Supernatural Exclusive Video: Dean and Sam Bow Down to Castiel

Supernatural fans, get ready to quake in fear in front of your new God.

When The CW series returns next Friday, Sept. 23, at 9/8c, the Winchester brothers will be facing down a former ally who’s become a dangerous new enemy: power-hungry God Castiel. TVLine has the exclusive first look at the confrontation that opens the the Season 7 premiere, and finds the brothers — plus Bobby! — getting on their knees to pledge allegiance.

Unfortunately, it looks like the gesture from “brave little ant” Dean is not enough to satisfy the new, menacing Cas. “I hope, for your sake, this is the last you see me,” he warns.

Check out the video preview below, then hit the comments and tell us what you think of Cas’ new power stance.

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  1. Jackie says:

    So a wonderful character, Cas, has been destroyed so the show can go back to just the two brothers having the same conversations and the same issues over and over and over. No thankyou. If the show can’t grow beyond that very limited concept, there are better things on TV. I think the ratings will be going straight to the bottom by midseason.

  2. Qina says:

    Wew, maybe it’s better he doesn’t get redemption. He’s almost like sam, ‘like a brother’. Just think that dean have 2 bros, both bad, but one get redemption, one not. If there’s no cas, I think it’d be bobby who go dark side

  3. Jo says:

    I loved the show up until the middle of season 4. I bought seasons 1-4 but did not buy 5 & 6. I’m sure I won’t be buying season 7 either. My problem now is the repeat storyline of how hell is affecting Sam. We already went through that with Dean and he’s good as new which is ridiculous. My guess is Sam will take longer so Dean can angst over him. Ugh! I hated what they did to Sam making him an addict, a deceiver, and an idiot for trusting Ruby. They took one of the heroes and turned him into a non-likeable failure, whereas Dean always gets to be the wonderful caregiving perfect brother. It’s getting so old.

  4. Anon says:

    this is how the writers treat family? I can’t stand how hypocrite this show has become.

  5. Mae says:

    The comments here are cracking me up. Supernatural has some sensitive fans.

    I can’t get over the amount of rage regarding Cas’ God direction. People in real life don’t always get happy endings or redeemed (that’s life!), so why should a fictional angel?

    • Dana R. says:

      Mae, thank you for being one of the few voices of reason in this comment war over here.

      As much monsters and supernatural stuff the show always showed, in the aspects that life is hard and unrewarding, the show always stayed pretty much realistic, when it came to suffer the consequences for your actions.

      So I wouldn’t be surprised if God!Cas doesn’t get redeemed. After all Supernatural is a drama show, and not some happy crappy comedy where all gets well and fluffy.
      The protagonists on Supernatural had to make difficult decisions over the years, and like in real life all have payed the price for it.

      It’s not that I hate Cas, but after a so-so season 6, lame DomesticDean and even lamer RoboSam. (Ms. Gamble that was the best you could come up with? Oh.) I want my Supernatural from Season 1 to 5 back….the brothers on the road, hunting monsters.

      I’m actually more than excited to see Cas as a deluded, power-drunk angel who thinks he is God. Hubris like this usually gets punished rather severely, if you take old legends into account. But there is still hope that the Winchesters find a way to save Cas.

      Saving people, isn’t that the Winchester family motto?
      Hunting monsters aka the new bigbad is also part of the Winchester family motto, right?

      So yeah, I believe season 7 will be great, and a lot better then most of season 6.

      I can’t wait for Friday!!!

  6. Jess says:

    Dean!! You should have done SOMETHING more insteda of just standing there looking heartborken!! Why did you just let him fly off? you should have screamed at him, grabbed him by the lapels and kissed him, punched him again… anything!

    And don;t say Deans afraid of him now because of his new powers… Cas has always been able to smite Dean if he so wishes and its never stopped Dean before. When Lucifer was in Sam that didn’t stop him either! You said Cas was family, Dean! YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING!

    Maybe Dean’s just in shock right now… I’ll give him some time to make this right, but I will be so pissed at Dean if he just gives up on Cas… -_-

  7. Erin says:


  8. wohoo says:


  9. Web says:


  10. Mari says:

    I just hope Misha will be a part of a new series where he gets the respect he deserves. And not a tv show that just throws his character in the trash after two amazing seasons of development.

    • Alicia says:

      Absolutely. What’s worse is that, not only have they thrown his character in the trash, they have portrayed the 2 main characters without much sympathy, turning their backs and never showing any gratitude to someone who gave up everything for them and remained loyal until the very point where he couldn’t. I feel so cheated and disheartened by all this. If they wanted to get rid of Misha, that sucks in itself but there is a way of doing things. Jo, Ellen, John – they all got heroic send-offs. So why not the one who has been as loyal, if not more so, to the Winchesters as well?

      • Mari says:

        exactly.. I doubt they will kill him as a villain tho.. they are going to probably bring the old Cas back right in the moment where he is about to die and he will get his redemption somehow. I truly believe it. I just don’t believe he will survive after episode 2. But I don’t think the writers are stupid to the point of turning the most loveable character of the show into a bad guy and send him off like such… I will hunt their asses if they do!

