Ratings: Secret Circle Off to Bewitching Start

The Secret Circle got off to a magical start Thursday, retaining 100 percent of its Vampire Diaries lead-in among total viewers and nearly matching VD in the demo.

Kevin Williamson’s witchy new drama attracted 3 million viewers, notched a 1.3 rating in the 18-49 demo and set a time-period high for the CW among young adults.

The season premiere of Diaries, meanwhile, drew 3 million viewers, up a tick from its May finale, and a 1.4 18-49 rating (even with the finale).

Thoughts? After watching the debut, are you committed to joining the Circle?

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  1. Amanda says:

    only watching for gale harold!

    • MrMank says:

      I heard the show sucked. I wonder if it’ll really maintain its audience.

      • Lea says:

        It does suck..BIG TIME

        • Fiona says:

          Unfortunately the pilot felt repetitive. It basically laid out in narrative format everything that we’d already heard in the “pitch”. So it felt like all old stuff.

          However, it did so rather well I thought. Gale Harold was Mr. Charasmatic and Sexy, and I’m excited to see more, and both Thomas Dekker and Britt made excellent showings (as well as having fabulous chemistry). If the show mostly rides on the performances of those three, we’re probably in good territory. Jury’s still out on the rest of the cast, there just wasn’t enough of them to tell.

          I’m excited for next week, when I finally get to see something “new” that hasn’t already been spoiled by the basic premise of the show. I have high hopes that with all the set-up out of the way, they’re jump in guns blazing.

          • shaun says:

            Ha,if you watch VD you might remember how Caroline and Tyler started out*Barf*.Give it a few episodes.Can’t judge a movie by the 1st 10 minutes.

        • TV Fan says:

          Not worth it. Nice try though, but it’s as lame as The Vampire Diaries

  2. Billy Whitaker says:

    I’m in for sure. There is an interesting story here to tell. I’m excited to see where they take it.

  3. Kysrinaria says:

    I kind of liked the show, but it feels an AWFUL lot like “The Craft” meets “Charmed”. I will watch a few more episodes before making any real judgments.

    • Mal says:

      That’s *exactly* what I thought! I kept thinking that Faye was doing a very good Fairuza Balk impression, and that Diana looks like she could be the Charmed girls’ cousin!

      I need to see a few more episodes to decide if I like the show or not, but that how I tend to feel about most series premieres.

    • JAmandaFan says:

      I thought it felt more like The Vampire Diaries pilot.

    • Megan Jerson says:

      Exactly! I was trying to put my finger on it last night and couldn’t quite explain it. I’m interested to see how they make the show their own.

    • AT says:

      Except that the books that these are based on came before both of those. 1992 actually. Everything is similar to something because they use familiar archetypes.

    • Jericho says:

      Charmed meets The Craft is a perfect way of describing it. Its too bad there was no real “meat” to the premiere. The episode was kind of bland and not all that interesting enough to bring a lot of people back. It definitely has potential but only time will tell if it steps up its game or if it continues with the dull but sweet.

    • Jenn C says:

      I kept thinking of “The Craft” while watching, too!

  4. natalie says:

    I was actually surprised on how good it was. If you like VD then you should like this one. I’m definitely hooked and will keep watching.

  5. Dominic says:

    It will start off like Vampire Diaries and then have a loyal fan base and creatively and thematically increase in quality significantly in quality. I have great hope that becomes engaging, insightful and riveting like the Vampire Diaries did.

  6. Kenbud says:

    It’s a PILOT ….. made for the Hollywood execs. i always give a new show five episodes to get me hooked. If ya can’t do it in five, then I just don’t care.

    My lone exception? Fringe. I was an idiot to give up on that show.

    • Ella says:

      I agree completely. I lost interest in Fringe halfway through Season 1, but got bored over the summer and decided to finish it. After the twin tower scene in the finale I knew I was never going to let it go again.

