Grey's Anatomy Season Premiere Recap: Then You Become a Mother

ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy kicked off its eighth season with a sinkhole that swallowed an intersection – and eventually set the stage for a test of the residents’ mettle — while much baby drama consumed Meredith and Cristina. Let’s take a quick look at what the two-hour opener served up.

OH, SUSANNY – DON’T YOU CRY FOR ME | “Susanny” (as the ‘shippers call Susannah/Danny, the couple we spent an inordinate amount of time with in the cold open) were the A-story victims of the sinkhole, as hubby – trapped below ground with the Mrs. – was instructed by docs Owen and Callie on how to amputate his honey’s gam. Long story short, Susanny served two purposes: Susannah went on to become “Gunther” aka a patient for the bickering residents to perform a collaborative surgery on, so as to reveal a team leader. Mark’s money was on Yang, the racehorse, and she in fact did fine until she jabbed Alex with an epi and sent him crashing to the floor. In the ensuing mayhem, it was Avery – Mark’s rival whom he’d been riding hard, lingering Lexie feelings and all – who emerged as the top dog. Nice twist. Oh, Susanny’s second function was to show Owen the power of love, which leads us to….

GONE, BABY, GONE | For the bulk of the premiere, the Cristina/Owen/unwanted pregnancy drama was voiced via Cristina and Mer. “I wish I wanted a kid… because then this would be easy. But I don’t. I don’t want to make jam, I don’t want to carpool…. I want to be a surgeon.,” Cristina shared with her person. “I need someone to get it, and I wish that someone was Owen. I need you to be there [for the procedure]… because I am scared, Mer.” That in a nutshell is what was going through Cristina’s mind as she braced for her  appointment. Later, Mer (amidst all her own crises) chided Owen: “You’re punishing her for what, being the woman you fell in love with? It will almost kill her – and it will almost kill her kid.” Evoking her own childhood of mediocre maternal love, she added, “The guilt of resenting her own kid will eat her alive.”

Owen processed Meredith’s download, and upon witnessing the aforementioned happy Susanny coda, went to his wife to take notice of their resolve to be together, any weather. “You’d cut my leg off for me, wouldn’t you?” He asked. “Well, I wouldn’t botch it like that guy did. I’d give you a good stump.” Sniff. (Applause for Sandra Oh, as Cristina spontaneously exploded with sobs, when the enormity of her decision — coupled with Owen’s complicity — shrouded her. Big sniff.) Owen then accompanied his lady love to her abortion appointment where, after being asked if they are “absolutely sure,” Cristina nodded.

ELSEWHERE IN SEATTLE GRACE…. | Teddy/Henry are having mind-blowing sex., but even that truth can’t temper her concern over his next procedure, which the Chief insists is simple and yet he wants Bailey on hand. Leading up to it, Chief has Bailey do a test run on a mouse, then hands her the scalpel once Henry himself is in the table. What the what? Bailey’s been Wonka’d! Turns out the Chief was planning to fall on his scalpel and take the rap for Mer so she can keep her job, so he signed over his islet trial thingy to Bailey’s ownership, to keep the FDA from shutting it down. The chocolate factory is now hers!… Her new gig as Chief Resident amusingly flustered April, especially when the wrong a patient almost had the wrong surgery performed on him…. Lexie was barely seen…. And I can’t recall any significant moments for Calzona, either

GONE, BABY, GONE 2 | Non-spoiler alert! As trumpeted in promos for a while now, Meredith was fired by the Chief (via the board) for tampering with Derek’s Alzheimer’s trial results (on behalf of Mrs. Chief, Adele). That’s bad in and of itself, a whole sweeps month twist even. But Mer’s misery only compounded exponentially when Janet the social worker paid Seattle Grace a visit and, despite Mer’s best effort to talk vaguely and in circles, learned that A) Dr. Grey had been canned and B) was living apart from Derek. Mer said she’d clear things right up by fetching her hubby… but instead fetched baby Zola and was off like a prom dress.

When initial efforts to find Mer failed, Cristina followed the light bulb in her head down to the hospital basement. “What were you thinking?!” Yang asked her BFF, speaking for many of us at home. Reconvening with the social worker, Meredith, with a semi-redemptive assist from Alex, tried to fib their way through the whole fired/separated/kidnapping thing, but Janet did not just tumble off a turnip truck. Until social services reevaluates Z’s placement in the Shepherd-Grey “home,” they’d have to bid the babe adieu.

You think true love is the only thing that can crush your heart,” Meredith said in the closing voiceover, as Alex walked her away from her surrender of Zola. “Then you become a mother.”

What did you think of the Grey’s Anatomy premiere? Was Janet right to not afford Mer-Der the benefit of a doubt? What’d you think of Bailey’s “Letter of Recommendation” for Meredith? And the outcome of the “Gunther” test?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. xav says:

    Thank GOODNESS Cristina got the abortion. Now we can be done with this horrible storyline for good. Loved Sandra’s acting though.

    I really liked the Mark/Callie/Arizona scenes. There was some good bonding moments with them but they also provided a lot of levity.

    Alex helping Meredith at the end was really beautiful. I like that even with the constant “everyone hates you!” Alex and Meredith have each others’ backs.

    • Dessy says:

      Yes!! Thank GOODNESS the life of a human child was taken over selfish reasons!! And everyone is so happy about it!!


      • not amused says:

        Finally, someone with whom I can agree. Thank you, Dessy.

      • Nina says:

        Thanks for your comment. How can killing a baby be so greated?

      • Russ says:

        1) For those of you who don’t know Christina Yang does not exist in real life, she is a character on a tv show.
        2) Christina Yang has said for a long time that she did not want to be a mother, and what Meredith described about her becoming a mother would have happened.
        3) Abortions happen all the time so Christina getting one is not a rare thing like a guy coming into a hospital and shooting up the place for 2 hours while police stand outside.

        • timshel says:


        • Russ says:

          I spelled Cristina’s name wrong, I am ashamed.

          • bri says:

            Points for realizing you were wrong and correcting yourself, though! :D And I’m glad Cristina got the abortion. She had to do what was right for her.

        • Karen says:

          No, in fact, Cristina did NOT say for a long time she never wanted to be a mother. The first time she said that was last spring. Before that, Shonda had planned for her to have a baby with Owen at end of Season 5 and raise that baby in Season 6. The Cristina I saw was always conflicted & cried unconsolably when she lost the baby of her ex-lover as an intern. And last night, she loads of fun played “co-parent” with Meredith. The Cristina I saw last night bore no resemblence whatsoever to the complex character she has been over the last 7 seasons. So the unthoughtful person last night was nothing like Cristina. And she would have had her tubes tied had she been sure.

          • Russ says:

            She might not have said it, but Cristina and kids have never been a good combination and when stuck with one she expressed her anger of having to baby sit. And she has expressed choosing surgery over anything, so I’m fairly positive she would choose it over a baby.
            Saying Shonda planned on Cristina having a baby is like saying she actually planned on Meredith to choose Finn over Derek, it didn’t happen so its not a valid argument.
            In season 2 Cristina was already scheduled a abortion but want to tell Burke first, however he dumped her before she could which upset her, then her fallopian tube burst. She didn’t crying until sometime after, I think she was crying over everything that happened not just the baby as she did schedule a abortion.
            With her co-parenting fun, that child isn’t her she doesn’t have to take care of it forever. Even if she like it a little she doesn’t want one of her own.

        • Greys gurl says:

          Yang was pregnant (unwanted) with Burke’s child in season 2. Knowing she felt absolutely certain she never wanted kids, she should have done the responsible thing and had her tubes tied. Abortion as birth control is inhuman and completely unnecessary. A doctor might get knocked up once accidentally…but twice? C’mon!!!

      • SW says:

        Amen. We’re only some of the few who feel this way. I’m glad to have one other person on my side.

      • Grace says:

        Agreed! Yang needs to get her tubes tied if she doesn’t want kids.

        • S says:

          Even if this wasn’t just a television show, most hospitals will not even tie your tubes if you haven’t already had kids. And then, won’t tie them if you have only had one kid – you have to be a certain age. TV people, tv.

          • Really? says:

            Seriously do not discuss things you know nothing about. I was 26 years old, married for 4 years. Never had a child and knew I never wanted one- ever. I had my tubes tied – in a hospital! at 26 years of age – in 1994. I did NOT need my husbands signature even, but he did sign. Regret it – Never. Did not want to be a mother then, don’t regret not being a mother now.

