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Supernatural Season 7 Preview: Dean's Rocky Road, Sam's Lost Marbles, Castiel's Killer Spree

Can Cas get back from the dark side? Will Sam crumble under the memories of hell? And just what is going on with Dean? Plenty of questions surround Supernatural’s seventh season, but lucky for us — and you! — TVLine previewed Friday’s season premiere (The CW, 9/8c) and then grilled executive producers Sera Gamble and Bob Singer about what’s in store for the Winchesters and the new Big Bad (hint: read up on your bible).

DEAN’S DAY IN THE SUN | All you Dean lovers, rest assured that big bro will have plenty to do in the new season. “Dean is going to have lots of issues…that he’s going to have to deal with,” says Singer, promising a “rockier journey…of how he feels emotionally” than in the past. A “big turning point” will come in Episode 4, when the hunter stands trials before an Egyptian god “who weighs your heavy heart against a feather, and if your heart is heavier than the feather, he does you in,” previews Singer. “It’s all about carrying guilt. Not just, ‘Do I feel bad?’ But, “Do I feel guilty?'” All told, “Dean is in a different place than he’s been in previous seasons.” And as for his beloved Impala, which starts off the season in shambles, Singer assures: “It’ll be back. Like the show, [it] will not die.”

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SAM AND HIS MARBLES | Remember how the wall in Sam’s head came crashing down last season? The consequences won’t be pretty, and something that ugly can’t stay secret. “What’s happening with Sam isn’t anything he can hide for very long,” says Gamble. “It comes out pretty quickly that he is dealing with this awful wall-breaking situation, which escalates really, really dramatically in [Episode 2].” Everything that Sam’s dealing with will push him to the brink, so much so that in Episode 2, he is “facing that moment as a hunter where he’s been through so much, he might just be losing his marbles for good.” Despite their issues and secrets, Gamble maintains that “it’s really important to [Dean and Sam] to try and stay together.” After all, “They don’t have very many people, they’re clearly better working together, and they need each other in so many ways.”

Exclusive Supernatural Video: Dean and Sam Bow Down to Castiel!

CORRUPTED CAS | Get ready for a new and terrifying Cas as the former angel goes on a killing spree, smiting those he believes “were doing stuff in the name of God that was corrupt or wrong,” says Gamble. But in Cas’ mind, what he’s doing is right. “Eric [Kripke] liked to say, ‘Every villain is the hero of his own story,’” shares Singer. Adds Gamble: “There are things he’s doing… that come from a really pure, old place for him – things that he has wished for a long time his dad would get his ass back here and do.” Cas is also out to stick it to his old pals who abandoned him. “Some of his actions in this episode are about proving them wrong,” says Gamble. “He digs himself in a bit deeper because of that.”

Jensen Ackles Teases Supernatural Season 7: Dean’s Single Life, Surprise Reunion With Jo

THE LEVIATHANS ARE HERE! | The new Big Baddies in Dean and Sam’s rear-view mirror are older than man and angels. But did you know that the biblical beasts like to party? “That sense that they’re having fun and not here to hail fire and brimstone on the world and just be mustache-twirling evil is right,” says Gamble, adding, “They’re here to have a good time.” But she points out that they’re also “smarter,” so what’s their master plan? That remains unclear, but “they certainly don’t want to go home” to purgatory. “When you think about it, our place, Earth, is sort of this Eden – slightly corrupted, but full of possibilities,” she explains. “It seems like everybody wants to be here, and there’s a lot of directions we can take that.”

FACES NEW AND FAMILIAR | Don’t discount the resourceful Crowley just because he was banished by Cas. “Crowley is the ultimate, self-interested character,” explains Gamble. “He always finds a way to bend whatever is happening to his own best uses.” As the tides of power shift in the new season, “He figures out how to insert himself in the situation,” she continues. “There’s a reason he’s lived this long. … So as things evolve this season, we’ll see him try and adapt.” Dean and Sam, meanwhile, will have to rely on some new friends for help. For example, viewers will meet a difficult, off-the-grid acquaintance of Bobby’s who the boys are forced to seek help from when they “have to drop out of sight a bit more,” teases Gamble.

BEST OF THE REST | One of the boys will be time-traveling again — back to 1944! — but it won’t be via angel power this time. “It turns out a case that they were trying to solve back then is the same as a case that Sam and Dean are trying to solve now,” describes Gamble. Relatedly, one of the things on Gamble’s wish list, but not in this episode? Nazi zombies! Also look out for a new, symbolic title card. “It’s just monstery and disgusting and connects to purgatory,” says Gamble of the new image. “There’s a B-movie horror vibe to that of just grossness coming at you from your screen.”

Supernatural fans, which of these Season 7 plots has you excited?

Dean | All you Dean lovers, rest assured big bro will have plenty to do in the new season. “Dean is going to have lots of issues…that he’s going to have to deal with,” says Singer, who calls this year a “rockier journey…of how he feels emotionally” than in the past. A “big turning point” will come for Dean in Episode 4, when the hunter stands trials with the Egyptian god, “who weighs your heavy heart against a feather, and if your heart is heavier than the feather, then he does you in,” previews Singer. “It’s all about carrying guilt. Not just, ‘Do I feel bad?’ But, “Do I feel guilty?’ … [Dean’s] in a different place than he’s been in previous seasons. And as for his beloved Impala, which starts off the season in shambles, Singer assures, “It’ll be back. Like the show, it’s the car that will not die.”

Sam | Remember how the wall in Sam’s head came crashing down last season? The consequences will carry over, and they won’t be pretty. And something that ugly can’t stay secret. “What’s happening with Sam isn’t anything he can hide for very long,” says Gamble. “It comes out pretty quickly that he is dealing with this awful wall breaking situation, which escalates really, really dramatically in [Episode 2].” All that Sam’s dealing with will push him to the brink, so much so that in Episode 2, Sam’s “facing that moment as a hunter where he’s been through so much, he might just be losing his marbles for good,” reveals Gamble. But despite their issues and secrets, Gamble maintains that “it’s really important to [Dean and Sam] to try and stay together.” She adds: “They don’t have very many people. They’re clearly better working together. And they need each other in so many ways.”

