saw of Dan/Serena before they reactivated them at the end of S3.

  10. Melly says:

    Sounds promising. I feel like the Dan/Blair story has dragged on. The Chuck/Blair road to a reunion is completely dragging on. The continuation of the Prince storyline is dragging. It feels like they have all these stories dragging because they are scared to write Chuck and Blair as a couple.

    So excited for Nate having a storyline. I really feel he was left behind last year so I am glad he is not forgotten.

    I think it is weird that Safran never mentions Blair/Serena. I think he really wants a shipper show. He forgets friendships are the key to gossip girl. The only time he cares about a friendship is if he can make a triangle out of it.

    • Treme says:

      That’s my feeling too. They can’t write Chuck and Blair as a couple so they have to keep throwing stuff in their path. I don’t get it. They’ve never even tried to really write them as a sexy, scheming power couple. Chuck and Blair in early S3 was built to fail by making Blair a whiny screechy insecure NYU student and Chuck an overly serious adult before his time. Then they screwed them up further with the IP, Chuck/Jenny, etc. But I still want them to work through all their issues and reunite. Even if the writers don’t want to reunite them just yet I hope they stop hurting Chuck as a character. It’s been torture to be a fan of Chuck and Chuck/Blair the last couple of seasons. So many fans have left the show due to the crap they’ve both been put through but I continue to hold on because Chuck and Blair is that amazing of a TV couple. The writers struck gold with Ed and Leighton. Every other pairing they’ve tried has paled in comparison. So I hope season 5 is the season we Chuck redeem and Chuck and Blair finally reunited for good.

  11. KM says:

    Wow, that actually gives me hope for the new season. Nate has an actual main storyline, no guest star romances for Serena, a platonic relationship for Blair and Dan, and growing up all around? If I hadn’t been so badly burnt on the dreadful last season, I’d actually be excited to tune in.

    Maybe the new writers have really injected new creativity after all. Focusing on the main characters and their relationships is just what this show desperately needs.

  12. Sarah says:

    No Dair? well that sucks, Dancing with the stars it is.

  13. Jessa says:

    Very happy Dair is not necessarily romantic… I loved their frenemies banter, wich was really screwed up when Dan started to have feelings for her.
    Then again every season he has feelings for a diferent girl…

    • Shauna says:

      Exactly. It was hard to take it seriously. That’s for sure.

      • Liz says:

        Nothing was harder to take seriously than Chuck’s sudden “need” for Blair in 4.17 after he had TWO significant love interests who he treated better than Blair to start the season. She was barely on his radar until he was sinking toward rock bottom.

        • celia says:

          Chuck has always loved Blair since 1.07. Are you seriosuly going to try and argue Dan has felt for her that whole time? Crazy Dair fans….It’s going to be Chuck and Blair no matter how much you delude yourself.

  14. Shauna says:

    I just hope we get good Chuck and Blair this season and they stop throwing Chuck under the bus to prop lame, boring alternative love interests for Blair. It did nothing to make me “ship” DB.
    Chuck and Blair, Serena and Blair are the heart of the show.

  15. J says:

    Good Luck GG! You should have better ratings than 90210. I watched 90210 too but I love GG more because of the characters. CHAIR ALL THE WAY & RUFLY

  16. E says:

    Glad they’re growing Chuck up. He needs rehab.

    Excited that Dan’s pining will be an undercurrent of the season!

  17. Loretta says:

    Please let Chuck evolving and growing mean the writers are done trashing him. PLEASE. I tuned out last season because of it.
    I pray we get some good Chuck and Blair this season. Maybe they can start over as friends. That would be awesome. I’m also really happy Nate is getting a good story. Serena’s story sounds good too. This is the first time I cared more about Serena’s story than Blair’s story. It’s so weird.

    • Liz says:

      I don’t know when the writers ever depicted Chuck in a particularly good light. Suddenly making him “redeemed” would be the biggest stretch of them all.

      • Belinda says:

        It’s true that Chuck has never been a heroic character but there is a big difference between Chuck in the Pilot and the guy he was in S1, S2 and the first half of S3. They took him to a very dark place with the indecent proposal and have been dragging out redeeming him. So no it would not be a stretch to redeem him at all. For most of the series he’s been an anti-hero but not super dark. I cannot wait for them to redeem him.