      • S says:

        Right, because just like Meredith said on the show…Is it really better for a mother to resent her child? For that child to never feel love? For that mother to always know that child was unwanted? For it to drive the marriage of the parents apart?
        Tell me, in Meredith’s case it led to her trying to commit suicide.
        When are people really being selfish? Because I think it is more selfish to make children endure years of abuse and neglect if they are unwanted…

        • L says:

          At least she got the chance to have life.

        • Jeannette says:

          Could not agree more with you S. I thought Meredith’s conversation with Owen was powerful and needed. Meredith knows what it’s like to have an MIA parent who never wanted her and she’s paid a price all her life. She was brave enough to have this conversation (I say brave because having to admit to someone else that you were basically unwanted is NEVER easy.) and she was Christina’s PERSON. (Love that whole thing between them.)

          In a perfect world, folks who did not want to be parents would never get pregnant. But if they do, is it really selfish to NOT have a child when you KNOW you will be a bad parent? That is selfish? When there are millions of men and women who have children and abuse them in so many ways and basically maim them for life. THAT, folks, is SELFISH and worse.

          Could she have had the baby and given it up for adoption? I’m surprised that this was not explored as an option. The either/or bit in this day and age is still surprising. Especially given the number of infertile folks who want children.

          • Phyl says:

            I doubt they could have explored the story line of giving the baby up for adoption because Owen wanted the kid. I doubt his character would have been able to see Cristina go through the pregnancy for 9 months knowing that they were going to give away the kid that he wanted.

          • lipsticksocialism says:

            everything you said until the adoption part, where I agree with Phyl. Powerful episode!

      • Jimmy says:

        1.) It’s a TV show, not real. 2.) It was true to the character of Christina, not a political statement.

        • S says:

          Yes it is true to Christina. It is true to a lot of women. It is a TV show. It is a TV show that sometimes asks people to think about things that they don’t want to think about. When is it ok NOT to save a life (like when it is a murderer or criminal) what happens when a family member gets sick, how do friends cope with grief of losing people.
          No, it is a TV show and it isn’t real…but it comes from real life in some ways. Yes it is exaggerated. But a mass shooting at a college. Yes that happened. It happened in my town, to my school, to people I know. The way that mother felt about her son, that happened too.
          It isn’t political, it happens in real life and sometimes people need to understand that. I would rather a woman make her choice early than prolong a child’s suffering for a lifetime (however long that may be)

      • Josh says:

        Oh I know, this glorifies abortions in so many ways. Just think, all the kid will want one now!

      • asdasd says:

        It’s a tv show story and we’re happy we don’t have to see an annoying storyline anymore. hooray!

      • Rowan says:

        While I don’t think I could go through with it in her situation, it is not considered a human child. It has no thoughts, cannot feel sensation, nor can it have emotions. Not yet. Not at that stage. Cristina made the right choice for her and that is her right.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Did Christina really have the abortion? She nodded when asked whether she was absolutely sure she wanted it. The scene stopped right there. In the great cliff hanger tradition (Grey’s Anatomy is great in creating these endings) it makes sense to me to wait to see whether she screamed “No, no!” seconds before the doctor actually started the procedure. If that happens, we would have a Christina finally realizing that having a child will not stop her dream of becoming a top notch surgeon. Mer’s speech? Absurd! She was comparing her mother to Christina but comparisons are pretty useless. Mer was neglected by her mothet who was a brilliant surgeon, other kids are neglected by mothers who are at home 24/7. The truth is we don’t know the kind of parent we are going to be until whe have a child. We hope for the best and we learn from our mistakes. Christina told Owen she is not a monster and that she knows she would love her child. I hope that she remembers this and that she will in fact stop the procedure. It would be an absolutely wonderful story line, with great opportunities for both drama and comedy. I know Owen would be a great father, dedicated to his wife and his child. It would be so interesting to explore what will happen to this extraordinary couple in this new phase of their lives. Somebody once told me that becoming a parent is a link that unite us all, we instantly understand other people’s joys and sorrows pertaing their children because we have been there. And we finally understand our parents! Food for thought: Christina had a miscarriage and now she wants an abortion. Doesn’t she know how to prevent an unwanted pregnancy? This is indeed very freudian. Somebody said that she remained true to her character. Oh, well! How boring! A Christina that did not remain true to that aspect of her character (her obsession, devotion, total absortion with her career), but saw herself grow in other directions would be much more more interesting.

  2. xav says:

    I wish we got to spend more time with Susannah looking pretty because Amy Price-Francis is amazing. Everyone should be watching her show King.

  3. Alicia says:

    Cristina was AMAZING tonight! I knew she would have the abortion but didn’t know if Owen would be on board. So glad that they reached a resolution that didn’t didn’t destroy them and was still logical. Shonda is QUEEN, her writing is unparalleled.

    • Nina says:

      Do you really think THIS will not destroy them? Then sorry you are very naive. Kevin McKidd said: It resolves and then you think its put to bed. But it isnt.” Havent you seen Owens face during the abortion? Do you think he would forget that the other day? I hope she gets the punishment she needs.

      • Alicia says:

        Wow, how twisted are you… “I hope she gets the punishment she needs.”
        I bet that means she deserves to be raped or something, right? That’d show that selfish b-tch, huh? Or maybe Owen should slap her around a bit–that would be justified!
        If they break up, so be it; they both have to do what they can live with.

        • Russ says:

          Well Owen did choke her in her sleep, should we count that or does the punishment have to come after the abortion?

        • dan says:

          pretty sure you just showed how twisted YOUR mind is, alicia. no one else explicitly suggested violence, just you. in my mind, the punishment she deserves is for owen to dump her sorry behind and never look back. he doesn’t need that selfish beotch, he’d be so much better off with someone who actually cared about him and his feelings.

          • Alicia says:

            Riiiiight, “The punishment she needs” (for a legal abortion) doesn’t sound sinister at all…
            My mind went to the place where our society is already at. Threats of (if not actual) violence against women who get abortions and those who provide them.

          • dan says:

            sure, whatever you say, alicia.

          • asdasd says:

            Lol Dan, I think you need to open up your thought process a tad bit more because Alicia is basically spot on. How you don’t perceive “the punishment she deserves” as exceedingly negative makes me worry about your perception.

          • Nina says:

            Thank you Dan for defending me. I am so heartbroken she went through this abortion. And you are right. I meant she needs to be dumped. because she is just selfish. She should marry Meredith. The twisted sisters. Their marriages are crap because they dont know how to treat their partners right.

        • Nina says:

          With punishment i meant he should reject her for a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time. dont be so stupid. I never meant she needs to be raped. Come on!

      • SW says:

        I agree with you. There’s no way Owen is going to be able to forget it. That was a child he wanted, that was murdered, and the desire to be a parent doesn’t just go away. I can’t see them lasting through the season, even though they’re one of my favorite couples. I have a feeling Henry is going die and they’re going to end up putting Owen back with Teddy.

        • Kimsdharma says:

          It’s a blob of cells people! And a fictional blob at that! A fetus is not a baby. Get it through your heads. And anyone suggesting women should be “punished” is demented. I’d like to see you carry a baby you didn’t want. Oh that’s right, you can’t. That’s why it’s a WOMAN’S right to choose. We’re human beings, not incubators.

          • L says:

            Yeah, it’s a blob of cells. So are you.

          • S says:

            Blob of cells huh? It’s a well known fact most women who choose to abort their baby are traumitized by it for years. That blob of cells contains all the necessary cells for a whole person.
            That being said, we are all, myself included, giving this way too much time and energy. Shonda did this to create controversy, and probably to break up Cristina and Owen.

          • Brooke says:

            “It’s a well known fact most women who choose to abort their baby are traumitized by it for years.”

            Um, no, it’s not a well known fact. But it is propaganda.

            Some women are traumatized by it for years. Some are very sad despite knowing they absolutely did the right thing. Some women are relieved. Some women don’t have upsetting feelings. Everyone reacts differently.

            Some women are also traumatized for life by giving an unwanted child up for adoption. There are even support groups for it. But no one ever suggests this means we should stop letting women give their babies up for adoption.

          • Nina says:

            Thank god YOUR mother didnt see you as blob of cells. you disgust me!

        • Chris says:

          “Murdered” like the millions of fetuses miscarried by women? How is a miscarriage that much different from an abortion?

          • K says:

            Miscarriages are not murder!!
            A miscarriage happens spontaneously within a woman’s body for reasons unknown or due to trauma (such as the mother being in a car accident).
            An abortion is an outside agent removing the fetus from the womb.
            There is a big difference there.