Cas | Get ready for a new and terrifying Cas as the former angel goes on a killing spree, smiting those he believes “were doing stuff in the name of God that was corrupt or wrong,” describes Gamble. But in Cas’ mind, what’s doing is the right thing. “Eric [Kripke] liked to say, ‘Every villain is the hero of his own story,’” says Singer. Adds Gamble: “There are things he’s doing in the episode that come from a really pure, old place for him – things that he has wished for a long time his dad would get his ass back here and do.” Cas is also out to stick it to his old friends who abandoned him. “Some of his actions in this episode are about proving them wrong,” says Gamble. “He digs himself in a bit deeper because of that.”

Leviathans | The new Big Baddies in Dean and Sam’s behinds is older than man and angels. You may have heard that the Winchester will be battling the biblical beasts, but did you know that they like to party? “That sense that they’re having fun and not they’re not here to hail fire and brimstone on the world and just be mustache-twirling evil [is] right,” says Gamble, adding, “They’re here to have a good time.” But she points out that they’re also “smarter,” so what’s their master plan? That remains unclear, but Gamble does reveal that “they certainly don’t want to go home” to purgatory. “When you think about it, our place, Earth, is sort of this Eden – slightly corrupted, but full of possibilities,” she explains. “It seems like everybody wants to be here. There’s a lot of directions we can take that.”

New and Familiar Faces | Don’t discount the resourceful Crowley yet just because he was banished by Cas. “Crowley is the ultimate, self-interested character,” explains Gamble. “He always finds a way to bend whatever is happening to his own best uses.” As the tides of power shift in the new season, “he figures out how to insert himself in the situation,” she continues. “There’s a reason he’s lived this long. … So as things evolve this season, we’ll see him try and adapt.” Dean and Sam, meanwhile, will have to rely on some new friends for help. Viewers meet a difficult, off-the-grid acquaintance of Bobby’s, who the boys are forced to seek help from when they”get squeezed in an upcoming episode and have to drop out of sight a bit more,” teases Gamble. And of course, there’s the guest spots from familiar faces – and Buffy vets – James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter, a casting coup that Gamble credits to the show’s very “saavy and creative” casting directors.

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  1. miss scarlet says:

    cue fandom b*tching in 3…2…1…

    • Nic says:

      You know… This kind of post doesn’t help. :\

    • lucy says:

      lol It’s so true but I learned to joke with it now.
      I get not everybody going to be happy it’s to many sides to please.

      • Brooke says:

        Or the fans could just be zen and not take sides, I don’t get why so many people want to turn a television show into something that they angst over. It’s entertainment! On a Friday night! After working all week who has time for gnashing at the teeth over which character had 5 more seconds of screentime than the other one? All the characters are pretty awesome, I don’t understand why so many fans glom onto just one.

        • Carrie Ann says:

          I agree. It’s just a show and a mighty good one at that, so just enjoy. I think all of the characters are great. Dean is my personal favorite, but I love Sam too. I also like Bobby and Castiel, but I’m not worried about whether he lives or not. This is SN, so even if Cas is killed off, that doesn’t mean we’ll never see him again. John, Mary, Jo, Ellen, Meg, Ruby, Pamela and Ash have all returned.

      • miss scarlet says:

        I love the show, hate the fandom. it’s the worst fandom I’ve ever seen, and I love hating on it.

        • mere says:

          I hate the show and the fandom. Especially the smug jackasses who are terrified of critical thought.

          • miss scarlet says:

            Critical thought? You mean endless cry-babying about the injustices of “not exactly equal screen time/plots/focus/etc…” committed against characters of a television show by the writers of said television show? That’s not critical thought, that’s pathetic. If you hate a television show, don’t watch it. Calling me a smug jackass isn’t bothering me. I’m a smug jackass, and I’m amused. Keep at it.

          • Sue says:

            Now, now. You’re going to go and put a big ole wrinkle in Ms. Scarlet’s her “I wuv Castiel the Bestest” blankie.

          • mere says:

            @Sue – oh look, another incoherent Sam fan.

          • Carrie Ann says:

            If you hate the show, why did you click on this article? There may be a lot of bitching in these comments sections, but at least people are interested enough to argue, bitch and moan about the show. I’d be more concerned if no one cared to comment at all.

        • LeAnne says:

          sorry, what is “fandom”?

    • lorna says:

      TBH after the disappointment of last season, not really excited for s7. Hopefully it’ll be better.

      • kate says:

        but that’s a normal reaction. you don’t have to LOVE the show or even be excited about it, but you don’t have to have internet tantrums about it.

        • mere says:

          LOL! How were your tantrums in season 4? Hypocrite, thy name is ESG.

          • kate says:

            actually, I’ve never had an internet tantrum about a tv show, but I have watched/read so many internet tantrums in this fandom in comments on boards, journals, websites, whatever.

  2. min says:

    Mustache-twirling villians? Goody goody gumdrops! Between Crowley and Godstiel and this, I have hopes for some delicious villains this season. >:3

  3. Sara says:

    Taking bets on it being Sera’s SammySue who travels back this time- because whatever Jensen/Dean has, Jared/Sam has to have also-only to the Nth degree. You’re so transparent, Ms. Gamble.

    • Ann says:

      I love how you see the idea of Sam getting a solo time travel episode not as “evening the Dean-tilted scales” but stealing his storylines. At least you’re being upfront with your ridiculous bias.

      • Sara says:

        You want to talk about evening the scales? then where is the Dean as the chosen one and center of the myth-arc storyline-especially when they tried to take Dean’s Best Hunter on the Planet badge away from him last season to give to Sam-along with his only legitimate connection to the myth-arc-his back from hell with PTSD storyline. Screw you and Gamble and every other self-entitled Sam/JP fan out there.

        • miss scarlet says:

          dean would read this comment, reach through his computer, and punch you in the face. that’s how ridiculously stupid he’d think you were.

          • Sara says:

            Dean is a fictional character, in case you didn’t know.

          • miss scarlet says:

            so, sara, you miss the point (that you’re being whiny and ridiculous) and you don’t grasp sarcasm (that dean could would reach through a computer and punch you in the face). classic.

          • mere says:

            Oh look another smug jackass. Must be like looking in the mirror for Gamble and her team of so-called professional writers.

          • miss scarlet says:

            I might be another smug jackass, but it’s the smugness that comes from being right. It really bothers people, for some reason.

          • Sara says:

            Being right requires no smugness-it only requires sorrow for those who need humbling…

          • miss scarlet says:

            I promise that tomorrow I will try not to let my being right about a TV show fandom go to my head when I’m dealing with people at my job or with my family members or with people I meet on the street. But I will continue to make fun of the internet. So keep at it, you’re all making me laugh.