        • Stacia says:

          Thank you for this comment. I want S2 Chuck back. Its like they regressed him back to the pilot in S3 and have been dragging out his redemption ever since. :( I want him redeemed TO Blair for all the bad things he’s done. I feel like we’ve waited long enough and suffered long enough.

  18. Joanna says:

    Love what Safran said about the triangle they have in mind being Chuck, Blair and Louis. And of course, Dan’s role is surprising. He’ll be Chuck and Blair’s messenger since he’ll have scenes with both. Dan will play fair godmother to Chair. This actually be hilarious.
    On a different note, I can’t wait to see career woman Serena. It’s high time we saw that she’s more than a pretty face with sunny hair.
    Looking forward to all the LA craziness!

  19. Hot Ca says:

    Poor Dan, he does everything he can to try and be a good person and he still ends up losing the girl to a Basstard.

    • Emily says:

      But at least he’s won every other girl he’s ever tried for, and hopefully he’ll get his princess Serena in the end.

      • dani says:

        Princes Serena, who is also his step sister. Inbreeding, yay!

      • Belinda says:

        Exactly! Are we actually supposed to pity Dan? lol. All the girls end up falling for him. It would be great if he didn’t win the girl for once.

        • Becky says:

          The last girl Dan dated was scamming him, and before that Serena flat out said she never chose between him and Nate. Vanessa certainly got her revenge by publishing the book.

          As far as we know, Dan hasn’t had sex since Vanessa last fall, which is pretty much unheard of on a show like Gossip Girl. It’s not like he’s Chuck, who we were explicitly told can get any woman he wants for whatever inexplicable reason. (It certainly has nothing to do with how he treats people.)

          • Rebekah says:

            LOL. All the girls end up falling for or getting crushes on Dan:
            Serena, Georgina, Ivy, Nelly Yuki, Vanessa, Olivia, that weird girl at NYU etc.

            He is no loser in love.

            The only woman that has ever loved Chuck is Blair. There’s no comparison.

        • Elena Gilbert says:

          I don’t think Dan has ever been rejected, has he? He always wins the girl. I might actually like him more if he wasn’t the big winner all the time. He’s not a bad guy but he’s hardly the underdog.

          • Becky says:

            But it’s not like Dan’s the big winner either. Last season pretty much sucked for the guy all around. He raised a baby as his own to have him stripped away, got jerked around by Serena then had her move her boyfriend into his home, developed feelings for Blair after being rejected by her, gets scammed by Charlie/Ivy, and to finish the season has his book published against his will, threatening all of his personal relationships.

            It’s not like he’s just swimming in good fortune right now, and it doesn’t look like it’s getting better for him.

          • Christina says:

            Oh my god Becky. Dan wins all the time. He’s the Gary Stu of the series. Give it up. Movie stars and society girls fall for him. He gets published in the New Yorker before he is 18. Every character on the show eventually has to earn his approval. The whole series has been about him winning. If you want an example of a character that has lost and lost big its Jenny. I have no idea why anyone would pity Dan. He has it made. Every other character has suffered and lost more than Dan has. Every single character.

          • margaret says:

            Me too. I hate self righteous, asshole Dan. Give me awesome underdog Chuck with Blair!

    • Kate says:

      Poor Dan? When has Dan ever lost? He’s the Gary Stu of Gossip Girl

    • Treme says:

      Poor Dan? Seriously?

  20. Emily says:

    It sucks that they aren’t revisiting NS anytime soon, but I’m thrilled to hear that the triangle is CBLouis. I’m dying for some good Chuck and Blair scenes and stories, but the premiere sounds interesting regardless.

  21. Veronica says:

    Couldn’t be happier that the triangle is Chuck/Blair/Louis, that’s the way it should be. I’m fine with Dan doing some pining, although I hope that doesn’t drag on too long because it’ll totally ruin any potential reconciliation with Serena.

  22. Kimmie says:

    Can someone push Chuck Bass into some traffic already? He ruins everything.

    All hail Dair!

  23. Edith says:

    It sucks that we won’t have Chuck and Blair scenes, but I’m excited about Chuck’s growth and the possibility of Blair carrying his child.

  24. dani says:

    And once again this becomes the Chuck and Blair show. It’s sad, the writers had found gold in Dan and Blair and they just threw it all away.

