Glee: Premiere's Best and Worst Story Arcs?

Taste the rainbow, Glee-otches! The nation’s favorite active high-school musical returned for its third season tonight with a fun, focused hour featuring a military-minded Will Schuester, a rageful Sue Sylvester, and insecure new versions of Rachel Berry and Kurt Hummel. We’ll have a full recap of the episode posted early Wednesday morning, but until then hit our polls to weigh in on the best and worst story arcs from the season premiere, then hit the comments to justify your votes. And for all my Glee polls and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Paul says:

    I liked how Rachel and Kurt were cut down a notch. But what I’m really looking forward to is Shelby returning and how that effects Quinn.

    • Sivat says:

      I just liked seeing Lindsay from The Glee Project! Now having seen her on the show, I wish she’d won the 7-episode arc.

      • Lydia says:

        Yes I loved Lindsay on tonights episode and she was always my favorite on the Glee Project I wish she did win first place hopefully she will have more than just the two that Ryan Murphy had orginally given her she was just amazing and needs more than just one scene too

      • Puckleberry says:

        Gosh no! I hope Ryan Murphy and co. will keep their word and only give this girl, from the Glee Project, her two episodes. One down, thankfully. Nothing against the contestants, it’s just that they leave me completely cold. I cannot see the appeal.
        As for the rest, I truly enjoyed the season premiere. Right from the start I was laughing my head off! Woo hoo!

        • Jake says:

          To each his own!

        • H says:

          I agree. But my problem is more that I’m sick of guest stars in general. There are way too many and the fact that FOUR people from the Glee Project alone are going to guest star is ridiculous in itself.

          • Julie says:

            Amen! They did say that they were going to focus on all of the regulars mostly this year. I hope they better keep their word on that. Glad that Lauren is already back to her 5-sec appearances. The only guest star that I adore is Becky!! :D

          • Cate says:

            But EVERY show has guest stars – on this one, the teacher who spoke to Sue, Rod’s TV newscaster partner, the other kids in the Drama School group, the Skanks, the hockey player who yelled an insult at Finn…

            Not every guest star becomes a main character, and the Glee Project winner’s weren’t promised main character status. (OK, if you’re on 7 eps you are at least a Jacob or Azimio or Quinn’s mom.)
            They can use them as much or as little as they like. I guess if they strike a chord, they’ll stand a chance of being a regular, if they don’t work they’ll be quietly forgotten.
            Personally, I loved Lindsay on the Glee Project. She was never going to be one of the lovable underdogs, but they neither are a fair percentage of the Glee kids. She fitted the role well (unlike her dress which didn’t fit her well at all!!)

        • DRdjfla says:

          TOTALLY AGRREEE!! I sooo did not like the over-acting of the Glee project girl.. She is NO Rachel and definitely CANNOT do it better that her, (yes she can) NO SHE CANT… hahaha see what i did there.. LOL

      • Rachelleet says:

        TOATS MA GOATS. I actually didn’t like Lindsay during TGP, mostly because she didn’t come across as a “nice” character on a reality show. But, no doubt she did a fantastic job, and def had the most acting chops out of all the other contestants. I’m kinda stoked to see the rest of the crew and how they are included…

    • Lauren says:

      I wouldn’t hold your breath. Knowing Glee, they’ll probably forget about that entire arc. Baby? What baby? Oh I lost it…moving on to the next storyline…

  2. Marcus says:

    Was it really necessary to have Kurt be all needy and beg his boyfriend to transfer to his crappy school? Let Plaine make that decision on his own, we all know he makes stupid decisions on a whim regularly anyway.

    • L says:

      Agreed! Bad enough Blaine has to be around at all, but to make Kurt needy like that is insufferable.

      • Marcus says:

        Darren Criss’s overacting aside, I didn’t totally hate Blaine in this episode. But the character assassination of Kurt is just ridiculous.

        • Hols says:

          Darren Criss is hot. That is all. (I don’t even watch this show.)

        • Rhiannon says:

          I can’t stand Blaine, he just isn’t meant to be a main character, his character is too boring but he’s getting so much screen time he’s going to overshadow Kurt. Darren Criss was right, Blaine shouldn’t have left Dalton…..

    • Jake says:

      What you call needy I call in love. *shrug* Most people would do the same in his situation!

      • megslin says:

        Agree but disagree…This isn’t college we’re talking about here. For someone’s parents to let them transfer school’s because they are “in love,” let’s just say, I never had such easygoing parents who were willing to spend the money on a transfer.

        • Greg says:

          I get what you mean, but when you think about it, his parents would be at least a little relieved they don’t have to pay the ridiculous Dalton fees anymore. I mean didn’t he say he ran from a former school because of bullying. It might or might not have been a public school, so now that Kurt and Him have each other (and the glee club)to protect them he can return to a public school allowing his parents to save a couple thousand dollars.

        • drdjfla says:

          well he went to a costly private school to a public school.. I think any parent would be down with that LOL

      • Marcus says:

        LOL, you must be 15.

    • Carly says:

      I love every single letter in this comment.

    • QJ201 says:

      It’s called teenage love. My 16yr old nephew and his girlfriend make us all absolutely seasick with all their “I have to wait 5 days to see you posts on FB” and posting themselves as “pre-engaged.”

      • Marcus says:

        Exactly my point, though. It’s childish. Last season was supposed to be Kurt maturing. Now he’s regressed into a needy juvenile tool who needs his boyfriend to be around 24/7 for happiness again.