          • Sara says:

            Yes, go and laugh, Grasshopper…:-)

          • heh says:

            Not likely miss scarlet. Dean’s not allowed to do anything but wipe Sam’s nose. Becky Gamble won’t allow him to do anything because he might take focus away from her favorite woobie. Plus, Dean is for the truth and he’s not going to bash someone on the nose for speaking the truth.

        • Karl says:



    • Colonia says:

      It totally will be Sam going back. Look at Sera’s description of it – she basically worded it as “more and better”, which is totally her MO for Sam. Whatever Dean’s ever had(and hey Sam at least got to go back in time on that trip to the Old West) – Sam’s got to have it bigger and better(or worse). Sam’s bigger and worse Hell, Sam’s bigger and worse PTSD, Sam’s bigger and worse Solo Time Travel episode.

      It’s comical at this point, comical and infuriating. She’s like a 12 year old Mary Sue/Marty Stu fanfic writer and yet somehow she’s the showrunner and head writer of a tv show. I don’t understand how she wasn’t fired last year when she screwed up the storylines and couldn’t control her budgetary expenses.

      Dean tilted scales? ROFL I can’t even see why that would be a contest. Because Dean got sent in back time alone *once* and that was actually about his family and most of all, about Sam?

      Anyone wanna bet Sam’s trip back in time has nothing to do with his family, and even less to do about Dean? Sam will of course save the day in the past and the future. Unlike Dean who’s trip was to show him he couldn’t save anything.

    • selen says:

      I personally hope Sam is the one who gets to time travel.
      Dean already did it twice on his own (In the Beginning and the End),
      and once with Sam, so it would be nice to see how Sam would manage such a situation without a partner.

      • heh says:

        Oh no worries there sweetie. Sam will definitely get the time travel, as he’s gotten the saving the day, as he’s getting yet another story about his past, as he gets just about everything the Sam fans ask because Becky Gamble is there to serve, and serve the Sam fans she will. After all, none of the other characters on the show, like Dean and Cas, have fans. Only Sam seems to have fans, according to the World of Gamble.

        • selen says:

          I would love to believe you, darling, but past experiences have thought me that it is in fact Dean who usually saves the day, has yet to make a wrong decision, is the favourite of every guest or recurring star on the show (if it isn’t a demon, and sometimes even then), gets emotional development or the central POV, but well C’est la vie.
          And btw. bitterness and spitefulness do not suit anyone.

        • smellynellie says:

          Where was your bitterness when Dean was the only one who time-travelled to the past? Now it’s Sam’s turn and it’s only fair.

  4. Raven says:

    So can’t wait! *purposely and determinedly ignores disputes that might/have/will come up!* :D back to Supernatural!!! *Sighs* my summer’s been so boring! No Pysch, no SN, no LOST (Ever. v.v). I can’t wait to see the douchey Cas that i saw in a preview, a new kinda view! Haha i’m just excited in general!


  5. Tiffany says:

    More Dean? I have a feeling I’ll be a happy camper, then!

  6. Sara says:

    I really hope this show ends after this season, if not sooner.

    • Jasker says:

      My magic eight ball says that you are doomed to be disappointed and continue to be unhappy. Also tomorrow we will have rain.

    • winchester says:

      Why would u say that

      • Sara says:

        Because I’m tired of seeing my favorite actor stuck in the same redundant storyline he’s had on this show for 5 of the 6 seasons it’s been on the air-with even the one season they let him out of the little All About Sam box retconned away in the end. And I’m tired of seeing storylines that he makes awesome go to other characters and actors, but with bigger and better focus and I’m tired of the showrunner and writers trying to take character traits that HE! brought to his character, meaning they weren’t written in there by the writers, and give them to the other lead actor/character on this show to make him seem cooler. In a nut shell, I want the show to end so that my favorite actor can move on because he’s too good for this show and these writers, and he’s been too good since S4-even if he doesn’t know it.

        • Jasker says:

          Your favorite actor doesn’t care what you think Sarah. You don’t exist to him at all. Which is good cause you don’t actually know him or are in any position to have a judgement on what would be good for his life and career.
          So have you ever turned up at one of the cons wearing a wedding dress, inquiring minds would like to know.

          • Sara says:

            Aren’t you special? And just such a joy to converse about the show with.

          • Colonia says:

            You do realize, Jasker, that no one with a brain falls for “I don’t have an argument I can refute you with, so I’ll just try to paint you as crazy” argument right?

            Luckily for you, Sera Gamble doesn’t seem to have much of one so I’m sure she consoles herself with just such excuses that no one understands her awesomeness.

          • Jasker says:

            Do I need an argument to point out how weird her response is? Small words we don’t know these actors. There should be some warning bells going off in your head.
            As for SG I’m sure she’s heartbroken over the hate on fandom has for her. I mean really how does she live with the fact that she’s a showrunner, exectutive producer and professional writer in a very male dominated field. She must have the saddest, most unfilling professional life ever oh wait who are we talking about again. Lost my train of thought.

          • LeAnne says:

            @ Jasker- hahahahahahahahaha show up wearing a wedding dress!!!! I LOL @ that one! too funny

        • LF says:

          You’re right that it is Jensen that is responisble for making Dean cool. Kripke pretty much admitted that himself. Even the quirks like eating everything in sight was ad libbed by Jensen, then taken up by the writers in later scripts.
          Unlike you, I will be watching the show. I’m hopeful because Jensen seems happy as he’s filming this season. I’m hoping that means good stories, because of all the actors, he sees the show as a whole.

    • Kris says:

      It can end any time you turn off your TV. No one’s holding a gun to your head to make you watch.

  7. Crimson says:

    I just want Cas to get better. I love the show and all the characters, totally awesome. Never the less Cas’ just gets me where I live, I loved his struggle to understand humans and find his father. Gone off the deep end, arrogant, power hungry Cas gives me a tummy ache.

  8. Jill says:

    I couldnt care less what others say & how they try to provoke us. I simply find joy in knowing my show is returning in a couple nights, and has done this well this long. I know Jensen and Jared are happy so that makes me happy. When your friends smile, it’s catching. So I have a Cheshire grin plastered on, ready to enjoy a new season of Supernatural. You dont stay on this long without ratings or being a good show. Shows are lucky if they can make it even through their first season without being yanked. Or make it to a second season. SPN has been blessed and on top of the actors and great writing & sense of humor the whole family has within the show itself, all shows aspire to have the kind of devoted fan base Supernatural has … and that threatens ppl, making them insecure and catty; dont need to belabor that point as they will surely prove it and already have. I just laugh! Friday, hurry up!

