Joe Manganiello on Alcide/Sookie, Getting Naked for True Blood, and Stripping With Matt Bomer

Will True Blood Season 5 be the season that Sookie’s love life gets truly hairy?

Speaking with TVLine at our Emmy weekend kickoff reception at Levi’s Haus, Joe Manganiello offered his thoughts on Alcide’s season-ending reaffirmation of love for Sookie, as well as shared the “bare facts” about shooting Alcide and Eric’s “naked showdown” at the lake.

“It was Valentine’s Day, and there’s me and [Alexander] Skarsgard naked, screaming that were going to kill each other, with Anna [Paquin] in the middle and my wolf Thunder a few feet away,” he recalls. “There were a lot of ‘Happy Valentine’s Day, Anna’ jokes going around.”

True Blood Scoop: [Spoiler] Will Be Back For Season 5… But In What Form?

Speaking of which…. Where do things stand with the stripper movie Manganiello is said to be doing with Matt Bomer (White Collar), Channing Tatum (Step Up) and Alex Pettyfer (I Am Number Four)? Also in the video below, he gives us the naked truth about that project, his preparation for it (“I’ve been in choreography lessons, just in case”), and whether moviegoers can expect to see “the full Manganiello.”

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  1. Sivat says:

    If this stripper movie doesn’t show us full frontal nudity of the male stars’ penises I will feel cheated.

  2. Samantha says:

    I really hate when you guys post videos instead of text. I really don’t want to watch your video.

    • Danielle H. says:

      I agree, though I’ll thank you guys for putting the video up for some, but would like you to go ahead and type it out because I can’t watch most vids on this archaic computer I have.

    • uhyeahright says:

      I agree; it just seems like the “easy way out” for websites that are supposed to be content-based.

  3. Gail says:

    I don’t want to see Matt Bomer’s assets. Since he bats for the other team, I just want to dwell on the sheer beauty of his face.

    • Sam says:

      That’s rather selfish of you. Can’t you put up with a little penie action so the gays, such as myself, can let OUR imaginations run wild?

      • Gail says:

        Ok. sure. It’s not like I’d have a shot even if he was straight. But just looking at Matt, or Adam Lambert for that matter is good enough.

    • Kay says:

      Who cares what team he bats for, he’s eye candy!

    • Alisa says:

      Does it matter whether or not he bats for the other team? I still like looking at him and he cant take that away from me. I’ll look at whatever he lets me see. Same goes for the Joe, Alex, and Channing.

    • Rody says:

      Yeah because if he didn’t play for the other team he would be having dinner with right now…

    • mags says:

      Who cares what team he bats for? He’s hot and I want to see as much as I can of him.

    • Jules says:

      Whether Matt bats for the other team or not…we ladies can appreciate such fine assets. ;) His hubby is one lucky lucky man.

    • sure says:

      Like you never crushed on a straight guy.

      • Tarc says:

        LOL! Exactly.

      • Ang says:

        OMG Chill out, no one wants to turn you or any of your other fellow gay men straight. And it is really close minded by the way that you think all straight women act like a really bad version of some 90’s comedy movie. We are not out to get you, we do not want you, we just like looking at you, just like you like looking at Jake G., Ed Westwick, Chace Crawford, Heath Ledger, George Clooney, and Russell Crowe (back when he was hot)….
        We do hope however that you someday get the same rights we have… so peace and relax there buddy.

        PS Thank you for your Porn. :)

    • Glynn J says:

      Matt, the best actor in this cast, is not the only member of this cast to bat for the other team! But it doesn’t really matter since most actors are that way anyway and you would have to be ignorant for orientation to matter with respect to acting.

  4. Michael says:

    Great interview; I like a mix of video and print.

  5. Tim says:

    so sick of these true blood actors talking about getting naked when none of them actually do

    • xav says:

      Apparently Alexander Skarsgard actually does get naked and doesn’t use the modesty clothing.

    • David says:

      Amen, Tim! Kim Cattral got naked on a weekly basis on “Sex and the City,” in long, well lit, lingering shots, and no one ever said a word because the straight male paradigm is that hot women are SUPPOSED to get naked but men are not. But Joe’s nudity wouldn’t add up to more than 10 seconds from the past two years. That scene he talks about was filmed so that he was cut off at the hip and could have been shown on NBC without issue. Everyone on the gay boards are talking about how “Magic Mike” is going to be one long prick tease of network TV states of undress with one quick bare tushie from an extra.

      • Alex says:

        Alas, I suspect the same from Magic Mike. So much potential and they’ll just squander it. I mean seriously, it’s a stripper movie. Like a male version of Showgirls. Let’s face it folks, we ain’t in it for the “drama”.

  6. Lil says:

    Hope he’s saving his money well, cause showing his abs is the only way he’ll ever get job, lord knows his acting doesn’t cut it.

  7. E says:

    Cannot…view…video…on…phone! It’s like I’m in a desert and you offered me mirage water.

  8. Nick says:

    I wish TVLine posted mobile-friendly videos.

  9. Markh says:

    Any chance you could eschew Flash video? Love your site, read it on my Ipad…alas, no video for me :-(

  10. xav says:

    I liked the little Sam/Alcide bromance that was going on at the end of the season. I think I’d like to see them working together more.

  11. Jenn says:

    Actually Alexander Skarsgard is naked in his scenes. He’s the only person that does go full on nude though. And I love Joe’s character. I think he’s broody without someone wanting to kill him.

  12. Puckleberry says:

    I don’t watch True Blood, or any Vampire show for that matter, but I am willing to sit in front of my tv set in order to watch this very fine specimen called Joe Manganiello. He’s really, really handsome. Maybe he’ll be the reason I’ll start watching HBO again.

  13. Bunterman says:

    Can’t act? He was great as Flash Thompson in Spiderman, and as Marshall’s buddy on How I Met Your Mother. He’s the guy who started me saying “redonkulous” or the shorter “redonk

  14. Studio guy says:

    Folks don’t expect full frontal from is film. First it would get a NC17 rating which would kill it financially. Second, real self respecting actors with a big future – Bomer for example would hardly jeopardize their future for this film. Ass yes, full frontal no way…

    • Kim says:

      Well, it didn’t hurt Kevin Bacon who went full-frontal in Wild Things…but then, Kevin has a big dick.

      Most of these guys are probably “average-sized,” and don’t want anyone to see it :/

  15. Jennifer says:

    Joe can pretty much go frontal since his career will never be much more than a werewolf, a thug or criminal, or a stripper. Face it, his acting could use some work….He’ll be playing thugs or criminals down the road in bad gangsta movies and shows with fast cars and explosions.

  16. linda says:

    I’ve read many online article that pretty much expected full frontal…so may’ve you won’t be cheated after all. Although the guys are hot, I really am not excited about them showing it all. I won’t miss it though since the talented MATT BOMER is amongst the cast and risk seeing more than I care to.

  17. quinn says:

    Joe and Matt Bomer went to Carnegie Mellon together….they forgot to mention that they have been friends for awhile now.

  18. Eric Kane says:

    Pardon me, I have to get a towel…

  19. Shawny says:

    Don’t be such a fag hag. Go get a