        • Ali says:

          Does it really matter though? I mean obviously his main focus is still his future and his goals. That was just some cute romance stuff for the shippers, who ate it up. He’s definitely matured – he still cried, but at least he didn’t go cry to his boyfriend after the NYADA thing, he pulled himself and Rachel out of the “pity party”. We’ll just see how things go.

      • Jake says:

        Kurt is hardly a needy, juvenile tool. He’s happy. Jesus, can’t people just let it be? Kurt can continue to be his awesome self AND be in love. It’s okay. He was still sassy and strong in the episode, he just also happens to be in love.
        And it isn’t just for the shippers – every review I’ve read of the episode raved about the Kurt and Blaine moments. Most people adore them. It doesn’t take away from the show or anything like that. Personally, I can’t wait to see their romance develop further.

  3. C says:

    I’m growing pretty tired of Sue’s vendetta. She’s an adult. Two years of this anti-glee club shtick is ridiculous.

    But Kurt and Rachel’s friendship and the storyline with them striving for their dreams is all I want from this season. With minimal Finchel, please.

    • kay says:

      Have to agree with you. SO SO SICK OF SUE and have been. I HATED that she made Becky all mean. With her sister and all, what is up with that. Just made me sick to my stomach.

      Liked the numbers – they were fun.

    • Debby says:

      Mostly this story line is just old and tired. You see change and growth and backsliding in other characters but Sue is just the same old boring character. Jane Lynch has a lot more chops than this. Give her something better to do.

  4. Renata says:

    I REALLY REALLY REALLY love that Blaine is at McKinley now (even tho I’m going to miss the Warblers), but it was Santana’s departure from Glee club that broke my heart. Her getting isolated… gosh, I can already tell it’s gonna be a hard year for her. I can’t wait to see more of it. (just give us Blainetana friendship and I’ll be happy?)

    • Jacob says:

      Looks like Kurt and Rachel have a game plan! Shame on Will for kicking out Santana! I wonder if Santana is going to vow revenge? I hope she does!

      • Captain says:

        Santana’s my favourite but can you really blame Will after what she did? Lets not pretend she didn’t deserve it.

      • Miki says:

        Shame on Will? How about shame on Santana for her role in the the deed of backstabbing the Glee club/Mr Shue because she was too chicken to stand up to Sue? I say that she got her just rewards and even though we all know that she’ll be back in the club, she needs to earn her way and their trust back.

        • Ing says:

          Was I the only person who noticed that it was Quinn’s cigarette that flew onto the piano? Was it not Quinn that started that fire, and Santana just took the credit so that Sue would believe she did it? I know its far fetched that a cigarette would light a piano on fire like that, but they did focus on it real hard with the camera. That wasn’t for artistic fashion. They did that for a reason…

          • dan says:

            We re-ran the fire scene after Schue blamed Santana because we thought Quinn started the fire. My kids and I couldn’t figure out why Schue was blaming Santana (and the fact she didn’t protest his assumption was a little confusing).

          • Saffron says:

            But Santana poured the lighter fluid on the piano.

          • Debby says:

            The Cheerios doused the piano with lighter fluid first. Quinn flicked the cigarette but all the cheerleaders covered it with little yellow cans of fluid first and Quinn is “sans cheer squad” so it was Santana’s plan.

    • Max says:

      Blaine at McKinley was the highlight for me. And seeing how very happy he makes Kurt. :D

      • Lia says:

        I agree – they’re adorable. I’m totally charmed. And despite Finn being a jerk, Blaine’s made a good addition to ND already – did you see his dance moves during You Can’t Stop The Beat? Love it.

  5. Amy says:


    • L says:

      Can I like this times a million?

      • Nope says:

        Only if you can spell “Blaine” properly. I love Blaine, but I agree, screw this “Baline” guy. Sounds like a character from The Hobbit.

      • Jay says:

        SERIOUSLY. Blaine didn’t have to transfer. His character is so one dimensional and boring. Not to mention obnoxious. And why did they have to make Kurt needy?! He’s stronger than that!

        • Jo says:

          Actually with Blaine moving to McKinley, they should be able to flush his character out a bit more since DC is now full time on the show. If Ryan sticks to what he said, which was balanced focus on all the kids — we should see Mike, Mercedes, Tina, etc…all flushed out to be more than just a bit in the background.

          Kurt wasn’t needy…he’s a teenager who wants to be with his boyfriend. All he did was ask — Blaine made the decision. Come on people, this is just an entertainment show. But then, I forget that Glee fans, like SPN fans, go so over the top on the criticisms when something in the show doesn’t go the way THEY want it to go.

          • Marcus says:

            Yes, and it would have been better if Blaine had made the decision WITHOUT Kurt begging him. It’s needy, and it’s pathetic, and it’s an assassination of one of my favorite characters. Sorry honey, you’re not the only one allowed to have opinions.

        • Debby says:

          I like the competition that he brings to the male lead singers as well as the competition he will be to both Kurt and Rachel as the center of the New Dimensions Universe.

        • Samantha says:

          ALL the characters are one dimensional and boring, just in different ways. If I have to listen to one more Kurt self-righteous long suffering Christ figure speech, one more I’m a badass Latina Santana speech, one more crazy Britney comment, one more fierce black mama Mercedes get the picture. There is virtually no character development on this show.

    • Laur says:



      …..nice spelling.

    • Leo says:

      Wow, Blaine hate. Wouldn’t be an article on Glee without a few trolls with nothing better to do than hate on a fictional character. Look at twitter and tumblr – most people like Blaine. He’s helped me and many people I know, and he’s just positively charming. Love him and love his relationship with Kurt – bring on the rest of season 3!