    • steph says:

      You spread the love not the hate, and I love you for that :)

    • trina says:

      Jill, you rock. Can’t wait till Friday!

    • winchester says:

      I agree and back up everything u just said.Im a hardcore winchester fan and hate when people say they hope its the last season of the show.Theres many shows about Vampires , Werewolfs and other spn creatures always being loved by the humans.I love that spn is about killing these monsters because thats what they r, monsters.So if i have to pic whatching vampires kissing humans or vampires kissing the cold iron blade as one of the winchesters r hacking away at its head,Im going to go winchester every time.I really hope spn can make it up to 10 seasons, that would be awesome.When other spn based shows outlive spn,Im going to be pissed because the other shows glamourize the monsters and spn is the only show that hunts them.I always have a good laugh when spn makes fun of twilight and other movies.Another thing i dont understand is why no guys watch the show,its by far the best horror show ive ever scratch that the best show ive ever watched .As for season 7 i think its going to be LETS KILL SOME EVIL SONS F Bs N RAISE A LITTLE HELL.

  9. Melanie says:

    Can’t wait for Friday!!Season Seven sounds great so far!! I hope the show runs several to many more years. Winchesters for the win!!!

  10. Sivat says:

    I am so excited for this season because Castiel is no longer a series regular!!! I can’t stand him! According to a recent tvguide.com item, Misha Collins is only guaranteed for the first two episodes. GOOD! I am so over the angel/religion bullsh!t. Let’s get back to monsters-of-the-week and the mini-horror movie format.

    • Ozzie says:

      I agree ,with @Sivet…Castiel will be seen way less than he was in Gamble’s awful season 6. So far Spoilers have the brothers working together and driving a fixed impala then on the wings of annoying angel Castiel. May Castiel …R.I.P or be sent by the fictional god character on SPN back TO HIS HEAVEN.

      • mere says:

        Oh you Cas-hating Sam fans. Just gotta rub it in dontcha? Where are your high-fives that your campaigning (and Gamble’s JP fixation) have put Misha out of work.

        • Sivat says:

          OMFG you’re ridiculous. Disliking Cas doesn’t mean you’re a “Sam fan”. I love both brothers, Sam and Dean, EQUALLY. The show is about their relationship as brothers. Cas’ role in the show disturbs that relationship. I am glad they are removing him and getting back to basics, focusing on Sam and Dean again.

          Misha can certainly get another job: Stonehenge Apocalypse 2?

          • Jasker says:

            LOL hey I’m supposed to be the pithy commentator. :)

          • Jayne says:

            What a weak, sad, pathetic relationship the brothers have if having a friend disturb it. It makes the brothers a couple of freaks and weirdos. Maybe they could make up their own langauge only they can speak. How cute.

  11. Melody says:

    Supernatural fans, which of these Season 7 plots has you excited? ALL OF THE ABOVE!! I’m just excited and I realize that Friday isn’t that far away, but damn it, it is still too far away. Everything I’ve read about this season has me excited. I’m especially interested in Dean’s trial. I think that could be a very cool episode.

  12. Carrie Ann says:

    The Leviathans storyline sounds interesting. Can’t wait for the new season!

  13. Melanie says:

    Save Castiel! The rest sounds great.

  14. Agnes says:

    Nothing in this article makes me excited about season 7. It`s another “What`s wrong with sam” season. The writings have become redundant and boring! Sorry show, as much as I loved you once, and kept hoping for good news concerning plots and storylines, there is nothing left of my love for you! Not even Jensen can make me watch anymore!

    • Dave says:

      You obviously didn’t read the entire article because this season is going to be a lot more than just about what’s wrong with Sam. I am a huge Dean and Castiel fan but I will say the Dean and Castiel fans are getting rediculous. Dean has had plenty of story.

      First season. He was the one that went and got Sam. He was like the leader trying to find thier dad.

      Second season..The season premiere was centered around Dean and saving him. geez. Plus that season was more Sam yes but the first season was more Dean centric.

      Third season… All about trying to save Dean from his demon deal. Not about saving Sam. Yes there was stuff about Sam but guess what he is a main character too. Again third season was Dean centric.

      Fourth season… Again Dean being brought back from Hell now has connections to angels, etc. Major story for Dean. Again yes Sam stuff was in there. He is a main Character.

      Fifth season… All about BOTH!! brothers having a destiny. Sam to be the vessel for Lucifer and Dean to be the vessel for Michael. You take all of that plus the fact that Dean has had the better lines through out the series Dean is very well written for.

      Sixth season… Yes had a lot of Sam but do any of sit back a look at the fact that Sam is always needing to be saved. Every season. Dean has only needed to be saved a few times. Dean has had better writting and development as a character than anyone on the show. His character has grown more.

      Most of the crazy fanatics of this show have blinders on and because Sam gets a storyline they are not even paying attention to the story that Dean is getting. In this article it talks about how Dean is going to have a major journey this season. Get over yourselves and just enjoy the show.

      • Meko says:

        This article tells us nothing, “Dave”(love the Samgirls pretending to be boys).

        It’s the same old thing they always say and it always ends the same way, Dean with no storyline. What they are describing is not a storyline. Episode 4, aside from maybe a couple scenes with Jo, is obviously a clip show. So they basically used the “budget saver” episode so that way they could, as usual, try to pretend they are dealing with Dean when in fact it’s just a band aid.

        Reading between the lines, what Singer and Gamble admitted was they wrote nothing for Dean, really don’t have anything for him, whatever it is, is emo handwringing navel gazing over stuff they’ve dealt with BEFORE, numerous times, but if Jensen manages to pull something out of virtually nothing, as he’s done before, they’ll claim it was their plan all along.

        Jensen’s been asked numerous times about his storyline this season and his answer has always been, he’s got nothing essentially. If he had something to talk about he would be.

        For most of us this isn’t our first rodeo – we know double talk when we see it.