          • J says:

            it is not murder. Look up the legal definition of murder, an abortion is never considered murder in a court of law

          • Chris says:

            K – you conveniently leave out the fact that women may miscarry, because of actions she takes, such as engaging in contact sports, or not getting enough rest. There is a list of activities a doctor recommends a woman refrain from. A doctor may also recommend bed rest for a woman with a high risk pregnancy, and if she ignores that advice, she runs the risk of a miscarriage. And you mention a car accident – perhaps the woman was driving over the speed limit, putting both herself and the fetus at risk. How can we ever know any woman’s intent?
            – Not all abortions are a result of a fetus being “removed from the womb,” but instead, from drugs the woman takes.
            – According to the U.S. Supreme Court, abortion is a legally permissible medical procedure
            – Have you done ANY research?

  4. Kristina says:

    Gotta say, even though you saw it coming a mile away, I was really hoping they’d find another way to deal with the baby storyline. Very disappointed. Liked the rest of the episodes though.

    • Alicia says:

      Which baby storyline; Cristina’s abortion or Meredith’s adoption? I knew there would be drama between Mer and Der over Zola, but I didn’t expect her to behave so foolishly. Walking off with the baby was really dumb, a plot device, but still dumb.

    • Samantha says:

      I agree. I’m not anti-abortion but I feel SO BADLY for Owen who really wants a child.

      • ob says:

        then owen should have fallen in love with someone that wants to be an incubator and not christina who ONLY wants to be a surgeon

        i am so sick of the negativity towards a woman making a LEGAL, ADULT choice

        i DONT feel badly for owen; i feel badly for women that dont want to be mothers and are forced by societal pressures or family pressure to have the kid and then resents the kid [who will suffer as well] for the rest of its life… it happens, it happened to friends of mine and i can easily see myself resenting having a kid [thankfully i live in a area where birth control is available and where abortion is an option, but some women dont even have the choice or options!]

        • L says:

          So…. all women who want to have children are incubators? Thanks for that.
          And just for the record, not all women who are against abortion are against birth control. If women out there have the same feelings that Cristina expresses, than yes, it should be their choice to avoid having children if they choose to. But once they already have a baby, then it’s not just their lives they’re making choices for. It’s someone else’s life.

          • Chris says:

            What do you mean, “once they already have the baby?” She didn’t have the baby. And do you mean to condemn all women who may have had an alcoholic drink, or a caffeine drink, or who participated in strenuous sports while pregnant, and then miscarried for taking such risky behavior? Sure, tell women they must never participate in any physical activity, and must live on a very restricted diet while pregnant to prevent any risk of harm to the fetus.

  5. Katie says:

    It’s islet cell, not eyelet cell.

  6. Alex M. says:


    • sherri says:

      please burke is not her soulmate.. no. he would NEVER have stuck through that… i could see bringing in a court order to no let her have an aboration.

      • Nara says:

        Oh please. Burke is gone. There is no way we could know how he would have reacted. He did a fab job handling the situation after Cristina didn’t tell him about her pregnancy until she lost his child, but he handled other situations poorly. A lot of Burke’s development in late season three was due to the behind the scenes trouble caused by Isiah Washington and because Shonda eventually had to write him out. No one knows how Shonda and the writers would have written Burke and Burktina as a couple without the bts crap.

  7. Terry says:

    Looking forward to some meaty scenes for Derek & Mer. Could have cut out Callie/Mark/Arizona & Teddy and wouldn’t have missed them.

    • jane says:

      I thought the Mark/Callie/Arizona scenes were a saving grace. The MerDer scenes were so slow and boring and just making it seem like they’re jerks.

  8. Lauren says:

    I HATED the abortion storyline. I love Cristina, and I am pro-choice, but I think you need a valid reason to make such a horrible choice. And Meredith’s speech made me want to slap her. ‘It will almost kill her baby.’?? Seriously? HAVING AN ABORTION WILL ABSOLUTELY KILL HER BABY. Would Meredith rather her useless mother didn’t have her at all? Ridiculous. If I were Owen I would have dumped Cristina on her ass. If she doesn’t want a baby, that is fine. Then she should be using proper protection. This is the second time she has gotten pregnant when she is so against having a baby, and it is not that baby’s fault. I don’t know why that storyline was necessary at all, it just made me dislike Cristina (which has NEVER happened before in the history of the show) and make me think she was a careless idiot.
    After that rant, I enjoyed the rest of the episode, although I did think they could have gotten more out of the sinkhole debacle. When Owen went down I thought it was going to collapse or something. But no. All we had was an amputation and a kid? And April is starting to grate on my nerves.

    • hmm says:

      You’re not pro-choice so you probably shouldn’t call yourself that.

      • robbin says:

        the poster is pro choice. being pro choice dcesnt automatically mean choose abortion. It means you have a CHOICE and you need to make it wisely. I really wish they hadn’t done this storyline with Cris/Owen. It was a lose lose situation

      • m says:

        wow Just wow. Being pro choice doesn’t mean you HAVE to choose abortion. Please don’t attack people if you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

    • Sam says:

      “It is not that baby’s fault”
      So sick of that stupid line, that and people “need to take responsibility.” Raising an unwanted baby is not the kid’s fault either, but they’re gonna pay, either with neglect, abuse or worse. I bet you think those degenerates on MTV are doing the right thing by having babies at 16. Even though the children are raised by unfit “parents” and are obviously going to suffer.

      • bec says:

        Whatever happened to adoption as a valid option? I really am sick to my stomach so many people can declare they are so happy that Christina ended the pregnancy. I know it is fiction – but that is still so extrememly callous!

        • Sam says:

          So people are blasé, it was still the right thing to do. Not every child should be born, adoption doesn’t happen to everyone. Plenty of kids remain in foster care without any kind of upbringing, they end up on drugs, committing crimes, getting pregnant themselves. There are too many kids and not enough homes, the sad truth is one way or another unwanted kids end up mistreated/molested/assaulted even killed by parent(s) who didn’t want them or in a system that can’t accommodate them. THAT should make you sick to your stomach.

          • Tee says:

            Uh yeah two smart healthy surgeons spawning a (fictional) child? They’d probably have their pick of prospective parents to line up before the baby was even born.

            Also most of the kids in foster care that struggle to find “forever” homes are older, have siblings they are trying to stay with, and/or have developmental or emotional issues that require extra care and attention. From having friends go through the experience, there aren’t exactly a lot of babies/toddlers laying around waiting for homes, even if they need a little extra help.

            The system is indeed broken and it’s a shame more families aren’t more willing/able to take on older and more challenging children, but come on, placing an infant in a willing home (in this country anyway) will never be a problem.

        • Nina says:

          I know what you mean…I am destroyed to. To my stomach. I still cant believe it. How will they ever fix this?

        • Allie says:

          Well….part of the problem that no one mentions is that in the fictional Grey’s Anatomy universe, these people practically live at the hospital. They work constantly, seem to have some pretty unhealthy behaviors, and are under constant stress. So even if I buy that Cristina should feel compelled to give the baby up for adoption, I just think that carrying the child to term would be unhealthy for the baby and would seriously impact her career during the 3rd trimester. For people that are pro-life, this may not seem like a big deal, but obviously Cristina’s emphasis is on her career….so even having the baby for the sake of adoption was not an acceptable choice in her mind.

      • sam says:

        it’s ridiculous to preclude the existence of life based on your predicted outcome of said life. that’s always been a non-argument for me. a healthy baby could be born to a loving family, but both parents could die in a car crash on the way home from the hospital. should that baby be euthanized because of the terrible life he/she is going to spend in foster homes? no, you say? that argument is completely illogical, you say? why yes, it is completely illogical. (i hope you understand the corollary.)

        • Sam says:

          My statement is based on reported studies and statistics, yours a faulty analogy. That corollary is crap because a cluster of cells and a live infant are not the same. Let me know we start putting down babies who’ve already been born.

          • sam says:

            no, you clearly have no idea what a logical argument is, or what point i was even making. the corollary is not “crap”: your argument involves the future life of an unborn (not-yet-living) fetus. in other words, your argument takes place at a point in time in which the “cluster of cells” is now a living, breathing baby…….. i’m not even going to get into how utterly irrelevant your “studies and statistics” are when it comes judging the outcome of all unwanted, unborn babies’ lives.

          • Sam says:

            ^^You are too dumb for words. Yes my argument pertains to when a zygote has actually become a newborn, because that’s when it starts being affected by life factors. Yet you liken aborting a fetus to killing a live infant already in this world. NO ONE is even considering euthanizing a newborn so it’s a NON-ISSUE; it doesn’t even warrant mentioning. The argument exists at the point when there is a choice to be made: abort or carry to term. There is NO DISCUSSION after a baby is already here, so why even go there?? You’re not even on your way to making a point.

