Project Runway Recap: Boobie Trapped

The only thing worse than a woman with breasts is one with opinions. I mean, why can’t they just do what God intended and perform their functions as mute, boyishly proportioned coat hangers? Yes, folks, that about sums up the alarming philosophy espoused by soulless automaton Olivier and His Accent of Indeterminate Origin during Thursday night’s “real women” challenge on Project Runway. (As if the Ohio native’s drab designs, mind-nimbing mumbles, and forced Euro-ishness weren’t reason enough to want to see him auf’d!)

If a Tim Gunn facial expression really is worth 1,000 words — and, as we all know, it is — then my feelings about Olivier can pretty much be summed up by the look of pure disgust our dapper mentor shot the designer when he spent so much time in the sewing area that he failed to send his model to the Garnier Hair Studio and the L’Oréal Paris Makeup Room.

But of course, it wasn’t going to be Olivier’s week to go home. (It probably never will be, since I’m convinced Nina and Michael’s love of hip-expanding silhouettes and mucus-y color palettes will carry him all the way to the finals.) Nope, the obvious target for destruction (or redemption) this week was Bryce, who kicked things off by lamenting that he was the only one of the nine remaining designers who hadn’t won a challenge.

With Bryce now clearly marked as the newborn impala straggling at the back of the herd, Heidi leapt from the tall grasses and terrified the contestants by forcing them to confront the sight of nine normal-looking men. As the designers and dudes got paired up, Olivier expressed his disdain that he was forced to choose among “all these fat people,” but his personal nightmare was just beginning. Tim arrived on the scene to clarify that, yes, these real men were indeed the challenge clients, but they were in the market for women’s wear for their wives or girlfriends.

This, of course, was Olivier’s cue to vent about having to dress someone other than pre-pubescent Eastern European runway walkers. “I don’t like women having boobs,” he huffed. “I just want them to be flat.” (Like your personality, Olivier?) The only good thing to come out of Olivier’s disgust with the female form was Tim Gunn having to admit to a lack of personal experience with regard to interpreting a woman’s cup size.

Laura, meanwhile, made me chuckle in the moments before she met the woman she’d be dressing, by dropping this zinger: “Please dear Lord, have him be loaded and his wife’s really hot and she’s a gold-digger.” But was there really a need to take a low blow at the husband’s looks by asking “How did he snag her?”

And finally, Bert had to grapple with a client whose enthusiasm for his wife’s breasts was the polar opposite of Olivier’s revulsion. “I’m the boobie monster. I love boobs!” the guy declared while “motorboating” Bert’s dress form.”If it was up to me, she’d wear a leaf!” Bert, to his credit, embraced the couple’s comfort with showing a little skin but didn’t give us the full Christina Hendricks.

As the garments came together in the workroom, the show’s editors were mercifully cryptic about who might be in trouble. We heard negative comments about the looks being put together by Kimberly, Joshua, Olivier, and Anya, but none of them wound up in the bottom three. There was no avoiding the fact, however, that Bryce was conjuring up a full-throttle Nina Garcia runway glare when he sewed a bland dress in fuchsia and white, got flummoxed by Tim’s critiques, and then started over again without any kind of clear vision for his endgame with the sole exception of wanting to do it in a color that Viktor said reminded him of “an anti-diarrheal medication.”

And now for some notes from the runway show…

* Bert: I agreed with the judges that his shiny minidress resembled something you could get at the mall, but frankly, they should have noted it was more DEB than, say, Macy’s. Nevertheless, a slow clap for La Kors for giving props to our real-woman model’s “fabulous decolletage,” and balancing out the episode’s anti-bosom bias.

* Anthony: A worthy runner-up for the week’s worst look. Particularly astute guest judge Malin Akerman (she’ll always be The Comeback’s Baby Girl to me) was the first to note the look’s resemblance to an old cheerleading costume or cigarette girl uniform, and Anthony’s facial expression made me feel like he didn’t disagree. Combined with the baggy nightshorts from the New Balance sneakers challenge, this former front-runner is now up to a count of two strikes.

* Bryce: Ms. Akerman was right that the loose chest and bunchy waist of the dress (pictured, center) made it appear like a Size 6 woman had bought a Size 8 dress and forgotten to take it to the tailor. I also appreciated how Nina deconstructed the look and pointed out that Bryce had introduced way too many elements for a successful design: The bulgy pockets, the bordered hem, the strappy cutout back. And every single seam was indeed puckered and ungainly. You knew there was no way the kid was going to last another week after Michael Kors cooked up the image of Bryce’s model wearing the garment to a wedding, then stuffing a lamb chop and a beer bottle into the bulky pockets.

