Supernatural Exclusive Video: Dean and Sam Bow Down to Castiel

Supernatural fans, get ready to quake in fear in front of your new God.

When The CW series returns next Friday, Sept. 23, at 9/8c, the Winchester brothers will be facing down a former ally who’s become a dangerous new enemy: power-hungry God Castiel. TVLine has the exclusive first look at the confrontation that opens the the Season 7 premiere, and finds the brothers — plus Bobby! — getting on their knees to pledge allegiance.

Unfortunately, it looks like the gesture from “brave little ant” Dean is not enough to satisfy the new, menacing Cas. “I hope, for your sake, this is the last you see me,” he warns.

Check out the video preview below, then hit the comments and tell us what you think of Cas’ new power stance.

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  1. Michael Sacal says:

    It takes a God to kill a God. I’m sure the Winchesters will track down the real God to take Castiel down.

  2. Tiffany says:

    Oh my word. Just…oh my word. Why is it still a week away???

  3. Jen says:

    Oh sweet jesus….. I can’t…. CAS. COME BACK.

  4. Jenni says:

    They cut the whole angel arc too soon and left many fans unsatisfied. It needs to be finished, but not rushed. The show also does not need to turn into monster of the week. That’s been done already. It’s time for bigger and badder things for the boys to fight before their story ends.

    • Jo says:

      This so much!
      This is the right word: unsatisfied
      Thank you!

    • Sivat says:

      I’ve been dissatisfied for THREE YEARS since this angel garbage took over the show. I am so glad they have cut Castiel as a series regular and appear to be getting back to basics. Enough is enough!!

      • Octavia345 says:

        What? The angel arc was too short? LOL It took freaking forever! They better not get back to it, I can’t stand it.

      • Sil says:

        I hate angels.
        You are a minority, so please, respect all the fans here please.
        Let us at least lament for not have our favorite character on the show anymore. We don’t need to read all this hate.
        Keep your hate for yourself.

        • tmcmill1 says:

          Thank you! Without the angels there would not have been a story. Dean and Sam were vessels morons the big fight was the whole story all five seasons built up to that. Without angels theres no fight. DUUUU!

      • journi (@HauntedJourni) says:

        Oddly,at least the “angel garbage” made some sense,we have a Bible of angels,God,demons,Lucifer and the Apocalyse! But you prefer urban legends and make believe? Okay..just dont refer to Angels as garbage..never know when you might need one!

      • Wendy says:

        I agree, I liked the “monster” or supernatural entity of the week. That was when it was fun and exciting, especially when they do the spoof episodes. I so hope they get back to that.

    • Dahne says:

      I think the end of season 5 would have been a natural end to the angel story line. I was disappointed they dragged it out for another year.

      • Sara says:

        I love Castiel but I actually agree with this. There was no need to have the threat of putting the apocalypse back on the rails – they could have done what they’re looking to do now then with Dean and Sam fighting the monster of the week and Castiel popping in every now and then. Instead, they dragged a loyal and beloved character through the dirt and came out with a season that makes One Tree Hill look like an Emmy deserving show…

    • cheve says:

      I agree with u.Dont worry if the ratings r good the show will have a season 8.

  5. Kay says:

    I loved this Godstiel! His response to Sam trying to bow down and apologize – gold! :D Also, the “favorite” pets part was awesome! Too bad Show is going to get rid of Godstiel, I wish he could stick around and NOT be at the Winchesters’ beck and call.

  6. Jess says:

    Wow that was intense and extremely worrying… Season 7 I will watch it even if it ends bad for Castiel… No point avoiding it cos of the possibility of not liking what could happen.. If anything does happen, Jensen Ackles did say: That no one really stays dead on Supernatural…

  7. Ina says:


    CAS!!!!!!! COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. Ina says:


    CAS!!!!!!! COME BACK!!!!!!!!!! I MISS U!!!!!!

  9. Oragami says:

    I heard Jo is supposed to be coming back in a ‘spectacular new way’. So maybe SHE’LL be God?