          • sam says:

            it has become apparent to me that at no point in this discussion did you understand the specific fallacy inherent in your argument, as evidenced by the fact that you used it yet again….. and for clarification, at no point was i likening the eradication of clusters of cells to the killing of babies for any purpose other than to illustrate the utter ridiculousness and illogicality of that specific relation (you’re exactly correct! that scenario IS a non-issue, and ISN’T worth mentioning – that’s my whole reason for mentioning it) but you seem to suffer from some sort of paradigm paralysis. i made my point, you didn’t understand it and argued against some point i wasn’t making, then proceeded to called me dumb – and that’s fine. i apologize, i won’t waste any more of your time.

    • Rachael says:

      I think that knowing you DO NOT want a child and would not be a good mother IS a reason… like Meredith said, it is not good for the parent or the child to be in a life where the kid was not wanted. I have to agree with hmm, you don’t seem to actually be pro-choice. If you are pro-choice, then you support a woman’s right to choose – on her own terms – what is best for her life.

    • Russ says:

      I’m not a 100% sure but I feel like Meredith has said that her father pressured her mother into having a child. Her speech was just informing Owen on her experience on having a mother who clearly did not want her. “It will almost kill her baby” emotionally, I mean how f***ed up was Meredith in season 1,2,3, and 4 she didn’t get her shiz together for a long time.
      And you can used proper protection and still get pregnant.

    • Captain says:

      So you think it’s better for a child to grow up with a mother that hates and resents it? You think that’s a valid life for a child? Then you are definitely not pro-choice.

    • D says:

      For someone who doesn’t want a baby she sure gets pregnant alot.

      • T says:

        LOL- true! I know it’s fiction and drama, but in the words of Grey’s, “seriously”?? I guess the writers really are running out of material after eight season…

    • K says:

      “Would Meredith rather her useless mother didn’t have her at all?”
      Umm, I think the answer to that question is yes.
      Obviously few posters in this world have gone through the torture that Meredith (the character, not Ellen) went through, but for those of us who did, we can/do see what a rotten mother Cristina would make and would rather not see a child brought into this world to face that kind of psychological and emotional torture.
      I give Owen/Cristina until November sweeps to keep it together.
      He will not be able to reconcile his love for his wife with the death of his child. That would go against everything the character of Owen stands for.

    • ANN says:

      It was NOT a BABY It was just cells with no feelings whatsoever..
      What’s a valid reason BTW? Pursuing your dream job is not a valid reason? Then what is? I don’t recall Supreme Court making such distinction

  9. English says:

    I have to say that my favorite part of the episode is when Meredith helped Owen realize what Cristina was feeling. Meredith and Cristina’s dynamic is my favorite; how, most of the time, they have always got each others back no matter what is going on in their own lives.

    • Maris says:

      I hope this means a better relationship for Meredith and Owen moving forward. They’re family, I hate that they don’t get along!

    • LeAnn says:

      I agree with you (and Maris below your post)! I didn’t think it would be believable for Christina to have the baby but I just couldn’t see Owen understanding — until Mer talked to him. I really hope Mer and Owen get along better now. And Christina and Owen, for that matter, they’ve had quite a bit of drama!

    • Alice says:

      I agree. It looked like an impossible situation- if Cristina aborted the baby, it would devastate Owen, yet if she had the baby, the guilt of not loving it would break Cristina. A tangled web indeed, but I thought the resolution, in that she really couldn’t go through with it without Owen’s eventual support, put them in a better place.

  10. Sam says:

    “It is not that baby’s fault”
    So sick of that stupid line, that and people “need to take responsibility.”
    Raising an unwanted baby is not the kid’s fault either, but they’re gonna pay, either with neglect, abuse or worse. I bet you think those degenerates on MTV are doing the right thing by having babies at 16. Even though the children are raised by unfit “parents,” are obviously going to suffer.

  11. Romy says:

    The ending made me cry… We had the Robbins-Torres-Sloan happy family, then we had Zola being taken from MerDer and Cristina having the abortion…

  12. Maris says:

    I thought Mark/Callie/Arizona were great. I didn’t like them during the baby-daddy drama, but now that they all get along I love the dynamic between the three of them.

    How cold was it when Owen told Callie she shouldn’t go in the sinkhole cause “you have a wife and a child” when, so did he!

    I think Mer was crazy to do what she did but Derek is being an asshole. When he gets mad, he says the cruelest things.

    Sloan/Avery partnership? Creepy city.

    • SW says:

      Owen said that to Callie before he knew that Christina hadn’t gotten the abortion. He thought she’d done it already, so no, he didn’t think he still had a child, and in his mind, he didn’t have a wife anymore either since they still weren’t speaking. He figured he didn’t have anything anymore.

  13. Kat says:

    It’s “were” not “we’re meant to be soul mates”. And Burke kept trying to change Cristina. Owen finally accepted her as is for better or worse. I’m glad he realised you can’t just love parts of a person and leave the parts you don’t like.
    And if you’re pro-choice then that means you respect someone’s right to choose. Not someone’s right to choose as long as they have what you consider a valid reason. How is Cristina knowing she would not love and nurture the child and would not prioritize it above her career not a valid reason??
    Shonda mentioned that she liked this storyline because people who don’t want kids are vilified by society which she thought was interesting. People who don’t want kids don’t tell everyone they should have abortions but for some reason people who want kids hate everyone who has abortions or chooses not to have kids. It’s a double standard that exists and I’m glad Shonda didn’t write the happy ending everyone wants and showed what is reality for some couples.
    And sorry but in case you didn’t know, no birth control method is 100% effective. Why else do you think kids in school are told that abstinence is the only way?

    • hmmmmmmm says:

      Your comment is fantastic and I agree 100%

    • Kristina says:

      “People who don’t want kids don’t tell everyone they should have abortions but for some reason people who want kids hate everyone who has abortions or chooses not to have kids.”

      Two points to this–people who want kids either A) have them and know what a blessing they can be to someone who DOES want one or B) don’t have them and resent someone throwing away a baby when they can’t have one but are desperate to. I think it’s a valid resentment in the second case.

    • Gretchen says:

      Applause! And I am so happy that Shonda didn’t make Cristina go all baby crazy and give in to Owen. He KNEW she didn’t want children. If a child is so important to him, he should have married someone who felt the same, period. His words/actions towards Cristina in the finale were bullying and not those of a spouse who truly loves and supports his wife.

      And on that theme, what is with Derek? How can he not, by now, realize what the Chief and Adele are to Meredith and see her actions accordingly? Seems he also doesn’t know his wife. I blame him more than Alex for the loss of Zola. Had he tried to understand or if he had actually paid attention to Meredith, he would have known why she did what she did. I hope Meredith doesn’t take him back.

  14. beth says:

    This show really has jumped the shark. The Christina / Owen abortion is absurd and been there done the preggers thing with her. She’s a doctor who what doesnt use birth control. This show is now off the watch / dvr list.

    • mooshki says:

      Of course she uses birth control. It fails sometimes.

      • CC says:

        If you truly do not want to have children and want to continue having a sex life, you have two options to prevent unwanted pregnancies. A.) Using two forms of birth control. If you are using the pill (or alternative) and condoms, the chances of you getting pregnant are probably somewhere around 0. If both methods fail, then maybe you would have a valid argument. B.) Get your tubes tied/vascectomy (the spelling of which I probably seriously botched).

        The truth is, on this show she is a doctor. She KNOWS (especially since it has happened to her before) that whatever method she was using was not good enough. If she doesn’t want a child, she should take the steps to prevent conception in the first place. You want a woman to have the choice, maybe her first choice should be preventing it in the first place.

        Also, A previous poster posted ‘So sick of that stupid line, that and people “need to take responsibility.”’. Since when has taking responsibility for your own actions become something to scoff at.

        • K says:

          Just had to weigh in on this one. My cousin and his wife decided they were done having kids. He had a vasectomy and afterwords they had a son. So she got her tubes tied and after that they had their little girl. So other than a hysterectomy there is no sure fire way to avoid pregnancy!

  15. chris says:

    the whole alz trial made no sense, trials are double blind, docs don’t know who is getting the placebo. Mer and Der need to grow up already. Christina needs to get her tube tied. Couldn’t stand Mark in the middle of the C/A relationship last year and can’t stand it any better this year. CAM+s is another SL that should have never been written and should be ended asap. The whole show just keeps repeating itself, without improvement either.