* As for the week’s top designs, I was sure it would come down to Viktor’s snazzy separates (pictured, left) and Anya’s culture-clask kimono, but instead, Joshua won for a little black dress (pictured, right) that had me jotting down the words “flirty” and “flawless fit” as it came down the runway. To which I ask: Should that have been enough to win the guy best in show? Or were the judges just using their final immunity of the season to insure another week of He Who Must Button Up His Shirt? Viktor, meanwhile, had the win slip through his fingers because of what exactly? The fact that Michael and Nina thought he used the Piperlime Accessory Wall a little carelessly? Come on! His high-waisted, pleated skirt fit his model sensationally, and his color choices displayed a sophistication and daring that’s been all too lacking this season. Second week in a row Viktor’s been robbed, I tell ya!

* Oh, and one last hurrah for Malin Akerman for shutting down Nina’s tiresome grousing about the single sleeve of Anya’s sensational dress. “I would wear that on the red carpet,” Malin said enthusiastically, and then added she’d order it with the motherflappin’ sleeve in tact. As Michael noted, the woman’s look was the “most fashion with a capital F,” and she really did do a lovely job welding her Japanese and African influences into a chic, clean look. I’d have easily accepted her as the winner, too, even though it’s apparently verboten to grant anyone back-to-back wins on this show.

What did you think of this week’s Runway? Would you have given Joshua the win? If not, then who? Did the right person go home? Was there really any alternative to Bryce’s ouster? And what about Olivier’s cleavage-phobia? Did it annoy you as much as it did me? Sound off below, and for all my reality recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Reena says:

    So to all of us “real women who are not models” out there just an FYI if you have boobs you are trouble to Oliver! Seriously this episode made me feel a little bad about my body type and then I realized that a fake accented troll was making me feel this way and I got over it because you know what “REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES!!” I really dont understand how Oliver keeps getting by each week but maybe the more he is in the middle the judges will realize what a BORING designer he is and how his ego is taking over..he should have kept his mouth shut and his model looked like she had a stick up her ass when walking down the runway and i dont blame her for that…I really thought Viktor should have won! each week I am liking him and his designs more and more really think he has what it takes to win this whole thing this episode was fun to watch especially watching the husbands/boyfriends try to explain their significant others style. cant wait for another team challenge next week :-)

  2. Gretchen says:

    Viktor deserved the win. Yes, Joshua toned down his designing, but it was yet again a circle skirt and rather boring. His was ready to wear I’ve seen before, yet he gets the win and Bert gets talked to about the same thing?
    I think it is time that the judging be done in rounds–the first round should be blind. No knowing who designed what, as it becomes obvious that the judges allow bias and prior wins to dictate their choices on the winner and the loser each week. Once they do that, then the designers can defend their work.
    Or, the judging should be on a points system, with all the designers staying until the end and the top three in points at the end going to fashion week. Some designers will do better in different challenges.

    I liked Anthony Ryan’s dress, it was cute, if not fashion forward.

    And after watching the kvetching over real women sizes–and seeing these women who were on the whole not big–I wish a crowd of size 14s and up had come through the door. Olivier would have passed out again.

    Finally, can anyone imagine any designer from this season competing with even the early-auf’ed designers in the first few seasons, let alone against Christian, Santino, Austin, Nick, Daniel V., Chloe? I can’t.

    • KevyB says:

      You’re conveniently forgetting those designers’ bad outfits, and they all created more than one. Christian created A LOT OF THEM! I could easily see Viktor, Anthony and Anya amongst those designers. It’s last season’s designers that couldn’t compete.

  3. Erin says:

    I don’t normally agree with Mr.Slezak on most things, but I do agree on the topic of Olivier. He has been the least inspiring contestant so far this season for me, both in his personality and designs. There are a few times already that he should have been in the bottom and wasn’t. I just hope he doesn’t make it to the finale.

    On another note, I love Joshua and I thought his dress was beautiful… but I do think that Viktor should have won this week.

  4. Cyn says:

    Maybe after Oliver is finally ‘aufed he can get a job at the Ministry of Fake Accents. That kid amuses me – yet shames me as I am from Ohio.

