Castle In Review: So Yeah, That Just Happened - and the Series Creator Explains Why

It was, in a painful way, poetic.

Just as ABC’s Castle ended its Season 3 finale with its titular novelist (played by Nathan Fillion) professing, “I love you” to Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic), the Season 4 premiere closed out with a game-changing three-word confession of its own.

I remember everything.”

Yep, after claiming to Castle that she had no recollection of her shooting, let alone what happened or was said to her in the moments immediately afterward, Kate revealed to her psychiatrist (Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Michael Dorn) that she had been lying, and thus knows full well how Rick feels about her.

So why the cover-up? Why push Castle away for several months after the incident? During our visit to the Castle set, TVLine invited series creator Andrew W. Marlowe to answer those burning questions, and others.

Castle Boss Teases a Season of ‘Explosive’ Secrets, Defends Controversial Twist

TVLINE | Why did Beckett lie to Castle about remembering?
Being the kind of person she is, I think she’s not ready to deal with the emotional consequences of accepting what she heard. She has very strong feelings for Castle, which she recognizes but is concerned about acting on because she’s concerned about what it will do to their relationship. She’s also concerned that she’s at a point where she’s really fragile. She wants a real relationship, she doesn’t want to be a “conquest,” just another one of the many women he’s been with. She feels like he’s important in her life, and that she should be important in his — and she doesn’t trust that yet.

TVLINE | But they have these moments – like, in the hotel room in Los Angeles – where any two consenting adults would have simply gone for it and kissed already. What’s the danger?
Well, have you ever been in love with somebody who you’re really good friends with? And you know it could all go bad?

TVLINE | Yes – and it did. [Laughs]
See, there’s a lot at stake – basically their whole relationship — and I think there are some questions in her mind that are unsettled, about his life and his marriages… and about who she is and whether she’s ready for that relationship, for “The One.” She’s come to recognize that she has some work to do on herself before she can open up – and she is not by nature an open person, because of some of the things that have happened in her life.

TVLINE | In your mind, did Castle’s name come up in her breakup talk with Josh?
I think that it came out of Josh’s mouth. I think that she tried keep it out of her mouth, but I’m pretty sure Josh mentioned it a number of times.

Nathan Fillion: ‘I Want Castle To Have a Drunken, Romantic Evening With Beckett, and Then…’

TVLINE | Nathan did a great job of making Castle appear positively crestfallen upon realizing his “I love you” fell on deaf ears. How quickly will he jump back in the game, if at all?
The answer to that is in the [premiere], where she offers him hope. There’s subtext when she’s saying, “I’m not going to have the relationship I want to have until I solve my mother’s case.” And now we’re in a really interesting situation where he can’t let her look into it, because she’s going to be killed —  that’s really the impediment here. That allows us to continue with the Beckett-and-Castle tension and playfulness as we’re moving forward. As you saw at the tail end, we had two very big revelations – that Castle was going to push forward on the [Johanna Beckett] case without her, and we get her admission that she remembers. They both have these enormous secrets from each other this season that hopefully will color and play into the subtext of everything we’re doing. If either of these secrets comes to light, the other party could see it as being a huge betrayal.

TVLINE | If Beckett ever learns that Castle purposely led her away from the case, she’s going to be pissed.
And how do you think he’ll feel if he discovers that all this time she has known [what he said]?

TVLINE | See, that I think is more forgivable. She’s protecting her heart.
But what does she want? There’s a lot of fun material to be mined there.

Exclusive: Castle‘s Life Is In the Hands of Breaking Bad‘s Dean Norris

TVLINE | So, given what she said, will Kate not be dating at all?
Uh…. I would not want to say no. I want the fans to tune in and see how we handle it. I make no grand pronouncements on either of them and their relationships. I know what our fans are investing in, and we want to be fair and honest with them and not frustrate them too much.

What did you think of the Castle premiere, and the double-barreled twist that is now keeping Rick and Kate apart? Sound off in Comments!

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  1. Tyler says:

    I doubt either dates anyone. Beckett just said she pretty much can’t be with “anyone.” Castle hasn’t really been with anyone since he broke it off with Gina (after finding out Beckett was upset he left… duh!) As for their lies. I think both are forgivable. He just told about how he saw her die, so you can’t blame the guy for doing all he can to keep her alive. Though I’m sure Alexis will not be happy if she finds out he’s still digging. And Beckett is lying to protect both their feelings until she’s ready, which she hinted at to Castle anyway and he seemed to catch her drift. Overall, I think the twists are good. They keep things progressing and not progressing at the same time.

    • Nic says:

      I agree with Tyler. I loved the premiere. I’m happy with how the show is progressing and I trust Andrew Marlowe and the rest of the writers and crew.

    • Shiloh says:

      You are really killing the interviews today, Matt. You asked all the perfect questions. I have a lot of respect for Andrew Marlowe. I appreciate being appreciated and respected as a fan. He has a great show and great dynamics on his hands. I wish him all the goodness and blessings he deserves for treating people right and working hard to put a good show out there. Thanks for the great interview. :)

      • Jaz says:

        @Shiloh- Kudos to that! Yes Matt I think you nailed the perfect questions! These last couple of episodes are emmy quality. They show the deep side only a great show -full of awesome writers, amazing creator, & outstanding actors- like Castle could provide. This season premiere has got to be the best one to date. Suspense, confessions, lies… Ah Castle, you have finally begun!