    • LeAnn says:

      The study was double-blind until they opened the packet before doing the procedure. Then it became a single-blind study, where the doctors knew what the patient was getting but the patient did not. Definitely NOT all studies are double-blind!

      • well says:

        This study should have been double-blinded. The only thing necessary to make it double-blinded would be to keep the record of who got the drug vs. placebo separate from the drugs themselves so the surgeons wouldn’t know. Or even if the doctors doing the patient evaluations didn’t know but the surgeons did. Studies are normally only not double-blinded if they involve devices or drugs delivered by different mechanisms or something like that where you need to know the difference to use them. Otherwise you are just introducing way to much investigator bias into the mix.
        All that being said – it is just TV, so sometimes you just need to suspend your disbelief. Without this complete error in the way the trial would have actually been done, a whole storyline would be missing!

  16. dan says:

    i really disliked this episode. i’m surprised that everyone else seems to have like it. no disrespect, that’s just how i felt (and obviously i’m the minority.)

    • Clleo says:

      You are not the only one.

      • Kate says:

        Me too. Hated it. The CGI on the sinkhole was terrible. So FAKE! And the abortion storyline was awful. Get your tubes tied already. Can’t watch it anymore.

    • Josephine says:

      thank for someone saying that I found the episode stupid, borring, annoying and something I could have lived without…
      There were few scenes I actually liked… Christina and Mer taking car of Zola, and chris saying goodbye and have a good day to Zola. Mer’s talk with Owen. And Alex and Mer in the last scene. and that was it. the rest I did not like at all.

      • Danielle H. says:

        Really with you on this. It was wayyyyyyy stretched out to fill the 2 hours, and I really only liked the scenes you mentioned. This is just no where near the show it used to be. The character interaction is what made it great, and that is non existent anymore.
        I am giving it only a couple more episodes, then this viewer who has watched since the pilot may finally be out.

  17. Annie says:

    Finally, Grey’s Anatomy is good again!

  18. SweetPea says:

    I love the scenes between Mer and Alex. Mer & Cristina, of course are awesome but I love that the relationship between Mer and Alex has grown so naturally. The ending scene was sweet, understated and perfect.

  19. s says:

    I didn’t watch the show but I have read about it and heard about it from someone. I think its great Cristina got the abortion regardless if you’re against it or not. It would have been completely out of character although it does make one wonder why they even did this sl? and why is Derek such a douche bag?

  20. Sus says:

    I am SO done with this show. They keep having to come up with strange, huge crisis, or stupid drama. If you don’t want a child use protection, birth control, depro, iud,etc., get your tubes tied, or have a vasectomy! The child doesn’t have to pay if you don’t want it. It’s called adoption, public or private . Thank God some people choose it or I wouldn’t have a niece. There are plenty of couples who can’t have children that would love to have one. In some cases they have their own children and want to adopt too. Not everyone is cut out to be a parent. If you’re not, don’t have sex, or use protection, or do adoption. We live in a society that says nothing is ever anyone’s fault and if you make a mistake, don’t pay for it or own up to it, just erase it or deny it. If a “fetus” or baby in the womb isn’t a person or worthy of being considered a life yet then why do people who kill a pregnant woman get charged with two counts of murder? Isn’t that acknowledging another life? We want to have our cake and eat it too.

    • Gretchen says:

      Adoption requires the pregnancy continue–and pregnancies can be dangerous to a woman and would also have compromised Cristina’s career. Believe it or not, not every woman desires to be an incubator for nine months.

      Birth control can and does fail.

      And many doctors will not do a tubal ligation if the woman has no kids or even one kid, not to mention that it is a major operation, with the attendant costs/risks.

      Having an abortion is being responsible. Thankfully, we live in a society where women have choice. Enjoy voting for Michelle Bachmann!

    • ps says:

      Actually, many states do not allow a jury to hear that a woman was pregnant during a trial….and not all states will bring a second murder charge against someone who murders the mother.

  21. Juan says:

    amazing episode, I loved it and thought it was great. well done christina and meredith, much better than last season

  22. Lauren says:

    Definition of pro-choice: the ethical view that a woman should have the legal right to terminate a pregnancy.

    I believe every woman should have the legal right to terminate a pregnancy. Therefore, I am pro-choice.
    HOWEVER that does not mean that every time a woman chooses to terminate a pregnancy that happened through her own carelessness, because of a reason I don’t agree with, that I should cheer for her. I don’t believe there should be a law saying that no woman is allowed an abortion. I believe women should have the right to choose. But when there is a man who has as much say in that baby’s life as his wife, who wants that baby and has said he will raise that child, and then the woman goes ahead with that abortion? That I don’t agree with. She is basically saying that Owen doesn’t matter, that even though that baby is half his, he has absolutely no say. I know Cristina is self-centered, but I cannot believe she is that self-centered. I also take issue with the fact SHE decided, without even talking to Owen about it. I believe if the father wants the baby, they should at least have a reasonable discussion. Cristina acted like a selfish cow throughout this whole storyline. And as I said before, I have loved her throughout the entire show’s run.
    So, as I said, I am pro-choice, but I can still disagree with her decision without thinking that there should be a law against her having it.

    • Thomas says:

      Freedom of choice is freedom of choice, you can’t stipulate the right (no abortions for careless women!) and still call yourself pro-choice.

      • Lauren says:

        I am not stipulating her right, I believe she has the right. I also have the right to disagree with her choice. I didn’t say I thought that careless women should not be allowed to have abortions; I believe Cristina has the right. I don’t agree with how she acted by giving Owen no say in the baby and not even discussing any alternatives.

        • asdasd says:

          Things are different when you are raised as an unwanted child. A lot of people neglect that when you yourself are less than warmly welcomed, you have a different perception sometimes.

    • amy says:

      glad the pro-choice fanatics showed up in full force. to quote “s”: “I didn’t watch the show but I have read about it and heard about it from someone. I think its great Cristina got the abortion regardless if you’re against it or not.” greeeeaaaat. I’m so glad you love the elimination of fetuses soooo much that you just HAD to post on the board for a show you didn’t even watch.

      christina was a selfish witch (with a capital B) for terminating a pregnancy that owen cared so much about. i don’t think pro-choice law should cover “oops! i got knocked up, but i just don’t feel like having a baby right now”… rape, now that’s a whole different story. but really christina? at some point people have to take responsibility for their own actions, and in christina’s case that would mean carrying her “mistake” to term. owen clearly wanted the baby, and could have given the baby a great life. heck, christina probably would have decided she liked the little thing after a while. who knows, her character changes so drastically every season.

      • J says:

        Getting an abortion is taking responsibility. Having it when you don’t and being like all those stupid mothers with unwanted children, that’s being a dumbass.

  23. Yasmine says:

    Greys Anatomy had a great episode. It about drama and that is what it brought.

    I was peeved that they took Zola, though. I wad also disappointed that Cristina chose to have an abortion nor the reasons for it. However, it is her decision. I may not respect (admire) or think highly of her reasons but she has that right to make that choice because it is her body and she must deal with the consequences.

  24. Yasmine says:

    Greys Anatomy had a great episode. The show is about drama and that is what it brought. 

    I was peeved that they took Zola, though. I was also disappointed that Cristina chose to have an abortion and did not like  her reasons for it. However, it is her decision, her choice. I  may not respect (admire) or think highly of her reasons but she has that right to make that choice because it is her body , her life and she must deal with the consequences. 

  25. Cari says:

    Derek is such an ass. Seriously, he gets all up on his high horse, but someone needs to push him the eff off it! Mer messed with his trial. It was wrong. But so is verbally bashing the woman you claim to love. Neither of them is perfect, but let’s look at their “sins”, shall we?

    -Put her hand on a bomb…why? because she knew if she didn’t, the man it was inside would die.
    -Told a madman to shoot her…why? To save her sister, her father-figure, and her husband.
    -Tampered with a trial…why? To try and save her father-figure from having to watch his wife disappear

    -Called Meredith a whore…why? She decided to move on after he chose to stay with this wife
    -Called Meredith a lemon/said she was broken/batter her ring into the woods…why? He was drunk and upset that he’d accidentally killed a woman
    -Called Meredith a bad mother/broke his vows to her…why? He was angry she messed with the trial.

    Ok…looking at this, I gotta say, he’s really not that dreamy…more like McNightmare. Meredith deserves better. She should have stayed with Finn. At least he wasn’t a self-centered jerk who thinks he can do no wrong.