  5. MDEP says:

    HOW CAN YOU DESIGN WOMEN’S CLOTHING AND NOT KNOW WHAT A CUP SIZE IS AND IT WORKS? Sorry for the yelling, but that just amazed me. How is Oliver ever going to work in the real world? He does realize women must buy his cloths, not dress forms and mannequins, in order for him to succeed, right?

    And the winning design was boring. Pretty, but boring. The judging has been so off to me this season.

    • zaza says:

      He expects to design for the NeverTooRich/NeverTooThin crowd. Of course, what he doesn’t realize is that those kinds of ladies, along with their money and bony bods, also have strong opinions and expect to be catered to.

    • Kerissa says:

      Olivier has said in other episodes that his background is more in menswear, so he probably sees himself as the next McQueen in that regard. His background also makes sense since his work is so tailored for the tops and jackets and then zipped out in the slacks. It also explains why he had no idea about cup sizes and why he doesn’t like women with actual breasts.

  6. JoMarch says:

    Either I got it wrong or Michael did. I thought that at the beginning of the episode when Heidi mentioned Anya having immunity for the current week, Heidi then added that from “here” on out there will be no immunity which would mean that Joshua DID NOT get immunity from his win.

    • Debbt says:

      You are correct!! No more immunity…

    • Joline says:

      Yep – I caught that too. What DOES the winner get now instead of immunity? Any advantage? I always hate on these shows when the person wins and there is no prize. Like on Top Chef they occasionally get awarded a trip in judging but only sometimes and on ANTM they get their photo in the house. WOW – great prizes.

  7. Karen says:

    Poor Bryce needed to go home, and I agree that Viktor was robbed (again!)

    However…..did anyone else notice that with all the talk of boobs (loving or hating them) in this episode, ALL of the top 3 designs had thinner and more flat-chested models? Coincidence? It just seems funny to me that in a “real woman” challenge, aside from Bryce’s model (and lack of good design), all of the “real women” models weren’t contenders at all.

    • Katie says:

      Yes, I noticed the winning looks were thinner women. I also thought Kimberly was safe because I don’t know how they could critique her look without being cruel to the model. Because that outfit was way too tight and short and was not flattering!!

    • Kerissa says:

      That says a lot about the designers and their lack of patterning knowledge. Fashion designers can be limited that way. Their taught to draw for angular women and create curves with the fabric.

  8. tomitweets says:

    Anthony Ryan was saved by the pockets. I really like the guy and I’ve liked some of this other stuff. But when he’s bad…he’s bad, and has been lucky. I knew Bryce would go.

    I believe Joshua was awarded because she stopped himself from bedazzling. I didn’t love either Viktor or Anya this week, but I do think Viktor should have taken the win. I did like Joshua’s LBD, but it wasn’t special.

    • tomitweets says:

      Before you scream…let me correct the typo:

      “HE stopped himself from bedazzling”

      • cirob says:

        I actually thought you were right with “she” (although it didn’t reconcile with “himself”). He wanted to put those shiny rectangles on the dress and his model’s reaction was the only reason he didn’t.

    • Sarah says:

      I LOVED Viktor’s design.. but I think Josh did have SO MUCH TROUBLE with the woman he was designing for. She didn’t want ANYTHING. I think he did good with the client he had. That’s why they awarded him the win.
      I love Anthony Ryan but You’re right when he’s bad he is BAD!! He really needs to make sure he shows as a designer from now on!

  9. Magically Suspicious says:

    I hated Anthony Ryan’s dress, but I feel like he got judged harshly for giving his clients exactly what they asked for. He shouldn’t have gone home for it. I’m also a ‘curvy’ woman with….gasp!…breasts and I didn’t hate Bryce’s dress. I agree it didn’t fit perfectly, but the pockets and the band at the bottom weren’t bad at all to me. I didn’t feel like they were as unflattering as the judges made them out to be.

    In the comments last week, someone pointed out the foreshadowing of the designer needing an uplifting call home being a tip-off of who’s going home. I thought the same thing when Bryce started talking about his dress representing love and it making him miss his boyfriend. I knew it was his week to go when they used that otherwise boring conversation.

    • KevyB says:

      Yeah, it was way too obvious this week that Bryce was going home. There have been a few eps where they let one of the designers talk just a leeeetle bit too much and you know they’re getting the auf edit.