        • Dave says:

          Excuse me??? Who the heck do you think you are trying to accuse me of being a Samgirl disquising my self as a guy. The truth is that you have no idea and I have never been a same fan. I like him sure. He is one of the main characters but I am Dean and Castiel all the way. I would hate to see Cas go but I am not obsessive over it like some fans are. When it comes down to it this show has always been and always will be about 2 brothers. As I said Dean has had way more character development than Sam. Dean has had much more deep and emotional issues to deal with than Sam. My entire post was in defense of Dean saying he has gotten quite a bit of story. Again Dean has even gotten most of the best lines on the show. I have watched this show from season 1 and have seasons 1 – 3 on dvd and not 4-6 on bluray. I have a little Impala sitting on my desk at work as well as an autographed picture of Dean, Sam, and Castiel all in the picture. I am and always will be a fan of the show!! All I want is two brothers and on occasions thier allies kicking butt and taking names on all the Supernatural creatures. I don’t sit there and whine about one character getting a better story than the other or what not. People who call them selves fans of the show but then get all worked up over one character (to the extent of threatening never to watch the show again) are not fans of the show. They are fans of that character. Also those who want to blame Sarah Gamble for them not liking season 6 need to do thier research because while he was not running the day to day stuff anymore Kripke was still a pretty big part of the behind the story and what not of season 6. In fact he wrote the season finale!

  15. Lily says:

    Which storyline has me excited?

    Well, certainly not Dean staring at his navel, wringing his hands, and acting junkless for half a season.

    Certainly not Sam flipping between old Sam and Dean/Sam…oh, excuse me, NotSam. Please, someone, send the showrunner a JP poster for her wall.

    Certainly not Cas and the never-ending angel storyline.

    Sounds like the showrunner didn’t learn a danged thing about what made S6 the hot mess it was.

    So for me, the most interesting thing about S7 will be tracking the viewer/demo numbers to see if S7 will be the last.

  16. Shaz says:

    Well, I for one am really looking forward to Season 7. Less, Cas, more Dean (yay!!) and more of the original Sam and Dean relationship/sticking together through think and thin that made me fall in love with the show in the first place? Umm, yes please. I’m a happy camper thankyou. The only thing that could make the new Season even better is if they could find space/time to bring back Missouri from Season 1 because even though she only had one episode, she rocked and I loved her no-nonsense interaction with Sam & Dean.

  17. Evyn says:

    Just save Cas at this point I don´t care if his storyline is reduced if you don´t whant to use the charecter anymore at least give him a good send of.

  18. Julie says:

    Wow… I can’t belive I used to be one of those fans of the show… But thanks for clearing the air for me; now I know I’m not insane for slowing down on the ravaging fan-ess I used to be! (No sarcasm intended here).
    Here’s what I think; first – to be done with him – I just want Castiel do have some sort of redemption of some sort before he blows away. I do believe that his time of shine is done on the show (let’s face it, only the two main characters should have a front story on this show and sadly, with the «fame» Castiel got thanks to who he was back in the beginning I just think that the writers got to waste some «what could have been» valuable time for the Winchesters). All I want from Castiel is to not «go» as a bad guy; he was first set on Earth to help Dean and in a way he also wanted to become human (though we can assume he did; he became the «I am God»-like dictator wannabe that we did have in history I guess) But yeah, he deserves a good farewell, but I am happy that he isn’t a regular anymore and I do wish less screen time for him.
    Second – I do hope that Sam is the one that gets to travel time and funny enough not for the same reasons a crazy jealous Dean fan has (if the shoe fits…). Jared mentionned in some of his interviews that he would love to appear in war films, and since this will take place in war times I do believe that it would be kinda fun to make that sort of wish come true for him (though let’s face it; both guys would look simply AMAZINGLY HOT in uniform! haha! … not that whoever gets picked will get to wear one…. *crosses fingers so bad they almost break*) But yes Dean had his share of time traveling again, so it would be only fair that Sam gets a solo-shot. But whatever debating point I may have we all know the truth here: if Sam goes Dean girls will be pissed; if Dean goes Sam girls will be pissed. (This fandom is ever so special!)
    Next point – I am happy that Dean will be busier – he needs to push the «apple pie» life away and just be the guy he once was. It does in fact s*cks that he might never get that family at the end that he always dreamt about but we all just love him more when he’s on the road and being a smart mouth (Jensen was awesome at it why take it away?) But let’s not make him cry too much, okay?
    And as for Sam I am glad that we’ll get to see him go through that wall breaking. At first at the end of last season I thought we would never get to see it but if he does need to go through that whole deal so that once and for all he can be a normal kid (just made him sound like Pinoccio); a Sam with a soul and without psychic powers or demon blood = sounds good to me!
    Anyways… we’ll find out soon enough what’s what. Until we do have a good season premiere everyone and… remember to respect one another?

    • lola says:

      Sam’s hell story is going on its second season, while Dean’s was barely mentioned. I’m not in the least interested in watching another season of Sam and his PTSDs. The last 6 seasons was more than enough of Sam and his many problems. Give it a rest Gamble, enough is enough.
      Dean having internal issues only means the writers, as usual, are depending on Jensen to pull off what they are incapable of writing. What I want to see is Dean actually having an important part to play and being part of the mytharc. Or, you know, what Sam gets every season, and Dean’s been denied because Gamble doesn’t like Dean and is enamored over Sam.

      • Julie says:

        I will agree with you but I will point out that we didn’t really touch Sam’s time in hell last season. All that we know about it is that Sam’s soul was stuck down there-ish and Death brought it back. We don’t really know what Sam dealt with while he was down there yet.
        BUT! I do agree with you that they barely scratched Dean’s story in Hell and (please note that I’m a Sam girl here) I was sad (more like POed) that they didn’t go and explore Dean’s torture-ness on screen (they did a little with Alastair but I wanted to see more badass Master torturer Dean… I know you did too!)
        I can’t wait to see what the show has in store for BOTH guys. And whatever the case may be as long as the story is focused on EITHER of BOTH guys I’ll be happy. No more add-ons as regulars (still am confused as to why Bella and Ruby 1.0 were in the first place, but that’s my pee cup)

        • lola says:

          We didn’t touch on Dean’s hell at all, except for maybe 5 minutes for a total of 3 episodes. Now we’re getting Sam’s hell for a whole season, like it wasn’t enough having soulessSam, the bore, for most of last season, and wow, we’ll get more soulessSam this season also. Wow, I’m so excited! NOT!.

          The show has nothing for Both Guys, it has the story of Sam and his brother, what’s his name. Gamble probably never mentions Dean because she can’t remember his name.

    • pk says:

      Oh if Jared said he’d like to be in a war film then that pretty much seals it that he’s the one going. Anything for Sera’s pet. Why split them up for that when it’s not a personal case? Both were sent back for Frontierland and Jensen can ride horses and has said he’d love to ride a horse onscreen but only Jared got to do that.