    • r0ckmypants says:

      I don’t have time to give every show I want to watch 5 episodes to entertain me. If you can’t do something interesting or entertaining in 45 minutes, I’m certainly not going to give you another 4 chances. I give 2 episodes max before I axe them. Secret Circle wasn’t bad, I’ll probably stick with it. But some of the other pilots this season? They’re already deleted from my DVR.

  7. Juliet says:

    I thought it was pretty decent. The “bad girl” actress is awful, but the rest of them are good so far.

  8. Lynnette says:

    I’m hooked!

  9. mia says:

    I thought it was surprisingly good, with a lot of potential. I agree the ‘bad girl’ was a bit over the top.

  10. Misha says:

    The pilot was pretty meh. It reminded me a lot of The Craft, only weekly. I was tickled to see two Heroes alumni in the show, though.

  11. Holly says:

    Same here, Amanda!

  12. Laura says:

    I watched the first episode – it wasn’t bad, but really predictable. I’m unlikely to tune in again since next week there are all sorts of good shows that I prefer over this in the same time slot.

  13. GiGi says:

    It is like One Tree Hill meets Dawson’s Creek meets The Craft. I like it so far. I love Gale Harold in everything he does but he was born for this character.

  14. GiGi says:

    Agreed, she is awful. Horrible actress. Hopefully they will do a recast.

  15. Sivat says:

    I LOVED it!!! I actually liked it a bit better than the premiere of Vamp Dies.

  16. Ed says:

    I really liked it. I was addicted to Charmed, I watched from teh Series Premiere until the Series finale and I kind of miss that dynamic. Granted it only has a hint of Charmed, I can see myself watching SC for episodes to come. Especially if Kevin Willamson is behind it. He got me hooked on Dawson’s Creek many moons ago, I am sure he can do the same with this =)

  17. rex says:

    I watched for Gale Harold (who was awesome!) but I absolutely loved the show itself. It has great atmosphere. Chance Harbor feels like a real place; I could smell the sea. I loved the pier and the waterside bar, the fern forest and the craftsman-style houses. And the show has wonderful restraint. I like the fact that the magic isn’t over the top, that the show has real characters with complexity to their relationships, conflict among the coven kids, and (in the case of the middle generation) secret agendas. In fact, with grandma in the mix looking over the shoulders of Gale Harold and Natasha Henstridge as they look over the shoulders of the kids, you have three generations of conflict, plus a lot of unrevealed history and unexplored powers. The show (and this on the CW!) has SUBTLETY! I hate to make a pun, but I found the show … bewitching! Everybody is perfectly cast, and the direction was excellent.

  18. Lauren says:

    It was okay. I liked some aspects and thought others were ridiculous. Gale Harold and Faye were awesome. But the fire scene was ridiculous – if the mother had actually tried to get out of the house she could have. But instead she ran into the living room and looked scared. And the woods scene was lame as well.

  19. Kay says:

    It has promise. Gale Harold is really good as the charming and cool bad guy. The generational aspect is quite interesting, the teens less so. I hope all the teen actors step up to the mark. Diana was rather bland.

  20. Kristen says:

    I actually LOVED it! I say actually as if I expected myself not to, which isn’t true. I wasn’t a fan of Faye’s until the end when her concern for Diana took precedence over her powers. She won me over then, b/c while she is the resident bad girl, she doesn’t take it too far. Being a hopeless romantic I love the dynamic between Cassie and Adam. I enjoy the scenes of Adam’s dad, Ethan, and Cassie. I really wanted him to just spit it all out, but I suppose it’s a good thing he didn’t, or else he might have died for sure.
    I can’t wait to see where this show goes.

  21. XK says:

    TVD had a 1.6 for last season’s premiere, so this continues the trend of its numbers falling that occurred throughout most of last season. Granted, the CW tends to roll with worse ratings than most networks (despite the disproportionate coverage of their shows on this site), but neither show’s ratings last night were the coup this article is pretending they were.

    I guess the real story will be how they do against the rest of fall tv when it returns over the next two weeks.