    I hope Shonda has Derek redeem himself somehow, and that she has Mer call Derek on his habit of being so horribly mean during arguments. He may not truly “mean” the things he says, but have we ever even heard him actually apologize for saying them? Saying “I love you” is not the same thing. He needs to own up to the horrible things he’s said to the woman he claims to love.

    • Ashton says:

      I completely agree. His character has changed so much since the beginning and not for the better. Even when he chose Addison you still felt sympathy for him, now he is just being a jerk. I hope his dynamic changes back quickly. I completely agree with what you said, he is loosing his McDreamy charm. It’s rather sad.

    • Nara says:

      Amen. I can’t stand Derek and his antics anymore. What is he? A petulant five year old child? I honestly can’t blame Addison for cheating if this is how he treated her back in New York too. She deserved better and so does Meredith.

    • J says:

      I’ve always like Derek and I’ve only just started liking Meredith these past few seasons, but OH MY GOD, he IS such a JERK! I’m COMPLETELY on her side! Well said, btw.

    • Kat says:

      Amen!!! I kept thinking how come it was ok for him to break up with Mer by saying he can’t deal with how whenever stuff gets hard she used to cut bait and run but now it’s okay for him to cut bait and run and all for what? Cuz she messed with his precious trial? He cheated on his wife. Lied about being married. Chose Addy over Mer. Called her names. And yet she loved him. She messed with ONE trial to HELP someone and to him THAT is unforgiveable!?!? What an @ss!
      I thought it was a beautiful ending though that no matter what happens with Der, it wasn’t her broken heart that hurt her, it was losing Zola. It was just such a full circle moment thay showed how much Mer has changed from being dark and twisty to whole and healed :).
      And I loved that Alex was there to hold her. They have a sort of brother-sister relationship and no matter how messed up they are they understand the other person’s nature and still love them anyhow. So glad they seemed to have made up.

      • Catherine says:

        I liked the message too. It is not all about “true love” anymore. Meredith has discovered something that will always surpass that – the love of a mother for her a child. I hope they stick with this theme and make her fight harder for her child than for supposed “true love”. It is up to Derek to grow up and prove himself worthy of being a father.

    • Fazou sayed says:

      I agree with all you say.he needs to make amends big time and to grovel.

    • Ivet says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Mer/ Der were the reason to watch GA, now i can barely sit through it. Meredith did it for Chief, and Derek’s being a jerk. (and maybe the trial wouldn’t even work)

    • Melanie says:

      Well said! Couldnt have said it better myself. Won’t it be nice if someone else comes along and tries to whisk Mer away from Derek again…mmm…cos that seems to be the only time he realizes how he feels about her!

  26. Judy says:

    Thursday night–Grey’s is back–all is well. I thought the 2 hour event was done well. Was hoping by the season opener, that owen and teddy would have run off together, wouldn’t miss either of them! I loved the CA&M scenes, glad they are finally all on the same page, for the baby. Think Christina made the right decision: SHE DOESN’T WANT A BABY ALREADY! but needs a tubal lidigation, right? Had tears at the end, when Derrick walked right past Merideth, without so much as a glance. Took me alot of years to start likin’ Alex, but I’m gettin’ there! Bailey, boy, she aces every show!!!! Love that girl!!
    Chief, you’re the best :) Der & Mer: kiss and make up.

  27. Nina says:

    I am SO PISSED! Shonda I am so done with you! WHY did let her get pregnant twice? If it was again for abortion? How can anyone here think this was a good storyline? Have you noticed Owens face during the abortion scene??? The pain and longing in his face when she was asked again if she was sure? Everyone is happy that Cristina got what she wanted. I am so done with her. Done. THIS will destroy them. It will haunt them and especially him. I felt so sorry for him because he stood by her, showed her the greatest proof of love by holding hand while she killed his baby. A healthy baby who would have had parents, a home, a future. This is wrong. I dont care what the others say. THIS WAS WRONG. Cristina never would have been like Ellis Grey as mother. Because I know Cristina Yang. I know its just a series, but the actors are so good, you feel involved. My day is ruined anyways.I waited that long the see THIS??? I really never expexted that. I never expected Cristina to kill Owens baby. I cannot identify with that. I love my husband that much. I could not kill his child. I hope she regrets it or at least faces some real problems now. Because if she thinks this is done she is mistaken! And by the way: Shonda this really sucked! Hope you write a storyline where Cristina gets her tubes tied. Because she is a selfish stupid cow.

    • timshel says:

      You should probably start spending a little more time in the real world. Being that involved in a fictional world is clearly making you a crazy person.

    • Russ says:

      Cristina didn’t abort her and Burke’s child she had planned on one but had a ectopic pregnancy and her fallopian tube burst, which caused her to miscarry.
      She would totally be a Ellis Grey, didn’t Cristina pick surgery over sex and everything?

    • Marie says:

      Nina – you are very passionate about the subject and are entitled to your opinion. Cristina cannot get her tubes tied because hospitals won’t perform the procedure unless you have had at least one if not more children. I fully believe she was on birth control. The shot can fail. The pill can fail. Condoms can fail. Heck, my best friend got pregnant while on the pill and having her fiance at the time use condoms! So, Cristina could have been taking all the precautions in the world and it still could have failed through no fault of her own. Personally, I believe Cristina would have been just like Ellis. Maybe not right away, but she would come to resent the child.

      • Nina says:

        In Germany where I live you can have your tubed tied no matter if have kids nor not……and as a catholic i dont accept abortion. NEVER EVER.

  28. Nina says:

    ….I forgot: If anyone ever says something bad about Owen like, he never made sacrifices for her, did not support her, wanted to change her………I would like to spit in your face. He made the greatest sacrifice of all. What die SHE do for him? Ever? I am so done with Greys.

  29. hayley says:

    for all you people ‘sick to your stomach’ over Christina having an abortion, you do realise this is a tv show, a tv show which displays what people go through every day. you may not agree with the decisions that are made, but that is life.

  30. Chelle says:

    I have never disliked a season opener as much as I did this one. I am so sick of the drama between Derek and Meredith. Truly. I understand the show is a drama but come on. It’s gotten to the point that I really dislike Derek’s character. Meredith’s too but mostly Derek’s. There comes a point in a relationship on a show that you have to just move forward and let these people have a relationship. Aren’t there plenty of other couples to have the drama with?!
    And the abortion…I’m not going to go into the whole argument of whether or not abortion is right or wrong. I am so unbelievably angry that they wrote this out this way. Here’s why. Meredith – Christina’s best friend is suffering from infertility. Now they have her best friend pregnant with a baby she never wanted and they have her having an abortion. Really? How cold hearted can a writer get. Obviously these writers have never gone through infertility. There was no reason for that storyline. None. It was harsh and cold. Everyone talking about how adoption is a poor option – why could Meredith not rasied the baby if nothing else? Or better yet, if this was a story they felt they had to have, why couldn’t it have been a different couple? I don’t understand why this story had to be written in. Seriously after Christina’s first pregnancy when she had already decided she didn’t want kids why did she not get a tubal then? I just see no point in such a senseless storyline.
    I am literally sick to my stomach after watching the premier…As one of my favorite shows for so many years I am so disgusted and disappointed this is the way they chose to go. I truly don’t know if I will watch again IMHO.

    • Milly says:

      This happens in real life too, unfortunately. At least Meredith loves and understands her friend. There are people out there who will verbally abuse you for being childfree when they can’t have kids, as if their inability to breed is your fault… and really you’d change positions with them in a heartbeat if you could.

      I’d like to think that as a surgeon, the doctors would have respected her choice to get a tubal (doctors generally will refuse to do one if you haven’t had any kids) and she can afford it (unlike many of us; it costs thousands of dollars). I suppose if one were to imagine a reason for not getting the other tube tied, it would be that she supposed on birth control and with only one fallopian tube a surprise pregnancy wouldn’t be an issue.