  2. Caskettobsessed says:

    The season premiere was one word, epic! Stana Katic’s acting was surerb!! It’s also very refreshing to find a series creator who actually listens to what fans want. So from the mouths of caskett shippers “in Andrew Marlowe we trust ” :)

  3. Liza180 says:

    Is it just me or is anyone else going to miss Josh? Man was he fun to look at. :) It was also fun to see Castle’s reactions when Josh was around. Who would let a hot, honest, doctor slip through her fingers? Love this show!!!!!!

    • Caro says:

      Someone who has a Richard Castle in the picture :D I did like Josh but I can’t claim not to be glad to see him go.

      • TJCrinc says:

        thumbs up to this comment. you cant let that relationship go on any farther. i like how josh was the brick wall castle needed to run into just to realize what he’s gotten beckett into, and how he can make it right.

  4. Caro says:

    Absolutely beautiful episode. I figured Kate was lying when she said she didn’t remember the ILY but I can’t fault her much considering what’s at stake. And in a similar way, I can’t blame Rick for trying to protect the woman he loves from dying. The area’s too bumpy and full of greys. That’s what makes Castle amazing, after all. The complexity.

    • MJ says:

      Yeah, I knew it right after she said it. When Castle was about to ask her if she didn’t hear him say it, she gave him this look, willing him not to say it, and then he changed his question. Yeah, I was shouting and everything. *hangs head* I am so lame. Yelling at the TV again, oh well. But I loved the premiere. I am so excited for this season. I hope he finds out she knows soon though! I love that kinda post-big-event awkwardness! LOL…

      • Duckyblonde says:

        Oh I was totally yelling too… ;) Like when Beckett said she didn’t remember anything in the hospital. I saw her eyes and I was like Liar!! lol and when she was crying about everyone being gone… I was like Don’t just sit there!! go over there a hug her, you idiot!! ha ha really love the show though. they are all doing a fantastic job!

  5. Scogge says:

    Great season start!

    But please no more dating other people for either one of them! That would just be unrealistic now and very “standard way to keep people apart”. We have seen enough of that on this show already so don’t kill it with more.

    I’m all for the slow pace but they need to move forward and not do 180’s back and forth all the time.
    The more people they date the less belivable it becomes that they are each others “one” for me.

    • Ron says:

      I don’t think it would be unrealistic for Castle to date someone given that, from his perspective, Kate is not interested in a relationship. I can see him thinking- she doesn’t love me and so I’m foolish to keep pining for her. Kate on the other hand knows he loves her, and she’s pushing him away purposefully (to protect herself and their friendship), so the only way I can see her dating someone would be in reaction to Castle “moving on”.
      As for the episode itself it was brilliant. The emotions playing subtly on the faces of all the characters- watch again the expression on Lainey’s face when she sees Esposito in the hallway of the hospital. I also enjoyed the quiet tension between Espo and Ryan as they react in different ways to Beckett’s continuing the investigation. They always have each other’s back in the past, but now they have strong (opposing) feelings as to how to behave under the Gates regime- one has to think the physical altercation last season has some lingering effects as well. How will their partnership play out? As Castle pushes Beckett to let the investigation go, does Ryan help him in this effort? Do they wind up in conflict with Beckett and Esposito? There’s so much at work (and to work with) that this season I believe is going to be extraordinary!

  6. Amy says:

    LOVED the season premiere!! it was totally worth the wait

  7. Rose-Marie Gazagnaire says:

    Such a clever, clever writing in that episode, how can you pack THAT much within 40 odd minutes and be RIGHT on each and every level ??? It does take some skill, to say the least ! From now on we know where we are and what the dynamic of the season will be. There has been a major, significant shift in the Castle world we knew, and from there things can only evolve. In which direction, I just trust the writers and Andrew Marlowe to find the one that will feel right. From what I saw in this episode things won’t get any easier between Castle and Beckett, their relationship could look like some “hide-and-seek” sort of game, and the elephant in the house can only grow bigger. They’ll both have to deal with it in their own ways, albeit I think it’ll be easier for Kate. Things are simple on her side of things. She knows how Castle feels about her, and she knows how she feels about him, albeit she won’t be able to deal with her feelings before her mum’s case is solved. And she makes it clear to Castle, on that swing in the park. On Castle’s side though, things won’t be so simple. He knows that they’ll have to clear that case before Kate can deal with their relationship, and on the other hand he knows that diving further into the case could lead to her death. At the end of the day, the weight of it all rests on his shoulders. I agree with Caro when she says that the complexity is what makes Castle amazing. It really is. And I’m sure that with the talent the Castle’s writers have shown so far and the stellar awesomeness of its cast, we’re in for a treat this season !

  8. merr7242 says:

    Perfect way to start the new season of Castle. Nathan Fillion is one terrific actor. His emotional reaction too Stana’s lie was palpable. Great series and it doesn’t disappoint ever.

  9. Two words: train wreck.

    The good news here is that the cast is talented enough that “Rise” was still quite watchable despite the fact that the plot logic is already spiraling off into the stratosphere. The bad news is that they’re evidently trying to build a season-long arc around a plot that’s already losing any remote scintilla of credibility it may once have had.