      • Francoise says:

        Blaine almost never gets hate and you’re already complaining? Try being a fan of Dave Karofsky.

        • Sarah says:

          lol. Are you serious? Blaine gets hate and he gets a lot of it.

        • Leo says:

          Blaine gets a lot of unwarranted hate by a very small faction of the fandom. LOL. To say that he “almost never” gets hate is hilarious. He gets hate, and so does Karofsky, but Blaine hasn’t done anything to deserve it.

          • Marcus says:

            Hasn’t done anything to deserve it? Go watch 2×14 and 2×15 again. Not to mention being unwilling to dance with his boyfriend at prom until after said boyfriend got humiliated by his entire school. Sorry, some of us hate him because he’s a selfish douche with a severe case of multiple personality disorder – AKA the horrible, lazy writing of his character.

          • Demi says:

            Is he your boyfriend? Your brother? Is her even a real person? Geez, try to remember that he’s a fictional character for god’s sake!

          • Leo says:

            Marcus, you are just such a ray of sunshine. People make mistakes. But nothing Blaine does is out of malice or spite – he’s just occasionally clueless. I’ve watched season 2 countless times and I can’t agree with a single thing you said about him. He’s kind and a hopeless romantic, and he wants to help people. That doesn’t mean he needs to be crucified. And about prom? He was gay-bashed at a dance, of course he’s going to be reluctant – but the important thing is that he pushed away his own hang-ups and saved the day after Karofsky bailed and ran away. Don’t be so biased.

      • H says:

        Just because someone doesn’t agree with you or dislikes a story or character you like doesn’t make them a troll. It’s called a difference of opinion.

        And I actually know a lot of people who are annoyed by Blaine. Just like every single character on this show. It’s a TV Show. Not every character is loved by every person.

      • Rhiannon says:

        I hate Blaine and I’m not trolling, he can be nice but he’s done some assholish things he hasn’t apologised for, he also took over Kurt’s arc the second he transferred to Dalton….

        I feel really sorry for Chris Colfer because they’re clearly trying to replace him with Darren Criss as to kiss up to Darren’s fans who don’t seem to know the first thing about the show. I also hate that they changed his age because that creates a lot of inconsistencies…

        Developing Blaine would just be mean to the characters that have been there since the start, he was never supposed to be a main character…

    • Draco Malfoy says:

      That Blaine Anderson. You know what i’d give him on a scale of 1-10, one being the ugliest and 10, well 10 would be the most pretty? I would give him (pause) an 8… an 8.5! Or a 9… but not, NOT over a 9.8, because there is always room for improvement

  6. C says:

    And Blaine transferring to McKinley was contrived. They could’ve done a better job with that like giving his family money problems or something. Transferring to be with your boyfriend is kind of ridiculous.

    • Marcus says:

      Blaine’s parents must not exist. Why would anyone let their kid transfer from a (presumably) good private school to a crappy public one?

      • genie says:

        Apparently, Blaine has absolutely no adult figures in his life. No teachers, no parents, no glee club directors. I guess he has Mr. Shue now, but that doesn’t really count. I for one, am glad that Blaine transferred to McKinley, but it could have been set up more organically. And they could have made Kurt seem less needy. Money issues would have at least made more sense. But honestly, this is the world of Glee. Nothing is logical! ;)

      • dan says:

        I know a kid who transferred out of private school to go to public, it’s not that uncommon. Sometimes it’s too much pressure, and the kid just wants a normal high school experience.

        • Tarc says:

          Not to mention being able to join a nationals-level glee club…

        • Marcus says:

          LOL, what about McKinley screams “normal high school experience”? By anything we’ve seen on screen, it’s an awful school with awful teachers, awful academics, awful students, and awful administrators. By all intelligent lines of thinking, the parents whose children already go there should be trying to get them out.

    • Jake Y. says:

      RM made it sound like the Blaine transfer would be the main plot of Episode 1. But after seeing the episode, it was clearly an afterthought, as it happened in about eight seconds, and then Blaine just joins the Glee Club five seconds later.

      Also, the Quinn storyline is out of nowhere. How can someone who cared so much about popularity for the last two years suddenly turn into a drug-addicted loser?

      • Rebecca says:

        Who says she’s drug addicted because she’s changed her clothes and started smoking? The storyline isn’t out of nowhere, I have been expecting it since at least mid way through season two, her life is spiriling out of control, she had a baby and gave it away and never even talked about it with anyone, on top of her parents divorce, being kicked out of her home, the whole Finn drama.

        • Jake Y. says:

          Yeah, but that all happened in Season 1. Season 2 she was fine. If this happened in Season 2, great, but the fact that it randomly happened now, not even after a major negative event, seems out of the blue to me.
          And last I heard, cigarettes have nicotine, a drug. Unless she was smoking weed, in which case . . . nope, still a drug.

          • Debby says:

            This is a reaction to being dumped by Finn AGAIN for Rachel, the loser when she is Quinn, the head cheerleader and queen of the McKinley Universe. How could this have happened to her? So she does the juvenile flip. She’ll be back.

          • Russ says:

            If they she goes back to the same person she was in season 1 I will be severely disappointed in the writer. First she was evil queen be bitch, then once being kicked off the cheerios and pregnant she was a little sweeter and caring. Then come season 2 same old evil bitch who cheats on her boyfriend. Now she is all “hardcore” but just wait people she will go back in a few episodes.

  7. Renata says:

    Also… WILL? Nobody cares about you. At least we got Sugar to throw some truths on his face.