  10. Garnet_and_Gold47 says:

    Seriously Olivier has got to be one of the most annoying designers on the show. Ever. Whenever his designs go down the runway the palette always reminds me of cold oatmeal. I’m really rooting for Anya and Kimberly. I would like to see more of their talent.

  11. Mikaela says:

    I usually like the “Real Women” challange but this year I don’t know what to say. This episode made all the contestants seem like they haven’t dressed a woman over the size two since they began. As a bigger woman myself it angers me when these designers act like they are scandalized to deal with a woman with larger size. I agree with what everyone is saying about Oliver. He’s drab and his clothes are drab. Of the designs that came out this past week the only ones that I would wear was Joshua’s and Bert’s. Oliver should have left this week. He was rude to his client and her husband.

    • D says:

      Most of these women were relatively young and not that difficult to fit either.

    • lesfull says:

      The thing that irritated me was that, other than Kimberly’s model, none of these women were above a 6/8 in my mind. So all this talk about the “real women” challenge and they weren’t exactly dealing with plus-size models.

  12. Heather says:

    I liked Anthony’s dress. It was vintage inspired, yet not pinup, which is why I thought it worked. Olivier’s look was so much worse, that he should have been in the bottom three with it coming down to him and Bryce to go home. Hated how the judges were dismissive of the clients personal style just because they didn’t like it.

    • unicornwasp says:

      i totally agree. the judges got too bitchy in front of the clients. apparently professionalism with a client goes out the window when michael wants to make fun of you for saying you’d put your keys in the pocket of your dress. the horror!

  13. Christina says:

    First, I loved Anthony’s dress, I thought it was cute and what the clients wanted. But whatever.

    What was weird to me is that Anya was in the top. While I liked her outfit, I thought it was funny that it suffered from the exact same thing that got Bryce eliminated, over design. Anya’s outfit had print, a weird belt, asymmetry on top and on the skirt and a sleeve. There was too much and I thought it was funny that within the same challenge they were bitching about too many design details with Bryce.

  14. Lyndsey says:

    How has Olivier not gone home yet? Not only is his work the definition of vanilla but his level of immaturity is off the charts. This kid will never make it in the fashion industry! I kept hoping the husband or wife would go off on him for his attitude.

    I thought Anya’s was by far the best of the night. It was absolutely gorgeous & so elegant. It was one of the only garments all season that I wish I could run out & buy!

    • Lana says:

      I too loved Anya’s dress, not only gorgeous but different in a wonderful way, it was well done. I thought Joshua’s dress was boring. It was pretty but Anya’s and Victor’s were imaginative and well done, I don’t understand why the judges are rewarding mediocracy. Is that a word? Well I hope you’all understand what I’m trying to say. I also thought Bert’s dress was cute and well done and did not understand why he was one of the bottom three? I thought there were several outfits worse than his. I have to admit the judges keep me entertained as I never know what they will like but its usually something I’m not crazy about.

  15. Beth T says:

    I haven’t been quite as bothered by Olivier as Michael has – until this week. Just unbelievably insensitive. In the end, though, I do agree with the placement of his outfit in the “safe” zone.
    Personally, I actually liked Anthony Ryan’s dress, though I’m not sure whose I would have put in its place… Maybe Kimberly’s.
    I wasn’t crazy about Bert’s dress for me – but I think he served his clients well and I loved that his model stuck up for him, said she loved the dress and didn’t understand why they were in the bottom three. I think that may be what really saved Bert.
    I also did not dislike Bryce’s dress as much as the judges – but I do think he was the one to go because across the board he just hasn’t been at the level of the others. I did a double-take when he mentioned Lady Gaga in his exit – I certainly never would have guessed she was an inspiration to him based on what he has designed…
    Anya’s dress was…interestng, but I can’t say I liked it especially. I guess I appreciated it. I would hands down have given Viktor the win over Joshua, whose ego unfortunately did not receive the same editing as his dress.