      • Julie says:

        How do we know it’s or is not a personal case yet? Unless I missed a line (which I will apologize for if I have) in the article.
        The fact is the episode isn’t here yet so we don’t know what’s what. The way I see it for now is how in «What is and What Should Never Be» it was all about Dean (not that I’m complaining; that is my all-time favorite episode and I will point out again that I’m a Sam girl); my point is maybe this episode means something more to one of the Winchester than the other. We don’t know yet. (*underline last sentence*) And until we do we will all complain and whine our asses off because «our guy doesn’t get to go».

        • Meko says:

          What Is and What Should Never Be would be far more equivalent to the numerous “Sammy in his own head” episodes we’ve had now. Dean got one episode like that, Sam’s now had what 2 or 3 of them? Yet funny despite how hard Sera tries, none of them are as memorable or well done as What Is and What Should Never Be(written by her former writing partner Raelle Tucker, who was obviously the talent of the duo).

      • Jasker says:

        You can always spot the middle child. Why should he get to do that when I wanted to do that, oh I mean JA cause you know I know him and the way he just suffers with this show they don’t appreciate him. He should totally leave because you know I know him.

      • selen says:

        Are you serious?
        You’re actually mad that only JP got to ride in the episode.
        Did you miss the part where JA got to have a duel at noon,
        or became sheriff, or how about the Clint Eastwood get-up
        or that he got to find the Phoenix and kill him.
        Sam just rode the horse to fetch Dean the gun. If anything Frontierland was JA dream episode.
        Your bias is making you blind.

      • Sara says:

        As a showrunner, Gamble didn’t pull off an original and well-written season last year, but I guess she figures if she gives us the same thing, but in a slightly different wrapper(no Castiel, Butch and Sundance instead of “noir”) that should fix things in her mind-her mind being that this show and all the characters on it should be All About Sam. And just to add to that, she’ll just re-do another Jensen/Dean episode for Sam-just switch the actors and characters around a bit in it because that’s always a safe thing to do with this fandom. Whatever, Sera. I hope she’ll keep the part in about Sam being All About Dean in the midst of his time travelling adventure-as always happened with Dean whenever he was solo in his-won’t hold my breath on that happening, though.

  19. lola says:

    Isn’t it amazing how Gamble just seems to completely ignore that Dean even exists as a character in the show. Every interview with Gamble she goes on and on about Sam, his wall, his PTSDs, his time in hell and of course, we’ll get more naked Sam and Sam suffering and Sam being heroic and Sam going back in time and Sam saving the day, oh Dean who? Please someone remind Gamble who Dean is, she hasn’t bothered with him in the past 2 seasons.

    As for Dean being front and center, yeah, great, Dean is front and center talking and worrying about Sam. Wow, isn’t that just great! NOT.

    If the Dean fans whine, it’s because Dean has nothing to do for season 7 except the same as he’s had for the past 2 seasons, navel gaze and worry about Sam. Sam, once again, gets all the plots, stories and is the center of the universe. Screw you Gamble, you’ve managed to ruin the show for many Dean fans. Not that you even care or even notice that Dean has fans. What a slap in the face for Jensen and his fans.

    • Luchy says:

      Could not agree with you more! I don’t begrudge Sam/Jared his screen-time but the past two seasons have been dreadful as far as Dean/Jensen-related stories are concerned. I actually used to be a Sam-girl, believe it or not! I wonder if Gamble realises that, by dumping all these excess stories for Jared to take the lead with, she is actually turning some fans off Sam? Happened to me.

    • Sara says:

      Word to this. She looks only to please the ESGs and the bi-bros who want to keep Dean and Jensen Ackles in the little box of only and forever being All About Sam. And don’t point to this article as proof that she’s not because she said all the same kind of things last season-and here, just like last season, she’s only talking about Dean and Jensen because she’s pretty much been forced to by all the “bad fans” who have been “whining and complaining” so much. The level of hypocrisy in this fandom is mind-boggling and if Gamble put Dean, and only Dean at the center of the myth-arc until the series ended, I wonder what the comments here would be like then. I’d love to see that little experiment, as a matter of fact, Ms. Gamble.

    • Ann says:

      I’m laughing that all the “naked Sam” we got last season came care of Deanboy writer Ben Edlund, not Gamble. And despite the “slap in the face” Jensen’s receiving, he’s been nothing but positive about what this season will be doing with his character and Sam’s both. Strange how the actors aren’t as petty and self-interested as the fans, eh?

      • heh says:

        Ann, maybe you forgot that Gamble was in the driver seat and I’m betting the naked Sam wasn’t as much Edlund’s idea as Gamble’s input. So, yeah, the slap in the face of Jensen and his fans still stands. As for the actors, I have to question your last remark, seeing as how Padalecki seems to be ok with stealing his partner’s storylines and sidelining him. I would have thought he’d at least say something, but apparently, he’s ok with it.

  20. Jasker says:

    Some SPN fangirls are like zombies,there is only room for one thought in their tiny little heads. The “Dean doesn’t have a storyline” trope just won’t die. Perhaps we can wait until we see oh I don’t know an actual episode? Anyway I’m thrilled for season 7 to start and it’s nice not knowing where the story will go and that we have an entire season to look forward to!!

    • Sivat says:

      Oh I have to agree. And notice it’s only the girls who get so bizarre. Men who watch the show like it for BOTH brothers. Girl SPN viewers are weird, needy and possessive. And quite possibly extremely nerdy.

      • Jasker says:

        I just have this vision of legions of fan girls stalking the streets calling for brains no I mean calling for dean or castiel. Run for your lives!!

        • Julie says:

          hehehe! You guys!! And don’t worry, not all girls go crazy (I used to though… but then I realized that the world of television didn’t have to revolve around just one show!)

          • Sara says:

            That would have probably been when Gamble started giving you everything you asked for and wanted for Sam, right? Take your hypocrisy back to the CW Lounge and Samtv.

          • Jasker says:

            Not sure how Gamble relates to zombies. She did mention nazi zombies which greatest idea ever. Personally I hope it’s the 28days later kind of zombie and not the slow moving, must have brains/dean zombie. Because there boring.

        • heh says:

          Jasker, aren’t you Alice Jester? Isn’t this kind of a conflict of interest? We all know you are a big Sam fan, despite what you claim your site is. Isn’t it a bit unprofessional for you to insult fans?

          • Jasker says:

            Who is Alice? Although I am rather clever, I belong to myself and not this site. I’m actually an office drone and I love both boys, don’t have a favorite. Don’t worry though you have provided me hours of amusement and entertainment.