    I kind of love Sue’s storyline… BUT Burt going against her? Just no. Plain stupid. Done before. (Smallville anyone?) Sends an awful message. (only going for grand gestures we can change things for better? Go big or go home? I think parents should see that EVERY little gesture matters for their children… and I’d prefer way more Burt fighting the school board for a change in the policies than… whatever the hell he will be doing during this campaign.)

    • Dan says:

      For future reference, could you not post spoilers in the comments section. some of us avoid the spoiler aspect of the show and it would be nice to not have to worry about it when reading others’ comments.

      • TigerNightmare says:

        Yeah, for serious. Never talk about anything anywhere ever. I came to this article to vote for favorite and least favorite thing for the episode I didn’t even watch yet and was totally spoiled by people talking about stuff that should totally be taken off the internet by Orock Bomama.

    • Alice says:

      Burt never really recovered in my eyes after he shacked up with his girlfriend, forced her son to come along and live in the basement with his sociopath of a kid who had been manipulating them all for months to obtain just this result, then kicked the girlfriend’s kid out on the street. Never apologized, and that creep Kurt, instead of apologizing to Finn for the manipulation, the pseudo-stalking, the overall selfish as all get-out behavior, is held up as the show’s patron saint. So I don’t really expect anyone to do anything that makes sense on this show, least of all anyone in the Hummel family.

  8. Kara C. says:

    There are story lines to not like because they’re just plain stupid, and then there are story lines to not like because you don’t like the direction a character is taking. This poll doesn’t distinguish between these two very different reasons for not liking a story line.

  9. Kevin says:

    “I need my senior year to be magic. Who cares if your parents are paying private school tuition. Stay with me Blaine!” Blech. Can you imagine the hate if that would’ve been a Finn and Rachel scene?

    • Jake says:

      You left off the rest of the line. “I want my senior year to be magic, and the only way that’s gonna happen is if I get to spend every minute of every day with you.” So sweet. Some people see it as needy, but I see it as love.

      • ngl says:

        It’s needy.

      • Kate says:

        Of course its needy and ego-centric there frickin’ teenagers LOL. Their whole world revolves around them and their “my world would be perfect if only” mind set. Its dead on. They live in an unreal reality show of their own making and it happens everyday in every highschool. It seems so desperately dramatic when your that age and looking back through the satiric lenses of Glee its hilarious! :)

    • MT says:

      You’re right. If it was a Finn/Rachel scene everyone would be going crazy and talking about how Rachel is pathetic for needing Finn.

    • wow says:

      OMG That’s so true about Finn and Rachel, if either Finn or Rachel did that, they would have been cruxified by fandom. Blaine and Kurt are the diplomat’s sons. They can say and do anything and be exempt!

  10. Layla says:

    More Quinn. Please.

    That is all.

  11. Maria says:

    I can’t believe how unfair it was that Will kicked Santana out of Glee. He is an absolutely TERRIBLE teacher.

    • JoshS says:

      You’re kidding right? She planned the burning of their piano yet it was unfair to kick her out? Get back on your meds.

      • Rory says:

        Why so harsh? Why so damn rude? Geez

      • Monkeyrat says:

        Okay… so Finchel basically and publicly ruined their chances at Nationals and Will was like “trollolol, no big deal”, and now he’s all “I’m gonna show those kids who’s the boss” and kicks Santana from the glee club because of a stupid war HE runs for 2 years with Sue? Double standard much?

        • Cas says:

          Definetly not the same thing. Santana (and the Cherrios) set fire to a piano. An action that can get someone suspened or expelled from school. He didn’t kick Santana out BECAUSE of that, he kicked her out because she was playing both sides and not 100% loyal to the Glee club, which she isn’t (Team Sue, anyone?) Finn (it took him an episode or two) and Rachel have been all about Glee club and loyal to it. I don’t understand Mr. Schue either though, 12th place out of 50 in the nation is pretty good. Not number one. But hey. Better than 50th.

          • Monkeyrat says:

            Then why Brittany didn’t get kicked out when she gave the set list to Sue? And Rachel, with the whole Sunshine thing? And you say that Santana is not “100% loyal to the Glee club”. Yeah, right. That’s probably why she single-handedly got Kurt back in the hope of winning Nationals, why she was the only one really affected when they lost, why she prevented Quinn to jeopardize their chances in NYC. And speaking of New York, Will was 100% loyal himself when he considered leaving the kids for his own dreams, right? Besides, even if Santana was obviously in this, she didn’t set that piano on fire, Quinn’s cigarette did. Also, she bluntly said “Sue made me”, Brittany confessed that she was about to help too, and if Will had half a brain and was a good teacher he would have sorted this out with Sue instead of banning one of his students. Not to mention one of the best singers in the club when count boozy von drunk-a-ton himself told earlier in the ep that the club needs members and that he wants to do everything he can to win Nationals this year.

            So what I get from your comment is that either your logic is flawed, or you’re biased, maybe both.

      • Sue says:

        Agree with you Josh. She should have been kicked out of school, not just Glee. But then again, Sue should lose her job for encouraging that kind of behavior.

    • jay says:

      Most schools would have had her expelled, and probably charged for starting the fire on school grounds, she got off easy.

    • Julie says:

      It’s not that he’s a terrible teacher; he did what he thought was right. Just put yourself in his shoes as a teacher. He had the right to kick her the way he did.
      BUT! We all know that she didn’t really burn it since it was the ciggy that actually burned the piano. I just think that seeing Quinn watching the gang perform at the end will make her admit the truth to Schue at some point and Santana will be back (they do need their 13 students and they can’t all be the Glee project whatevers… sorry didn’t follow that).