    • Christina says:

      Gold? Hardly. The writers really screwed up by harming Chuck’s character though. Instead of focusing so much on Dan and Blair’s friendship they really need to go back and redeem him to Blair. All this Dan and Blair stuff was such a wrong turn last season. It got the hopes up of some fans and to get people interested in them they harmed Chuck even more as a character.

      • Sarah says:

        Chuck’s character was ruined to a lot of people long before this season though. He’s become more and more of a caricature every season, yet they made him and his daddy issues the center of the show for two straight seasons. It bogged down the show long before the DB arc started. This show started to go downhill the minute they killed Bart and made excuses for every crappy thing Chuck does.

        It was nice for a lot of us to see Blair have a viable alternative who could make her happy. Maybe Chuck can grow, but I hope it’s far away from Blair.

        • Ronette says:

          Chuck and Blair were enormously popular going into Season 3. So popular that they almost won a fan voted Emmy (the “I love you” scene was second to a scene from “True Blood.”) Then some genius decided it was a good idea to have Chuck sell his girlfriend out for a hotel just so the writers could explore Dan and Blair. Don’t believe me? Watch 3×18 again. Even after all the horrible things they’ve had Chuck do he’s still popular and Chair is still the most popular couple on the show. It just proves the writers cannot make people jump ship. They sure as hell can get people to quit watching though and they have in droves since they decided to start dismantaling Chuck and Chair’s relationship.

  25. Eric says:

    All I want is Dair and I believe the finale (after long journey) belongs to Dan and Blair.

  26. Hot Capicola says:

    Holy crap a teenage boy developed feelings more than one girl after spending time with them? Alert the media. *RME*

    • Alison says:

      Excuse you, developing feelings for people after getting to know them makes you a much more disgusting person undeserving of happiness than someone who sleeps with everything that walks past him in a skirt, and treats their ~1 twu luv like trash. :) (but yes lol RME indeed!)

    • Emily says:

      There’s nothing wrong with developing feelings for more than one girl in the same year, but you should think twice before you fall for your ex-girlfriend’s best friend. And you’re not “poor Dan” if every single girl you’ve ever liked has ended up liking you back, whether she started off conning you or not. Dan has never NOT gotten the girl, and he’s always been the one to dump the girl, too.

  27. Michaela says:

    I’m hoping the writers get their act together this season. So far I’m hearing a lot of promising things, but then again I usually don’t trust anything they say. I’m hoping they mean it when they say Dair isn’t romantic. I stopped watching last season after that whole storyline happened.

  28. Olivia says:

    I’m so glad they’re keeping Dan/Blair and Nate/Serena platonic. It’s nice to see some boy/girl friendships that actually don’t end in hookups. And I never saw much chemistry between those two pairings anyway.

  29. elizabeth says:

    Looking forward to Serena with a mentor! It seems like the first time in a while they haven’t been pimping Serena/guest star romance.

    Nate and his cougars… Glad to hear it is more of SL than that. Poor guy is always stuck with a guest star or Chuck’s pool que.

    Only way Chuck can go? Sounds like things are on the upswing for Chuck, after all the tearing down he’s undergone for the last 2 years.

    Now I’m worried about Blair, engaged to the Prince after 5 seconds and separated from most her friends…That sounds like the recipe for a major Blair melt down.

    While I don’t care much about Dan, I am curious as to how all the book stuff shakes out. Perhaps I will get to sympathize with him for the first time in a long time.

  30. Stacia says:

    The season looks so promising with everyone finally growing up! It’s about time. Hope this means Serena will stop going from guy to guy and Chuck will start maturing so he can be the man Blair knows he can be. I’m very excited that Natie is getting a storyline too. I kind of liked NS so I’m sad they won’t be revisited anytime soon but it’s kind of neat if they end up friends.

  31. LoveBug68 says:

    Oh yes, would I rather see Blair with a man who abused her and treated her like garbage until he was in the gutter and the only who he knew would be there for him was Blair, or with a guy like Dan, he challenges her to be better, thinks she is smart and has grown slowly to realize that she is so much more then the surface arm candy like Chuck treats her. I used to love Chuck and Blair – but he’s ruined for me. He went to far and I dont want him for Blair. Dan and Blair took a while but I loved how it was actually like a real relationship where they had things in common and drove each other crazy but at the end of the day they were the one thing the other “knew” and could drop all their armor. So much potential seemingly wasted.

    • Rebekah says:

      Love how S5 is looking. I need Chuck redeemed badly to Blair. Please make it happen writers.