    The problem: the grand conspiracy as it’s been developed to this point makes no sense. This is a fundamental problem with the Evil Conspiracy plot device; the longer you spin it out, the less credible it becomes, as characters must behave in increasingly stupid or inconsistent ways in order to keep from actually resolving the relevant conflicts. (First example: Montgomery. In season 3, he’s the mole…but in season 2, he supported Castle’s and Beckett’s reopening of Johanna’s murder — an act that should have had fatal consequences for somebody in Montgomery’s orbit.)

    I also have issues with the way Capt. Gates has been established. Given the way the situation has been set up — with virtually her entire detective squad flatly ignoring her direct orders — she simply isn’t credible as a commander. The writers have set her up to fail, even though she’s absolutely right ethically and procedurally.

    Bottom line: the Castle writing team has done a good-to-brilliant job with individual episodes — but someone needs to take away their licenses to attempt extended non-relationship-driven plot arcs.

    • Garrett says:

      I agree with what you said, but I disagree about it being a train wreck. Giant conspiracies ARE hard to keep going after a while (like how 24 ran out of government conspiracies after the president was the bad guy). But, with the way Montgomery was involved and talked about the case, he clearly wanted it dealt with. He died to have it dealt with (which it ended up didn’t happen…kind of sucks for him). So I don’t see that as too implausible.
      With the new captain, again, she is right, like you say. But being right logically doesn’t always equate to the right thing to do. They may be disobeying and sneaking around, but I think we’ll find they’ll listen to her when she’s in their face. They’ve set it up too much as her being a total hard-ass to not show some consequences of that.

    • Luminosity says:

      John, I am with you. I LOVE the show, but think poor plot choices are being made. The weaving (and obvious re-weaving) of this now gigantic conspiracy being a big part of the problem. I don’t know if you also noticed that the envelope that Montgomery sent BEFORE he died arrived to a man(we saw Montgomery’s return address) and it included the conspiracy files AND an article about Kate’s shooting. How did Montgomery manage that? I wish Marlowe would focus on individual cases and on relationships, but end the Castle/Beckett lying AND the conspiracy part of the show. It’s too much.

      • Allison says:

        Loved the ep, but that’s not the point of this particular post. I just have a small comment on the article about Kate’s shooting. I do not believe it was in what Montgomery sent. ?Smith had it on his desk already before he slid the rest of the documents out of the envelope.

      • Tyler says:

        The paper with that article was thrown down on the desk first, then the envelope was opened onto the desk. I take it he got the paper along with is mail… You never see that article come out of the envelope Montgomery sent, so it’s plausible he got it separately. Later the clipping is shown on the desk, but by then he could have clipped it himself to keep with the obviously related material Montgomery sent.

        • Fitch says:

          On Montgomery’s package:

          The paper article was on the desk before the package was opened.

          IMO the real clue in the scenes showing the contents of the package is that there is a picture of the guy (fireman?, fire inspector?)that wrote the report about the bank files wearhouse fire in the package. Montgomery knew about him, and the fact that the fire was started to destroy evidence. Maybe there is also a copy of a selected few pages from the bank files in there?

          My take from this:

          Beckett is right (though she doesn’t know why), the guy falsified the report. Thinking about it, if the guy(s) at the top of this conspiracy make the mistake of killing the fire inspector it could be the perfect way back into the investigation with out Gates knowing what they are doing. What? All we are doing is investigating the murder of a fireman. No problem here.

          That could lead to Mr. Smith giving the package to Beckett, Castle, or releasing it to a trusted newspaper reporter, or several reporters, or the FBI. If that happens, there could be a lot of fallout, in fact so much fallout it will take a couple of seasons to work through it (Y E A !) after C&B get together.

          The picture of the fireman is only on screen for a second or two, it’s almost a subliminal message, but it is definitely there.

          • Mikel Granan says:

            Beckett’s hair looks terrible. Where are the soft waves? too Straight. Looks like a wiitches hair. she is so beautiful…but the hair needs to be back soft and a slight wave please.

    • Mike says:

      Here’s the thing, telling a serial story is hard as hell. Even great works of art that have been told serially — The Three Musketeers, Crime and Punishment, the Sherlock Holmes stories — show the strain of trying to anticipate where the plot will go in the future. That means a lot of TV shows suffer from some believability issues like you bring up. Also, trying to keep a plot device in place for multiple years creates problems that serial novels don’t have to deal with. (“The Mentalist’s” Red John, “Cheers’s” sexual tension between Sam and Diane, and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” ratcheting up the apocolypses to give her a challenge, for example.) So, while what you say is true, the key for a TV series is to make you kind of enjoy and ignore the stretches of believability — and I think Castle does a very good job with that.

      • I agree that serial storytelling — particularly TV serial storytelling — is difficult. However, we seem to have different working definitions of “serial”.

        To begin with, the canonical Sherlock Holmes stories arenot actually serial; they’re episodic (that is, self-contained), with very few serial elements — and such serial elements as there are appear only sparingly (Watson’s marriage(s), Professor Moriarty). Even most of the filmed adaptations have been done in episodic form, the BBC’s current Sherlock being somewhat of an exception.