      • Volcfom says:

        The Cheerios poured the lighter fluid on the piano before Quinn flicked the cigarette. One of the Cheerios probably would have lit it if Quinn didn’t.

  12. anon says:

    Damn you blaine and your million teeny bopper fangirls. He better not suck screentime/songs, he is cute but he’s boring.

    • JoshS says:

      Get over it… LOVE THE BLAINE!!!!

    • Max says:

      I’m not a teenybopper. I’m a 30-something gay man and I freaking LOVE Blaine.

    • Brenda says:

      I’m a female in my mid-40’s and Blaine is a big favorite of mine. He has a lot of fans who are not just teenyboppers – not like there is anything wrong with teenyboppers too. I’m so glad he has transferred to McKinley. I adored his scenes with Kurt tonight.

      • Max says:

        I totally agree, Brenda. People tend to generalize about Blaine or Klaine fans when we are a vast and varied group. They’re just such a touching pair. Love them!

    • Rhys says:

      Dude, not everyone who loves Blaine is a teenybopper fangirl. I’m neither.

    • Marcus says:

      The replies to this comment are exceptions to the rule. I got dragged to one of his live shows by my little sister – nothing but screaming, horny teenage girls. It felt like a JoBros concert. He is cute, and he can sing, but he’s an awful TV actor. It’s too bad Ryan Murphy looks at him and sees $$$ on iTunes, because I guarantee you he’s going to basically be a main character.

      • Lia says:

        If he’s a main character, then good. I personally love watching him – singing, dancing, AND acting. He’s a great addition to the cast.

        And no, I’m not a teenage girl, either.

    • Ali says:

      Uh I’m 26 years old and I love Blaine and the Klaine relationship. So, yeah, thanks for the generalization.

  13. jonathan says:

    I thought the beginning was kind of boring. The whole show is somewhat like a “live” cartoon. The characters are so over the top sometimes. Kurt and Rachel’s friendship will hopefully blossom into something truly beautiful with a wonderful storyline that will have a magical conclusion. And yay for Lindsay from ‘The Glee Project’. She wasn’t my favorite on the show, but she was my favorite part of tonight.

  14. Lauren says:

    This is a tricky poll!! I WANT more Santana but the way Will booted her off makes me hate that option. So what does one do? Santana scenes were my favorites tonight, but I hated Will kicking her out. What in the hell do I vote for now?

  15. Ryan says:

    It’s official Blaine has more fans that kurt haha. Not even gonna lie, if we traded Blaine for Kurt I would prefer that. Kurt’s whining and high pitched voice are already driving me nuts and it’s the first episode.

  16. Ryan says:

    It’s official Blaine has more fans that kurt haha. Not even gonna lie, if we traded Blaine for Kurt I would prefer that. Kurt’s whining and high pitched voice are already driving me nuts and it’s the first episode!

    • Marcus says:

      So, are you a self-hating gay who identifies as straight-acting, or just a straight guy who wishes gay guys just wouldn’t act so damn gay?

  17. Anon says:

    I thought the episode was lame! Same ole, same old — Sue with a vendetta; Rachel and Curt singing Broadway showtunes, etc. Didn’t sing anything earlier than the 8Os! Yawn.

    • Brenda says:

      What do you mean that they didn’t sing anything earlier than the 80’s? The majority of what they sang was earlier than the 80’s. The newest song they sang was almost a decade old, one song was from the 60’s and two songs were older than that! And I loved all the performances too – much more so than in last year’s premiere.

  18. Marcus says:

    I’m sorry you enjoy crappy acting so much.

  19. Alice says:

    How much I enjoy Rachel and Kurt together!!!!! so awesome… and I’m looking fwd Quinn/Beth/Shelby…. Glee is back

  20. Rick says:

    Honestly, my favorite moment was when Finn got all scared of Blaine talking his spotlight, and started trash-talking him at the end. I am eager to see if this continues in the next few episodes because I think a Blaine vs Finn feud could become quite interesting with Kurt in the middle of it.

    • genie says:

      Ha, Finn is just jealous that he can’t pull off a blazer as well as Blaine. Or dance as well. Or sing as well. Wow, I would feel threatened too! ;)

    • Elle says:

      Finn ought to feel threatened – as a leading man, he lacks that sparkle that Blaine and a few of the other boys just own.

      • lynn says:

        But Cory Monteith is a far better actor than any of them put together. You can’t have a main character just sing and dance all of the time. You have to act. Darren is great in his role. Cory is great in his.

        • Lauren says:

          Really? You think that Cory is a good actor?? All I’ve ever seen him do is that deer in the headlights, I’m so overwhelmed and confused look or the “I’m a hot football stud” look. He has some of the least range in the show. Acting, singing and dancing he could get spanked by any number of guys on the show. Darren Criss will blow him away.

  21. Anna says:

    It honestly wasn’t as bad as I expected it would be. Glee set up some good storylines for the fall. Blaine didn’t annoy me this episode, and I like the competition him and Finn are showing. I like Santana as a Cherrio, Quinn really DID look like she needed a bath. I liked the reality check Rachel and Kurt had, very realisitc. Liked the car scene, not a BIG Finchel fan but they were toned down more than I would have prefered. I really really liked how Glee fit in Sugar, Aspergers? Perfect. Its going to be a good year. Once again, Glee would be nothing without Lea Michele, I noticed that, this episode more than any other.