  16. Meg says:

    I cannot agree more with everything written! Olivier’s designs have not impressed me very much and the way he was acting in this episode was so extremely rude. The way he moaned about a woman with breasts and having to please a client just really turned me off.
    I am so irritated that Victor was robbed of an obvious win once again. I have never liked a designer’s works on Project Runway as quickly as I have with Victor’s. I usually have to wait until the fifth or sixth episode to really decide which designers are the ones I look forward to seeing most, but this season, Victor’s designs have been my favorites since the first episode (aside from the team challenge with Bert). If he doesn’t win this season, I may scream. I will be so infuriated if another Gretchen/Mondo turnout occurs.
    And Anthony Ryan, please, please don’t get yourself in the bottom again. I really like Anthony Ryan’s aesthetic but when he messes up, he messes up badly.

    • Gretchen says:

      Based on the preview of next week, it looks like Joshua and Kimberley are in the bottom. I’m thinking Joshua might be gone…the big deal of mentioning no more immunity, then he wins this week, his comments about being where he wants to be now.

      Well, I can hope, anyways!

  17. Deb says:

    Viktor has gone from my least favorite contestant to one of my absolute favorites. Early on he was negative about the other contestants with limited fashion to back up his bravado. What a difference a few shows make. He is now my favorite designer and success seems to have made him less condescending toward everyone else.
    Last night I hated that his superior ensemble lost to the judges need to give Joshua affirmation for “editing” what was a cute dress but not a real fashion statement.

  18. Emma says:

    The sure top 3: Victor, Anya, and Joshua. The rest of them are just props at this point. Personally I want Victor to win, because Joshua acts very unprofessionally, and Miss learned-sew-four-months-ago makes me feel like like gnomes would sew her garments while the camera crew was turned elsewhere.

    And also, because Victor makes the bet clothes which never look like craft projects like some other’s sometimes do.

    I’ll be eagerly waiting for the mens wear challenge. If they were in trouble because they got normal sized (all even thin!) women, how will they suffer with their crunge band?

  19. ana says:

    Viktor deserved to win. And the collection e did for fashion week was one of my favorites. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, It seems like the judges don’t like him.
    I like Anthony Ryan, but did not like that dress at all. But Bryce’s didn’t fit her model/real woman, so i agree with him being auf’d.
    Olivier needs to go ASAP.

  20. Laurel says:

    I’m having trouble determining exactly WHO Oliver is going to design clothes for…?
    During last nights episode he said
    He doesn’t like “boobs”
    He doesn’t like “clients”
    He doesn’t like “fat people”
    He isn’t going to make money designing clothes for stick figures, mannequins or the occasional ironing board.

  21. Val says:

    You are correct, that is what she said.

  22. Katie says:

    I’m OK with Joshua winning just as long as Anya didn’t win again. Her stuff is good but some of the designers are getting robbed over her looks. Mostly Viktor is getting robbed about every week.

    I am bored with Oliver (I refuse to use the extra” I” ) but I am so glad he made it to this challenge because the whole boob drama cracked me up.

    • nodak says:

      Let’s just say that Ollie’s parents are to blame for the spelling of his name, and maybe that’s where he got his eliteist attitude. I couldn’t believe how he treated his coustomer- telling them that he wanted to create the clothes his way, because it was a competition, and so he wouldn’t listen to their suggestions!!! He sucks!

  23. D says:

    There was a lot of love/hate of boobs featured on this episode. Bert had a fine line to walk between his desires and his clients’ and I think he did a good job of it. Personally, I can relate to the models and their chicken cutlets a little better than that particular couple. The guy was a Neanderthal.

  24. D says:

    Everyone here is a lot more tolerant of AR’s outfit than I am. I thought it was really, really bad in terms of design. I was so hopeful when the partner was articulate and they were shopping for fabrics, but it just turned out to be a disaster in terms of original design. Also with regard to Bryce, if you can not make a young, in-love, pretty, slim, happy woman look good, you are in trouble. I agree with Bryce being eliminated. For some people 2 days is too much time. Same thing happened with Becky last week.

  25. Ana says:

    Slezak, I’m not sure if Michael Kors is as fond of Olivier as Nina. I remember one episode where he said his clothes were boring.

  26. Stefanie says:

    Thank you for calling out the rampant sexist that was so embedded in Olivier’s opinions this week. Its not simply that he doesn’t want to make clothes for actual human beings, its that he is ridiculously sexist and does not want to see women as they really are in many cases. Completely gross.

    And yes, oh so very boring.

  27. Rachel says:

    I never really liked Olivier, but this week I started to actively DISlike him. What a jerk – he wants to be a designer but not for real people? He wants to make clothes, but only for stick people who don’t talk or have opinions?