    • Jason says:

      Well, XX, if you knew *anything* about today’s television medium, you’d know that young people, more than any other demo, are DVRing shows and watching them when they WANT to watch. Anyone who thinks the ratings system is an accurate reflection of viewership is living in the 19th century mentality.

      • Jes says:

        Well in this century, live viewership is the only one that counts, and the ONLY one that will keep a show running and not canceled.

  22. Michael says:

    TSC pilot was miles better than TVD pilot — and we all know how awesome TVD got after that. I’ll be back next week.

  23. Candice says:

    I’m not feeling the Written in the Stars angle.

    • Ed says:

      I was waiting for the camera to pan out and the stars actually spell Adam’s last name as well as Cassie’s but then I was hoping it wouldn’t because I couldn’t remember his last name LMAO

  24. Amy says:

    I agree that the VD premier was meh and got exponentially better. I will give this one a chance too. I would like to see them switch the times, though – Secret Circle at 8, TVD at 9 – especially if that gives us more Damon bathtub scenes!

  25. Alice says:

    The Craft series version.. I hope it gets more original.

  26. AT says:

    I can’t stand comments that keep saying this show is copying some other show. You can say that about EVERYTHING. And besides, The Secret Circle books were written in 1992 before The Craft, before Twilight and before Harry Potter. Seriously. There is room for stories in the same genre.

    That all said, the pilot was actually really good. Much better than TVD pilot. So that is promising for the rest of the season. As for the written in the stars, that will make more sense as the series progresses. If you’ve read the books you know what that means, so I’m excited to see where they take it. I’m particularly interested in seeing how they will reveal Cassie’s father (the “bad man”).

    Also, people should look for potential in a pilot and not compare it to a series in full swing that has already found its voice. Rarely any show finds its voice until at least a few episodes in. Sometimes it takes a whole season. This show is pretty close, ahead of TVD which thought it was a slasher at first. So I’ll definitely keep watching. I like the romantic Harry Potter angle.

  27. Jason says:

    You dimwit chicks are so jealous. The Faye character MAKES the entire show!! Good grief, it doesn’t take an expert to see that. Every line she delivers, every look….she’s priceless. Love Phoebe Tonkin and her over-the-top style. And I loved the entire pilot.

    Why don’t you trollish whiners go back to bed?

  28. DonLunte says:

    I think it was great.
    Reminded me a bit of Charmed.

    The scene in the forest was magical :D

  29. Ed says:

    I actually happen to like Faye, every show needs a bitchy type character and I think the Cassie vs Faye next week is going to good! Loved Faye’s look when someone was sent over the pier. I am assuming it was Cassie who did that.

  30. cinder says:

    anyone else draw parallels to this whole Secret Circle and Twilight thing. girl moves to a new town attracting the attention of a guy, learns about something mysterious in that town, sparkling forest scene. i thought the pilot was meh

  31. JLCOLLINS says:

    As a fan of the books originally written in the early 90’s, I am happy to see them back in popular culture. When Vampire Diaries was released, I was hesitant to watch it because I knew most of the story would be tossed out the window. Same with Secret Circle. It’ll take me a few episodes to separate the books from the show. I can’t say I loved the pilot of Secret Circle. It didn’t really give much away that wasn’t already released in promos and trailers. The only thing I like so far is that the actors playing the coven (minus melissa cause she’s not in the books) seem to be portraying the book characters closely. Their personalities are pretty dead on. Except for Cassie who starts off as a really shy and quiet girl, not the confident girl Britt is playing. (go read the books by LJ Smith if you like either Vampire Diaries or The Secret Circle. )

  32. kevin says:

    Haven’t seen SECRET CIRCLE but it does have a great follow up to VAMPIRE DIARIES. I’m already booked my plans for “crimetime Thursdays” next week with CHARLIE’S ANGELS, PERSON OF INTEREST and PRIME SUSPECT although I’m giving up on THE MENTALIST this season.