  22. Tyler says:

    I love how Ryan Murphy said that he’s getting back to the basic this season. This episode sucked. I’m tired of Finn being Finn and having no backbone and caving into Rachel’s every demand. I’m tired Kurt focused episodes. Matthew Morrison is a terrible actor and his character needs to go away. The only reason I watch is for Jane Lynch, Heather Morris, and Amber Riley.

  23. Sal says:

    My favorite story arc was Mercedes’ new boyfriends. I just about yelled TINKER!!! when I saw him, being an FNL fan and all….
    I also liked that Rachel realized she’s not the best at something (Kurt seemed to already know, he just wasn’t as bothered by it). I hope they keep spotlighting the non-Rachel members of the group. And Quinn looked awesome! The smoking, not so much.

  24. Alex says:

    Oh dear! Last season the awful warblers ate up pretty much all of the screen time with their bull$hit. Now st. Blaine is coming to WMHS??!! My gosh. I hate that baline guy so damn much.

    Also, I’m in love with Suger. Hailrious. Her and Brittany would make great friends. And while the writers at it, please bring back the Brittany/Santana storline. It was sweet and nice.

    And now that Lauren broke up with Puck, I really want Puck to at least aknowledge Quinn and their baby ordeal.

    Lastly, when oh when am I gonna get my Artie/Tina back? I miised them so much!

    • Lia says:

      Blaine had one song. And he’s in a romantic relationship with one of the leads. He’s going to be on screen, because the creators, writers, and majority of the fans love him. Why do people keep trolling the boards to hate on a fictional character? It’s immature and getting really bloody old.

  25. Honesty says:

    It was a little bit slow. Had some great moments, really between Rachel and Kurt. I like how Sue isn’t SOLEY focused on the Glee club, its just a minor stumble in her big plan. I completly forgot about Quinn this episode. Can’t tell if thats a good or bad thing? Glad to see Mr. Schue with a backbone (I just hope it last this time). This episode had just the amount of Sue needed. I feel like Glee is more serious this year. I’m hating how everyone can judge what the storylines and season will be like by one episode. Ridiculous.

  26. Bytheseatofmypants says:

    All in all it was good. Didn’t wow me. Better than S2.01
    Liked Lindsay alot. Loved Hummelberry. It was kinda slow. Had to replay Quinn’s lines a couple of times she mumbles so. Don’t know how I feel about Finn’s comment to Blaine at the end of the epi., threathened his male lead has left the building not very welcoming, I guess, Finn’s confidence especially since he has to direction for his future will be dragging for a while. Feel the same about Kurt being needy for Blaine’s close proxcimity. It’s started off with a lot of dysfunction kinda makes one feel unsettled. See how it goes epi 2.

  27. momo says:

    I will definitely miss the Warblers!!!

  28. Oz says:

    I thought all the storylines were pretty bad. This is honestly probably the worst episode of Glee. I am trying real hard to enjoy this show as much as I did during the first season but I can’t.

    • Wizard says:

      LOL. The worst episode of Glee? Did you not see Night of Neglect? Or half of season two? This epsiode beat out half of season two, by far. It was a slow starting off but c’mon. To be honest Glee wasn’t that magical the first season, it just got overhyped. I call it the Modern-Glee syndrome (Modern Family and Glee), decent to potentially great shows that become so overhyped you see the flaws more than the perfection.

  29. San says:

    I hate Blaine.

    • genie says:

      I swear, I’m not trying to be annoying, but why? Not hating, just curious.

      • reason says:

        He’s had too much singing. You know Glee can’t keep a good thing going without milking the last out of it and Darren Criss is pretty much too exposed. The best thing they can do for that character is to NOT have him sing every episode and put in in the choir room for a few scenes with the other kids. Even then, I’d have a hard time liking him.

    • Chris says:

      You’re in the minority. I don’t understand the unwarranted Blaine hate. Luckily, judging from twitter and tumblr tonight most people loved him tonight.

  30. Ashley says:

    I would have loved to see more of Finn and Rachel, but I guess the constant PDA is good enough for now.

    • Candy says:

      Yes! Was that couple even present this episode. Really, I haven’t heard to much about Finchel is spoilers or anything. But, I hope they have some great moments this season. I rather see them than Klaine. Uggghhhh.

      • Tom says:

        I completely agree with you both. More Finchel, please!!!

      • Captain says:

        Ryan said that he’s more interested in Rachel’s dreams than her love life so I’d say Finn/Rachel will stay in the background for a while. Apparently he doesn’t know how to write a relationship unless he’s breaking them up. I didn’t need them to be the forefront of the episode but give us something!

      • lisa says:

        MORE Finchel FTW! They’re finally together again and THIS IS ALL WE GET???

  31. Blake says:

    God I can’t stand Blaine. Why oh why couldn’t they have Sam as Kurt’s boyfriend? My internal creys!

  32. marcela says:

    I really hope that Quinn transfers back to New Directions soon and I really hope that Glee doesn’t turn into the “Blaine Show”. I missed seeing Finn at the forefront, but hey! We’re only on episode one, so I should be patient. Also, LOVED the Finchel PDA. How cute are they!!!

    • pleasepuss says:

      I agree about The Blaine Show. But it might be a really good storyline about Finn vs Blaine vying for the male lead. I like both of their singing. As for Quinn I’ll wait and see where the story goes.

  33. pleasepuss says:

    I just hope everyone will give the storyarcs a chance. It’s just one episode. I feel this was one hundred times better than Audition S2.01. It’s different than S1 better than S2 and it’s only just begun.

  34. Lily says:

    Lindsay was amazing. Never watched Glee Project, but I was impressed. Pretty good ep overall. Hope we see a bit more Finn/Rachel interaction next episode, but their background PDA was adorable.