        Similarly, Castle — like its direct ancestors, Remington Steele and Scarecrow & Mrs. King — was for most of its first two seasons almost entirely episodic in form and structure, save for the evolving relationship between the leads. This kind of character-driven serial storytelling is something TV tends to do very well — see not only the above-noted examples, but M.A.S.H. and The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

        Strongly plot-driven serials are far trickier to pull off, and those that succeed — such as Lost and 24 — are those that focus virtually all their storytelling energy on the plot arcs. Attempts to juggle plot-driven and character-driven serial arcs in the same series (see particularly late-stage Buffy and much of Smallville‘s run) have nearly always proven critically and commercially unsuccessful.

        Which is why I think Castle‘s writers should play to the show’s strengths, namely its characters, and stop trying to make the series into something it doesn’t need to be.

    • arkay says:

      i can’t help but agree to your post. conspiracy theories stretched too far will be a yawn sooner than later. example prison break… the tension stretched long will become comical …like we see in those horror flicks…in my opinion, johanna beckett’s case should have been rsolved by now or be finished off this season.
      however, i like castle’s predicament also this season…to be or not to be…
      so far so good..i guess

  10. Eli says:

    I absolutely LOVED this episode and the tone it set for the whole season!
    I cannot wait to see more!!!!

  11. Emad says:

    I loved the episode. It was epic

  12. Chidiju says:

    I still havnt seen d premier help!!! But frm wat i see, im sure its jst as awsome as d oda episodes wre….wat abt Alexis, is she stil going 2 college. Plus would she mind kate being her mum.

  13. Brandon says:

    To say I loved it would be an understatement! :)

  14. Stephanie says:

    Andrew Marlowe pretty much just confirmed my analysis of the episode. I’m a little bummed that Kate didn’t tell Rick she remembered what he said, but I can sort of understand her not feeling ready for a relationship with him just yet. I’m glad she hasn’t kicked him out of her life at least; she really needs an anchor now, and that anchor’s name is Castle. :) I do think that when one or both of the secrets come out (as secerets usually do), there will be some very hurt feelings, but hopefully they’ll be adult enough to work through it and forgive each other.

  15. elin says:

    The episode was waaaay to short and “I remember everything” and then a little smile… I was screaming out loud :)

  16. Jess says:

    First thing I have to say is: KUDOS CASTLE-CAST!!!!
    I don’t agree about the way they handled Josh. After all happened after “Countdown” we only got a “we broke up” and off-screen?? Beckett only cares about her mom’s case, she broke up with Josh because of that, NOT BECAUSE SHE LOVES CASTE. The “walls” were there when she said “always” and opened the hotel door in LA, but went back to Josh, she liked him, she wasn’t hidding in their relationship, she was enjoying him. Even when she hesitated to answer Josh call in 3×18, even when went to the cinema with castle because Josh was working,even,even…….. If it wasn’t because she was shot, she could be with Josh right now. Why did she go to the book signing? Because she missed Castle and loves him? NO!!! She went there because Castle had information regarding her shooter. What is Beckett? a selfish bitch? Is that a love story? Mr Marlowe, you forget some viewers have intelligence and they are able to discern.

    • M says:

      I understand your point of view and I even posted on another site that I hope that Castle does not sit around and wait for Kate indefinitely. While I don’t think so strongly of her as being selfish, I do think that she takes his friendship for granted. I was thrilled that Castle was angry at her, for however long that lasted. I was very annoyed that she didn’t even call her best friend Laney in weeks! I know that she is a very emotionally scarred woman, but her behavior fustrates the hell outta me sometimes. As for her lying to Castle that she didn’t remember her shooting and his ILY, I also found that to be one of her lowest moments. The man waited and struggled for years to reach that point and she coouldn’t even acknowledge it. I am not saying that she had to jump in his arms and reciprocate, but she could have said something to let him know that his confession didn’t go unheard, I could see him literally deflate when she lied that she didn’t remember.

    • beryl says:

      your comments are completely wrong. guess you don’t watch the show ,uch.

  17. Mels says:

    If any of them dates… I vote Morena Baccarin as a girlfriend for Castle!

  18. Alicia says:

    Great premiere, Stana was superb! And I have to say (even though I don’t ship Castle and Beckett) it was really admirable the way Castle was ready to “own” his profession of love.
    When he went to see her in the hospital he brought flowers, checked his hair in the mirror, and entered the situation seemingly without any regret over his words. I could easily see it having gone the other way, where Castle had some trepidation over facing Kate because now he’s having seconds thoughts (“I thought she was gonna die–did I really mean it?”) and it might be “awkward” to face the consequences of his words. It just strikes me as the more “original” route to take with respect to the scenario. Kudos.

  19. Shayla McNevin says:

    I think it would be a mistake to have them date other people. They both know what he said and they both know what she said, like Andrew Marlowe said, he can read the subtext. Dating others would be unthinkable at this point. I think it would be a turning point for many fans, and not in a good way.

    • Fitch says:

      I agree 100%, but apparently the writers don’t. It’s rumored there will be a hot lady that Castle is drawn to. In the real world, a post ILY dalliance should tell Kate he isn’t grown up enough to be worth the risk and may life out his life in a perpetual state of pre-adulthood – being committed to living with that is not consistant with her character.

  20. Julie says:

    I must say, thank goodness for CTV in Canada (we get to watch the show at 7ET :D) if I would have watched it at 10ET (which is 11 for me since I’m in the Atlantic time zone) I think I wouldn’t have been able to wake up this morning! haha!

