Hot, Hilarious Community Video: Watch the Glee-ful Opening Musical Number Again!

If the opening sequence of Community‘s third season premiere on Thursday is any indication, we’re in for another season of high-concept craziness.

Fresh Season 3 Community Spoilers!

The teaser found the Greendale gang participating in a hilariously over-the-top song-and-dance number — a fantasy sequence imagined by Joel McHale’s Jeff.

Press play below and relive all the magic!

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  1. João Amaral says:

    Inspector Spacetime!!!!

  2. Bellemme says:

    “..and we’re gonna sleep together.”

    • Liz says:

      I absolutely laughed out loud at that. I knew (kudos to tvline) that it’s going to happen this season, but I love that they came right out and said it. Community was the best thing I watched last night.

  3. Amy says:

    it was so worth the wait! great start to a great i just hope more people start watching it

  4. Michael Sacal says:

    I really hate the NBC online videos.

  5. Dave says:

    Homie don’t dean this….

  6. Alycat says:

    the best thing about Community is that it is the most self aware show on tv right now..they know what they’re doing and they know what the audience wants

    • Abed says:

      so true!! i literally had a smile from ear to ear the entire time this show was on last night. I love it!!!! I hope that Annie and Jeff do sleep together. Total fanboy squee moment.

    • Um says:

      I loved the Abed storyline and am glad to see Inspector Spacetime worked for him. Actually got a kick out of the Cougarton Abbey run where they all drank hemlock.

      This show is just too funny! I hope they continue to be the weird, fun, kooky bunch we know and love!

    • Dick says:

      They know what the audience wants, but unlike a lot of shows they don’t go for it in a pandering way. They know their audience loves the show for what it is and they don’t undercut that.

      They may put Jeff and Annie together for a moment or an arc, but they’ll do it all their way, on their terms, not pandering to shippers.

  7. Chad says:

    Loved, Loved, Loved the Cougar Town shout out!!!! They are so right!!! January is too far away!!

    • Avi says:

      I am a huge Cougar Town fan and sometimes I feel ashamed about that. Then I watch Community and Abed loves Cougar Town so much that it makes me feel better. Abed is giving me the courage to speak out about my love of Cougar Town! January is so far away and Abed is right, mid-season that’s not good BUT Parks and Rec ended up mid season and got an emmy nom or two SO keep the dream alive.

    • Cat says:

      Yep. I watch cougartown and I am proud of it. Community, Parks and Rec, and Cougartown are the funniest shows on tv.

  8. lacey says:

    Community is so awesome! I hope the study group never stops being weird, lol.

  9. Gabrielle says:

    The thought of Jeff and Annie together makes me sick in the stomach, just don’t go there. Ew.

    • MissionFever says:

      I’m with you 100%. For whatever reason this particular pairing gives me the jibblies.

      I’m pretty sure the reason is that their relationship has been mostly paternal.

  10. Kristina says:

    I love how this show pokes fun at itself. So much fun!!

  11. Amy says:

    Oh, Community. How I love you. What a fantastically weird and wonderful show. Keep it up! Now we just need more viewers.

    • Raksha says:

      Preach, miss!! I just cannot understand why this show does not attract more viewers. Its absolutely FANTASTIC!!! And the song…oh good god…the song is stuck in my head!!

      • Ren says:

        It dosen’t attract more viewers or a decent amount because it is boring. I tried watching an episode, the one with Chevy Chase in the hospital and he tries blackmailing or manipulating—or something like that—the other co-workers. It wasn’t funny, I laughed MAYBE once. Community will probably never be nominated for an Emmy, and if it is, it won’t win. Don’t crucify me, its just my opinion.

        • Liz says:

          @Ren, I found it difficult to get attached to the characters at first, so I can see where you’re coming from. It took several (scattered) episodes for me to start caring about them and about what happened in between/before/after those random episodes. Some episodes are boring and others are sublime. Who knows what will happen, Emmy-wise, because I feel the same way about Mad Men. (Admit it, some Mad Men eps are place-holding snoozers.)

          • Ren says:

            Yes, I agree with you 110%. You expressed what I wanted to say better. I watched Mad Men the first season and dropped it midway through the second, it can be dull at times and the acting of January Jones didn’t help either. Emmy wise, yes it can be unpredictable. But it IS the Emmys, they nominate and let win the same thing every year.

        • lacey says:

          I can understand why after watching that particular episode you weren’t hooked. For me that episode wasn’t great but was still funny mostly b/c I know all these characters. I watched the first episode and about 10 minutes in I was bored and just gave up. Probably out of boredom I decided to give the show another chance later in the season and loved it so much I was sorry I wrote this comedy off.

          Community like any other show has their good and bad episodes, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve an emmy nomination. IMO the emmy panel is a bunch of snobs who don’t know good television when they see it.

  12. ultimate troll says:

    Premier was an A- (the A stands for awesome). They had a lot of resetting to do, establishing new things and such so regular awesome and awesome plus were just not in the cards.

    Still, my favorite show on tv. I would guess MOST of the people who like the show don’t just like it they LOVE it. Folks who don’t like it, well – comedy is a fickle thing.

  13. LC says:

    I loved this season’s opener. This is what Jeff believes will happen without Pierce in the group. It bought the LOLs. Being a Jeff/Annie fan (yes, don’t hurt me!) I loved their little part but I think that was the show’s way of telling us that they won’t be sleeping together (sadly). I just hope they keep their chemistry going. It’s too good not to use.