  35. Marina Sabino says:

    Finchel sucks! Cory Monteith can’t act, sing or dance.

    • LOL says:

      A lot of people disagree with you. Cory is one of their best actors.

    • Marcus says:

      He’s a hell of a lot better actor than Darren Criss, who can’t even deliver his lines believably without sounding like he’s been hitting the bong since 10 AM. I’m with you on Cory’s singing and dancing, though. Trainwreck~

    • Debby says:

      Well, lucky for him someone is paying him big bucks to do it badly. Don’t you wish you were as lucky.

      • John says:

        I was a theatre major. Darren isn’t a bad actor, in my professional opinion. He’s pretty evenly matched to the majority of the cast, and a lot better than some of the guest stars and even some regulars.

  36. FFH says:

    Klaine…sigh. Kurt’s reaction when he realizes Blaine transferred was just awesome. And how he hugs Blaine! And Blaine’s clothes! The yelllow sunglasses, the bow tie, the red pants–perfect details. Fan girl moments galore. Kurt’s previous pleading did seem out of character though. Particularly when you compare it to his tone when he told Blaine that he loved him back in the season 2 finale.
    Also, the Blaine-Finn dynamic and possible Blaine-Rachel dynamic will be interesting to see. More competition and such. Who’d get the solos now?
    My second favourite bit was Santana being booted off Cheerios. Hated that it actully happened of course, but oh the acting. Poor poor Santana. It’s going to be heartbreaking seeing her watch the glee club from the sidelines.
    Quinn comes in third.
    The glitter bomb scene was just awful awful acting and writing. So immature.
    I’m curious to see more of how Emma got together with Will in the first place.

    • Max says:

      I still don’t think Kurt’s “I love you” was insincere – I think he was just surprised after taking a mouthful of coffee and receiving his first non-family “I love you”. But after this episode, I don’t see how anyone could doubt the love between those two. Beautiful.

      • FFH says:

        Kurt seemed more shell shocked as compared to Blaine’s lovestruck expression IMO in the season finale. I always think of Kurt as wildly expressive in all other matters but not in his feelings for Blaine *because* Kurt cares so much for him and is afraid of getting hurt ever since the Finn debacle. So it seems starnge that Kurt would be all needy and ask Blaine to stay.
        But, yes, definitely the love between these two is undoubtably real and beautiful. They are so freaking adorable together. <3 Klaine.

  37. Aki says:

    What a sorry, sad excuse to transfer Blaine to McKinley. And they did it for exactly the reason I knew they would. Pathetic. Pandering. Pointless. Three P’s.

    • Melissa says:

      I see what you did there, Aki. ;) I was a little disappointed to see a few things, especially Blaine’s transfer. What happened to our fierce, independent darling Kurt? His whole demeanor seemed…more over-the-top than usual. His only redemption were his scenes with Rachel. They were the most honest and heartfelt of the whole episode. It was nice seeing Sue back to her old tricks, shedding that freakish caricature that was her season 2 self. Will = lost. Emma = still clueless. My heart broke for Quinn, but it warmed with Faberry goodness. I’m still holding out hope for this season. Fingers crossed.

  38. Captain says:

    Overall I liked the episode. I love Rachel/Kurt’s friendship and I LOVE seeing Lindsay on Glee! Anything Santana-focused is great in my books, Quinn as a member of “The Skanks” is hilarious and I liked Sue’s storyline as well. However, what i really didn’t like was the amount of time spent on Will. He’s just not an interesting character or someone I ever root for. I felt like he dragged down the episode a lot. Let him be a background character. Plus, tone it down on the Broadway!

  39. Kate says:

    What is wrong with Ryan Murphy? Rachel/Lea Michele is the best singer on the show and she’s not getting the vocals. Instead we have Blaine (we get it Ryan, you’re all about supporting gay love), Mercedes (Amber’s a decent singer but she can’t hold a candle to Lea)shaping up to be another one of Ryan’s pets, Finn and Rachel barely seem like a couple, Will is breaking down over lack of sex with Emma and glitter bombing Sue? UGH. And Sugar? Double UGH. None of this works!

    Only things I really liked about tonight was seeing Rachel and Kurt show some fear and vulnerability and Quinn (my least favorite character) changing into a skank.

    This is the last season of Glee for all intents and purposes – can’t Ryan Murphy put aside his own agenda and give the fans what we want to see?

    • arianna says:

      What do you mean Rachel gets no solos? She gets an almost guaranteed one each episode!

    • wait a minute says:

      You, obviously, never watched Lost. Its not about what the fans want all the time. Its about the writers and creators telling the story they want. Its their creation and their “baby” and they can nurture it any way they want. A good writer will take his fans wants into consideration and try to please them but they also need to have a little integrity and not sell out just because someone wants them too. You are asking an awful lot for one episode. Give it some time. I’m sure that Rachel will stay the same diva she has always been and hog the spotlight (which I love, so don’t think I’m bashing her.) You need to take a breath and realize that the title of this show isn’t “Rachel Berry”, it has an ensemble cast and they all deserve to have their talent showcased as well. Remember that this is JUST THE FIRST EPISODE of the season. If the writers gave YOU everything you wanted right away Glee would 1) only please you and 2) be over very quickly. Lighten up and have a little patience. Its just a TV show designed to entertain, not sustain your views on how the world works. And if the stories really bother you THAT MUCH, find something else to watch.

    • Lu says:

      I don’t get it? Lea sang in We Got The Beat, You Can’t Stop the Beat and Ding, Dong the Witch is dead. How much more did you want her to sing?