    • ade says:

      I feel the same way.. truly, I used to really like C/B, I was over the moon when he said I love you, but it’s gotten too far.. It’s an upsetting, abusive, unhealthy storyline. Now, DAIR I like. It’s not going to be end game, it’s probably not even going to happen, but I like them, and I think in real life, they would be great, the best couple out of all them, IMO.

  32. Elena Gilbert says:

    Nate is getting a story! WOW! I love Chace to death. He’s adorable and wasted on this show. I hope we get some good NJBC scenes this season. So sad Serenate are just going to be friends but they are sweet and adorable anyway. I just need Chuck and Blair back and I’ll be satisfied with the show again.

  33. Ellie says:

    Happy about Nate and Serena not getting back together, because I like her with Dan, but how are we supposed to root for that if he’s in love with her best friend now? Ugh, I hope GG doesn’t stall for too long before they return to the core couples.

  34. Vicky says:

    I don’t understand the people who run this show. I really don’t. If Dan and Blair weren’t supposed to be romantic and were supposed to strictly be platonic, why have them kiss twice and give Dan feelings for her? Feelings that are growing stronger and don’t seem be going away? I’m not an idiot and I’m sure a lot of the viewers aren’t either. I know what I saw and I interpreted it the right way. Even the Chair fans got mad and scared about the Dan and Blair story because they knew that what they were seeing wasn’t just two people getting along and being friends, otherwise they wouldn’t have started a ”savechuckandblair” campaign. The way they wrote DB last season was very much romantic and made a lot of people root for them to get together. I’m being real honest in my statement here when I saw that I would have been fine with just a friendship, but that’s not how they wrote their dynamic. If Safran and co got scared and decided to back off of the well-written and fun storyline that got a lot of fans and the media excited, they should just admit it so the DB fans, who have and still are investing their time and rooting for Dan and Blair to embark on a relationship, can stop watching and move on.

    • Vicky says:

      when I say*

    • Allie says:

      Isn’t it possible they just never intended to take it that far? A lot of signs point to Dan and Serena eventually reuniting, and Dair would do a ton of damage to that relationship. All the producers have ever talked about in interviews is their dynamic as friends, and Blair’s never shown any romantic feelings. So… don’t blame the show for you misinterpreting it.

      • Christina says:

        I completely agree. If you look at last season the scenes weren’t even that romantic between them. I think alot of people read into the scenes stuff that wasn’t there. Some of these Dair fans are crazy delusional.

    • Nancy says:

      Chuck and Blair’s romance was also shown throughout season 4, and Serena’s unhappiness over DB was touched on as well. So maybe the show isn’t ALL ABOUT DB and how Dan needs every girl to fall in love with him. Maybe the story will also be how a relationship between DB threatens the two people Blair loves the most? Serena and Chuck. And how it threatens Dan’s final “sink or swim” shot with Serena.

      What I REALLY want to know is how/why Dan seems to be replacing Serena as Blair’s BFF. I need that to stop, because I watch for both girls and their relationship.

    • Rafaella says:

      Sweetie. Dan kisses and has feelings for all the girls. That’s nothing new. lol.

      • Becky says:

        Chuck sleeps with all the girls, so I’m not really sure why he’s held up as some sort of steadfast suitor of Blair’s. There was no indication he cared at all about Blair one way or the other when he was with Raina, and threw Eva in Blair’s face at every opportunity.

        I’d be surprised if Blair doesn’t return Dan’s feelings at some point because it looks Dan, unlike Chuck, can be Blair’s friend even when he’s harboring feeling for her. (If Chuck could have been her friend like she wanted in 4.10, the Dair arc would never have happened. Chuck can really only blame himself and his selfishness for Dair.)

    • Lee says:


      I completely agree with you and was thinking the same thing myself.
      The writers seem confused and scared not knowing where to take their characters, terrified of fans reactions.
      This results in bad writing that doesn’t feel organic and natural but contrived and hesitant.
      I used to be a big Chair fan but hard as I tried they just got too boring to enjoy watching. I stopped watching for a few weeks and when I went back to see what i had missed- Dair happened. I didn’t expect it at all and it really blew me away. i got back into GG big time because of them.
      Ever since the writers have made a royal mess of that storyline only to announce that its not romantic and hint that Dan will help Blair and Chuck reunite.
      Absolute last thing I wanted to hear.
      Either the writers are just pleasing the fans and producing crap or they really don’t know how to create and maintain a good story.
      Its just such a shame.
      I hope Safran is misleading us, but based on previous interviews I think he means what he says.
      EPIC FAIL.