        Either way, I will never forgive them for destroying him… and if the rest of S7 will be all about Sam and Dean again, I’ll stop watching.. what’s the point of watching a show if you’re not enjoying it anymore? I almost stopped watching S6, I just kept with it till the end because of Cas.

  11. geefrench says:

    great show getting better and better over the years ; I went through all the comments and don’t agree with those demeaning Castiel ; we, in France, like him a lot as much as the angel arc.
    Now the story is taking a new turn and I can’t wait to see what is gonna happen.

  12. Raquel says:

    I think Castiel can remain on the show, and since Mischa was in the same amount of episodes last year, as when he was not a regular, think about that. I love all the guys, and really hope we get to see Castiel get his redemption. I would miss him a lot, if he was being written out, not going to lie, and I think it would be a mistake for them to do so. I don’t have to see Castiel in every episode, having him around, out there never knowing when he’s going to pop in is what makes it interesting.

  13. alee says:

    Jenni i agree with you:) to me its ok that they try new things and not get stuck on the same things , honestly i like all the season

    even the’re somethings that i don’t like but you souldn’t fight for something that it’s not even aired maybe it has another director but, i think she has done a good job , so let’s see what happens with this season to me it looks great :)

  14. Lori says:

    Poor Sam. He’s going to have a hard time of it.

  15. Ella says:

    SOB. This hurts my heart in ways I cannot even describe. My dear beloved Castiel. I hate this. I feel devastated and disrespected as a fan.

  16. Todorov says:

    All I want is to be surprised by the writers and not recognize what will happen next. The reason I like the show is that the story often takes different twists.

    • Anex says:

      that’s why I still have hope that Cas isn’t going to die. Because from the promos and interviews we get 99% sure he is, but why would they tell us the big punch? It doesn’t make any sense.. that’s why I’m expecting them to surprise us and do the opposite and save Castiel.

  17. Katherine says:

    I am a Supernatural fan!
    I really don’t get most of the “fans” here.
    We ALL supposedly sitting in the same Impala and all I can see (read) is that everybody wants to kick the others *ss out of that car.
    My question is: Why?
    I love the show the way it is. That’s why I watching it!
    I really love talking with other SPN fans but here I just can’t because you guys, just arguing all the time about the caracters. Yes. everybody has an oppinion, and you are free to write down but you have to write in a way, you know you won’t hurt anybody’s feelings.
    Because that’s the way it should be in a community. We should accept other’s oppinion because we’re not the same. But we have one thing in common: We love Supernatural.
    So please, don’t act like enemies.

    • Juh says:

      Tell that to the few Castiel haters out there that leave hate on these articles and don’t respect the people that love him and are upset with how things turned out. We’re just trying to defend Cas and they are just trying to bring us down.

  18. Sherry says:

    Misha is going to be in episode 7, which is “The Mentalists”.

    He’s not gone as some would like so……BURN!!!

    • Selen says:

      And you know that how exactly?

    • anny says:

      unfortunately we don’t know that. Yes Misha’s name is in the cast list of some of the new episodes besides the first two, but we can’t trust IMDB… I remember that jeffrey dean morgan, jake abel and mark pellegrino were on the cast list for the season 6 finale, and like you know, that’s not true.

  19. Angelkim says:

    I do not like ! I MISS THE OLD CASS :(

  20. Frank Rizzo says:

    Rest easy Cas fans!! Gibbs will show up, smack him in the back of the head and all will be well.

  21. Rick says:

    Not gonna lie. I really preferred the first 3 seasons. Not because I’m simple-minded or can’t follow a story arc. Just because I was far more interested. The story of two brothers fighting for revenge, as apposed to fighting to save the world, was awesome. Also, I felt that those seasons contained more of a horror element to the story line. Don’t get me wrong, I hated Cas at first but he definitely grew on me and I hope he survives and returns to being the Cas I now really like, but I just love the first 3 seasons. Those seasons will be the essence of Supernatural for me and I will just hope that the feeling of those episodes can be recreated for me in season 7.

    At least they still play “Carry On Wayward Son” in the finale recaps..

  22. Mark says:

    I love supernatural! well, except for the 1st few episodes of season 6, anyway how about the anti-christ kid? he has some serious power going on there maybe they’ll track him down?

  23. lostit2bostik says:

    I imagine Death’s god-killing scythe will factor into Castiel’s megalomaniacal apotheosis. As Crowley mentioned, the scythe is rumored to be able to kill God himself. Perhaps, this is why Death appears in the new episode.

  24. Raiko says:

    OMG!! this is one bad-ass Cas we’ve never seen before talking to his old friends Sam, Dean & Bobby who have now become his enemies …Poor boys !! this is very funny to see Bobby going down on his knees and the boys getting ready to bow infront of their ‘Almighy new God Cas ‘ ..Can’t wait for the season 7 premiere..and this is going to be amazing as ever with ‘Death’,’Crowley’ and the powerful new ‘God’ Cas…Not to mention our gorgeous Winchester boys who we miss so much for such a long long time!! It’s been a hell of a long long wait…so glad to see you back in action Sam & Dean !!

  25. Jamie says:

    I am screaming right now. That was so messed up. Oh My Cas!

  26. Tavish says:

    CAS COME BACK!!! *sobs pitifully*