    LOVED the opener! It’s great that Ryan and Esposito are getting somewhat of more screen time (love those two and how they are ready to do anything to help Castle and Beckett!) and I at first I was okay with Beckett not remembering but now that we know she does I’m even more excited! It’s kinda sad that she knows how he feels and that he might never know from her (since I do believe that he will go as crazy on that case as she will since he knows it’s how she will make peace and will finally be able to give her heart to him). But it makes some tension between them that makes them the best couple on TV right now and I just can’t help but love it that way (because let’s face it even if they were together now it wouldn’t be as terrific as it will be when they finally do share that tension-relieving kiss).

    I can’t wait until next week already!!! Fall TV rules!!!

  21. Synik says:

    I thought the premiere was too crowded and confusing – new captain, new case to solve, life-or-death drama with Beckett, Alexis hissy fit, Kate/Josh break up, and last but certainly no least, Kate’s mother’s murder, of which I am really really REALLY tired! Solve the darn case, already!

  22. Ethel says:

    I knew Beckett was not telling the truth when she told Castle she did not remember.There was just something about her body language which gave it away. Overall, excellent episode and so glad to see Castle back on the air again. Nathan is such a great actor and I agree with other posters on the way he acted before he entered her hospital room, his show of disappointment when Kate said she did not remember. This show keeps getting better and better.

  23. steve says:

    good start to season. But Andrew Marlowe has said publicly that Bones took far too long to put booth/bones together yet he is doing exact same thing here taking far to long to put castle/beckett together if your going to put them together would you just do it all ready.

  24. Centava says:

    I’m just irked that Marlowe is using that old line-“worried about being a conquest.” That was valid a season ago, but not anymore. It’s a tired excuse.

    • zaza says:

      I agree. I think the fact that Castle tried to make things work with his ex, Gina, showed that he interested in having a committed, grown-up relationship. So the whole “playboy” thing doesn’t really apply anymore. He has shown Beckett on numerous occasions that he’s there for her.

      I think the real issue is that she knows Castle is serious and she is scared to take that next step. It would mean opening herself up to him in a very vulnerable way and that’s not an easy thing for her, having been so closed off emotionally for so long.

  25. nitemar says:

    Am glad that Marlowe is one of the few shows creators who listens to the fans, but knows how to keep us in a complete frenzy without falling onto a joke. For that he has a fantastic group of writers that keep us wanting for more. That was an epic season premiere!! :)

  26. Guy says:

    One word. Amazing. Loved it so much i have watched it 3 times already. Stana was fantastic and the whole Castle becoming investigator is cool. The whole season is about secrets so i guess this is a big one to start. Bring on next week

  27. pa says:

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  28. J.Norman says:

    The writers / producers of Castle certainly have a far better handle on how to accomplish a breakup . . . or at least how to keep their characters at arms length. . .than their counterparts over at House.
    The plan for Castle (th show) is reasonable while the ending over at House was a total FUBAR.

  29. Suz says:

    Please tell me that they wanted Kate to look like she just died. The clothes were all wrong, the hair was all wrong and frankly she looked anorexic. Please get her back to health! Love the show but that was not Kate.

    • allie8 says:

      couldn’t believe how much weight Kate has lost… totally understandable if the directors needed her to lose some weight after being shot but if that is not the case and this is Katic’s choice not related to her character… she is way too thin. On the other hand, Fillion, needs to drop some weight. Love both of these actors but neither one looks healthy right now!

  30. lisa says:

    Can’t say enough about how they handled the ILY. It was just wonderfully done and NF is, and his subtle acting, amazing. Keep up the good work, and for the love of God no more dating for either one of them!

  31. Elizabeth says:

    Four words: in Marlowe we trust. “Rise” was bone chillingly perfect — that opening scene (which my spoilerphobe self had NOT seen, and boy was I glad I avoided it) and the apartment scene in which Beckett broke down were heartbreaking, and the tension when she didn’t call (hi callback to “A Deadly Affair,” how are you?), her showing up at the book signing, the reveal she lied…all of it was balanced where it could have been a train wreck. I also ove the parallels of them keeping secrets. It’s definitely a dimension to their relationship I hadn’t expected.

    Also, let’s hear it for the supporting cast. Jon Huertas, Seamus Dever and particularly Molly Quinn were absolutely fantastic.

    Two problematic things for me, though: I’ve given up trying to understand this conspiracy, as it’s making my head hurt (and not in a good, “Fringe” way either.) This is worrisome; how am I supposed to care about this apparently driving force when I don’t get it? I’m also not a fan of Insubordinate!Beckett. Why on Earth would she think she wouldn’t have to requalify? The attitude she took with Gates was absolutely childish and spoiled, and I’m glad Gates put her in her place.

    Overall, a brilliant hour of television. Let’s hope the rest of this week’s premieres pay off as satisfactorily as this one.

  32. GetThem2Gether says:

    AGREED! PLEASE! NO MORE Dating for Becks or Castle, it will completely trivialize a deep, literature-like show with great plot, so far…Real true love is NOT kissing folks…clearly, Kate brings out the best in Castle, but will he be able to do the same for her? This is what she’s wondering, and she has PTSD now, not a good place to start a long-term relationship.