          • Jasker says:

            And btw my analogy of zombies to fandom sooo much better than your sheep metaphor. Sheep are lame and zombies are of course awesome. I would sell my first born to hear Dean wax poetically about his boomstick (in reference to evil dead you dirty pervs)

    • heh says:

      Some SPN fans are like sheep, they mindlessly follow a program without ever thinking about it, as long as the characters move around, they figure it’s a show.

      Maybe if Becky Gamble actually admitted that Dean is the other lead character and gave him a story, the Dean fans won’t gripe. But then, like season 4 the Sam fans will because anytime Dean has something else to do besides wipe Sam’s butt, the Sam fans get upset.

      Unfortunately, the other Executive Producer, Bob Singer, seems to be nothing more than a talking head and Gamble is let loose to destroy two of the best characters on the show just so she can prop up her favorite. Funny how in order to make Sam noticeable, she kills off Cas and totally sidelines Dean.

      I have a question for Gamble, is it true that you are phasing out Dean? Because it sure feels like it, with all the spoilers about Sam and Bobby.

    • heh says:

      Unlike, you know, how nice the Sam fans were in the first 4 seasons when all they did was whine about not enough Sam and how they couldn’t get into Sam’s mind and how there wasn’t enough Sam and how they needed to see more of Sam and get into Sam’s head and on and on. Now that the Samfans have Becky Gamble in the pilot seat, how very condenscending and smug you have all become. Criticizing the Dean fans for something the Sam fans have done for years until they finally got their favorite Sam fans to run the show the way they want it. Well good for you. Nice to know that while Dean got one season of a story arc, Sam’s had 6 and now 7, and the Sam fans can finally relax in the comfort of Becky Gamble being on their side forevermore.

      • Dave says:

        First of all if your going to critisize anyone learn thier name. It’s Sera Gamble not Becky Gamble. Also Sera is not the only one making decisions on this show in fact while no he was not running the day to day stuff Eric Kripke the creator of the show was very heavily involved with the story of season 6. He even wrote the season finale. Both brothers have gotten great story’s and given lots of time. Sam has his thing with the demons and what not and Dean has his think with the Angels and Cass. Also the entire series is told in way from Deans POV. I just wish everyone would stop complaining about everything. Come one people not wonder why fans of other shows look down on Supernatural fans. All they do is complain. I love the show and have watched it from day one. I enjoy it for what it is. Two brothers fighting evil and thier family.

  21. leola says:

    God, this is such a divided fandom! I’ve never seen anything like it, not in any other form of media ever! Now, while I am obliged to post my own comments (as is everybody else that watches the show), whether I feel Dean has less stories/screentime (I do feel he isn’t the other lead character he used to be, just my opinion) is neither here nor there.

    I can say, for certain though, that the death of this show will have nothing to do with ratings or keeping to a set number of seasons plan or its writing. It will, however, have EVERYTHING to do with this fandom and these terrible volatile clashes that keep occuring between fans.

  22. Dee says:

    I cannot wait for tomorrow!!!!

    Looking forward to more Dean n Sam against the world storylines!!!!

    Glad to see the crutch that was Castiel gone from the show. Feel bad for Misha, but, oh well.

  23. Robin says:

    AWESOME. Cannot wait for tomorrow night!!

  24. Renee says:

    One day to go! Season 7 looks like it will be interesting. Glad the boys are back together. I hope Cas gets fixed. I will miss him.

  25. sam girl says:

    No more cas yuuuupppppiiiii

    • winchester says:

      Replying to sam girl Im a guy who watches spn for the show and ur a girl who watches spn for sam

      • sam girl says:

        dear winchester, ur one of those dillusional guys who watches the show every week detecated like a good little soldier and pretend that everything is okay with ur preshise little show.GOD FORBIDE SOMEONE MAKES A HARSH COMMENT ABOUT THE DEAN SHOW I MEAN SPN.GOD FORBIDE SOMEONE POINTS OUT THAT EVERY SINGLE SEASON HAS TO BE ABOUT DEAN .DEAN HAS TO BARK ORDERS AT SAM ,AND REMIND HIM WHOS BOSS.DEAN HAS A FAMILY,DEAN WENT TO HELL,DEAN FOLLOWS DADS ORDERS,DEANS CASSES FAVOURITE,DEANS BOBBYS FAVOURITE,DEAN,DEAN,DEAN STOOOOOOPPPPPP wheres sam . Is sam in the story, isn’t there a character that’s supposed to be called sam.WHERE IS HE MISS GAMBLE,OR MABY U COULD SHED SOME LIGHT ON THIS MR.WINCHESTER,U THINK U KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT SPN THAN TELL ME WHERE THE HELL IS SAM AND IM NOT TALKING ABOUT THE BEGINNING OF EPISODE 22 S06 WITCH WAS BRILLIANT, THE ONLY FULL 20 MINUTES THEY FOCUSED ON SAM THE ENTIRE SEASON 6.Sorry to burst ur bubble winchester,too throw u off ur high horse but thats reality in a hand basket and u cant handle it.I feel bad for u winchester,there u r living in Ur delusional world that everything is fine with the dean show,i really do feel bad.So that u know Ur a dean fan,u probable don’t know it yet but if u like the show as is u r dean fan.




        • Dee says:

          Dear, dear, dear sam girl, spell check and punctuation are our friends, please use them.

          Your rant made no sense.

        • Dave says:

          See now this is exactly what I am talking about. Why does it have to be one or the other. You people who are set with one of the brothers or the other have freaking blinders on that you can’t even see the story that your favorite character is getting. Sam has had plenty of story as has Dean. They are pretty equal if people would just step back and take a look but all anyone wants to do is complain about everything. This is my favorite show on tv and I am going to enjoy it no matter what. As long as I get two brothers and thier allies on occasions tracking down and fighting evil, all is good. The show is called Supernatural… Not Dean Whinchester or Sam Whinchester. It’s Supernatural! If you don’t like it stop watching and let us true fans of the show enjoy it.

        • Brooke says:

          Fet up.
          God forbide.

          How the hell do you even watch the show? It’s in English, which is OBVIOUSLY not the language you speak.

          • Mily says:

            In my country people use subtitles when they don’t speak English. Crazy idea, I know.

          • Joel says:

            Ah, Brooke – a true ignorant xenophobe. I applaud you for being a total idiot and not even being ashamed of it but please get off the interwebz.

  26. Donna says:

    I really hope Dean’s “rocky road” consists entirely of ice-cream.