  31. Victoria says:

    The storyline is getting absurd. I hated that Cristina got the abortion even though I was pro-Choice the whole summer. The fact that Owen sat through that just makes me feel very disturbed. It makes me feel as if there is no compromise there and I think that at the end of the day, the fault is on Cristina. She neglected the use of birth control, and since her husband wanted the baby and will take care of it, she should just have it- I BELIEVE IT’S A LIFE AND THIS IS CRUEL FOR CRAP’S SAKE. And the whole part where Meredith give some lecture to Owen- come on, everybody have imperfect parents and not all parents attend PTA meetings and bake sales- it’s the 21st century. I think the fact that Meredith blames all her problems on her mum who was negligent is not a valid argument to end the baby’s life- Everybody has problems in their lives- even the world’s most spoiled does. And the fact that she wanted to adopt Zola despite all these is absurd, so how well is she going to balance both her career and the care of Zola then? At least Meredith had Thatcher- Zola would have TWO busy parents that couldn’t be with her 24/7 either- no matter how much they want her. Ellis Grey tried her best and I believe that that’s what every parent does-you don’t ask every ambitious, working mothers in the world to abort their children because they would be bad parents, I believe a child’s life is more than that, and that most children that were born in the 90s turn out fine- even when our parents work all the time. We have money to go to college, our parents are home during Christmas and Thanksgiving, most of us don’t end up getting pregnant or do drugs, and most important of all- we are alive- despite the fact that BOTH our parents work- and might/might not love their careers more.
    (That’s it, no more Grey’s for me, and honestly- I think Shonda’s out of ideas, Season 8 should be the last)

  32. Cathy says:

    I switched back and forth between Grey’s and Person of Interest and the Mentalist; I have to say that the other two shows help my interest much more than Grey’s did. I also think that the Cristina pregnancy storyline was a mistake, and her getting the abortion may have been appropriate for the character, but the fact that her character does not practice safe sex (ever, it seems) is just ridiculous to me.

  33. ana says:

    As a OC fan I have nothing left to watch.I don’t even think they are endgame and frankly at this point I don’t think I want them to be.I found Cristina to be a selfish person who only cares about her choices and dreams but if Owen wants a family it doesn’t matter. This story was not neccesary at all. They just had it for the sake of drama and to prove a point(that a woman can choose) I don’t agree with abotion all the time. I am done.
    Also some of you (probably lonely, single, old ladies who only have 10 cats at home and a job) will reply to me with pro abortion comments. Don’t bother. Writing it over and over does not make it ok in my eyes. Not in this case.

    • Nina says:

      I totally agree with you. This was so cruel and unnecessary.She is a selfish stupid cow.She will soon find out what she really did to him. Because I dont think this is put to bed. With the baby she killed her marriage. Just to be a surgeon. I cannot understad why ABC wants so sell this to his fans as it would be ok. And I pity all these people who say they are happy she had this abortion. Not only she killed a healthy baby, she did not care what her husband feels. Oh she pretends she does just to have him by her side. Maybe having him holding her hand gave her the feeling her decision is right. I hate her guts and I am done with her. I hope they split. I hope there comes another woman along and scares the crap out of her. I hope at least she got her tubes tied once she spread her legs to have that child removed out of her SURGEON-BODY.

  34. sam says:

    it has become apparent to me that at no point in this discussion did you understand the specific fallacy inherent in your argument, as evidenced by the fact that you used it yet again….. and for clarification, at no point was i likening the eradication of clusters of cells to the killing of babies for any purpose other than to illustrate the utter ridiculousness and illogicality of that specific relation (you’re exactly correct! that scenario IS a non-issue, and ISN’T worth mentioning – that’s my whole reason for mentioning it) but you seem to suffer from some sort of paradigm paralysis. i made my point, you didn’t understand it and argued against some point i wasn’t making, then proceeded to called me dumb – and that’s fine. i apologize, i won’t waste any more of your time.

  35. SS says:

    I loved it LOVED IT I loved that unlike last season’s premier NerDer weren’t magically fixed I loved loved to see them struggle. Its not the question of them both loving each other They BOTH know they do, they both know they want this, its just a question of being messed up screwing up and its OK Life screws up sometimes and its OK it cant b rosy always just coz they grew and matured doesn’t mean they can’t slip up. We all keep slipping up because we are freaking HUMANS not god and humans need to keep making mistakes so they can keep growing keep getting stronger. If anything this would only make them stronger. I get Derek is pissed but underneath his anger you can see love concern sadness. Half is anger comes from the fact that for once he can’t he just CANNOT do anything for Mer He has to stand at the side lines and see her get fired and he can’t do anything about it. I don’t know I am glad its not going to be an easy ride for them, but i am not doubting them not even questioning their love for each other coz I know they do. Derek’s speech to the social worker “Meredith is the best mom a child can ever have. She lvoes Zola she loves me IF she has a flaw its that she loves people so much that she would do anything for them” WOW and Mer’s speech to Owen WOW Ellen Patrick totally deserve every freaking award under the sky. now i get it why Shonda Rhimes LOVES MerDer angst SO MUCH because no one NO ONE rocks angst more than them. And the end scene with Zola oh man don’t even get me started on it can’t utter a word to heartbreaking for words.
    All and all loved the premier. felt like old school Grey’s is back. Grey’s still has it in it to be EPIC PROVIDED it focuses on the right characters MerDer, Alex, Cristina. Shonda get all four of these actors to come back after this season else just end the show coz there is no way in hell Grey’s can serviette without them.
    Once again shouting out for MerDer for Patrick and Ellen and also for Sandra and Justin

  36. Mooshki says:

    You people who are assuming Cristina wasn’t using birth control are scaring me. Birth control can and does fail all the time. I hope you never have to find that out the hard way. And yes, she should’ve gotten her tubes tied, but when would Cristina Yang be willing to take time off to have the operation? It’s not in character for her to do that. If there were a sterilization pill, she’d have had it in a heartbeat.

    • Milly says:

      I know, I’m really disturbed myself that so many people seem to think birth control is 100% effective.

    • Haven says:

      As someone who was on the pill, took it strictly at 9 am every day, and then wound up pregnant at 18… it’s infuriating. If I didn’t have a CHOICE, I would have been a mother at 18. Adoption is a choice, but it’s not always the best for the mother. I wouldn’t be able to handle giving up my child. My family wouldn’t be able to accept it. Going through your first year of college pregnant isn’t a recipe for success. This is why we have a CHOICE. People can be so judgemental, but when it happens to them they would be whistling a different tune. I appreciate Shonda going at this head on. It’s a terrible storyline for O/C (I mean really, how are they going to move forward?), but I love the “realness” of it.

      • Victoria says:

        If you’re really spreading your legs a lot and is 100% sure about not getting pregnant, then you should do something MORE than birth control pills. Condoms, maybe, or a diaphragm or even EVERYTHING that your Health Class in middle school told you. AS a surgeon, if you are MARRIED and is getting it on, people expect you to be MORE responsible than just birth control pills- tubal? IUD? OR JUST REMOVE THE WHOLE FREAKING UTERUS. They live in the hospital ALL THE TIME, they are DOCTORS, they know so much more stuff than us than to let this CRAP even happen in the first place.

        • Ty says:

          What a horrible person you are. You realize you basically just called the above commenter,, who went through such a harsh experience so young and chose to share it, a w,h,o,r,e for not keeping her legs shut. Kudos to Haven for acknowledging the terrible and real aspects of this storyline. Bitchtoria should check herself.

          • tripoli says:

            It seems crazy, obsessive fan Nina, is now posting as Victoria. At least before she kept her whacked out comments to the show’ subject manner. Disturbing that her comments are now aimed at other commenters. Agree with Haven about the realness of it. It’s clearly stirred up a lot of discussion, and many can relate in one way or another.

  37. Geneviève says:

    Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd just mesmerize me. The stairwell scene was riveting… so sad, almost painful to watch. The abortion scene was equally gripping and just so sad. I’d watch these two talk about the weather.. just, wow.

  38. Chris says:

    As it turns out, I would prefer mothers like Cristina get an abortion. Not saying that every person who might be a bad parent get an abortion, but for someone who knows themselves enough to know that they would definitely not get a “World’s Greatest Mom” mug ever, it can be an option without persecution. Especially when they are best friends with a prime example of an “I didn’t want you” baby. Mer is all kind of messed up and Cristina knows it, and I applaud her for not wanting to force that on a child. As for Owen, if he was selfish enough to not see it from Cristina’s pov until Mer forced him, if he was so insistent on her having the baby so he could “show” her how amazing it could be, what makes anyone think he’d let her give it up for adoption? Especially when he’d have custody rights. And he wouldn’t let get not be a part of the child’s life. She’d have been forced to help raise the kid, and the poor thing would be messed up. Just like who? Auntie Mer. I love Owen, but he is like, the all american guy who wants a proper life, with the respectable job, a wife, white picket, and 2.5 kids. Derek is the same way, but at least he found a wife that wants the same. I don’t blame Owen for it, because Cristina is awesome and all, but he shouldn’t punish her, like Mer said, for being who he fell in love with.
    (sidenote- Teddy, cute
    – I love Callie ending up being the reasonable parent.
    -Alex is loyal as hell I don’t care what anyone says
    -Avery took Sloan’s advice, lol (he told him he should be in plastics because he’s pretty)
    -Chief… I don’t agree. I get the ‘your mom and I had and affair’/’ you were trying to help my wife’ guilt, but she has to suffer consequences at some point. She made her bed, you don’t have to lay in it. I love Mer, and I get why she did it, it was an honorable reason, but there is a line.)
    Episode rating B-

  39. NCSouthernBelle says:

    LOVED seeing Mer and Alex in cahoots again. Alex will be redeemed. The scene with Mer giving up Zola broke my heart! I could not stop crying, and I think this season looks WAY more promising than last season.

