Exclusive: House Admits Michael Nouri

Patty Hewes’ philandering ex-hubby is checking into House.

Damages actor (and current All My Children co-star) Michael Nouri will guest star in an October episode of the Fox drama, sources confirm to TVLine exclusively.

Nouri — who’s also known for his recurring roles as Ziva’s dad on NCIS and Summer’s pop on The O.C. — will play Thad Barton, a corporate bigwig who comes under fire from his employees when he announces he’s moving his company to China (thereby taking jobs away from Americans).

What’s the Princeton-Plainsboro connection, you ask? Thad suffers a sudden, strange neurological episode and House is put on the case!

Nouri joins a Season 8 guest cast that also includes (as previously reported by TVLine) Prison Break‘s Wentworth Miller, Family MattersJaleel White and Starhunters‘ Michael Paré.

House returns Monday, Oct. 3.

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  1. Liz says:

    Booooriing Zzzzzzzzz…

  2. JT says:

    Michael Nouri is a great actor, if they hire actors like that for the season 8, it will be a very good season!

  3. Cami says:

    so agree! :D

  4. dan says:

    He’s dull as dishwater on “All My Children.” Even being paired with Susan Lucci didn’t add any excitement to him or his character. Glad he is finding work now that AMC is leaving network tv.

  5. mel says:

    You know a show’s writers are running on fumes when it’s all about guest stars and not the plot. Harbinger of doom (i.e. SVU).

    • auramac says:

      Pretty presumptuous to conclude that an article about a show’s guest stars is somehow related to the writers of the show and therefore the future quality of the show’s episodes and/or anything else that is impossible to determine based on present evidence. Go back to school or keep quiet about what you don’t know.
      Your omment is very illogical- and very stupid.

    • Jeffrey says:

      Dear people, I’m really getting tired of those negative comments lately.

      Just so you know, I appreciate everyone’s opinion as long as it makes sense. Only most of the time is doesn’t.

      So dear Mel, you haven’t even seen the episode yet and you are allready telling it’s all about the guest stars and about the plot?!

      I for one think it’s going to be the last, but a very good, season.

      I’ve watched the show since the very beginning, and enjoyed it ever since. Of course I liked the first 3 seasons the most, but the show for me never jumped the shark or anything. It’s still a good quality show.

      Thank you David Shore, Thank you Hugh Laurie for taking this briljant character to television.

  6. timelord says:

    i sincerely hope this is the last season of house. the writers tarnished its reputation last season.

  7. jj says:

    All the guest stars put together cannot replace Lisa. Still not watching.

  8. jaded says:

    BORING!!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  9. Meighan says:

    Bite ur tongue that this is House’s last season! True they screwed up by first breaking up Cuddy&House and then letting Lisa Eddelstein go this season, but the show+ Hugh Laurie STILL ROCK!!

  10. Katie Hart says:

    I knew that photo looked familiar! Eli David. :) Will be great to see him on House.

  11. TooJacks says:

    He is a strong actor but will he be taking a side seat to House????

  12. Jeff Hutton says:

    Real serious about this question, Greg how is the Album doing? What a treat to play with all those that contributed to your music debut, heard Sept. in North America, Europe got the first taste of your music talents. Didn’t surprise me a bit, so obvious you had the proper stuff in you to make music an artistry for you. Loved hearing John Carneco on one episode, follow his son Mark also. I love the music input Directors and Writers, Wow do you all make a complete package. Carry on Women and Gents. Your doing it just right in this fans opinion.

  13. wes says:

    U r so right and very mature. I don’t know why the rest of these people even bother to comment. Thanks for ur post.

  14. Nichole Anderson says:

    I agree that there have been better season of House, and I will miss Lisa as well. However I would rather watch House at its worst, then sit through even one minute of something as ridiculous Jersey Shore. Or anything like it.

  15. So-so says:

    Most critics agree: Great music, lousy singing from Hugh Laurie. Some hard-core blues critics are calling his album “anemic, but enjoyable.” Either way, he’ll do well.

  16. Noreen says:

    What’s up with Michael Nouri’s hair?

  17. Buba says:

    So if you (timelord, et al) hate this show so much, why are you still watching and posting? We all admit the show is not realistic most of the time, but so what? Who wants reality tv? I have a life that’s real enough!

  18. Sam says:

    Guidelines on making negative comments about this show:

    1. Please do not say anything along the lines of ‘not watching’ because it makes you look like a hypocrite. You clearly do still have an interest in the show otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

    2. Ensure that your criticism makes sense. Don’t spit on the new actors or say that the season’s plot is rubbish. You haven’t seen it yet. You wouldn’t know.

    3. If you’re claiming something, for example that this will be the last season, and it is in fact a claim and not an opinion, please back it up with evidence of some sort.

    4. Lisa Edelstein left of her own free will. There has been no proof that she felt compelled to do so. This is not true for Jennifer Morrison, who was, in fact, written out of the show. It is extremely unlikely that either of them will return.

    5. Whether House and Cuddy’s relationship/breakup ‘destroyed’ the show is a matter of personal opinion. Nobody wants to hear anyone else’s thoughts on this subject. There’s been too much of it already.

    6. Please use correct spelling and grammar. Trust me. We’ll respect you more.