  33. Joy says:

    Seriously? Wow. I really didn’t need the particulars of the Beckett/Josh breakup, nor did I need to see it. That kind of stuff reminds me of soap-operas, and that’s not what Castle is. Besides, having to witness the breakup would give Josh alot more importance within the story. Truthfully, he was just an attractive buffer she kept between her and Castle, which is why she says that she “liked” him. She was never in love with him, and she wants Castle to hear her say that. Doing so is her basically acknowledging that he was right about what he said when they argued in Knockout.

    However, being that we didn’t see the breakup, how can you say that she only broke up with Josh because of her mom’s case? Seems to me she had a lot of reasons – especially given her confession to her shrink at the end. At the very least she couldn’t commit to Josh knowing that Castle loved her. As for her walls always being there – absolutely. The change is Beckett acknowledging them. This is the woman who said she’s a “one and done” kind of woman, and yet has clearly never been open to the kind of intimacy that implies. Her confession to Castle shows she’s now sees that she has issues, and, more importantly, that she wants to work on them. Josh isn’t the inspiration for wanting to get those walls removed, nor is he the one she’s telling these things to. No, it’s Castle she’s telling about wanting to fix things in her life so she’ll be available for real love. I don’t think wanting to be her best self in a love relationship is a selfish thing. It’s often suggested that Beckett has made Castle “a better man” by giving his life a sense of focus and purpose. I think the swing set scene showed that Castle has also changed Beckett. Not just by getting her to “have more fun,” but by getting her to really look at herself and see how counter-productive her behavior has been in terms of what she really wants.

    It’s nuances like these that make the story being told on Castle is a lot more complex than the usual network fare. Thus far, this is not a will they/won’t they setup where the relationship stays static for as long as possible. Even though they aren’t together, they are closer and more involved with each other than before. There’s a tactic acknowledgment between them now about having a deeper connection. (Which is why the idea of them dating other people at this point is ridic It’s not just a love story; it’s a life story.

    • MacJoy says:

      It was a great 1st episode for the most part. The show needs to get back to solving crimes and less time spent on will they or won’t they. Get some of the old playfulness back in as well otherwise the show becomes more soap opera than murder mystery. I do like some time spent on the Beckett/Castle personal relationship but I think there are too many subplots going on. The Mother’s murder plot has become so convoluted it’s now requiring a murder board in every home just to keep up. Anyway, overall the first episode was gripping and definitely MUST WATCH TV – something rare in my home given the trite and unimaginative fare by the major TV networks.

    • cait says:

      Here Here Joy!!!
      It’s not just a love story; it’s a life story.

  34. deb says:

    Have a question. If the envelope the man receives is the one that Montgomery mailed before he was shot. How did the article about Kate being shot get in there since it obviously happened after his death? Did I miss something about how he got that article. It is going to be a great season.

    • zaza says:

      It doesn’t show him pulling the article out of the envelope, just throwing the paper down on the desk on top of the files. It’s probably just his morning paper.

  35. Tom says:

    It was an okay episode, but I’m still concerned about this show. Last night’s show was basically an attempt by the writers to dig themselves out of the improbable mess they created at the end of last season. It really wasn’t very interesting or entertaining.

    The killer of Beckett’s mother story line is already tired. Now they seem to be trying to make it into some worldwide conspiracy. It’s time to end that story and move on to something else. It sure looks like the writers are trying to make it bigger.

    On the Castle/Beckett relationship I’ve said this before — the writers need to either go with a relationship or drop it. The constant teasing will destroy this show. At the end of the first season Beckett was in love with Castle, but he inexplicably decided to reunite with his ex wife. At the end of last season Castle was in love with Beckett and now she isn’t ready. C’mon. Stop trying to rationalize, you’re just using a Beckett/Castle relationship as a ratings ploy. The viewers are going to get tired of it.

    On Capt. Gates. I’m already bored. Is this whole season going to be the regular characters have to do everything behind Gates’ back? Yawn. We already know how that’s going to turn out.

    Maybe subsequent shows will go back to the mix that made Castle fun to watch. I was disappointed with the ending of last season and I as disappointed with the beginning of this season.

    • Rain says:

      Ditto to all of this!

      • Danielle H. says:

        It’s like you read my mind. I’m surprised so many of the comments liked this episode! I was looking and looking for one to jump into that didn’t, so thanks haha.

        REALLY hoping this show gets back to the light hearted fun with a dash of danger that made it so loveable, because I hated that episode.

        • hutbug says:

          I too am surprised at all the positive reviews. My husband and I have loved the witty lightness of this show from the very beginning, but this premier was dark,dreary and boring. I couldn’t wait for it to end. I don’t care who killed her mother, seriously, get over it and move on with your life, girl! Relentless, never-ending obsessive vendettas are just boring. Wish the writers had closed out that story line and come up with a new/better one. I’m pretty concerned about the future of the show after this episode – my big fear now is that new viewers will be turned off and the show will fade away.

  36. Amy says:

    I loved the episode! I am completely on board (for now) on where this season is going. I am fine with each other being obstacles as long as there aren’t anymore love interest obstacles. I am still not over what happened on Bones. This is going to be a great season! I trust Andrew Marlowe – he at least acknowledges that he doesn’t want to push the fans’ frustrations too far. Also, yea for superheros next week!