  40. Neal says:

    This episode, while I think was good with the drama (Sandra Oh was amazing), still killed me with the thing that Grey’s does worst – let people keep working there who should be banned from medicine for life!

    Merideth ruined the test, not only hurting all future alz patients, but also her “husband”s reputation, the hospital, and the chief, but then she gets fired, and WON’T GO AWAY!! I feel like a hospital wouldn’t let a non-hospital employee hang out so much around all the patients! It was crazy! I can’t believe Richard falling on his scalpel like that either – I really like the drama with Merideth, but she has cost herself her job ten times over by now.

    Best line was when she told Derek she was fired – “What did you think would happen?” :)

    • Lauren says:

      I think some of what she was doing was organizing things – she was reassigning her cases and filling out paperwork. I don’t think you just leave after you get fired, you have to do some clerical stuff. But that was just what I assumed. She was stupid when she was running around trying to help with patients though.

  41. Cindy says:

    It’s amazing how quickly this became a pro-choice/pro-abortion issue. Although I understand, I can’t help thinking…. it’s just a TV show. These are not real people. It’s not worth getting upset about, calling people names and being mean. It is troubling that the subject matter causing people to lash out at each other. So sad….

  42. Boston says:

    Let’s be honest about this – Cristina’s abortion really didn’t have anything to do with being “true” to her character; rather, it had to do with the status of Sandra Oh’s contract negotiations for Season 9. If Sandra Oh is staying, Cristina and Owen will survive this and – – if the writers decide to do this – – she may finally fulfill the destiny that was being set up for her for 7 seasons of being like Ellis, but avoiding Ellis’ personal failings. Which could mean that someone in the writers’ room will remember that Ellis (in Ellis’ own words to Cristina) failed as a person rather than as a surgeon because she didn’t try hard enough. And that could even involve Cristina choosing (with her husband, after her residency) to have a child. If Sandra Oh is leaving at the end of Season 8, the fallout from the decision to have the abortion will destroy her marriage, so Kevin McKidd can stay on the show for another year (his contract runs through Season 9) without her. An abortion now leaves all the options open. It’s also true that justifying the abortion by setting up an “either/or” between motherhood and career (which is EXACTLY what they did – – Cristina said she doesn’t want to be a mother, she wants to be a surgeon, as though those things are mutually exclusive) is a disservice to the young women who watch this show. But however often Shonda may claim to be all about the story, this is network TV and it is really, ultimately, all about the money and the contracts.

  43. D. Marie says:

    First, I have a new nickname for Derrick: McA$$hole.

    Second, Bailey still rocks my socks off. LOVE that woman, and I love her scenes with the Chief. It’s like a father-daughter dynamic.

    Last, I love the Cristina-Owen storyline. I know everyone here is fighting about it, and most are saying, ‘It’s just TV, get over it,’ (which I am more in favor of) but I thought it was more of a real-life situation than people give credit. Nothing about Cristina making that choice (even though she’s said time and again she doesn’t want children) seemed easy or appear like it was something she wanted to do. It will have consequences on her psyche as well as cause strain with her and Owen. And it would have if she’d kept the baby, too. The entire situation is not cut and dry. I get the Pro-Life advocates, but you cannot thumb your nose at Pro-Choice. Not until you’ve lived it.

  44. Jane says:

    Abortion is a horrible and painful decision. No one makes that choice easily. I applaud Grey’s for actually having Christina go through with it. In most shows, the woman has a change of heart at the last minute. I did think that Owen was going to change her mind. I can see this issue breaking them up. The issue of wanting children, not the abortion debate. I think this just highlights that these characters rushed into marriage and don’t know each other as well as they thought.
    I’m disappointed in P. Dempsey’s acting. I can totally tell he’s already checked out. I didn’t even care about the Mer/ Der baby drama. Please, what kind of social worker takes a baby away from 2 well-off white doctors with no signs of abuse? I had less trouble believing the sinkhole storyline, husband cuts off wife’s leg. Maybe the show will be better with him gone. My favorite parts of the premiere were with the Chief and Bailey. I loved that Avery finally stepped up and acted like a doctor. Still not over what Alex did. They need to get him a new girlfriend ASAP. Someone that will make him nicer. Not April, she’s annoying.

  45. peter says:

    ”a human life was taken for selfish reasons ”it’s not the first it won’t be the last

    that’s a tv show but a litle reality is good too ”life is not a fairy tale !!!

  46. Guest says:

    Not wanting a child is hardly a selfish reason. And it’s way better thank dragging a child into life no matter how dark the prospects are.

    • Lauren says:

      Um, yes, it is a selfish decision. Who else is she thinking of if not herself? Owen was desperate for a child and no one else would have been affected. Pretty sure the child would rather be alive with a horrible mother than not exist at all.

      • (!) says:

        Lol. No. Being raised as someone who is unwanted is disgustingly painful. I spent most of my early life loathing my family, missing acceptance, and contemplating/attempting suicide – so please, actually try to be empathetic before putting words in other peoples’ mouths.

        • tripoli says:

          Agreed. Children who were not wanted are all too aware of it, and having to live your life, day in, day out knowing that is excruciating. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

      • Nicole says:

        No, the child would not rather be alive. You know why? Because it wouldn’t exist.

  47. Gia says:

    Loving Henry and Teddy! They are sweet together, but I have this sick belief that Henry will be horribly killed off later this year. Please, no. Just let them have some happiness. It’s not boring. It’s a welcome oasis.

    Probably better for the Chief that he stepped down from his post. He is getting older and should spend more time with Adele, seeing that she has Alzheimer’s.

    I liked Arizona’s support of Alex.

    Owen came through for Cristina even though it was so hard for him.

    I never liked the idea of Meredith and Derek adopting that kid, so I hope they don’t get her back.

  48. adam says:

    Seriously? this was such a waste of 2 hour.

    First off Christina infuriates me, not cause of the abortion thing but for her attitude towards Alex at the start of the season. Alex did the right thing and Meredith deserved what she got and then for her to get her job back, which i said was gonna happen when she got fired, was crap, they could have dragged that out a few weeks dont u think?

    • Melanie says:

      Who wants to watch things get dragged out?!?!?! I don’t. I would rather they have 24 good episodes a year where the pace is consistant. Instead they have 24 episodes so they think they should drag things out. That gets painful.

  49. Nerdista says:

    It’s not about celebrating an abortion, it’s about consistency if character and not being forced into motherhood. The world has enough crap mothers without making more. Just because SOME of you love motherhood doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. It’s a cluster of cells, if you don’t support abortion you better not support the pill, condoms or the death penalty. I for one was not going to watch GA anymore if C magically discovered the joys of motherhood.

  50. Sam says:

    McPrick was back in spades. SO many people seem to love Derrek. But I have ALWAYS thought he was a self-righteous prick. I love the love story between him and Meredith because in real life people aren’t perfect… and they are two VERY flawed humans. But honestly I wanted to hit him and say… you are the reason you are about to lose your baby. Running away from your wife, right as you start a family. Suck it.

    • Michaela says:

      I don’t even think they are good for each other. Yes, humans are flawed and so are their relationships. But a couple with Mer/Der’s messy track record of break-up/get back together phases… it doesn’t look healthy to me anymore and I know I don’t root for them anymore either. It’s been too much over the years. It would be fine with me if they decide to move on and let go of their marriage, but still try their best to maintain a friendly relationship as Zola’s parents. I would be more interested in seeing them make progress on that level than watching them going around in circles again.

    • Melanie says:

      I agree! Maybe if Derek got off his highhorse and actually talked to Mer for two seconds the social worker wouldn’t have gotten conflicting stories or a bad feeling from them. How can Mer be expected to know what to say when she doesn’t know if he is going to contradict her when he talks to the social worker. So frustrated with Derek… he needs to get the stick out of his ass and work on his marriage not just his house.