    • Helen says:

      No, she comes back as a witness in Dean’s trial.

    • tmcmill1 says:

      Ok thats just stupid! They already revealed who God is. That was the big reveal that everyone was waiting on in the fifth season. There is not anyone else that chuck could have been.

      • Jeff says:

        Chuck easily could’ve been just a profit. When Profits time is up, they are taken to Heaven.

        The Angel story line needs to end. They did Demons for 3 seasons, they did angles for 3 seasons. Fair is fair. Go back to basics. I was tired of the boys just always having Castiel to rely on. They stopped investigating, stopped solving cases and just asked Castiel for whatever was needed. “Find us this”. “Take us there”. “Tell us about that”. Can’t wait to see them back using their noggins, wit, and skills again to get out of sticky situations. I miss the Winchesters and Bobby versus the world.

        • DJ says:

          The angel will be a part of this season but not the biggest. This season is about dealing with the stuff Cas let out when he went to the other side to get the power to become God.

  10. Suzy says:

    Awesome! Loovee Supernatural!

  11. trina says:

    Thanks! Eep. Can’t wait.

  12. Jess says:

    i hope that Cas go back to the Cas we all loved

  13. Dee says:

    Looks AWESOME!! Bring on season 7!

  14. Renee says:

    Oh my… just… oh my… Cas… D:

  15. Deb says:

    Goosebumps…. just goosebumps. Side note: Sam, please, please see a barber.

    • kate says:

      ha, agreed on sam’s hair! it’s his least attractive look and they REFUSE.TO.CUT.IT.

      • Maya says:

        Agreed. Everytime he’s on screen this hair version is so horrible and distracting, how doesn’t anyone who works on the show say anything? This seriously bothers me more than the idiotic storylines. Find a way to make Jared’s hair look good! Pleaee!

        • Jeff says:

          Seriously. Seriously?!?! You guys care about Sam’s hair?!? Love me some Supernatural, and there are bigger issues than Sam’s hair. Gosh some fans are so annoying.

  16. Jessica says:

    Still on edge since the finale and this only freaks me out and worries me even more. We better get the old Cas back, or will be totally bummed.

  17. Laverna says:

    Oh Cas, you slay me. No seriously, this made my day. If only it didn’t take 30+ million corrupt monster souls for Castiel to finally knock the Winchesters down a peg. Ah well.

    • James says:

      Heh. I kindof love this comment. I am heartbroken at losing the Castiel I know and love but Dean and Sam had the verbal bitchslap coming. Cas was incredibly loyal and self-sacrificing when it came to them and not only did they abandon him, they never even said a simple “thank you”. Dean said in the finale that he almost died for Cas a couple of times – um, when? I cannot think of even once.

  18. sean says:

    i thing all the monster souls took over casteils vessal

  19. Brianna says:


    Where is my Castiel?

  20. TAG21 says:

    Goodbye Cas! FINALLY – Hopefully we’ve seen the last of Cas and the whole angel story line.

  21. Jayne says:

    An intriguing twist to the plot. I am glad to see the new angle of the story line forcing the brothers to search for new tools and resources to go foreward with their hopes to keep the apocoliptic end from being put back on the rails.

  22. -1Fan says:

    DAMN IT I thought they were getting rid of the Angel storyline, I was hesitantly optimistic that I could start watching after making the very difficult decision to stop half way through S6 (after being a diehard fan for 5 seasons), guess I can forget about that idea. I don’t know why I believe anything that comes out of the writers mouths after 2 years of being lied to about the damn Angels and useless Castiel, sad I loved this show from the being and now not even J&J can keep me interested . . . hate you Gambles and your cannon raping storylines, I will never watch anything you are involved in again (and to think I was really happy when we heard she was taking over).

    Guess they’ll never address the crap that Bobby pulled, don’t see how a good writing team could just hand waive the fact that he lied and hide the fact Sam was alive for a year from Dean without any repercussions from the Brother Winchester. SMH for the create force behind the show and feel bad for the crew who work so hard only to be sabotaged by the writing team.