  35. Rafaella says:

    Glad Chuck is evolving and growing! I hope this means good Chair this season. :)

    • Liz says:

      Not to be a downer, but I didn’t see the word “growing” anywhere up there. Honestly, it sounds to me like Chuck may be experimenting by getting a boyfriend–didn’t that happen in the books? “New avenue” indeed. (I have no insider knowledge, just a guess.)

      • Christina says:

        Josh Safran said Chuck’s arc is going to be about growing up this season. It’s not in this write up but it’s in others. So yes, Chuck is growing up.

  36. Becky says:

    I feel like I missed out on some memo about Dan being a serial romancer. He’s probably had the fewest sexual partners of anyone on the show, and he’s really only had two serious relationships, Serena and Vanessa. He had a couple of flings/hookups (Rachel, Georgina, Charlie, I guess) and one typical college dating relationship (Olivia.) Now he has feelings for Blair, but we don’t know the strength of that yet. It sounds like a pretty normal college-aged guy who prefers relationships over casual sex.

    • Shelley says:

      All people are pointing out is that alot of girls have fallen for Dan. That’s just a fact. Dan has never lost out romantically. It has nothing to do with sex.

      • Lizzie says:

        Chuck had more girls fall for him last season than Dan did, and had more significant relationships. Dan was very briefly back with Vanessa, the only girl who truly wanted him last season. Serena ultimately couldn’t choose between Nate and Dan, and cared so little about Dan that she moved Ben into the loft. Blair rejected him. Charlie and Georgina both scammed him in different ways.

        On the other hand, Chuck called Eva his angel and said Raina was sacred to him, both of which were clearly significant relationships for Chuck. That’s not even a bad thing, because it’s healthy to try and move on, but I don’t see any steadfast loyalty from Chuck either.

        • Lena says:

          I’m not even a Chuck fan and even I know that’s not true. Only Eva and Blair have loved him. Tons of girls have loved and fallen for Dan. He wins all the girls hearts pretty much. Look at the list above. Don’t confuse Chuck whoring around with girls loving him. That’s the point the poster was making. You Dan fans love to rewrite history.

          • Sarah says:

            Who other than Serena and Vanessa has loved Dan?

            Olivia is pretty much Dan’s Raina equivalent, IMO.

            I don’t think you could say Rachel loved Dan, nor did Georgina. Rachel was being a huge creep, and well, Georgina’s Georgina. (She probably loved Serena more than Dan.)

            I guess it’s Charlie/Ivy targeting him in the scam or Nelly Yuki having a crush on him.

            I’m not saying he doesn’t get any women, and personally I don’t see why it’s unbelievable considering he’s smart, attractive and a good person, but it’s not like he’s really jumping from girl to girl more than anyone else on this show. Chuck did it just as much, if not more, than Dan last season, or at least had a higher rate of success. Dan’s only real relationship was with Vanessa last season-everything else went unrequited or he was scammed.

          • Ronette says:

            How in the world is Olivia Dan’s Raina equivalent? He broke her heart while Raina rejected Chuck and took up with his best friend. Georgina was infatuated with Dan and picked him to be her baby daddy. Nelli Yuki and some chick at college had crushes on him. Charlie/Ivy didn’t use Dan. She actually liked him. Even if you say only Serena and Vanessa loved Dan you have a bunch of girls that have been infatuated with him and had feelings for him.
            If we are going by people who have told Chuck he loves them then the only woman that has loved him is Blair and Eva and Raina were infatuated with him. But Eva liked Henry Prince and Raina stopped liking Chuck once he showed his true colors. I’m sorry but the idea Dan is some kind of lonely boy in love is not true at all.

  37. Lorena says:

    Blairs story doesn’t interest me at all this season because she is stucked with lame Humphrey and boring prince. She even seems kind of unappealing to me. No like the Blair I used to love. She is the best when she interacts with Chuck. I hope GG brings Chuck and Blair back together as soon as possible. GG definitely needs them. Otherwise people will get bored.

  38. Tanya says:

    Who is to say that the writers ever intended to make DB some big epic romance. The writers have been saying FOREVER that they have a LONG TERM journey for Chuck and Blair and CB’s storyline has been the most consistent storyline of the series including SEASON 4. They are with Rufus and Lilly the shows core couple. Stop acting like they havent been.