  33. Heather says:

    I loved The Secret Circle! I will be watching

  34. James says:

    As a massive fan of the books when I was younger I was excited when I heard this was coming to TV. The pilot, although they have changed some things from the books didn’t disappoint. I know what’s coming and so I’m sticking with it through to the end

  35. Rachel says:

    To me it was better then the Ringer premiere. I had high hopes for Ringer but that turned out awful. I’ll give the show a couple more episodes.

  36. Jenn C says:

    I wasn’t extremely impressed with the pilot, but I’ll give it a little more time. I wasn’t super impressed with The Vampire Diaries pilot either, but now it’s my favorite show on TV.

  37. Danielle H. says:

    Wasn’t terribad, wasn’t good. I’ll give it a few episodes to get going, because it took VD awhile to get going IIRC. Heck, VD is a totally different show from where it started, so this may take a turn for the better. I’m not in love w/ the characters of the 6 witches in the circle though, except for Faye. They need to punch them up majorly. We shall see. I predict it will get an early s2 pick up though.

  38. R.C. says:

    I liked the Secret Circle, I do hope they ramp up the action somewhat, at least with the adults. Other than the great, understated but psychopathic looking Charles(played very convincingly by Gale Harold)in the opening fire scene, and the scenes between him and the town drunk Ethan(Adam Harrington), I think the storylines seemed a bit too safe and sedate. Needs something, more intrigue, more spells, more violence, more bizarreness, more sex between the adult characters, something-maybe that’s what’s in store for us hopefully. But then I’m in my thirties and jaded, what do I know?? And I guess this series is based on books meant for teenagers? I thought Britt was incredibly adorable, and did an admirable job of acting; and I agree Phoebe’s “acting” is annoying, even if she’s “hot”, those eyebrows going beserk, did she have botox or what? I liked Diana who could be the real dangerous teenwitch, with those unblinking, coal black eyes, plastic smile and cheerleader perfect looks…she went from fresh-faced sweet to ice cold mannequin in a blink of an eye. These are supposed to be high school students, right? Most of the girls look a little, hmmm, on the mature side for that, except Britt. I thought the attraction between Cassie and Adam went down a little too prematurely, and sorry I think Dekker is a good actor but don’t get the physical appeal, but perhaps he’ll grow on me. I know the pilot was a quick way to introduce the characters, and I hope they’ll do individual vignettes to give us a bit more background on each character so we can warm up to them more. Visually appealing and nicely filmed package makes it easy to watch, and I’ll continue to check it out. I don’t watch VD so I can’t compare.

  39. Amy says:

    I actually liked it. My only complaint is the fact that it seems like Adam is channeling Robert Pattenson as Edward Cullen. I will keep watching for now.

  40. sara says:

    i don’t watch VD or really any show currently on the cw, and this wouldn’t even be anywhere near my radar if not for Gale Harold (endure hellcats for him last year). That said, the pilot was decent. I like the mystery aspect.
    What happened 16 years ago? Why was cassie’s dad a bad man? Why was cassie’s mom still living at home after marriage and a baby? (yes, when her grandma said it’s been 16 years since amelia moved out of that room, i was trying to do some back calculation lol) How are Adam and Cassie “destined” for each other if their 6 families form a circle? Wouldn’t them getting together mean there’ll be 5 families in the next generation? (same question apply to adam and diana and ethan and amelia from years before)

    so many questions!!! i’m not committed for the whole season (thursday’s comedy night for me) but i’ll keep up with a couple more weeks…

  41. SK says:

    I really didn’t like the Secret Circle. I might keep it on the DVR a few more weeks, but not expecting to get into it. It felt both dull and like we got way too much information in one episode. And I couldn’t stand the “bad girl.”

  42. T.D says:

    I liked it. I think it did a much better job of setting up the plot and the characters than Ringer did. It had just as many, if not more and I knew who everyone was and why. Ringer was just confusing and almost trying too hard. I look forward to more episodes.