    • kate says:

      I often wonder what would have happened if they hadn’t said Kripke was stepping down as showrunner and he had just left quietly. Would anyone have noticed? Would the whining about being lied to and crapped on and a million other stupid things be this endless?

      • -1Fan says:

        <i.Would the whining about being lied to and crapped on and a million other stupid things be this endless? Did you not read any of the interviews prior to S5/6 it was stated multiple times that the show was going to go back to being focused on the brothers and the Angels where on the way out . . . 3 years later I still see at least one of them. So don’t really think it’s whining more like stating facts, many of us who despised the Angel arc where rickrolled into watching the past 2 seasons and are pissed, as the focus shifted so far from the original series that it became unwatchable for many of us. I’m going to steal a friends comment about the past 3 seasons of SPN, the show we loved (s1-3) died the day they killed Dean, and that was started by Kripke who I fully blame for the downward decline, but Gambles has done a great job of of completely killing any affection I once held for these character, DomoDean and RoboSam where about as interesting to watch as paint drying. I’ve also notice for all the people who where defending S6 certainly weren’t rewatching during hiatus, based up on the ratings.

        • jessica says:

          It takes time for a certain story arc to be put to rest. You can’t just rush the plot and not give it all you’ve got. I think you’re overreacting just a little. This season I believe they are slowly ending this story, and bringing it back to the beginning. Castiel isn’t even what they’re focusing on this season. He’s just the catalyst for some wicked monsters who he accidently lets out into the world after ‘exploding’ in like… the second or third episode i think. Maybe the first. I can’t remember. Anyway, it’s not really about the angels this season. Therefore, they are bringing back monsters and probably repairing the brothers relationship.

          • Are You Kidding? says:

            Accidentally let out into the world? LOL Castiel knew full and well what he was doing. There’s no “accidentally” about it.

        • cheve says:

          Ive watched every season 6 reapet and loved it.What ur looking for and so am I is coming.Season 7 baby, ALL WILL BE WELL .

      • Carrie says:

        I wonder the same thing. Everyone thought Kripke was genius and he still seems to be very much involved. People also used to rave about the episodes Sera Gamble wrote. Now, she’s blamed for story arcs they don’t like. I’ve been watching the show since the beginning and I’m still a huge fan. I see no decline in the quality of the show, just storylines that not everyone is going to like (you can’t please everybody). I personally have never felt let down by the show. I still enjoy it tremendously and I can’t wait for the new season to start.

  23. Sivat says:

    Love Sam and Dean, HAAAAAAATE Castiel. Thank God he isn’t a series regular this season—that is a major step in the right direction!

  24. Nina says:

    Go Bobby, go Sam, go Dean! Can’t wait. \o/

    PS. Go die permanently, Cas, it’s long overdue.

  25. Iris says:

    Such an annoying clip. Where is the show I once loved. What happened to it? =(

    • kate says:

      yeah, it was SO annoying, I could hardly not pay attention to it by clicking literally anywhere else.

    • Ruben says:

      Totally agree with you!

    • ellysha says:

      agreed! remember when tho show used to have a badass feel? it went downhill after kripke stepped down as showrunner

      • timotey says:

        It doesn’t have a badass feel anymore? Really? I thought that, for example, the way Dean got rid of Eve was really badass, letting her bite him to poison her. But hey, that’s just me. What’s the saying? “It is easy to find a stick to beat a dog?” Or simpler said, haters gonna hate *shrugs*

        • Laura says:

          They stole that from Vampire Diaries though. I don’t understand Dean in this clip. Also, could Jensen’s acting be any less subtle? Dean used to be smooth. I honestly think Jared and Jensen have gotten worse over the years.

          • timotey says:

            And from whom did TVD “steal” this plot device? It’s been in books and on TV for ages, poisoning vampires by drinking holy water and letting them bite you and similar stuff. And bashing the actors? Not touching that one, that’s just bad taste.