  37. Joy says:

    Seriously? Wow. I really didn’t need the particulars of the Beckett/Josh breakup, nor did I need to see it. That kind of stuff reminds me of soap-operas, and that’s not what Castle is. Besides, having to witness the breakup would give Josh alot more importance within the story. Truthfully, he was just an attractive buffer she kept between her and Castle, which is why she says that she “liked” him. She was never in love with him, and she wants Castle to hear her say that. Doing so is her basically acknowledging that he was right about what he said when they argued in Knockout.

    However, being that we didn’t see the breakup, how can you say that she only broke up with Josh because of her mom’s case? Seems to me she had a lot of reasons – especially given her confession to her shrink at the end. At the very least she couldn’t commit to Josh knowing that Castle loved her. As for her walls always being there – absolutely. The change is Beckett acknowledging them. This is the woman who said she’s a “one and done” kind of woman, and yet has clearly never been open to the kind of intimacy that implies. Her confession to Castle shows she’s now sees that she has issues, and, more importantly, that she wants to work on them. Josh isn’t the inspiration for wanting to get those walls removed, nor is he the one she’s telling these things to. No, it’s Castle she’s telling about wanting to fix things in her life so she’ll be available for real love. I don’t think wanting to be her best self in a love relationship is a selfish thing. It’s often suggested that Beckett has made Castle “a better man” by giving his life a sense of focus and purpose. I think the swing set scene showed that Castle has also changed Beckett. Not just by getting her to “have more fun,” but by getting her to really look at herself and see how counter-productive her behavior has been in terms of what she really wants.

    It’s nuances like these that make the story being told on Castle is a lot more complex than the usual network fare. Thus far, this is not a like a real will they/won’t they setup. In those the relationship tends to stays static for as long as possible, resetting back to the status-quote until the audience is so bored they throw the two together in moment that has no real context to the story as a whole. Even though Castle & Beckett aren’t together, they are closer and more involved with each other than before. When events they have gone through major events together, the effects can be seen in later interactions and which have built the bond between them. After the swing set there now seems to be a tactic acknowledgment between them now about having a deeper connection – reinforced by the exchange near the end when Castle tells Beckett they can work on those walls of hers.

    Which is why the question of them dating other people at this point seems ridiculous. Castle’s working to solve the murder in order to free Beckett up for a relationship with him. Beckett’s working on that and on herself so that she can be emotionally available for a relationship with Castle. Why would they decide now to get involved with other people? That move would make no sense, and would completely turn Castle into the typical soap-opera fare that it’s been sailing above. I’m trusting Marlowe isn’t going there – even if he can’t say that in print.

    Castle: It’s not just a love story; it’s a life story.

  38. babygate says:

    Do not like Gate. Didn’t like her in 24, do not like her here. It’s a huge turn off for me. She’s not endearing and doesn’t seem to care about her people.

    • allie8 says:

      Logged on to post this exact comment. She is a very one note actress – I was not happy to see she had been cast as the new Captain and she was just as bad as I thought she would be. I do not like the dynamic in the station now. Loved the episode and the way things are headed for the season but Gates is a real downer and kills the fun banter in the station. Hope they fix it and minimize her role.

    • TJCrinc says:

      the only time i liked her is back in the day when she was on ds9, cassidy yates her characters name was i think, she was the love interest of the main character.

  39. lauwer says:

    Although I think the writers did a fairly good job on Rise, there are a few points that bothered and some of them have already been mentioned here above by others:
    – how thin did Kate (Stana) look when she returned to the precinct, did they aggravate the look with the close to make her look more fragile or does she need to eat a little bit more?
    – Kate is taking Castle for granted..not calling him for 3 (!) months after what happened, that is being a stone cold b*tch in my eyes…
    – yes, Castle was angry with her, but only for like 5 seconds and then he started following her again (literally to the other side of the road, to the swingset).
    – he break-up with Josh happened off camera, really?? well, that was easy..
    – the conspiracy plot is getting more and more complicated and so intricate that I really wonder how it will turn out, I think with an anticlimax..(like when Castle just pulled a bunch of wires to defuse a nuclear bomb)

    on a more positive note:
    – Stana and Nathan’s performances were excellent
    – the premise for this season, of them both having a big secret and keeping it from each other, is something I am def looking forward to
    – that last scene, the way she says to the shrink: I remember everything, and then her face with just the hint of a smile, was very very good

    Anyway, still excited for season 4 but I will always be a fangirl with a critical eye ;-)

  40. Bella says:

    I loved this season opener. The acting was superb. In that scene on the playground swings, you could see every thought and feeling that was on Castle’s mind and heart, even though he couldn’t say any of it. And I loved that they didn’t just send Beckett back to work as though nothing major had happened to her. I think “Iron Gates” is going to come around to them working with Castle, especially once she sees the results. Closing cases looks good on her record, too.

  41. Leon says:

    Really liked the episode the only thing that made me upset was that there was no Beckett Lanie scene after she got back.

  42. jenna says:

    CASTLE continues to be the most consistantly unoriginal show on TV. From its Bones rip off premise to the new opener with the obvious “we cant be together until …” setup. It was SO OBVIOUS that Beckett was lying about forgetting the shooting and that Castle was going to go try and solve her mother’s murder.