    AND SERIOUSLY WHERE IS HIS ACCENT FROM? Dude, you’re from Ohio!!!

  28. KT says:

    I do not understand how that bilious monstrosity that Laura churned out (yet again!) didn’t land her in the bottom 3. How long can her incredibly tacky and crass MOB designs continue to fly under the judge’s radar? I just looked at her portfolsio again at the PR website and it just gets worse each week. he continually uses cheap looking fabrics that all look ill fitted. Her models all look like they just stepped off the “People of Walmart” website. And she’s just a good old fashioned bitch as well.

    Equally, how in the world did that equal monstrosity of Anaya make it into the top 3? Good god that was a complete mess. Sewn well, to be sure. But fugly, fussy, busy, confused. A semi kimono/cocktail/evening wear/dressing robe complete with frilly fringy belt thing. Oh and a sleeve. Because every semi kimono/cocktail/evening wear/dressing robe complete with frilly fringy belt thing always needs a sleeve too.

    Poor Oliver. it must be so awful for him to have to make clothes for women who are shaped like women instead of women that are shaped like young boys. Quelle Horror!

  29. Joseph says:

    1st Victor should have won, his outfit not only worked for the client but he had an interesting mix of fabrics and a cut that made his client look like a million books , the only reason I can see the win going to Josh, is that his outfit could have been redone in a very large number of colors , but then again nothing here that pushed the envelope of fashion.

    Then we had the worst outfit , for me it was hands down Bryce, it really came down to trying to fit a dress without having time for a fitting. I think he would have been safe this week if he had not shot himself in the foot by trying to make a new dress in 2hrs. If not for the huge mistake Bert would have headedout the door.

    As for Oliver , his clothes may be well made but they almost feel old in some ways Oliver feels like a safer version of Casanova. But unlike any other contestant this show has hosted he has no interpersonal skills , with no people skills how can he ever launch a line.

  30. L says:

    I think Olivier should be a men’s designer, then he wouldn’t have to worry about women’s disgusting breasts. This episode was unbelievably annoying and crass.

  31. Buffy Freak says:

    I think Bryce would have been better off if he’d gone with his first dress…the pink with white on the sides. That one looked like it fit her much better and it broke up the pink. And Olivier…I seriously think there is something wrong with him like OCD or some form of mild autism.

  32. topsyturvy says:

    Kimberely’s outfit was even more ill-fitting than either Bert’s or Bryce’s (and it was too short as well). OlivIer’s outfit looked godawful. Both should have been in the bottom two with Bryce.

    Didn’t Heidi tell us a few weeks ago she was over the short in front/long in back look … which is what Anya produced? I thought the long sleeve looked terrible and the whole outfit looked like a first draft. She should have been safe but not in the top.

    As much as I despise Joshua, I thought he look was the best. There was too much color stuff going in with Vicktor.

  33. I miss Jay says:

    I first started getting irritated with Olivier and his behavior, but then I decided to revel in his ridiculousness and viewed it as a comedy show, because it really was pretty funny once you no longer took him seriously. Tim Gunn was his straight man.

  34. Karen says:

    And this week Project Runway contestants are going to make curvy women feel awful!
    I really wanted Viktor to win – it was so brilliant, and one of the few looks I would buy myself – I have a feeling it could work well on different body types as well.
    And I know this may just be me being unfair, but I didn’t want Joshua to win on the basis on his attitude last week…

    I sincerely hope that Viktor and Anthony are in the final 3 (possibly along with Anya). Because I don’t really like any of the other contestants. Both Viktor and Anthony have been seriously snubbed for the winning design a number of times now!

  35. barbara c says:

    I’m fairly certain two of the final three will be Viktor and Anya. but who is the third? That’s the position that seems to be up for grabs.

  36. tricia says:

    i just found this site — mr. slezak, you are too funny! the one thing that really bothered me about this episode was the judging. it was seriously all over the place. josh wins for producing a simple, little black dress. (which he never would have done, had he been able to talk his client into his “bedazzled” vision) bert produces a simple dress, that was beautifully constructed, and is criticized & placed in the bottom. color me quite confused!

  37. rachel says:

    i haven’t watched really any of the episodes this season, but from what i have watched all i have to say is OLIVER IS A PILL. I hate fat people…well move to an deserted island or dress skinny teens. I too think he has some type of disorder-Aspergers perhaps?