          • Frank Rizzo says:

            The dialogue in the clip seemed awkward. There was no flow from the bowing to the Cas is gone to the ant comment. I’m hoping the clip was edited for release. Anyway, the conflict with Death should be good.

  26. Natasha says:

    Oh no no no why Cas? I loved him as he was… I do hope they bring him back. :( Weeping!!!

  27. Driverpicksthemusic says:

    Wow… this sent chills down my spine… awesome scene, can’t wait to see how the boys and Bobby will cope with this turn of events! This is going to be a loooooong week, hooray for S7!!!

  28. dave says:

    Castiel’s dialogue sounded like a Sera Gamble pep talk to the cast and by extention to the fanbase.

  29. mary says:

    I don’t like this cas at all. Not one bit.

  30. Josephine Winchester says:

    Noooooo, poor Dean! How could u do that to him? He looked so hurt :(
    Can’t wait until next Friday!!!!!!

  31. miss scarlet says:

    I wish I had gotten to this post way sooner, so I could say something snarky like “Cue fandom hate in 3…2…1…”

    • MJ says:

      Ha! Love your comment.
      You’re right, Supernatural fandom is crazy and you will always find people whinning for whatever reason.

  32. Bored Now says:

    I wish Cas would put Sams’ wall back. That woobie bitch face gets on my nerves.

    Can’t wait for Fringe. I’m sure they’ll appreciate my Nielson numbers.

  33. Michelle says:

    I love the show and love it more each season. I give credit to everyone that has worked hard on this (writers too). It’s hard making everyone happy. They do their best and can’t possibly please everyone out there and I’m really excited and ready for a new season!

    • Bored Now says:

      Based on declining ratings it doesn’t look like they are really pleasing anybody.

      • Carrie says:

        The show’s been on for 6 seasons. Of course there’s a decline in ratings. I still love SN and plan to tune in every week.

      • Marc says:

        Yeah because moving to Friday nights (the worst for ratings on network TV and where many shows go to die) had nothing to do with declining numbers. It actually does quite strongly for that night/timeslot so try again maybe?

  34. Seth says:

    I don’t care if they go back to the MOTW stuff or bring back every Angel that has ever died on the show for a big dance number, as long as Cas is redeemed or saved or something I’ll watch.

  35. Raquel says:

    Hopefully our Castiel is in there some where. What’s all this about people who didn’t like the Angel storyline, that’s half the series, lol. I guess it’s up to Dean to ground Castiel, he has a lot of work ahead of him.

  36. Flor says:

    Can we kill the writers?
    They throw out of the window two seasons of character development for the sake of a stupid plot twist. And let’s be honest here. There a 80% probability that they will end up killing Cas. And he deserves a redemption arc.

    But, nooo. Let’s just go back to two brothers and their angst and their single man tear.

    • Octavia345 says:

      Cas deserves nothing. He’s a boring character plyed by an untalented actor. ~~He’s stuck around too long. The show’s better without him. Kill him and introduce a female character for freaking once.

      • Anon says:

        lol your comments are pathetic.. I bet you’re one of those wincest fans that hate Castiel just because. Grow up. More than half of the fandom loves him, so shut your piehole and let us at least be concerned about our favorite character.

      • Ana says:

        Keep your venom to yourself. Thank you.

      • Katherine says:

        Wooow!! So you think that Misha is an untalented actor? Are you really serious?
        Well… Misha is a happy, emotional, silly (in a good way) human being with a family in real life. As Castiel he has to play a caracter which has no such emotions at all.
        He has to play an angel!! He has to wear a “mask”. He has to have a face not showing anything, just stare at the guys without any mimics. He has to make his voice sound deep and frightening. He has to fight like an angel and talking like one. He has to act like a supernatural being.
        He even read about the angels in the Bible to know more about his role. He really cared abou it!
        And I think, there’s not so many actor who could play this role with such a commitment.
        He did his best and I really wondered about how he can do this hard job so perfectly.
        So I just can’t understand why you call Misha untalented.
        Anyway, I loved Cas and it’s so sad that he turned into this, but I hope the writers don’t want us to hate Cas in the future.
        It was such a good thing to write another caracter in the series to love. And after season 3, when you couldn’t expect more and thinking about what would be next, they write a new caracter in the show, and with Cas they could bring back the funny moments to the show, and if someone didn’t even know anything about the Bible, now, here was the possibility to learn some things.
        And as I loved Sam and Dean from the very first episode, now I love Cas that much. And of course never forget the “old drunk” (how Cas mentioned him) Bobby.
        They are all the main caracters now and, for me, every of this three personality are individual and loveable.
        I love this show so so much. I’m addicted and I just can’t get enough <3
        with lot's of love, for the show,
        Katherine from Hungary. ^^

  37. Sally says:

    The angels turned SPN into a pod-fantasy show, instead of keeping it in the horror realm with at least a semi-realistic bent. I’m glad they are getting back to the show’s horror roots again. At least I hope they are. I haven’t liked Dean much since season 4; he spent the last 2 and a half seasons being an angry, suspicious bitch to Sam for half the show. When Sam failed Dean, at least it was only in season 4.

    As for Sam looking woobie, that’s because the poor man is barely standing. He just injested 180 years of hell memories and they affect him physically. He was in a coma and having seizures only hours before (um, however they all got there so fast since this is multi-state travel). And Sam did all this to himself to back Dean up. We already know that Bobby is all set to coddle Dean in episode 2, like Bobby gives a crap about Sam anyway. Dean will get a huge woobie episode in 4, also. If any character on earth is due some quality woobie-time, it is Sam Winchester.

    • Bored Now says:

      Considering Sam spent all of season 4 lying and sneaking around behind Dean’s back he more than earned Dean being suspicious of him.

    • sally says:

      do you really want the show to go back to its roots? monster of week type of thing? don’t you think 3 seasons of that is enough?

      • iMarty says:

        Don’t you think 3 seasons of angels was anough? Angel is just one type of “monster”. So yeah, i’d take more diversity in the hunting depatment. Also, gotta say, more diversity in the gemnder department. When is the last time a clip of this show featured a chick? I hate that the writers only play to the slash people. HATE! Hate the redundant angels and hate the sausage fest.

        • sally says:

          for your information, season 6 wasn’t about the angels. Get your facts straight. how is the angel storyline redundant? seriously, I’m curious. Season 4 was the season where they introduced the angels because it was NEEDED for the apocalypse storyline in season 5, but that was it. What was redundant about that? It was something original. Those seasons had actually a good storyline and continuity. Not like season 1, 2, 3 where most of the episodes are just fillers. Like it or not Castiel is a big part of the show. Just like Bobby is. So were you expecting him to just vanish when the angel storyline was over on the season 5 finale? Just because Cas was still around season 6, doesn’t make that season about angels. He wasn’t even on half of the episodes. Just near the end is when we see what happened to him in heaven, because like I said he’s an important character, so we needed to know what the hell happened to him after the apocalypse was over. But most of that season was about Sam’s soul and Eve.

          If the show goes back to the monster of the week episodes it will lose a lot of viewers. I agree that they should introduce more characters and a female maybe, and just stop killing everyone. One of the things that pisses me off is how everyone but Sam and Dean dies! And how Sera Gamble is desperate to bring back the Sam and Dean Show. Great. More angst and depressing storylines of how the brothers love each other and can only count on each other and yada yada yada.

          Season 6 was unbelievably crappy with awful writing. If they don’t redeem themselves with season 7, I am done with the show.

          • kate says:

            if you don’t like the show anymore, will you quit watching? and will you finally quit whining about it on the internet? finally.