    • Tanya says:

      That beeing said of course the writers wanted to explore and experiment with different dynamics like DB and Chuck and other girls and what not but that doesn’t mean they suddenly stopped caring about the dynamics they do like on the show. Why is it so hard for people to believe that the writers might just love BOTH CB AND DB AND DS! And why is it soooo hard to believe the writers may just like DB AS A FRIENDSHIP? But most importantly they love Serena and Blair friendship! THATS the OTP of the show and for that to survive I dont think DB could be a real romance.

      I mean the show made it pretty clear where Blair’s heart lies in the romantic equation so as Allie said don’t shoot the messenger. I hate idea of DB maybe as much as you DBers hate CB but it is what is and we all just have to grin and bear it. Im sure there will be moments for DBers and CBers to love this season.

      That being said I am very excited to see Chuck grow up and evolve so he can become worthy of Blair and not be the boy who people seem to find abusive. I cant wait to see them repair CB :)

  39. Kitty says:

    I’m glad that Blair will have Dan to turn to when Chuck and Serena are away, but I’m hoping 5.1 is the only episode without Chuck/Blair or Serena/Blair interaction. CB and SB make the show for me.

    YAY that DB are not getting romantic. They are cute as friends but I don’t want to see them in a relationship.

    Thrilled that Nate is getting a good storyline and that Chuck is getting some much-needed growth.

    Bring on Season 5!! Oh and – CHAIR FTW <3

  40. Shelley says:

    Glad DB are just friends. Looking forward to Chuck’s growth and Nate’s story. I cannot wait for Chuck to be redeemed and CB to reunite. Love them.

  41. July says:

    NO!NO! Serena/Nate is the only thing i was excited!

    • Aaron says:

      I know right, that was like the only reason i came to this site to see ..if serena and nate would get back together.

  42. Jenn says:

    Nooo why are they doing this to Dair?!

  43. Captain says:

    I feel like the producers should either explore Dair or forget about it. It’s so useless to have Dan in love with Blair and say “that’s how far the storyline is going to go, enjoy.” If they don’t see themselves exploring that storyline, stop teasing it. It’s like the way they have Nate randomly regain his feelings for Serena at opportune moments, just to say “Nope, we won’t be revisting that.” (I’m NOT a Serenate fan so I’m cool with that though).

  44. Stella Starlight says:

    So happy Nate is getting a story and Chuck is evolving and growing. Sad there will be no Serena and Nate love story this season. But I have hope that Chuck and Blair will eventually work out their issues and reunite once she dumps that Prince. lol

  45. Dave says:

    No Serenate? Really? That sucks.

  46. Sally says:

    I want Chuck and Blair. I don’t care about Dan and his lameness. I will be watching the premiere for Chuck Nate Serena in LA thats all.I won’t care about my best character Blair till she starts to interact with her GREAT LOVE CHUCK!

    • Winnie says:

      How is she your favorite character if you don’t care about her full story? Sounds like Chuck is your actual favorite character.

      • Eleanora says:

        She’s probably like me in that I didn’t care about Chuck’s story when he was with Eva either. Stop judging people Dair fans. No wonder you guys love Dan so much. You are just like him. Judgy and self-righteous

  47. Marion says:

    Why reactived Dan & Serena last year and drop them just to make Dan fall for Blair, her best friend! I’m PISSED!!! DS are ruin for me. Goodbye GG.

  48. Lena says:

    Really sad about Serenate although after last season I had trouble shipping them anyway. Serena totally picked Dan over my bb. (I’m so sick of Dan winning all the time. Sucks.)
    One thing me incredibly happy
    “He’s got almost the biggest story of the bunch,” reveals Safran. “His journey really relates the most to growing up and taking control of his life.”

    Don’t let me down Safran. Please don’t let me down. Also I hope you give Nate a girl that loves him first. Serena wants Dan more than Nate and Blair loves Chuck more than anyone (no duh.)
    Give Nate someone that will love him first

  49. Gina says:

    Poor Serena. I was hoping they’d at least let her date Nate while Dan throws himself at her best friend.

  50. Rachel says:

    Nate has the biggest story of the bunch? I’ll believe that when I see it, lol.

    I’m hoping we get some good Chuck/Nate friendship this season! And of course Chuck/Blair <3