    Despite all this, I continue to watch the show weekly, a decision I attribute to Nathan Fillion’s charm and utter cuteness!

    I just hope the writers start thinking of new fresh storylines for this great cast and stay away from ideas already played out in other TV shows!

  43. ALI says:

    Well the episode wasn’t excellent, but it was very very good and the acting was great from all parties.
    Good things – Beckett has a secret from Castle, Castle has a secret from Beckett, there’s some HOPE, but once again the writers have come up with a way to keep our duo apart that is believable.
    I can see B & C getting closer and closer as the season progresses, then both secrets come out… :)

    First five minutes – high drama, very blood-pumping.
    Beckett crying – good to see her showing some emotions.
    Beckett freezes against suspect- as cheesy as it was, couldn’t help smiling when Castle became the voice in her head, telling her she could do this… :)
    Castle getting himself back at the precinct – amusing.
    Captain Gates – shame she looks like a female montgomery, but i think the team will grow to respect her, she’s very rigid but she plays by the book and she seems a good captain. I also totally agree with her not letting Beckett investigate her own shooting as well.
    Beckett looking ‘fragile’ – nice idea to have her thinner after her shooting and the grey jumper – hmmm – interesting to note when she knew she had to go and see Castle she took her hair down! Who are you trying to impress Kate? :) Also mirrors how Castle checked his hair before going in to see Kate :)
    Hospital bed scene – excellent how Josh was in there first when Castle walked in.
    Beckett’s lie – totally obvious she was lying, and can see why she told him to go, although was a little awkward to watch!
    Martha – love her, but would have been nice to see more of her reaction to Castle’s declaration.
    Alexis – liked the promo bit but there should be more added here. Think it would have scared the hell out of Alexis to see what Castle was willing to do for Beckett – i.e take a bullet for her. Think this could have been expanded on.

    Bad points – does Beckett only go and see Castle again because he has the files she needs?
    Would she really not speak to him for three months after finally hearing how he feels about her?
    Don’t believe Castle would stay away from Beckett for three months period. Esp without calling HER? Unless she didn’t pick up and that would have made him angrier. Also think he should have said something about how she wouldn’t return his calls and he didn’t know where she was… etc etc.
    Becketts Dad – not enough air time.
    Lanie – would she really not call her best friend for weeks? Why put that in?
    Josh – HATE him – but would you really dump the man who just helped save your life? And it had to be off camera? Hmmm…
    Mom’s murder – who is Montgomery’s friend? Why send him the files?
    Would have been much better if Castle got them and would have been a better reason to keep our duo apart.
    Voice on the phone – Was a bit misleading. Would have been better if an actual threat was made – if Beckett keeps looking for us, next time we’ll aim for her head.”

    Thought we might get Beckett tell Castle she wants to be with him too, but can’t until she solves her mom’s case. Castle has the files but cos of the threat can’t allow her to continue working on the case.
    Stalemate for the both of them.

    Anyway, all in all a good first episode, and can’t wait to see how it turns out.

    Not sure if i’m looking forward to the insurance investigator episode or not now… :)

  44. amanda says:


  45. Alicia says:

    What an EPIC season premiere! The only thing I wish we saw was Josh and Kate’s breakup…

    Fab fab fab.

  46. Chidiju says:

    Jst love d way castle has d perfect facial expression 4 every situation… bad of kate nt 2 have called Lennie.

  47. Bruce_F says:

    Did anyone else notice that the man Montgomery sent his files to was also passing in the background (wearing a lab coat and stethoscope) outside of Beckett’s hospital room when Castle stopped by with flowers?

    • Tyler says:

      I was just getting on here to say this. I just got to that part in my second time watching this. One of the editors, I believe it was, tweeted about that, but I’m central time, so it was after I had watched the episode on my tiny TV and therefore didn’t notice. (The problems of college life.) She said something about “notice the doctor who just walked by.” I’m paraphrasing… Now I’m extra interested in who this guy is, since he smiled at Castle checking his hair.

      To those saying Kate looked too thin, the costume department purposely put her in clothes that were too big. They also tweeted about it. Stana may or may not have lost weight, but they intentionally made her appear frail/sick. Also, people jumping on about Nathan’s weight seems a little rude. He’s a naturally big guy, and really it’s up to him how he lives his life.

      • Tyler says:

        Ok, I got on twitter just to find these. So here they are:

        Luke Reichle
        I oversized Beckett’s gray turtleneck top play up her post recovery weight loss and imply frailty. As much as I can imply frailty with her.

        Marta Evry
        Notice the “doctor” who just walked behind Castle? #CastleRise

  48. Marla says:

    OK. I’ve accepted the fact that Kate can apparently chase down a bad guy while wearing stiletto heels. It’s TV. But really, did she have to be wearing blush, mascara, and shimmer eyeshadow the day after major surgery. I’m sorry, but I did have to laugh at that. Yes, I just had my chest literally ripped open, but I feel well enough to sit up and put makeup on!

    That said, I enjoyed the opener, they skirted the I Love You artfully. I agree there was a lot going on, and this could have easily been two hours to fully bake some of the ideas. But still, I’m looking forward to this season.

  49. sara says:

    LOVED the premiere, hope the show stays great.

  50. Fairytales says:

    Right on. Couldn’t agree more.