          • sally says:

            kate, don’t like my whining? don’t read the comments. Simple as that ;) even if I quit watching the show, I will leave comments on the articles every goddamn time saying how much I am disappointed, so… lol

  38. Melody says:

    It looks like MIsha is having a good time. Getting to be so bossy and controlling, have so much power, it’s gotta be a thrill to play. I’m glad he stopped them, because it was all a hollow gesture.

  39. wtfisthisshow says:

    I’m so excited about the show partially returning to its roots. The angel crap really made me lose interest.

  40. Kalie says:

    “Supernatural” is such a great show, yet it has the whiniest fan base I’ve ever seen. I think the same people comment on every single article about the show just so they can whine and make judgements on a season that hasn’t even aired yet. If the show is so terrible, why even bother?

    • Ash says:

      Thank you for saying this. Seriously, this needs to be reposted on every single SPN-related article. The hate appears in the comments on every single thing put up. It makes me cringe.

      • Carrie Ann says:

        I agree. I’m always shocked at the amount of complaining over a show this good. If people don’t appreciate something as clever as SN, they should check out all of the reality shows or some of the other nonsense on The CW, like “90210”. There are so many silly, poorly-written shows on television that deserve this kind of criticism, not SN.

    • miss scarlet says:

      This. I cannot get over how many people who “hate” Supernatural seem to keep endlessly watching. I’m so tired of people bitching about how one brother gets favored more than the other, how Cas is trying to take Sam’s place, etc…It’s so tiring. I left Supernatural fandom from end of season 01 – season mid season 05. I’m tempted to leave again, because they really make it unenjoyable. I’ve never seen a fandom that hates its own canon as much as Supernatural’s does.

    • Ana says:

      Did you ever consider that the fandom “whines” because we love the show and we are very passionate about it and care a lot about the characters? This show means a lot to a lot of people. It helped them in their bad times. So a lot of us have a strong connection with the characters. Sure it’s fiction, it’s not real, but for most of us it feels real. I guess we’re just very protective and we can’t stand the idea of seeing our favorite character being destroyed and killed off.

      • John says:

        You idiot whiners are just pathetic. Write your own show if you know it all–otherwise quit the baby crap.

        • Ana says:

          lol you’re the pathetic one. We are stating our opinion on an article. Last time I checked people are free to do that. So stop getting your panties in a knot!

      • Laura says:

        That’s TMI Ana. Why would you share your creepy, pathetic thoughts in a public message board?

        • Ana says:

          It’s not “my thoughts”. It’s how most of the fandom feels about the show. Deal with it. Don’t like it? Then don’t read the comments. We have the right to express our opinion and how unsatisfied we are with show.

          • Em says:

            You seem to have a bit of trouble with the concept of I and We.
            You, personally, don’t constitute the majority of fandom. JFYI.

            Neither does your 5 socks.

          • brit says:

            Yes, the majority of the fandom loves Cas. Why do you think he was around through so many seasons when he was supposed to be in just a few episodes on season 4 and then was supposed to die in the S6 finale? Because the fans love him.

          • brit says:

            and my comment was directed to Em.

    • MustangSally says:

      Thank you for saying this. I could not agree more with you. I feel almost embarrassed at times to call myself a ‘Supernatural fan’ because of how petty this fandom can be.

  41. ginger says:

    The show lost it’s way when Kim Manners died, I think. He was a tremendous drivng force and influence of what Supernatural was all about the first 3 seasons and the first 3rd of season 4. Also two writers; John Shibon and Raelle Tucker, left. Then Jeremy Carver left. The feel of the show just changed. But hey, nothing ever stays the same. Supernatural is what it is, and I will always love the show reguardless. It is still better than alot of the **** we see on TV now-a-days.

  42. aNI says:


  43. Jo says:

    Cas and angels haters:
    You got what you want ok?
    NO more Cas, Misha Collins out of the cast.
    So please, stop spread all this hate for the character. As there are you who hate him, there are too many of us who really love him and we don’t need to see all this hate for something that you’re not gonna lead anymore.
    We’re gonna miss him deeply, who is loosing here? And we still have to endure all this hatred?
    Spare us ok? Respect is important, and this fandom apparently don’t know what this mean anymore.