    • henry says:

      Dear God in heaven. SHE SANG THREE FREAKING SONGS THIS EPISODE. But Darren can have less solos. That I agree.

  40. fiona says:

    I just cringed at the Glitter Bomb scene, but then again Schue usually annoys me.

    Its interesting how they just decided to dress Blaine like Darren, usually characters are a little different from how the actors dress in real life (ie acting) but w/e. I find the flow of his transfer really odd as I assume his parents have already paid for part of the tuition and you cant refund that (at least the first month) since he actually went to the school. Adore Darren Criss though I understand how some ppl are annoyed by him. I’d say he’s one of many Glee Polarizing Characters.

    I’m excited to see the Quinn-Beth-(Puck?) Arc =D

    I feel really bad for Santana, I mean other team members have been just as bad as she was, and in the end she always sides with Glee.

    And I don’t understand why Schue would not let sugar in. I mean Mike can’t sing but they let him stay (of course he can dance) Sugar could have some musical theatre type talent, or she could just sing back up

    • Debby says:

      Sugar was obviously a little distraction to show you Shue is going to be different this year, NOT. Besides, Sugar had to have some sort of talent – singing, dancing, playing an instrament and she doesn’t. So no glee club.

  41. LC says:

    The new episode wasn’t bad. It had actual plots. The most interesting ones that could develop into something great was Santana getting kicked out of Glee club and whatever is happening to Quinn. The Hummelberry kinda was a little boring IMO though. Hope we get continuation of these storylines now.

  42. English says:

    I have to say that during the first two seasons I kinda wanted Emma and Will to get together and now that I see it, I kinda wanna throw up when they are on. I am regretting wishing for it. If they were so cutesy it wouldn’t be so bad. I hope their story line goes a little deeper… ok, ok a WHOLE LOT deeper.

    • Debby says:

      Don’t know if Emma and Will can work. She is too neurotic. This is a teen based show so you gotta have the sex and implications of sex no matter the couple mix and she is too damaged to compete. If they “fix” her character as her comment at the end suggested (when she finally knew what it was for Will to be “hot”) then it MIGHT IMO be interesting but right now you have gone as far as “I’m too crazy to engage in kissing much less sex” can go without being boring and old.

  43. Mellie says:

    The scene with Rachel and Kurt in the car was excellent. Schuester cutting Santana was unexpectedly wonderful. And Lindsay was. Dayum.

  44. Elizabeth says:

    Did seem slow but part of that is because it was such a pleasant change from S2’s “a song every five minutes whether one belongs here or not.” I actually believe they’re trying to set up real storylines this year for the long gaul.

    The Rachel/Kurt scene in the car was magnificent. I really love them. Their song was fantastic too, definitely the best of the night.

    Love Blaine but his number went on way too long.

    Quinn’s never been a huge fave of mine but I loved her this week and wished there was more of her. Excited for next week.

    Hope for more Brittany/Santana this year, they’re the couple I’m most invested in at this point.

  45. brandy says:

    Do we always need to be analyzing this show? Just enjoy the ride!

    • Lia says:

      THANK YOU. Jeez, we finally get Glee back and all people can do is bltch about every little thing. I loved the episode. The hiatus was way too long and I’m thrilled to have all my characters back. Yes, even Blaine, because I love what he’s added to the show.

    • Marcus says:

      Some people analyze everything they hear, read, or see. It’s called being a critical thinker and not a moron.

  46. Ellie says:

    I agree completely. Santana is not on the top of my list of favorites but she does bring some spunk. But she had to go!! She sabotaged New directions. Plus I think she might be the head of the Shelby crew!

  47. K says:

    Loved that Blaine transferred, though I wished there was a stronger reason for it. I really wanted Blaine to say, “I did it because I ran away before and I always regretted it” (or something like that). But he’s in New Directions, so I’m happy. It’ll be interesting to see how things develop between Finn and Blaine if Finn’s already feeling threatened by him. LOL, that’ll make things awkward for Kurt at home. Loved Sugar. CAN NOT STAND Sue’s storyline. Really RIB? She’s still trying to ruin the Glee club. Get her something new already.

  48. Lollie says:

    I really will there could be less focus on introducing annoying new characters and more focus on the core group of characters. I didn’t watch the glee project, but I thought that the girl’s solo was terrible. I didn’t see anything to make Rachel and Kurt so nervous.

    Also, I was excited about moving on from Sue’s war with all things glee, and was disappointed to see her retread the old anger. I’m so thrilled that Burt will be her opponent, so hopefully it will get better. Doesn’t Sue have to leave her TV segment behind to run?

    I really want to see more of Finn and Kurt as brothers.

    • Lollie says:

      oops, I ment “I wish there was less focus on …”

    • Lauren says:

      Keep in mind that about 2/3 of the cast is graduating at the end of this season. Even if they make some incredibly lame reason for Rachel and Kurt to hang around school after they graduate the show will still have to focus on new characters. I know we all want focus on the main cast we have but they have no choice but to develop new people or there won’t be a show next season.

  49. Mel73 says:

    I loved every minute of the show love Blaine and Kurt they belong together hope foreva in neverland even after the show which I hope and some gotta remember it’s glee and everything happens on glee is comes out of nowhere so we get used to it I love the characters actors do a great job portraying the characters if they didn’t I’m sure we wud not be watching the show just to hate on the character or actors u always got a choose not to watch it

  50. Amy says:

    it was a disappointment for me.. i might start watching other shows on tuesday nights