  27. Nina says:

    Pff to all the hysterical and OTT Sam and Gamble haters. I LOVE BOTH SAM AND DEAN SO FREAKING MUCH AND THEY ARE BACK TOMORROW! :D CAN’T WAIT! *DANCES*

  28. Karl says:

    You know what’s funny, though? Most fighting fans seem to want the same thing: Dean having connection to the main, supernatural arc and becoming ‘the one’ and Sam having POV (which in SPN unfortunately means, well, mostly whining and crying…).I think a truly fresh storyline would be for Sam to learn how NOT to be special, just an ordinary human, maybe trying to have a family and for Dean to accept his ‘uniqueness’ and, I don’t know’, becoming leader in the revolution against the big bads? Or maybe to become a charismatic leader of a group of hunters…It worked really well in “The End”.
    And I have to agree with most comments I’ve read on different boards (the fandom is not as divided as it seems): the majority seems to agree that Dean’s character has been not treated fairly. in addition, all the characteristics have been taken away from him. Now drinking problem? AA meetings instead of fighting? As Ms Turchiano noticed in her preview, Dean used to be ‘bigger that life’. That was enough, even when compared with his bigger-than-life brother and Sam’s bigger-than-life stories. Now Dean is left only with…alcohol problem.
    Personally, the most disappointing for me is the fact that both Jared and Misha have had so many different opportunities to play different characters and stretch their ‘acting muscles’. Jensen plays just Dean, worried Dean, crying Dean, angry Dean, confused Dean etc. (yes, I remember “The End”, but Jared played 3! different versions of himself in 1 episode! And Lucifer! And Soulless Sam, which was a completely different character, etc).
    Now, both characters have internal conflicts but – again as D.Turchiano noticed – Dean’s will be “internal” internal i.e. showed mostly through the actor’s nuanced performance and Sam’s will be dealt with ‘externally’ (just like in the finale)…
    And this is the only thing that can make me angry: waste of talent.
    Oh, and I know some of you are simply trolling (Jasker?) but I’d appreciate fewer gender oriented comments. Instead of commenting (and bitching) about other comments (and bitching) maybe it’d be a good idea to concentrate on commenting (and even bitching, as in my case) on the show itself? Just a thought.

  29. Mily says:

    Sera sucks. She had the chance to do something new but she is doing the same thing that the show has been doing for 6 seasons. “Something is worng with Sam” “Dean has issues”

  30. Marcia says:

    Wow, wow, and WOW! Hate all the fighting over the characters. I’m just so glad the boys are back and I get to go along for the ride. Welcome back Sam, Dean, Bobby, Cas, Crowley et al!!

    • winchester says:

      The article said the big bad is older than man kind and angels.What could be older than angels,maby there going to introduce some monsters from H.P Lovecraft.

  31. Ciara says:

    It’s either:
    1) Your favorite character is Dean, so you want him to start suffering more, which makes no sense, cause dammit the man sufferes through every second of every episode even when the main ‘arc’ has to do with whatever problem Sam’s gotten himself into, OR
    2) You love Dean so much you want Sam to die even though the show is about the brothers, and the basic gist of each Season – Sam has a Season-long arc, Dean has episode-long arcs EVERY EPISODE – has worked so far, and Dean still gets infinitely more camera time but it doesn’t matter because all you fan girls want is to see Jensen Ackles in pain, and HOW THE HELL DOES THIS MAKE SENSE?
    Just enjoy the show and quit complaining about how the showrunners won’t change the core of the show, the core you all grew to love?
    Gah. You’d still be complaining if they DID make a Season-long arc for Dean and episode-long arcs for Sam, cause then you’d realize how ‘secure’ you felt with the shows original formula, and you’d start complainging that Sera loves Dean too much and oh my God why can’t this fandom just shut up and watch the show for once?
    Dean and Sam Winchester have been doing this for at least seven years now. If you’re honestly a genuine fan of the show you’d sit back and let them do their damn thing. Bring on Season 7.
    And to Miss Scarlet who wrote the first comment – touche. She wasn’t wrong. Just LOOK at the levels of insanity in all the above comments. Yeesh.

    • Dave says:

      Agree with you 110%!! Plus if you recall mainly is season 3 Dean did have a season long ark trying to save him from his demon deal.

  32. lisey says:

    I’ll be honest, I’m just happy the show is back for another season <3
    I try to keep myself out of all the fandom drama as best I can because instead of nitpicking at every single flaw I can find, I like to just sit back & enjoy the show.
    Bring on season 7 :)

  33. Van says:

    Jesus, what a bunch of whiny idiots! I thought this page was set up so we could comment on what we thought of the new season of Supernatural, not to bicker about Fandom! I thought the season was off to a much better start than season six, so that is a relief, at least. But to listen to the lot of you, fighting over nothing…Stop it, girls! You’re both pretty! Let’s wait until a few eps in to the new season before we begin sniping, shall we?

    • LeAnne says:

      yes Van…. I agree…. can’t we atleast wait until the season has been on more than one episode before we start ripping each others heads off?

  34. AC says:

    This comments section is embarrassing. I love this show, and I love a lot of the fic that comes out of the fandom, but this kind of whiny infighting is why our fandom (and, by association, the show) has a bad name.

  35. Dana Melo says:

    Now that we’ve seen Supernatural season 7 episode 1.
    what do you think about Death (Julian Richings) Is he going to help the boys all the way to the End to destroy Castiel (Misha Collins)????
    Is Crowley( Mark Sheppard) becoming a good Evil???
    Will Lucifer( Mark Pellegrino) escape from Hell with Sam’s Help???
    Is Gabriel ( Richard Speight, Jr)dead or alive??
    Has Azazel(Fedric Lenhe)gonne for good????
    What about the prophet Chuck Shurley( Rob Benedict)?? Where did he go???
    Is God coming back to help the boys SAVE THE WORLD???
    Where’s JESSE Antichrist(half human, half demon)
    Remember his mother was impregnated by a demon possessing her and gave up her child for adoption after giving birth to him.
    So much to think guys!!!
    This new season is going to SURPRISE us.

  36. Samantha says:

    This season’s first two episodes were AMAZING, BRILLIANT!!! So much better then I was expecting. Loved!!!

  37. coffee438 says:

    I like the show and the posters comments are at least entertaining.

  38. coffee438 says:

    It was Robert Singers idea to bring Sam back from hell soulless not Sera Gamble. I don’t understand some of these fans obsession with these actors. Oh, well I’m enjoying the new season