    • dave says:

      The angel arc stuff was interesting but you have an element of the fanbase that can’t much think beyond a MOTW episode.
      They have trouble connecting the dots and so you give them the MOTW standalones which don’t tax them too much.
      The show is on its last legs audience and creative wise, and probably this will be its last year.
      So let ’em have their season 1-3 been there done that retreads and let ’em die wondering why there’s no audience left by the season’s end and the big axe comes down..

    • Yo says:

      This is wonderful. The crap you have spewed on Sam and Jared Padalecki over the years has been appalling and now, that the shoe is on the other foot, you ask for respect?

      Many of you Castiel fans have been horrid to other characters and actors on this show and now you cry for respect?

      • Cee says:

        Why do you idiots always assume that Cas fans hate Sam/Jared? Do everybody a favor and quit publicly insulting your own intelligence, it doesn’t make for good conversation on either end.

        • M says:

          Please take your own advice.

        • Carrie says:

          Um, WORD. I adore Cas. I adore Sam. I adore Dean most of all but frankly, liked the fact that Sam and Dean got to expand their friendship/trust circle to include someone else they got along with who cared about them just as much as they cared about each other.

      • Jo says:

        I never hated other characters. Never. I don’t ship any “couple” the fandom had created. I just like Castiel, and I’m done with all this war that you create. this is so childish, and really, really sad.

    • Ana says:

      More than half of the fandom loves Cas. The people that hate him and want him out of the show is the minority.. so I bet most of these hate comments are from the same person. Just saying.

  44. cmg says:

    That is not Cas…Cas is buried underneath, that is the big bad talking. I have faith that Dean will save Cas, he will somehow unearth him and bring him back and then all the Cas haters can….!

    • Sil says:

      I would believe in that if Sera “Mess” Gamble wasn’t messing, sorry, showrunning our favorite show.
      I don’t trust her, she doesn’t respect fans opinions and I’m really disappointed with the direction the show took.

      • Sally says:

        people say things like “we can’t blame Gamble, it’s not entirely her fault, she’s not the only writer” which is true. But coincidentally when she becomes the showrunner is when Supernatural falls flat on the floor with a crappy season… hmmm right

  45. cheve says:

    I think that death will show the boys a spell that will unbind cas from the souls of purgatory. Then cas will be free but so will the ancient creatures from purgatory.

  46. cheve says:

    I am not a cas hater,but i dont mind that cas is leaving.atahe boys r going to have some angel wings in season 7 extra crispy.

  47. cheve says:

    Why dont any guys watch this show, its supposed to be a horror show right.

  48. Imp67 says:

    I was very sad to read so many negative and “hate” related comments. Even the worlds number one TV show (if there was such a thing) would have its pros and cons its favourate and its not so favourate characters its fans and its critics.
    Supernatural is a wonderful show. That and NCIS are the only two shows I have on my favourites list on my TV and although I haven’t been keen on the storylines of late I still enjoyed the majority of the series and am thrilled to have S7 and at Vancon Jensen said they were hopeful of S8. A forum is a place for exchange of views, some will be positive and some negative but the whole core of the show for me at least is still there; a little frayed around the edges but still there – Sam and Dean Winchester – their story and their journey and I, for one, will continue to watch and (mostly) enjoy Supernatural for the however long the CW gives it to us. I would love to see a feature film made of this wonderful show and with a new captain at the wheel of the CW I am hoping that he will give Superntural the promotion is so deserves and which Dawn Ostrom(?) so blatantly didn’t give.

  49. Pagko says:

    I think Sam and Dean will find the Antichrist and he will fight against Castiel.

  50. Lexxi says:

    Okay, I probably sound like a dick right now, but I’m kind of glad Cass didn’t heal Sam. Because that would have just been the anti-climax right in the first episode, since everybody’s all excited that Sam’s wall has come down.
    Agh I can’t wait!